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My favorite thing about mk is how many people still look to raiden for advice after the events of mk9. ☕️🐸


Oh Raiden, buddy, we love ya, but man do you make things a mess sometimes. Listen, I’d say it wasn’t his fault, but from this side of the Earthrealm? Oh boy…

At least he’s trying, bless his heart.

I’m glad you’re in my life. I’m glad that if I’m down, I can count on you to bring me up. I’m glad you exist. I’m starting to see maybe things aren’t as bad as they could be when it comes to life. Maybe things suck sometimes, but I’m glad you make it seem like the sun is brighter, winters feel warmer, and more alive then ever. You make me really happy. I’m glad you’re in my life.

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Name/Nickname: Jessica, Jess, J, Bitch

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Capricorn

Time right now: 8.27pm

Last thing I googled: Can dogs eat clementines?

Favourite Colour(s): Black/gray

Character I’d like as a sibling: Veronica Mars

Number of blankets: 1, but it’s gotta be a giant comforter to keep me warm.

Dream vacation: I’m going to steal Alyssa’s answer and say travel across Europe. Or go to New Zealand and see Hobbiton.

What I am currently wearing: Sleep shorts and a thermal.

What I post: Mainly HP and The 100. Sometimes politics and things I find amusing or that make me smile.

Do you get asks on a regular basis: No, maybe once a week-ish.

Favourite Music Artist and/or Songs stuck in my head: My all time favorite band is Marianas Trench, followed by Halsey, followed by Eminem.

Why did you choose your URL: Because Draco is my idiotic son and I will defend him with my dying breath.

Pokémon team: Okay, so I played this for like 3 and a half days, and I was never into Pokémon as a kid, but even I knew that team Valor was the best.

Average hours of sleep: During the week I average 6.5, on the weekends I average around 9.

Lucky number: 4

Favourite Characters: Zero of you should be surprised by this list but… Draco Malfoy, Bellamy Blake, Narcissa Malfoy, Logan Echolls, Logan Huntzberger, Damon Salvatore (OKAY, like seasons 1-5 Damon), Nathan Miller

Dream Job: I want to be a housewife. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I didn't think about white/black magic in that way! Personally I've never viewed black magic as bad but since most people do, it having racist undertones make sense no matter what your personal beliefs are. Especially since most "black" magic was created by Black cultures in the first place. And witches: If you use the terms white/black magic innocently, you don't need to defend yourself to others, you can just change your words with a quick "I didn't know!" and that will speak for itself.

Exactly!! If you didn’t know and you made a mistake that’s okay!! Sometimes I still accidentally reblog things with terms like black magic and sometimes I make mistakes. Everyone does, and that’s okay.

What’s not okay is jumping through hoop after hoop trying to justify ignorance and argue against facts for selfish and racist reasons.

It’s okay to mess up. Apologies and move on. But if you mess up, and you know it, and instead of going “oops I didn’t mean that” you go “how can I get away with this and continue this harmful behavior” that’s fucked up.

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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) (positivity is cool)

1. How fiercely loyal I am

2. The amount of love I pour onto everything.

3. How this year I finally did something so I could get better and I’m seeing results.

4. This one is linked to the previous one -I realized I feel things deeply and wholeheartedly, and how it doesn’t make me weak. It makes me human.

5. I sometimes do things out of spite and they turn out pretty well.

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When i saw your url i was expecting ''Look at my gay babies!!! I’m such trash!! XD'' and ''hey my name is james and i’m trash, i’m white and lack a moral compass of my own so please call me out if i say something you dont like haha memes please follow me he/him but i do girly things sometimes so idk i might be trans which makes me interesting pls like me''. But then i actually followed you and you're a pretty chill person.


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Demiguise, suitcase and quennie

what does friendship mean to you?
friendship means supporting someone and always make sure it’s known you’ll be there if they need you.
if you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
New Zealand, Canada, or England.
would you want the power to read minds?
not really. as much as it would make things easier sometimes, I’d rather not know the horrible things people think about sometimes.

