things you say on a regular basis

A collection of posts which have earned Robert Small suspensions from the forums of

  • “No no no, it’s the Dover Ghost. Don’t challenge me, kid, I know what the fuck I’m talking about.”
  • “The Dover Ghost is a completely different thing from the Dover Demon. The Dover Demon is pussy shit. Get out of here.”
  • “Yes, I did say I was hunting with my boyfriend. I’m bisexual, Chad. You got a fucking problem with that, you little shit? You act so tough - I bet you’ve never even seen a naked woman. You’re just jealous I have sex on a regular basis. You talks shit about my man again and they won’t find your fucking body, jackass.”
  • “what t he fuckk??? fuck u kiddo. wha tthe shit do u kno? i’ll hav u know i’v e personallly seen 3 whol cryptozoologies”
  • “I admit I was drunk when I posted that, but I stand by the sentiment. Fuck you.”
  • “I’m going to drive to West Virginia right now and tear down that fucking Mothman Idol with my bare hands. I’ll do it. Don’t fuck with me.”
  • “If demons aren’t real, how come one fucked me on a yacht and never returned my calls, huh?”
The Houses as Spouses
  • Gryffindor: plans couple activities without telling you, comes home with pets out of the blue, makes friends for the both of you, introduces you to them with huge grins on their faces, can't keep anniversary presents secret, will refer to your pets as your children
  • Hufflepuff: spontaneous duvet days, will fight anyone who is rude about you, will support everything you do, bakes lots, likes to remind you they love you at random times, surprises you with cute things all the time, can be trusted to keep any of your secrets
  • Slytherin: flirts even though you're married, knows exactly when you have something to say, protective of you in new situations, likes to tell random strangers you're married just so they are aware, suggests you get matching tattoos on a regular basis
  • Ravenclaw: always adding new decorations to your house, debates about everything and anything, being woken up at 3am with random questions about the universe, remembers all your favourite things 17 years after you told them, journeys are either planned 4 months in advance or not at all

Long-term abuse can leave you with a deep-seated need to be hurt.

This isn’t exactly news; basically any expert will tell you the same. But I don’t think a lot of people who haven’t been through it really understand what it’s like. You’re used to being hurt on a regular basis, and any interruption to this pattern? Is dangerous. It’s a sign that things are about to take a turn for the worse - that they’re bottling shit up to explode eventually, or they’re playing some new game you don’t know how to navigate, or they’re withholding the little bit of affection that made the bad times survivable.

So when we finally escape, for a lot of us, there’s this creeping, ever-growing anxiety as we go longer and longer without getting hurt. Eventually, it’s screaming, drowning out any voice in our heads that says “No, this is okay, it’s safe.” A lot of us wind up pulling risky shit, deliberately getting into danger, to find some relief, any relief for that feeling.

But no matter what, it’s not gonna go away easily. Even if we find ourselves with healthy, caring, respectful, sensitive partners, there’s that anxiety-voice in the back of our brains going “If they’re not hurting you now, what are they planning? Do they even love you at all? Are they just using you?”

It needs managed and dealt with somehow.

Long-term abuse can leave you with a deep-seated need for control.

This isn’t exactly news; basically any expert will tell you the same. But I don’t think a lot of people who haven’t been through it really understand what it’s like. You’re used to control being taken away so you can be used and hurt without consequence, so anything that takes control? Is a threat. It’s a sign that pain is coming - maybe the person taking it was just being friendly until you got close enough to stab, or they were really just cozying up because you were useful, or they want an obedient little puppet instead of you.

So when we finally escape, for a lot of us, there’s this screaming terror response to anything that threatens to take control away from us. It can paralyze us, leave us unable to leave the house because this, this is an environment we can control, this is what safety feels like. A lot of us can slip into abusive patterns ourselves, as our overwhelming need for control makes us take it away from others.

But no matter what, it’s not gonna go away easily. Even if we find ourselves with healthy, caring, respectful, sensitive partners, there’s that anxiety-voice in the back of our brains going “They just made a decision involving both of you. This is how it starts. How long until you’re back in the cage?”

It needs managed and dealt with somehow.

Fortunately, there’s a convenient answer a lot of us can turn to - a way we can be hurt when we need to be hurt, have control when we need control, all under conditions we personally negotiated and accepted. The rules and boundaries are clear, and if it ever gets too much, hits too close to home, we can stop it immediately.

Is it really any surprise that kink is fucking full of abuse survivors?

And do you understand now why we’re so fucking pissed when you compare it to abuse?

Things I, an INTJ, say on a regular basis

“What am I doing with my life?”

“Ugh can you not?”

“What the fuck is wrong with people?!”

“I should stop procrastinating now…on second thoughts, lemme do *an activity I have never done and know nothing about and had no prior interest in*”

“why can’t people shut the door when they leave?”

Someone says something. Me internally: “Wrong.”

“Why is this place so crowded? Haven’t people heard of birth control?”

“Wow…this is fascinating.”

“I can’t wait to get home”

“What is the purpose of this futile existence? What is the meaning of life? Why do we exist only to struggle endlessly?”

“I feel so inspired. I’m going to start working on my goals right now.” *Doesn’t stop scrolling through memes*

“But why?”

“I should read something.”

“…I should probably respond to all those texts and emails now. Ugh maybe later.”

“But how?”

“I wish I had more people to talk to…”

*considers crying and despairing for 0.25 seconds* “lol nah, that’d be so lame.”

