Remember that line up I posted not too long ago?

Well, here’s the first post for one of the projects I’ve been working on.

the Boneheads done up in the style of Mystery Skulls animated!

This was actually something I wanted to do for awhile, but never found the time to get around to it. So starting things off, we have Manolo!

I wanted to start with Manolo partly cause him and Lewis seem kind of similar in body shape to me (broad shoulders, legs for days, etc.) It allowed me to go of a design that was familiar, and then experiment as soon as I got everything where I wanted it to be. I think what I’m gonna stick with is the skull of the boneheads varying from one another, and the color of the heart acting as a compliment to the design (hence the reason why Manolo’s heart is kind of a greenish turquoise instead of yellow).

Sorry about the low quality gif. Photoshop wasn’t giving me the timing I was looking for, and I haven’t figured out how to get clean gifs from Flash yet.

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Okay so I met Gerard Way and let me tell you, this was probably the best moment of my life. It’s like one of those things you think didn’t happen but really did. I’ve been wanting to meet Gerard for years, I’ve looked up to him for a long time. He’s taught me that it’s okay to be fucked up, and I should embrace it. I couldn’t speak I was in so much shock that I’m meeting my hero. I eventually thanked him for all that he’s done for me and gave him a hug than he signed my poster that is now currently over my bed so whenever I’m upset I can just look up and know the reason I’m still here is because of him. After he left I couldn’t stop shaking and crying. That was one thing I wanted to do before I die was to meet him and tell him how much him and his music means to me, I can finally say I can die happily. Like I said before, one of the best moments of my life.

So I did some looking up

I can understand there’s some arguments regarding this novel, so I spent some time emailing back and forth with a Japanese connection that seemed a little too pleased with it to discuss it.

I actually feel kinda silly now for not seeing it sooner, so its no surprise JP SS shippers understood it right away.

This might have people bite my head off but read through it before going off.

First thing: the summary of the novel implied ‘hidden feelings’ and a 'result’. In the spoilers we’re shown that Sakura is constantly wondering about Sasuke and as the novel goes on, she even expresses concern over whether he cares about her or not which, though some people may argue, I find almost natural since there’s been a long stretch of time without any communication between them.

The 'hidden feelings’ are her doubts on whether her feelings are fully corresponded and the result is the following:

Sasuke initially not wanting to go on the mission, but dropping everything when told Sakura was in danger and then the ending with “I’m home, Sakura.”

Meaning: Sakura’s concerns were pointless because Sasuke answered/corresponded with actions. That he indeed cares about her, just as she does him.

Let’s face it, Sasuke is a complex character that doesn’t have much use for words. After so many years in darkness, he might now be very awkward in expressing his feelings without the negative weight of revenge holding him back. Though Sasuke may appear over confident, he’s actually more insecure than people would think.

So. My JP connection continues jokingly calling the novel “SasuSaku Hiden” because in her opinion and that of many others, the novel IS SasuSaku.

“He won’t use words to say 'I love you too’ he’d show it through his actions and then hide shyly. That’s Sasuke still searching for himself yet loving Sakura.”

I discussed some things further with her and got a better understanding of everything. Sakura is still learning things about Sasuke while Sasuke is still learning things about himself.

I don’t doubt that now that they’re married and have a child, he’s better and more verbally expressive about his feelings.

Lol. Pretty much, Sasuke has always corresponded Sakura’s feelings, she just needed a more pronounced proof and he gave it to her which is why the novel ended the way it did.

Now… I still won’t consider these novels canon until part 3 confirms some things like the hospital, etc., Once those are confirmed, then I’d be convinced that Kishi did indeed take time to add canon things he’d planned and gave these intended ideas to the author writing these novels. Until then, I’d still consider these novels fanservice.

Some things in the timelines still bug me, but whatever. We’d still have to wait till part 3 to fix or even mention any of this.

