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quantumghosts  asked:

raspberry: favorite flower? strawberry: favorite desserts? lychee: satin or lace? star fruit: favorite sea creature?

send me a fruit

raspberry: favorite flower?

Oooooh difficult… Elderflowers? They smell nice and look pretty and you can make (nostalgic) juice out of them.

strawberry: favorite desserts?

I eat so much sugar that this is a weird question. Hm.

Oh god I thought of an answer but I FORGOT WHAT IT’S CALLED it’s this layered chocolate and marzipan thing that my mom makes sometimes? IDK I can’t remember but it’s like half an inch thick and practically melts in your mouth and it’s delicious. @spacehoney has PROBABLY had it at some point and might be able to help me out here?

Second place goes to Cat’s Eye cake. (Macino oko.)

lychee: satin or lace?

Lace! Satin just… feels a little weird to me? Very plasticky? But Lace looks cute and feels nice and I like wearing it.

star fruit: favorite sea creature?


Do you think I’m kidding when I say that certain things are wonderful about you?

I legitimately love that you fuck things up sometimes because it makes you human. I love that you find ways to ruin cute things by pointing out that they’re weird. I love that you collect enough random shit to decorate the Addams Family set and that you get a kick out of bad taxidermy. I love how obsessed you are with Disney movies. I love that you have multiple beauty and the beast outfits. I love that you wear short dresses that you think are too young for you. I love that you have a Shakespeare tattoo. I love that you have boxes everywhere in your house because you don’t want to settle there.

And if someone you love is hinting that those things are not the best things about you, fuck them. They don’t deserve you.

I don’t mind people having a different opinion from my own, and bc I am so fuckin understanding I can completely get why people can’t see things the same way I do sometimes and it can make it hard for me to word what I think bc it’s like I’ve got two contradiction opinions in my mind that I’m trying to argue

anonymous asked:

Like you, I believe seb and margarita aren't together anymore. There just isn't anything pointing to them being together. I just think it's sad how seb seems to be holding on to her. Of course no one is perfect, but seb is such a sweet guy, but him chasing after her like he seems to be doing is a waste. She just seems to be very un genuine and very clearly not interested in seb any more. Now that she doesn't seem to be getting much attention from him, she could care less about him.

We can’t be sure how their relationship is now, based on some comments I think it’s a friendship but either way he seems more dedicated to it than her. I don’t like the “make the man the victim” thing but it makes you wonder and sometimes I feel sorry for him as well because I know the feeling of holding on to someone in the hope of getting some attention.

She seems to be independent from him now and he needs to get that or he’ll look like that ex that can’t let go, I can’t blame her completely on this as much as I dislike her behavior, if it’s over then it’s over.

Sometimes I like to send my favourite creators anonymous messages saying positive things about what they make. Sometimes I do it off anon as well. I like doing it because I know how happy it can make people. 

I, personally, love it when someone says nice things like that about my work, so, if you like someone’s creations, tell them! You never know how bad of a day that they are having and you just saying that could cheer them up. It literally takes thirty seconds, maybe less, to send them a nice message.

I don’t have a lot of followers but for those who read this message on their dashboard:

Though supercorp(sg) is still my fandom and i do love them, i will also sometimes reblog other things because the show itself makes me angry and disgusted most times. so i’m sorry if there will be posts from other ships or other wlw characters as well but can you really blame me with the wreck that is superboy right now?

Hi. I’m Mushy.

I make surreal, sometimes cartoony, sometimes more detailed artwork that involves body horror, and strange things, and sometimes I just make fan art.

I also have a web comic about demons and the end of the world called CASTILLO, and you can find more about it on my blog @castillo-official.

Could I ask for a promo?

Even if you aren’t like a major fan of what I do.

It would mean a lot.

Wanna meet a lot of other artists and junk out there and spread my shit out. Thanks!


@serafiiina-redux tagged me to name five things that make me happy. I’m pretty sure at least a few other people tagged me last week including @sugarforsalt @daddynobucks and @morethananaveragebitch so I guess I should do this thing. I’m sorry I suck at tumblr sometimes. Anyway, five things that make me happy: 1. When my kids do something together and aren’t fighting, 2. When someone says they’ve missed me, 3. When I cook something I’ve never made before and everyone loves it, 4. When my makeup turns out just right, and 5. Sharing a laugh with friends especially if it starts out as one of my crazy internet rants. I always end up feeling like I exorcised my demons.

While i do technically sometimes make things for the fandom, I don’t consider myself an artist or a writer because I don’t post frequent enough, or have anything good enough to post

Bye bye space eating stash

Alright, so after the last knitting incident (the drawstring snapping when I went to draw the top of a hat shut so… yeah… 3 days of work unraveled in my hands.) it’s taken a while to want to bother picking up my looms again.

In related news, I have an abundance of DK yarn (thanks dad) and no projects for it… so I’m gonna throw 98% of it into a 10 stitch blanket. Well, attempt to.

This will cut down my hoard before we build my craft corner in the living room, and hopefully prompt me to just buy yarn as needed rather than buying “to use” with no project in mind.
It should also mean I need less storage, as we’re not stockpiling too much fabric when I start sewing but enough to last me through the summer with projects/be able to knock out a bunch of little projects and it’s all generic enough that I can use any of the fabric for any wee project.

xxmandarxx  asked:

I do have to ask one more thing though. Some people might think we're doing the same thing, but with Renee. Do you think we're also doing the same thing these other fans are doing? Like how we always point out her lies and other things she posts but on the other hand, I'm sure like me, everyone else here will feel sympathy for JR, his wife, and their whole family during this time. Only difference is, we didn't make fun of Paige getting leaked. I don't know. What do you think?

I try not to bulling , body shame or say a lot of negative things against her. However I do call her out when things don’t make sense and I have said things about her such as she’s unprofessional , average interviewer and I am sure many other things. I don’t think we make fun of Renee well sometimes with what she wears but that is all part of being on TV people especially women are going to talk about your hair , make up and what you wear. I don’t think most of us actively make fun of her. I don’t think any of us made fun of Paige we joked about the situation but that was about it. I hope this answered you question.