Major TAZ spoilers here but like how do you think that Sazed guy feels now that he knows Taako’s entire story like do you think he knows he can never show his face ever again or risk incurring the wrath of an entire crew of alien badasses including two liches and also Taako’s loving boyfriend the Grim Fucking Reaper? Anyway I am LIVING

6 Questions to ask when you’re making a tough decision

1. What option would I choose if I knew I would definitely succeed?

2. What would I do if I didn’t feel scared?

3. Who can I talk to who’s been in my shoes?

4. What are the likely outcomes of each choice and decision?

5. What is the worst thing that could happen; what is the best thing that could happen?

6. Am I making this decision for myself, or am I choosing to please other people?

gentle reminder

things happen, so please try your best to not beat yourself up when things go wrong, and try to not let your tunnel vision haunt you and make you forget how amazing and beautiful you are - thank you for trying your best everyday; even if the people around you don’t thank you for it, i do: i’m so proud of you, so please keep going, not for anyone else, but for yourself, do it for you

[Moonlight playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney] and I are this kid. We are Chiron. And you don’t think that kid grows up to be nominated for eight Academy Awards. It’s not a dream he’s allowed to have. I still feel that way. I didn’t think this was possible. But now I look at other people looking at me and if I didn’t think it was possible, how are they going to? But now it’s happened. So what I think of possibility, let’s take it off the table. The thing has happened.” - Barry Jenkins on the Best Picture acceptance speech he would have given.

All-Knowing of Mind Flayer & Co.

CONTEXT: So I was playing a Tabaxi in our campaign and a thing that comes with that is… They’re “cursed” with curiosity, just like regular cats. You can about imagine the types of shit I got myself into and the DM loved it because it meant that more stupid things happened to the group. The best moment, though, was this…

DM: Congratulations, you’ve successfully defeated the Elder Brain, what would you like to d–

Me, hand in the air: CAN I LICK THE ELDER BRAIN?

My group, simultaneously: NO!

DM: … Sure, why not. You give the deceased Elder Brain a big lick and now know all of Mind Flayer and Co.

Me: And they say stupidity gets you nowhere

I later found out she was expecting me just to poke it, not full on lick it.

Yoon Taemin is a freaking warrior


Can I talk about this young man, for a sec?

List of shitty things that happened to Yoon Taemin:
•Best (possibly only) childhood friend disappears on him
•His mom leaves him w/ his alcoholic abusive dad
•His father then leaves him
•He didn’t even get to finish elementary school
•Had to work his ass off to pay his parents debts they left him with
•JUST WHEN he was almost finished finally paying off the debt, and things were looking up-he gets hit by a freaking truck.
•Proceeds to wake up in someone else’s body
•The person his soul went into is bullied horrifically and relentlessly
•Oh, & he meets his childhood friend again, but their persona has done a 180.

& the sad thing is, it took me awhile to even fully register how tragic his life is; because he’s so freaking strong willed & tough, never giving up, I completely overlooked how much pain he must harbor within him.
Taemin has quickly become one of my favorite characters, not only in BL, but just in general.
I love him so much…like, he actually is inspiring to me.

The plight of tertiary functions


ESxJs (Tertiary Ne): “We love routine, but we are not slaves to it. We love when someone proposes something fun and exciting. We’re always on the lookout for new interests. We have a cooky, creative side to us. We have no problems shaking up things and trying to do what has worked before differently. We sometimes question whether our lives are stuck in a rut. Be careful because our sense of humor may sometimes shock or offend you.”

IxFJs (Tertiary Ti): “We are humanists at heart, but only to some extent. We’re also capable of detaching ourselves from situations and people, leaving our emotions aside and dissecting what’s really going here. We’re not blind caretakers, we can call people on their bullshit. We also have an interest for some things mechanical/scientific in nature that might surprise you.”

ENxJs (Tertiary Se): “We’re not as uptight as we seem. We love to let loose and have fun. Actually, we often delight in spoiling ourselves and giving in to our immediate desires. Designer clothes, nice cars, that’s the stuff that life is made of. We actually do abide by the philosophy that you only live once. We are visionaries, but also realists. A dream ultimately needs to be realistic.”

IxTJs (Teriary Fi): “We are not robots. Sure, most of the time, we look at things from a more business perspective, but we will speak out when an issue that is precious to us is trampled on. We value hard work ethics, but we also look down harshly on laziness, corruption or anyone taking short cuts in life. Integrity is of utmost importance to us and we will not allow it to be put into question. We know what we believe in, we know we are our own person. Take a minute to get to know us outside the workplace, and you’ll be surprised what a unique soul we can be.”

