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Where did you go?

Michael x reader

I am so sorry this is so long and rambly but i looooove it. Michael leaves reader to deal with an abortion by herself and she comes back to small heath with or without a baby ;)

He would be home in a few minutes and you were unbelievably nervous to tell him that you were pregnant. He’d be a great dad, but it wasn’t the baby that worried you. It was you. Recently Michael had been doing more and more “business” with his cousins. He would never tell you what was troubling him, you would barely talk at all anymore. You saw each other a couple times a week, each time you’d hope he’d take you out or stay longer than an hour for sex. That never seemed to happen though. He wasn’t the Michael you fell in love with a year ago. He was a different person altogether. That’s when the door slammed open.
“What the hell is so urgent we have to meet now? I have places to be (Y/N). You look fine what do you want?” The tone in his voice made you want to cry, maybe you shouldn’t tell him. You swallowed the lump in your throat and stepped back from him.
“I’m pregnant”
“Well shit.” There were a few moments of silence you didn’t know what he was thinking but he was definitely thinking.
“I can get the money for your abortion to you tonight on my way to the garrison” This was the moment your heart broke, you let the tears brim over.
“No.” You whispered feeling absolutely crushed.
“Yes. You’re not keeping it don’t be so ridiculous.” He started to walk to the door but turned round on his heels.
“If you get it done before, I’ll be over on Thursday for an hour or so.”
“Are you fucking joking Michael.”
“I’m not your bloody whore.” This made Michael laugh under his breath before looking you dead in the eyes.
“Well, what are you then?”
“Get out of my fucking house. Get out!” And with that he walked out the door slamming it behind him. You slumped to the ground sobbing. There was no light in his eyes anymore he wasn’t the man you once knew. You cried for hours until you eventually fell asleep. When you woke up the next morning you went through to the kitchen. On your table was an envelope with the money Michael had promised you. And all of a sudden you were no longer sad just angry, you had so much rage. You packed your suitcase and phoned your mum telling her you were leaving for London and she could do whatever she wanted with the flat. She begged you to stay but nothing was keeping you hear having to see his face every day. You slammed the door behind you and walked to the train station ready to leave small Heath behind you.

A couple days later after Michael had come home from his bender. He’d had a good sleep and earful from Polly about being stupid and going out drinking for days he remembered his conversation with (Y/N). He drove from Pols country house to (Y/N)’s flat in small Heath.
“(Y/N)! Open up! Listen I’m sorry let me in!” He got quite the shock when (Y/N)’s mum opened up the door.
“Michael, didn’t she tell you?”
“Tell me what?”
“She’s gone.” And with that, his heart sank.
“What do you mean? Gone where?”
“London I believe, she said she needed to get away for a while, I’m sorry.”

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Friends - Tommy Shelby

Can I please request a Tommy imagine where the two of you are best friends but extremely close and flirty. Like you kiss, and hug and everyone can see that you and Tommy like each other but you never make any attempt to go into things. If that makes sense?? So not fwb, just kisses and cuddles. Thank you x

There he was, stood as fine-looking as ever. His eyes flickering over to you every now and again with a daring smile plastered on his face. You returned the actions and allowed your eyes to dance down his body, noting down the new suit that he had brought and his freshly cut hair. He was handsome, the most beautiful man in Small Heath and it made you wonder why he had no girl.

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Through Hell and High Water Chapter 3.

“She was his Queen and he was her King. Neither of them functioned without the other.” 

Part 2 

There was a time when Elouise Beechum would have welcomed Polly Gray to her table with open arms and a cup of tea. Times had changed, but Polly Grays ability to give a look that would make even the Devil run with his tail between his legs certainly hadn’t.

Elouises ability to form words suddenly ceased to exist. The woman who she had looked up to as a mother figure for most of her life and hadn’t seen in nearly two years was more frightening than ever. Before Elouise left Birmingham the relationship between the two women standing in the small room had never been complicated. Elouise had left on her own terms and at the time Polly had agreed with them. She also came back on her own terms, but the pain of seeing a familiar face opened old wounds that she thought had healed long ago.