More and more lately I feel like dying. I know it’s just an effect of my depression and anxiety and general suicidal nature as of late, but I can’t stop thinking about it. And it bothers me so much. I don’t know what to do.
I can’t talk about it because that just makes me feel worse about things. And I know that sometimes it feels like doing the same exact thing, constantly just going around in this Circle I don’t know what to do. I’m stuck. And I’m just getting worse and falling further and further down into a pit and I am literally drowning in anxiety. I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to live, I don’t want to go on. And yet I can’t give up. I don’t want to hurt Anyone, I want to be able to give all that I have and more.
But what if all that I have is just a big mess of nothing or even worse, just misery until i finally gets the balls to off ourselves? What’s gonna happen then? …Hell, I don’t know what to do. All I want to do is stop feeling sad but I have no idea how to do that. I can’t even take care of myself for crying out loud! I have to cry to myself and drink every time. I don’t think I can handle things. It’s not fair. Things are getting more and more heavier recently and I feel this is the beginning to my end, if the end would only come closer, I pray in my head that this would one day just be they day it’s all over, a day where I would be free forever, I don’t know what’s after death I just know it has to be better than what happens in my head and how it has affected me, why can’t thing just be simple and easy, and why do I find satisfaction in killing myself slowly but at the same time I want to die so much

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15: Favorite movie 19: A fact about your personality 38: My childhood career choice

15. One of them is Grosse point Blank, clearly I’m a John Cusack fan and that’s just one movie I just love.

19. I tend to worry far more about others than I do about myself and take on their troubles as my own…..if that makes sense. I think because if that I am then very fearful of adding to any of their upset or issues and sometimes this means I then make things harder for myself and my life in order to accommodate them.
(Things I lean in therapy)

38. My plan was always to be a fairy princess.

Thank you

I know nobody is going to like hearing this, because nobody wants to believe that in certain instances, death can be avoidable, but here this is anyways:

lately, I’m noticing that the deaths occurring are due to car crashes. Ones that are because of people speeding. Death is inevitable and unavoidable. HOWEVER, speeding is. Nobody deserves to die in the crashes I’ve seen, nobody “deserves to die” period. But, these can be prevented if you all slow down and drive carefully. This isn’t a movie, we aren’t invincible. Paul Walker was unfortunately, an example of how fast and the furious isn’t realistic as far as driving goes. Driving is dangerous. Go as close to the speed limit as possible, pay attention while you’re driving. I know things happen sometimes, but make good choices. Because when you’re driving, it’s not just about you anymore. You’re responsible for all the other lives on that road. So please, it won’t make you “uncool” if you don’t go 85 in a 40. Be careful, and also, never drink and drive!

f(x) MTL to scare their s/o during an argument.

Before I start with this, I want to say that it’s not okay to make someone cry or scare someone during a fight. However, sometimes things get out of control. I want to make this clear since I thought a lot about how to do this reaction. 

  1. Krystal
  2. Victoria
  3. Amber
  4. Luna

So if we are talking about scary things, Krystal would fit in this pretty well. But she isn’t someone who stay mad for long, it’s more like she explode at full strenght in a couple of minutes. That for sure is pretty scary and even when she made you cry (unintentionally) she would stay in silence, watching you cry, bottling up what it made her feel watching you like that.

Victoria as a grown woman that she is, would talk in a very serious way when arguments jump between you two. Maybe her serious self would scare you when she started to ask you things non-stop, making your tears just burst out from your eyes because of the pressure. However, she would wipe your tears before trying to keep the conversation in a calm level.

Well, for Amber she wouldn’t even know how you two reach that level of argument where you start crying. She would stop mid sentence to hug you and start to apologise like no tomorrow. She would try to reassure you, telling you that the argument wouldn’t change her love for you but sometimes chaos happens and together you had to face it.

This would probably the softest mess of the history. Luna is just a cinnamon roll, so even when you two were arguing and something slipped from her lips making you cry, her own tears would burst out too. She didn’t want to make you cry and you didn’t want to make her cry, so maybe your argue would end up in cuddle each other while you two try to figure out how to resolve the issue.

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Please tag your nsfw and dd///lg it makes me uncomfortable

Sure thing! And I’m so sorry for making you uncomfortable! Sometimes I forget to tag it. My most sincere apologies.

-Gabby’s mun