ExTPs (Tertiary Fe): “We may come off as insensitive assholes sometimes and even look like we delight in it, but the truth is, we care very much how you feel. Our charm is not superficial, it’s the first step into establishing a genuine connection. Whatever we argue for or against, we actually do want you by our side, in our cause. We’re rough around the edges sometimes, but do know that our apologies are usually heartfelt. We’ll give the shirts of our backs if someone we care about needs it.”

ISxPs (Tertiary Ni): “It often looks like we do things just for the hell of it. But in actuality, there is usually a deeper goal behind it. We do contemplate on the bigger picture, on the more important matters at hand. We don’t always take everything at face value, recklessly. We like to determine what is our bigger purpose in life. Don’t mock our projects and hobbies, they are usually well thought out and speak to who we are.”

ExFPs (Tertiary Te): “We may look lazy and carefree sometimes, but when we decide to buckle up and make things happen, you best get out of our way. We like to use sarcasm to mask our true feelings on matters, but we can call a spade, a spade. You’d be surprised how competent we are at projects and taking the leadership role. We are much more down-to-earth and realistic than you give us credit for. If you criticize something or someone we like, we will come up with logical arguments as to why you’re wrong.”

INxPs (Teriary Si): “while it may seem like our minds our wandering all over the place, we do know what’s important to us. We hold on strongly to what we like, what has mattered to us through our personal experience. We love to bring up references, we have a mean streak of sentimentality. Even though it looks like we’re always challenging the status quo, some things should never go out of style. We always look like we’re moving on to the next thing, but we’ll always leave a trail of breadcrumbs of where we’ve been and what we’ve seen. Not every new interpretations of things is always the good, often, the original is the best and can’t be outdone.”

Top 6 Apps for Learning Mandarin Chinese

Last summer, while I was supposed to be studying French intensively, I accidentally started studying Mandarin instead. These things happen! The best thing about Mandarin compared to some other languages I’ve studied (specifically Persian and Korean) is that there are a huge number of resources available to help learners, including a lot of very well-designed apps. After months of obsessively checking the iTunes store for the best apps and trying them out, these are my favorite six (plus a few more worth mentioning). They appear in ascending order from my least favorite to my most favorite.

Worth mentioning: A couple of apps not included on this list but worth mentioning are Pleco and Skritter. 

Pleco is a highly-regarded Chinese dictionary. I have it on my phone and do use it, but I left it off the list because I prefer another (#6 on this list). Since I’m still very much a beginner, a thorough dictionary isn’t quite so important to me right now. However, it seems like every advanced student of Mandarin recommends this app, so I had to include it.

Skritter is another app that’s highly regarded among serious students. I believe it focuses on helping with character recognition and writing. It has a subscription service that is a bit expensive, which is why I’ve never tried it; however, everyone seems to rave about it. If you’re a serious student, you should definitely look into it.

Also, I recommend downloading some Chinese-language apps designed for preschoolers. I found several of them online in the iTunes store, and a lot of them include short stories with simple words, practice with basic characters, etc. Using these apps gives you some immersive listening practice, which is fun. They can be kind of hit and miss, so I recommend downloading all you can find and seeing what you can figure out and what you like. They won’t replace any of the apps below, but they still serve a purpose.

6. WCC Dictionary This is the dictionary I use instead of Pleco. I like it primarily because of its beautiful design (something Pleco doesn’t really have). This app is mainly a dictionary, but it offers a lot more than that. For example, it has a character scanner (so you can look up words you find in books by taking a picture of the character). It also has a “story library” with a few simple books to read (with Pinyin, the characters, an English translation, and the ability to listen to the story being read). Characters are color coded if you use that as a device to help you with tones. It has a flashcard program with pre-created word lists, extensive example sentences, a section on radicals with example words, and stroke order animations. It also offers a “character of the day” and daily “homework” to motivate you to use what you learn. The dictionary itself is free, but there’s a lot of content that you have to pay to unlock, although there’s also a way to buy the content using “coins” that you earn through using the app.

5. Mindsnacks Mandarin A lot of you are already familiar with the Mindsnacks app because it’s offered for a lot of different languages (and a few school subjects like geography). This app uses games to teach Mandarin, mostly focusing on vocabulary (not grammar or sentence construction). It’s a bit limited, but it can be a really fun way to learn. After a while, the games start to feel repetitive and can get boring, but the app also has you move through levels (which allow you to unlock new games) and uses other incentives to keep you playing. The audio is an actual human, too, which is a big benefit since many apps and programs rely on Google Translate robot voices. This is a paid app, which could be a drawback.