“Well, don’t just stand there. We have things to discuss.” Polly sat down her paper, revealing two small cups of tea in stained porcelain glasses. Steam still rising out of them, she hadn’t been here long.

“Polly—” Elouise’s feet wouldn’t move, and her bag had fallen to the ground. How Polly found out she was coming back to Small Heath was beyond her. She had taken precautions, given fake names, and kept everything legit.

“You should look into a new place to live. The spiders in here give rats a run for their money.”  Polly sipped her tea and pushed the chair forward with her foot.  Elouise debated on turning around and walking out the door. Anything she had hoped for when returning to Birmingham was at the very back of her mind.  The reality of seeing Polly Gray sitting at her table was enough to make her want to run back to New York. She wasn’t ready, she could leave—get back on a ship and forget why she ever came back.  

“Before you think about runnin’ out that door, I’m the only one that knows you’re here.” The fact that Polly could still read her so easily probably meant that Elouise hadn’t changed as much as she thought she had. “If you want to see Ada, I’ll let her know where you’re stayin’, she won’t tell the boys.“

Elouise still debated on turning around and leaving Polly sitting alone at the table. Instead, for a reason she couldn’t understand, she sat down in the chair that was pushed closest to her. Still speechless she stared at Polly as she drank her tea.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost. Drink the damn tea before it gets cold.” Polly slid the second cup in front of her. Elouises hand was still shaking as she reached for the glass. “I’m not going to ask why you’re back, but you’re not going to be able to stay cooped up in this hole in the wall for long. Things have changed for us, and it’s not safe for anyone to be associated with The Shelby’s right now.”

“I saw trucks with ‘Shelby’ on them down the street. A lot has changed hasn’t it.” It wasn’t the first words that she wanted to say to Polly after two years of not seeing each other, but it was the only thing she could think of at the moment. Elouise new that the Shelby’s would always make something of themselves, it was just a matter of how fast they could actually do it.

“So, the prodigal daughter returns to the lion den.” Polly continued to sip on her tea as she stared at Elouise from across the table. The tension in the room was enough to smother anyone. The room had become quiet again as Polly reached down into her bag to pull out a set of keys and a folded up piece of paper.

“These are yours,” She tossed the keys towards Elouise, barely missing her still full cup of tea as they landed in front of her. “There’s a safe house here in Birmingham that I want you at by the end of the week.” Elouise had missed Polly’s ability to carry a tone that could scare even the strongest men into submission.

“I can’t.” Elouise found herself very interested in her tea as Polly raised her voice in anger.

“Like hell!”  Polly grabbed the keys out from in front of her and used them to point in her face. “You knew damn well coming back here meant you were going to see him, there’s no avoidin’ it! If you’re back here, then you listen to what I fucking tell ya. I’m having enough trouble controlling the boys, I don’t need to add you to the mix.” There was no winning when Polly had made up her mind, but Elouises stubborn nature was definitely a match.

“It’s nice to see you too, Polly.” Elouise had finally managed the courage to pick up her tea. She had missed Pols tea and the feeling of safety that came with it.

“I mean it Elouise, once the boys find out you’re here, so will everyone else.” The warning in her voice made a pit form in Elouises stomach. Polly’s tea was gone, and Elouise could tell that the conversation between the two of them was done. The older of two the stood up from the table. Leaving the two keys sat next to her tea cup.

Before she could walk out the door Elouise spoke up, “I’m not ready to see him yet, Pol.” With the quietness of her voice, she was surprised Polly could hear her.

“You’re going to have to see him eventually.” Polly placed a hand on her shoulder. “You and I both know that it would be better if he found out you’re back from you. Rather than anyone else.”

Elouise didn’t say anything as Polly walked towards the door. Her hand was about to turn the knob when Elouise stood up from her chair.

“How did you find out I was coming back?” Pol turned around and the look in her eyes was a mixture of mischievous and devilish.

