with ouat season 7 up in the air and all the stuff we’re seeing, i just wanna say i love you guys so much? ouat is a fucking terrible show but swan queen is one of the best things to ever happen to me, i have met the nicest and most caring people because of these characters and the amount of hate we receive is no match for the love we have for each other. this fandom has been like nothing i’ve ever experienced before and i just wanna thank everyone for letting me be a part of it.

I love and support a lot of groups, but no group gives me the same kind of happiness as monsta x does. No group makes my heart flutter as much as them. No group makes me smile as much as them. I never really thought I would love any group this much, but I guess I found the one. I really hope more people come to love them as much as I do because they really are one of the best things that happened in my life.

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In your Voltron PJO AU are the PJ characters too? Maybe older (20-30 years)? IDK I think a Jasico marriage would help Keith's problems of insecurity in his relationship with Shiro (also my two OTPs together *O*)

Oh dang my original plan for this was, Jason and Nico are already… kinda not in the living world anymore, but YES THEY GOT MARRIED because let’s be real, the only way for the Percy Jackson series to end is when Jason and Nico gets married and have the most extravagant wedding because there is NO WAY Hades and Zeus will let them have a simple wedding. I mean, they’re ZEUS AND HADES and Hades is the god of wealth. He ain’t cheap, so he’d splurge for his baby Nico’s wedding even if it was with the Son of Zeus. But Hades loves Jason because he’s the best thing to have ever happened to Nico. And whatever makes Nico happy is good in Hades’ books. So yes, they are “gone” but THEY ARE PERMANENT RESIDENTS AT HADES’ PALACE. They share a big room because HUSBANDS. XD

This would explain why Keith Kogane is Hades’ son in a while. Nico di Angelo was his last. And can you just imagine Hades and Zeus being all “What is up with our children falling for each other? This is so deja vu.” It seems like Hades kids gravitate towards Zeus kids for some reason HAHHAHAHAHA

But Keith, Shiro, Jason and Nico will meet and that’s going to be a commissioned fic for @the-winter-siblings since we also ship Sheith and Jasico (tbh great choice of otps! GO YOU!!) HAHAHHAHA So probably just watch out for that! :D

Reyes romancers are a lot like Solas romancers. We thought we’d go the safe route, but saw so much behind the other LI that we couldn’t walk away from that. We might do other play throughs and try other LI’s, but it won’t be the same.

And that’s ok, guys and gals. Nothing wrong with choosing the bad boy. It’s a video game. You don’t have to always go with the safe choices. It has nothing to do with maturity or any of that nonsense.

Some people love Mass Effect because they can bang aliens…that’s cool with me. I like being able to fall for a bad boy and then believe that somehow there’s more than to it.

I married a bad boy, and 10 years later he’s still the best thing that ever happened to me

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izzy. izzy your mbmbam cycle tags. bad advice show featuring henry and blue and noah and sometimes gansey. izzy i'm dying this is the best thing to ever happen.

let me…. reiterate and elaborate… because i can’t stop thinkin about this….

henry blue and noah with a comedy advice podcast:

  • henry: extremely calm about Absurd things, extremely Absurd about Nothing things. advice is usually either “OWN IT, THIS IS YOUR LIFE NOW” or “you have to leave the country say goodbye to your loved ones.” frequently cracks himself up. definitely hosts haunted doll watch. (some of the dolls are dream dolls they know in real life and they’re super duper creepy.)
  • blue: the most helpful of the group, often detouring into social justice rants. it’s almost impossible to tell when she’s kidding and when she’s serious and her jokes strike hard as hell because she’s best at controlling her laughter. she’s in charge of yahoo answers, although henry and noah collaborate on making up nicknames for frequent submitters!
  • noah: hiccup-laughing in the entire goddamn time, barely able to finish a thought without dissolving. his advice is heartfelt but Horrible and no one should Ever follow it, but he tries his best. gets every pop culture reference as long as it’s at least 10 years out of date. frequently sings, much to everyone’s auditory discomfort. he’s in charge of munch squad and sadlibs.
  • gansey: reoccurring special guestspert! here to liven it up every so often. his whole Thing is dad jokes and fun facts, and he’s a fan favorite. :’) blue and henry sometimes tease him, but noah always comes to his defense, and it’s all in good fun!!
Drabble #353

IV: rainbow 

Rainbows were, in Douglas’s opinion, the best thing ever to happen to the sky. In his third year with Air England, he’d been lucky enough to see one in full: a perfect circle of coloured light, so vivid against the pale clouds that the experience somehow transcended mere sight. He couldn’t explain how - only his captain understood what he meant, because he’d seen it too.

Those were the days before pocket-sized cameras, but he didn’t need a photo to remember it by - it was enough that the sky, that mysterious and beautiful goddess, had blessed them even once.

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So, recently a porn bot reblogged one of my art posts. I blocked the blog but i also checked it out and saw that it had also reblogged other people's posts and art and added something like "call me when you get home" or some other things that were sorta nsfw. This is giving me anxiety, what do i do? Also will this affect me badly? Or am i worrying over nothing? Thanks and sorry for the long ask

im really sorry this is happening to you oh gosh :( yea its happened a few times to me to, best thing you can do is block & report the blog

i wouldnt worry too much because theyre bots? but blocking them / removing the reply in your notes / reporting them so the blog is taken down Should be the best thing to do

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Whats so special about her

She makes me happy, her smile is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, I’m addicted to her laugh, she’s so patient with me, she loves me for me, she’s the nicest person I’ve met, I’m so in love with everything about her, even her attitude,and the way she looks at me when I’m doing something completely dumb and she’ll just say yeah with a big smile on her face, she makes me feel wanted and loved, she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. She’s been through so much, she deserves more than the world. I love her with my whole heart and I always will.