Jewel In The Crown (M)

florist!kihyun, 15.1k, he knows what beautiful is but he’s also a bit jealous and has shitty friends

warning: smut (kihyun is a virgin, his first time, oral for both, slightly dom!kihyun i guess??)

“You look really nice by the way…Ignore that. You look beautiful. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known.”

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For some reason I had a hard time motivating myself to draw this week. I played a lot of Fallout 4 instead -guilt-

FINALLY the end of Chapter one!! I couldn’t really get around the “writing is supposed to be in Chinese” thing. So just pretend it is. xD

Chapter One - Part 1:

Chapter One - Part 2:

Chapter One - Part 3:

Chapter One - Part 4:

Chapter One - Part 5:

Chapter One - Part 6:

Chapter One - Part 7:

anonymous asked:

What would marriage life with seventeen be like?

- kisses first thing in the morning
- kisses you all the time
- complains that you both stay in bed just a little longer
- refuses to let you go when you tell him you have to go to work
- spoils you with gifts all the time
- gets rid of the monsters under the kids’ beds

- never the first to get up
- nags about everything
- the kids are probably the ones who tuck him into bed
- takes pictures all the time
- has photo albums filled with pictures
- good night kisses

- makes you breakfast in bed
- walks around carrying the kids, refuses to let them go
- makes pancakes with them on saturday mornings
- forehead kisses
- sings and plays the guitar all the time
- surprises you with little gifts every now and then

- always pulls you back into bed when you try to leave
- gives you backhugs while you’re washing the dishes
- makes the kids say dumb things to you in chinese
- convinced them he was the prince of china
- always asks for a kiss before doing something
- throws himself on top of you after a long day because he missed you
- still likes to show off to try to impress you

- makes a bigger mess than the kids
- pulls pranks with the kids then cries when he gets scolded by you
- dances around the house with you
- breaks whatever he touches
- calls you pet names all the time
- always keeps you laughing

- you always fix his bed hair for him in the morning
- sings in his morning voice while you’re fixing his hair
- reads the kids bedtime stories
- always helps carries things for you
- kisses on the cheek
- whispers he loves you in your ear while hugging you

- plays instruments for the kids
- loves playing sports with them, especially baseball
- also very shy when showing affection in front of them
- quick pecks on the lips before leaving the house
- lots of cuddles

- matching pyjamas
- sings lullabies to the kids
- water fights while washing the car
- screams he loves you from a mile away
- makes you kill the spiders

- eats all the food
- makes your lunch and your kids’ lunches
- always carries the kids on his shoulders
- the type who says “i can fix it!” but makes it worse
- kisses the top of your head and then rests his chin on it while holding you close

- plays fight with the kids all the time
- loses on purpose and tells them they’re the strongest in the world
- cooks for you when you’re feeling lazy
- scolds you when you get sick
- holds your hand whenever he can
- surprise back hugs

- sings to you in his morning voice
- jumps on the bed with the kids to wake you up
- steals all the blankets
- playful arguing all the time
- tells you he loves you every day

- tells the kids not to say “oh my god”
- plays dress up with them
- purposely sings off-tune to make you laugh on bad days
- harmless pranks on each other like hiding the toothpaste
- surprise kisses on the lips
- probably raps while he’s sitting on the toilet

- plays your wedding song every now and then
- dances to it with you in the living room
- teaches the kids michael jackson moves
- wakes up early on weekends to watch cartoons with them
- bear hugs every day because he wants you to feel loved
- always kisses you on the cheek

thank you for your request!!

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I'm a beginner in Chinese and having a hard time finding out where to start. What would you recommend?

@defendthechibi: mmmmdamn. ok, so Chinese is not a lang I approached on my own, I started in a class, but with that said here’s some combination of how that went down and what I would suggest (if you are a self-learner of Chinese pls do add):

1. Get a fucking fantastic foundation in pinyin and tones. I cannot emphasize this enough—start good habits now or it’ll be really terrible to find out no one understands you because you were like “tone, I’ll come back to that!” Here is a very nice pinyin chart with literally every syllable combination recorded with every tone. Here’s a pinyin practice game. If you can get someone who already speaks Mandarin to help that’s of course ideal, especially for the retroflex sounds, but not essential. Either way make sure you practice speaking aloud. Here’s a funny tone explanation that’s secretly great.

