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Utena + Anthy, "Get in the arena, Utena!", Evangelion (aka comical). Hope that's good enough, lol.

“I’ll have your ring for you, if you want to come back.” Juri waited, expecting Utena to answer, hoping she’d even give the smallest indication of such a possibility.

“Don’t bother. I’ll never duel again.”

She stood at Ohtori’s gates, thinking that she’d never have seen the day that she would leave. But the pressure to fight the duels, to protect Himemiya, to revolutionize a world that did not seem to care for her, it was all too much for her to take any longer. Wakaba had gotten hurt, and it had been all her fault. The best thing she could do would be to end it all, or at least leave forever.

The dueling bells chimed before she could cross the threshold, and voices called out from the shadows. “Oh brave hero, don’t you know? You’re the only hope any of them have…” She set down her suitcase and reluctantly made her way to the forest.

Up the stairs, the hundreds and hundreds of steps. The scene she found was horrifying - Nanami had been thrown off to the side, both her saber and dagger out of reach. Anthy herself was now fighting off the greatest threat Ohtori had seen yet with the sword of Dios, but the monster was beginning to get the better of her.

“There’s something only you can do, Utena. All I can do before I die is this, but you have a choice.” She turned to her right to see Saionji, wearing his apron, watering a patch of watermelons. Closing her eyes, trying to erase the horrors and the absurdity she’d just witnessed, trying only to get a grip on her own reality and feelings, Utena suddenly found herself in a train car. Himemiya sat across from her, staring calmly.

“Did you try to understand your father, Utena?”

“My… What the hell are you talking about, Himemiya?  My parents have been dead for years.”

Anthy’s face remained expressionless. “Get in the arena, Utena.”

A sob escaped the reluctant Prince, her head in her hands. “I don’t want to!”

Anthy’s inflection took on urgency, anger, feelings Utena had never seen or heard her express. A light flashed from somewhere, reflecting brightly off the lenses of her glasses.

“Get in the fucking arena.”

i feel like everyone has this one character that stands above all, that’s the most precious, the most beautiful, the apple of one’s eye &etc - so you start pouring all of your favourite headcanons into this one character because they are the ~ideal, there’s no one who burns brighter - 

so at one point you have to physically stop yourself because no way that one poor character can fit them ALL in themselves & it’s AGONY

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14 15 1 2 3

Yay thank you.

14. Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.

15:Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?

HMMM. I do the expression thing I know that. I sometimes make the expression I’m drawing. I have bad posture and like to draw hunched over. MMM there is probably more but I just can’t think of it!

1:Take a picture of your workspace.

It’s basically my bed.

2:Show your pencilcase and what’s inside.

I don’t really have…a pencil case lol

Not included refills. more chocolate. 3 memory cards. some string. and a makeup brush.

3:Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is.

I’m tryng to draw a luffy postapoc reference picture ahahaha

When someone identifies with their favorite character it can say a lot about them. Whenever someone says “they are so me” believe them. Sometimes liking a favorite character they identify with is the closest thing to catch a glimpse of who they really are. Never tell anyone that they are talking about a fictional character too much, because deep down it could be the only thing thats been helping them battle their deepest insecurities. Even fictional characters can make a difference, regardless wither or not they are real.


Kisses That Could Have Been

”I sense that we, uh… we may be close.”


His face turns into something unsure and absurdly happy all at once and she cannot hold herself back any longer. Her hand tightens around his waist as she pulls him closer, her lips meeting his smile and she almost falls to her knees. It has been a lifetime without him and holding him again feels like breathing.


Despite the darkness whipping at the edges of her sanity, despite the savage wind pulling at her hair, despite the fact that yet again something is taking control of her life, dictating her destiny; despite it all, the tiniest smile curves at her lips as she kisses him one last time.

Her hand holds his against her heart that is beating a frantic rhythm, pushing away the surge of magic already pounding at the doors of her mind.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

She has snatched away one last piece of her will and it is the last thought she thinks before the darkness takes her.

She loves him.

And now he knows.

The Trouble with YouTube Fandoms

You learn to care too much real fast.


My Head Is An Animal

There is a war under her skin, marks littered upon the battlefield of her body. There is a crack in his heart, where he has lost once more. When a monster lives in your heart, when you have lost the woman you love, can you find a way back to one another?

A/N: Special thanks to shoedonym for listening to me whine about this on an hourly basis almost, to stunningswan for being a lovely beta and to swallowedsong for reading this when it had just begun and being excited about it. I love you all! <33

Rated: T | Words: 12553 | FF.NET

When the darkness comes it is not an oppressive, all consuming call to hate. It is not a rush of power or a draining of all emotion. It is not a burning in her veins or an ache in her head.

It is like light.

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because 也 is not "and"

So it’s pretty basic that 也 is only “also” or “and” when you are connecting right next to a verb. re: it always precedes a verb! ok so what do you use the rest of the time or when you want to mix it up. These are v basic example sentences but obviously you can put the structure into whatever more complex things your heart desires. Also google translate wont load and I do not want to pinyin right now :/ srry

noun 和 noun

ok you probably knew this one too, but still remember that it’s only for nouns. only!!

I ate buns and dumplings. (living that life)

adj 而 adj

uh yep, link up some adjectives. 

My friend is smart and hardworking.

verb 并 verb

This can be whole verbal clause, it doesn’t have to literally just be verb + verb.

Because I have three classes with her, we quickly became friends and understood each other.

big fancy list structure: 不但 …, 而且 …, 还

this is good when you need to list a couple clause-y things and want to upgrade from one activity per sentence. 

Teacher Liu has a wide variety of hobbies, for example not only going to the gym to work out, but also studying linguistics, and drinking local beer. 

bonus: “or” 或者 vs. 还是

还是 is typically for yes/no questions, or when there is only one possible answer. 或者 is for more complex questions or situations where the choices might not be exclusive. You can have your cake and eat it too. 

Friends, behold my latest project: the DK Barrel Tankard. Here it is after applying the stain. Once dry, all I have to do is clear coat it and cover the inside with epoxy. This thing is way bigger than I anticipated (it’s sitting on a wine bottle here, with only a few inches of clearance). I’ve estimated it’s capacity at 40oz. For extreme thirsts only.

Seamus who always knew he was gay because honestly like he can read the signs and they’re all neon and flashing men.

Dean who always assumed he was straight. He liked girls. He might’ve loved Ginny. He’ll always have a weird sort of thing for the assistant librarian.

Luna and Neville who occasionally eat breakfast with him and quietly giggle when he brings up Lupin or Lockhart. Dean who says shit like, “of course I’m religious, haven’t you seen Shay in his boxers?” or “but Neville’s got that boyfriend vibe to him, you know?” when Luna asks (because you can’t have a filter around Luna - some sort of weird hex, he bets).

And it. Piles up? Until one day he’s like. “Seamus, you’re queer. What’s up with this? Can you even like two genders” And Seamus is just like, “wondrous news friend, you can like any gender. You can even like me. In, like, any position man seriously I’ve waited actual years for you to get your shit together. Not to make too light of this but you should seriously think about making out with me.”

Neville groans. He owes Luna so many sugar quills now.