Sketches (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you become Steve’s model when Bucky is nowhere to be found.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,237

A/N: An anon requested “The reader hanging out with Steve until Bucky arrives”, so here it is! This takes place between “The Honeymoon Phase” and “Jealousy”

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - I treasure you and your editing, always

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“Sit still.”

“I‘m trying,” you counter, fighting the urge to glare at Steve.

“Don’t talk,” He instructs with a click of his tongue, sounding like an impatient mother addressing a misbehaving child.

This time, you have to physically force yourself not to frown or stick your tongue out at him. The only thing that keeps you rooted in place is knowing that if you move now, Steve will have to start all over again and that’s something you don’t want. You don’t even want to be here right now, perched on a stool, trying not to move a muscle to prevent Steve from reprimanding you for the fourth time in half an hour.

This is all Bucky’s fault. He’s the one who told you to stop by the apartment even though he wasn’t there. You were unaware of that fact when you knocked on his door and were greeted by Steve, who looked a little too excited to see you.

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I have been grading math homework and quizzes for the last couple of years, working with a number of professors and graduate teaching assistants, and I see students making the same mistakes over and over again. I hear the same complaints from other professors, GTAs, and graders. I thought I would throw out some advice that might help your grades, or at least endear you to the person in charge of them.

I think these tips will apply to any class in which you turn in problem sets on a regular basis, and you might be able to apply some of this to things like lab reports, but I am mostly focusing on undergrad-level math, computational or proof-based. I hope it goes without saying, but first and foremost you should do what your instructor, not a stranger on the internet, tells you to do.

So, if I am grading your homework, here is what I would like you to do:


The harder it is for me to grade, the less points you are likely to get. That’s not just me being spiteful - if I don’t see your answer to a problem, I can’t read your handwriting, or I don’t understand how you got from point a to point z, it is going to be very hard for me to award you points. I try to be generous, as do most people I know, but we can only do so much for you.


What are you trying to accomplish in these assignments? How do you do that?

 - You are trying to practice the course material to get a better understanding. So, do all the work assigned to you, and don’t just copy it from your friend (we can tell) or a solutions manual (we can really tell)

- You are trying to communicate to me (and to yourself!) that you understand the course material. I don’t need to see all of your scratch work or first attempts, but I need to see how you arrived at your answer, and I need to know what your answer is. I urge you to type or neatly rewrite your finished assignment before you turn it in. Please highlight your answers with a box, a circle, or some other indicator. If you’re writing a proof, start with “Proof:” and end with “QED” or a tombstone (or even a smiley face!) so I know what I’m supposed to be evaluating. Your work should be readable - in terms of handwriting, spacing, and yes, even grammar. It should follow a logical order so that someone reading it can understand what you’re doing. Explain your steps if you think you need to. And if a problem tells you to use a certain formula, theorem, or method, use it.

 - You are trying to learn from your mistakes. Of course this varies from grader to grader, but in general, we spend a lot of time giving you feedback, so please write something!!! I can’t help you if you don’t even attempt a problem. And for what it’s worth, while this isn’t true of everyone, a lot of people (myself included) will almost never give 0 points if it looks like an honest attempt has been made. If you have no idea what to do with a problem and it’s the last minute, it might be worth it to write down what you’re confused about - “I thought I could do this using integration by parts, but I couldn’t work out what to use for u and dv” is something I can respond to, and hopefully give you some help!


Most of the time, I can and will take off points for style. Some instructors have a certain number of points worked into their grading rubric for style. Here are some suggestions!

 - Staple your f&*%ing homework!!!!! No, do not fold over the corner. Don’t tape several sheets together. Staple it. With an actual, metal staple.
   –> It never hurts to write your name on every page, and number your pages as well. Just make it as hard as possible for me to lose a page.

 - Do not turn in paper with those spiral-bound frills on the edge. Most spiral-bound notebooks are perforated, so tear along the perforation! Otherwise, please use printer paper, loose-leaf binder paper, or really anything else…

 - …anything except neon pink paper. I’m only saying this because it’s in my grading pile right now and I am dreading it. Use conventional paper!!!! I don’t care much about the ruling, but it should be white, or very nearly. Yellow legal pad paper is pushing it. Engineering paper is fine.

 - And on that note, please write in a conventional color. Black, blue, gray, or very near those colors. It should be dark. It should be readable. It should definitely not be red. I personally don’t grade in red, but a lot of people do, and regardless of that, it is hard to read large chunks of red text.

 - I know I said this already, but: rewrite your homework. Seriously. If it is anything but straightforward computations, it is going to get messy, and fast. Do your scratch work on a separate sheet of paper, and then write up a final copy with everything you want me to see, and nothing you don’t.
   –> If you can, type it! Here is a post by @munirastudies to get you started with LaTeX, which is very useful for typesetting technical and symbol-heavy text. The benefit to typing your homework is that it’s easy to go back and edit!

That’s all I have for now! Please feel free to message me with any questions or suggestions you have! I hope this is helpful to someone :)

edit: here are suggestions other people added! [x]

No Happy Endings | Wonho [M]

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Warnings: Strong language and implications of sex.

word count: 3,718

“Hey, what ya’ reading today?” The librarian asks with a smile.

Part 1: The Thing About Keeping Schedules

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Imagine being a hero but Joker getting obsessed with you and trying to seduce you. Resulting in killing a man who disrespects you to prove his point.

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Why must I attract all the crazy guys?” you sighed, throwing your phone on the table and leaning back in your chair.

Wait-” Diana looked at you with a frown “Didn’t you to use to be in a relationship?” she motioned between you and Bruce and you shrugged.