2. Pick a book and stick with it. So this is not Mandarin-specific, but I find that self-learners (myself included) have a habit of starting like three different texts for one language and it’s a mess. Decide if you wanna start with traditional or simplified characters, then pick a textbook, it wont be perfect because nothing is, and maybe just a grammar book for reference. We used Integrated Chinese in class, but I don’t know that I’d recommended it for soloing, Practice Makes Perfect has great other books I’ve used and seems like a better choice. This series is good grammar help, and so is Modern Mandarin Chinese grammar (pdf). When looking for textbooks I recommend reading reviews and also taking into consideration the time/pace you want to work at. Learning a language is a lifetime thing so really you just gotta start somewhere and plow ahead. (also check what the library has!)

2.5 Don’t buy those damn books of character lists. I’m sure you’ve seen them, “memorizing hanzi!” “500 common characters!” whaaaatever. Whatever textbook yr using will tell you what characters you need right then, and if that’s not enough there are plenty of frequency lists online. More importantly, do learn the radicals When it comes to actually getting characters into your brain it’s some combination of mnemonic device (which works better if you make it up, not if some rando writer does anyway) and rote muscle memory—so all you need is paper. Get square/grid paper and pay attention to proportions or if you must get a book, get one that has practice space. Skritter is amazing and wonderful and I cannot praise it enough but also it is not free. But like if yr really serious you’ll probably have to put some money down somewhere. Whatever you do, do not buy Chineasy it is a plague upon our language learning household. (note: some people suggest not learning characters until after awhile of studying spoken. That sounds sort of terrible to me, and it also means you won’t be able to engage with anything Chinese online. But it is a thing, and sites like YablaFluentU, and ChinesePod could be a way to go [and are good anyway])

3. Practice, practice, practice! Ok cool you started doing some stuff! Check you out! If you want to get feedback start posting snippets on Lang-8, you can even meet people to skype with. Or if you want (and have a smart phone) you can get a chat buddy on hellotalk. Maybe there’s a meetup group in your area who knows. Make yourself/download an Anki deck, etc. etc. Just try to always do a little something everyday. I think because of characters Chinese has a particularly steep learning curve—I still can’t open a webpage and just like read it—so it might be better to focus on practicing what you know rather than trying to engage too much with “actual” Chinese. That said….

4. Don’t loose hope, find fun things in Chinese. Even if it’s not actively practicing your language skills, find ways to enjoy Chinese that don’t drain you like too much studying will. Listen to music,  read about idiomswatch movies, or if you’re a nerd like me, read about Chinese linguistics! If you have a hobby, you can find stuff on your hobby in Chinese. e.g. here is a whole cooking channel that is also subbed in English.  DramaFever has, duh, lots of dramas, but is not free. 

I hope that sounds like a setup for success! Here’s some dictionaries: MDGB, HanziCraft, lineDict (let’s you draw characters). If you have a smartphone get Pleco. Here’s a thing that annotates text & has rollover translation: MandarinSpot (maybe get a plug-in if yr into those). Here are general help sites: SayJACK  & Chinese Grammar Wiki. There are so so so many other resources out there, but rather than stockpile them all right now I think it’s better to focus on whatever textbook/system you chose and just start moving. Once you have a little more of a base then look for cool blogs or whatever works well for YOU. 

If there was something more specific you wanted just throw that @ me. If people have suggestions you can send them in and I’ll compile them so we don’t have to reblog this massive thing  くコ:彡  くコ:彡  くコ:彡 

10 Years (The Reunion III)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Warning: swearing, kissing, lol, fluff, heartache, and this is not proof read sorry

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 (you are here) / Part 5

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The cold water covered Stiles’ face as he took a deep breath, closing his eyes to splash another handful of water over his hot skin. He was shaking, he thought he was ready to see you but he really wasn’t. He stared into mirror, watching his brown eyes falter and his once happy smile disappear. “Fuck.” He groaned, anger building inside his veins. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Stiles recalled the last time he was in this position, the heat rising onto his cheeks, remembering the time he failed himself.