“You don’t really want to know that do you?”

“Yes, I really do.” Polly turned back around and grabbed the door handle. She wasn’t going to answer the question and both women standing in the room knew it.

“I’ll let Ada Know you’re here, but I’ll give her the address that I gave you for the safe house. If you’re not there by Friday, I’ll send the whole clan after you.” With that, Polly Gray walked out the door, the keys and piece of paper she left were still taunting Elouise from the table.


February 1919

For so early on a weekday the Garrison was full of men spending what little money they had on pints and whiskey.  Ada and Elouise hadn’t seen any of the Shelby men besides Finn since the previous day. If anyone knew where they went it would be the man that ran the Garrison.

“Harry!” The barkeep was in his usual spot behind the counter, but when the two of them walked into the bar he suddenly found himself busy polishing a glass and avoiding conversation. “You wouldn’t happen to know where the three of them went last night would you?” Elouise didn’t have to say who she was talking about, the only time Elouise and Ada would enter the Garrison before nine p.m. would be if they were looking for the Shelby men.

“Haven’t seen ‘em” Harry kept rubbing the rag on the same glass, never making eye contact with the girls. As if he could feel their accusing looks that the two of them were giving him he focused his attention on a man at the end of the bar. Who by the looks of it had been drunk since the war ended.

“Harry, when have you ever lied to us?” Ada and Elouise had both made themselves comfortable on two barstools at the end of the counter. The girls and Harry had always had an understanding. He would quietly pass on information to them and in turn, they paid off any cost that was left over from Arthurs tabs at the end of the month.

“More whiskey, Donovan?” The drunk man who they assumed he was talking too grunted some sort of agreement. Harry still avoided eye contact as he poured the man his drink and returned back to shining his glass.

“Well, I guess we’ll have to find out on our own then.” Elouise glared at Harry as she hopped off her barstool and headed towards the door with Ada following behind her. If they weren’t at the Garrison and they hadn’t been back since last night, there were only a few more places that they could be. Fully prepared to spend the rest of the morning looking for her fiancé and his brothers she continued walking out of the Pub.  She didn’t get far before the men they were looking for walked straight through the swinging doors.

“Well, who would’ve thought we would find the Shelby brothers spending their morning in a pub.” Ada weaved her arm through Elouises and pulled her back to the bar. Elouise followed her, purposefully avoiding eye contact with Tommy as the three brothers walked towards the counter with them.

“What the hell have you three gotten yourselves into?” Elouise looked over at the boys as Ada scolded Arthur for something she would probably hear about later. John and Arthurs’s hands were bruised and the cuts on Tommy’s told her that they had all three had a busy night.

“You know, John. I told Thomas that if ya’ were looking for some muscle those school girls can get pretty scrappy. He should’ve warned ya’.” She still focused her attention on the two younger brothers, completely ignoring Tommy in the process. She heard Arthur mumble something that was probably an insult and focused her attention back on her drink. She swiveled her chair around so that she was facing away from the brothers and ordered a whiskey. She could feel Tommy’s eyes just as much as she felt the burn of alcohol down her throat.

“Make that two.” Tommy was closer to her than she realized. If she moved her chair at all she would touch him. His voice was rougher than usual as if he had been yelling at something or someone.  It was just a piece of the puzzle about what he and his brothers had been up to last night.  

“You sound like you had a rough night.” Elouise sipped on her whiskey, the accusing tone in her voice was enough to make Harry pour Thomas his drink and leave quickly. She sipped on her whiskey still avoiding looking at him as she focused on the bottles of rum that sat across the bar.

“If you’re drinkin’ whiskey this early you must’ve had a rough night yourself.” Without her realizing it he had moved to stand next to her. His elbows resting on the edges of the bar. With his whiskey in one hand, he sat his hat down in front of her. The razor blades sewn into the seams were spotted with dried blood. She turned to face him and tilted her head as she tried to pick up any more clues of to where he had been last night. His suit was dirty and the same one he had on since yesterday, he had bags under his eyes and the way he was looking at her told her not to ask.

