The day is September 3rd, the group finds Nico passed out by the training arena, his phone has fallen and his earbuds have unplugged. This Is Halloween blasts from the speakers on repeat. No one says a word as they slowly back away from the dancing skeleton Nico conjured in his sleep. Annabeth is recording the whole thing.

Tips for Broom Closet Witches

Here are some things I actively use to keep myself hidden.

  • Disguise your crystals/stones as an interest in geology. 
  • Disguise your herbs as an interest in herbalism, or natural remedies. 
  • I’m lucky enough to have a mom who likes candles, essential oils and incense, maybe disguise those as aromatherapy. 
  • Do a lot of research about the nonspiritual aspects of your tools, and talk to your parents/friends about the cool stuff you learn.
  • Invisibility spells.

These are just the things I’ve learned on my own. So far they’ve worked reakky well.


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To the Daily Mail, Mirror, and other media outlets and persons who are taking the opportunity to express how "sad" Tim Curry's condition is instead of simply celebrating the fact he just got a Lifetime Achievement award and looked jolly pleased about it...

Yeah, two words: Get. Fucked.


Yeah, of course! You found the web fluid on the floor and Aunt May taught you how to make a camera trap. It’s not that you are Spidey, NOPE!

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       This song really brought forward a lot of things I had tried to keep hidden and locked away in some corner of my brain. Someday I’m not going to be this young and I will have different things in life that I will prioritize over these seven angels. 

       And maybe, someday, there’s going to be another band that everyone obsesses over and the name ‘BTS’ will be a part of kpop history. There are some things that I don’t know about the future, obviously, but I do know one thing for sure.

       These boys changed my life for the better with their mind blowing vocals, motivational raps, hypnotizing choreography, and playful nature. And I know for sure that they will always have a place deep in my heart. So I guess, for now, we can just dream to be forever young and work hard to make our dreams come true.

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”I can feel the words that

I can’t delete anymore

The memories I keep relive

I can’t let them go

I am searching in things

The simle you were trying

To hide from me and others

I miss how you use to hold me

Where are you?

Where are you?“

Lyrics translated from this song

“I’m an investigative reporter, Francine. I uncover things that people want to keep hidden…like the fact you had a son eight months after you left Central City. Who’s the father, Francine? Is it my dad? Wait I don’t want to know…stay away from me. Stay away from my dad. If he found out he had a son who grew up without knowing him it would crush him.”


I never could tell him anything about myself. I have to hide away all that I am and my self is keep a secret. I felt forced to be perfect and never could I show a flaw in my self. The things I love I keep hidden deep down not revealing anything about myself. I am always afraid he will ravel apart so I often lie just so he keeps it together. I never show emotions and I live my as flat as it comes. I have never spoken about my self or what I feel and think. I have been locked away for 14 years like this. I know if I were to find someone, the one whom I love, I can trust, feel safe with, I am going to explode with emotions and I am so afraid I will lose him.

<<Fatesona 30 Day Challenge!!>>
 Day 4 - In clothes from the kingdom they aren’t from (?)

I couldn’t think of any good reason for my Nohrian f’tsna to be in Hoshidan clothes so… Maybe those are his pajamas? Sorry for the messy in-notebook doodle as always, aha… (ó⌓ ò ;;);;; //sweats

  Discount simple outfit from the opposing kingdom = cheap prices, man.

I volunteer at a nursery and I watch after little kids and babies around one year old. I’ve been… well I haven’t been okay lately, I get really bad nightmares and panic attacks and Im just kind of a mess all around. I used to dig my nails in so hard into the palms of my hands they would cut. I’ve taken to holding a rock and drawing butterflies on myself to help. My mother is very against me writing on myself so I just have one on the inside of my wrist that I can easily keep hidden. Back to the Nursery thing, this past night I was holding of of my favorite baby girls. She started to rub her hand over the butterfly on my wrist then looking back at me. She kept doing this and then later fell asleep in my arms. This butterfly has a lot of names because I can only have one, but my baby Elizabeth’s was added to that list tonight. I’m gonna be okay, I know that, Its just trying to remember. I now have one more reason to remember thanks to a little girl and the butterfly project being so amazing.

Thank you and lots of love