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Could you do the rfa+minor trio with an MAC who really likes cars??

A/N: Sometimes i wish i would have taken another year of auto body in high school but i didnt *sigh* also i have a huge lady boner for classic cars so idk if i’ll play on that sorry not sorry ~Admin 404


           -Knows nothing about cars, new or old

           -But he’s seen you and Saeyoung talk about some of his cars and you seemed so passionate about it!

           -He really just wanted to impress you, and like the same things as you!

           -So he literally pulls out a random car manual when you come around the next time

           -“Ah, I see! That’s a really nice looking…. trans…mission. And wow would you look at those… uh… *Brings book closer to face* …windshield wipers.”

           - yoosung what even

           -“I’m sorry!! You just look really happy when you talk about cars with Saeyoung and I just thought maybe you’d like me more if I knew cars but I really have no interest in them at all! Look at how complicated they are!! WHAT DOES A TRANSMISSION EVEN DO???”

           -He throws the book down onto the table, his face following close behind it

           -You run your hand through his hair and when you laugh he shoots his head back up to look at you

           -“Yoosung, you don’t have to be into cars like I am for me to like you?? Just be yourself, ya big dork! I like you for your animal-loving, LOLOL-playing self<3” and i swear to god he turned to putty in your hands. Completely attached himself to you for the rest of the day but it was honestly kinda cute???


           -You’re into cars??? He’s into bikes!!!

           -While he thought that would be amazing, he was wrong

           -The two of you have very strong feelings on which is better

           -“Just try driving my car once! ONCE! It’ll be fine!”


           -So he tried driving your car in an empty parking lot. He killed it. Multiple times


           -He doesn’t like it

           -Prefers the two of you take his bike instead unless you’re driving the car

           -“But MC! You look really hot on my bike! Are you sure you want to take the car? What do you mean you love the car? But not as much as me though, right? Right?? MC!”


           -Here’s the extent of Jaehee’s car knowledge: Something feels wrong with car –> Take car to auto shop

           -Okay I’m not giving her enough credit, I’m sure she knows how to change her oil and at least how to change a tire

           -When the two of you are talking about interests and you mentioned cars, she’s internally cheering


           -She really likes learning though, so she asks you to help her learn different aspects of the engine, and how to do a few quick fixes

           -Watched you change one of her headlights once and spent hours trying to change the other one on her own

           -Denied all offers for help, she wanted to LEARN on her OWN, GET AWAY FROM ME MC

           -Once she got it, you praised her like crazy and she felt great?? Like she learned how to fix something and you’re giving her all this recognition and just, it’s an amazing feeling

           -Always out there to help you fix something, one time she brought a notepad and some pens and took notes

           - shes so cute omg


           -“MC, get in your car. I have a date planned for us- I’ll drive”

           -“Stay the fuck away from of my car”

           -He’ll try to buy you literally ANY car you want

           -Old, new, restored, a fixer-upper, whatever you want

           -Pouts every time you won’t let him drive them though


           -So he tries to spoil you with the newest and coolest car parts

           -That new engine you’ve been eyeing? He’ll get it for you. Fuck, he’ll get you SEVEN of them

           -He actually really admires your love for cars though?? Like he lowkey wishes he knew how to do something so hands-on and mechanical

           -When you’re under one of your cars on a dolly (and he’s sure that you won’t get hurt), he’ll push the dolly out from under the other side of the car and pretend he didn’t see you there and practically bug you for attention because you’ve been under there all day



           -The first time he sent a photo of his babies to you, you freaked out

           -You started naming them, spitting out their stats left and right, ranking which one you thought was the best and which one wasn’t as good as the rest


           -The two of you go for rides at least once a day

           -The two of you are always spoiling them. Always buying a ton of accessories, washing them- he’s caught you hugging some of them lovingly once totally did not join you

           -Saeran has found the two of you sleeping in a few of them sometimes

           -Y'all communicate by honking sometimes. Completely pisses Saeran off. Then the two of you just honk every time he tries to tell you off. Saeyoung thinks it’s the funniest thing but his brother vows to get back at the two of you

           -“Let’s take this one today!” “Are you kidding???? No!! This one needs more love!” “SHIT YOU’RE RIGHT”

           -He seriously has to get you your own garage down the road though because your love for cars rivals his


           -Your passion is what really gets him in all honesty

           -The way your face lights up, the sparkle in your eyes, he just loves it all so much, MC


           -“Pose on top of that car”

           -“You want me to what?”

