things you love about summer

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color: mustard / plum / teal / black / moss / crimson / sky blue

season: summer / spring / winter / fall

planet: pluto / neptune / uranus / saturn / jupiter / mars / earth / venus / mercury

animal: cat / fish / elephant / dog / penguin / bunny / lion

artist: picasso / van gogh / monet / o'keeffe / dali

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Movies for a blue night (in no significant order...okay, maybe a little)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Across the Universe

Stuck in Love

(500) Days of Summer

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

It’s kind of a funny story

The way, way back

Love, actually

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. II

Easy A

10 Things I hate about you

Pitch Perfect

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Notting Hill

Adult World

The Grand Budapest Hotel

About a Boy

Big Fish

A Knight’s tale

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

The Breakfast Club

Silver Linings Playbook

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Bend it like Beckham


The holiday

A lot like love


Pride and Prejudice (2005)

The help

No Strings Attached


About time


Moonrise Kingdom

Catching Fire

The Fellowship of The Ring


Bridget Jones’s Diary

WC: 2095

His room was a mess, clothes scattered all over the floor, dirty dishes piling his bedside tables, blankets covering his body; it made you feel sick just thinking about what he was doing to himself. Everybody else thought it was a blessing that he finally got the courage to break up with the girl who just loved to play with his heart. Luke, however, was loathing in self pity. “I’m so in love with her,” he would choke out, “why did I listen to you guys? I fucking miss her.”

You tried telling him that he’d get over it, that the pain would subside and soon he’d feel the relief of breaking it off. Luke wouldn’t listen to your words however. He’d just go back to living in his cave of bedsheets and despair. Getting tired of seeing their younger brother destroy himself over someone unworthy, his brothers begged you to continue your attempts of getting your best friend out of bed. You tried to comply to their request, however you were quickly running out of ideas.

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your summer is gone, Corvo


Crazy, like a two-hundred-and-forty-one-year-old being jealous of a high school junior?

¿Qué canción le dedicarían a los signos de Take Me Home (One Direction)?

Aries: “Encuentro tus labios tan besables. Y tus besos imperdibles. Tus dedos tan tocables. Y tus ojos tan irresistibles”. Irresistible.

Tauro: “Verdaderamente, locamente, profundamente estoy tontamente, completamente enamorado. Y de algún modo derribaste todas mis barreras”. Truly, Madly, Deeply.

Géminis: “Yo sólo quiero presumirte ante mis amigos y que se les caiga la baba. Nena se mía esta noche”. Kiss You.

Cáncer: “Eres tan linda cuando lloras. No estaba listo para escucharte decir adiós. Y ahora me estás destrozando”. Nobody Compares.

Leo: “Ella no tiene miedo de tener toda la atención. Ella no tiene miedo de volverse salvaje. ¿Cómo es que ella tiene tanto miedo de enamorarse?”. She’s Not Afraid.

Virgo:  “Fui tan estúpido al dejarte ir pero yo sé que aún eres la indicada. Tú debes estar con alguien más, pero cariño debes saber que yo sé que aún eres la indicada”. Still The One.

Libra: “Cariño yo quiero saber en qué piensas cuando estás sola ¿Es en mí? ¿Estás pensando en mí? Hemos sido amigos por un tiempo quiero saber si cuando sonríes ¿Es por mí?” Last First Kiss.

Escorpio: “Y nena, tú y yo vamos a crear algunos recuerdos esta noche. Quiero vivir mientras seamos jóvenes. Queremos vivir mientras seamos jóvenes". Live While We’re Young.

Sagitario: “Porque fuiste mía en el verano. Ahora sabemos que todo pronto terminará. Se siente como si nevara en septiembre. Pero siempre recordaré que fuiste mi amor de verano”. Summer Love.

Capricornio: “Porque tú has lanzado un hechizo sobre mí. Y ya no sé qué creer. Te besé sólo una vez y ahora no puedo irme. Porque todo lo que haces es mágico”. Magic.

Acuario: “La gente dice que no deberíamos estar juntos y que somos muy jóvenes para entender el “Para siempre”. Pero yo digo que ellos no saben de lo que hablan”. They Don’t Know About Us.

Piscis: “Nunca te amarás a ti misma ni la mitad de lo que yo te amo. Nunca te tratarás bien cariño pero quiero que lo hagas. Si te hago saber que estoy aquí por ti, quizás te ames tanto como yo te amo”. Little Things.

