things you say on a regular basis

I have been grading math homework and quizzes for the last couple of years, working with a number of professors and graduate teaching assistants, and I see students making the same mistakes over and over again. I hear the same complaints from other professors, GTAs, and graders. I thought I would throw out some advice that might help your grades, or at least endear you to the person in charge of them.

I think these tips will apply to any class in which you turn in problem sets on a regular basis, and you might be able to apply some of this to things like lab reports, but I am mostly focusing on undergrad-level math, computational or proof-based. I hope it goes without saying, but first and foremost you should do what your instructor, not a stranger on the internet, tells you to do.

So, if I am grading your homework, here is what I would like you to do:


The harder it is for me to grade, the less points you are likely to get. That’s not just me being spiteful - if I don’t see your answer to a problem, I can’t read your handwriting, or I don’t understand how you got from point a to point z, it is going to be very hard for me to award you points. I try to be generous, as do most people I know, but we can only do so much for you.


What are you trying to accomplish in these assignments? How do you do that?

 - You are trying to practice the course material to get a better understanding. So, do all the work assigned to you, and don’t just copy it from your friend (we can tell) or a solutions manual (we can really tell)

- You are trying to communicate to me (and to yourself!) that you understand the course material. I don’t need to see all of your scratch work or first attempts, but I need to see how you arrived at your answer, and I need to know what your answer is. I urge you to type or neatly rewrite your finished assignment before you turn it in. Please highlight your answers with a box, a circle, or some other indicator. If you’re writing a proof, start with “Proof:” and end with “QED” or a tombstone (or even a smiley face!) so I know what I’m supposed to be evaluating. Your work should be readable - in terms of handwriting, spacing, and yes, even grammar. It should follow a logical order so that someone reading it can understand what you’re doing. Explain your steps if you think you need to. And if a problem tells you to use a certain formula, theorem, or method, use it.

 - You are trying to learn from your mistakes. Of course this varies from grader to grader, but in general, we spend a lot of time giving you feedback, so please write something!!! I can’t help you if you don’t even attempt a problem. And for what it’s worth, while this isn’t true of everyone, a lot of people (myself included) will almost never give 0 points if it looks like an honest attempt has been made. If you have no idea what to do with a problem and it’s the last minute, it might be worth it to write down what you’re confused about - “I thought I could do this using integration by parts, but I couldn’t work out what to use for u and dv” is something I can respond to, and hopefully give you some help!


Most of the time, I can and will take off points for style. Some instructors have a certain number of points worked into their grading rubric for style. Here are some suggestions!

 - Staple your f&*%ing homework!!!!! No, do not fold over the corner. Don’t tape several sheets together. Staple it. With an actual, metal staple.
   –> It never hurts to write your name on every page, and number your pages as well. Just make it as hard as possible for me to lose a page.

 - Do not turn in paper with those spiral-bound frills on the edge. Most spiral-bound notebooks are perforated, so tear along the perforation! Otherwise, please use printer paper, loose-leaf binder paper, or really anything else…

 - …anything except neon pink paper. I’m only saying this because it’s in my grading pile right now and I am dreading it. Use conventional paper!!!! I don’t care much about the ruling, but it should be white, or very nearly. Yellow legal pad paper is pushing it. Engineering paper is fine.

 - And on that note, please write in a conventional color. Black, blue, gray, or very near those colors. It should be dark. It should be readable. It should definitely not be red. I personally don’t grade in red, but a lot of people do, and regardless of that, it is hard to read large chunks of red text.

 - I know I said this already, but: rewrite your homework. Seriously. If it is anything but straightforward computations, it is going to get messy, and fast. Do your scratch work on a separate sheet of paper, and then write up a final copy with everything you want me to see, and nothing you don’t.
   –> If you can, type it! Here is a post by @munirastudies to get you started with LaTeX, which is very useful for typesetting technical and symbol-heavy text. The benefit to typing your homework is that it’s easy to go back and edit!

That’s all I have for now! Please feel free to message me with any questions or suggestions you have! I hope this is helpful to someone :)

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Dedicated Practice Tip for the Disorganized Practitioner

Serious about practice?
Here’s a hack for the disorganized dedicated practitioner:

- Make a list of what you currently want to practice. Do not make it too big, that will overwhelm you. Pick 3 to 6 different things you want to practice on a regular basis.
- Decide how many times a week you want to practice each of those skills/techniques.
- Download a Habit building app. On Android there is a great one called “Loop - Habit Tracker”, and on iOS there is a great one called “Habit List”.
- Program your list from step 1 into the habit building app, it will remind you throughout the week to do your practice and keep track of how often you have successfully done so.
- Do not procrastinate with the app.. If it says to do something today then do it. Making even one excuse will leave the unconscious thinking it can weasel its way out of doing any real work.

