✜ Email me a description of who/what you want me to draw, including some references, and we can discuss the time by which it could be completed, and which things I am willing to draw.

✜ I have an indefinite amount of slots open atm, BUT I can’t take every request. Depending on time constraints, and whether or not I am able to draw it, I may not be able to take the request. 

✜ Regarding payment, I’ll send a paypal invoice before I start, for half the price and for the rest of the price, once its complete.

✜ I’ll send several wip pics and will adjust whatever is necessary.


✜ OCs

✜ Pokemon/memes/etc gijinkas

✜ Basically almost anything from games/anime/shows/etc (especially from the fandoms I’m a part of)

Maybe (inquire)

✜ Some nsfw

✜ Some gore

✜ Detailed designs/armor/etc


✜ Furry (just ears and a tail is ok)

✜ Mecha

✜ Realistic-like styles

✜ I may not be able to draw certain characters from certain fandoms.