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The Ultimate Winter Sunday Morning Brunch Guide

Words by Kristina S. // Photography by Juliette Bélanger.

My Sunday mornings are almost always dedicated to relaxing with a good book and preparing brunch for a great group of people – sometimes friends, sometimes family, and sometimes both. Here’s a brief guide to the ultimate winter Sunday morning brunch:

On a cold winter morning, there’s nothing more comforting than a warm cup of tea or coffee and hot food. So always start by serving a round of hot tea or coffee on a tray with various sweeteners, creamers, and milk.

While you’re enjoying your hot beverage, begin mixing the batter for a round of light and fluffy pancakes. It’s Sunday morning and you have all day to relax so get creative: mix some berries, nuts, or spices like cinnamon or nutmeg into the batter. Serve with butter, syrup, honey, and toppings, such as whipped cream, nuts, and fruit.

While you’re cooking the pancakes, fry up a few pieces of bacon, sausage, or both in another pan. Brunch is never complete without breakfast meats!

If pancakes don’t melt away your taste buds, try making a delicious egg scramble instead. You can get just as fancy with egg scrambles by adding various cheeses, veggies, and spices such as salt and pepper! Tip: add a splash of milk to the eggs before scrambling them in a skillet. The milk will increase the egg’s fluffiness, creating a delicious texture to chew on.

The best thing about brunch is that you’ll be full for hours so the mess you make in the kitchen will be well worth it. Enjoy your Sunday morning brunch and company!

Disclaimer: brunch is just as awesome completely on your own. If you don’t have any company to share with, no worries – all the more for you to enjoy.


Back To School; Emory’s Witchpack! 

What this pack includes:

  • sigils
  • emoji spells
  • enchantments/charms
  • other advice

Emoji Spells:

  • 🔮🌵♻️🍋⛔🐻🌿🌑🔮 - usually for keeping baddies off your blog, but will work for real life as well! transmutes, banishes, and prevents negativity/negative energy (likes charge, reblogs cast, so does texting/reminders)
  • 🔮🏥✏️🌟🌕🌟🌔🔥🔮 - gives you an energy boost, and the will to work hard at your studies! (likes charge, reblogs cast, so does texting/reminders)
  • 🔮🌱⏰🚫😪🌑🐓🌟🔮 - keeps you awake during school, and helps you wake up on time and easier! (likes charge, reblogs cast, do does texting/reminders)
  • 🔮☕🐝🌻😁👍🐸☕🔮 - helps you find people of like mind, and to make friends without being too awkward (you know the deal)
  • 🔮🐸🚫🏫👗😭🚫🙈🔮 - helps you to avoid being unnecessarily dresscoded


  • a necklace to help you pay attention and retain what your teachers say and what you read 
  • a pencil to always take good notes
  • a pencil case to never lose your pencils, pens, markers, etc. 
  • a compact mirror/or any mirror to make you and others feel good when you look in them
  • your shoes to always take you to your classes on time
  • a thermos/water bottle to give you a boost when you need it
  • a ring to temporarily hex bullies 
  • earrings to always hear important intercom messages
  • your glasses so you always know where they are and so you can always find lost objects 
  • a tune to hum that calms you down
  • when you’re washing your clothes, enchant them to be comforting, safe, and less likely to get dirty

Random advice:

  • imbue the ever-loving fuck out of your breakfast. your tea/milk/coffee/water/drink to wake you up, your breakfast to keep you awake. if you’re having cinnabuns in the morning like i am, write sigils with the icing and also, cinnamon is good for luck and protection! eggs for rebirth, new beginnings, bacon for uncovering the truth, and pancakes for pure, sweet, delicious joy. 
  • put sigils on your shoes; specifically ones that get you to class on time
  • put reminders on your phone, some as emoji spells and some as actual, genuine reminders. put everything on that damn thing
  • USB wands/altars/spells are good, pure, and you should make one 
  • put sigils and enchanted items/talismans in your locker. maybe a mirror or makeup? is. is that what people do?
  • snatch up salt and pepper packets from the cafeteria, they’re good for spells. 
  • send emoji spells to your friends so they can get buffs too!
  • put sigils somewhere on your homework so you (and your teacher) don’t lose it (preferably very lightly, or in eraser)
  • don’t be afraid to whisper small blessings and curses. “may your bacon always burn” is a favorite curse of mine, and “may you meet a kind animal” is a favorite blessing
  • keep up with astrological/astronomical events, if that’s your thing. on full moons, schools are supercharged with excess energy – make use of that! 
  • remember to eat, drink, shower, change your clothes, take your meds, sleep, and do your homework. don’t stress about doing homework; do it when you can, but if it’s getting late and you’re tired, do as much as you can without getting a migraine. do the questions you’re able to do first, then work on the harder ones 

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do you have a recipe for this garlic rice? cos that sounds tasty

yep yep! here goes:

1. Cook some white rice. It can be jasmine rice, basmati rice…personally, i use kokuho rose Japanese rice. I have a rice cooker, which is a kitchen appliance blessed upon me by the food gods.
-If you have a rice cooker, use ½ cup of rice per person you’re making the rice for, and two times as much water (for example, i made some for three people, so i used 1.5 cups of rice and 3 cups water).
-If you don’t have a rice cooker, you can make it in a saucepan with the same rice-water ratio and cooking it 10-15 minutes on low heat covered with a lid.

