why plagg’s grumpy ass is good for adrien

so when i first started watching ML, I was lowkey pissed about the fact that Adrien got the asshole kwami

like, don’t get me wrong, i love Tikki with Marinette… but poor Adrien has such a shitty life that honestly he doesn’t need some rude grumpy cat spirit fucking things up for him further

like why couldn’t my sad cat son have a positive, supportive kwami like Tikki?

i was salty

but recently… i’ve realized that Plagg is actually perfect for Adrien

think about it. plagg consistently does 2 things:

1. piss adrien off

2. break the rules

you may thnk that these are not good!!! but ur wrong

think about it: adrien is the Perfect Son. he’s a model. he’s gotta smile allllll the time and be perfectly polite and constantly impress important people. he’s not allowed to express anger at his father or nathalie because they’ll just make his life more hellish. he’s literally forced to constantly be calm, cool, collected, AND charming. adrien is literally not ALLOWED to be angry

so what does plagg do? make him angry. plagg helps adrien stop repressing all his emotions. he makes himself a convenient target for adrien to express his frustration towards. he gives adrien an outlet for all of his irritation. and in doing so, he lowkey reaffirms that it’s okay for adrien to be angry. plagg is like the one person adrien can actually get away with being angry at, and plagg delights in it. it AMUSES him to see adrien angry. it’s actually a really healthy way for adrien to get out his frustrations, as clearly plagg isn’t hurt or offended when adrien gets pissed at him

additionally, adrien is clearly the type of dude who doesn’t break the rules. ever. like, the day that he snuck off to school was probably the first time he had ever actually done something he wasn’t supposed to. he’s been trained his entire life to be obedient, and there’s a 95% chance he has a complex about breaking the rules. he probably has a heart attack every time he even thinks about stepping out of line as his civilian self. so what does plagg do? break the rules and get him in trouble

plagg helps show adrien that some rules are stupid and ought to be broken. he demonstrates that the world isn’t gonna end if adrien does something wrong. he helps adrien get comfortable with the idea of not being perfect and messing up sometimes. he pushes adrien to be a little bit less rigid and obedient, and a little more human and flawed

in his own grumpy way, plagg is showing adrien that it’s okay not to be perfect and allowing him to really be himself, not just the actual poster boy of a perfect son

tldr; plagg is actually lowkey helping adrien recover from years of psychological trauma

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In episode 4, after Hopper tells Joyce they've found Will's body and he gets in his Blazer he turns the car and then off. How long do you think he stayed outside the house?

Oh gosh, all through the night. He put his hat over his eyes not to sleep, but to better listen to any weird noises coming from inside the house. He popped pills from time to time, at the same time growing anxious and relieved that nothing seemed to be going on. He didn’t believe her, he couldn’t, monsters off walls and lights blinking yes or no? But just to be safe - for her to be safe - if something, anything happened at all, he’d be there. 

For her.

Just as she stayed up all night long, axe in hand, determined to not let her son think he was alone in wherever he could be. 

Hopper stayed outside Joyce’s house determined to not let her alone. 

Even if she never knew that.

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I know you may never see this, life is not great everyone in my year hates me cause I'm friends with this one person and when she's in a bad mood I say who does levi need to beat up now. it got me thinking if levi had a sister would her protect her?

I’m sorry to hear that you’re so down. I know that sounds like an empty phrase, but things will get better! Also I hope that person doesn’t really beat you up! 

But yes, if Levi had a sister he would take good care of her. in a very subtle way, but he’d be there for he all the time and support her. But he’d also see her as someone who he’s even with.

I hope your life gets better soon. I love you!