In conclusion: Japanese authors and Western authors have different styles and tropes used in their work. I’ve read translated works before and this 'answering with actions’ and wordless subtlety deal is actually common af in Japanese work. Though for the record, I’ve read more translated horror novels that shounen novels. *blushes*

While some people may throw a fit about me implying that Sakura expressed doubts at all… She was always constantly wondering about Sasuke. Her and Sasuke are like newborns at this since their relationship stopped being that of 'teammates’ in 699 with the forehead poke and the promise for the future.

Sasuke and her officially stopped being mere comrades in 699 and became potential lovers/couple in that ACTION iniciated by Sasuke himself.

I don’t think the strength of SasuSaku was ever in question.

Holycrap… ((0.0))

This really IS a powerful ship.


Now that I’ve had time to calm down, I’m posting my compilation and stories.

Sp00n and his girlfriend, Ali, got there long before the other guys. I was sitting on the steps, waiting for Gassy’s panel to start, when I spotted Ali’s super gorgeous blonde hair (not sure why that was the first thing I noticed, but it was), and my train of thought went, ‘Is that Ali? Is that - HOLY SHIT, THATS SP00N.’ So I got my picture with him and he signed my badge. I actually ended up spending a lot of time with them throughout the rest of the day, even sitting with Ali at Bashur’s panel.

The rest of the guys didn’t show up until about an hour before their panel. I was standing, talking to a few people I had met there, when I looked to the left and saw James coming down the escalator (I’m assuming the rest of the guys were with him, but in the moment he was the only one I saw), and I literally couldn’t breathe for a second. The guys were running around trying to get things ready, but I managed to stop Jordan for a second just to ask if they would be out after the panel, and he said they would.

The panel, of course, was hilarious. When it was over, everyone kind of rushed the stage. I stood in line but was pretty much standing in the same spot for a good 30 minutes. I was finally on the second step, nearly on the stage, close enough that I could see Sly, when a woman came out and said that we all had to leave. I was seriously close to tears - I had travelled 8 hours just to see them, and I was going to be devastated if I didn’t get to meet them. Sly said something to her, then he took the microphone and said, “Everyone meet us outside, we’ll take care of all you guys out there.”

So, we lined up outside. I waited for a while but I really didn’t care how long I had to wait, as long as I got to see them. Finally, the people in front of me finished talking to Sly and stepped aside.

I was so nervous, I had no idea what to do. I was just holding the minecraft sword I had brought, smiling like an idiot, too shy to do anything. Sly looked at me and he says, “I see you hiding over there! Get over here and give me a hug!” And he giggled that adorable Sly giggle of his and pulled me into the tightest hug, rocking us back and forth, like we were friends who hadn’t seen each other for a year. I had seen a girl kiss him on the cheek earlier, so when we let go I set down the sword and I said, “Did someone kiss you?” And he said “Yeah, I guess they did!” And I said “…Can I kiss you?” And he smiled and turned his head to the other side and I kissed him on the cheek. Then he turned and smiled at me, and I giggled like an idiot. He giggled again and pulled me into another hug. Then he signed my sword and I asked him if he would take a picture of us since my hands were shaking too badly, and he said sure. I asked if I looked okay, and he said “Yeah, you look really nice, actually!” Then he took the picture and handed me back my phone and sword and said, “There you go, princess!” I was pretty much dead.

Next, I meet Jordan. I was so overwhelmed from Sly that I kind of forgot to give him a hug (I’ll redeem myself at RTX!), but he signed the sword and I he leaned over the table and took a selfie with me. I told him about the book I wrote about him and his search for cocoa beans, and he leaned back and said, “Oh, no!” And made a truly gorgeous face.

Next was Aleks. I apparently went back to being extremely shy, because I just sat down my sword in front of him (really gently, for some reason) and smiled. He picked up the sword and kind of pretended to stab me with it like a dork, and I laughed. I asked him for a hug, and we leaned over the table. It ended up being very similar to an awkward first kiss in that our heads went to the same side and we kind of headbutted each other, and he said “Wow, that was a high velocity hug.” I asked him if I could come to the other side of the table for a proper hug and a picture and he said sure, but there was kind of a block of people so he said “I’ll just come to you.” So he came around the table, took our selfie, and gave me another hug.