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I'm not surprised that you and Jen broke up, but its still sad to see :(

There have been a few people that i’ve noticed saying this and here’s what i think about it.

Even just saying this is the most ignorant thing any one of you could say. Jenny and i had an amazing relationship. All of our close friends and family were SUPER surprised. They’re the ones who see us on a regular basis. All you guys have seen is what we’ve chosen to show you. All of you think that because i didn’t publicly stick my tongue down her throat that “it wasn’t a surprise” because we weren’t all over each other all the time means that “we weren’t happy”. ALL OF YOU ARE WRONG. This break up came as a surprise to both me and Jenny. Just because we didn’t show you what you wanted to see from a couple you all assume we were going to break up. People show love and affection in different ways and that doesn’t mean it’s good or bad. I’m not going to share sappy lovey dovey posts or videos online when i can show them to my significant other in the privacy of our own home.

So before you go around saying shit like “we saw it coming” Grow up. Think about how that statement could make someone feel before you try and spit out shit like “i told you so”.

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"I swear to primus if I see another asshole/jerk/bully!prowl fanfiction I WILL LOSE MY SHIT(or slag, respectively). LIKE, OK, DO WHAT YOU WANT, GOOD JOB, BUT JUST LET. ME. HAVE. HAPPY. PROWL. YOU ANGSTY SONS OF GLITCHES."

really, if i was being 1000% honest with myself, i wouldnt say that prowl is an asshole. or a jerk. or anything like that, no. he can BE those things, but so can anyone, right?

prowl is not an asshole, he’s just blunt. straightforward. he doesnt sugar coat things, and he will do what he thinks is right. he’s extremely high-ranking in the Autobot hierarchy, and with that comes extreme responsibility— something i think that prowl handles very well. him and optimus lock proverbial horns on a regular basis (in the IDW-verse) mostly because of different ideological perspectives; which makes how they handle their positions in the hierarchy considerably different.

i usually like to consider jazz as his “other half,” sort of a buffer between optimus and prowl. a blend of both, so to speak. also jazz is a badass. jazz and prowl are another major otp. i love them. im getting off topic.

prowl isnt an asshole and shouldnt be depicted as one. he is rather considerate, pays close attention to excruciating details, is extremely intelligent and cunning, is an effective strategist, and enjoys railing/being railed by jazz in his off-time.

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If you are taking prompts: Bellarke trapped in a cave with one sleeping bag and they are drenched so they have to share naked + Bellamy has a huge boner that Clarke is really into

It’s their first mission together since her return, and although they’ve been talking on a semi-regular basis, things are still tense. They aren’t how they used to be, before she left. They talk, but they say nothing. 

The first crack happens when the clouds roll in. Bellamy wants to head back to camp, stating that they aren’t prepared for the rain. Clarke disagrees, insisting that they chart this the territory before the rain washes away the tracks they had been following. They glare at each other for a minute before Bellamy barks at the rest of their crew to head back to camp, grumbling that he’ll stay behind and make sure Clarke doesn’t do anything stupid.

“Oh, yeah? Like what?” she snaps.

“I don’t know, run away again?”

Crack number two. [AO3]

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When You worked hard everyday for the spot you have on the team but someone new comes and take your spot with little effort ah I gotta love running. 😫 #ithurts

You’re right. Running does hurt. In fact, it breaks my heart on a regular basis. But as Kara Goucher says, “Nothing in my life has broken my heart the way running has. And yet I cannot breath without it.”
Continue to work hard and be the type of person who models great work ethic and a positive attitude. Good things eventually come to those who are hard workers, don’t give up now because greatness might be just around the corner. Trust in the process and believe in yourself my love!

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So completely anonymous confession: I often wish I had a vagina so I could fully enjoy the splorch. But I would never dare say that to like anyone in person.

Hey, man, it’s cool. I’m honored that you chose to share that with me, honestly. It makes me feel special. And I totally get it, because I do have a vagina and, as I admitted last night, I’m really more than a little curious to just know what that thing feels like. I mean… yeah, I’m a weirdo. But you’re a weirdo too. I like that.