           -He takes amazing photos of your babies so you can frame them and show them off (when you aren’t driving them)

           -But he also takes those sexy car model-type photos of you and the cars so he can keep them for himself

           -What did you expect MC? You’re amazing, and so are your cars, he wants the two to intermingle

           -Also has tons of photos of you with a dirty face after working on your babies because you’re just! So! Cute!

           -He’ll put the camera down to help you every now and then though! You want a wrench! He’ll hand it to you! v sweetheart that’s the wrong tool, i need that one. no not that one. yes that one. no not that size


           -Oh no

           -You’ve got a car obsession like his brother? Shit.

           -He’s been sucked into races between you and his brother and he hATES THE BOTH OF YOU


           - says he hates the both of you for racing but the adrenaline rush actually hits him pretty hard, he likes it

           -There have been times that he has to physically pry you off of your car because you’ve been clinging to it

           -If you’re working on something under the hood, he’ll mess with you by honking the horn

           -“IT WASN’T ME. Maybe you touched something!! Don’t fuck up the car!” you lil bitch i know i didn’t touch anything

           -He does admit that some of the classic cars are his favourite to look at. Like a 1967 Chevy Impala? BEAUTIFUL. 1971 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am? Y E S

           - mc lets fuck in every single one of your backseats

why do people say ‘welcome to the real world’, or ‘this is real life’. like when you are finishing school when ur 18 the rhetoric is now its over, the real life is beginning”
but then its 30s and ur expected to settle down and live a ‘real life’ because in your 20′s supposedly you were not in a real world 
then in ur  40s something different is expected of you and thats when people usually say ‘well this is life’, like it didnt exist before, like we dont think life actually exists til we have certain things or know certain things. but i am wondering this cause im watching my daughter live life, in an enchanting and inspiring way, exploring and laughing and playing with everything and eating everything, that is pure life… that is the experience of life in its most pure and beautiful, actual form, why would anybody want to lose that magic touch, but apparently this isnt a real world, none of its real until you have this mundane job and a semblance of a relationship and you pay taxes, thats the real life,  so it will have to be disciplined out of her so they say, so she won’t believe delirious things like the world is magical or that people are good, the real world is scary and everybody is against you, i dont think that is real life, those are motions without spirit, in all your living you forget to live

a keith thing
  • has fears but can push himself to get over them temporarily if hes determined 
  • tries to tell jokes but it starts to run on and goes no where so he just kinda trails off and pretends he didnt say anything
  • very blunt & realistic
  • will agree with you if you say that you suck but will also give you encouraging words on how to not suck afterwards
  • says nice things about people behind their backs
  • starts lots of things & doesnt finish lots of things
  • his space may seem super messy but he has a system & knows where everything is
  • wants to be someones role model one day ((( like shiro was for him )))
  • constantly plays with his hair
  • very grabby
  • pretends to be asleep if he doesnt want to deal with anyone
  • tries very hard to bury his failures
  • scores fairly low on the empathy scale
  • very self assertive
  • likes mythology
  • always leaves room for an escape route
  • slight commitment issues
  • tries to live his life without any regrets but 2 or 3 things will haunt him forever
  • doesnt plan too far ahead in the future
  • always has the drive to constantly improve himself
  • chaotic neutral
  • has to google all the slang/acronyms lance uses
  • was an art kid
  • was a space kid more than a dinosaur kid
  • will mom friend you but is horrible @ taking care of himself sometimes
  • grew out of his edgelord emo phase but the hair stuck

john screaming at sherlock “i was only even with her because you were gone! you left me! you left me all alone and i had nobody! i know you didnt want to but you did! and i got stuck in the worst possible situation when all i want is my old life back! just listen to me!” pleas ..e



Aaaaah anyway omg I’m FREAKING OUT!

THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SOOOOOO MUCH @glitteryandpeachy and @kittykatmaniac ! This is so amazing and awesome and HHHH I dunno so hard to believe that I can have them in my hand like this!!



I love you so much aaaah thanks you!

*spazzing intensifies*


Sorry for a super late christmas comic but i had to push myself into finishing something.

The year was great but ended less jolly then i wanted but its ok life goes on.
I wish you guys a happy new year and i hope you had a great christmas or whatever you celebrated. The point is i hope you had a great time and I hope this new year will be fine, I know last year we mad bad choices and things didnt go well, elections, strikes, people being hurt, the drought. 

