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The Signs at their Best / The Signs at their Worst
  • Aries at their best: Full of life, adventurous and with a bright light in their eyes - a light bright enough to make all darkness disappear. Challenging, caring and with a big smile on their face. Admiring all beauty they can see, their head filled with plans. Nothing could ever bring them down, nothing could come between them and whatever it is that they want.
  • Aries at their worst: Doubting themselves in a very destructive way. They think it's all their fault and that they can't make anyone truly happy. Reckless. Cannot be reached by anyone, no one knows what's going on inside their head. Harsh. Don't care if they hurt someone's feelings or not. Don't care at all.
  • Taurus at their best: Absolute sweethearts with a great wits. Their heart is only open wide for people they choose carefully because they know it's for their own good. They know what's good for them and they're confident because they know what they're capeable of. A true and fair winner. Caring, charming, funny, intelligent, affectionate.
  • Taurus at their worst: They seem cold and careless. They know how to use words when they want to cause pain with them and they do that. Doubting themselves, suddenly lost all their confidence. Can't really control their feelings and tend to explode. Not looking after themselves and their loved ones because they're busy being stuck in a bad mood but deep down they're very very sorry for it.
  • Gemini at their best: A head full of ideas, a chest full of life. Up to something great, smiling, laughing, telling jokes, telling the greatest stories. Caring, motivating and inspiring. Freedom-loving, passionate about life, creative. Helpful, knows how to cheer you up. They don't run out of energy, they keep going.
  • Gemini at their worst: There is no sparkle in their eyes. Their hands are cold and their look is empty. Everything bores them, bothers them or sucks the life out of their bones. They don't see or hear anything, they're lost in thoughts. Get mean easily, say things they don't mean. Hurt others on purpose but end up hurting themselves. Self-pitying, over-emotional or not showing any emotion.
  • Cancer at their best: Brave people of good heart. Kind and caring, spreading love and good vibes. They fight for what they want, they always have something to say. Generous, understanding, shining as bright as the sun. A smile that makes others smile. They are very strong and handle their emotions wisely. Not to be underestimated.
  • Cancer at their worst: Say or do things they regret immediately. Forget to take care of themselves. They don't talk to anyone, don't reply. They tend to put themselves under an enormous emotional pressure. May manipulate others or completely lock themselves away.
  • Leo at their best: The literal sun. They shine so bright even when they're not smiling. Their laugh echoes, everybody hears it. Very proud, ambitious, kind, fair and loving. Bring happiness wherever they go, bring light into the dark. Full of dreams and very intelligent. The one that makes a boring evening a perfect one. Protective and they have a great sense of humour.
  • Leo at their worst: Believing themselves to be not good enough, doubting themselves and suffering from it. Harsh and kind of cold. Their look is still powerful and you dare not to speak to them. They drift away, may get mean or change their mind really quick because they just don't know what they want and it frustrates them so much.
  • Virgo at their best: Really good at doing what they love to do. Happy to spend time with people they like, generous and gentle, wise, gives great advices. Takes hints, makes great surprises and knows how to comfort people. Full of life and they have a great wits. The one that keeps you grounded. Honest and fair.
  • Virgo at their worst: Causing pain or worries to others to release themselves from it. They may be manipulative and self-pitying, exaggerating and not really speaking up. They tend to make decisions they will regret later. They forget how clever they are or they doubt their skills and their intelligence and make themselves smaller than they are.
  • Libra at their best: A great supporter. Someone with an eye for beauty, a charming smile and an amazing aura. They are funny, full of ideas and spontaneous. Remember little things and can easily make others happy what they love to do. Very creative, honest and they have a wild soul.
  • Libra at their worst: Moody, not seeing themselves as the masterpiece they are. Letting everybody know how they feel. Cold and feeling incredibly bad about it. They just hide away from the world and won't let anything come close to them. In pain just because they see all the flaws in their lives although there may not even be some.
  • Scorpio at their best: Passionate, strong, strong-willed, skilled and loving. They are full of secrets which is why they can keep secrets like no one else. An entire universe for themselves. They don't care about limits but in a good way. They share their ideas and dreams and cheer others up.
  • Scorpio at their worst: Neglecting their friends, their family, their duties and themselves. Reckless and not saying much about it. Things that usually fascinate them do not fascinate them anymore and they feel like nothing could ever make them smile again. Everything they love starts seeming so irrelevant to them.
  • Sagittarius at their best: Funny, uplifting, full of life and good energy. They don't care what anyone thinks of them, they will dance to loud music whenever they feel like it. They are open minded and interested in things, prepared to stand up for what they believe in at any time.
  • Sagittarius at their worst: Feeling depressed and not able to explain it, express it or talk about it. Over emotional and hot tempered, about to explode although they don't always know why. About to yell at someone for little things although they don't want to. Tired of everything.
  • Capricorn at their best: A guardian angel. Always there when you need them, glad to help. Caring for themselves and really moving things. Know how to use words and what to say in any situation. Working on something great, motivating others, taking care of people.
  • Capricorn at their worst: Sarcastic and they just shut everything down. Maybe bitter over something, maybe making others upset, too. Seem to have given up. Not sure what to do or what to say. Doubting themselves deep down but not willing to admit it. Not showing any emotions.
  • Aquarius at their best: An actual source of energy. Always have the greatest plans and ideas, dislike boredom. They love communicating and meeting new people, seeing new places. Curious about life, wanting to explore the world. Lift others up with their presence only.
  • Aquarius at their worst: Complaining over everything and annoying others with it. They don't care about anything anymore, reckless. Do not care anymore and do their own thing even though it might not be good for them. Ignoring others and feeling empty deep down. Like they ran out of energy.
  • Pisces at their best: Supporting others, taking care of others but also of themselves. Very clever, know what to say, funny. Their fantasy knows no limits and they're very productive. Do art or listen to music. Make others smile and fascinate them. Playing their own little games. Inspired.
  • Pisces at their worst: Feeling incredibly sad because of how the world is. Manipulative and stubborn. Actually dangerous because you just can't tell what they're up to. Revengeful. They have no energy and feel powerless, underestimated and not treated how they think they should be treated.
Grocery Shopping with B.A.P
  • Yongguk: He's a simple man. He's not too picky so all he'll really do is observe your product selection and give a nod of approval. He might even sneak in a pack of ramen...or maybe a whole box...or two.
  • Himchan: He knows what he likes! He has a complex flavor palette so he might take a bit more charge when shopping, but he is definitely an adventurous eater! He's not afraid to try new things!
  • Daehyun: He over compensates. "You think we need this sauce? I mean we don't need it now, but I know it tastes good and what if we need it for a dinner party? It's on sale right now!"
  • Youngjae: He's a bit more health conscious than the rest so he has an elaborate list of things. He'll pull it out, as well as a pen to neatly check everything off once it's in the cart.
  • Jongup: He's not a picky eater so he doesn't really care what you do or don't pick. But he'll definitely follow you around and help carry all the heavy stuff!
  • Zelo: You have to constantly decline his bags and boxes of junk food. "What about this? No? What about this one. This ones the best! It's my favorite" and he'll groan when you decline...he'll still put it in the cart tho...