4. FluentU This app is the reason I started learning Mandarin in the first place. I tried using it for French, but I felt like my French was too advanced to gain much from it. Even though there were advanced-level videos with vocabulary I didn’t know, FluentU doesn’t do a good job of adapting to your level and guessing which words will give you trouble. That’s perfectly fine for a beginner, though, since every word will probably give you trouble, which is why I used it for Mandarin. I think the makers of FluentU are Chinese speakers, and they seem to have focused more on Mandarin in their app. They have a built-in course you can follow, using videos they made themselves for teaching the language. The videos are pretty good, and you will feel like you’re learning a lot. There are also a lot of other videos if you want to branch out, including some catchy songs and clips from commercials or TV shows. The built-in flashcard system is a good way to review, but there’s no way to adjust their algorithms, so you might end up reviewing the same words way too often. I stopped using the program when I had 400+ words to review every day, and I just couldn’t keep up and continue advancing. This app is also very limited in the free version, and the paid subscription is VERY pricey, in my opinion, especially considering that there are other apps out there that offer more features. All of the videos are on YouTube anyway, so you can still use them to learn as you advance (or if you have a friend who can help you). I recommend this app if you want to pay for one month and use it to study intensively and advance quickly. That’s what I did, and I think it helped me out a lot.

3. ChineseSkill This is the first app that was designed to be a “Duolingo for Mandarin,” and it has a lot of great features. There’s the typical “tree” like in Duolingo, where you advance through different lessons one by one. It teaches character recognition, pronunciation, and grammar. The lessons can be really challenging for a beginner (sometimes too challenging, I thought), but it covers a lot of material. I’m not completely happy with the order in which lessons are taught (for example, there’s a lesson on shapes near the beginning that has you learn words like “triangle,” which seemed unimportant to me). The other drawback is there isn’t an easy way to review what you’ve learned (like on Duolingo when your gold-level lessons start to fade). It’s possible, but not super easy to access. Other interesting features include a tone game, a pinyin chart, a “survival kit” that’s like a travel phrasebook, and practice with stroke order. Also, this app is 100% free, which is amazing! I definitely recommend this app.

2. Social Language This app is really different from the others and is probably the most useful if you believe in speaking a language as soon as possible. I don’t think a lot of English speakers know about it because it seems to be marketed mostly to Chinese speakers. It’s a bit hard to explain, but I’ll try my best: basically, there’s a tree like you have for Duolingo, but the exercises are all to improve your speaking and pronunciation. You work through the lessons, and Chinese-speaking users rate and comment on your recordings. They can even leave voice messages to help you improve. You can do the same for them (in fact, you have to if you want to unlock higher levels). That alone makes the app worth downloading, but even better is that it includes a CHAT FEATURE that makes it very easy to interact with native speakers. You can see the profiles of hundreds of Chinese speakers who are online at any given time of day, and you can send a text or voice message to them and later add them to your friends’ list. What’s more,the ratio of Chinese to English speakers heavily favors English speakers. You will find hundreds of Chinese speakers eager to practice their English, and often you will be one of only a handful of English speakers on the app, meaning you have instant access to a chat partner any time of day or night. Have a question about your homework, something you read, or a phrase you don’t know how to pronounce? Instant, free tutoring is available 24/7 on this app, which is also FREE! I met some really nice people here without the pressure of a more formal language exchange. You can have a casual conversation any time you want, and it’s like text messaging so there’s less pressure if you’re shy about speaking Chinese. The only drawback is the same as with all language exchanges, which is that it’s sometimes difficult to balance the two languages. Also, I had problems with sending voice messages in chat, which can be frustrating. Overall, though, I’d say Social Language is a must-have.

1. HelloChinese This app didn’t exist last summer when I was looking for a Mandarin version of Duolingo, but I discovered it last week and fell in love with it. It actually has fewer features than ChineseSkill, but the pacing seems much better, and it focuses more heavily on pronunciation (though the speech recognition software isn’t perfect and you will sometimes need to skip a speaking question just to keep moving forward). It comes with some good grammar explanations and a really basic flashcard program for review. Honestly, I feel bad for rating it higher than ChineseSkill since ChineseSkill has been around longer and offers a lot more features, but I feel like HelloChinese just makes more sense and is easier to stick with than ChineseSkill. Like ChineseSkill, it’s also 100% free! I consider HelloChinese to be my “core” app for casual study, with the other apps acting as supplements. If you’re a more serious student, HelloChinese might not be your #1 pick, but it’s great for beginners who like the structure of an app like DuoLingo.

