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dont @ me but in the first highlight reel kook was wearing Emerald green, in this reel joon was wearing Emerald green and when Jin was picking his his outfits the first thing was and Emerald green sweater. what's all this smeraldo and why

all of bts are soul mates and wear the same clothes


It was an idea I had, I think, when I was flying from L.A. to somewhere. I thought it would be nice to lose our identities, to submerge ourselves in the persona of a fake group. We would make up all the culture around it and collect all our heroes in one place. So I thought, A typical stupid-sounding name for a Dr. Hook’s Medicine Show and Traveling Circus kind of thing would be ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.’ Just a word game, really.”

—Paul McCartney, 1984

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i just wanna say i love the way you visually express voices when you draw! like you seem to put a lot of thought into how each character's text boxes look and make them vary depending on the character or situation like i've never seen any other artist so accurately portray a VOICE through the shape of a speech bubble but you do it so. well. and there's the little things, too! like jeremy's (literal) voice crack and the way you typeset rich's lisp with the lines through the s's. i'm so in love.

!!! <3 !!!

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why yes

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I do indeed

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“after all, i do owe it to Shiny to rip his fucking throat out.”

lexx is pure gold


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  • intern chan is the most adorable most dedicated intern out there
  • known as the cutie of his class bc they think he acts like: (gif above)
  • disclaimer: not actually like that
  • usually v quiet in class and doesnt really have much friends
  • that doesnt stop everyone from liking him
  • bc hes so silent people didnt expect much from him but wOw
  • this boy topped all his classes and graduated first among a class of fifty-something students
  • people still thought he was freaking adorable though so they were all thinking
  • “oh i wonder if chan’s going for a cute lil specialization like pediatrics or family medicine––“
  • disclaimer: i m not actually sure if pediatrics or family medicine are easy specialities pls ignore my ignorance
  • nope
  • lee chan’s goal has always been cardiology
  • which kinda surprises people a little bit but that doesnt stop them from coddling him like “ok you be whatever you wanna be you cutie“
  • which in turn kinda pisses chan off because hes like “dAmnit i didnt go through med school hell and back to bE CAllED CuTE”
  • *cue reader*
  • u were chan’s med school classmate but you two were never really close
  • whereas he was the smart kid who avoids attention, you were more of a social butterfly 
  • dont get me wrong, you really wanted to become a doctor but man
  • your grades were never really outstanding med school is hell
  • which made you always admire chan from afar because here is an actual person who has his life figured out
  • like wow good for you man… teach me your ways
  • youve never actually talked to him but you could tell this kid was going places
  • literally the same place you were going
  • you were both interning at the same hospital!
  • the first few months were quite uneventful bc you and chan rarely spoke to each other save from standard hellos and goodbyes
  • still didnt stop you from liking him though
  • you always noticed how his face lights up when he tends to new patients
  • or how when hes literally running on two days of no sleep at all, he will still manage to complete his rounds in the hospital
  • bascially you notice every little detail of lee chan
  • and every little detail makes you fall in love with him a little bit more
  • however you also notice how chan’s face falls when the doctor picks another intern for a demonstration
  • or how fussy patients literally curse at him when he commits a small mistake and he just smiles and apologizes
  • or when he gets scolded by a nurse for taking a nap in the on call room
  • which was happening right now
  • imagine the guilty look on chan’s face for sleeping like “dangit i knew i shouldnt have slept here”
  • bOI you just taking care of yourself
  • the longer you listen to the senior nurse scolding him the more you couldnt take it so you just
  • “hEy! that boy has been going around this hospital five times checking on every single patient to see if theyre alright. hes literally been up for the past 72 hours and your scolding him for taking a five minute nap???“
  • for a second you literally forgot that you were just an intern
  • then you remember
  • and then you run away
  • with chan
  • you run away as far as possible from the wrath of scary old nurse lady
  • when you stop both of you are panting and looking at each other like ‘woah we really just did that’
  • so you laugh and sit down and continue panting
  • then its silent but its not comfortable silence its more awkward
  • you two were never really alone together before so you never really knew it would be like this
  • he breaks the silence by thanking you profusely and youre like ‘no its ok!!!’
  • “… know… it wasnt actually your fault”
  • and chan just looks at you and you continue “dont think im creepy or anything but ive noticed you before. i can tell you really deserve this chan and i dont think a petty thing like that should bring you down”
  • when you’re done you smile at him and for the first time ever
  • you saw him blush
  • “i-ive noticed you too!“
  • wAh that makes you heart doki doki like a lot
  • “when we were classmates you were so friendly and bright…i wanted to approach you but i didnt think someone like you would like someone like me…..”
  • after your sudden confessions the both of you fall back into silence but this time its more comfortable
  • “……. in case you didnt know…. im still noticing you……” he says after a while
  • you know what he said could mean different things but you just chose to respond to anything
  • and so you grab him by the collar of his scrubs and press your lips to his
  • it wasnt anything special just a simple and sweet lip-to-lip contact but it was enough to send sparks through your whole body
  • at first chan doesnt respond but sooner or later he  rests his hand on the nape of your neck and pulls you closer
  • you two stay like for a while and when you pull away its like wOW did we really do that
  • all you could say though was “im noticing you too, chan.”
  • if you didnt notice their lil “im noticing you” things basically mean “i like/love u a lot”

im back woot woot!! 

p.s i did this in a rush so excuse the writing and the mistakes

p.p.s i didnt actually intend for medical!au’s to become my favorite things but whoops here we are 

      // send in your requests please!

