Let’s Be Honest-- Clint/Hawkeye is Totally Underated

He’s totally badass– with no real “super” human abilities like Captain America and Thor or “super gear” like Falcon and Iron Man

And his sass is undeniablly one of the most entertaining parts of the films.  Its such simple humor but that is what makes it so fantastic

And he is arguably one of the most relatable, loyal, and moral of the characters.

  • <p> <b>me, two weeks into a relationship:</b> hey do you like Sherlock Holmes?<p/><b>boyfriend:</b> no<p/><b>me:</b> wrong answer<p/><b>me:</b> NEXT<p/></p>

me: marriage is a social construct that is actually unnecessary and just serves for social pressure. If i ever love someone i don’t think we’ll need something as useless as marriage to show how much we love each other.

also me: omg My OTP™ is married!!! I’m so blessed! This is everything I ever wanted! They are going to be husband and wife! Mrs and Mr! Omg yes! I want a love like that! Hell someone love me like that and marry me already!!1 i can’t wait!!!

When you’re new into a fandom with at least 10 seasons you haven’t watched yet but you can’t help but immediately search for posts, gifs, photos, videos, things and you stumble upon spoilers

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Things fangirls will say on a regular basis

• “Precious cinnamon role…too pure for this world”
•"Precious birb"
•"hey, if he wasn’t married and wasn’t 30 years older than me it could TOTALLY be possible"
•"Little angel"
•"Yes he just murdered 10 people just for the heck of it…AND ITS ADORABLE"

This was important:

Sasuke has a moment of realizing how long he has been separated from his family, so much so that he attacked his daughter because he did not recognize her.  He knows that what he is doing is important and in his mind keeping her out of it is protecting her, but it does not change that it is painful for him.

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Another way I feel you could read it is his thinking about how tall she’s gotten, using the scar in the wall as a sign of how tall she was.

Things Fangirls Say Regarding Things They Noticed About Jackie and Hyde

One thing I love about Jackie and Hyde’s relationship and something, that makes their relationship stronger in my opinion, is their intimacy doesn’t have to be defined by sex– and it can’t or isn’t used as a humorous plot device.  

Its as if the relationship is too serious to use sex as a point of humor.  To me this reads as just another difference in Jackie and Hyde’s relationship compared to Jackie’s relationship with Kelso.  

The Kelso/Jackie relationship was really only about sex which was always used as a means of providing humor.  Whereas Jackie and Hyde are the one couple to never once be mentioned as having sex, although it can be assumed they definitely are.

It makes a nice change in a show where, despite loving it, I do notice a lot of the humor does come from sexual situations/jokes from the characters of Fez Kelso and even Eric.  It emphasizes Jackie and Hyde’s characters as having grown and matured at a higher level then their earlier selves as well as their friends when it comes to relationships.

Their relationship is more than sex but there is still a very deep and easy intimacy between them that I really love.  It should also be noted that even though the discussion of sex between Jackie and Hyde is zero and no jokes are made regarding it (maybe some assumptions, like her being caught staying at the Foreman’s), they are perhaps, again in my opinion, one of the most entertaining couples on the show because they offer something different then the other couples with their individual characters and their relationship.

The humor in this couple comes from their actual care of each other rather than sexual jokes.  They are two opposites that actually work together to better each other but the continued differences in their characters as they grow to care for and love each other is what provides the humor.  Even more, it is their differences that they ultimately like most about each other, as Jackie has admitted– she likes that Hyde makes her less shallow and think more deeply.   

And vice versa she makes Hyde a little softer.

That is where the humor comes in– seeing the changes in the characters, their shock at realizing it, as well as others noticing it, and their not sexual but highly relationship based humor.

Things Fangirls Say as a Fushigi Yuugi Fan

The journey of a Fushigi Yuugi fan…

Heart break…

Death of Tamahome’s family..

Mitsuke arriving too late to save Shouka…

Nuriko’s death…

Finding out why Nuriko cross dresses…

Chiriko sacrificing himself…

Mistuke sacrificing himself…

Tatara and Suzuno’s souls being reunited…

Hotohori’s death…

The spirits of Tamahome’s family return to help him…

Miaka and Tamahome being reunited…

Hotohori being unable to comfort Houki…

Hotohori being unable to hold his son…

Priestess of Genbu’s death…

Emma Swan once claimed kissing Hook was a “one time thing....”

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Ok sure…

Just a “One Time Thing” my shipper ass.

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I think we can all agree that we’re happy Emma isn’t always good on following through with all of her statements.