Convalescence Pt.12

Thanks for following me on this journey. This was my first time writing a two parter so i hope you guys really enjoyed it. As always, lots of constructive criticism and compliments are welcomed.

Monday 18th July 2017.

“Follow my finger.”

“Oh god it’s brain cancer, isn’t it,” the patient exclaimed, panicking as Amelia assessed her, “I have brain cancer.”

Sighing and slowly rolling her eyes as subtly as possible, Amelia announced, “You don’t have brain cancer. You have a concussion.”

The woman furrowed her eyebrows. “Wh-what?”

“A mild one, too.” She pulled out her pad and wrote her a prescription. “There’s a pharmacy right across the street. Have a nice day.”

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I swear, no matter what I do I still end up fucking up my relationships and friendships with other people.
—  Why the hell do they keep giving me more chances?….I wouldn’t.
Convalescence Pt.10

“Ah ha, I was right,” Amelia said as she looked through the chart, “The bladder numbness, the pins and needles, it all points to inflammation. Did you do the MRI?”

“Yeah, I’ll go get it now,” Derek told her, leaving her alone at the front desk with the chart. As Amelia pondered over the rest of the information in the chart, someone slowly neared her, looking over her shoulder.

“Whatcha looking at?” the guy, donned in navy blue scrubs, asked.

Amelia looked up at him, noticing his icy blues first, then his five o’clock shadow, before lastly admiring his hair. He was remarkably attractive, to say the least. Not to mention his accent was charming. “A patient chart.”

The guy looked down at her with a far too cocky smile. “Patient charts are for doctors, not patients with a walking stick and pretty blue eyes.”

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Convalescence Pt.6

Tuesday 28th June 2017.

“Why do we have to have separate sessions?” Owen asked as he sat down with Tim alone in his office.

“Sometimes, there are certain things that we feel we cannot say because the person we’re trying not to hurt is in the room too,” Tim answered simply, pulling out the notes he took from the last session, “Now, how did the exercise go?”

Owen smirked. “We kissed on Sunday.”

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