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When things get hard to deal with or unexpected semi-unpleasant things happen sometimes I panic. I wonder if life will be the same. The answer is no. Everything is always changing. All you can do is care for yourself and the ones who have your best interest and well being at heart.

I have come so far since 1994👅
I remember the way I used to be, and think, and the way I felt about myself sometimes. There were times where I was sure I was made to make a huge mark on the world. And then there were times where I could not even imagine tomorrow happening. Everything stood still. Nothing was really “real”, but bleak and lifeless and meaningless. It’s like a bad dream when I feel that way.

I am happy I have not succumbed to those thoughts and emotions yet. I have made it past so many dark points in my life. I think sometimes I make things a lot harder than they need to be and end up forgetting what is best for me.

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you know you made a mistake & you apologized for it. that's all that matters, you know what you did wrong and I just want you to know I'm not mad at you and I accept your apology. I hope your followers realize that too.

Thank you. I’ve been through the same thing and sometimes I can really make immature jokes that can hurt people’s feelings but I really don’t mean any harm.

I’m sorry about what I’ve said.

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Do you have any distraction advice to fight cravings and hunger pains?

i sometimes make a list of things i have to do during days i don’t want to eat, like coursework, tidy my room, re-paint my nails, laundry, anything at all even if it’s minor. when cravings come up i go force yourself to do things on the list. or i make plans around times that i know i’ll crave food so i’m always preoccupied. if none of that works then try writing down your cw on your hand then your gw on the other, so it’s always in plain sight as a reminder.

i don’t really have any tips for hunger pains other than maybe drink a lot of tea, maybe a hot water bottle could help also napping obviously. just remember that the pain means you’re closer to being your gw✨
Diet mountain dew

Too much going on in my head to only focus on one thing. It makes me sad sometimes that I don’t have a grip on my own life. Too many people running in and out of it. It’s pretty distracting. It’s good to know what I want now though. Knowing what I don’t want, helped me come to this realization. Too many people settle in life. I want to wake up feeling like I made the right choices, and silly me, I’ve been watching God pull me out of all the bad ones and I keep repeating them. They say if you haven’t left yet, you’re not that fed up. I don’t think that’s true. Maybe I’m just addicted to feeling feelings. Because I feel everything, they’re all extreme. Even the things that are no good for me, its always a high. That’s my drug addiction. Feeling, passionately. Maybe because I try to numb myself to life, the little escapes seem like I need them. I get yelled at everyday for thinking with my heart instead of my head. Someone always thinks that’s a problem. Maybe in this world, but I feel like more people should think like me. Life would be less chaotic, everyone would have what they want, not what they think they need. Maybe I’m just too much of a person in a world full of cartoons, like Roger Rabbit. At the end of the day, what completes me is someone that understands, someone that shares the same emotions on their hands.

Hey Jack!

I just wanted to let you know something about one of your recent uploads.  You titled Reading Your Comments #99 “ARE YOU TICKLISH?”, while you also named Reading Your Comments #95 the same thing.  I just wanted to let you know, because sometimes when people make edits or have an idea for something, they can see the clip they want to use, and they then have to scrub through your videos to find it.  It’s a lot easier and faster when the editor has the name of the video in mind.  Since there’s two “A.R.T.” videos, it would then take the (probably busy) editor double the time to find the probably three second clip of you.  This could be totally wrong, as I have only made an edit video of YouTubers once in my life, but I can see how this could be true.  I just wanted to let you know, so you could know that you have two videos named the same thing.

Keep being a boss, Jack!


( @therealjacksepticeye )

All you do is talk talk talk talk

In complete honesty, I have been having quite a bunch of panic attacks these few days and I want them to stop yet I don’t know how to.

I’m a person that doesn’t really appreciate when people talk about me, especially when it is behind my back. And I guess recently there have been things that is hard for me to explain and I think that people do not agree with whatever I have been doing. However, it makes me feel bad because I am in no way happy when I am forced to do something I don’t want to. 

I have been feeling very forced these past month and it makes me feel utterly uncomfortable and it makes me feel out of place but I know with me doing the things I am forced to do, it makes people feel happy. 

But sometimes I don’t know, whether other people’s happiness matter more than mine…. 

It has been such a roller coaster and I only want to talk to someone super close to me who will listen to me and not pour it out to someone else but I can’t, because no matter how much I want to pour out my feelings and thoughts, I know somehow it will get out to the people around me. 

