omg listen wouldn’t the gladers playing pokemon go actually be the funniest and best thing ever like okay HEAR ME OUT

  • minho and thomas waking newt up in the middle of the night just to ask him if he wants to head out and play pokemon go
  • newt groaning when he sees his best friends in FULL POKEMON GEAR (“Bloody Christ, what are you assheads wearing?” “We got these t-shirts online! Cool, huh?”)
  • MINHO AND THOMAS ALWAYS RUNNING TOWARDS POKEMONS and like the rest of the gladers can’t fuckin keep up (“GUYS, THERE’S A RAICHU OVER THERE HOLY SHIT LET’S GO.” “Slow the fuck down!”)
  • newt spending 50% of his time trying to download pokemon go on his phone because honestly how the fuck do u technology
  • minho being all smug and wearing sunglasses in the dark bc he’s the first one to catch a rare pokemon among his friends
  • thomas staring down at his phone at all times and never looking where he’s going which ALWAYS result in him tripping over small rocks 
  • gally ramming past people to catch that smol chubby jigglypuff he’s always wanted since the beginning tbh
  • jeff and winston always having to tag along with medical supplies bc their idiots for friends (ahem thomas) never look where they’re going and always need a bandaid or two