Will you just be Splorch Anon from now on, and visit on a semi-regular basis? That would thrill me to no end.

dear her interactive,

i’m graduating from college in a few days-magna cum laude with a b.a. in european history and a minor in french-and i feel like you’re to thank for that. 

i vividly remember first playing treasure in the royal tower at the tender age of twelve and immediately becoming fascinated with the story line about marie antoinette and the french revolution. my historical education up until that point had been simplistic and uninteresting, and i never really thought about the topic beyond what i learned in school. this game, however, sparked a deep curiosity in me. i wanted to know more about what happened, who was involved, why they did what they did. i began to see history as i still view it today-that “mighty dramos enacted upon the theatre of times,” the ‘characters’ all playing their roles to perfection. i paid more attention in history classes, read nonfiction books for fun, devoured period dramas.

the spring semester of my freshman year in college i declared european history as my major and haven’t looked back since. i worked hard, met some absolutely awesome people, learned things that completely amazed me. not for one second have i ever regretted this choice.

and i owe it all to you, a childhood hero, and a quirky professor who ate chicken wings and idolized marie antoinette.


a grateful budding historian

Truth Spell

prompt by Anonymous: “I read at least a hundred fics with either Dean or Cas hit by a love spell/truth spell/whatever. But what about Sam? I’d love to see what he’d have to say under a truth spell ;D”

word count: 2626

author’s note: I intended to keep this funny and light but somewhere along the way I got a little emotional as well. I don’t know where this is coming from, maybe I’m still affected by the last episode? Well, nonetheless thank you so much for that prompt :) I hope you like it!

Dean really fucking hates witches.

And he hates spells.

Nonetheless in his line of duty he’s forced to deal with that kind of thing on a nearly regular basis and he’s got quite good at frying those sons of bitches. But it’s still annoying and disgusting (seriously, all these bodily fluids!) and honestly not his favorite past time.

Especially if there are witches who are throwing fucking truth spells around themselves.

Dean has honestly no clue what that particular witch (a nasty woman with some weirdly blue-green hair color and the habit to curse her ex-lovers) hoped to accomplish in the face of two hunters. Did she think it would be a great idea to hear Dean confess about the one time he sang along to a Britney Spears song while he thrust a knife into her guts?

How should that have helped her?

Well, in the end she missed her target by a mile and hit Sam instead right into the face. Not exactly a miracle since Sam gigantic body filled nearly three-quarter of the small room and the spell couldn’t have gone anywhere else.

Sam just blinked, told the witch that he liked her hair and watched silently how Dean killed her a second later.

And now they’re sitting in the bunker’s library, approximately two hours later, and Sam just can’t stop talking.

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The signs as things my brother has said to piss me off

Aries: “If feminism becomes a thing,…” 

Taurus: “Bill Cosby was right” 

Gemini: “We need to talk about meme protection” 

Cancer: “Iam going to last thing I want it to do is contact my ex” 

Leo: “I’m not a fucking weeaboo” 

Virgo: “I’m sorry for calling you a special homosexual” 

Libra: “that’s LIT” 

Sagittarius: “you’re not my dad” 

Scorpio: “Da fuckx”

Capricorn: “Bush did 9/11” 

Aquarius: “I don’t think trump is as bad as people think” 

Pisces: “zip zop boobity bop”

Hello pals.

Between school, work, more school, other work, trying to sort my house out, pet illness, and the usual chronic brain injury shit, Tumblr is becoming way too easy an escape and also a huge time sink and not really helping the brain thing.

My queue is filled pretty high, and when I have time to drop on I’ll try to toss some more in there, but I am probably not going to be looking at my dash on a regular basis. You need to get in contact, drop me a line. There’s a post I will weep if I don’t see, send it.

I’ll try to throw some personal posts of pictures into the void when I can. Maybe an explanatory video about the super efficient way I wrap cords and rope. Ooh and feel free to send me asks for life advice or how to improve some task. That might be fun and easy to do when I have time.

Anyway I’ll be back in full capacity eventually, I’m sure, but until then don’t fret.

I really don’t understand why people say that there was no reason for why Snape was mean to his students? I mean have you ever taught in a school where your students do things like: make shit explode on a regular basis, throw firecrackers into other children’s workspaces, steal dangerous substances from your supplies, SET YOU ON FIRE, etc.?? Personally I wouldn’t turn around and take it out on them, but that’s mostly because I would QUIT THAT ABSOLUTELY CRAZY JOB before it could drive me off the edge, which isn’t an option that he had.