I was beyond nervous to talk to James. I had been waiting around 4 years for this moment. It was kind of formal at first because I was just standing there. He signed my sword and said “Hey,” and then I asked if I could come over for a hug and stuff, so I did. But when I went over there I remembered that I wanted to show him and Aleks my phone background - a picture I saved from tumblr of the Marshall face over the windows field background that says 'follow your dreams’ (I can’t remember who posted it which is why I didn’t post the picture, but if it’s yours let me know and I’ll definitely credit you!). So I said “Hey James, Aleks, look at my phone background!” They looked, and the second Aleks saw it, he turned back around without a word, and I laughed my ass off. Then James said, “He’s not going to take a picture with you now,” and I said “That’s okay, I already got my picture.” So then I got my selfie with James, and then I finally got to hug him. And, because I’m a dumb, I said, “You’re like my best friend. Does that make me sound like a loser?” And he said “No!” So it was lovely.

Seamus was next. I went around for my selfies with him, and he absolutely could not take them. I was laughing so hard. Eventually, for the third one, I had to put my hand over his to position the phone for him. So I got to touch his hand and it was really great.

And finally, Dan. I gave him a huge hug and almost cried. He, on the other hand, is an expert at selfies, and I will cherish the selfies we took together for the rest of my life.

Those few minutes with the guys meant more to me than they’ll ever know. They really are my best friends. I feel happier than I have in years and like nothing can bring me down, and it’s all because of these 7 fuckin nerds.

There’s actually no such thing as an adult. That word is a placeholder. We never grow up. We’re not supposed to. We’re born and that’s it. We get bigger. We live through great storms. We get soaked to the bone. We realize we’re waterproof. We strive for calm. We discover what makes us feel good. We do those things over and over. We learn what doesn’t feel good. We avoid those things at all cost. Sometimes we come together: huge groups in agreement. Sometimes we clap and dance. Sometimes we look like a migration of birds. We need to remind ourselves—each other—that we’re mere breaths. But, and this is important, sometimes we can be magnificent, to one person, even for a short time, like the perfect touch—the first time you see the ocean from the middle. Like every time you see the low, full moon. We keep on eating: chewing, pretending we know what’s going on. The secret is that we don’t. We don’t, and don’t, and don’t. Each day we’re infants: plucking flower petals, full of wonder.
—  Micah Ling

I’ve got some pictures from you people on my birthday so why not share it? :3

#1 ask-etchasketch

simple but cute :). I like that heart in her leg holes. Nice touch.

#2 my-little-rainbow-time
I will admit, this one is scary xD

#3 askdaltoncity
huh she grow up a little here I guess :D

#4 fddragon

This guy put lots of work in this, and I appreciate that very much.

What is actually happening with this blog and why there was no update for a long time you may ask. Well first of… Remember my last job? Well I lost it and since then I’m looking for new one but I’m not happy with the offers. I wish I could just draw for living but it’s not that easy without having long time experience in this type of job (required thing to actually work in most of companies -.-) so I will probably have to count on some luck and I will have to take some shitty job just to have something while looking for something serious. The second thing is I simply cannot force myself to draw full comic recently. It always takes lots of my time (from 4-6 to even 12 hours) and worst of all I have that incoming Fluffle Puff guest comic so I can’t just draw anything that is not good at least.

Still there is no way I will abandon this blog, and all of you people especially when I achieved one very special number of followers, and crushing scouter and screaming was always one of my dreams :)

February on this blog is going to be Daily Paleo Art Month! Because doing dinosaurs all last July was so much fun I want to do this thing again.
 Every weekday for the rest of the month I’ll be posting a new image of something strange, obscure, or just plain interesting from the fossil record – only this time we’re staying firmly outside of the Avemetatarsalia (pterosaurs and dinosaurs/birds) to give some less famous critters the spotlight.

