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-Relationship Status: single
-Favorite Color: i have always loved blue, most shades of it but im less fond of neon blue/turquoise? i love the color of most oceans! i love cobalt/azure/cerulean! i also like muted yellows and oranges too! i find autumn colors beautiful.
-Last song I listened to: megan hilty singing the rainbow connection!
-Favorite TV Show: oh gosh, i’d say the newsroom is pretty high up there? I also love Veep/Girls/Sex & The City, and of course Friends! and Smash, i will always love Smash. 
-First Fandom: honestly like the katy perry fandom on instagram but first tumblr fandom was the theatre (more sondheim) fandom
-Hobbies: reading, all sorts of stuff, plays and books about theatre, fiction, fantasy, historical books. i love seeing theatre, swimming, learning about new things, i enjoy hiking, cooking!, having long talks with friends, watching movies, exploring thrift shops, going to museums, or to the zoo, walking! I love walking. I also liked scuba diving a lot but haven’t gone for a long time, listening to records! writing, reading newspapers/magazines. looking at old pictures and finally - journalling.
-Books I’m currently reading: oh my god this is embarrassing but im currently reading 1) the journals of keith haring 2) st marks place is dead which is a history of st marks place 3) hir by taylor mac 4) a delicate balance by edward albee 5) untold stories of bway vol. 3 and 6) a manual for cleaning women oh plus 8) a price of salt which i return to every few months
-Favorite Book: i dont really think ive read one that can be defined as my FAVORITE of all time but hm…. i guess i could say that i loved reading free for all: the joe papp/public story? I haven’t read an excellent fantasy/non theatre book which is a little upsetting, but I remember rereading The Help and also Harry Potter is so amazing.
-Worst thing I’ve ever eaten/tasted: a really fatty piece of ham. I still can’t eat really fatty meat without feeling sick
-Favorite Place: oh god, lincoln center fountain I think! also like…. the onassis reservoir in central park and alice in wonderland statue. Oh gosh also my room at home, and cold ashton in bath.

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Hi!~ Can I have a ship with BTS,pls? I'm 5'7,the eldest of 4,making me reliable & a good leader.Very caring,affectionate, kind,strong both physically & mentally,competitive & fearless.I'm a good listener so as a good adviser.I love sharing my love w/my fam & people I care.I LIKE flowers,animals & LOVE cuddling,skinship,theme park & advanturous things.I can cook too.I hate heat & worst w/directions.I'm always there for my siblings.Smile's always on my face & I hope everyone can smile,too.Tysm :)

I Ship You With…


I feel that you and Namjoon would get along perfectly. Your maturity, kindness, and your strong leadership skills will definitely attract him. In the beginning stages of your relationship, you guys would swap stories about the stress of having to watch over others. You would go on and on about the ups and downs about being the eldest while he would relate by explaining his responsibilities as leader of BTS. Namjoon would enjoy your company and would want to get to know you better. On his days off, he would find any way to spend time with you or speak to you. You guys would frequent local coffee shops and bookstores, having deep conversations about life in general. As he begins to learn about your interests, likes, dislikes, and that competitive side of you, he’ll begin to realize feelings are beginning to develop. During your courtship, he’d try to show off as much as possible but every time he tried to act smooth, he’d end up falling over or breaking something before turning into a blushing mess. *insert the boy’s laughter in the background* This would be his most charming quality though. When asking you out on your first date, he’d bring you a whole bunch of flowers and would ask you with no trouble until he casually trips on air. Your first date would be a stroll in the park and a nice cafe lunch. You guys would enjoy the scenery and the nice weather, talking constantly. He’d tell you more about what him and the boys do on a daily, even sharing his ideas on new songs and beats. Towards the middle of the walk, he’d slowly slide his hand into yours. “Is this okay?” He’d ask, wanting to make sure he wasn’t making you uncomfortable. Lunch after would go without a flaw and you’ll both enjoy the time spent together. After a few more dates, he’d officially ask you to be his girlfriend. Namjoon would ask you in the best way he could. Rapping. One day, he’d call you over to the dorms and when you got there, you would realize he was acting a bit antsy. You’d ask if everything was okay but instead of answering, he’d press play on his laptop and begin to rap out his heart to you. It would be filled with passion and confidence because his feelings are so strong. When you guys finally do start dating, it will be filled with late nights, cuddling, and having random deep conversations. Namjoon would try his best to always fit you in to his busy schedule. If he was in the studio working, he’d always call you up or  video chat with you. Usually, you would just listen/watch him work, but occasionally, he’ll try to make small talk or even run some lines by you. Even though most of it is silence or work based chatter, you guys enjoy the feeling of know the other is there. 

*I really, truly apologize that this has come out so late! I am also sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted ;^; I want to write for all of you but because of recent events in my life, I’m finding it hard to right out happy relationship things.*

Move on, leave, run away, escape this place… but don’t forget about me, about us, about this town. Always remember where you come from so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.
—  c.j.n.
You claim to love her, inside and out, but the only time you call her beautiful is when it’s 3 in the morning and I’ve already turned you down.
—  girls tell each other everything, c.j.n.