“You wouldn’t know anything about my night though would you?” She said as she focused her attention back on her whiskey and downed the last of the brown liquid. The glass was now empty, much like the bed she woke up in.  “Being that you didn’t come home last night.”

“I had business I needed to take care of” Tommy finished the last of his drink and slid the glass to Harry.

“The only business you should be taking care of right now is your fiancé at home, in a big bed, all by herself. Who knows what could have happened.” She knew exactly what to say to make him tick and the low laugh of agreement told her that she would be the winner of this argument.

“Well,” Tommy turned to face her. She could feel all the eyes in the bar staring at them. A King fighting with his Queen. His lips were next to her ear and he whispered in a voice that was quiet enough for just her to hear “If me being away bothered you that much, I promise I’ll be home tonight and that big bed will feel much, much, too small.”

She turned her head slightly so she could see the brightness of his blue eyes. They were tired and hid secrets that even she would never know about. She didn’t care. She was his Queen and he was her King. Neither of them functioned without the other.

“I’ll have to hold you to that, Mr. Shelby.” Her voice was barely above a whisper. Everyone around them was no doubt enjoying the spectacle. The two of them were close enough that if either of them moved an inch their lips would touch. She debated on whether or not to give the men in the pub something to look at, something to run home and tell their wives about.

She hopped off the bar stool leaving Tommy standing frozen in place. The look that was plastered on his face was enough to make her laugh.

“Come on, Ada!” She headed towards the doors of the Garrison. “Let us leave the boys to brood over their secret business while we go spend their hard earned money.”

She was almost to the door before Danny Whizzbang came busting through turning over tables. She didn’t have time to move before one came flying towards her and knocked her to the ground. The sound of shattering glass and screaming from the boys was all that filled the pub. Danny was yelling about someone trying to kill him, Tommy was screaming at him to calm down.

She could feel the pain in her side where the table had hit her, and she must have fallen on a broken pint, her arm was burning and her sleeve was being stained red. Her head was spinning, probably from the fall. Before she realized Ada was slowly helping her off the ground, helping her to a bar stool as the boys escorted Danny out of the bar.

“Are you alright?” Ada was holding Harrys rag to her arm when she got it Elouise didn’t know. Elouise didn’t answer, instead, she kept staring at the floor waiting for the room to stop spinning.

“El?” Ada brushed her hair back from the front of her face and tried to lift Elouises head to make her look at her.  “Tommy! Her arms in bad shape.” The pub had quieted down, only a few men arguing about something that she couldn’t properly make out.

“Harry, a bottle of rum.” Tommy replaced Ada standing in front of her. His hand rested against her cheek as he forced her to look at him. His eyes went back and forth, for what she assumed was to make sure she wasn’t hurt on her head, and then averted his attention back to her arm.

It was the first time she looked at it, and the broken glass had left a decent sized gash on her forearm. Tearing through her sleeve and staining it crimson. She’d have to throw it out.

“Shame,” Her voice wasn’t as shaky as she expected it to be. “You’ll have to buy me a new dress.” She looked back up at Thomas as he popped the bottle of rum open with his teeth. She knew what was coming and took a deep breath to prepare herself for it.

“I’ll buy you whatever you want, but hold still.” He didn’t give her any other warning than that as he poured the alcohol over the wound. Her arm was on fire and Tommy had to hold her wrist to keep her still. She would rather have another cut up her other arm than deal with the fire that was running up her arm. Thank god Tommy sat down the bottle of rum before she screamed loud enough for the entire of Small Heath to hear.

“Let’s go home, you need to be cleaned up.” Tommy held her hand gently and led her out of the Garrison. “Send the bill to the Peaky Blinders! We’ll take care it.”

With that, The King led his Queen home, away from any prying eyes.


So sorry this took so long! Hope you enjoy it! 

Thanks to everyone that left feedback and love for the last chapter! If you have any prompts, let me know! 