#1: Helicoprion

A cartilaginous fish from off the southwest coast of the ancient supercontinent Gondwana (and later Pangaea), Helicoprion first appeared in the late Carboniferous (310 million years ago) and survived up until just past the massive Permian-Triassic extinction (250mya). Despite looking rather shark-like and possibly reaching sizes of around 6m (20ft) long, it was actually closer related to the chimaeras.

For a long time, the only parts of this animal known were bizarre buzzsaw-like spiral whorls of teeth, since cartilage skeletons very rarely fossilize. The ideas for just where in the body this structure was positioned were ridiculously varied.

The most recent reconstruction is based on CT scans of a well-preserved fossil with jaw and skull elements, which showed the whorl taking up the whole lower jaw. It also turns out Helicoprion had no upper teeth at all. It’s thought to have used this arrangement to shred and crush up squid and other soft-bodied marine prey, but there’s still very little known about how such a unique type of teeth evolved in the first place.

He wasn’t ecstatic to see her, per say, especially with how things went last time they’d met – but she did look rather cute, Harry would admit. The country club uniform didn’t make her dull any, only gave her a chance to appear even brighter. A smile stretching at her lips, blindingly happy as she makes way towards them. Harry can already see the look in Niall’s eyes, and hopes it doesn’t stay around long. He actually wants a game today – surprisingly – and Niall being distracted by a sickeningly sweet caddy would not fulfill that wish.

“So, I’ve never really done this before,” Y/N admits, stepping up to Harry, “Like, do I carry the ball hitters?”

“Ball hitters,” Harry repeats unamused, “You do. Where are they?”

Y/N looks at him confused, “I thought you had ‘em?”


Harry mistakes the twist in his belly for loathing

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[TRANS] Interview parts of D’SLOVE Documentary (2014)

[TRANS cr. mmvvip. -from D’SLOVE DVD Documentary, some bits and parts of Daesung’s interview. This is only a tiny part of 1hr long DVD! The whole thing will be subbed on bbvipchannel in the near future so please check when it’s up! :)]

Q: Things that changed within yourself since debut?

Daesung: Many things. I learned to accept myself and…. Speaking the truth to everyone and to have confidence.  That was actually last year (during first solo tour, D’scover, in 2013.) Until last year, I did not accept myself at all. I tried so hard to look good in the eyes of others. About my voice/throat condition and about myself, I was trying to show only the good sides of me. During the show, I sang off pitch for half of the time. It felt like I was stripped naked on stage. From that point of time, I came to think, “I don’t have to try so hard to wrap myself with only the good things.” I felt bad for the fans, but they kept supporting me all the way. I thought they would turn away from me…

This is why I began to speak honestly about myself. “I am this kind of person.” “Please understand me.” “I am a weak, normal young guy but I love to sing so I will continue to sing until I die. “ These are the things that I can say this year. So last year’s tour was a turning point.”

Q: How can you sing in a concert for 3 hours long?

Daesung: Honestly my throat isn’t in a good condition. My doctor keeps telling me from when I was a trainee that if I keep singing, I may lose my voice. That is why I don’t visit my doctor.  Hearing those things does not help at all. I already know that my throat isn’t strong and vocal chords do not recover once they are damaged.  If I get a surgery, I won’t be able to sing for few months. I don’t have that time. 

About my weak throat, I have talked about it to my fans.  I don’t want to disappoint them in the future so I tell the truth now.  I get off pitch when I sing. But I love to sing so I want to keep singing even I lose my voice. 

During last year’s tour (2013), I was in shock when I got off pitch. I think I showed that in my expressions.  Like… what should I do?! (laughs) The faces of CEO and the staffs appeared in my head and I felt very bad.  I reflected on last year’s tour while preparing for this year’s. I knew that the fans will come again this year and the venues will be bigger. It is not good as a singer to sing off pitch. I try my best but I do get off pitch at times. 

