Chúc mừng năm mới

Chúc mừng năm mới

My favorite thing about having married into a Vietnamese family, I think, is the celebration of the lunar new year. When I was a kid growing up in Texas, the event was this weird thing that Chinese people did on the other side of the planet; living in San Francisco, it was the day of the year that my walk to work through Chinatown involved stepping over mounds of spent firecracker papers amidst…

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What Chinese censorship thing is that one anon referring to??

The Chinese government in addition to it’s already existing strict restrictions want to add even stronger restrictions involving homosexual themes. Will they come about? I am not sure. Sadly I wouldn’t be surprised based on people’s hatred and ignorance. We can only hope that the world keeps changing for the better and do what we can to make it better each day.

that post has just got me thinking about worldbuilding in hp generally, and i’d like the idea that the international statute of secrecy actually doesn’t always result in a clear separation between magical/muggle worlds everywhere. 

like, i am up for the First Emperor actually being a wizard and that the real reason we haven’t opened the tomb where his body is because it IS full of ancient curses and lord knows what else considering he tried to live forever. imagine chinese wizards bemoaning the fact that the Terracotta Army has become such a well-known muggle tourist attraction because goddamn these statues are literal guardians for the first emperor and could come to life at any moment; even though they’ve done their best to undo most of the enchantments, there’s still the simmer of ancient magic they can feel. who knows? so there are secretly all sorts of wards everywhere plus multiple wizards (disguised as museum staff) on duty in case shit happens. 

just imagine cursed magical artefacts accidentally finding their way to muggle museums generally and the magical communities discreetly trying to get them removed or cursebreakers masquerading as restorers, historians and archaeologists working to break their enchantments.
8 Things You Might Not Know About Chinese New Year
You might have heard a few things about Chinese New Year already. You’ve probably heard about the firecrackers and maybe even the money in red envelopes that older members of the family give to young children to celebrate the festival. And as you would expect with a major family festival, it involves a big family meal and lot of trips to see relatives. But there are other things about the Spring Festival that are less widely-known, so with the new year just around the corner, I want to take a look at some of the aspects of the festival I’ve found out since coming to China that you might not know about. 1. The traditions are different all over China As China is such a huge and diverse country, some of the new year traditions are different in different parts of the country, and one of the biggest differences is in the food eaten at the New Year’s Eve meal. In northern China, people usually eat dumplings as one of the main foods, and they will often hide coins in some of them. If you get a dumpling with a coin in the stuffing, then it is thought that....

As you would expect with a major family festival, it involves a big family meal and lot of trips to see relatives. But there are other things about the Spring Festival that are less widely-known, so with the new year just around the corner, let`s take a look at some of the aspects of the festival that you might not know about.

i swear talking to ultranationalist chinese people is such a strange exercise in doublethink sometimes lol

in their worldview china is undeniably an old, powerful and prestigious civilisation. but at the SAME TIME it’s like “ssssshHHHH” the moment you try to talk about china historically being an empire that also colonised and conquered even though that obviously is necessary to explain why China was even in a position to influence Asia so much culturally! 


so if gasc is following the transformation route of the huntsmen, rather than what seems to be the more cleric route that ends up with horned deer dogs
does that mean he would’ve just ended up like a cleric beast sized white Scourge Pupper or something


a pocket sized J-hope squeezing himself into a red envelope just so he can be your “new years present”

Bonus: he claims to have the magical ability to bring good luck and prosperity

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone that celebrates it! I hope everyone is able to spend it with family, friends, and loved ones♡ 

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Chinese nationalists who think you should parrot the historical propaganda of and owe loyalty to some government that hasn’t even existed for like 1/40th of Chinese history are so, so funny.

I mean, emperors come and go. Just saying.

half the time mei is the type of person who gives terrible advice to make the more sensible advice afterwards seem less worse. it doesnt work

( lbr the only two reasons i made this is the imagine spot and mei’s face at the end )


Photo Challenge: Things Chinese. On the left are shoe soles that were hand sewn here in Beijing.  In the middle is a Tibetan prayer wheel.  Tibetans would wake up early and walk around spinning this prayer wheel clockwise while saying their prayers. On the right is a little feather thing.  In the parks, you will see this feathered item bouncing off people’s feet.