Long Way Home - Part 3

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Tommy hangs around for a short while once we reach the house to make sure I’m settled. He starts a fire, happy to demonstrate once I explain the reason I have no idea how to operate the damn thing is because it was too warm in the states to need a fire, not because the only heating I’ve ever known was controlled by a thermostat in the hall…

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Arthur’s your single dad with PTSD

You love your father. You always had and always would, but it was hard when you sometimes had to be the strong one. Your mother had died when you were four, whilst your father was going through a rough spot. He was drinking a lot and she got drunk one night with him, she fell into the cut and never came home. You didn’t remember her, it was unfortunate really, but you had a terrible memory. When she died, your father went mad, insane even. He couldn’t look after you and he scared you more than anything. As a four year old, you didn’t understand what was going on. He would be yelling and crying all the time and you couldn’t do anything.

He never got violent with you, but he got violent with random people. You would just be walking hand and hand with him down the road as you laughed and he smiled down at you. But then someone would accidentally bump into him and he would turn into a vicious animal. Your father would let go of your hand and start yelling at the person who was either apologising or (very rarely) fighting back. If it turned into a full on fight you’d go and hide somewhere, crying. Eventually, your Great Aunt Polly took you away from your father. You lived with your Aunt Ada in London with and her nine year old son, Carl.

Your father didn’t seem to understand that you needed stability from him. You loved him, but whenever you saw him, every other weekend or whatever, hello was the same as goodbye. He couldn’t take care of anyone and he didn’t want to tell you how he felt. You didn’t know what it was like for the ‘Great Arthur Shelby’ to practically lose his only child because he never talked to you. He scared you. You weren’t ashamed to say it. He was a scary man, a violent man and you didn’t want to be like him.

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Two Weeks - Tommy Shelby

Request: Could you do the movie “Two Week Notice” in the Peaky Blinders universe?? where Tommy relays too much on his assistant which drives her crazy, then she quits and they search for a replacement. - @samascara 

Two Weeks - Tommy Shelby

It was five o’clock in the morning. Or at least it had been when banging on your door had woken you and possibly all your neighbours. You had dressed quickly, opened the door, and found one of Tommy Shelby’s men standing in the hallway.  

“Ma’am,” he tipped his cap to you, “Mr. Shelby says it’s urgent.”  

“Does he?” You were certain the sarcasm was evident in your voice. Even so you followed the Blinder out to a car that was waiting for you.  

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I was wondering if you could do one about the boys hiring a girl to teach Finn to read and they fall for each other.

“Don’t know where the bloody hell she gets it from,” your brother laughed to Thomas watching your brow furrow as you flicked through the pages of a very worn out book. He had brought you along to his work just as he had to pick up a few things before you headed out to the shops together. He worked for the blinders and very closely alongside Tommy after knowing the family for years.

“How old is she now anyway?” Thomas asked.

“Just turned 17.”

“She always was smart, wasn’t she? Remember Finn talking about her like she was a bloody god and how she read poetry like no other when he came home from school years ago.” Both men chuckled at Finn’s expense remembering how fixated he used to be with you. That was years ago you hadn’t seen him since you were about 8.

“How is our Finn getting on anyway?”

“Oh fine, he’s fairly come along I just wish the boy could bloody read or write would make him a lot more useful and a lot more comfortable around the office.”

“He still can’t read? How old is he now?”

“Nope had real troubles when he was in school apparently and then we pulled him out when he was only young. Will be turning 18 in the next few months.”

“Why don’t we get (Y/N) to try to teach him,” your brother suggested. Tommy raised his eyebrows clearly interested in the idea. “She has far too much knowledge for her own good may as well put it to some good use.”

“You know what that might be a very good shout.”

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independent | tommy shelby

reader is the leader of a gang, she is strong and independent and after some business her gang and the peaky blinders meet, tommy is immediately smitten by her

send requests here and prompt list is here

Originally posted by ohfuckyeahcillianmurphy

Driving down the dark, smoky streets, your heart raced. After months of threats, you were finally about to meet the peaky blinders.  