Sure this isn’t an excuse, but it is a “reason”.

real talk, anyone who jokes about “lol tumblr sjws are never going to survive in the real world” or for that matter “y’all are ruining academia with all your trigger warnings and such bullshit” is full of crap.

I have a student in my class this semester who is the most tumblr person I’ve ever met outside of this site. every time I show or talk about some internet culture thing she’s like “haha I saw that months ago”. she asks me what memes I’ve posted. she also says “sjw-type” things in class discussions on a regular basis.

and you know what? those contributions consistently expand class discussions in productive ways. today, we were talking about virtual presence devices, and she basically said, “you know, people mock technologies like this because their go-to thought is how it makes people with socially normative lifestyles be ‘lazy’ instead of how it enables people with disabilities to engage with society in ways they’d be completely unable to otherwise.”

everyone stopped to think about that one. it was a new thought, a new perspective, that no one else in the class had ever been confronted with before. in other words, it was exactly the kind of intellectual challenge, the kind of different and unfamiliar and uncomfortable idea, that anti-sjws think is going to be limited somehow by people concerned with inclusiveness.

tldr: if you think people who are highly aware of and concerned with social justice issues are ruining intellectual discourse then you don’t know what intellectual discourse is for.

Hey, it’s jeongguks grill ya girl, Nikki, back at it again with another follow forever \ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ/ I didn’t include everyone i’ll do that in my 3rd one when i hit my milestone i promise but these are some of the blogs !! (ily all tho)

I guess you can say this is a mini follow forever ?? ? idk //sobs

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Bulletproof (Prompt #17)

Requested by anon:  #17 “Calm down, it’s just a stab wound. I have been through worse” with Liam Dunbar. Also can it be the reader who says it and she’s human?

“I still think that this is a really bad idea”, Liam declares with a meaningful look into your direction.

All you do in response is to glare at him. You already had this discussion an hour ago. And he’s right in one point: Usually you are not getting involved in those kind of situations. Not that you don’t do things with the pack. You are helping them on a regular basis since you found out that most of your friends are supernatural creatures. But they never agreed to take you along to a mission or near anything dangerous. Against your will. Your attempts to convince them with mentioning over and over again that Stiles is just as human as you are never worked. Despite the fact that you have quite some experience with weapons and fights due to your mother’s profession as huntress. Until today.

Today you simply rejected to stay at home and wait while they are getting themselves into life-threatening danger and in the end they gave in. Grudgingly, of course. Especially Liam. The one who constantly reminds you of your vulnerability and that you are not like them. Not as fast as them, not as strong as them…overall weaker. This attitude has led to a lot of tension between the two of you and it even grows right now. Mostly because you have no idea why he is acting like a douche when it comes to you.

“Drop it, Liam!”, Scott warns his beta before he turns back to you. “Have you brought the bullets?”

“Freshly delivered from Chris Argent himself”, you declare while you grasp the little box out of the car, open it and show the content to him. Ten perfect silver bullets with the Argents sign imprinted. The only weapon that’s effective against Oni.

“And you are sure that they will stay in their bodies?”, Stiles question for the millionth time this evening as he leans forward to get a better look at it. You shoot him an unnerved glance and get out the second part of your weapon, one of your mom’s guns that sparkles lightly in the light of the moon.

“This is a Shorty. It scatters. I am one hundred percent sure that some parts of the bullets will do the job.”

Nobody disagrees. However, your little explanation doesn’t prevent Liam from scowling.

“And still: Everybody could pull the trigger!”

“God, could you please shut up?”, you growl at him. “Nobody of you is a good shot. Sorry, but that’s the truth. So let’s just stop this nonsense and walk up to that freaking creepy warehouse.”

All of you turn towards your destination in the same moment and observe it with slight concern. It really is creepy. Standing there alone, in the fog on an abandoned hill…the perfect place to shoot a horror movie.

“Let’s just take another look at the plan first”, Scott says, already placing the plan of the building on the engine hood. All of you come closer to have a better view.

“Alright…so Kira and I will take the main door, Liam and Malia the back door and Stiles and Y/N the staircase to the inner balcony. We are gonna circle her while Stiles and Y/N get into a good position. If we are lucky nobody will notice her while we keep on distracting them and she can shoot the Oni without getting into the danger zone.”