the best of times, the worst of times

so. we have VERY loud upstairs neighbours. or, rather, not loud – heavy-footed. we never hear their voices, but BOY do we FEEL THEIR VIBRATIONS. Upstairs are CONSTANTLY thundering about and making our glasses rattle. we’re used to them at this point. sometimes we’ll be watching a movie and hear a particularly loud series of thumps, and our lampshade will start swaying. it’s just part of every day life here at Casa Our Flat. we’ve hypothesised about who lives above us, and we’ve narrowed it down to: several rhinos, people with bricks for shoes, parkour virtuosos, or five tiny women who get around on Spacehoppers. we thought we’d never know for sure… UNTIL TONIGHT. 

on this fated evening, upon getting in from a particularly horrendous shift at 11:30pm, my flatmate, Matt, my Mattmate, set upon me before I was all the way in the door like ‘listen! listen to this!’ me: ‘listen to wha-’ THUD. THUDTHUD. THUD. THUD. THUD. me: ‘oh my-’ THUD. THUDHUTHUDHDUDUD. 

Upstairs had, I was informed, been at it for some time. the thuds were coming thick and they were coming fast. our lampshade was going like the clappers. my Mattmate, god bless him, was losing his mind. I – a humble receptionist who a) had a shitty day at work, and b) does not think that 11:30pm, regardless of whether or not it’s the weekend, is an acceptable time to be having carthwheel races up and down the hallway – was immediately riled. ‘RIGHT!’ I said, tearing off my coat and flinging it in the general vicinity of my bedroom, ‘THIS IS [THUDTHUDTHUD] RIDICULOUS! I’M GOING UP THERE!!!’ 

and, dear reader: I went up there. 

I went hurtling out of the flat like a demon and took the stairs two at a time. my Mattmate, the coward, followed at a distance and lurked in the staircase while I pounded - VERITABLY POUNDED - on Upstairses’ door. 

the thudding ceased. the music – inaudible downstairs, audible outside their door, but nothing compared to the volume of thuds – stopped. I heard muttered voices. I pounded again. the muttered voices got louder. the door opened. 

a vision of beauty stood before me. 

a TANNED, FLOPPY-HAIRED vision of beauty. 

a SHIRTLESS, HUNKY, tanned, floppy-haired vision of beauty. 

my resolve disappeared like candyfloss in a puddle. I am a weak-willed, weak-kneed snowman, and I melted. any desire I had to read Upstairs the riot act vanished in the face of SHIRTLESS HUNKY TANNED FLOPPY-HAIRED VISION OF BEAUTY, MR UPSTAIRS. “Hi,” I said, eventually, when I had both taken in all that was before me and become hyper-aware of everything that was wrong with my own appearance in that moment, “I’m Downstairs.” 

I’m Downstairs? I’m Downstairs??? I DARE to besmirch this BREATHTAKING GRECIAN STATUE’S doorstep with my ill-fitting work suit and my I Have Literally Just Walked In The Door From The Outside, Where It Is Sleeting hair and face, and then I say HI, I’M DOWNSTAIRS? 

Mr Upstairs, Shirtless Hunk, clearly a gentle and understanding soul, then COMPOUNDED MY AGONY by opening his mouth and saying, in a beautifully accented voice, “I am so sorry! we will stop!”

“No!” I said. yes, I meant. “It’s fine!” it was not fine. 15 seconds previous to this conversation I had fully come to terms with committing murder. “I just wanted to make sure everything was okay!” lies. all lies.

“We were playing with the ball,” explained Shirtless Hunk, Mr Upstairs. 

“Ohhh, cool,” I, a liar who hates sports, replied. “No worries!” 

and then – and then – the best thing happened. the best thing, and also the worst thing. I have described it to my Mattmate thrice in the 3-or-so hours since it happened, and every time he begs me to stop. another beautifully accented voice echoed from the depths of Upstairs. the door opened wider. and there, behind the shirtless, hunky, tanned, floppy-haired vision of beauty– 


at this point, naturally, I completely lost my head. 

“Ah!!!” I said. “Hello!!!” 

Shirtless Hunk #2 was holding a football underneath his golden arm. He flicked his floppy hair off his perfectly lovely forehead and smiled. I immediately went blind. “SORRY!” he said. “WE WERE PLAYING FOOTBALL!” 

“Ahaha,” I replied, “nooooo worries!” 

“We will stop,” Shirtless Hunk The First assured me. 

“No, no,” I lied, backing towards the door to the stairs where my Mattmate still lurked, unable to hear anything except my, I quote, ‘increasingly high-pitched voice’. “It’s fine! Just wanted to make sure you weren’t killing each other! Ha ha ha!” 