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arrowwhiskers  asked:

Hello! I just saw your ask about Chinese listening practice. I've looked through your Chinese resources page (which is fantastic btw), but I don't see any Youtube or music there so I was wondering if you had some recommendations for Mandarin Youtube channels or music groups that you like? Thank you thank you :) Your blog is rad <3

Hi! Yay I’m glad it’s useful for you! I just realised I made a section for music, youtube, etc. but never actually posted it haha! So thanks for pointing that out, I’ll try to update that soon :)


I have two Spotify playlists - one is for more upbeat songs here, and the other is for more chilled songs here. I also tag any music related things as ‘chinese music’.


I know people’s tastes in videos vary widely, but here are a few that I enjoy:

I’m sure there are more but I can’t seem to find them right now oops. I also try to tag any youtube/videos/movies as ‘chinese movies’.

I hope this helps!

cloro18  asked:

Okay so I have a Chinese coded character I sent you a submit about and I realised I forgot something! So the Chinese ruler declares war by cutting their hair as inspired by that post that's been going around, but I'm now realising that might be very?? Mulan-y? Like other characters (Including white ones) do it too they're not the only one, but is that enough to avoid falling into a sterotype? Would it be more respectful to cut it out? I really appreciate any any advice, thank you!

Is Cutting Hair a Chinese Stereotype?

If Disney’s Mulan is where you’re getting the idea that cutting hair is a Chinese thing, that’s quite inaccurate. First, the Disney movie is the only version of Mulan where she cuts her hair (the other versions I’ve seen have her keep her long hair and simply wear it in a man’s topknot, aside from donning her father’s armor, etc). 

I want to stress this point because for a long, long time (until the Qing Dynasty), cutting hair in Chinese culture was, for the most part, considered a breach of filial piety. Your hair was considered a gift from your parents, and cutting it was considered desecrating that gift. (source 1, source 2). There were exceptions, like becoming a Buddhist monk/nun, or prisoners. But for the most part, it was not done until the Qing Dynasty, when men had to shave the front half of their heads for the Manchu-style queues, and then when Westernization came in, hair cutting was no longer seen as taboo.

To answer your question more directly: if the Chinese ruler cuts their hair like in the post, it’s not a stereotype, mainly because it was never a tradition in the first place, as far as I know. 

–mod Jess

Sabine and her family

So @teammarinette was telling me this headcanon he has about Sabine and typed this and asked me to post it. He is Chinese too so it really gives an interesting insight. Personally, I really find this headcanon fitting and well thought. What do you guys think? Any opinions?

So you know how the Kung Food episode starts off with Marinette trying to translate stuff into Chinese so she can greet her uncle and then trying to memorise and pronounce those sentences. She then talks to Tikki about how she’s worried about her uncle visiting her house, and when he does arrive Marinette opens door, forgets everything, and ends up making a fool of herself. Her uncle ignores her and proceeds to purge her flowers, and then she ends up sitting on the sofa across from her uncle while she’s not speaking and trying to pretend her uncle isn’t there but her uncle doesn’t really care and happily proceeds to finish demolishing her flowers.

It’s a very short scene, really; less than two minutes of screen time but already this is a lot of content that we’re shown and a massive amount of stuff to work on.