I don’t know about you but I am really looking forward to all the mryder x gil and mryder x reyes fanart and fanfiction

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So I know a lot of autistics who are really proud to be autistic and I think that's great and I wish I could be like that but I just don't know how. I hate all my autistic traits. I hate that I'm bad at conversation, I hate that I take everything people say seriously, I hate that I never know the right thing to say. I talk about my special interests, which no one cares about, too much. I have barely any friends. Everyone I meet thinks I'm weird. I don't know what to do anymore.

I’m gonna let you in on a secret. Even I feel this way sometimes. There’s so many things I really kinda hate about being autistic, especially things like my poor concentration, audio processing issues, needing to be given instructions 2, 3, 4, 5 times before I even begin to be able to remember them. Slow reaction times, poor decision making, sensory integration issues. Having absolutely no idea how to help the people I care about when they need me. I could go on and on.

Now, the thing is, though, that even if I didn’t have any of these issues, even if I wasn’t autistic, I’d still find things to hate about myself. Maybe ‘cause I have depression, maybe ‘cause it’s ingrained in people from a very young age that you have to hate yourself otherwise you’ll never improve, or you’re too full of yourself, or you haven’t done anything to deserve to not hate yourself. And these things are ingrained in neurodivergent kids tenfold. That’s why radical self-love is so important to so many of us.

I can guarantee that every single autistic person, even those of us who are super proud of being autistic, has something they hate about themselves, that they wish they could change or get rid of. That’s the human experience. You could take away every single thing you hate about yourself, and all that would happen is you’d find something else to hate.

It sounds super pessimistic, I know. But you are what you are. You can’t change it. You’re stuck with it, no take-backs. What you can change is how accepting you are of yourself. How much you care about other’s perceptions of you versus how much you care about your own perceptions of yourself. What those perceptions of yourself are. That’s something you can change. But you’ve gotta want to.

-Brother Cat

Brother Cat’s right. Even though we’ll sometimes be proud of who we are, we also go through a lot of self-doubt. I’ve dealt with this more than I’d like in the past three years of being unemployed and feeling like either no one understands me or no one wants to hire autistic people like me. I’ve dealt with it all my life in all the bullying and other crap people have thrown at me all my life (even before I knew I was autistic). It sucks. But remember–it’s not your fault you’re autistic. It makes life incredibly difficult, yes, but that’s why you have to keep persisting.

I know this sounds cheesy and trite, but find those good things about yourself. Find the ways that being autistic can benefit you and the people around you, like (for example) thinking outside the box or catching details that others may have missed and making everyone’s lives that much better as a result. That’s what I do, at least.

- Auntie Cat

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I think it's really gross how you're playing that lolita game. I don't see why you'd need to stare at a little girl's ass and panties. Considering unfollowing.

Example of a thing I care about: NieR: Automata, which is an amazing game

Example of a thing I don’t care about: Whether or not a random person I neither know nor care about follows me on some website

Settling Down
  • Jane: Okay, just hear me out before you say no.
  • Maura: Jane...
  • Jane: No! Maura, just... just... okay, look. *huffs* All I'm saying is that we should get a puppy.
  • Maura: You had a dog, remember? You never had time for Jo, she was always alone, and I'm pretty sure you forgot about her as often as you remembered her. No, Jane.
  • Jane: That's not fair! It was a different time. We were different people. Besides, that was before the new job, the whole teaching thing, and the whole coming back to Boston thing. Come on, Maura! We need a puppy. Think about it. Wouldn't it be great to have a little guy running around? Someone to play fetch with? Someone to watch movies with? Someone to keep you warm on cold nights and do that cute little running in their sleep thing...
  • Maura: I have you for all of that. Why would we need a dog? I really doubt there's anything you can say to persuade me to agree to us getting a dog.
  • Jane: I can handle it! You know I can, and, frankly, I think you're being unfair about Jo. You know I took care of Jo just fine.
  • Maura: What about the tortoise?
  • Jane: Uh... tortoise?
  • Maura: Watson?
  • Jane: Oh! The *tortoise*. Well...
  • Maura: Exactly. The answer is no.
  • Jane: Man! This is so unfair. How are we going to get ready for kids if we don't even have a puppy to practice on? I mean, it's a puppy. Who doesn't love puppies?
  • Maura: You can't crate train a child, Jane.
  • Jane: Well, I mean, you *could*...
  • Maura: *heavy sigh* No.
  • Jane: So no on the puppy?
  • Maura: No on the puppy.
  • Jane: No on kids?
  • Maura: Maybe on children. We've only been officially dating for a few months. Give it time, Jane. I'd like to eventually adopt a child and raise them with you, but I'd like to get through our first year as an official couple as a start. You can understand that, can't you?
  • Jane: Yeah, sure. It's just that it feels like we've been dating for years, you know? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am SO ready to settle down with you, Maura. I think... I just think it's time.
  • Maura: Well... maybe we can start looking into it?
  • Jane: Adoption?
  • Maura: A puppy.
  • Jane: Yes!