“We are sorry,” reiterated the second Shirtless Hunk. 

“No prob, bob,” said I, inexplicably, hating every syllable and also myself.

“Sorry!” the beautiful shirtless hunks kept saying as I fled backwards down the hall, desperately trying to escape the forcefield of their combined hunkiness, athleticism, and classic good looks. “Sorry!!!” 

“It’s fine!” I continued to chant back, making my escape like some sort of confused crab in office wear. “No worries! Goodbye!” 


It’s okay to make mistakes, it’s okay to be tricked, it’s okay to accidentally hurt people. All of those things are part of life. That’s a fact. And with us autistic often being a bit clumsy wrt social things, they usually happen to us a bit more often.

What’s more important is to try to learn from those things when they happen and try your best to better yourself. That’s what allows you to grow as a person.

anonymous asked:

You talk a lot about racism in the TW fandom and fans ignoring Scott and liking Stiles more because of racism. The exact same thing happened in Buffy when the funny best friend became more of a fan favorite than the main character. If it happens when race is not a factor, why are you so sure it's racism when it happens in TW?

I’m pretty sure then it was probably sexism, if it was a problem.  I wasn’t involved in the Buffy fandom, so I can’t say for sure.

Racism, sexism, homophobia doesn’t have to be antagonistic.   Your actions can have a negative impact without you slapping a Confederate battle flag on your pick-up truck and donning a sheet.   You don’t have to hate a minority to erase them.  

It’s not a simple matter of popularity.  It’s a matter of exposure.  It’s a matter of representation.   It’s a matter of watching a television program and forgetting half of what happened on the show because you only want to focus on the white characters.   

This is my fandom. I talk about it primarily because it is the one I know.   I am sure that in the future, unfortunately, I’ll find other examples.  And what I have seen in this fandom is a systematic erasure of the main character.   Want examples?

Let’s take Deucalion.   Remember in “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” when Morrell said: “If you want the psychologist’s perspective, he is an obsessive who both desires you and is threatened by you.  If he cannot have the object of his desire, he’ll choose to destroy it instead.“  There are 26 Scott/Deucalion fictions on AO3.  There five times that many for Stiles/Deucalion (131), even though Stiles and Deucalion have never talked to each other on the show.  The only time they were in the same place was on the hospital roof.  

Or Peter – He spent the entire first season trying to recruit Scott but most of fandom focuses on the 5 minutes at the end when he tried to recruit Stiles.

Everyone remembers Gerard kidnapping and beating up Stiles. No one remembers Gerard casually walking up to Scott to stab him, twist the blade inside him, and threaten his mother. 

Everyone remembers Derek/Stiles in the pool, but no one remembers Scott breaking into Gerard’s room to get a book and getting throttled by Chris.   

In this fandom, you don’t see people forgetting what Derek did or what Stiles did or what Isaac did.  It’s not about popularity, because Stiles or Derek or Greenberg could be the most popular person in the fandom, and it doesn’t mean for one minute that you have to erase the other characters, especially the main, eponymous one.  

There are 2534 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  As of 2011, 77 were Latinx, 119 were Black, and 10 were Asian.  This is not a coincidence.  This is a cultural predisposition to ignore minorities in entertainment.  The only way we change that is by making a stand.    

(Thanks to @nyxelestia for her help). 

anonymous asked:

I wonder how Shiro took the Garrison's treatment of him in the first episode and especially the lie about him getting the Kerberos crew killed. Even with his tendency to shoulder every burden, that must have stung.

I’ve seen a lot of comments to this nature and I feel like that’s really not getting “pilot error” how Iverson is construing it.

The Garrison isn’t saying that Shiro was like “hoo boy I think I’ll fly the spaceship with my butt”, crashed and killed everyone. Negligence is not remotely what Iverson is accusing him of.

It’s that, they have no idea what happened, don’t have reason to suspect a mechanical failure, so it’s likely the error was on the human side of things. What caused it? What made it happen? They don’t know.

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Things to remember

Here’s some advice I wrote for myself after graduating high school 2 and a half years ago.