So I found a way.  I tell my vocal chords to “push the sound out!” When I just think that I can die any time, my voice comes out.  In that way, I can sing for long hours. Audiences are heated up and I am able to create the impressive atmosphere for hours.  I use that mind set to keep singing. 

Q: Ideal singer style?

Daesung: Honestly, my personality… I am not really an extrovert.  I don’t really like being loud. Of course I love having fun with others but I prefer being quiet.  When I am on stage, those personalities change.  I get surprised with myself every time actually.  If feels so strange that I am a completely different person while singing and talking on stage.  What makes me change is the audiences’ reactions.  I will continue to do my own music.  There are many singers these days who does flashy performances. But I can’t do that.  So I just want to bond with everyone, move on together and continue to make memories one by one.  I want to stay with everyone forever. Like Totoro :)

Q: What is the stage to you?

Daesung: Space with no gravity.  A place where no one can bother me; my own space.  On earth, there is always gravity.  But on stage, I am surprised that I can be a completely opposite person.  I show my ‘real’ side and the opposite side and I can do anything I want on stage.  In any state, the stage is… a space where I can create everything; my space. My world, My globe. 

you came early and
i was still getting ready.

my mascara was running,
and i wasn’t pretty yet.

my body decided
now was a good time to break down and cry in front of you
for the first time.

you came from my room
and held me on
my bathroom floor
while i lost track of time and thought
*who would want me
after seeing this*

laughing, you told me i was beautiful.

with watering eyes and
shaking fists
i looked up-
to see you smiling.

my heart dropped *oh god*

the things i would do
to see that smile everyday.

we stood up
and you grabbed the kohl,
you treated me as carefully as
your drawings.

how many times had i
imagined this?

your full attention,
the same you gave actual art,
on me.

with your face so close, i could
barely breathe.

you moved so i could
see myself,

all i saw was you.

•// a.u.

—  // rewind the clock because here i am one year later with running mascara on that same floor hoping to look up and see you smile again.

okay, holy shit, i loved this episode.

- almost everything took place outside. the inside-all-the-time episodes would be fine if they weren’t so frequent; paris is such a huge and vibrant place and there’s so much to explore, and we saw a ton of it this time!

- a new outdoor map! the zoo was fantastic, it really had the sense of being high up over paris on a warm, sunny day. for one of the first times i actually got that warm glow of recognising a beautiful part of the city which wasn’t just a touristy shot of the eiffel tower or the same part of street used over and over again. they also didn’t rely on their typical big landmarks this time, which i loved, because it helps paris stand on its own feet without all the touristy postcard images.

- adrien and marinette were balanced! it might have been a story centered around marinette (as per usual) but adrien had a huge part which wasn’t just standing around looking pretty.
alya and nino had enormous parts too, which was fantastic since we haven’t seen a whole lot of them in the series so far, and especially because we got to see more of how nino and adrien work as a duo! we knew a little bit before, but not as much as we knew about marinette and alya.

- CHARACTER. DEVELOPMENT. HOLY SHIT, IT’S BEEN SO LONG. i also wasn’t the biggest fan of the nino/alya concept (tho i think that’s just skewed by my personal shipping preferences), but by the end even i was convinced! i don’t like the cop-out idea of nino having a crush on marinette just because everyone seems to (chat noir, nathanaël, nino, théo… give the girl a break omg that is way too many ‘crushing on the main character’ plot devices for one season), but he got over it pretty quickly so maybe he was just having a weird day.
we saw adrien being a lil shit when it came to getting nino what he wanted, and nino having the same dynamic as marinette with alya where he trusts adrien enough to go along with whatever. WE ALSO SEE THE DUPAIN-CHENGS INTERACTING WITH LADYBUG (with the bakery as a safehouse; will this reoccur???), plus chat noir having a subtle attachment to marinette, which has actually become a running theme now. kim and max were 100% on a zoo date and you can’t convince me that wasn’t it.
also, like the last few episodes, it’s been great that marinette’s interactions with adrien are no longer totally based around her freaking out all over the place! i can’t be sure if that’s actual development or just changes in writing staff since as far as i know the episodes still aren’t supposed to be linear, but i can still appreciate it!