Exactly what I meant.” you mumbled as Barry snickered and Bruce gave you a look.

Not funny.” he mumbled, his attention back on the big screen in front of him.

What crazy guy is it this time though? Do we know him?” Diana asked again and you chewed on your lower lip.

Probably the craziest of them all.” you mumbled “Totally insane.” you whispered mostly to yourself, and oh how right were you.

“Insane” you whispered to yourself as you took a step out of the car and stared right in front of you “This is totally insane.” you breathed out staring at the familiar club’s sign.

“I must have gone insane too.” you mumbled to yourself, but you shook your head and decided to take the remaining steps to the front entrance.

You didn’t bother to stay in line and wait, instead you walked up to the bodyguards in the entrance. You didn’t know what their reaction would be, knowing as most people recognized and knew you as the superhero that would save them on a regular basis, and this was a place for criminals. They would surely not let you as easily, right? Well, wrong. The two men shared a look, the one mumbling something to other before they opened the way for you.

“Please, do come Miss (Y/l/n). Mr J has been waiting for you.” the one of the two said and they let you in as if you were some high class VIP. You couldn’t say that was the best thing considering you were talking about the one and only Joker and his minions.

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A Life You Deserve (John Wick x Reader)

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Who ever thought that The Boogeyman could fall in love. 

SPOILER FREE FIC consisting of 100% sappy fluff. 

A very loose Part II to this (x) – though it can easily be read on its own. 

John lay on his side next to you. His eyes were closed. His body was relaxed. His breathing was steady. If you didn’t know better, you’d think he was just a man lulled into a slumber because it was a basic, human need. Instead, you marveled at the fact that the Boogeyman slept.

Instances like these were so rare. In the year you’d been with him, you’d only been able to spend  a handful of nights together, and you’d learned to treasure every moment. Perhaps that was why you could never sleep when he was by your side. He always looked so vulnerable, and even in the safety of The Continental, you still felt the need to watch over him. You’d grown to love John more than you could comprehend, and with that love came the constant need to keep him safe. Naturally, he’d assure you that he was perfectly fine—usually as the Continental’s doctor administered him sutures after a job—then change the subject. But you were stubborn, so if he wasn’t going to let you protect him while he was awake, then you’d do it when he was unconscious and had no say in the matter.

In the mornings, he went right back to real life. There was no groggy twilight to ease him in. It was always an alarm jolting his eyes open, and by the second time it buzzed, he’d be sitting up mumbling some variation of “I’m awake, I’m awake” irately at the offending clock. Then he’d turn his attention to you, most likely still asleep, and lay back down to pull you against his body. His arms would snake around you. His lips would graze your neck. It was time to switch roles. He was the protector once again, and you were his porcelain doll. Fragile. Captivating. He told you this on a regular basis. And you believed it to be true. John wasn’t one to say things he didn’t mean. He didn’t like to waste words.

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The Joker x Reader - “25 Signs The Joker is Into You”


1.  The Joker burns down your house because he wants you to stay at the penthouse all the time.

“Baby, did you do this?!” you ask since he’s the prime suspect in your books.

“Nope,” the short answer doesn’t give him extra points.

“Are you sure???”

“Innocent until proven guilty, Doll.”

2.   J tells you he hates you all the time.

“What did I do?!” you pout, upset.

“Nothing, I just hate you.”

You frown and he kisses you, irritated:

“Tough it out, Princess! Life is cruel.”

3.   He tolerates your cat.

The fluffy thing can’t stand him. The feeling is mutual.

Every time kitty sees J, she hisses.

“Likewise!” he growls. But at night she cuddles by his side, purring and he purrs too. It’s a contest and J wins on a regular basis. He’s so proud of himself.

4.   He indirectly compliments you when you are insecure.

“My thighs are as big as tree trunks!” you complain, analyzing yourself the mirror.

“Who gave you that idea? Did somebody say something to you?”  your boyfriend gets pissed, thinking he’s gonna kill the asshole that insulted his Queen.

“No…Yuck, all the cellulite,” you pinch your skin, horrified.


“Can’t you see?”

“Who the hell cares, woman?! You look fine. Stop your drama, I’m not in the mood!”

“I’m so fat!” you sigh, ignoring him.

“Yes, you are FAT: Fiesty, Annoying and Terrible!”

You finally smile and The Joker sniffles, not wanting to admit he loves it when he’s the source of your happiness.

5.   He lets you mess up his perfectly styled hair, aware it calms you down when you’re stressed out. Usually, J is the main source of that stress so…his way of making it up to you.

6.   He engages in foreplay (which he normally never has patience for) knowing how much you enjoy it.

7.   The Joker likes to expose himself to you as often as possible.

Takes his clothes off really fast, waiting for you to pass by when you walk in the backyard. Opens the glass sliding door too, just in case.

“Oh my God!” J hears you squeal.

“That’s right, Pumpkin, feast your eyes!” he nonchalantly stretches, flexing his muscles in the process.

“Oh my God!” another enthusiastic squeal. He arrogantly smirks, pleased with his achievement.

8.   J rubs your feet when they hurt after wearing high heels all day.

9.    He blows up the new house you bought since there’s no way he wants you to stay away from the penthouse.

“Baby, did you do this?!” you have to inquire again, frustrated.


“Are you 100% sure?!”

“Innocent until proven guilty, Princess.”

10.   The Joker can’t sleep without you, that’s why you always have to get back by nightfall. If you don’t, the next day is his turn to keep you up all night… with sex. Gotta pay for those dark circles under his eyes.