  • Be unapologetically yourself. Embrace the sound and content your own voice and be confident in who you are, what you want and what you believe in. Every single person is born with their own unique mind, body and heart and that’s pretty freaking amazing so don’t waste time trying to be someone else. Know that you’re just working things out the best you can and so is everyone else. Think you have it together until you really do and you’ll slowly realise it’s true.
  • Worry less. Embrace your mistakes, your flaws and your weaknesses. Keep growing. Be constantly learning and teaching and learning more. Ask for help when you need it. Turn stress into motivation. Take criticism and failure and use it to your advantage; be excited by the chance to grow and improve. Don’t expect perfection; but don’t settle for less than you can achieve. Be that person other people can look to for assurance and positivity and open-mindedness.
  • Enjoy youth more. Don’t rush where you don’t need to. Sing loudly even though you’re out of tune, get up and dance with friends. Your moves are dorky but it’s okay. Don’t concern yourself with gossip, back stabbing or jealousy. If a person is not interested in being decent, don’t waste your time and energy on them. Say yes more often. Try new things. Learn a new sport, brew coffee, join a boxing club, debate, cook, photograph, make music. Meet more people; talk to everyone, even strangers, like old friends. Get to know as many people, stories, minds as possible. Keep old friends. Live in the good of every moment.
  • Claim your identity.  Don’t just sit and wait for things to happen to you. The best things happen when you plan and when you don’t have enough time. Take the jobs, the internships, the research assignments that you think you can’t do. No one except yourself can tell you what you can do and what you are going to do. Be recognisable for the right reasons. Invest in who you are right now and who you want to become. Do what you love, do it well and let your actions reveal to the world your values, your beliefs and your strengths.
  • Don’t lose your compassion. Keep your idealism and let it guide your choices. Work hard and struggle so that others don’t have to. Fulfil childhood dreams. Be generous. Be selfless. Have enough to give even more. Where ever you are, stay humble. Don’t chase professional success without the passion. Leave you mark; make the best difference you can.
  • Respect yourself, your mind, your body. Know your limits but pursue personal greatness. Fill your body with more natural and organic and less crap. Drink green tea. Run. Sweat. Rise with the sun. Do daily yoga. Do beautiful things with your body. It’s all yours - treat it well.
  • Be comfortable on your own. Go to a cafe, have coffee with yourself, a pen and a notebook. It’s not sad to be alone; it’s actually pretty damn awesome. Slow down. Observe the world around you. Enjoy when you’re surrounded by company but learn also to be okay by yourself. Take the time to reflect on where you are, where you want to be and how to get there.
  • Question ideas. Form educated opinions. Be willing to challenge those opinions and let them be challenged. Read the news. Keep informed. Spark debates, win some. Be okay with admitting you’re wrong; you can’t know everything. Don’t confuse the political with the personal. Be an active citizen of the world. Lead. Serve. Be confident in your capabilities and use them with wisdom and grace. Be brave enough to contribute.
  • Be more vulnerable. Let people in. Find that person; the one you don’t have to pretend for. The one who respects you, recognises your worth and wants to know all of you. The one who shares your weird sense of humour and makes you laugh so hard no sound comes out. Who reads books and watches shows just because they’re your favourite, kisses you even when they’re too exhausted to speak and stays up with you at 3am to figure out the universe. Love loudly and let yourself be loved.
  • Write. Write every day. Most of it will suck but at least you did it. Read a lot. Take note of good writing and not so great writing. No one needs to read it; you just have to write. Write about the things you see and do, the people you meet, the ideas that scare you, the places that steal your breath, the person that steals your heart. Keep trying that poetry thing. You’ll eventually get to the stage of being ‘not completely awful’.
  • Do everything with honest purpose. Be busy living life and enjoying moments, places and company.
The AU that won't get out of my head