you know what frustrates me? When you show someone you care about something you love and are passionate about and they show zero interest. So you kinda shutdown for a sec and have to leave the room because it doesn’t make sense their lack of patience and not giving your interest the desired attention you really needed at that moment.


maybe you need a knife to cut yourself with  maybe you wanna die maybe you wanna cry but have you ever thought that just maybe     things WILL get better and i know i can’t help you 100%   but know that i care and if you take that blade to end it all just know we would cry, who? your mom (or someone you care about) will cry, i know you feel like nothing but believe or not someone out there is gonna miss you (i would  miss you) so please at least know that you are not your  past  you are who you are now! just think about it if you were to kill yourself   you would miss out in a lot of stuff maybe in the future  your friends have children and husbands, and some are getting married (that could have been you)  so please know that WE CARE AND WE LOVE YOU 

The most embarrassing thing I’ll admit about being a Sense8 fan is that I had trouble telling Will and Wolfgang apart when I first watched S1.

I deeply apologize, because they look nothing alike, and especially once you get to know the characters, but it just keeps reminding me of how I bitterly complained that a cluster really didn’t need two white guys

Getting in the holiday spirit
  • Mika: hey, Yuu-Chan! I wanna sing something for you
  • Yuu: oh, really Mika? I'd love to hear it!
  • Mika: -clears throat and starts singing-
  • Mika: I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need
  • Mika: I don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree
  • Mika: I just want YUU for my own, more than YUU could ever know
  • Mika: make my wish come true
  • All I want for Christmas is YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!
  • Yuu:
  • Yuu: you've been waiting a the entire year to make that pun, haven't you?
  • Mika:
  • Mika: ...yes

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You know that there are plenty of people out here who would help with the cost of a new tablet if you ask, right? And with no implicit obligation that you'd have to go back to drawing Boggle, because you have ALREADY given us so much. All you need to do is set up a crowdfunding thing. Oh, and I'm choosing to be anonymous because I don't want you to feel any pressure to reply.:) Take care.

I’ve gotten a few asks like this, and I feel really uncertain about it, because I haven’t been able to draw anything for so long that I feel like I shouldn’t ask you guys for things at all? Like, there’s a statute of limitations on having drawn a bunch of owls. But then, it also feels ungrateful for me to just…not give people who are genuinely offering the opportunity to help. And to be honest, I really do need the help. 

The thing is, it’s more than just having lost my tablet. I’m really, really overworked and really, really tired. And Boggle takes a lot of time and emotional energy. That’s time and emotional energy I REALLY WANT TO SPEND. Making Boggle makes me happier than anything. But to bring Boggle back, I’d need ongoing help.

So…I’ve made a Patreon page.

In a nutshell: if you could help me make $300 a month doing Boggle, I could start making comics again. I can put down for a tablet if I know I’ll be able to earn the money back by making comics for you, Boggle’s readers.

If you want to see Boggle come back, or if you’re willing to change my life in a wonderful way, please give what you can on Boggle’s Patreon! I can’t do it without your help. It would really mean the world to me!

If I can’t reach $300, I will cancel all payments and shut down the Patreon page. Don’t worry: nobody will pay anything if I don’t end up being able to bring Boggle back.

Thank you for reading, and I hope I’ll see you soon!


Hongchul isn’t usually the kind of person to argue, but once in a while he has a really hard time keeping his mouth shut. “Look, you can’t just treat me like a puppy all the time, Nyx!” Okay, sure, Hongchul did something stupid. He always does something stupid. Putting himself into the line of danger without thinking definitely constitutes that. He just didn’t think Nyx would react so strongly to his little act of carelessness. Now they’re yelling at each other.