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Random Asks

1. Favorite kind of juice?
2. Favorite movie?
3. If you could pick one color to represent yourself, what it be?
4. If you had to pick one texture to represent you, what would it be?
5. Name a talent of yours.
6. Cookies or cream?
7. Do you like to draw?
8. What is the best restaurant you have ever been to?
9. How many times have you cried this month?
10. What’s your biggest regret?
11. What’s one thing that you judge people on?
12. What’s one thing you wish people didn’t judge about you?
13. If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what it be?
14. Would you ever cliff dive?
15. Would you ever eat a bug?
16. Would you ever skydive?
17. Do you believe in destiny?
18. When is the last time you ran a mile?
19. When is the last time you kissed someone?
20. When is the last time you hugged someone?
21. Do you turn off the water while you brush your teeth?
22. Do you like hot or cold showers?
23. Hot pizza or cold pizza?
24. Favorite designer brand?
25. What’s one thing you wish everybody co
26. Do you believe in astrology?
27. Do you believe in ghosts?
28. Do you believe in karma?
29. Do your believe in luck?
30. Do your believe in love at first sight?
31. What type is your hair?
32. What color if you hair?
33. What color is your eyes?
34. Do you like school?
35. Favorite fruit?
36. Favorite vegetable?
37. What is the best feeling in the world?
38. What is the worst feeling in the world?
39. Favorite social media platform?
40. Jeans or leggings?
41. Skirts or shorts?
42. What color are your socks right now?
43. What is the best piece of advices you give to someone?
44. If you could go back in time and tell your younger self something, what would you say?
45. What’s one thing you hope to have in the future?
46. If you could go into the future and ask yourself something, what would you ask?
47. What is your zodiac sign?
48. Do you have siblings?
49. Do you want kids?
50. Favorite subject in school?
51. Least favorite subject in school?
52. If you could be perfect at one thing in life, what would you want it to be?
53. Would you rather write an essay or take a math test?
54. Would you rather take biology or chemistry?
55. Favorite shade of lipstick to wear?
56. On a scale of 1-10, ten being a lot, how independent are you?
57. One song that makes you happy?
58. One song that makes you cry?
59. One song that gets you excited?
60. One song that brings back memories?
61. Favorite song?
62. Running or swimming?
63. What is your biggest fear?
64. What’s one thing that always calms you down?
65. Favorite comfort food?
66. Who is your role model in life?
67. One punishment that you will always hate?
68. favorite memory from childhood?
69. Do you use scrunchies?
70. What’s the first thing you want people to notice about you?
71. What’s the first thing you notice about other people?
72. What’s the last TV show you binged watched?
73. Soccer or football?
74. Gymnastics or ice skating?
75. Favorite Olympic event to watch?
76. Dream pair of shoes? Describe.
77. Dream outfit? Describe.
78. Dream wedding? Describe.
79. Dream house? Describe.
80. Dream S.O? Describe.
81. Who is you celebrity crush?
82. What is one trait that turns you on?
83. What is one trait that turns you off?
84. What is your guilty pleasure?
85. Are you a night person or morning person?
86. In one word, describe your love life.
87. In one word, describe your friend group.
88. In one word, describe your style?
89. In one word, describe your music taste.
90. In one word, describe your parents.
91. What’s one thing you wish you could do?
92. What’s one thing you wish you could be?
93. Favorite snack?
94. If you could change one thing from your childhood what would it be?
95. What’s one thing you love about your childhood.
96. Sweet or savory?
97. Do you consider yourself responsible?
98. Favorite scent?
99. What is one movie that always makes you cry?
100. What is one movie that always makes you laugh?
101. Do you shower in the morning or night?
102. Favorite physical trait of yours?
103. Favorite personality trait of yours?
104. Would you want to be a model, an actor, or a singer?
105. Name three things that make you smile.
106. Name three things that make you frown.
107. What’s one language you always wanted to learn?
108. Biggest pet peeve?
109. If you could go back in time, what time would you go to?
110. What is your battery percentage at the moment?
111. Favorite quote?
112. Fanboys actor?
113. Favors singer?
114. Favorite model?
115. Favorite rapper?
116. Reader or writer?
117. Mechanical or traditional pencil?
118. Are you good at making friends?
119. Do you have a lot of secrets?
120. What’s one of your insecurities?
121. What is the best gift someone could give you?
122. What is the worst gift someone could give you?
123. Do you have an accent?
124. Are you scared of public speaking?
125. Are you scared of bugs?
126. Are you scared of flying in planes?
127. Are you scared of heights?
128. Favorite spot to vacation?
129. Favorite album currently?
130. Favorite type of hat?
131. Favorite type of soup?
132. What is something you are confident about?
133. Are you stubborn?
134. What is your spirit animal?
135. What’s one color you would never wear?
136. What’s one color that you wear too much?
137. Favorite song lyric?
138. High heels or flats?
139. Iced coffee or hot coffee?
140. Iced tea or hot tea?
141. Favorite thing to order from Chinese takeout?
142. Milkshakes or smoothies?
143. Favorite kind of donut?
144. Favorite kind of pie?
145. Do you lie a lot?
146. Do you wear glasses?
147. Favorite kind of wine?
148. What is your gemstone?
149. Describe your dream wedding ring.
150. Favorite season?
151. Do you pull all nighters often?
152. How many drafts do you have saved in tumblr at the moment?
153. Manicure or pedicure?
154. What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?
155. Stripes or polka dots?
156. Are you a optimist or pessimist?
157. Do you like confrontation?
158. Reveal a secret to your followers about yourself.
159. Are you a movie or TV show type of person?
160. Are you indecisive?
161. Favorite band?
162. Favorite book?
163. Sparkles or sequins?
164. Do you still use blankets in the summer?
165. Do you have any games on your phone? If so, what are they?
166. Favorite flavor of ice cream?
167. Your friends need to use one word to describe you. What word do you think they will use?
168. Your family need to use one word to describe you. What word do you think they will use?
169. If you had to pick one superpower, what would it be?
170. Fire or ice?
171. What do you believe killed all the dinosaurs?
172. Have you ever been heartbroken before?
173. Have you tried drugs before?
174. What’s one things everybody in the world should have a chance to experience?
175. Guilty until innocent or innocent till guilty?
176. What quality of yours do you thinks stands out the most to other people?
177. Are you wearing any nail polish at the moment? If so, what color?
178. Describe your ideal first date?
179. What are some things hat automatically make you like a person?
180. How comfortable is your mattress?
181. What is your favorite fashion trend currently?
182. What is your least favorite fashion trend currently?
183. Favorite material to wear?
184. If you could swap lives with a celebrity, which one would you switch with?
185. What’s your favorite thing about school?
186. Favorite genre of movies?
187. What’s one physical turn on of yours?
188. Favorite genre of music?
189. Do you dip yours cookies in milk?
190. Favorite board game?
191. What’s your favorite kind of dressing?
192. Favorite video game?
193. What’s your favorite flavor of cake?
194. Favorite card game?
195. What’s your favorite gemstone?
196. Gold or silver?
197. Favorite meal for dinner?
198. Favorite meal for breakfast?
199. What age did you learn how to swim?
200. Make up your own ask!

