Things that I NEED in my Life
  • Coffee
  • To Marry Cisco Ramon
  • A Card with an Unlimited balance to go Shopping
  • The Beast’s Library 
  • A week-long nap
  • Bucky Banes to be my Friend
  • Pablo to sing to me
  • A hug by Brock O’hurn
  • Junk Food
  • Carlos Valdes to be my Boyfriend
  • A Marauders Book
  • NEW SEASONS! (Stranger Things, OITNB, Prison Break, HTGAWM…)
  • Francisco Ramon
  • For Ed Sheeran to write the soundtrack of my life and become my bestie
  • To Travel the world so I can take as many Pictures as I Can
  • Someone to Give me Flowers (just because)
  • A REALLY, Stupidly, Good Music Session
  • A New Tattoo

that’s it… that is all I need… thank you for your attention


So I rewatched the first Avengers and realized my girl Natasha does the EXACT SAME THING with Cap’s shield that Diana does in WW.

“Could use a boost.” “You sure about this?” “Yeah. It’s gonna be fun.”

“Diana! SHIELD!”

So now I want them to be best friends and I want their respective Steves to hang out and get beers for them while they “girl talk” about the most efficient ways to kill the crap out of someone with your bare hands.




So here’s the ACTUAL IN-ISSUE version of the episode guide for the season-that-never-was, along with a bonus page on a Sari upgrade with a beloved character, and a bio for her classmates, which includes the cutest little Nightbeat oh my god I need twenty.  As you can see, the episode guide’s pictures do clarify a few things (not that everyone hadn’t already figured out Prowl was in Allsparkalypse Now!).

Other than a not especially great SD SG comic on the back panel and the Marauder Megatron cover (already posted by many other great people!) this was the entirety of the TFA-related content in the issue.  Cheers!

These are all taken from the newest (Oct/Nov 2016) issue of the Transformers Collector’s Club official magazine.  Issue 71.

Sometimes I think of Dean being really sick, like chest aching when he coughs, so ill he can barely stand, total hurricane of germs, sick. Of course he’d just want to sleep it off, say he’s fine, because he doesn’t like the doctor. Never had but it’s worse since coming back from hell, doesn’t like to be touched and poked and prodded by strangers. Sam drags him anyway though and goes into the examine room with him, sitting in the chair next to the table they make Dean sit on. And the doctor is totally confused but Sam literally does not give two flying fucks what he thinks because Dean is sick and…fix Dean.

When they get home. Sam takes care of him, making him tea and letting Dean put whiskey in it because he’s stressed after the doctor but also because it helps his throat and let’s him sleep a bit. And Sam is there with an OJ and his next dose of antibiotics when he wakes up. And they cuddle in Sam’s bed and he lets Dean watch all the cheesy Clint Eastwood movies he wants. Yes, even the ones with the monkey.

The Front Bottoms

Please fall asleep so I can take pictures of you and hang them in my room 
so when I wake up feel like yeah everything’s alright 
You are still here, you are still happy, you are still smiling and laughing 
you are still the only thing and everything I need in my life 

anonymous asked:

Is Cursed Child canonically canon? Like, does JK Rowling say that it's canon?

JK said it is. I’ve seen more people saying they don’t consider it canon than the opposite. Maybe film-canon, rather than book-canon. I guess it depends on the person. 

Personally, I’m considering some parts canon, like Scorpius’ A* personality, while blissfully denying the existence of others *cough*Delphi*cough*. Do you guys consider it canon?


smol Victuuri interactions and things I need in my life:
  • Them holding hands while walking together
  • At night, watch some film with Makkachin and but both sleep together before the end of the movie on the couch
  • Bathe Makkachin
  • Help Yurio with his feelings for someone he really like
  • Smol house cleaning competitions
  • Playing with Makkachin
  • Taking photos doing funny faces 
  • Cuddling
  • Flirting 
  • Going to karaoke
  • Buying things for their sonYurio and his cat
  • Choosing some music to dance together in the living room
  • Competition of who stays more days without taking the engagement ring of the finger
  • Drinking a good wine until both get drunk and start to say silly and embarrasing things to each other
  • Laughing together at some shitty pun
  • Sharing ice cream
  • Kiss each other hands
  • Food war at home
  • Use dusters and brooms as a microphone while cleaning the house and listening to music
  • Warm conversations when choosing who is going to do the dishes
  • Watching the rain falls outside the house through a window while they drink coffee or tea together
  • Pillow war before bed
A Suggestion for PBS

Want a female-driven historical mystery show that fits in the television landscape populated by things like Call the Midwife? Produce a series set in Miss Climpson’s detective agency. It ties into a literary setting, drawing in fans, but you can make up original stories and don’t need to worry about fealty to the books. The office is a core setting where our ensemble cast can interact before splitting up to investigate various parts of the mystery, and you can fill the agency with a wide variety of strong, single women of varying personalities and backgrounds. Lord Peter Wimsey is a mostly off-screen presence, the mysterious patron of their business who makes cameo appearances at key moments that give us hints about the mysteries he’s investigating.  (If desired, Strong Poison could be an extra-long event episode, or it could remain whispers in the background while our cast focuses on their own mysteries).

It would be a fantastic look into the lives of single women in the post-WWI landscape while also being a fun and frothy mystery series. You’d have at least one loyal viewer.