When Hongchul feels like he’s had enough he yells wordlessly, then throws his hands into the air. “Whatever! I’m done! I can’t take this anymore!” The demigod turns to storm out of the room but before he can do so, he’s grabbed by the arm, whirled around, and kissed rather vigorously. His eyes widen, and he doesn’t react because of how much shock washes over him. Getting kissed in such a heated way, well it was the last thing he expected.

But it subdues him, and he pulls away slowly, crossing his arms over his chest and looking away.

Nyx isn’t the type to get into these arguments. One thing she hates more than anything else is drama, and that’s exactly what she wants to avoid. Also fighting, especially since she’s dealt with it all her life. Though when Hongchul puts himself in danger, it worries her. It’s not anything more than her caring. It’s already foreign to her to even care about anything the male does, but they end up fighting over it.

“I’m not! But if you’re trying to put yourself in danger, do you know how that affects me? What if something happened to you?!” Already she has no idea why it even matters to her. She hates yelling, she hates worrying. Thinking abut Hongchul getting seriously hurt and her not being there to at least try to protect him? The girl can’t think about it. In a few more words, he’s leaving. No, don’t leave. So she does the first thing that comes to mind, and it’s not pushing him or anything that might be considered violent. She’s up on her tiptoes, crashing her mouth against his heatedly and almost pleadingly. Don’t walk away.

She sighs through her nose, pulling away herself and back on her feet. “I’m sorry. Please don’t go, I won’t get hissy like that again. I just…it’s weird. I don’t usually care what happens to people but I care about what happens to you. And if something happened to you that I at least couldn’t help or even protect you, I’d be really hurt. I don’t…care about people like this usually. And I do with you, and I don’t really want to stop that feeling so please don’t. I got scared, okay? I don’t usually let that affect me but I did. I’m sorry.” It’s not desperate begging, her voice is soft and tripping over words trying to figure out exactly what she’s even trying to say. “If you need space that’s fine t-though, cause I know sometimes I do.”