NCT-127/U Reaction to you speaking multiple langauges

I changed this a little as I don’t think any of them would like/dislike anyone for being hispanic or any other race and it likely wouldn’t affect their opinions on anyone as long as they’re a good person they can get a long with - nct has lots of foreign members, for example, and they don’t treat anyone any different for it except for helping more with the language, as far as it seems! I also had two similar requests so I combined them, I hope that’s okay! I’m sorry about this and I hope you understand!! Thank you for the interest though, and have a great day!! 😊 


He’d be impressed at your ability to speak two languages, amazed that you could communicate with others and help out certain situations. He’d probably like to subtly brag about your abilities, maybe asking you to say something when you were around the members just so he could say how clever you were.

Originally posted by moonlighting94


He’d like to hear you speak your native language, or any other langauges you could speak. I can see him enjoying you just rambling to him in any or even multiple languages whilst you were lying down together, especially if he’d had a long day and just wanted to fall asleep in your arms. 

Originally posted by taesyong


 Similar to Taeyong, he’d love listening to you speak in whatever language you could. If you spoke english/korean, he’d probably enjoy being able to go back and forth between the languages to better express things, or just listen to whatever you could say in another langauge and try to imitate it.

Originally posted by turtles-are-better-then-people


Although he can speak two langauges, I feel like he might be intimidated if you spoke a language and he had no idea what you were saying. He wouldn’t not want you to speak another language, but might not enjoy having no idea what you were saying around him. He might pick up some short phrases quite quickly though, and be encouraging of you with your native language if he could. 

Originally posted by taesyong


 I can see Doyoung being impressed with your language skills, but quietly so. He wouldn’t brag about you to the others, but would enjoy randomly asking you how to say things in another langauge every so often, just to hear how your voice sounded - and show how impressed he was whenever you did.

Originally posted by jae-do


He would really love if you could speak Thai so he had someone to speak his native language with, but even if you couldn’t - he’d enjoy just speaking at you and you speaking at him no matter the language, finding it comforting to just be able to speak and you understand what it’s like to not be able to express yourself or be understood completely. 

Originally posted by jehyoon


Jaehyun’s the type to ask you to teach him cute phrases he could say to you, or cute pet names he could call you. He might not have the time to try and properly learn another language but would be enthusiastic about learning short phrases he could say to you every so often to make you blush.

Originally posted by visualjaehyun


If you were good at learning languages or spoke Korean, he’d probably ask for help or tips learning Korean so he could improve. He’d find it admirable if you were fluent in another language, and enjoy practicing speaking with you and watching as you looked over things, or teaching you little things in Chinese. 

Originally posted by nctinfo


 He’d be really impressed if you could speak multiple languages and admire your dedication. He’d enjoy listening to you speaking and find himself repeating little phrases that got stuck in his head, but would get shy if you tried to get him to say them back to you in case he completely butchered it. However, with some coaxing, he’d probably enjoy exchanging short phrases with you. 