I wish and hope for the best for all of you with kind hearts I hope this year can make you stronger I wish you and your family safe and happy I wish you succeed this year and I wish a lot of animals will be safe and loved 

No matter what they say just follow your dream or plan I believe in you 

do you want to actually know the worst thjng about asib from sherlocks perspective is he actually did fully understand that john may like him back
he actually did 100% understand what was being said
but then he was reminded that falling in love might literally get you killed firstable, and secondly that what he heard at battersea may have been irene’s manipulation and therefore not true, and also that he’s an idiot who can’t handle his own shit and fucks everything up
it’s not sad bc sherlock didnt know, its sad bc he actually had hope for a minute and then it was snatched away from him and he felt like he needed to close himself off all over again


let me ask you something,

do you think you would float around in a dream too?

do you think i’m nervous because this is my first love?

I think you are the answer to all of my questions.

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And Here We Go!

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1- Name/Nicknames? Pax, Hey You, Hey Bitch

2- Height? 5′4″

3- Hogwarts House? Slyterhin

4- Last Thing Googled? DOMA

5- A fictional character I’d like as a sibling? Um…hmm…Uta from Tokyo Ghoul perhaps.  He’s about as crazy and hedonistic as me.

6- How many blankets do I sleep with? One.

7- Favorite artist/band? One?  Really?? Screw that shit.  U2, Imagine Dragons, Jamie Cullum, Radiohead, Coldplay, Rammstein, Suilen.  Shall I go on?

8- How many blogs do I follow?  430

9- What do I usually post about? YOI, my fics, The Dorks.  But mostly YOI.

10- Do you get asks regularly? I usually get 2 or 3 a day.  I love them! :)

11- What’s your Aesthetic? My aesthetic.  Hmm…looking as badass as I feel?  Which is pretty badass most of the time.  Um…my aesthetic right now is writing about the perfect world as I see it.  It helps my depression and PTSD immensely :)  

a - age: older than you…more than likely

b - biggest fear: I have one fear…being burned alive.

c - current time: 7:09pm

d - drink you last had: Diet Dr. Pepper

e - every day starts with: Coffee

f - favorite song: Since I wrote ‘Love Me in the Morning’, it’s been #1 Crush by Garbage.  I love Dream, Polaroid and Shots by Imagine Dragons also.  Oh!  and The River by Imagine Dragons.

g - ghosts, are they real?: I believe.

h - hometown: Plymouth, Michigan, USA

i - in love with: Viktor Nikiforov and Katsuki Yuuri

j - jealous of: Viktor Nikiforov and Katsuki Yuuri

k - killed someone: Pfft…like I’d tell you

l - last time you cried: March 4 of this year…when I wrote Saw Bolinyiz, Azhye

m - middle name: Marie

n - number of siblings: Two, though I only claim one.

o - one wish: Hmm…dunno.

p - person you last called/texted: My flaming gay friend since I had a “research” question.

q - questions you’re most asked: “Are those real?” pointing to my tats or piercings.

r - reasons to smile: People reading my fics, commenting them and supporting me.

s - song last sang: Believer - Imagine Dragons

t - time you woke up: about 8 this morning

u - underwear color: that color (really?)

v - vacation destinations: Anywhere far from home.  Going to try to get to northern Europe this summer, possibly Japan.

w - worst habit: My road rage and anger issues, though it’s a part of my PTSD :(

x - x-rays you’ve had: So many I can’t count.

y - your favorite food: Katsudon!  That stuff is the shit!

z - zodiac sign: Libra

Ok…I tag @lostandfoundinthebackofmymind @akemi707 @ainiyuku @crystallinekai @julietlovestory @7shinningwings @ishxallxgood @confused-novelist @vanguardpaladinkeith @nanamiren

Robert's wedding speech

“We’d like to thank you for being here. And by we I mean my husband and I. There’s a phrase that’s thrown around isn’t there: I’m a better person for loving you. I used to think I knew what that meant, and I applied some kind of meaning to it. Turns out I didnt know at all until Aaron.

Aaron, you didn’t set out to change me and I’m glad for that. But I wanted to change for you. I wanted to be better for you. That hasn’t happened to me before: I’ve never known that I could be better, that someone could make me want to be better. You push me, and disapprove of me, and I know when something doesn’t sit well with you. And I learn from that, and I make myself better.