the signs as your classmates
  • aries: super ambitious, super loud and aggressive af. aries is that one kid who the teacher always call out and then they will obnoxiously say "i didn't even do anything!" when they did everything. they will always stand up for their friends and are loyal to the core.
  • taurus: that one kid who's friendly and down to earth. they will always greet you and smile at you. they're the ones who will break an awkward silence and steer the conversation into another way. they are usually quiet until you mention their favourite book or band.
  • gemini: will probably ask you to play tic-tac-toe with them in the middle of the class. they know all the rumours in your school and will casually bring it up in the middle of class. they're the ones who will tell you to stay away from a certain kid because of a personal reason.
  • cancer: looks all kind and quiet, but turns into a loud social butterfly with their group of friends. they might get carried away with talking at times and disrupt the class. they're the type of kids who will doodle in their notebooks and hum their favourite song in the middle of class.
  • leo: probably talking to the people sitting near them, but somehow they always get away with it. they're loud and fun to be around. somehow never runs out of topics to talk about are always on their phones.
  • virgo: there are two types of virgos. one is the kid who always listens to the teacher in class and the other one always talks nonstop in class. but they're both super competitive and will probably claim that you cheated and demand a rematch whenever they lose. they are very intelligent and will make cringe worthy puns out of nowhere.
  • libra: they're the kids with that mighty aura around them. the one you've mistaken as a cold hearted bitch, but really they just talk to certain people. they don't start conversations, but once you talk to them, they don't stop. libra is that one kid who has a special spot in your heart because of that one special thing they did for you.
  • scorpio: that one kid who everyone has a lowkey crush for. there's something so magnetic about them that you just need to step back and admire whenever they pass by. no one dares to piss them off because they're gonna raise hell if they're angry. they're smarter than they look, but they don't really care about school.
  • sagittarius: they are chill and are always down for some fun. they have loud voices and they have trouble sitting quietly for too long. they're the ones you look forward to whenever you play truth or dare because you just know that they're gonna fuck shit up.
  • capricorn: you know that one brooding kid who's quiet and stares at you a lot? the one who looks like they've just gone on a murder spree? don't be fooled because they're actually really friendly on the inside. they're the literal definition of "work hard, play hard."
  • aquarius: you feel they're always angry every time, but actually that's just how they look like. they look like they don't know much about a certain topic, but they'll always prove you wrong. they have a large circle of friends, are pretty stubborn and are usually dirty minded. beware of aquarius fuckboys.
  • pisces: they are the kids who you're grateful to meet on your first day of school. they're really kind and will tell you everything they know about the people there. they usually know everyone and are friends with everyone. 100/10 would recommend for new kids.
The Signs As Things Me and My Friends Have Said
  • Aries: I dunno man. I kinda just wanna like. Die. You know?
  • Taurus: Jesus fucking Christ. You know how shy I am. I can't do that shit. oH HEY HAYDEN.
  • Gemini: What the fuck is that thing
  • Cancer: Last time I talked to you we spoke of ants exploding ceilings...
  • Leo: I don't really care- OHMIGODYES. HUG ME.
  • Virgo: We're about to sacrifice her brother, wanna join?
  • Scorpio: okay you know whAT YOU CAN JUST FUCK OFf kay thank
  • Sagittarius: what the fuck frog no get out of the house please
  • Capricorn: why do they call it cheesecake? it looks more like pie. cheesepie. make it.
  • Aquarius: the feel when you wish you weren't single
  • Pieces: okay you know what you need a hug
things you should know about the signs