- Keith is getting harassed by a bully in a high school setting
- Keith has a reputation from his last school—garrison high—for being a rebellious kid who got into fights all the time
- Nobody bothers to check and see if those are just rumors or fact except Lance
- Lance has got a chip on his shoulder to fight this Keith cause he’s the best fighter(???) at his school—Voltron high—so he doesn’t want this new kid making him look bad
- He stalks Keith for a lil while lol
- And sees that Keith never starts the fights; people always start shit with him
- He continues to follow Keith around for “scientific reasons”
- Just when he’s about to stop following Keith cause he feels like a judgmental dick
- Keith comes across someone being picked on (Lance is watching from afar)
- Keith goes to defend this person and it’s the only time Lance has seen him start a fight
- Lance knows Keith can hold his own in a fight but there’s a guy coming up behind him with a tire iron while he’s preoccupied with the other guy
- So Lance literally comes flying in and jump kicks this asshole
- They fight together
- Keith, not good at talking, just glares at the person who was being picked on
- They flee
- Lance says something dumb to Keith
- Keith asks Lance why he’s been following him
- Lance is like oh shit he knows wtf I thought I was so Stealthy tm
- Somehow they become friends, mostly due to lance’s insistence and refusal to leave Keith alone
- Keith begrudgingly becomes lance’s friend
- Things happen
- They become best friends
- Big brother shiro telling Keith that what he’s feeling for Lance isn’t friendship lol
- Keith being like oh shit I’ve caught feelings
- Cue Keith avoiding Lance subconsciously and consciously cause he’s allergic to feelings
- Keith figures he’s already got the school staff on edge cause of his reputation so he shouldn’t humor this asshole and “fight” him
- This is happening in the school hallways btw
- A small crowd gathers
- Keith decided he’ll let this guy talk and then once he hits Keith he’ll get expelled and Keith will just have a busted lip
- Basically Keith doesn’t want to cause unnecessary trouble
- When this guy goes to punch him Lance jumps in front of Keith
- Now this guy isn’t small so he’s gonna hit fucking hard
- I’ve decided the bully is Sendak
- So sendak hits Lance square in the side of the face and knocks Lance the fuck out
- Hunk and pidge run over to Lance because holy fuck oh my god Lance isn’t moving
- Keith short circuits
- He stares at Lance while he’s unmoving on the ground
- He’s aware that sendak is still talking but it’s fuzzy
- Then Sendak hits Keith and Keith can hear the next thing this guy says in like 1080 hd
- “Not so tough without your boyfriend to protect you, huh?”
- Keith mcfreaking loses it
- First he does the ear clap thing
- Then he uppercuts this guys gut
- Then he grabs his head and shoves it into his knee cap
- Then he fucking “we gotta break down this door” kicks this guy on his ass
- And starts wailing on him
- He uses his elbows to fucking hit him instead of his fists because elbows are the hardest part of your body and he needs to hurt like Keith is hurting because Lance isn’t moving
- Keith only stops because big bro shiro appears through the crowd and pulls him off Sendak
- “Hey, hey, Keith! it’s me, calm down.”
- Keith is breathing heavy af and his eyes are teary
- “I know you’re fucking pissed, okay, and I am too.
- But, think about why you’re upset and tell me what you should really be doing right now.”
- Keith looks at him confused and shaking with adrenaline
- “Shouldn’t you be making sure Lance is okay?”
- Keith immediately turns to search for Lance
- Hunk is helping Lance sit upright while pidge pinches lance’s nose to stop the bleeding
- Keith slides over to them, tripping over his feet
- And instead of saying all the shit he wants to say like
- Are you okay, why would you do that for me, thanks for taking that hit for me, do you need me to get the nurse, why do you act like I’m something important, you’re important to me, I want to protect you, I’m kind of in love with you
- He says
- “What the fuck were you thinking, you dumbass!”
- Lance responds with a weird sounding laugh as pidge is still pinching his nose
- Hunk says “He was helping you!” Defending Lance
- “By getting himself hurt instead?!” Keith retorts angrily
- Pidge ever the peace talker says
- “Could you two shut the fuck up! Lance needs to see a doctor so stop fighting and help me move him dammit.”
- Big bro shiro then walks over and agrees with pidge
- “Pidge, Keith, you two help Lance to the nurses office so they can see if Lance needs to go to the emergency room.
- Hunk, you help me carry Sendak so we can take him to the ambulance.”
- They take Lance to the nurses office
- The nurse is coran
- Coran loved Lance so he’s like who the fuck hurt my son I’ll kill them
- Pidge then states that Keith already sufficiently kicked the other guys ass
- Coran then looks at Keith who stares at him trying to seem confident
- Coran then looks over Lance
- Lance gets those beautiful nose plugs lol
- Lance holds an ice pack on his face for a lil while after Coran cleans all the blood off of him
- Coran then turns to Keith “your turn skipper”
- Keith is like ???? I’m fine??
- pidge is like dude you have blood all over you too duh
- “Oh yeah”
- Coran cleans up Keith’s split lip and his elbows
- Keith also gets an ice pack for his face cause he has a bruise over the split lip side of his mouth
- The principal walks into the nurses office and is like wtf happened guys
- cause even tho Lance and Keith are good fighters they still make good grades and stay out of trouble
- Pidge explains what happens because Lance’s tongue is swollen cause he bit it when he passed out
- Keith only talks when spoken to directly
- The principal is not biased towards any students so they see the situation for what it is
- “Alright, boys.
- You’ve both obviously been through a lot of stress in the past 20 minutes.
- You can both go home early after Coran releases you to leave.
- Pidge you can stay and help Coran with the boys.
- I have some phone calls to make.”
- We like the principal lol
- They do the clean up routine
- Switch ice pack with hot compress
- Put aloe on bruise and put gauze pad on top of that etc
- So the boys are all bandaged up and released to go home while pidge goes back to class
- The boys go to their lockers together and get all their shit and walk out the front of the school
- Nobody has talked yet
- Keith, like the emotionally constipated asshole he is, is mad at Lance for getting himself hurt for Keith’s sake
- So instead of saying why he’s mad
- He walks ahead of Lance without saying anything
- “H-hey Keith! Wait up!”
- Keith continues to walk briskly
- “Okay, look, I know why you’re mad.”
- Keith snorts angrily
- Lance continues “you’re mad cause I got in the middle of a fight you clearly could’ve won yourself. I know you could’ve beat him by yourself Keith, I mean, hell, you did, but–”
- Keith starts laughing sourly
- Lance stops talking cause he’s confused
- “You think I’m mad because you got into “my” fight?“
- Lance says nothing still confused and a little hurt at Keith’s tone
- Keith walks over to Lance
- "I’m mad because you put yourself in danger for me,
- Keith gets all in lance’s space
- "I’m mad because you’re the only person besides my brother who actually cared to get to know me before jumping to conclusions or believing stupid rumors
- I’m mad because you were hurt and unmoving on the ground and it was all for my sake, like I mean something in the world
- I’m mad because you made me care about you! I’m mad because
- Because
- Keith grabs Lance by his shirt collar and snarls this next part
- "I’m mad because I love you
- I love you and I don’t like you being in pain! Especially if it’s my fault!”
- Keith has tears running down his face now because he’s overwhelmed
- Lance is Shocked tm
- Keith realizes what he said and turns into a tomato
- He runs away
- “Wha-wait a minute, Keith!”
- So the chase begins
- Eventually Lance catches up to Keith and grabs his arm to stop him
- Keith doesn’t resist
- “Keith…”
- Keith hangs his head waiting for rejection
- Lance moves his grip on his arm down to hold Keith’s hand
- Keith looks over his shoulder at Lance confused
- “Did you…
- Lance looks at him all vulnerable and shit
- "Did you mean it?”
- Keith, unable to speak, nods his head
- Lance smiles the dopiest smile
- Keith faces all the way towards Lance still confused and extremely embarrassed and very very overwhelmed
- Lance is looking at their hands smiling lightly swinging them back and forth
- “Uh…lance?”
- Lance then looks up sharply
- “Oh shi–I mean, I love you too, obviously, duh.”
- Keith turns red and pink and
- And
- he feels like he’s dying
- He’s so overwhelmed with feelings and he doesn’t know how to handle it
- So he just starts crying more
- Angry crying
- Like dammit tears stop coming out of my eyes you fuckers crying
- And Lance holds him through it cause he knows kissing would be too much right now
- Hugging Keith is good enough in itself
- Cause they love each other
- Rip me

