Convalescence Pt.12

Thanks for following me on this journey. This was my first time writing a two parter so i hope you guys really enjoyed it. As always, lots of constructive criticism and compliments are welcomed.

Monday 18th July 2017.

“Follow my finger.”

“Oh god it’s brain cancer, isn’t it,” the patient exclaimed, panicking as Amelia assessed her, “I have brain cancer.”

Sighing and slowly rolling her eyes as subtly as possible, Amelia announced, “You don’t have brain cancer. You have a concussion.”

The woman furrowed her eyebrows. “Wh-what?”

“A mild one, too.” She pulled out her pad and wrote her a prescription. “There’s a pharmacy right across the street. Have a nice day.”

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Legionella (?)

Three and a half months after Convalescence…

“I don’t have legionnaire’s disease,” she complained as he tightened the tourniquet around her upper arm.

“I didn’t know you were a 100% fool proof blood test,” Owen coyly replied as he flicked his finger against the veins in her arm.

“I haven’t even bathed or washed my hands in the hospital for the last two days,” she groaned, “I haven’t even been here for the last two days.”

“Then how would you explain your recent coughing, nausea and vomiting?” he further pursued, “Those are about three of the symptoms for legionella.”

Gasping and pretending to be shocked, Amelia replied in a sarcastic tone, “Oh my god, you’re right. But…what if it’s just the common cold? Or what if I’m pregnant? Or what if I have a rare tropical disease? How will we ever know?”

“Firstly, you having the common cold the same time there’s a legionella outbreak is way too convenient,” he began, destroying her hypotheses one by one, “Secondly, we haven’t even been trying for a baby, so it’s unlikely that you’re pregnant. And thirdly, you need to have recently gone to a tropical country to get a tropical disease.” Owen rolled his eyes and smiled as he wiped her arm with alcohol. “If everybody else has to take the test, so do you. Those are the rules; no exceptions.”

“You clearly missed the sarcasm in my-ow!” she whined as he pulled her blood, “You are terrible at taking blood.”

“I didn’t miss your sarcasm, I ignored it,” he said, pulling the needle out and replacing it with some cotton, “But I’d definitely welcome the idea that you’re carrying another me inside you.”

“If it’s anything like Rosie, I don’t want it,” she said, replacing his fingers in keeping pressure on the cotton on her arm. Amelia loved her daughter unconditionally, but the girl knew how to get under her skin.

Owen shook his head and chuckled, dispelling her blood in a purple top vial. “I’ll get your results rushed but you should go rest somewhere in the meantime. I’ll page you if you’re dying of a rare disease.”

“How reassuring,” she mused as he stood up and left.

As he made his way to the medical laboratory, Owen’s mind ran rampant with thoughts and doubts about Amelia’s diagnosis. Although they had visited Barbados, her symptoms would’ve shown sooner if it was a tropical disease and not 2 months later. And they hadn’t been actively trying for a baby for over a month now. Legionella was the most obvious diagnosis, as unfortunate as it was.

“Dr. Hunt,” the lab tech greeted Owen, “Legionella test too?”

“Uh, yeah,” Owen said, looking at the vial in his hand.

“It’s legionella, it can’t be anything else,” he tried to convince himself.

“Dr. Hunt?” the tech called, trying to pull him out of his thoughts, “I need you to give me the blood to take the test.”

“Her nausea, headaches and coughing all point towards it,” he thought.

He handed the lab tech the vial. “Do a blood beta-hCG test instead.”

The man furrowed his eyebrows. “Uh, are you sure?”

Owen hesitated for a moment. He was lying to Amelia and wasting her blood on a non-urgent test. Worse yet, if it was negative, he’d have to lie and get more blood from her and test for the disease she’d more likely have. She’d skin him alive if she found out what he was about to…

“I’m sure,” he nodded, taking a deep, staggering breath, “Run the test.”

“Very well then, doctor.”

After spending half an hour looking around the hospital for Amelia, and eventually having a nurse tell him she arrogantly went home, Owen came home that night with his heart racing.