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>aries:</b> some people want to watch the world burn. specifically, aries. they're going to strike a match and set your mind a blaze. you won't mind it. sure, they're destroying everything you've ever known, picking it apart piece by piece, but it's kind of endearing?<p/><b>taurus:</b> they won't start the conversation. they'll watch you type, watch you go offline just to come back, finally come up with a 'hey'. they're pleased that you took the time. they're also kind of amused that you mispelled at least one word in every message you've sent them for the past hour.<p/><b>gemini:</b> they're beautiful, why would you expect them to not be shallow at times? they chat up a storm, they make flower crowns in the backyard, twist stems into a heart. they don't mind that you're not talking about anything of importance. not everything has to have a deeper meaning.<p/><b>cancer:</b> when you phrase it a certain way, it's easy to paint them nurturing, caregiver, emotional and nothing else. they're more than tears and bandaids and fresh baked cookies- not that they're not that too. they're also anger and furious attempts to bite their tongue and not spit out what everyone else is thinking.<p/><b>leo:</b> they'll tell you they're vain, tell you they're awful, tell you they want everything wrapped in gold. sometimes they mean it. sometimes they want to come home and be wrapped up in warm arms and be told they look cute when they look awful. hang out in the bathroom while they're putting on makeup, you'll see.<p/><b>virgo:</b> put everything in order, okay? they won't notice but they'll appreciate it when they're looking for a particular book or a pair of keys. they're supposed to be organised but they're terrible at finding anything on time. maybe you should find their hand and hold it with yours.<p/><b>libra:</b> sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what libras are made of. oh, and a fair share of jealousy and resentment and a bunch of love. it tastes better if it's made with love, right? libra has no idea what they're doing, they just want your attention and affection and maybe a cup of tea.<p/><b>scorpio:</b> they're not serious at all, they're just tired. talk about something they love, watch their eyes light up, watch their face brighten. sure, you can go ahead and accidentally fall in love with them. they'll appreciate the effort it takes to keep them around.<p/><b>saggitarius:</b> they're not flighty, they're just scared shitless. just make them feel secure and safe and warm. let them know how much their eyes make you melt. let them know you're not going to leave unless they want you to. if they do, then go.<p/><b>capricorn:</b> they're not humourless. they really like puns. make a pun. make their bed. make them breakfast. stop treating them like everything they say should be taken at face value. they're sarcastic and loud and they never mean what they say.<p/><b>aquarius:</b> you don't need to say anything. they're probably barely listening anyway, they're lost in thought. maybe they're thinking about you. it doesn't matter really. they'll be in your dreams no matter what. imagine them listening.<p/><b>pisces:</b> they don't care! they don't. they're tired and they want to take a nap. stop bothering them. they just want to love you from afar. and yeah, if you message them about aliens at 3 am, yeah they'll probably reply. they need to go to sleep, they think too much.<p/></p><p/></p>
Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll Meme
  • "I look shitty when I cry."
  • "You're very beautiful."
  • "Are you hitting on me?"
  • "I'm way hipper than he is."
  • "Let's look on the bright side. They're both dead and you're not."
  • "You don't love me."
  • "You just made such a mom face."
  • "I am your second chance."
  • "You know what? I really do love you."
  • "Do you care about me or not?"
  • "I'm not shooting fireworks of my tits."
  • "I mean, unless there's something new and exciting we can do with my tits."
  • "This shit has to stop, you know that right?"
  • "I thought my health was the most important thing."
  • "Want some weed?"
  • "You relax, have a little wine…"
  • "I don't need any money from you, asshole."
  • "My pooch is not really up for grabs."
  • "I swear to God, stop right now."
  • "Do you have a thing for him?"
  • "Yo, bitch!"
  • "I want 27 pizzas."
  • "You have one chance to make a first impression."
  • "This is the face of a rockstar."
  • "Thanks, babe."
  • "I wanna be famous, you know, but famous for being good."