someone: are u ok?

what I want to say: no actually I’m just thinking about dirk’s sadness nest on the floor made of soft pillows and blankets that I doubt he even slept in. do you know he hasn’t slept in 3 days? and he’s wracked with guilt because he thinks every bad thing that happened to his best friend in the last 60 days is his fault

what I actually say: yeah I’m cool

You probably think you can drive. So did I. We all do. So we foolishly try to take the steering wheel of our lives. And then as a result, we crash over and over. Because the truth is none of us know how to drive…

My people, so many of us misunderstand istikhara. It’s not about seeing a sign or a dream or even necessarily having a feeling about something. Although, any of these may occur. Istikhara is about letting go of the steering wheel. It’s about admitting to yourself and God that you don’t know the Unseen, and that you are not able to make things happen in the best way. It is the acknowledgement that God *does* know the Unseen, and God *is* able to make everything happen, in the best way. Istikhara is getting out of the driver’s seat and asking God to take over the steering wheel of your life, and the decisions you’re making.
It is asking Allah to steer and do what’s best for you, in this life and the next.

Istikhara is a protection. There are so many times when we are set on a course that is destructive. Istikhara doesn’t allow that course to occur. And after istikhara, any course that *does* occur is for our best–even if it bring about pain.

Many people get confused. They wonder why a marriage failed or a job fell apart if they prayed istikhara. But Istikhara doesn’t promise a painless path. It promises *what’s best in the end*. Sometimes that ‘road to what’s best’ is windy. Sometimes it’s covered with thorns.
But always, always, in the end, the destination is where you’re meant to be. Where you’re meant to fulfill your highest destiny and purpose.

Be careful not to rely on yourself as you navigate through life and make decisions. Be very careful to always, always rely on God. Because every single one of us is blind.

And we *don’t* know how to drive.

—  Yasmin Mogahed