things to doooo


since when did bullets stop to sing?

The Anberlin Project (1/?) - We Owe This to Ourselves



Look at this shit how am I not supposed to spend 5 hours remaking my OCs in this CC


Things to do this Winterbreak:

1. Gym

2. Ballroom dancing classes

3. Snowboarding

4. Pole dancing classes

5. Hopefully more snowboarding

6. Bake some yummy goodies

7. More gym

8. Kick it with people I haven’t seen in awhile

9. Paintballing

10. Maybe my first kiss under the mistletoe or for New Years? haha 

hahaha I’m soooo excited! ^___^ 6 weeks of break hollaaaaah at me[; 

imagine dean and cas being the literal angel and demon at sam’s shoulders 

‘do the thing sam’ 'no don’t do the thing sam the thing is bad’ doooo it’ 'don’t’ 'do’ 'don’t’ 'do’ 'don-’ 'SHUT THE FUCK UP I’M A MAN I DO WHAT I WANT! ….but seriously guys. should i do the thing?’

gdi there are still so many rwby things on my to-write list and now i have so many hibike things i wanna write too, not to mention finetta stuff like uuugghhgh goddamn fall 2016 why u gotta be so gay and make me wanna write so much shit???