2. Finely chop 1.5 tablespoons of garlic clove. Like, get as close to mincing it as you can with a knife.

3. Add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil to a skillet pan. Put the stove on medium-low heat. 

4. Add the chopped garlic when you can smell the oil cooking. Cook the garlic until it’s a golden-brown color. Don’t cook it any longer or it will turn bitter.

5. Add the cooked white rice and stir for about 3 minutes until the garlic is mixed nicely with the rice.

6. Put that shit in a bowl and eat the hell out of it. have fun

While it still tastes delicious by itself, it’s also fantastic with a few other things. I always add:
-Chopped parsley
-Chopped scallion
(green onion…same thing)
-Finely-ground black pepper 
-Red chili flakes 
-A sunny-side-up egg 
-Some kind of chopped meat
(bacon is actually really good with it lol. although chicken, pork, and ham are also really good. if you can’t eat meat or don’t like meat, you can just leave it out)

Also here’s a photo of it to give you an idea of what it looks like:

By the way, this dish is called “sinangag” and is a common Filipino breakfast dish! my father taught me to make it after his travels in southeast Asia.

happy eatin’ yall

World’s Best Dad (Part 4)

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Summary: Dean’s doing his best to take it easy at home while the reader runs into a few unexpected issues while helping out…

World’s Best Dad Masterlist

Pairing: single parent!Dean x kindergarten teacher!reader

Word Count: 5,200ish

Warnings: language, implied future smut

A/N: I want a fluffy Dean like this if anyone’s got one lying around I can borrow…

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((Zombie apocalypse AU prompts because I have a mighty need.

  • Person A and Person B are having the time of their lives beating in undead skulls while Person C is understandably concerned for their mental health but stays anyway because they’re really good at killing zombies.
  • “How the flying fuck do you think this is fun if you weren’t basically a zombie killing machine I would leave your crazy ass.”
  • “I swear I don’t have a skin disease this is just the mother of all sunburns there is no more sunscreen left on this planet.”
  • Person A gets hurt severely and Person B and C mow down a hoard to get them to safety.
  • Bonus points if skittish Person C does the most damage through sheer devotion and impresses everyone.
  • “I FOUND RUNNING WATER–wait. Nevermind, it’s not water.”
  • “I never liked Spam but holy shit I never thought canned mystery meat would taste this good after not eating for three days.”
  • Person A: “You go in.” Person B: “I’m not going in, you go in.”
  • This goes on for several hours. Person C is beyond done and goes in instead.
  • Person A: “I wonder if zombies have the right idea and people taste great.” Person B: “What the fuck, man? No.” Person A: “What if we taste like bacon?” Person C: “If you make bacon out of me, I will give you food poisoning through pure spite.”
  • Person A, B and C all huddling for warmth by a dumpster fire full of dead zombies.
  • “I am armed with a shopping cart and I won’t hesitate, bitch.”
  • Person A actually killing zombies with a shopping cart of all things. B and C are very impressed.
  • “If we have to eat canned soup again, I will legitimately vomit that’s all we’ve eaten for two weeks straight


They met at a dog park.

Which is weird in and of itself because a) Dean hates driving dogs in his baby; b) it’s not even his dog; and c) He’s still pissed at Sam for skipping out on him and their dad only to come back with a dog sized golden retriever he named Bones of all things. Jesus, Sam, you’d think you’re have a little more imagination considering you hid from one of the best damn trackers for two weeks only to name a dog after something we see every day. 

Dean sighed to himself. All that and he still has somehow found himself on pooch duty in some dog park in the middle of Illinois of all things. 

“He is limping.” Dean turned to the sound of a gruff voice coming from right behind in. 

“Yeah well, he’s old.” His comeback was coming out before he got a good look at the guy he was talking to. 

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Want (Snowbaz)

{takes place over Christmas at Baz’s, after the kiss and before the humdrum appears; probably not canon compliant}

I wake up with the bed empty next to me. I’d given up sleeping on the couch after Baz and I well, kissed. I haven’t really let myself think about it, but I know I want to keep doing this, whatever this is. I roll over, pushing the sheets off my legs and look around.

The fire in the hearth is just embers, glowing softly. Heavy red curtains block the light that threatens to shine through the windows. I stretch and push myself up, yawning as I try to wake myself up.