One Direction Song Asks
  • What Makes You Beautiful: What do you think is your best quality?
  • Gotta Be You: What qualities do you look for the most in a potential partner?
  • One Thing: What's that "One Thing" that attracts you to a person
  • More than This: Have you ever coveted someone else's significant other?
  • Up All Night: When's the last time you pulled an all nighter?
  • I Wish: If you could have one wish, what would it be?
  • I Want: What's the thing that you want the most?
  • Everything About You: What's 5 words to describe who you are?
  • Same Mistakes: What's a habit that you want to get out of?
  • Save You Tonight: What's something that's "saved" you?
  • Stole My Heart: Talk about your first love.
  • Stand Up: What's something that you'll always stand up and fight for?
  • Moments: What's a memory that'll last forever
  • Live While We're Young: What's something that you don't want to die without doing?
  • Kiss You: What would you describe as your perfect kiss?
  • Little Things: What's something about yourself that you hate the most?
  • C'mon C'mon: Favorite song to dance to?
  • Last First Kiss: Tell us about your first kiss
  • Heart Attack: What's something you're looking forward to?
  • Rock Me: Do you remember Summer '09?
  • Change My Mind: Ever dated someone twice?
  • I Would: Would you date someone who's taken?
  • Over Again: Do you believe in second chances?
  • Back for You: Would you do a long distance relationship?
  • They Don't Know About Us: Do you prefer your relationships to be private or do you like posting things about them on social media?
  • Summer Love: Ever had a summer fling?
  • Truly, Madly, Deeply: Is there someone who you think you'll never get over?
  • Magic: If you could have magical powers, would you take them?
  • Irresistible: Can anyone actually spell this word without having to google it? damn.
  • Best Song Ever: 5 songs that will always hold a special place in your heart.
  • Story of My Life: Talk about a time where you fucked up and wish you could make things right.
  • Diana: Tell us about your lowest moment (if you feel comfortable). Alternative: What song would you sing in concert forever despite the fact that nobody likes it?
  • Midnight Memories: What's your favorite memory that happened late at night?
  • You & I: Will we ever get over Zayn's highnote in this song?
  • Don't forget where you belong: Describe your hometown in one sentence.
  • Strong: Who's the person that you lean on the most?
  • Happily: Is there someone who you want to be with despite everything standing in between you two?
  • Right Now: What do you wish you were doing right now?
  • Little Black Dress: What's your favorite outfit?
  • Through the Dark: Talk about a mantra you have.
  • Something Great: Talk about "Something Great" in your life that you cherish.
  • Better than Words: Do you like to grab your crotch in front of 60K+ people?
  • Why Don't We Go There?: Where do you want to visit?
  • Does He Know?: Have you ever cheated?
  • Alive: Have you ever been put into therapy for being addicted to sex?
  • Half a Heart: Do you ever walk around with just one shoe?
  • Steal My Girl: Whose your favorite girl that Niall's stolen?
  • Ready to Run: Longest you've ever walked/ran in one day?
  • Where do Broken Hearts Go?: What's your routine when you're sad to cheer yourself up?
  • 18: Would you rather get married younger, later, or never?
  • Girl Almighty: What makes you confident?
  • Fool's Gold: Have you ever been fucked around with by some shithead but been unable to get out from their spell?
  • Night Changes: What's something that makes you realize how much you've grown?
  • No Control: Do you have a raging boner when you wake up?
  • Fireproof: Are you in a relationship that you'll think last forever?
  • Spaces: When did you first learn about Zayngate?
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Do you ever start singing a song and then realize you don't know any of the words and mumble through it?
  • Clouds: Ever been in an airplane?
  • Change Your Ticket: Last place you travelled?
  • Illusion: Do you have trust issues?
  • Once In a Lifetime: What's your favorite fairytale?
  • Act my Age: Do you think you act your age?
  • BONUS:
  • Teenage Dirtbag: What's your favorite superhero?

“That actually always really kinda touched me. That you gave me a chance. And I had to learn so much over the course of it. Like, you also…you and the writers and everyone started to tweak it in the direction of my strengths.”