It had all started after one of the blinders had beat up a member of your gang, putting them in hospital. Threats had started soon after that and both gangs decided to mutually meet at Small Heath. They promised that they would bring no guns but you wasn’t going to take the risk, you were already a man down because of Tommy’s antics.  

“We are here, boss.” Amy said, as she parked the car. You looked up the road and saw all the blinders. Some stood with guns in their hands, others stood with cigarettes.  

“You all go up first. Do not get your guns out until they start firing. Pass the message on.” You told me.

All of your members got out of the multiple cars, you could faintly hear them mumbling your instructions to each other. You heart started to race as you watched them walk up. The thrill and excitement was starting to get to you and you wasn’t going to admit it to the members of your group but something about meeting Tommy Shelby had stirred something inside of you. Something good, not bad.  

“Which one of you is the leader?” You beard Tommy shout. “All we want to do is talk.”  

“Their in the car.” Amy shouted back.  

“Well tell them that I want to see them.”  

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We’re All Mad Here - Part Three

(Part One, Part Two)

Submitted by Alice

You didn’t know exactly when it had happened, but somewhere in between reliving your moments with Henry and watching the scenery whip by, you’d fallen asleep with your head resting against the passenger window. You were only jolted awake at the sound of some unfamiliar, industrial banging noises assaulting you from all sides.

You were definitely not in the village anymore.

When you opened your eyes, your uncle was pulling straight into the heart of Small Heath, and your breath caught in your throat. You could have been in an entirely different land, for how different Small Heath was compared to what you were used to.

All around you were graying buildings, squat and covered in layers of ash. Back at home, you could stand on your front porch and see pure green for miles—stretching out in front of you bare and empty. Here, all you saw was gray—gray smoke and gray people, milling about in the mud and dirt. Men with their heads down, hands in pockets, and a dangerous air about them. Children covered in black soot running and dodging between women holding shapeless bundles in their arms. Girls who were almost certainly prostitutes, flashing their calves on the corner, red lips split into stapled-back smiles.\

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Such Sweet Sorrow - Finn Shelby

Hi I love your work, it’s really good. Could you do an imagine where y/n is from another gang (bigger than Peaky Blinders) and Fin takes an interest in her but breaks her heart. Then her family could come after him and the Shelby’s need to save him.

Part One |


My father’s decided a family trip to Birmingham is in order. And by ‘family’ I mean all the important gang members, my father, my brother and my sisters. Mother, as always, has refused to have anything to do with the ‘business’, although more than happy to reap the benefits, she’d rather not get her hands dirty. I on the other hand, have had no choice.

“Look at the four of you, all pretty as a picture, lovely even number. The whole aesthetic don’t work if one of you ain’t there,” is what father had said. But I know what he really means is; ‘we’re off to meet the Shelbys, four brothers for four sisters, the whole deal doesn’t work if one of you ain’t there.’

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Dangerous - John Shelby

Request: request for a John imagine where you don’t quite realise how dangerous he is bc you haven’t been dating that long until your walking back from the shops one day and you see him beating up a guy because he said some bad shit about you and u run away cos ur scared but then John finds u and comforts you. Thank u X

Request: Can I ask one with John where he get jealous when someone flirt with reader? Something like really jealous ahahhah I love your fics you are amazing at writing 😍😍😍 - @buckybear-ivar

Dangerous - John Shelby

You had moved to Small Heath from Newcastle two months ago when your grandfather wrote to your mother to tell her that he was sick. He had left his dowry, which he had accumulated after years of work and saving, to you (his only grandchild) and your father felt it was important that you go down to be with him in his last months as repayment for his generosity. So you had packed a few belongings and travelled down to Small Heath.  

There were a few things that your grandfather was eager to tell you about Small Heath when you first arrived. It was his home and he was proud of it but he cautioned you against some of the neighbors. The Shelbys, according to your father, were devils. He told you to stay as far from the Shelby family as you possibly could but, if you were to see them, be polite.  

