Alright I have an important questions for those who purchased my charms?

EDIT: Forgot to mention, the smaller ones would be around 2/3 the size of the original intended size!

So as you may or may not have known, this is actually my first time making and selling charms. I did a lot of research and found a place to order my charms that I think the quality is very good! Originally I was going to have the charms with different front and back designs and worked out most everything. What I did not know at the time was that the place I was placing the orders has different finishes for the charms with additional costs. I wasn’t gonna bother UNTIL I ACTUALLY SAW THEM AND THEY’RE SO NICE I’ M GONNA THROW MYSELF OUT THE WINDOW.

ANYWAY. Now you guys come in cause this is up to you! The charms was supposed to be quite big, but I cannot afford the finish with that size. It’s up to you guys since you’re the ones who are gonna be stuck with my charms lol. So here’s my question!

Would you like a big charm, or would you like a smaller charm with a pretty finish?

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Happy Louis=Happy Me

Two posts have crossed my dash over the last day and both had similar sentiments that I really wanted to add to, but felt bad hijacking ….so I’ll make this separate and link you to their’s as well.

The first post by proudoflou

“I’ve been to lots of concerts last year and we’ve all seen him there-he didn’t look that happy, rarely interacted with the fans, he didn’t move/dance that much.  It felt like he did as little as he had to do, sang his parts but mainly interacted with Zayn, Liam and Niall and didn’t really care about much else during the shows”

The second post by larryappreciation

“look I’m just gonna say …Louis at the Otra Sydney show was withdrawn and almost unhappy looking on stage.  I was there and I mentioned it to people afterwards. You’re drawn in by his beauty and it didn’t really hit me until afterwards that he was so quiet and almost stilted on stage”

You should know that both posts move on to express how happy they are that Louis has seemed so happy during this new leg of the Otra tour and how much it has meant to them to see this transition where it feels almost as if we are starting to see the Louis from early days again.  The happy, bouncy, smiley, high energy Louis that many people (myself included) were initially drawn to.

And I just wanted to add that I have been feeling the exact same way and wanted to share a little bit from my show in Philly last summer.  I was sat row 2 B stage so they were literally directly in front of me for a large part of the show. The one part that Cass wrote about how you’re drawn in by his beauty is so accurate I can not even put it into words.  I have hundreds of pictures from the show (btw-this was the show where Harry Styles lost all the fucks he ever had to give and I will forever be grateful that I got a front row seat to watch this…moving on) and do you know how many pictures I have of Louis smiling?  I went back and looked through them just to be sure.  One.  And it’s not his big beautiful smile that I adore.  It’s more of a soft subdued smile.

I’m going to add some of my pictures to give you an idea of Louis’ demeanor during the show.  

I have so many more that I could add, but I feel like I’ve made my point.  Although to me, I didn’t necessarily think that he seemed as if he wasn’t invested, he did seem quiet and withdrawn…and a bit sad to be perfectly honest.  I was so jacked up on adrenaline after my show that I didn’t even process it…I couldn’t get over how beautiful he looked up close.  He was ethereal.  My concert report touched largely on all of the Harry and Lirry moments during the show (because there were so many) as well as the high energy from Liam, Niall and Harry.  I think most of my reviews of Louis and Zayn surrounded how beautiful they were and looking back, I can absolutely see that he was holding himself back.

That’s why I wanted to concur with the prior two posts about how very happy I am to see him smiling, engaging with the other members as well as the fans, and basically becoming himself again more freely.  It truly is overwhelming to think about.  I have a Happy Louis tag (when I remember to tag–sadly not often), but just as an example:





He’s happy.  He’s engaged.  He’s smiling and laughing and throwing water on people.  And he’s just being…..Louis.  And when I say that this is the biggest indicator to me that things are definitely changing for the better….this is exactly why.  Because he’s growing more comfortable being himself again on stage.  He’s happy.  And that means very much a lot to me.

Black nut at SMTM4 ep.1

He claimed himself Beenzino in the beginning by saying, “Hello, I’m Beenzino.” LOL

Translations of his rap:
(takes and throws Zico’s clipboard)
Who are you to judge me? (parody of Jessi lmao)
To be honest, you’re not even better than me
But when you’re holding that necklace in front of me,
things change. I’m begging you man (touches him LOL)
My name is Black Nut. Stupid people into hip-hop all know me.
But the audience are laughing at me, why is Yang Sanggook here? (he’s a comediannn)
Show me the money! PD, give me some money
After I rob this place, I’m gonna go on Dancing 9 and dance
Black Nut, no one can face me
Like my name, if anyone tries to fight me, they’ll get ruined (??? this part was censored so idk)


and after rapping, he said,   “I’m actually a calm guy who likes tea and flowers and loves books and plants.” and took his pants off once more when the camera guy asked how he felt :-)

and he passed!!!

I received a call from a potential new client.

Client:  We’d like our logo tweaked to refresh it.

Me: OK 

Client: I like the colours and the font we have. I like the icon and the positioning of the icon and the relation of the tagline to the company name is good too.

Me: What part of the logo do you currently not like?

Client: Oh there’s nothing about it I don’t like–and I don’t want any of those things changing either.

Me: So let me just get this straight. You are happy with the logo colours, the font, the icon and its positioning and you like the way the strapline sits with the logo.

Client: Yes.

Me: Which says to me that you are happy with the logo.

Client: Er yes I guess so… what other changes can you make though to refresh it?

Me: (silently swearing) Well we could possibly change the thickness of the strapline to make it stand out a bit more…

Client: No, I don’t think we would want that…but have a  play with it and if we like it then we will go ahead and pay.

I ended the call pretty quickly after that!

You came to me in a dream
and hung my body up
beside yours. Told me
you were rusting and I
only made it worse. 
Told me that I made 
the lonely seem like home.

You shouldn’t have told me that.
Why did you?
I watched my body turn to
face you. My hands felt cold.
My hands feel cold.
Everyone is always telling me
that my hands are always cold.

My body turned to face you 
and I turned to face my body.
(Why am I always writing 
about my body like it is not me?)
My mouth cracked open in
a smile and inside there was
a drought. You didn’t notice.

You took my hands and told me
they were cold.

I know. I know.

—  Week 25 of 52 - MISSED CONNECTIONS by Darshana Suresh

Just think about it.

(anti-ss, anti-gaiden, anti-sns post)

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This creature is sO FRICKIN CUTE yet I still have no idea what to call it auughaugh