Music and Love (Nick Vaughan x Reader)

Word Count (2,525)

Summary: If there’s one thing in New York City you can count on seeing, it’s love and music. As the principle Bass Clarinet player in the New York Philharmonic you can honestly say that you have everything you’ve ever wanted, and nothing is going to change that.

AN: See I told you I had an amazing idea fora Nick Vaughan story, and ofc it’s going to be about music and I’m so sorry if you don’t like it but I’m excited and maybe you will like it???

If there was one thing you loved about the summer, it’s when recent graduates auditioned for opening spots in the ensemble. You remembered it yourself just a few years earlier, walking in and no one staring directly at you (but they were, how can you not?) and sitting in a chair and just starting to play. Sightreading is easy, but for most people this is one of the toughest auditions of their life; a John Williams piece with no preparation could be tough on anyone, you were just lucky enough you played it in high school.

Today was no different, a few flutes, violins,  trumpets, etc. all walked in with a sense of awe on their faces. You weren’t too fazed, and when the scuttling of chairs stopped echoing and the director nodded, you sat up a bit straighter,and listened to the speech she gave every year.

“Welcome to your audition, In front of you is a folder, please remove the piece ‘The Cowboys’ by John Williams.”

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Summer Horoscopes

Aries (March 21 - April 19): The weather this time of year is on fire and so are you. Your crush won’t know what hit them when you step out this weekend. You’re feeling beyond awesome but, just remember, the brightest flames tend to burn out the quickest. Be sure to take some time for yourself to relax and you’ll be back to being the life of the party in no time.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20): You may feel like everyone’s ignoring you right now but trust us that’s not the case. Embrace your bold side and be the first one to reach out. Invite your besties over for a girls’ night in; there’s a good chance they’re sitting at home, bored out of their minds, waiting for your call.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20): You are not content to laze around and have a chill summer, are you Gemini? Staying in is so not your style and you’re dying to get out of the house. We think it’s high time you hit the road with a few of your friends to make some lasting memories that don’t involve laying completely still in front of the AC. Can’t make it out of town? Plan a staycation and discover all the fun things going on right in front of you that you’ve been missing out on.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22): You’ve seen sunnier days, Cancer, and you’ll see them again soon. However, in the meantime take a deep breath, go to the beach, drink a slushie, and remember everything is going to be ok. Plus, the beach is the perfect spot for some major bae-watching. 

Leo (July 23 - August 22): Up for an adventure? Who are we kidding? You always are! Grab your crew and take a hike. Soak up the sun, breathe in that fresh summer air, and be on the lookout for a babe who just might be able to keep up with your crazy active lifestyle.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22): You’re not feeling yourself lately but please know that these feelings are only temporary; you’ll be back to your shining sparkling self in no time. In the mean time, read a book, lay in the sun, take in all the beauty that’s around you, and breathe out the bad vibes. You are so much more than your bad days.

Libra (September 23 - October 22): You’ve spent the better half of the summer making sure everyone around you was having the best time possible instead of focusing on yourself. While you’re kind of the best friend ever, and your friends adore you, we know you’ve been eyeing that new bikini for weeks and we think it’s time to treat yourself.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): You may not be having the greatest summer ever, so it’s time to play catch up because your vacation is about to heat up. Get your outfits on point and invest in some sunblock because from parties, to kickbacks, to beach days with the girls, you don’t seem to have an empty day on your calendar.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21): Can you say #squadgoals? The summer sun and your gorgeous personality have created the perfect storm for making new friends. Take full advantage when someone new asks you to hang out, you never know who could end up being your new BFF.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19): Are you getting burnt out by your summer job (and we don’t mean your lifeguarding gig in the sun all day)? It’s ok to take a personal day to get you back to being, well you. Go shopping, get your nails did, take a stroll, and remember all the things you love about summer.  

Aquarius (January 21 - February 18): It feels like everyone’s got a crush on you these days, but beware of getting caught up in a summer fling. There’s too much fun to be had without getting tied down to just one bae. Summer might be winding down but that doesn’t mean you have to. Invite your friends over and celebrate your independence with a dance party.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20): Summer love is in the air and for some reason, you just can’t see it. Your crush is crushing you right back and yet, you still have your doubts. Summer is a time for trying new things, being adventurous, and having the time of your life. So cut the shyness and tell them how you feel, because if there’s one thing you don’t have time for this year, it’s regrets.