Honestly HOO would have been so much better if rick had decided to not be a creep and spend so much time writing a bunch of shit romance.. let kids be kids let them have crushes or w/e but there is no need for all the weird soul mate life partners whatever nonsense especially when the pairings are ‘mature 13 year old black girl + infantilized 15/16 year old asian boy’ and ‘ugly machismo latino jokester + manic pixie dream girl who’s been stranded on an island for centuries’ and 'Compulsory HeterosexualityTM/I lost my memory but this ancient goddess said we made out once so I guess we’re in love’ its racist and misogynistic and encourages inappropriate age gaps and blurred consent to the same audience that’s at the highest risk of being victimized by older kids or adults and the more I think about it the angrier i get and im sorry to put this in the ship tags but kids, you need to know that those relationships have issues and shouldn’t be idolized. None of these characters are bad people just victims of bad writing…

You know what boggles my mind?

From what I know (and ok, I’m going with fanfics here, I don’t know how it looks in canon, but headcanons are a thing) to wholly pass into the Force you need to know and accept yourself. Everything. Good, bad, in-betweens, things you don’t like about yourself.

And Obi-Wan - whose life was a complete nightmare - did it. He looked at Naboo, at Clone Wars, at Mustafar - and he accepted it.

I mean. What sort of strength person need to have to do something like that?

Boy In Need

Pairings: None

Characters: Human!Castiel, unknown woman, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Dean Winchester (mentioned)

Summary: Castiel has to deal with becoming human. He has a hard time understanding human needs and emotions. 

Warnings: Angst, feeling alone, slight self-loath, maybe more insercurity. 

Word count: 2.5K+

A/N: This is my entry for @mrswhozeewhatsis Louden Swain Challenge. I had picked the song Boy In Need. I had a lot of mixed emotions writing this, but now I am super excited for it and can’t wait for Rob to read it. It’ll be fun! Everything in italic is internal monologue and italic and bold are the lyrics Please let me know what you think guys :)

Thanks to my beautiful betas @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and @blacktithe7, you guys are the best, and have helped made this fic come to life. Thank you!

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He spent his money on the midnight show

And it all had a profound effect on him

Castiel felt his stomach turn and growl as he stared longingly at the food in front of him resting behind the glass window. The first time he had felt hunger, he was confused. His stomach hurt, and it felt like he was being stabbed by a million needles. Once he had figured out that that meant hunger, he was faster to get food so it wouldn’t be the same pain. He still wasn’t used to feeling the hunger, Sure he had been human for a couple of days by now, but the hunger was something he couldn’t get used to. The needs his body had kept him from doing the things he wanted.

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With more money I can spend more time with friends and loved ones, I can dedicate more time to my hobbies and things that I enjoy because I wouldn’t have to work long hours to make enough to get by.

With more money I can buy and do things that make me happy, I can relax more, alleviate my stress and make those around me happy by helping them or taking them out to someplace fun.

With more money I may not be able to ‘buy’ friends, but I can spend more time developing and strengthening my relationships with them. I can make their life easier.

With more money I can actually make my dreams come true. I can go to Japan, I can see California, I can get an education without the stress of falling into debt, I can open my own business, I can stop dreaming and actually do things.

With more money what would I need to hope for? Now I hope I will have enough to pay for food, enough to get gas, enough to get a latte, enough to enjoy a day out with friends. With more money I can give to charity and strengthen the hope in strangers.

With more money I can spend time with those I do love. I can strengthen my relationships with my family, I can spend time with them. I can buy my sister what she wants, I can get my grandmother groceries, I can treat my dog to giant stuffed toys. 

With more money I actually afford to go to a doctor, I could afford my medication, I could afford to get treatment. With more money I could fund a cure, I could eradicate disease, I can improve the lives of those who are disabled. 

Money can’t ‘buy’ these things, per se, but money can aide in making these things easier to attain. What money cannot do, however, is allot those who say ‘money cannot buy _____’ a bit of empathy for the struggling poor. Money cannot buy humility.

