things that i make sometimes

to say you hate the targaryens when baelor breakspear existed is, quite frankly, racist and wrong


This Week in Literary Inspired Webseries…

Dot made a decision in Middlemarch the SeriesThe Seymours got prepped to head to Alex’s home town in Twincidents, Maggie moved to a new city and met a new face in Maggie Hale’s Corner, Anne needs fashion advice in Project Green Gables something mysterious happened to Em in Fairly Emily and Rosie finally made a successful tag video in Any other Rosie

I think one of the feelings I least enjoy about RP is when I have all this good stuff figured out about a character but when I come down to playing them I feel like that effort or depth that they have on paper is lost in translation when I actually am RPing them

I think if anybody that might criticise me for playing Pokémon or neopets or never shutting up about megaman or whatever they might choose to pick on

really, fully understood how much my Serious Original Work that started out as a weird fun little worldbuilding thing has literally just morphed into 90% crushingly-serious messages about such things as depression, the inability of things to coexist, and the futility of the entire universe

they’d probably change their tune and say ‘please spam 500% more cute robots, I don’t know what caused you to write all this and frankly I’m scared now’

And I remember

Stretching in the setting sun

The rays warm, bright, I had to close my eyes

And you kissed me

And it was lovely


It was all always empty

But lovely none the less

We never really had anything

But if I just think about the kisses

Those brief moments we shared

Where my brain just stopped for five goddamned seconds because god you were so close to my face and you were so lovely

If I just remember the kisses

It was like feeling the first warm ray through a window

After winter has begun to pass

And you’ve nearly forgotten what the sun feels like it’s been so long

when u think you aren’t great at something just say things abt how good you are at it anyway

 it’s way better than self depreciating 


This is new kitty Griffin. He is a shithead but a very cute shithead. He likes to lie/sit on my laptop’s keyboard. He also likes to dig through the trash and chew on boxes. There is a growing list of naughty things he does.

He is learning that it’s not okay to bite during play or when he doesn’t get his way. He is very good about not using his claws though.

Griffin is sometimes a super good boy. He loves to snuggle and take naps with people. He gives lots of kisses and face nuzzles during these times. He will sometimes bless me by putting his paw on my forehead. I am unsure what the blessing is for.


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