So much for that. In your opinion it’s more like an alibi story than a real plan but you won’t complain about it. You just want to do this.

Scott sighs while he folds the map and puts it back into his pocket. Then you finally start for the warehouse, as quiet as possible in the foggy darkness. It’s about midway that you split up. Liam shoots you another almost angry look that you respond with a glare before you obey Stiles’ soft tugging and disappear behind him into the shadows. It’s a lot easier to be quiet now that you are stepping on grass instead of gravy and you feel kind of reassured in Stiles’ presence. To you he’s like the big brother you never had. You will protect each other, whatever the cost.

As you finally reach the looming warehouse the ever so slight fear starts to make itself noticeable. You do your best to supress it and to keep your pulse steady, but the lump in your throat grows bigger with every second. A tension gets hold of your whole body and you can see that it’s quite the same with Stiles. He’s more alert now, his brown eyes constantly scan your surroundings. You are both relieved as you arrive at the staircase without having been discovered.

“Are you ready?”, Stiles whispers, placing his hand on the iron handrail.

Instead of answering you just nod with a fierce expression on your face and raise your gun. He smiles at you, then he turns and climbs the staircase, with you on his heels.

You are getting to the door without complications and Stiles pulls out a hairpin to get to work. He unlocks it within seconds and carefully opens it without making any sound whatsoever. Your heart makes a little unexpected panicky jump before you enter.

It’s almost dark in there. There is only dimmed lighting in the middle and the shine doesn’t reach the corners of the metal balcony that surrounds the whole inner room. You carefully creep to the handrail to observe the contents of it more closely. For an abandoned warehouse it’s pretty full with shelves and packaging. Probably containing all kinds of illegal stuff.

You can’t see her yet but you can hear her rummaging around somewhere. Not alarmed. For now.

You turn around to Stiles and gesture for him to follow you. Then you duck back into the hiding shadows and sneak into the direction where the sounds come from. Controlling your pulse becomes a thing of impossibility.

As you peek a look at her you stop. There she is, the evil young kitsune that has caused you so many problems. Her servants are not to been seen anywhere but you are sure that they are lurking in the darkness, waiting. They will appear sooner or later.

And you are right. All of a sudden an angry growl echoes through the room alongside with a shattering sound. The fire kitsune’s head snaps up, her eyes widen and glow for a moment. Then hell breaks loose.

It’s impossible to witness everything that happens. It happens too fast and it’s just too much action going on down there. You can’t kill them all at once, you just have to choose. And you choose Kira, who’s currently flailing her sword through the air with an angry scream, about to attack the other kitsune without realising that an Oni has appeared right behind her.

Your fingers have trembled before but they stop as you aim.

“You should cover your ears”, you recommend to Stiles. He barely manages to do that before you pull the trigger.

A loud bang fills the warehouse. The bullet hits the Oni right into the chest and makes the spirit stumble away from Kira. A soft and satisfied smile brushes your lips as the kitsune looks up at you. She’s not able to do anything, though, because now Kira is at her and their fight starts.

One down. Three to go.

It’s harder to kill the one that’s messing with Malia. You miss him two times before you finally give him a headshot. In this moment the first shelve catches fire and Kira crashes into another one. Malia doesn’t hesitate to help her. Enough time for you to kill the next Oni before it manages to hurt Scott.

You are already feeling triumphant. Naively ecstatic because this goes so well. Until you are aiming at the last Oni that is currently approaching Liam and it appears into thin air right in front of your eyes.

Irritated you lower you gun and hurriedly scan the room. He’s nowhere to be found. All that’s left are Kira, Malia and Scott fighting against the kitsune and her flames and Liam, confusedly turning around. He stops as he is facing you and his dazzling blue eyes widen as he looks at a spot behind you.

Your heart skips a bit as you realize what that means and turn around. The Oni hasn’t dissolved, he just changed strategy. Now he is standing behind Stiles, solidly forming out of the shadow and raising the sword to kill your friend.

“Stiles, look out!”, you scream.

In the last moment he lunges aside and the sword misses him by inches. Then you fire the gun. One, two, three times. You only stop as you feel the sharp pain in your side.

You push out a surprised gasp into the sudden silence. Then you slowly look down on you to find a knife stuck in your body, blood soaking your shirt. Your frown and look down at your friends, bewildered and confused. Not able to understand what has happened there. The kitsune’s reaction makes it clear. She uses the moment of distraction that she caused herself and the fact that your friends are all staring at you in shock to run for it, closing the way behind her with another wall of crackling flames. Then she’s gone. And you are sinking to the floor.

