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I can never come out as trans where I live right now and sometimes it's just so hard bc I'll be feeling dysphoric and someone will say something and I just have to be like "Noope everything's fine, I'm fine and I'm TOTALLY comfortable in (x clothing/item/thing making me dysphoric)" and I just,,, can't deal sometimes and I just shut down. What should I do? (I can't come out bc my fam is super transphobic and won't even let me cut my hair shorter)

Can any followers offer advice?

I can only really cope with dysphoria by going on trans blogs on tumblr and talking to some of my trans friends.

I hope you find something that helps- Matthew


During these past 6 months I’ve noticed some changes in myself. I’ve become a better person. I’ve been happier, I’ve been helpful, I’ve had a better way to control problems. To say the least I never saw it coming. This just came to me. It’s like if I had a purpose for doimg such actions. There are things that can make me mad but I find a way to fix them. Sometimes they can get out of control, but there’s always a way for everything. I’m glad I got off my so called geek addiction. I finally learned how to socialize better and help others with what they need. I’ve gone through many situations in the past or what I always call “dark times”…
For me, these changes have made me socialize with any person without a problem. Good thing the people used to be called bullies are now friends. It takes a little bit of time and change and everything will be good. People think I need something back in favor when I do something special to them. Some of them forget during the time (I’m glad they do) and some just keep insisting. But hey, if they want to do smth in my favor, I don’t have a problem. I appreciate it.
Being in college has changed me. I’ve went through good, bad or sad moments, I’ve met new friends. They aren’t my friends anymore. They are my family. The family I’ll never forget. It has been the most amazing 8 years. This family will always be kept in my heart. Since I set foot on the gate when I started second grade, until I left the gate the 24th of May, 2017. I have never been so, so, sad… I just dont know but it feels horrible to leave your family behind. I never wanted this to happen. This still has been in doubt but I hope it doesn’t happen. I finally have met the people that show love to me and I want to stay with them. For whatever happens, I want to let everyone know…
Thank you for everything that you guys did. Means a lot to me. My dark time is now past. As to always say, never look back at the past when you don’t know what good things await in the future.
My intentions are now helping the ones in need.
I’ll always have my family by my side. No matter what happens, I’ll always be there for them. Much love. 💕😭😄

Mike J. Quiñones

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I mean. Sometimes we do things that don't make sense. Like eating something you shouldn't or things like that

Eating something you shouldn’t is on a entirely different level from punching yourself in the face so hard you get a black eye

Is anyone else having issues with having to retype all their tags? ene It’s annoying the shit out of me & I don’t know why Tumblr would enforce such a moronic update. Like, I am pretty sure everyone uses a tagging system & changing it so those tags aren’t readily available is the stupidest thing ever. Sometimes I feel like Tumblr just makes updates for the heck of it without checking to see if it’s actually relevant to user’s needs.

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4,5,11,14 and 28

Last Song You Listened To.

-  MISSIO - Everybody Gets High

What Is Your Favourite Colour?

- red, blue and black

What Is Your Eye Colour?

- I have really dark brown eyes

What Books Are You Reading?

- Atm I’m reading “the queen of the tearling” really good book!

What Makes You Happy?

- Well, good question. Sometimes small things like rain make me happy but sometimes I can’t be happy at all.

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#20 /mega wink/

#20 Who would be your ultimate k-pop three some.

You people make things so difficult sometimes lol. Um…like I don’t know, my mind goes immediately to  Xiumin and Jay Park. But then I’m like…but things could get interesting if I had Jackson and Suga in the same room with me at once.


I realise now I should probably try to sleep before 4am

I get emotional after that point and think about things, sometimes it makes me really sad and others I’m so happy I burst into tears because of that

Tonight I thought about how grateful I am to be surrounded by truly amazing people that I have the fortune to call my friends. I love them all dearly, and I’m really glad to have met them all - they make my days so much better. I’ve been happier this year than ever before and it’s all a bit overwhelming when I come to terms with the fact.

It also makes me really happy to see everyone interact with each other in the community server every day! Seeing all the love and support everyone shows each other is just amazing!

I really couldn’t be happier to have such a lovely group of people as my friends. Thank you all for sticking around

Two cute little kids pet my dog today. Children love him! It is so adorable when kids want to pet him. Mom recommended a fantasy novel to me I wish I could remember the title of. My anxiety is terrible and makes it hard to remember things. Sometimes I worry I am being rude. I don’t mean to be! I’m just scared to death of you.

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers 💕✨🌼

I’m soo happy that I’m one of your ten fave followers thanks lovely 💕 

1. I’m very open minded

2. I love learning

3. I smile and laugh a lot even when I’m hurting so I don’t worry anyone

4. I do things sometimes just to make people laugh, feel better or feel happy

5. I don’t get angry or frustrated very easily at all usually takes a while to annoy me haha

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Lardo, Dex, Tater

 get randomly assigned as your lab partner for a whole semester

Dex/look this is me clearly admitting I have a TYPE when it comes to guys. But you’re giving me MONTHS where he is forced to interact with me? Plus he takes himself so seriously so I know I won’t have to force him to do shit? Fantastic. 

But lbr, I would embarrass myself a lot by doing that thing where I make a lot of jokes about how stupidly handsome he is. (sometimes that works, ask my rl stoic grumpy ginger)

get trapped with on a broken elevator for ten hours

Tater! He’s out going and friendly so if I start to feel claustrophic, I know he’ll be great at keeping me occupied. I come out of an elevator with a bunch of selfies with an NHL player, and I get to decide if I never see him again! (tbh I can’t imagine having elevator sex with him like I would with some other characters)

get as my employee trainer for my new job at McDonalds

Larissa “Lardo” Duan aka love of my life aka if I were a more competent human being, we would literally be the same person. She’s so in control when she has to be professional. And I’m not expecting her to be perfect, but I’ve been told I’m very teachable. So, I think we’d get along decently and I could really look to her for help if I needed it 

send me three characters

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So what do you recommend Jenny? Just to honest and patient with him?

“Honestly? Every parent makes mistakes sometimes - Angel knows there are things I wish I could’a done differently with Caddy. But even an immortal monster ain’t all-knowing and all-seeing - and Sans is gettin’ to the age where he’s startin’ to realize that you two are just monsters.”

“You just do your best. Sometimes, even that ain’t enough. But you’re only a monster. An’ if you raised him right - an’ I know you did, Dr. Gaster - he won’t stay mad for long. He’ll realize that this was a mistake, he’ll remember you ain’t perfect, an’ he’ll forgive you for that.”

“Now how about we have some of that lemonade, and-”

[Static Sounds]

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