Originally posted by nctmark


He’d probably enjoy listening to you speak, and similar to Taeil, showing off how good you were with languages. He might enjoy you speaking to him, even if he couldn’t understand, even if he was just nodding along knowingly, but would probably just like listening to you speak.

Originally posted by taeiloves

anonymous asked:

Do you have any recommendations for queer movies that end happily?


I can rec these few that I’ve seen personally:


Guys and Balls - German comedy about a dude who puts together a gay football team to take on his hometown’s homophobic counterpart.

The Gymnast - It’s not a traditional “happy ever after” but it ends optimistically. Also AERIAL SILKS.

Shelter - I watched this with two girlfriends and we spent the entire movie fangirl flailing around in our PJs.

I Don’t Want to Go Back Alone (Portuguese: Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho) (on youtube here) - WATCH THIS IMMEDIATELY. It’s only about 20 minutes long but it’s disgustingly beautiful. They’re also filming a feature length version right now.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch - it’s a MUSICAL. A beautiful, beautiful musical!

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert - If you haven’t seen this you need to look at your life and your choices.

Kinky Boots - Less sexuality, more gender identity and performance. I heart it so much.

And these two are next on my list (somebody come at me if I’m wrong about the happy ending thing):

Saving FaceA Chinese-American lesbian and her traditionalist mother are reluctant to go public with secret loves that clash against cultural expectations.

I love you Phillip MorrisA cop turns con man once he comes out of the closet. Once imprisoned, he meets the second love of his life, whom he’ll stop at nothing to be with. (EDIT: I have been told this does not end happily - DAMMIT!)

If anyone has any other additions to add to this list, PLEASE DO. I need ALL of the happy ending queer movies!

If Sehun has a thing for Chinese men, then Yixing definitely has a thing for Korean men

like look

let me just remind you that he chose sehun

in short

Zhang Yixing gets all the oppas and there isn’t shit we can do about it

you peasants got nothin on me

Story Time in China

So this is probably the best story to come out of my trip and it’s a little more unbelievable than the others, so it gets it’s own post.  

Background: I’m a teacher in a school with a Mandarin Immersion Program and we’re sister schools with this school in China. I’m teaching there for two weeks. While there, the families of our students take us out once a week. (The families fight over us and everything I hear.) Most of the time these families take the westerners out to experience traditional Chinese culture and invite them into their homes. Most teachers went to shrines, museums, or teahouses. It’s really neat and I was hoping to see some of the same. 

Things did not turn out that way. 

I go with a young boy in my class and his mother to the museum where we meet six other students. All the teachers start their trip at the museum and I did it with seven teenagers and one mother. It was nice, but we went through it so fast when my student asks me if I’m afraid of ghosts. The next place they’re taking me to is a haunted house. (FYI we’re in the city, I haven’t seen a house in days.) He asks me if I’m scared of ghosts and I play it off like, ‘well, maybe a little, haha.’ Next thing I know, five of the seven kids and I are getting into a taxi and we’re leaving the adult to go to a haunted house.

 No one tells me much of anything because of the language barrier and I’m semi freaking out about being separated from the adult and becoming The Adult when I don’t speak the language or know anything about anything. 0.0
These kids take me to the corner of a street and then we’re going down into an abandoned, derelict subway station with broken escalators and ceiling panels missing to reveal exposed wires and super sketch underground elements you would expect in such a place. (Why couldn’t this be a teahouse?) It’s an abandoned subway that looks as sketch as sketch can be, when all of a sudden we turn a corner and there’s a nicely lit arcade? And a place for drinks, and kids playing Jenga???? 

We go into this place that’s neat and clean and chill looking called Ghost School and the kids are ready to go through the haunted house after buying bands. There are three girls, one boy student, and me. I am the adult. I do not speak Chinese. I can say a few phrases and that’s it. They take forever to get tickets and the first time they try to go into the house two of the girls freak the heck out and run out to buy extra ghost protection badges that keep the actors/ghosts from touching them. 

