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What are your thoughts on if there is a season 11, it also ending on a cliffhanger? I'm so torn about the whole thing. I can't stand to have M&S ending up like this but I'm also afraid what more damage CC might do.

Well, here are my thoughts, were we to be blessed with another season, if there is any sense in this world and things follow the rules of logic. 

Fox goes, “Hey, it took way longer than we expected to get the next season greenlit, and it looked for a while like it might not happen at all. I wonder if maybe we should have listened to Gillian Anderson when she kept talking about closure and how she was excited to come back in order to say goodbye properly, and not just assumed that she would be gung-ho to do an 11th season, even after we insulted her by not offering her as much as Free Guitar Lessons McHamcouver. So maybe this time we should assume that this is the last season, and end it satisfyingly. If we end up coming back someday to do another one, that will be great!”

And CC goes “Look, I ALWAYS INTENDED to get Mulder and Scully back together, I was just creating DRAMA and CONFLICT, because we can’t just have them enjoying each other and being together and united against an external force, like, we can’t just GIVE people the thing that is literally the only thing that anyone who watches this show cares about, we have to instead TAKE AWAY that thing and wreck it and make it not fun and give people OTHER things that they do NOT want, that’s how you make TV, everyone knows that. But anyway, I was going to RESOLVE it, it just took longer to get to the next part than I expected, for reasons literally no one could have foreseen. But I HAVE LEARNED MY LESSON and this time I’ll let them have 21 seconds of a semi-satisfying ending that resolves at least .5 of a thing.”

And David and Gillian go “Hey, it is so much fun to get the band back together and do this show, and we are such good sports who do such a kickass job of promoting this thing even when it doesn’t really deserve it, and it was super fun to make one more season together even if we are not fucking, and this time some makeup people were hired that didn’t make everyone look like if a clown had to disguise its clown face with human makeup, and we’re so glad to know that Mulder and Scully are still out there doing their stuff and maybe we can come back and revisit them someday, if we get paid in solid gold dildos, but we are happy with what we delivered to the fans and can walk away from this EXTREMELY LONG chapter of our lives feeling good about it. And now we’re going to go do an indie romantic comedy together.”

So, that’s my hope, that it would go something like that. In short, that everyone would have learned their lesson about taking for granted that there would be a next chapter, and therefore would resolve it in a way that would preserve the legacy. And that if CC didn’t want to do that, Fox, who owns the show, would make him. So, that would be the optimistic version. I can’t imagine that CC would end ANOTHER season that took years to come together on ANOTHER cliffhanger and make that same gamble again. I CAN’T IMAGINE. And yet, and yet. 

I still want another season, regardless. I can’t help it. 

Things I can't stand
  • The word “y'all”
  • Flip flops
  • The cloppity noise made by flip flops
  • The word “ain’t”
  • People who don’t use commas and apostrophes
  • People who misspell the simplest words
  • When the stupid people in my Spanish are SO couuuntry that they pronounce “Carolina del Sur (soar)” as “Carolina del Sur (sir)” AW HELL NO
  • Idiotic loudmouths
  • Mosquitoes
  • People who add an apostrophe to make a word plural. Are you ready that uneducated?
  • Bubbly, stereotypical prep girl handwriting
  • People who say that Andrew Lloyd Webber is absolutely the best composer ever. AW HELL NO. SONDHEIM, BITCH. AND YOU’RE NOT EVEN A THEATRE PERSON.
  • Not being Jessica Rabbit, Emma Stone, or Dianna Agron
  • Thong shoes
  • People who chop on their food at lunch. Just no.
  • Not being Andrew Rannells’s love interest.
  • Or gender interest.
  • People who simply add an apostrophe to the end of a name simply because the name ends with an “s”. THEIR NAME IS NOT PLURAL. ADD ANOTHER “S”, GOD DANG IT.
  • Not being able to remember everything I wanted to rant about.
Another fandom rant

2008 was 6 years ago. People change. People get older, and while JYJ used to be 3 of the rising GODS of the east, I think this fandom often forgets that they are actually mortals, who age like everyone else.