“Baz?” I call softly.

There’s no answer so I get up and pad barefoot down the stairs. The house is silent, a quiet morning fog. I pause at the bottom of the stairs and listen again.

“Baz?” I say, a little louder.

I hear distant sounds, someone moving around, and follow the noises to the kitchen. Baz is there, his hair tied up in a messy knot. I pause in the doorway, leaning against the frame to watch him. Baz looks focused as he watches a pan on the stove, his eyebrows furrowed. My stomach growls at the smell of food frying and he turns.

“Simon,” he says. “Of course you wake up for food.”

I roll my eyes, unsure of what I can and can’t do around him. Unsure of what I want to do.

He scrapes eggs and bacon from the pan onto a plate and hands it to me. I stare at it a moment and walk to the counter, sliding onto a stool. Baz joins me on the other side and just watches as I eat. I clear my throat.

“You know you can eat around me right? I know you’re a vampire.”

“Right.” A small smile curves on his lips. I slide the plate closer to him and watch as he picks up a piece of bacon and puts it into his mouth.

“So do you have to drink blood like every day?” I ask, unable to stop myself. He rolls his eyes but the smile still on his face tells me he’s not really annoyed.

“I’m most comfortable if I feed every day, but I can last about a week if I need to,” he explains.

“Well you can feed if you want,” I say, “I don’t mind.”

His smile grows and he looks down. I love making him smile. So much more than antagonizing him.

“Maybe later,” he replies, “We have things to do.”

I tilt my head. “What things?”

“Christmas shopping,” he says. At my obvious look of surprise he huffs a laugh.

“What do you think i do all day? Sit up in my room plotting?”

I shrug and blush, turning back to the eggs on my plate. Baz grabs another piece of bacon and pushes himself off the counter.

“I need to get presents for my siblings, so I figured you could just tag along. Unless you want to stay here all day by yourself.”

I shudder and stand up. “Let’s go Christmas shopping.”

Baz drives us into town and parks near a small street of shops. The area is crowded with people doing last minute shopping, bustling and loud. I’m content to just pull my jacket tight around me and follow Baz. I’ve never seen this side of him: carefully choosing gifts for his family, focused on his task. While he looks, I browse the shops, just looking around. I find an interesting book to give to Penny and a Dr. Who mug for Agatha. Baz comes to find me, a bag in hand and motions to the door so I follow him out. It’s gotten even more crowded as the day gets later and I start to lose him among the throng of people. Panicked about being left behind I grab for his arm. My hand slides down past his elbow and I end up grabbing his hand instead. As soon as I realize, I let go, but I’ve gotten Baz’s attention so he stops and lets me catch up.

He looks at me for a moment, an odd glint in his eyes before he seems to make a decision. He holds out his hand to me and I stare at his long, pale fingers before sliding my hand into his, a blush blooming on my face as I try not to smile. Baz grips my hand hard, keeping me with him as we walk down the street. We stop at a bakery and get some pastries and coffee for lunch (though I eat most of it), talking and laughing the whole time. I really like this new side of Baz. He’s witty and sarcastic but his eyes shine and his small smile makes fire blossom in my stomach.

When we leave the cafe he offers his hand again and I hold it without any hesitation. We get to the car and he unlocks it, sliding into the driver’s side. I open my door and get in, watching him as he moves his bags to the backseat.

“I want this.” I say, my thoughts escaping my mouth.

He pauses and looks at me. His face unreadable as he stares into my eyes.

“I want this, Baz.” I say, gesturing between us.

He stares a moment longer before closing the gap between us, his lips meeting mine. This kiss is different than the fire and heat of last night. It’s gentle and hesitant and sweet. My hand comes up to his cheek and I kiss him back.

He pulls away slowly, face flushed slightly, and starts the car. As we pull out of the lot, he holds his hand out to me, glancing at me with a smile. I smile back, threading my fingers through his. We hold hands all the way home.

I'm watching Worst Cooks in America and these are some quotes from the contestants:

“I don’t understand lettuce.”

“I cut things like I’m a serial killer. Maybe I was a serial killer in another life”

“There are many different flavor combinations you probably haven’t heard of.” “I like pepperoni pizza. Is that a flavor?”

“I feel like even I can handle making a crepe. It’s just a thin pancake. But I can’t make pancakes…. soo…”

“I’m making my crepe based on colors. I’m using limes because they’re green, cherries because they’re red, and ginger root because it’s a nice beige color.”

“I’m making a hazelnut, blueberry jelly, bacon, and banana crepe. As a tribute to Elvis.”

“Today you’ll be making Greek tacos” “I don’t know anything about the Greek. I think that’s where the Romans live..?”

“That’s a bit much for a pancake. The only pancakes I make are in the microwave.”

