Very extremely always true things about the signs
  • Aries:says things that make no sense to even them sometimes
  • Taurus:really doesn't like being wrong
  • Gemini:is incapable of hiding their dislike for someone
  • Cancer:extremely nice and supportive friend that you should always listen to
  • Leo:makes a lot of stupid decisions and then realized they should've listened to their friend
  • Virgo:very good at talking. Like ??? Even on the phone ???
  • Libra:holy shit they're so friendly always
  • Scorpio:there isn't one that exists that isn't intimidating as shit
  • Sagittarius:not graceful. Like incapable of being graceful.
  • Capricorn:good to talk to because their reactions to stories are perfect
  • Aquarius:smooth as fuccccccc
  • Pisces:always had the cutest smiles

I gotchu covered anon


*Pukes out entry* So this is a person. I imagine she loves music (I mean you can probably tell?) Also pastels are awesome. If there are raves in always human (I assume they are like super insane at that point) I think she absolutely LOVES to dance with her clothes and tattoos glowing. She’s super hyper all the time, and they only time her friends really see her calm and relaxed is when she is playing her music. She would probably play something to the tune of a tech-awesome piano. When she first started playing her instrument for money she saved it all for buying her ears. She’s also super asexual and aromantic, but her friends are the most important thing to her.

that moment when a random kid's life suddenly owns yours: a gif story post

this all was too insanely cute not to gif.

So, I think we all know how this story begins. I just wonder what they’re talking about.

If that isn’t amazing enough, the kid gets to FIST BUMP with Mariano:

The father (or so I assume) nearly gifbombs this with his extended arm, but I can’t blame him.  You’d be excited too if Mariano took your own kid under his grace for a moment.  In fact, this part might be my favorite:

I just love how you can make out “Hall of famer!” so we all get the point he’s trying to make.

And can we briefly go back to that kid’s smile after he was done talking to Mariano Rivera?


This is like the ultimate trump card.  Seriously.  You can do many awesome things in life, but this kid will be able to say, “I talked to Mariano Rivera at Wrigley Field, and we fist bumped."  This probably can’t be topped - it would only lose to someone who, what asked what awesome moment they had in life, answered, "Hi, my name is Mariano Rivera.”