You’ve stuck by me through so much. You’ve seen every part of me: every ugly, insecure, unhappy, jaded part of me, and you somehow still manage to love me. You don’t see past all of that, and you don’t love me in spite of it all. You see it and you acknowledge it, and you love me anyway. It makes me want to be better for you.

I love you. I love you more than I thought it was possible to love someone. You’ve made me so happy, and that’s something I never thought I deserved. You make me want to be deserving of that happiness and of your love.

Aaron, you are my best friend, my confidant, my soulmate, my moral compass. And I can say with complete certainty and understanding that I am a better man for loving you.”
Klangst fic "I know your love has come home to me.

How do you find something that has been lost for so long? Do you start by going back to the places you thought you saw it last? Maybe you ask around to see if anyone has seen it? Or do you just give up and perhaps try to find a replacement?

Lance had been lost for 4 months now. That was 4 months without any sign or word of him. No one had seen the blue paladin or his lion in that span of time. A great many people didnt even know he was lost to began with. That much time alone could do things to a person, things none of the others wanted to even think about.

In the aftermath of the wormhole Lance is separated from the group for a long time and when they finally find him it is not in the way any of them ever wanted. However Keith is determined to save Lance from himself and the things that torment him. He will not abandon him again.

So I’ve been writing a heavy klangst/langst fic as of late and it’s being do really well actually. So far it has 21 chapters but it’s not complete. I just wanted to share it since I’ve seen a lot of people looking around for some good klangst so look no further!!!


Make Nat wear a dress is not really difficult…

She can wear all kinds of dresses, these are fun to wear because “skirts are perfect for hide small guns and knives and you can fight if you know how to move in one of those” (hard habits never dies),

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okay but seriously if youre abled and youve ever parked in a handicap spot knowing fucking well you dont need it i want you to think about the day you did it and know that you made that day ten times harder for the disabled person who needed that spot and probably ruined that disabled persons day.

i want you to know that youre ableist and out of all the parking spots you couldve chosen, you took the one spot a disabled person NEEDED.

i want you to know that you took one more thing away from a disabled person, and that you didnt need to take that spot, you didnt need that spot, you did it cause you could and didnt care about the concequences that would affect the disabled person who needed that spot.

you did it because you were ableist.

So… let me see if I get it:
Ships + what people ‘who think they know better than anyone how to live’ say:
Climon: thats disgusting !!! They are like brother and sister.
Jalec: thats incest ! Even if jace and alec arent brothers. Also its homophobic and racist in some ways that we didnt figure it out yet but we will… also im assuming you only watch the tv show since you dont know alec isnt in love with jace (ok. How in the world is my fault that the tv show wanted to make jalec a thing)
Clalec: thats homophobic, racist and you are probably hitler. You are erasing his sexuallity even if your ship is only based on manips bc they dont get along so they dont have scenes together in the tv show, alec is gay and your manips are making him straight. Ugghh you probably are a straight white girl who lives just to upset us.
Rizzy: thats horrible, we want sizzy bc we arent against cannon couples (check climon description*) and its also unhealthy bc they are both on drugs and i didnt expect that so i dont like it. Also they are making it look like all latinos are on drugs.
Clace: thats incest even if they arent brother and sister just bc i hate straight couples and im different than the rest of the world so i dont like it.
Alec with every male/female character no matter if its brotp or otp since they only ship him with magnus: we dont have excuses but we will find it. You should stop with your homophobia and racism… but what can we expect from a straight white girl? (???? Why)
Saphael: we want sizzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Sizzy: uuuuughhh there you are again with your straights couples ugh i cant with these straights white girls (???? Why x2)
Magnus with every character in the world no matter if it fits or not except camille: yesssss bc he is bisexual.
Malec: perfect. They are flawless. If you dont ship it you are homophobic and racist and if you ship it but ur straight you probably think they are hot and theres no love because you are a straight whit-

Then i see posts saying this: “i cant with this show everyone is so shippeable. They all have chemestry and are beautiful. (Read all the descriptions of all the ships. If they are all shippeables why cant i ship them without being judge?)

I dont understand you guys, so I guess I’m gonna do it in my way because all this time I’ve been trying to do everything that you said to make you happy i dont even know why… so, i’m done. Good night.