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okay so the other day I accidentally saw one of my close friends in school cuts and I don't know what to do because i need to talk to her about it but I'm really awkward and I don't know how to plz help

ahh. this is hard. if I was you I would pull her aside somewhere private or wait till you’re alone and just let her know how much you care about her and that it makes you very worried about her but don’t make her feel bad about it because that’s honestly the worst thing you could do. don’t pressure her, just let her know you are on her side and you’re always here for her. be her protection from herself the best you can and just make sure she knows that her body is too beautiful for such a thing and ya idk just encourage and love❤️❤️❤️

My experience with the signs
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> You're a pretty cool person. And Thank you for being there when nobody was. I understand that stress can eat at you but sometimes you gotta tell youself its okay. Also, you're a meme queen and very easy to talk to.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> Holy balls learn to let go sometimes. Please recognise that acting on your emotions often have a negitive outcome. Sit down and think before you make any decision. But when in a good mood, you're really fun to party with.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> I thought you were quiet but man you are not. You are really nice and I appreciate your exsistence. But please, keep in mind that honesty pays off.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> You are loud and enthusiastic. You are very joyful. when you are in a good mood and your smile just spreads like a wild fire. Keep going. Keep living. Lots of people love you.<p/><b>Leo:</b> You have a wonderful sense of humor and you are very caring. It amazes me sometimes how much you want to please those who you care about. Honestly I dont know what I'd do with out you.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> Geez you are smart, witty, and more. You are a really good friend and anybody who has you is really lucky. You have a lot to say and you really want to be heard. I admire that.<p/><b>Libra:</b> sometimes you need to care. Letting go too much can have major consequences. But you have a really good spirit and you know how to lighten the mood. Also, your laugh is very lovely.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> you feel too deeply and you find meanings in things that are practically meaningless. You show a lot of passion for many things and others find it attractive. Don't feel bad about taking time to yourself.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> bright and adventurous. Never have I seen a better smile. Your energy is contagious and people are happy just by being around you. Your love of people is an attractive trait. Also keep in mind you dont owe anyone anything.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> ya'll cant take a joke. But i respect that most of you guys live by your gut feeling. You are really straight forward and passionate about your beliefs. Dont be afraid to see things from a different point of view though.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> You are very silent and you dont really like being the center of attention much. It takes a while for you to open up to others but when you do, your seemingly grey personality turns to a wonderful gradient of colors.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> You have a bubbly personality and you like being center of attention. You like being a leader but you arent particularly fit for leadership. Keep in mind you cant control everything and take other peoples feelings into consideration. Dont throw away friendships.<p/></p>