The signs on the Fourth of July
  • Aries:accidentally sets the grill on fire
  • Taurus:passes out under a picnic table from eating too much barbecue
  • Gemini:is secretly British
  • Cancer:shoves a firework up their ass
  • Leo:adopts three bald eagles
  • Virgo:drives through the city blasting "Party in the USA"
  • Libra:forgets that it's the Fourth of July until the next day
  • Scorpio:addresses everyone as "free citizen"
  • Sagittarius:is actually not American but pretends to be anyway
  • Capricorn:drives around joining every single parade they can find
  • Aquarius:responds to every "how are you" by screaming "FREEEEEE"
  • Pisces:wraps themself in the American flag

Spending Independence Day building a coffin for a dog that is still alive but failing fast and digging a six foot hole that ended up being about five feet because of rocks. She watched me do both, and wagged her tail every time I looked at her. She’s a good girl.

My son’s thirteenth birthday is Monday.

The dog isn’t doing well. He knows it. 

I’m trying to wait until after his birthday before we end it. She’s fifteen and two months. She has never not been here for him.

I hired a veterinarian to perform the task at home. I want her to be in her yard when it happens. I’ve asked everyone she has ever known to contribute something small to be buried with her. Visitors have come this week to say goodbye. Everybody cried. 

She just wagged her tail. She loves her people.