Over the next five to eight to maybe ten minutes we make a couple more attempts into the house and the two girls are really scared, and eventually the third girl and boy student get too freaked out and refuse to go in. I’m trying to encourage them and help them get through it, but there is no helping these kids who are scared out of their minds from a cheep knock off FNF jump scare haunted house. They refuse to go in and then I ask if I can try it by myself. They’re super afraid for me and at this point no haunted house can scare me because I’m The Adult in this situation that doesn’t know what the F is going on or what is going to happen next or what people are saying. Ghosts are nothing compared to my cleverly concealed anxiety. 

The haunted house is a cakewalk. People come up say creepy things in Chinese to me and I congratulate them with thumbs up and encourage them to keep trying their best, all the while smiling. These people did not know what to do with me. I did not flinch once. Dead bodies jump scares, screaming people chasing me down the halls…ha, I pay taxes, you can’t scare me with those things! The branches in the cemetery pulled out my hair and I had to crawl through a well and a tunnel in a dress, but it was fun and I liked it. Didn’t get scared though. 

I walk out, long hair a mess, looking every bit the part of a mad grinning westerner in China; I was the scary one. I meet the students put up my hair and they’re so star-struck at this point. “Teacher, you’re so cool.” They get me this card that proves I made it through and all take pictures with it. We walk around, have dinner, I go back to the hotel and the next morning all the teacher are sharing their stories from tea houses and shrines and showing pictures and then there’s me. 

‘Oh, these teenagers took me to an abandoned subway’s haunted house. No big deal.’

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How would nct pillow talk?

What a romantic request ♥ I apologise on behalf of us for taking time to answer this incredibly cute request T^T

Taeil: I strongly believe that as a Gemini, this guy actually has two sides to him. One is his quiet, shy, nervous side; and the other is his dorky and crazy side. I believe that the first few pillow talks will be very shy and awkward. However, as time passes the pillow talks will become as intimate as they’re supposed to be. You can expect him to slither his arms around your waist and pulling you closer, with his thigh resting just an inch away from the junction between your legs.

Hansol: Lord, don’t get me started. He will be such an adorable puppy!!! But again, when he’s serious and more used to it, he will get boldly romantic. He looks like the person who would just want to drown in your eyes and smile innocently, at times dropping bombs of very bold stuff which he usually won’t say. When he will talk about his insecurities, however, I can imagine him facing the ceiling above and talking his heart out, while you are staring at him from your side. When the tear rolls down his temple, you can always go up and kiss him there. You can expect him holding on to your hands with your head on his chest as you two talk yourselves to sleep.

Johnny: Oh boy, the intense guy who’d spoon you as he talks against your hair. His lips are going to be on the top of your head,or buried in your hair. Pillow talk will be the conversation where he will open up the most. He will talk about all his insecurities and doubts, and won’t let you turn to face him as he secretly sheds a tear or two. I feel like he’s the kind of guy who will get on top of you to kiss you passionately, succeeding which will either be sleep or a sleepless night ;)

Taeyong: Taeyong isn’t very good with expressing himself in romantic situations, but I have a feeling that he’ll be EXTREMELY expressive during pillow talk. He will say all the cheesy stuff which rotate in his mind the entire day, how he wants to kiss you in front of the members when they playfully flirt with you, how he wants to kiss off the coffee froth of your lips, or just lick ‘em off. Again, when he’s turned on, he will spoon you, whisper all his fantasies and what he wants to do for the night in your ear, as he nibbles there and starts kissing along the side of your neck, his hand creeping up from your waist, through the valley between you… OK I NEED TO STOP.

So… I think he will hug your side as he buries his face in the crook of your neck. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wear a sleeveless shirt or t-shirt because he will get frustrated if he can’t bite your shoulders and just tear your shirt off. Now, on the serious note, he looks like a very wise person. He will talk about things that worry him, also release all his pent-up frustrations by biting. He will address the things that worry him, and when you get bored of his serious discussions, he will get fiercely romantic and blow you away with wits and romances combined. He kinda seems like the romantic Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan to me, idk why. So yeah, I can definitely imagine real mushy stuff eliciting his beautiful, soothing smile.

Kun: He is the type of person who will say the dirtiest fantasies with the most innocent smile. When you stare at him with wide eyes or squirm a little, he will laugh at you maintaining the same innocent smile. When you pout and face away from him, he will move closer to you, and kiss your neck to let you know that if you act any cuter, you’re not getting sleep easy. He will be a very low-key mischievous person in bed, and if you end up saying something embarrassing, he will tease you about it in front of others the next day with the most innocent smile possible.