And I am afraid more than ever because my thoughts are just random and in the moment and sometimes I just wish someone would just listen and be there for me instead of telling it out to everyone and seeking for help when I don’t really need it. All I need is just a person to rant to and then I will be fine.

I don’t know, you guys.

I feel so out of place and so out of my element and I don’t know how to get over this. More than ever am I asking myself what I have done wrong and what can I do to avoid all the talking. And all I can think of is to just go away to somewhere far far away, and more than ever do I want that right now. 

But really, you guys, help me.

I have never felt so out of place in my life ever, ever… 

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For being so nice and cute, copy this to 10 other bloggers that you think are wonderful. Keep the GAME going and make others feel beautiful! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚

Thank you to @ luscious2  and @buffy-malcolm-gilmore-modfam

But I have never been cute, and I am bad, rude, and occasionally evil if I try really hard. I am also easily bored, have a crap memory, and I sometimes say things that make me cringe.

I can be nice, usually on Thursday evenings, but it creeps up on me at other times. And everyone I know here is wonderful in some way or another - so celebrate it!

A stranger recognized

Today, while out with some friends, a stranger recognized me from my Youtube videos.

He came up to me and said “are you Eric?” I was this close to pulling the old “hey! Great to see you again person I completely don’t actually remember at all!” move, but I waited it out and he said “I watch your videos on youtube.”

Apparently he found me through the Instant Replay Live guys. It was a really awesome moment. Like, I’ve been recognized by old high school acquaintences and such from my videos but this is the first time it was a complete stranger. My friends made some cracks about me being famous. It was a nice moment.

It was… validating? Like a lot of times I’m just making these things and sometimes I’m wondering, what’s the point? But today I felt… validated? Like, people are actually watching these things. I made enough of an impression on someone that he remembered me, he knew who I was, he actually liked the things I make.


Sometimes minor things, make me feel like I have the anxiety as if the world is ending. I’ve gained so much control over myself, my thoughts, patched up my own scars from betrayal and heart break. But here n there, it’s like PTSD. Once in a blue moon a grain of salt explodes my thoughts. Like why did people waste my time? Cheat on me? Make me run around like a clown just to be fucking around behind my back while I was turned the other way trying to fix myself like a fucking vintage clock. Inspecting every detail of my being, fixing every rugged edge and running back like a kid saying “here’s what you wanted! I fixed it!” Just to be criticized, rejected, and an answer that implied “not good enough”. I’ve dated men and women that were bottomless fucking pits. And I just wonder why they felt like it was ok to walk all over me? I’m so curious as to how fucked up I truly must be to have deserved that. I have to work everyday at trying not to tell myself the same story. Middle fingers up to the losers I’ve dated. And god fucking bless the person who is with y'all today.

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Do you have any hobbies other than murder?

Of course, I like freaking people out more than I do murdering them. Sometimes when Jack records things I make sure to fuck things up for him, corrupt his files or crash his computer. Once I possessed him just to spill coffee on his monitor.


Hey antis. I just wanted to apologize for my tags not completely making sense and me not always tagging triggers at first. I’m still learning, and I need to rewire and try to make a habit out of tagging things and remembering the specific tags I use. I hope this hasn’t triggered or hurt anyone. I promise I’m trying my best, but I struggle with remembering things like that sometimes, and with making things a routine. I hope you understand and aren’t upset. I’m going to work harder on it.

Torta de Choclo - My Mama's Corn Cake Recipe #HHM

Torta de Choclo – My Mama’s Corn Cake Recipe #HHM

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One of the things I love about having a blog is that sometimes it makes me get out of my comfort zone, and do things I am always putting off. One of those things is cooking. I have always loved my mom’s corn cake– torta de choclo– and for Hispanic Heritage Month I wanted to learn how to make it. This isn’t a traditional Ecuadorian cake per se, however, I grew up eating it and it holds a special…

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I just wanted to say I love your captions for poncho's pictures. My disorder can make me say some silly things sometimes, and I always smile at the cute little words you invent for her. They suit her far more than real words ever could, tbh.

I’m so glad! I can relate, I’m autistic so making up silly words and phrases for things is something I just do, and always have. and they really do describe her well

Sometimes your mind makes you forget things so that you can be happy.

I remember now. I hope you aren’t hurting anybody else. I hope they catch you if you do. And I hope that they do to you what you’ve done to others.