- throwbacks to ladybug scooting chat noir away from her with a gentle tap to his nose/forehead/chest, and new habits of scratching him under the chin!!! also a rehash of how utterly terrified chat noir is of losing ladybug, and a new take on their traditional “bien jouer!” fistbump at the end. goddamn, ladybug, that boy loves you so much. HE WAS GONNA FIGHT A DINOSAUR FOR YOU, LADYBUG.

- THE AKUMA WASN’T DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE KIDS. that’s my biggest pet peeve besides the “indoors all the time” episodes; the fact that papillon has all of paris to infect (without knowing where the superheroes are; he has no idea) and yet somehow he always gets people very close to marinette and adrien. i loved that this guy was just a passionate zookeeper who got pissed off by a stupid teenager; it’s so much more likely a situation and spreads the bubble of akuma activity back out to all over paris instead of just magnetised to people marinette and adrien know.

- on top of that, it’s one of only a handful of times we’ve seen ladybug stick around to make sure a cured victim is okay. she did it with théo, roger and alix too, but with a different villain every week it’s good to see her do a little more damage control than just her magical cleanup power!


- also, new powers for chat noir!!! he has tracking devices now and the ears on his costume are actually functional, which was something i’d wondered about (and tentatively headcanoned, so hooray)! that brings him further up to ladybug’s level; he might not be able to capture akuma (as far as we know) or have a magical weapon roulette, but he’s got a lot of gadgets and super-hearing to go with his night vision. he also ran a lot on all fours, which is an element of his character i adore but haven’t seen in the show very often!

basically, i’m just totally in love with how widespread and complex this episode was compared to the usual standard. the plot made sense, the romance aspect was a little bit weirdly done but it still worked, characters actually developed, there were throwbacks to previous episodes, and i really hope the rest of the show is going to continue on this note! season 1 is supposed to be entirely filler so i expect the quality will go down again, but at least we know the show is capable of episodes like this! 

It’s happy birthday time for my dear baby webcomic “Stand Still. Stay Silent.” (click this link to read it if you want to ^_^). November 1st 2013 was when I posted the very first page, 12 months later and just a hair over 200 pages are up and there’s SO many more to come in the years ahead. The journey’s just starting out, after all.

If I’m able to draw ~200 pages next year too (I don’t see why not, I’m feeling good and ambitious) we’ll probably be well into the juicy parts of the adventure by anniversary number 2. Actually next chapter is already one that I’ve been itching to get to for so long, it’ll be a ton of fun! Or “fun”, depending how you want to look at things. ;P

Thank you all for reading my little comic. I’m really glad and honored to be able to do this full time, and it’s all thanks to you readers. Years ago when SSSS was still just a distant fantasy I didn’t even entertain the thought of so many people enjoying it, and I definitely didn’t think I would be able to do this thing I love as my job. Really, I can’t thank you guys enough. See you on Monday with the new page!

This had been the third time he walked by. The same long limbs, broad shoulders, cobalt blue eyes and tuff of blonde hair poking out from under a beanie. You didn’t notice him right away the first time; the constant flow of passing people becoming something that you grew used to. Maybe having your seat directly in front of the washrooms wasn’t the best thing, but it sure as hell was the cheapest thing that you could afford. It was last minute, but it was the first (and the cheapest) flight you had found.

The first time you noticed him was when he stumbled on the pathway, making his way to the vacant washrooms. The sudden movement making you look up, seeing a guy tripping over his own limbs. He quickly regained posture, looking around slightly embarrassed to see if anyone had saw. He caught you looking at him, and you gave him a small half smile and a shrug, before looking away.

The second time he walked by, you had actually miraculously managed to doze off. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that deep of a sleep but you were still happy that you had somehow found some rest. What got you out of your light sleep was the feeling off something being placed on your legs. No matter how gentle he tried to be, it had woken you up. Apparently your hoodie had fallen on the floor, edging into the isle and he had picked it up. He grinned at you when he saw you stir and open your eyes, immediately apologizing for having woken you up.