Anon Request: My day is just going swimmingly right now. Couldn’t be happier. So I need some sad angst to bring it back down to neutral ouo. May I request a scenario where McCree’s fem!s/o is away on a mission and is severely injured, and he receives a call from them so that they can hear his voice one last time? ;u; Sorry if it’s too angsty i just need sad things in my life right now lol

Here is your angst, darling! I hope you like this. If you have any questions, message me.

It was near the middle of the night when his phone rang. Groaning, McCree slowly turned onto his stomach and snatched the device off the end table, his eyes clenched shut. All he wanted to do was go back to sleep and forget that you weren’t at his side.

“Yeah?” He asked, his voice rough from sleep. Sweeping a hand through his hair, he rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling.

“M-McCree?” Your broken voice sounded through the phone. He shot up from the mattress and shook his head.

“Darlin’? What’s wrong?” He asked. Stretching his legs out, he sighed at the sound of your voice. However, there was something there that made his heart ache.

“Don’t w-worry ‘bout me, babe. I’m o-okay,” you said, coughing into the phone, “H…how are you? Did I wake you up?”

“Are ya hurt?” The cowboy asked as he shoved his legs into a pair of pants, the phone nearly tumbling from his hand.

“I’m f-f-fine, sweetheart. Just wanted t-to hear your voice.” You didn’t sound fine. Your voice was strained and cracking, and he could hear the sounds of a battle behind you.

“Keep talkin’, sweetpea. I’m gonna find ya, and I’ll bring ya back to the base. You’re gonna be alright, sugar,” he said, stumbling out of the room. Covering the speaker, he cried out for help, and a few other teammates rushed into the hall.

“Don’t worry ‘bout me, Jesse. I’ll be f-fine. Just tell me a-about you,” you said, “Tell me about your home.”

“It’s in the country,” he began as the other recruits approached him, worry in their eyes. He whispered to them about the situation, and they ran off, searching for transportation. “A little house in the middle of nowhere. Got a big yard with animals everywhere.”

“S-sounds lovely. I want a home like that,” you said.

McCree coughed, tears prickling the corners of his eyes.

“We’ll have a home like that, darlin’, and it’ll have a big yard for our little babies to run ‘round in.”

You laughed weakly, and the sound made his heart shatter. He knew they wouldn’t make it in time, and you were on the verge of falling. He was going to lose you like he had lost everyone else in his life.

“We’re gonna get a dog, and we’re gonna have a wonderful life. You’re gonna be alright, and I’m gonna marry you. We’re gonna be real happy, darlin’,” he said, tears streaming down his face. He heard you sigh, a groan of pain following it as you tried to move.

“I love you, Jesse McCree. I love you more than you know,” you whispered.

“Love you, too, sweetheart. I’ll…I’ll see ya soon, yeah?” He asked, and he heard your hum of approval.

“Yeah. I’ll see you soon, cowboy.”

Something I noticed about Yoongi and Jin

So as someone like Yoongi who has a social phobia and is introverted, there is one thing I have learned over the years. There is a group of people that you can be around for long periods of time, but you still need breaks from, But there is sometimes someone in your life, platonic or not, that just despite everything, they make you feel comfortable. You could spend a whole week with that person and not need a break from them. And I think Yoongi found that with Jin. He mentions a lot how easy it is to be around him and that just reminds me a lot of how I feel with my fiancé.

Idk I just wanted to point that out because I found it interesting.

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I was talking about those "trying to think about how 'm going to do it, i just need it" ones haha

right. what’s worrying or negative about that? 

Sometimes our mind starts to overthink, analyze and plan things, even though that’s an utter waste of time if your mind and energy is not focused in the right place. This upcoming week, A LOT of stuff is going to happen and unfold in my life- and I’m doing my best to not think about it- just put my energy in a focused place and manifest it. 

and ps, it’s not “trying to think about how I’m going to do it, I just need it”… that’s literally the fucking opposite of what I wrote.

