They started sleeping together before they did anything else.

Sleep in the literal sense.

One night Dean rolled over and Cas was just there, mouth open and snoring softly, one hand unconsciously reaching in the open space between them.

They didn’t talk about it.

At first it was a middle-of-the-night thing, where one of them would sneak across the hall into the other’s room and crawl into bed without waking the other up. Then they’d wake up in the morning, get up immediately, and go about their day like nothing had happened.

Then it was a conscious decision. They would retire at the same time at night and Cas would reach his hand back and Dean would take it and they would fall into bed together and fall asleep immediately.

Then the cuddling started. Dean woke up one morning with an arm wrapped around his middle, and he pulled on it to make Cas come closer, and they each took a deep breath and melted into each other. They both pretended to be asleep for an hour that morning just so they could keep touching.

The tension got so thick that neither of them could sleep at night, tangling and turning and trying their damnedest to get as close to each other as humanly possible without actually doing anything. Because if they did anything, then they’d have to talk about it.

Three months. It went on for three months until one night it got really bad and there were hands sneaking up under shirts and frantically gripping skin and there were butterfly kisses on collarbones that turned into hickeys on necks and finally, finally Dean breathed, “Kiss me,” and Cas found his lips in the dark and then found them again and again until they fell asleep on top of each other.

Sam said, “Congratulations, guys,” the next morning and when Dean and Cas asked what the hell he was talking about, he explained, “You look well-rested for the first time in months.”


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always late 

sugardaddy!luke wasn’t looking for anything serious. in all honesty, he was comfortable with just working, going out to the club with his mates and bringing home whatever girl looked most appealing to him. but his mom was on his back about “settling down” and “getting diseases”. he went over to his parents house every sunday for dinner and he heard the same thing; “luke robert, i did not raise you to treat women like objects!” of course, he couldn’t exactly tell her that the women he hooked up with knew exactly what they were signing up for when they went back to their place (he didn’t bring women to his house.) so he described the most recent girl he’d been with - you - and told her that he’d begun seeing you. all he knew about you was that you were a bartender at lucky’s, a club he frequented, and he easily made up some bullshit story about how you met. he wasn’t prepared for his mom to insist that he bring you to dinner next week. but he found himself lingering at the bar that night, waiting to come across you. when he did, even more glad to see you weren’t on the clock, he struck up a conversation. you went along with it but eventually you called him out, knowing that he doesn’t do this. you’d seen him take girls home constantly only to not even make eye contact with them the next night. he explained the story with his mom and how he made up a story about dating you. it was only supposed to be something to laugh at but when you cracked a joke about only dating him if he’d pay your way through college, he could literally feel a light bulb go off in his head and he made a deal with you: all you have to do is pretend to be his girlfriend and show up to a few public events with him until the two of you “break up”, he’d make it worth your time.

he didn’t expect to as much fun being around you. he didn’t expect to enjoy getting to know you. he certainly didn’t expect to have a few too many drinks with you at an event one night and he definitely didn’t expect to wake up the next morning, both of you naked in his bed, and miss the warmth of your body when you rolled over away from him in your sleep.


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chloe “i just totally disagree with the concept of cold soup” bennet

Saturday mornings were designated as ‘stay in bed and cuddle for hours’ for the Hemmings family. So your six month old baby boy would come spend time in bed with the two of you. The morning filled with Disney movies, happy baby squeals from being tickled, laying close together with your son in the middle. Only leaving the bed to go fetch a box of cereal to share and to fix a bottle. Leaving tons of tiny kisses on chubby baby cheeks, Luke would lean over to give you quick but sweet kisses on your lips a few times. “Did you know that you’re one of my favorite faces to wake up to?”, he would ask his son, rolling over to let the baby sit on his chest. “Other than you’re mum because she’s pretty great to wake up to.”. Luke insisted on having special days for cuddling since he had to work long days and tour. Soaking up all the precious family moments he could. Your son would adjust himself to lay his head on Luke’s chest, his nap time fast approaching you knew he would be asleep soon. Luke softly humming and rubbing the sleepy boys back; you sliding over to rest your head on your husbands shoulder. Your finger running over his soft baby cheek as his eyes fluttered shut; feeling the need to sleep more come over you as well. Luke kissing the top of both your heads with a slight laugh. “My cute family wants to sleep on me. What could be better than this?”.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice on how to improve drawing realistic faces? Thanks!

I’m not sure if you mean drawing realistic faces in general or how to paint faces photorealistically but imo the most important aspect of both is being familiar with the general proportions of a face, e.g. this:

And of course these proportions vary by individual, and an infant isn’t going to have the exact same proportions as an adult, but knowing the general rules helps me a ton, both in drawing without reference and trying to capture likenesses. (There are tons of resources out there dealing with facial proportions that can explain it better than I can, so if you’re not already familiar with this stuff, I think it’d definitely be worth it to google some)

If you mean painting photorealistically, then I would say practice is the most important aspect. Paint a lot using reference, and try to get your painting as close to the reference as possible, and if it doesn’t look exactly like the reference, figure out why and learn from that. Treat facial features as three-dimensional objects that reflect light and cast shadow depending on their shape. If possible, try drawing/painting from life. That’ll give you a better sense of the three-dimensionality as well.

Anxiety is the most silently painful experience. It makes no sense and you sit there alone and suffer for a unknown reason. You can’t explain it. You can’t stop it. It is horrible.
—  A silent storm

Playing a video game as a cute girl protag

Playing a video game full of of cute girls

Playing a video game full of cute girls you can talk to and interact with and do things with

Playing a video game full of cute girls that have A LOT OF CHARACTER AND BACKSTORY AND ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO THE PLOT