11.   When you’re sick, he kidnaps the best doctors and brings them over to make sure you’re not dying or something.

12.   He makes your favorite tea, even if he thinks it’s too much work to boil the water.

13.   He actually takes into consideration what you like in bed and doesn’t give up until you scream his name like crazy.

14.   J turns one of the smaller bedrooms at the penthouse into your own ”girl room.”

Anything you might need is always there: tampons, make-up, perfume, favorite chocolate, body lotions, bubble bath, shower gels, pink champagne, condoms (although  unused, but he thinks they look cool).

15.   The Joker cancels meetings when you send him naughty pics.

“Daddy, are you gonna make it home in time or should I start without you?”

16.    He pulls you in his lap when you pass by and just stares in your eyes without saying a word.

“Umm, you don’t like my outfit?” you try to guess, nervous.

No answer.

You become more anxious.

“You should have told me, I’ll go change.”

J keeps on staring.

“OK, I’ll be back shortly.”

You try to get up and he stops you.

“You’re pretty,” he sighs, softly kissing your lips.

17.    He counts the freckles on your shoulders when you sleep, hoping you’ll get more because he finds them cute.

18.   Your boyfriend lets you give him hickeys. It’s implied you’ll pay for it later but he likes it when you go crazy on him.

19.     The Joker floods the apartment you purchased yesterday.

Apparently, you won’t be able to live anywhere else but the penthouse.

“Baby, did you do this?!”


“Are you lying to me?!”

“Innocent until proven guilty, Pumpkin.”

20.   When you take naps, he kisses the tip of your nose and watches you smile in your sleep. He finds it adorable.

21.   J makes sure you can’t walk straight for 2 or 3 days if you tease him while he has important business to attend to. But he also makes sure you get to relax with him in the Jacuzzi.

22.    He buys you a new cat after yours dies.

J hates cats but you like them so…perfect present.

The new kitty adores The King of Gotham, always purrs in his lap. At night, he purrs when you caress his hair and the cat purrs because J pets it. It’s puurrrfect.

23.   He texts you love poems (thanks to Google, appreciated nevertheless)

“Roses are red

Foxes are clever        

I like your butt

Let me touch it forever.”

24.   The Joker reads to you when you have bad cramps, aware that’s the only way you will dose off.

His favorite is “Database Issues in Geographic Information Systems”. Boring as hell, puts you out in less than 5 minutes, this way J doesn’t have to deal with your crankiness. Affection Joker style, but it still counts.

25.   He doesn’t kill you when you tell him you’re pregnant

He’s not big on kids, not thrilled when hearing the news. 

“Did you get pregnant on purpose, Princess?!” J interrogates.


“Are you sure?!” your short reply makes him doubt.

“Innocent until proven guilty, baby.”


1.      Drink more water

“Drink an enormous amount of water. Every cell of your body, which is mostly of water, would benefit because the Energy transmission of your body is affected. The more water you drink the more easily the energy flows!” - Abraham-Hicks

2.      Breathe more deeply

“Deep breathing is a big part of your Well-being. Because with that deep breath there is activation on a cellular level. In other words, it is the current that carries the vitality to the extremities of the cells. And so the more you are breathing, the more you are thriving. Some say it is the way the Spirit moves. We would say, it is the way life moves most efficiently through your physical body. And fortunately, it is something that is not left to your conscious mind. You don’t have to prompt yourself to breathe. It just happens. But you can prompt yourself to breathe more. We encourage that you deliberately take some air in. And then before you let it out, take some more air in. And before you let it out… And you say, “I can’t take any more in because there’s no place for it to go." And we say, "Yes, there is. Take some more in.” Expand your capacity. Your lungs, like balloons can be all shriveled up or expanded fully. As you move on a regular basis, they expand somewhat. But they don’t expand fully. As you deliberately breathe deeper, it becomes more natural for them to get fuller. And before you know it, it will be an involuntary thing. You will naturally breathe more deeply… And your bodies will thrive. It’s even more important than drinking water. It’s right up there, with life itself. When concentrating on your breathing, you are not concentrating on other things. And in that absence of resistance, you are also allowing an Alignment of Energy. So you get a double whammy with it. You’re aligning with Source Energy. You are literally feeding the cells of your body, allowing oxygen to reach the extremities of your cells. Everybody comes alive - and everything works better. Metabolism works better, elimination works better, clarity works better, blood flows better. Thriving comes from this.” - Abraham-Hicks

3.      Meditate daily

I can’t explaint to you how powerful of a tool meditation is. Everyday set aside from 10 to 15 minutes (it’s enough) to meditate.

“Silence the mind. Silencing the mind stops resistance. Then all in your Vortex can come quicker to you.” - Abraham-Hicks

4.      Make peace with negative emotion

“Negative emotions are not a bad thing. Negative emotion is just a guidance to help you redirect and refocus. It’s all part of the dance.” - Abraham-Hicks

5.      Positive aspects

Write lists of positive aspects of yourself, people around you, your job, etc.

“When you withdraw your attention from those things that are not pleasing, and you put your attention upon those things that are pleasing, those pleasing things begin to become more abundant; and those not-pleasing things become more rare. Until, eventually, those not-pleasing things cannot be part of your experience because you will have eliminated your attraction factor from your vibration… What you think and what you get always matches.” - Abraham-Hicks


Courtesy of going to see the official DSOD sub in the theatre today! It’s a dub-created plothole.