You hear Kira scream and Scott curse but most of all you are numb. You just see Stiles’ worried face over you and feel his hands pressing on the wound.

“We need to get her out of here”, Scott orders and he lifts your body up without any effort. Faster than your damaged brain can process you are out in the fog again and carefully laid down into the cool grass.

“I’ll call an ambulance”, your alpha states and you see him leave. His face is replaced with Liam’s. You would’ve expected him to be angry or unnerved of the fact that you screw it up. Just so typically. Just how he predicted. But his expression is totally different. A mix between deep concern and despair as he stares at your pale skin and the blood.

“No…no,no,no, this can’t happen”, he murmurs, practically out of his mind.

You sigh. At least that still works. “Calm down, it’s just a stab wound. I’ve been through worse.

He gapes at you in disbelief. “What? No…I mean…I really hope that’s not true.”

“Why are you so worried? You hate me…”, you mutter.

“Is she going crazy?”

Stiles snorts. “Don’t think so. It sometimes does look like you hate her.”

“I don’t hate you”, Liam clarifies, focussing back on you. You are clinging to his blue eyes. You need something to hold on to. And to be honest: his eyes are not the worst option.

“But…you never want me to be there…”, you carry on, mainly to block out the pain that is breaking through the numbness now that the first shock has worn off.

Your words make him smile humourlessly. “Because I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“You have a weird way to show that, Dunbar.”

That’s when you finally feel the pressure on your wound and wince. Okay, your coolness is gone now. It really hurts. Badly.

“Liam, can’t you do something?”, Stiles huffs.

Liam seems insecure for a moment. He looks down at you, obviously carrying out a fight inside of him. Then he suddenly bends down to press his lips on yours.

It’s a weird sensation. So unexpected good and even better as the pain starts to flow out of your body. From your wound, to your lips and into his. You keep it up, keep your lips locked with his until the darkness starts to encircle you while the siren sounds in the distance.

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because men have been told all their lives to be strong,
and never show weakness,
nobody gives a fuck about them
because they seem to have all the power,
and fuck over women on a regular basis,
but look closer, and you will see
how weak men are,
how powerless and afraid,
yet men can’t tell anyone for fear of looking queer,
for fear of looking like a pussy,
and so men suffer in quiet desperation,
and all the macho bullshit we see
that is supposed to show power
is really weakness in disguise,
it is a little boy,

who can’t cry
so he breaks things,
a heart, a woman,
a bank, a record,
 another man,

and the world says,
you see how powerful he is;
but he is not powerful,
he is broken,
and wants to be in the company
of others like him,
just so he doesn’t feel so alone.

….most people on Federation planets probably don’t use keys on a regular basis, because in a post scarcity economy, why bother? Who’s going to steal from you, when the lower base of Maslow’s heiarchy is automatically taken care of by society, leaving the upper levels to freely explore?

… …. ……so why do I have this conviction that souvenir key chains persist?

What are people using them for? The same thing I use my extensive colony of keychains for? Which is to say, making sure my various minituirized portable media storage units don’t accidently get abandoned by making them more visually noticiable?

Oh no, says the Federation Citizen to the person from the past, That’s not a keychain, that’s a data slip chain, I use it so I don’t forget the essays I’m working on when I move computer mainframes! This one’s from Rockaway Beach, see, it’s got a little thermometer.

I still wonder about you, you know? My thoughts are no longer about us. It’s about you. Just you as a normal human being I used to know so well. I wonder if you’re doing well. I wonder if you still go to that gym every weekend and then replace the burned calories with a half pound burger in your favorite burger joint. I wonder if you finally got to read that poetry book we used to talk about. I wonder if you finally make up with your brother because I know you love him so much. I wonder if your mother finally says she’s so proud of you so you won’t have to cry about it anymore. I wonder if there’s someone for you to tell you how much they’re proud of you when you have done something good in daily basis. You need that, you know? I wonder a lot of things. The regular things you used to do actually. Are your routine still your routine? Has something changed? Do you still hate that yellow fruit that I love? Are you doing fine? So many questions that won’t be answered. But that’s fine. I know you are doing well because that’s you. Things always get better when it comes to you. And I am really happy because of that. But still, I couldn’t stop myself from wondering if you ever wonder about me the way I wonder about you right now…