“Amelia?” he called with an edge in his voice as he opened the door.

“In the kitchen,” she said, fishing in the fridge for something to eat.

“Why did you go home?” he chastised as he made his way into the kitchen, “You could’ve spread your possible legionella to the kids.”

“So then I don’t have legionella?” she sought to confirm, spraying canned cheese on an apple slice as he approached her.

“Ew, don’t eat that,” he quickly said, taking the apple slice away from her before she could get a bite.

“There better be a good reason why you took that away from me,” Amelia grumbled, folding her arms across her chest.

Owen set the snack down and looked at her with a big, cheesy grin.

“What, Owen?” she huffed, becoming increasingly confused and annoyed by his behaviour, “Just spit it out. Do I have legionella or not?”

“I didn’t get the legionella test,” he said, barely giving her enough information to understand what kind of conversation they were having.

“What?” she exclaimed, “Well then what did you do with my blood?”

“I got a blood beta-hCG test,” he announced giddily, holding the paper up in the air.

“So instead of finding out if I have a contagious and potentially fatal disease…” she clarified.

“Amelia, look at the paper.”

“…you used my blood to get a non-emergent pregnancy test…”

“Look at the paper,” he tried again.

“…and now we’ll have to go back to the hospital so I can get another-“

“Amelia!” he said a little louder, stopping her rant mid-sentence. He held the paper closer to her eyes. “Look at the paper.”

Sighing, she gave him a death glare before she took the paper from him and read the results. 6,190 mIU/ml popped out at her; she didn’t even read the base values or the rest of results. All she saw was those numbers.

With now widened eyes, Amelia looked back at Owen. “Is this…?”

He nodded.

Pointing to herself, she asked, “Am I…?”

He nodded again, his eyes glistened. “You are.”

She grinned, her eyes watering as she looked at the paper again. “This better not be a joke, Owen.”

“No joke,” he confirmed, his heart warmed at the sight of her shock and happiness; rewarding was an understatement. “I definitely knocked you up this time.”

“We’re having a baby,” she said aloud, to make it true.

“We’re having a baby,” he sang softly, picking her up and spinning her around, causing her to squeal.

“We’re having a baby,” she sang with him, giggling.

“Why are you guys singing and jumping and crying?” Ryan asked as he entered the kitchen and rubbed his eyes, finding Owen and Amelia jumping up and down in a circle. Rosie stood behind him in pyjamas like him, just as curious at her parents’ sudden outburst of singing and screaming. The two adults froze and stared at them, their cheeks red with embarrassment.

“Um,” Owen tried, wiping his eyes and clearing his throat, “Well…”

“I’m pregnant,” Amelia blurted out to the five year old.

Ryan looked between the two suspiciously. “Like, actually pregnant?”

Amelia nodded.

“Finally,” the little boy sighed, rolling his eyes. Amelia and Owen laughed at his response. “A boy would be nice. A girl too, I guess, once she’s not like her.” He subtly tried pointing at Rosie, and Amelia chuckled.

“No promises,” she told him.

“Yay!” Rosie squealed, unsure of what pregnant meant. All she knew was that it had to be something good, because everyone looked happy.

“I’m going back to sleep,” Ryan announced, already bored with their behaviour, “A little less singing, please.” He took Rosie’s hand and led her back upstairs to her bedroom.

Once the two children left the room, Amelia snaked her hands around Owen’s neck and kissed him. As she undid the buttons on his shirt one by one, she whispered, “Celebration time.”

“Right here?” he sought to confirm, shrugging his dress shirt off, “What about…”

“They’re upstairs and sleepy,” she dismissed, letting him pull her black jersey over her head, “They won’t hear us once you don’t moan.”

“You say that like it’s easy,” he said, lifting her onto the kitchen island before tugging her pants off of her.

“Where’s the fun in playing safe?” she taunted him, wrapping her legs around his waist and pulling him close. Her fingers laced in his hair and tugged on it as she waited for his response.

“I like the sound of that,” he hummed, unbuttoning his pants.