So first, if you’ve only seen the DSOD dub, you need to know that like … the dub was reasonably good as an adaptation, but literally half the plotline was erased. In the JP version the Plana exist via something called collective consciousness, where the memories of other people are checked against your own to create reality. It’s some pretty heavy philosophy: basically, without other people, you don’t exist. (It’s functionally what happened to Atem canonically, as well.)

Basically, reality as told by the Plana is like an internet torrent. If the people around you don’t notice things–the buildings, your existence, what the breeze feels like–then you don’t have enough data to compile a world, and it falls apart. So, for example, when Jyonouchi is sent to the other dimension, it begins to fall apart as he finds the gaps in his own memory, not predetermined at Diva’s will. For instance, he can’t remember how long the street is, and the world starts to go white before he goes “oh yeah, it leads to the shopping district” and goes there–only to find that without Sanpei’s memories, their routine of him getting splashed with Sanpei’s bucket falls apart, because Sanpei isn’t there to datacheck the water.

Everybody seems to be vulnerable to this except Kaiba, and even the Plana are surprised by this. Now here’s the thing: HOW DOES KAIBA FIGHT IT OFF?

Well, we see him talk about his databases and the Crystal Cloud, and the Japanese dialogue says if you’re a duelist you have to register your deck to maintain residency in Domino. He literally has the entire world datachecking for him on a regular basis. Where Diva’s datachecking is magical, Kaiba’s is technological–but they’re evenly matched.

So now we go back to the armbands.

Kaiba misremembers them. Maybe he intuits them from his subconscious past memories; maybe he extrapolates them from the whole “he was a pharaoh” thing. At any rate, Kaiba’s memories are fucked. He even tells us as much: the rant in EN about his scars and how Atem humiliated him? Not there in JP. In fact it’s the exact opposite–he’s praising Atem to the high heavens for his dueling and his personality, and if you think about it a little harder you realize he’s feeding information to the system that powers the new Solid Vision to create the AI. He’s actively datachecking the AI against his own memories, and when he realizes he’s reached the limits of his own imagination–that the real Atem would have an out for the situation he’s created, but that he can’t imagine it–he’s hurt and disappointed and screams for Atem to “vanish.” If he can remember Atem’s deck in error, surely he can remember something as inconsequential as an armband in error.

So now you have Jyonouchi in the other dimension. He’s dying. Any moment he’s going to vanish–and then Atem appears, with the armbands. Did the animators fuck up? Was he supposed to have those same bands as pharaoh, to tie his two images together, and someone forgot them?

The answer is no to both.

At the precise moment that Jyonouchi is dying, Kaiba is in Yuugi’s shop picking up the Millennium Puzzle.

Jyonouchi needs a memory that exists in a different dimension. Not the one he just left, but a different one altogether. A memory that touches him. Someone connected to him, but not existing in the real world, because that world is now demonstrably false.

There’s one man who exists under those conditions, and at the precise moment that Jyonouchi needs that man, there’s one other man who’s datachecking him.

The armbands are there because it’s Kaiba’s mostly-complete, but slightly faulty, datacheck that allows Atem to exist in that moment. Jyonouchi is seeing the real Atem, but the real Atem as seen by someone else. The armbands exist because Kaiba remembers them existing, just as Atem is shown as Yami no Yuugi because Kaiba remembers him as Yami no Yuugi.


Kaiba indirectly saves Jyonouchi. With his mind. And his obsessive-compulsive databases.

Okay, shippers, you’re welcome. *salutes*


“I didn’t think you of all people would be so squeamish,” Jehan tells Combeferre. “Aren’t you a man of science? Don’t you dissect things all the time?”


Happy Valentine’s Day, guys! Hope your lives are going well and everything is wonderful! Please insert your own morbid final punchline about the lack of festivities on February 14, 1833 here u__u

BTS reaction to you having a secret artistic ability


He’d walk into the apartment to see you hunched over the floor and before he could ask you what you were doing he caught a glimpse of the painting that laid in front of you. His eyes would widen and his mouth would open into a sweet grin as he let out a soft ‘wow’. He’d then sit you down and ask  you to tell him more about how you learned how to paint and then ask you to paint something for him. 


Yoongi had an idea of you ability since he was always getting after you for doodling on that back of his music scores but when he walked past you making a rough sketch of him he couldn’t help but pull the sketch book out of your hands and stare at it. You’d beg him to give it back, embarrassed he caught you drawing him but when he smiled you felt better.

“Next time just ask me and Ill pose for you.”


Namjoon would silently watch you put the final touch on your painting over your shoulder, finding your little easel very cute. He’d be absolutly speechless at your talent and started going over in his head all the ways he could encourage you to continue. As you lent away from the canvas and started to wipe your brushes he would step over you and take ahold of the canvas. “Why don’t you paint more often?” He would ask you.

“This is going on the wall and I’m going to get you more of these. I want your art work everywhere.” He’d say placing a kiss on your blushing cheek.


After discovering your talent he would ask you to paint different things for him; he loved to watch you work and It soon became something you did for him on a regular basis. He would encourage you to submit your work to local art shows only to pout at your want to keep it to yourself.


Jim would let you finish and get everything put away before he would talk to you and while you were distracted with other things he’d sneak to where you hid all your work and would marvel at your ability. When you finally caught him he would blush and stand up quickly while hiding the canvas behind his back.

“You know you shouldn’t hide your talent in the closet, Jagi.”


Tae would swoop from behind you to snag your current piece out from under you and would hold it away from you so he could look at it better. When he finally came around to look at your flustered face he would just smile and kiss your cheek. Hed then make it a date night where the two of you watched movies drank wine and painted things.