Doyoung: He will talk a lot. What he thinks of you, what he wants the future to offer, how he views you, how you inspire him and make him feel loved when the rest of the world teases the shit out of him, and WHATNOT! 
Okay okay, but apart from that he will sing you romantic songs, and talk about how he wants to be with you while recording, in backstage, and how much he thinks of you. He will whine about being teased by the members repeatedly to, and ask you if he really looks like a bunny. If you say no, he will hug you closer and drift off to sleep. If you say yes, he will show how ferociously a bunny can hump. 

He will keep on smiling greasily at you and say awkwardly mushy stuff, and when you throw him a ‘look’, he will bite on the tip of his tongue and say ‘Sorry’ in that oh-so-adorable-voice-and-accent! He will take your hand and wrap it around his body, and hold your face as he kisses you. He will kiss the tip of your nose, smiling the entire time because he knows you love it. However, if he gets turned on somehow, there will be such deepness in his yes and his face will be so solemn you’ll have a hard time understanding if it’s his smile that melts you the most or his *turned-on* solemn expression.

Jaehyun: This romantic asshole will have you beneath his hold. His one hand will be propping him up, while the other cages you just beneath his gaze. He will tell you what he wanted to do to you in the practice room, in the dinner table, while showering, and while you were cooking and doing dishes for him and his members. He will excuse the boner he got on stage with ‘I was thinking of you, y/n.’ When you try to hide your flushed face, he will take your hands, hold on to them firmly, and say, “Don’t you dare, y/n.”, his voice menacingly, low-key dangerous and loving at the same time.

Winwin: Okay… this baby will be so adorable that you will just end up kissing his entire face. He will say verrry romantic and mushy things in Chinese, or the language you don’t know out of the three, and when you stare at his face with confusion spurring your mind, he will just hide his face in the pillow and wait for you to grab and kiss him. He will talk about how he missed dancing Chinese ethnic dances, and his family. He will also talk about all the gifts and toys he got in the fansigning events, and the ones he wants to share with you.

Okayyy I hope you like it. Thanks for the request, anon ♥

dirty talk // yixing

request; could you do a yixing scenario where you take him to a family gathering or like a dinner of some sort and while you’re there he starts saying dirty things to you in chinese, none of your family can speak it but you learned it for him, and yeah it doesn’t have to be smut just implying obvi loskajsjd

warning - some dirty talk lmao but I’m sure none of you will even care

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You were currently sat beside your boyfriend of two years around a table crowded by your whole family. It was tradition, once every year, the whole family would meet and have dinner together, catch up and just relax for a while.

Last year, your boyfriend had behaved. He sat and spoke when spoken to and was friendly towards everyone and only said nice things. This time? This time was a little different.

“You look so sexy, Y/N.” he was teasing you. Although he was speaking in Chinese and you knew no one would understand, you still glanced around the table to see no one was paying attention.

When you met Yixing, you decided to learn Chinese for his sake, and right now you were really regretting it as he kept making crude comments - right in front of your whole family.

“I want to touch you.”

You bit your lip silently as you passed the bowl of vegetables towards your cousin, ignoring him but that didn’t stop him.

“Do you want to touch me? I know you do. I know you love having your little hand around my c-”

“So! How’s school?” you cut Yixing off and turned to your cousin as they replied telling you school was good. That’s when Yixing put his hand on your thigh and squeezed it, causing you to squirm slightly.

“I want to be inside you. Deep inside you.”

You took a deep breath and tried to listen to something your mother was saying, however Yixing leaned into you and whispered, “I want to make you feel so good with my cock.”

“Y/N? Are you alright? You seem quite flustered.” Your eyes widened towards your mother as you tried to stutter out a sentence.

“I was just telling her she looked beautiful tonight, Mrs Y/L/N,” Yixing smiled, as the table let out a chorus of ‘aws.’

You shot your boyfriend a sly look as he smiled innocently back at you. The rest of the dinner continued like this, with him whispering dirty comments and you trying your best to ignore him.

Eventually, the night ended and you bid farewell to your family rather quickly before grabbing your boyfriends hand and leaving.

“Y/N?” he said innocently when you got out of the house.

“Tomorrow, I’ll be slightly peeved. But for now, I just want you so let’s go home.”

Biting his lip Yixing replied with, “you don’t have to tell me twice.”