“Are they really that bad?” You’d laughed at the stories your grandfather told you.  

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What If

Michael Grey x reader

This might be a thing like a little series, I’m not sure yet. we will see.

When everything got too much for michael hed go sit on the same bench at the train station. Hed spend hours alone sat on the bench watching the trains come and go thinking what if. When pressure was high or things were tough he thought what if he just left. He never would, obviously. He loved his life here in small heath but the possibilities out there were endless. Playing what if was fun but it wasn’t a reality. That was until he met you.

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nurse | tommy shelby

reader was a nurse in the war and she suffers from ptsd/shell shock, her n tommy reunite and they talk about it

send requests here 

Originally posted by ohfuckyeahcillianmurphy

The first few months after the war had ended were the toughest. Waking up in the middle of the night, covered in sweat was something that you feared. It wasn’t every night that it happened but you were lucky if you got at least one decent nights sleep every week. All you could see in your dreams were the dead bodies of the young men that you saw everyday.  

Coming back to Small Heath after the war had ended was something that you needed. You realised how lucky you was. You moved away from the area when you was ten and moved up north with your parents. Leaving your best friend, Tommy Shelby, was one of the hardest things that you’d done. It didn’t compare to being a nurse in the war though.  

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One day

Originally posted by awhoreslies

Request -  “Are you trying to rip my heart out right now? Because that’s what you’re doing.” With John? idea from one of @soprompt ’s posts

John Shelby - One day

You hadn’t seen the actual murder, just the aftermath. The pools of blood coagulating on the stone floor, some splattered across the walls and furniture from the brute force used. You felt strangely compelled to take in the scene before you but there was no time, bodies hurried from the room, their hands dragging you with them. You didn’t have the chance to ask questions, darting through the chaos in the hope of an escape route, trying to keep up with the flow of the people around you. The frantic cries and shrieking of whistles accompanied the panic, along with the roar of Tommy’s voice shouting orders at his men from somewhere in the house. You rounded a corner, coming to a window at the back of the house which looked to have already been discovered by some of the men as the glass now lay in pieces across the floor. You froze, knowing you needed to get out but your body wouldn’t let you. Your eyes darted around the room, your breathing uneven. It was the whistles growing closer and the first sight of police in the house that gave you incentive to move.

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anonymous asked:

Can I ask for a scenario where Heath's girlfriend is going through a hard time at home with her family but she didn't want to bother him with it. She'd been acting weird and he found out when he overheard her complaining to one of her friends about it.

Whoops, this got a bit long, but I hope you’ll enjoy it! ~ Mod Narii

You were acting odd these past days. Very odd.

Your boyfriend Heath, who had experience in looking after his kouhais, noticed the subtle details of what seemed to be discomfort on your traits since the start of the week. You barely paid attention in class, despite your usual diligence with studies. You were so much more distracted during lunch break. When you actually paid attention to him, the corners of your lips never reached their full extent when you smiled.

As it was lunch break, you two had decided to meet up together on the rooftop as usual.  “Oi, _____.” His eyes gazed upon your sitting form beside him, the wind blowing lightly the strands by the side of your visage.

Startled by the stern tone of his voice, your eyes rose from your bento box and bore into his. “Y-Yes, Heath?”

“Are you okay?” Judging by the careful, scanning manner he gazed at you, you understood that it wasn’t only a simple, polite question: he was genuinely worried, and you were close to telling him from your lips the problems you were facing at home.

But you loved him and cared too much about your lover to bother him with such insignificant problems. Forcing a transparent smile that belied insecurity, you proceeded to eat a piece of your bento as happily as you could. “I’m perfectly fine! Geez, seeing you so serious is scaring me!”

The doubt in Heath’s eyes indicated he didn’t quite believe your statement, but he decided to press no further and proceeded to plant a soft kiss on the side of your head. “Are you saying I don’t look serious most of the time?”