You can’t expect them to look exactly like they did six years ago.

Which brings me to my main point. Saying that Jaejoong looks like an addict because he’s so thin is horrible imo.

Jaejoong’s NOT an ornament for your visual enjoyment, he’s a person just like you. I wish his fans didn’t have such a strong sense of entitlement over him, his image, over what they think is best for him. 

Constantly telling him he’s too thin, and that he needs to eat more is the same as constantly drawing attention to the size of a ‘fat’ person (that’s deemed rude and unacceptable in society btw). It could have by now given him body image issues.

I mean, he’s even tried gaining weight because his fans were skinny-shaming him.

UGH, this fandom sucks a lot sometimes. Some people find it real hard to gain weight, you know? I used to suffer from anorexia and was sickly thin, so much thinner than Jaejoong now. I know what I’m talking about.

Stop comparing him to what he used to be. 2008 is long gone. So is the Mirotic era Jaejoong. But as an artist he’s still as talented, if not more than before. doesn’t that account for something?

also, jyj don’t have to be around each other 24/7 for them to be friends. i rarely see my best friends cause we all went to different countries for studies and now live in different countries. i know, different circumstances, but you catch my drift. that doesn’t mean the friendship isn’t there. i wish fans would stop cheapening their bond with their doubts just because jyj as individuals, have different aspirations and are all focusing on their solo careers nowadays.

this is my opinion. feel free to ignore or disagree.

the end.

  • I can’t stand seeing beggars especially the aged ones. It breaks my heart whenever I see them suffering, it hurts me seeing them yearning and craving for something to eat when their money can’t afford any. I hate seeing children begging for something when they are supposed to be in school, studying and learning something. 
  • I can’t stand witnessing someone cheating other people. It’s not that I’m being nosy towards the life of others. Let’s just say that I’m not used in seeing those kind of circumstances.
  • I can’t stand seeing my friends break down because I think they are too precious to be sad and to cry. I admit it, we don’t have a sweet relationship, we don’t send sweet messages to each other, we’re not as sweet as sugar cane. 
  • I can’t stand seeing a girl crying because of a man. I don’t know the feeling but I just really hate the thought of it. A girl is not supposed to be treated that way. And even if it’s the girl’s fault, remember everyone deserves to be forgiven. 
  • I can’t stand seeing people suffer from cancer or any chronic diseases. I hate how diseases destroy the lives of innocent people. I hate the way diseases make people give up easily, lose their hope easily. I hate why sicknesses exist in our world. 

i hate it when girls that in drama club are all ‘oh, i’m too nervous to get up on stage.’ so they’re put on crew but then they’re all, 'oh, i can’t do that, i’m not strong enough’ and/or 'i don’t know where this or that goes.’ so instead they make-out with their boyfriends backstage because that’s the only reason that they joined drama in the first place.

VS Arashi report:

When the camera wasn’t rolling, a part of the microphone fell from Matsumoto’s back pocket. Sakurai who noticed helped putting it back in. Then, while patting Sakurai’s head, Matsumoto said, “Your head is fluffy.” Sakurai then patted his own head while laughing.

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you guys, there are days when i just get so thrilled about making things that it makes my hands shake.

i do what i do because i love storytelling with every fiber of my tiny little heart, because stories are how we see ourselves and how we can look at each other, how we can process and externalize things we could never explain to one another any other way. some of the most intense emotional responses i’ve had to anything have been from stories, and how incredible is that??? it’s so unbelievably exciting that some words and pictures that a person just like me made up in their head can have such visceral effects on living, breathing people. fuck outta here if you don’t think human consciousness is a goddamn miracle. storytelling is incredible, comics are incredible, and all i want from this life is to make things and make things and make things until i’ve got nothing left to say