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Did you guys just recently change your youtube header...? 🙃 Cause I remember like yesterday it was you guys in cosplay but now its you guys still in cosplay but wearing flower crowns (Though I love both pictures❤️ just wondering if you did change it or my eyes are deceiving me😯) (Sorry if you didnt recently change it cause I dont notice things alot😅)

Hahaha yesterday actually!! Didn’t think anyone would notice but here you are XD /chris


“…This thing isn’t a human. I didn’t kill a human. I killed a monster that was after you.”

bunny gukkie~ i draw jeongguk with rabbit ears so much i think its now just a regular thing

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Hello! I just wanted to say that I'm in love with your blog and yt channel your videos are just HOLERIOUS and I wanted to ask if you were inspired by anyone and if you follow any similar blogs/channels bc I really need that kind of movie art in my life ^^ xoxo

aw thank you so much haha <3 im flattered omg yall are too nice to me im horrible 

to be honest making these videos just clicked bc there was a lack of nu’est crack in the fandom :(

here’s a list of some favs:


This poem was written by @inkskinned whose work I absolutely love it’s the first part of one of her poems it reads

“You tell me I’m a cynic because I don’t believe in cutting flowers. I tell you I can’t watch them dying. You say the point is to appreciate beauty is fleeting.”


*** Lets be serious, Kozik’s/Kenny’s arms are no joke. 😍😍💪🏼 Also, last part because you’re happy and Kozik’s happy and after what Kurt’s done to him in both the SHIELD and SOA, the guy could use a break.***

Part 1:

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” “You never asked! Why didn’t you tell me?!” Kozik stared at you breathing heavily but he didn’t have anything to say. You’d both forgot to mention that part and you were exasperated at him trying to pin it on you. “I’m not the one in the club, you are. I’m just his kid. Me not mentioning who my father is can’t compare to you never even telling me you were in an MC. If you did.I could’ve figured this shit out a long time ago and saved us both some trouble.” He stayed quiet still, your points all being valid. He blew out a breath and sat down next to you on your couch.

“So what do we do?” You looked at him incredulously. “What do you mean ‘what to we do’? We cut this shit off before even more shit hits the fan and someone ends up dead.” He looked down and fiddled with the rings on his fingers. “I don’t want to stop seeing you…” You sighed. This whole breakup thing or whatever this was, was starting to get more complicated by the second.

After last times fiasco, you figured it was just common sense that things had to end. Your father was the Mayan president and he was a Son. It was like some Outlaw spinoff of Romeo and Juliet. Even still, you found yourself dreading the conversation when you’d told him to come by your place. Although it wasn’t serious or anything, you’d really developed feelings for the guy and you didn’t really know what you were going to do, not seeing him anymore. Now daytime, he showed up without his black hoodie on and now with all his SOA related tattoos showing, you could understand how your dad didnt believe that you didn’t know. Another thing you’d noticed was that he was much better looking in the light and his arms were to die for, a thought you quickly cursed yourself for having.

“We don’t have a choice Kozik.” “We always have a choice.” You tilted your head at him and pursed your lips. “I’m serious. We know now. We can hide it better, keep it under wraps. I really like you. I don’t want this to stop.” You stared at him for a moment before scrunching your face up and covering it with your hands. You stood up and walked away to the kitchen, Kozik following. You faced the counter and he came up behind you, his large hands settling on your hips. “I’m not letting you go. You’re mine.” You felt his breath on your ear as he spoke and you shivered.

Seeing the affect he had on you, he kept going, knowing he’d have you like putty and staying with him if he played his cards right. “All the time we’ve spent together, hanging out. You make me happy. I know I make you happy too. I see the way you go from dying to get home to smiling the moment you see me walk in. You like me as much as I like you.” He moved your hair away from your neck and shoulder, pressing a gentle kiss to the skin there. “And I like you a lot.”

You could practically hear your father’s voice yelling at you but the sound of your own blood pumping in your ears as he kissed your neck was much louder. “It’ll just be our little secret. No one has to know.” You swallowed loudly as he licked and kissed up to your ear, taking the lobe between his teeth.

“Fine! Fine, you win. We can try to keep it up. I’ll give you a chance.” You felt his mouth curve into a smile against your skin. “That’s all I’m asking for.” You turned around in his arms and also for the first time realized how he towered over you. “You’re tall.” “You’re short.” You chucked and slapped at his chest, a smile coming to his face. “I could get used to this.” “Well don’t. We’ll both probably be dead by the end of the week.” “Well then we better make it count, shouldn’t we.” You smiled and leaned up, pressing your lips against his. “Yeah. I guess we should.”

You were red and you liked me cause i was blue                                                 You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky                                              And you decided purple just wasn’t for you                                                  

ok so do any of you guys ever get like super focused on something? and you just start talking about the thing out loud?? bc i didnt notice that i did this until just a few minutes ago when i was looking for some socks. i was just going “sock….sock…..i need some socks……”