The following day, last night harbored a particularly eventful evening. It had anxiety crawling under your skin like ants. During the whole day, your mind was focused on preventing tears from overflowing as thoughts from yesterday tormented you over and over. You definitely didn’t want to attract your boyfriend’s attention, so you glued your gaze into your notebook, biting your lip as you felt your throat grow sore from the pressure of wanting to cry.

It was an awful morning for you in class, but a small, temporary relief appeared under the form of lunch break. Seeing Heath discuss with his classmates, you took the opportunity to flee discreetly into the hallway. You believed you were doing the right thing. Heath was always so kind to you and you steeled yourself with the thought that he did not need to hear about your small problems.

Your frail steps led you through the hallway until a friendly voice called out to you: you immediately recognized one of your close friends’ voices. Since you were in separate classes, you didn’t have time to meet up with her in a long while. With a familiar agreement, you both made your way together on the rooftop.

The slight reassurance you felt at her sight was a blessing from the negativity you were feeling all day: you hugged her tightly and the dam was open. You felt the tears flow one by one out of the corners of your eyes as you started to truly voice out the concerns that have been running through your mind for the past few days. Your good ally, despite being quite startled at the suddenness of your mood, held you against her and listened patiently. After a while, a small question popped out. “Does Heath know?”

The shake of your head held a negative answer.

“Well, now he does.” You soon felt her tone soften as her arms let you go before turning you around.

Your boyfriend stood there, a rather disappointed and worried expression etched on his traits. Understanding it was a critical moment, your friend apologized slightly with a slight smile and proceeded to leave you two alone.

God, you felt such an awkward duo of emotions at this point: fear of facing his understandable anger and embarrassment for being caught of lying about your mental well-being. “H-Heath, I-I…”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” What you expected to be a harsh tone with anger turned out to be one of hurt. He stepped tentatively towards you, as if he was worried of scaring you away.

“It’s just… I didn’t want to bother you with such troublesome things. You have the stride club to worry about an-“ You tried to explain yourself, but his arms encircled and pulled you against his strong chest.

“Idiot. You’re such an idiot, _____.” He whispered into your ear with an exasperated sigh. “I’m your boyfriend, not some stranger. I told you I’d be there for you no matter what.”

You never really could resist his warm embraces. As you melted into his chest, you started to sob. “I’m sorry, H-Heath…! I-I just didn’t know how to tell you…”

He pulled away slightly, taking in the hurtful sight of his significant other crying. With a gentle wipe of your cheek, he smiled slightly. “Well, now’s a good time to talk about it.”

Seeing Heath smile only for you really was one of the best perks of being his beloved. You could feel the corners of your lips swerve slowly upwards as you nodded. It was undeniable that this event brought the both of you closer, and whenever you felt like your world was collapsing, Heath was there to keep you grounded.

Reaction to the Christmas Cheer


“I already made a list of movies to watch! Dami, get the popcorn!”


“Wait for me, Grayson, I am quite curious to see how this man dressed in red suit slips through chimneys to deliver presents and how he can control an army of small elves to elaborate said presents”


“Wait, You haven’t told the demon that Santa Clause is ficti…”

“Fantastic!!!, Timlet, Santa Clause is fantastic and way real and if you want that amazing X-box game we saw the last time we went to the mall then you will agree with me, won’t you Timmy??”


“Fuck, Goldie, the last time you got the Demon into a holiday cheer things did not turn out well, we’re still paying the ‘easter bunny’ heath insurance" 

promises | michael gray

the reader and michael are good friends, eventually leads to a relationship but then he moves to small heath and makes promises that he can’t keep

Originally posted by mickeyandmumbles

When you were a young girl, everyone would joke about how you and Henry would end up together. You would both shake your head and laugh, knowing that the chances of it happening were slim. Henry was an attractive boy, had been since he was around 13 and he would never look at you twice. He saw you as his best friend, little sister even. There was only a months difference between the two of you but it didn’t stop Henry constantly teasing you.

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