Assuring him that it was fine, you thanked him and watch as he bent down to squeeze into the small airplane door. When he walked past you again to get back to his seat, he apologized one last time before turning away, not giving you a chance to respond.

Now it was the third time. The last time you had seen him was maybe about an hour ago, and you were starting to think that maybe this guy had a really small bladder. So the third time, there was a line up for the bathroom. He was standing just in front of your seat, and you simply watched him from your peripheral. He would sneak glances at you every once and a while, briefly looking out one of the small windows before turning his attention back to you once more.

Now you thought that you were pretty lucky. First, you managed to get a seat on this last minute flight. Then, the person assigned to sit next to you actually never showed up, leaving you basically for two seats for yourself. Maybe they were supposedly the worst seats, but hey, you had two. And so far, in this long flight, it had been fairly smooth.

You hated it when the plane so much as shook, even when it turned it made you paranoid that something was going wrong. But so far, the takeoff was good, and there hadn’t been one bit of turbulence. Now mind you, it had only been a few hours into a very long flight. So maybe you spoke too soon, because that’s when the first bit of turbulence hit.

The people standing in line for the washroom shook, all fidgeting as they reached to grab onto the nearest thing they could. It was instinct. So just like that, instinct kicked in and so when the plane shook, your hand reached out to grab the arm of someone who had clutched onto your armrest, their instinct kicking in as well.

You looked up, realizing that it was the guy of three times. The guy who had went to the washroom three times in only a couple hours. You quickly let go, now your turn to apologize as you even tried to fight off the blush that you could feel forming on your cheeks. “Sorry,” You muttered, briefly averting your eyes from his gaze for a brief second. “I thought you were going to fall.”

The guy only grinned down at you, hand moving from your armrest to the headrest of the seat in front of yours. “Don’t worry about it. I thought I was going to fall too.” He
confessed. “You mean like last time?” You smiled back, feeling at ease with his laid back personality. Now it was his turn to look away sheepishly. “Yeah actually, like last time.”

As if on cue, the plane shook again making the guy once again, almost fall over. Making a snap decision, you unbuckled your belt and moved over into the empty seat next to you. You patted the seat which you had just left, looking up at the guy.

“You can sit if you want. To wait out the turbulence.” You added after hoping you didn’t sound too weird. “Is there someone else sitting there?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. Even at the unanswered question and his uncertainty, he moved around the arm rest and sat down. “Nope,” You shook your head. “They never showed up. So lucky
for me, I get two seats.”

“And you’re willing to share?” He asked, faked exaggeration making you giggle. “I’m honoured.” He smiled as he patted his chest. “Miss…?” He trailed off, and at first you thought that he was looking for his words but you soon realized he was asking for you name. “Oh!” You exclaimed, feeling silly for not realizing. “Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N.” You said, laughing silently at your own mistakes. You put out your and, wordlessly asking him to shake it. “And you are?”

His much larger hand grabbed yours, giving you a small shake and a toothy smile. “I’m Luke.”

Lessons Learned (You Didn’t See Anything) || OPEN

It didn’t take long to get cornered the first time, nor any time after that. Despite how similar things were to last year there hadn’t been anything beyond just beatings and spells. That, perhaps, could be counted as a blessing for now, despite the steadily increasing intensity in which they were carried out. This one left him as bloody as before, bruised and with a few broken ribs and likely a broken nose.

JJ let himself sit up, using the wall behind him to actually keep him upright as he tenderly touched his ribs with a wince. His head was foggy from the pain, but in a bit he could work up the willpower and concentration to cast some healing spells, he just needed to pray nobody was going to walk by. 