Seeing how relaxed painting made you he wouldn’t bother you when you finally got comfortable enough to do it in front of him. He’d try to distract himself with other things but always found himself lookim back over to your concentrated face as you gently stroked your brush.

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Arya and Catelyn similar in temperament? Always thought Sansa was the more similar daughter in relation to Catelyn in terms of how they see the world, how they act upon it, their strengths and weaknesses (taking things/people at face value at first) etc. I never thought too much about it, though. Can you elaborate on the Arya-Cat similarities, please?

Beneath a distinct difference in socialisation and interests, Arya is very much her mother’s daughter. We’re talking two naturally assertive, outgoing, “pack-oriented” people. And if we’re talking similarity in how these characters act on the world, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the arcs of both Catelyn and Arya deal with revenge in a way that Sansa’s doesn’t.

Cut for length.

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We’ve talked a lot about demoralisation amongst doctors, but I think it’s not always easy to understand. Because we do love our jobs and we do want to help people. We want to love our jobs. We all started off desperately wanting to be doctors, and many of us do actually enjoy the doctoring bit. So why are we all so down? I’ll try to give you a taste.

Imagine wanting to do something, to be someone so badly, that you spent your entire childhood and adolescence working singlemindedly towards it. You give it your everything, extra study, more tests, the works. Imagine being the smart kid at school, eager to work hard and impress, and being good at many things. Imagine being able to be nearly anything you could have wanted. Imagine spending the best years of your life stuck in revision whilst everyone around you was partying or dating or doing things that were fun. Imagine paying serious money for the privilege, and taking years out of your life to achieve it. Years studying. Years not working. Years of getting into debt when you could have been supporting yourself or your family. Imagine being so happy to graduate and finally be able to help people. Imagine your nervous, frenzied first attempts at being a doctor in the big bad world out there. Imagine the excitement of succeeding.

Imagine missing friends’ weddings and relatives’ funerals because there was nobody else who could be there to keep your patients safe. Imagine having to make countless excuses to friends and to family and to partners. Imagine all the dates who decided “this is just too… complicated for me. Sorry.” Imagine losing touch with friends because you were always moving, always busy, and always tired. Sometimes they will understand, sometimes they won’t. Imagine all your friends working reasonable hours, earning a decent amount and having time to actually have some semblance of a life. Imagine rarely being able to see even the ones that understand and love you for who you are. Imagine starting to forget what it’s like to have a hobby or do something that isn’t work. Imagine starting to forget who you are, where your role ends and where your personhood begins.

Imagine working long days and silly shifts only to come home and head straight for your books. For exams you struggle to pay yourself. Imagine being a single parent, and having to wonder whether you can afford to do this job because it’s so hard to get childcare. Imagine hearing your child say “You’re never home. I miss you” nearly every day. Imagine your partner telling you that you seem to be working more and more lately. Imagine feeling that you are neglecting your own loved ones in trying to keep everyone else’s safe. Imagine fearing that you will end up resenting the job you love, because it will have taken so much from your life.

Imagine feeling forced to work another last minute shift because there was literally nobody else. Imagine gradually finding that more and more, every day was short staffed and busy. Imagine feeling that you aren’t giving your best care because you are stuggling just to get the urgent things done and keep patients safe. Imagine skipping meals and lack of sleep so often that it becomes normal. Imagine feeling like you can’t take sick leave because there is nobody else to kee people safe.  Imagine things getting busier and busier until work is a nearly constant grind and you barely have time to think. Imagine nearly every day being a ‘major incident’. Imagine increasing pressure from all your colleagues. Imagine feeling unsupported by your seniors or your colleagues on a regular basis. Imagine being left to deal with difficult situations on your own. Imagine how hard it is to deal with grave situations, and how emotionally draining and heartbreaking it can be.

Imagine patients and relatives who don’t see the pressure you are under. Imagine those who scream, yell, demand things are done right away or threaten to sue. Imagine those who are verbally abusive or violent. Imagine the ones that make all your colleagues cry, and from whom you have to hide your tears. Imagine how often your colleagues never report abuse because they don’t feel that they can. Imagine a context where failings are subjected to ‘trial by media’ and individuals are vilified, but the systemic failings which caused mistakes to happen are neither acknowledged nor addressed. Imagine a culture where doctors are under duty by the GMC to whistleblow, but given no legal protection if they do so.

Imagine all your colleagues talking about considering leaving the profession. Imagine your colleagues who have already left telling you life is much better abroad or outside of medicine. Imagine nearly every speciality reporting recruitment shortages, bad morale and overwork. Imagine knowing that you are twice as likely to suffer from mental health problems or suicide.

Imagine becoming more and more afraid that you will slip up due to tiredness. Imagine fearing the impact that this could have on your patients and their families, and how you might live with yourself. Imagine knowing that if you did, you would probably lose your job, but the employers and those who caused those conditions to happen would face no consequences.  Imagine having to talk close friends off the ledge. Not just once, but on a regular basis. Imagine knowing that some people don’t succeed. Imagine knowing that this will only get worse if things deteriorate.

Imagine your boss saying that you’re not doing enough. Imagine them saying that you all need to work more days. Imagine them saying that there just need to be more cuts. Imagine your employer having already cut so many things that everyone is always struggling. Imagine a context where services are not appropriately funded, and then individuals working within are blamed for predictable shortcomings which could have been avoided with appropriate funding and safeguards. Imagine fearing that instead of proper investment, those whose job it is to look after your healthcare system may be trying to privatise it for profit. Imagine wondering if your patients and your children will be able to afford healthcare in the future.