461) Looking back into my childhood, I’ve realized I actually had a lot of serious symptoms of bipolar my entire life, the only thing being my cycles slowed down more and more as I grew up. This just makes me extremely angry because I was literally suffering every day from my mental illness because I didn’t know what I was feeling was abnormal and it was just put off by everyone around me as “kid stuff”.  No, 12 year olds aren’t usually convinced their closet had a stalker inside. I needed help.

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Do you need to worship a god to be a Druid?

No, you do not. Not even remotely.

Here’s the thing. Druidry has a number of expressions. I happen to be a polytheistic Druid, and I count, among my many allies, certain gods and goddesses. Most of my writings and devotional work, thus, speaks of deities.

That said, I know people whose Druidry is virtually atheist, a philosophy that they enjoy that enriches their life and brings them pleasure and fulfillment. I also know people who believe in all manner of Spirits in the world, but focus almost entirely on the Ancestors of the Spirits of Nature.

Druidry is, I feel, mostly about relationship: it’s about relationships with those things that you feel drawn to, that move you, that brighten your life.

Don’t get bogged down in the idea that you must or should “Druid in a certain way.” Druid in the way that moves you, that uplifts you, and that brightens your spirit.

And good luck.

this is embarrassing but um my anxiety is getting the better of me so could you like this if it’s okay for me to approach you to come talk and plot things and stuff? 

If I could change just one thing about the world, it would be to equip the entire United States of America with an elaborate system of pneumatic tubes so that people who don’t like the rye chips could redistribute them to the people that do.

I don’t even need anything in return. Just get these things out of my life.

so so much that i want to say cannot figure out how to word any of it.. i’ve been thinking a lot about humbleness and why is it that one’s confidence in one’s abilities is often seen as a lack of manners / intelligence, why do people think having suffered in the past essentially does you good - makes you a better person in different ways, could it be one of the causes of the very f*cking awful romanticisation of mental illnesses - do you feel the need to have a tearful life’s story to tell? do i feel the need to have a tearful life’s story? how easy it is to trick your brain into believing things about yourself and the world that just are not true? how easy it is to trick my brain? definitely not too hard - how many things i have tricked myself to believe?  ghh

Plan for the next few days -

- get my HRT consent form signed so I’m ready for T.
- Sunday start working out religiously. Need to get fit.
- enjoy my amazing new job.
- sort out uni stuff.
- look up the teacher training things I’ve been sent.

I’m going to nail this whole ‘life’ thing now.

Ideas From Dunn’s Mun’s Brain #47

(I’m gonna make this a thing, cuz I have no life, and random ideas like this keep blooping up in my brain and I wanna share them.)

So….a long time ago, I was talking to @sigridnaraan about bounties…we RP in a world where there are bounty hunters, and they need bounties. She was explaining the legal process of how one would go about setting up bounties (cuz a certain crazy pyro had attacked Latilda, and it was a potential way of ‘taking care’ of them.)

She mentioned the concept of a ‘bounty board’, a place where one would post said bounties for other hunters to grab.

I thought it was an interesting idea, but one that was hard to implement due to difficulties of managing the OOC, and how this could be used to troll people. (for example: “Oh, I don’t like @jazimina OOCly…she’s too nice. I’m gonna set up a bounty and let all the bounty hunters harass her even though she doesn’t wanna do that.’)

However, if such a system were set up and required the player to OOCly consent to it, would this be useful for Rpers at all? I’m thinking for specifically criminal or less-than-lawful RPers.

(This is not me offering to do it, just an opportunity to pick brains about it.)

  • So far this week I have:fucked up a life changing interview, accidently insulted a coworker, made myself look like an incompetent jackass in front of a superior, tripped at work, ripped my pants, hobbled to the nurse's office-- bleeding, got yelled at by my boss for wearing the wrong kind of shoes (which caused the fall according to her ... not the horribly uneven walkway, no ... not that) forgot to do about a million other things and ... oh yeah, turned a year older
  • Happy fucking birthday to me.