Just as he was readying a spell, the sound of footsteps echoed from in front of him and brought his eyes open as he looked up with a slight bit of fear at whomever stood before him. What in the hell was he going to say to explain this one away? “H-Hey…” He started, lamely as always, “This isn’t– Y-You should just… keep w-walking.”



a long long time ago in a galaxy not so far if you take a left, i took the above screenshot because i walked up to dr. alphys and talked to her, while her world sprite looked fine her dialogue sprite didn’t, and I thought of the below image almost immediately.

For the first time drawing Alphys I think I did pretty well actually :D

Frisk doesn’t have a nose in this one because I wanted to draw them closer to the in-game sprite rather than the one I drew a while ago where they have a little nose. Helped with the smoochy lips, the nose would’ve gotten in the way.


The First Step

Hi guys, I am here to reveal a secret that I have kept for a long time. I’ve owned this blog under a fake female name for quite a while, but I’m actually a 17 year old boy in California. I hid from the world because I was insecure, but I think now it is time for me to be braver and stop hiding. For my entire life, I always identified with things that are typically deemed feminine. My friends are mostly girls, and I find joy in helping my friends choose their outfits and do their make up. I’m always happier and more comfortable as a “girl”, I love to go out with my friends in cute outfits and with make up on. Fortunately, I have great friends and I’ve always naturally looked kinda like a girl, so I am able to be as happy as I want as long as I’m out of my town where people don’t know me. But without my friends, I am never really myself in the real world, and this blog was the only place I could express my true self without being subject to others’ judgment, without being bullied or made fun of. I’m giving up that privilege today, because I believe it is wrong to deny myself further. I decided to be more true to myself, although I’m terrified that I will lose followers and receive a lot of hate and might not be able to continue doing what I love.

This blog is the first step in my process of being more open and confident about myself. I’m worried about my future because I’ll eventually have to depart to an environment surrounded by new people who don’t know me like my friends, so I’m trying to gradually get out of my comfort zone, starting from tumblr. I would love to talk and interact with people I don’t know on tumblr because I think that will make me feel tremendously confident and help me in real life. So please talk to me, hit me up in the ask box, reblog this post so I can meet new people, and just let me get to know y’all <3 <3

I apologize for being dishonest until now about my identity, and I also apologize to myself for denying who I really am. xx

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Don’t even try to tell me Ford couldn’t find Stanley during the ten year gap. First of all Stanley was still living around Glass Shard Beach for an unknown amount of time (it had to at least be a few months since he had time to start and give up on treasure hunting, get a job in sales, sell a bunch of stuff and get a mob against him.) He was living out of a car Ford must have recognized, by the beach that Ford knew like the back of his hand, and he appeared on television. After he was run out of New Jersey Stanley was undoubtedly harder to find but the thing is Ford did find him, once he needed Stanley for something that benefited Ford. We don’t know if finding him was easy or hard, or how long it took, but the bare fact of the matter is that the first time Ford bothered looking hard enough to actually find Stanley (or more likely, bothered looking at all,) was when he wanted a favor from him. I need Ford to acknowledge and feel guilt about this more than I need food or water.

The one thing about the Gravity Falls fandom that annoys me is this:


Ok, like – not at all. Let’s say it again: Stanley is not the stupid twin, any more than Mabel is the stupid twin. (for the record, there IS no stupid twin, ok)

If anything, he’s actually far more clever than Stanford is, as long as we’re not talking about math or the theory of relativity. Look at the flashbacks where we see Stan taking people to the then-Murder-Hut for the first time. Even when they get mad and just about leave, he’s canny enough to turn the situation around and instead people literally throw their money at him and his bogus shack.

And it’s not like it was a one-time deal. Apparently, he’s managed to keep the Shack up and running for quite a while. He knows what makes people tick, and while he may use that in a somewhat manipulative manner when it comes to getting people to open their wallets, he’s still really good at what he does.

Bottom line: Grunkle Stan is clever and sly and smart and canny and I can’t wait for the twins and Ford to realize this as well.

Side note – I would love it if the culmination of the season and eventually defeating Bill was the four of them using their unique takes on things (a la Irrational Treasure and Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons) to defeat the Big Bad together.