Imagine your boss taking the safeguards away which limit how much time your employer can make you work. Imagine your boss reducing pay for the agency staff who are filling empty posts and keeping things afloat. Imagine being expected to work more hours, more weekends for less pay. Imagine the constant pressure to see more patients in less time, and being given less resources to look after them. Imagine knowing that you will probably work far longer than any rostered hours. Imagine knowing that your senior colleagues are fighting a similar battle and their conditions may be similarly affected. Imagine finding out how many of them can’t wait to retire, and remembering the days when doctors used to love working late into life.  Imagine realising that you may not win this battle.

Imagine your boss telling everyone they just don’t understand why you are all demoralised and telling everyone that you’re actually getting a pay rise and less hours. Imagine the public believing the lies. Imagine the media believing that everyone is demoralised because the union is telling us to be. Imagine the public telling you that you knew what you were getting into. Imagine the public telling you that you are overpaid, greedy, lazy, incompetent and ought to shut up and get back to work. Imagine the public telling you that the way your profession have chosen to voice your concerns (striking) is unacceptable, but not listening to any of the other ways your colleagues have tried to engage them. Imagine hearing over and over again that the system, which is underfunded compared to every other Western country, is ‘unsustainable’ when this is not true.

Imagine just wanting to do your job and help people, but feeling bogged down in difficulties that should never be a part of your job. Imagine loving being a doctor but hating what it has become. Imagine fearing that situations may get so bad that you too may be forced to leave for your own sanity and health.

This is why so many of my peers are demoralised.

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do you take prompts? would you write a friends-to-lovers bellarke au where they decide to volunteer at a dog rescue or pound or something and the sight of bellamy playing with the dogs and puppies makes clarke's crush on him even worse? bonus would be if they end up adopting a dog together or something (also i would adore mutual pining !!!!) or anything along those lines of a prompt! bellarke + puppies is my secret weakness

A|N: Technically, this isn’t 100% fall-themed, but I’m a sucker for puppies and the friends-to-lovers trope so I’m just going to kick off my Halloween bash with this, tbh! Let’s just pretend this fic takes place in fall and hence is entirely On-Theme. 
Ironically enough, she’s the one who comes up with the idea of volunteering— which means that there’s no one to blame for this entire situation but herself, really.

“Run this by me again,” Bellamy asks, dry, “but how is this not a entirely self-serving move on our part where we get to play with numerous dogs on a regular basis?”

Arching a pointed brow over at him, she tilts back her screen, bringing up the shelter’s website. “Because, that’s not what fostering is,” she says, folding her arms across her chest. “We’re providing dogs with a chance at finding their permanent homes by giving them a place to stay in the meantime, see? It’ll reduce a load on the shelter’s resources too, so.”

The problem with living with her best friend for the better part of the year is that he knows her too well, really, so the only reaction she gets from that is a unimpressed sniff. “So what you’re saying is that we’ll get to play with several different dogs on a regular basis?”

Glaring, she manages a scowl, which only serves to make his smirk grow wider if anything. “Fine,” she bites out, slamming a pen down onto the sheaf of application papers before them, “maybe. Now will you please fill these out?”

“Only because you asked so nicely,” he grins, tickling at her wrist before reaching over to pluck the pen out of her grip triumphantly.

Their first dog arrives, a week after—  a husky mix called Peanut, of all things— which as far as Clarke knows, is the beginning of the end.

Because as it turns out, the sight of Bellamy taking care of a tiny, helpless puppy is a whole new level of distracting.

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  • Someone: Why don't you have a boyfriend?
  • Me: Why don't you mind your own fucking business?

manageable witch-things to do (almost) every day:

  • check your grimoire/book of shadows: you don’t have to necessarily add anything to it, but go through it. if yours is physical, run your hands over its pages. press your intentions for it with the tips of your fingers. if you have a digital copy, like i do, you can still press your intentions into it; it just may not be as literal as with a physical copy. just take a moment to appreciate all the work you’ve put into this thing that is entirely yours.
  • make a list of all the things you want to research. you don’t have to go ahead and research them. just keep a running list of things you may want to include in your grimoire or book of shadows at some point. my list includes adding a section on my god, angels, and saints, as well as fleshing out my correspondence tables and creating a section for prayers.
  • make a list of all the things you want to add to your witchcraft collection. this could be things that you want to buy, things you want to find, whatever. this could be tools you want to incorporate into your practice, that tarot deck you’ve been eyeing, plant clippings - whatever. make your witchy wish list and tuck it somewhere safe, but somewhere you’ll remember to check. 
  • make a list of your goals. where do you want to be in your practice? what do you want to achieve? what is the point you’re trying to reach? i like to set big goals and tiny goals and tiny goals that feel big. a tiny goal that felt big to me: writing my first spell. another goal could be making sigils on a regular basis. it could be adding something to your grimoire or book of shadows each week. give yourself tiny goals that work their way up to your bigger goals. 
  • do something to honor your god(s). light a candle, say a prayer, whatever. it doesn’t have to be big or elaborate. we don’t always have the energy for those types of things and that’s okay! 
  • do something kind for yourself. every list i ever write is going to include this. when you don’t have the energy for anything else, do something kind for yourself. take that bath. lay in that bed. take a nap. you can start again tomorrow, it’s okay. and if you still don’t have the energy tomorrow, don’t get down on yourself. you matter, you’re worth it. 

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Heyy, can you give us some super fluffy headcanons??? 😜

I certainly can

1. On one of their missions together Han witnesses Leia have her favorite drink for the first time since Alderaan’s destruction (probs space hot chocolate let’s be real) and he doesn’t say a damn thing but literally for the next three years he always has the Falcon stocked with it and Leia doesn’t say anything either but they are both aware that Han is going out of his way on his supply runs to acquire a special treat for her on a regular basis

2. At some point Han and Leia get a pet rixx cat and Han pretends like he can’t stand it but secretly he approves of how protective it is of Leia and if anyone but him were to insult it he’d be real mad and he begrudgingly really has a soft spot for the thing and lets it sleep in the bed with him even when Leia isn’t there

3. Leia gets ridiculously ill on Hoth but won’t admit it and finally when she’s legit delirious with fever at her post Han is like this is ridiculous and takes her to the med center and then brings her back to the Falcon and tucks her super cozy into his bunk and spends the next three days taking care of her even when her fever breaks and she insists that she’s well enough to go back to her own quarters (which she doesn’t because really no one has taken care of her since Alderaan and she hasn’t been able to trust anyone to do so in so long and it’s very nice to snuggle up on the Falcon with Han bringing her tea)

4. A few weeks later, to his extreme displeasure, Han also gets sick and can’t live it down because the whole time he’d been taking care of Leia she’d been worried she’d infect him and he kept boasting about his perfect Corellian immune system. Leia awkwardly lurks around the Falcon trying and failing miserably to make him soup as a repayment and is so mortified by the results that she almost just hightails it out of there until Chewie sees her distress and helps her out and then she sheepishly presents Han with what is very clearly 90% Wookiee-prepared soup with a “don’t you dare say a word to make fun of me” glare. Han only lightly teases her but mostly he can’t believe that the princess tried to make him soup and really he made a pretty damn good choice sticking around, didn’t he?

5. At some point Han and Leia go on a mission together wherein OF COURSE for the sake of the mission they have to pretend to be married and so naturally at some point they must share a bed and Leia is Not Happy about it (on the inside it’s because she’s all kinds of anxious about it) and then she wakes up in the middle of the night and she’s cuddling with him and thinking he’s asleep she doesn’t move away and allows herself to enjoy being held by him and feeling how warm and nice he feels next to her but little did she know that she woke him up when she woke up and he knew that she chose to keep cuddling with him and go back to sleep

6. On one of his supply runs Han comes across a beautiful Alderaanian ring (think like a claddagh ring but the Alderaanian equivalent) and gets it for Leia despite the fact that it’s obscenely expensive–he doesn’t even know if it’s authentic but he knows an appraiser and eventually finds out it’s real–and agonizes over how to give it to her because he doesn’t want to scare her off by presenting her with a kriffing RING but how could he not have gotten it for her when it’s an Alderaanian object and she’s the PRINCESS of Alderaan and not only does she have no personal belongings to her name, but she also doesn’t have a single relic of Alderaan or her life before to remember her home by. So eventually he just settles on pretending like he picked it up on a whim and in his anxiety he kinda ends up shoving it under her nose and going “hey princess you want this?”

This is towards the end, leading right up to ESB but before the mission to Ord Mantell when they’re both wavering right on the edge with each other. Han is thrilled when Leia accepts it but rather put out that she doesn’t wear it ever. He tries to tell himself that she just didn’t want to lose it or that a military base isn’t the place to wear jewelry and really it’s way out of line for him to think she’d walk around wearing a ring from him on her finger who does he think he is anyways??? He’s just some scruffy smuggler and she’s LEIA. But then a few weeks later she leans down to look at some readouts over his shoulder and a dainty little chain slips out from under the collar of her shirt and his heart is soaring for the rest of the month when he realizes that she’s been wearing the ring he gave her on a little necklace over her heart. And he doesn’t know until years later that Leia cried the night he gave it to her, because her father had given her mother a ring just like it when he’d courted her, and her mother had worn it on her right hand until the day of her death.

7. Luke becomes hugely obsessed with this Oreo-type sandwich cookie after Han and Leia get married, and they’re always finding boxes of it in their apartment. Leia however isn’t a fan of the cookie part but she likes the filling, and Han only likes the cookie part, so when they eat the cookies Leia pulls them apart, licks off the filling, and then hands the cookies to Han to eat. Luke thinks it’s disgusting and refuses to be in their presence when they do it.

8. Leia’s feet are ICE COLD and she always puts them on Han in bed to warm them up and he always gives her a hard time about it but really he loves her tiny Leia feet and he gets hot under the covers a lot anyways so he doesn’t even mind

9. Han overhears a senior officer questioning Leia’s judgment when she volunteers Han to be her partner on an extremely dangerous mission and Leia very coldly and immediately says that she trusts Han and points out all the brave and heroic things he’d done for the rebellion despite not even being enlisted and that’s the first night he actually entertains the idea that maybe a princess and a guy like him really COULD…

10. Leia has these wispy, fluffy little baby hairs at the nape of her neck that Han thinks are literally the most endearing things he’s ever seen in his life and he loves playing with them when they’re snuggled up together. Similarly Leia thinks Han’s hair when it’s all messed up from sleeping is unspeakably attractive and even after years of marriage she loves seeing him like that both because it’s sexy and cute but also because of the intimacy in that she gets to see him in the morning when he’s all sleepy eyed and stubble and wild hair and groggy voice, instead of the sharp as a whip scoundrel that he is during other hours.