“I’m pretty good at multitasking. I can watch tv while calling the pizza delivery guy.”

“This is so cool! I just turned egg whites into snow!”

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I donated to Charlottesville's NAACP, can I get nurseydex on a long weekend somewhere nice?

In five years of being together, Dex has learned that it doesn’t take much to make Nursey happy. Slipping little love notes into his lunch, picking up his favorite ice cream on his way home from work, getting up twenty minutes earlier so he can make pancakes and bacon for breakfast. It’s easy to do stuff like that, and it always makes Nursey so happy that Dex doesn’t see any reason not to do something small for him every day.

Sometimes, though, Dex likes to pull out the big guns.

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husband! Mingyu

anon requested: “Can you do a husband mingyu? Love your blog!”

admin seri: this is really late ack school and other things just got me

  • can you say perfect housewife husband material
  • the guy cooks
  • cleans
  • changes light bulbs
  • he can do it all
  • probably wakes up earlier than you in the morning to make eggs, bacon, pancakes, anything you want or can imagine for breakfast
  • and brews coffee amazingly too
  • and sits there with his cup of coffee at the dinner table sipping the brew, wearing a large cardigan
  • and when you wake up to the blissful scent of food and coffee
  • and walk out to the dining room
  • he gets up still wearing pajamas, his cardigan, and fluffy bunny slippers
  • towering tall but still hecka cute dad look
  • and gives you a hug and a kiss on the forehead with a “Morning, beautiful”
  • lots of playing with your hair
  • you’ll both be sitting on the couch watching a drama or movie
  • and he’ll braid your hair without even looking
  • and it’ll turn out amazing
  • but he was staring at the tv screen the whole time
  • never have to ask him to clean anything
  • does laundry and cleans dishes
  • always leaves the toilet seat down because you asked him to
  • if he has the time,
  • he’ll pack you your lunch for work everyday
  • healthy and nutritious meal always
  • getting you this cute arse lunchbag and leaving a note in there like, 
  • “make sure you eat every last bite wifey <3″
  • oml and you’re pretty much his taste tester
  • he’ll come up with all sorts of things, random doing weird food combinations
  • sitting at the table, you’ll sit and wait for mingyu to bring out the food
  • “Mingyu what is this”
  • “sshh that doesn’t matter just try it!!” he says sitting next to you
  • looks at you with wide puppy eyes as you put the spoon in your mouth
  • “its alright,” you say casually, even though in your mind it was mother effing delicious 
  • like how does he do it
  • “just alright?” he asks his eyes getting a tiny bit sad, “i swear i tried it and it was so good!”
  • you hide the smile coming out quickly and lean over to press a kiss to his cheek
  • “just kidding~” you say leaning back and grinning 
  • “YAYAYAY’ 
  • he’ll grab a spoon and give you a giant spoonful
  • “too much” you try to say through the food
  • “what? you want more?” he was teasing you
  • and gets hit with a pair of chopsticks
  • he’s really playful when it’s time to be playful
  • like you’ll be standing in your shared bathroom brushing your teeth and he’ll come in and start doing some weird dances looking at you through the mirror
  • and like the smooth person you are, you choke on your toothpaste for a minute
  • and he’ll be laughing and just patting your back
  • “i hate you” you say with foam around your mouth
  • he wraps his arms around your waist snuggling his head into your hair
  • “why are you mean to me like this,” he pouts
  • “okay baby i’m sorry do you need me too tuck you in?” you tease 
  • as soon as you look at his facial expression, you knew you should’ve thought about your words a little better
  • “you could do something else besides tucking me in,” his smirk slowly getting more prominent
  • “kim mingyu go away” you swat at him
  • “i’ll be waiting for you Mrs. Kim~” 
  • he’s serious when it’s time to be serious
  • one day you’ll come home like really stressed our from work
  • and just drop your purse or bag on the ground let yourself sink into the couch
  • while just staring at the ceiling,
  • you can see and feel Mingyu settle next to you, wrapping his arms around you
  • “tell me about your day?” he asks softly, almost whisper like
  • everything just spills out letting all the stress and anger out
  • with Mingyu listening, comforting, and giving his own advice
  • and he’ll cook you dinner after, or order your favorite take out
  • just whatever you want
  • totally just cuddling on the couch and stuffing your faces
  • and oh my god
  • there’s not enough words to describe the boys
  • you guys still get calls from the boys who are staying at the dorm 
  • because the dorm is like a place all the guys can rest at after practice
  • meaning they want food
  • and Mingyu for sure rather cook for you 
  • not because of the number difference or anything
  • “noona we want our housewife Mingyu back”
  • you’ll just look at Mingyu, who’s sitting next to you, and start cracking up with him
  • “Seungkwan, me and MIngyu both work so no housewives here”
  • “FINE. OKAY. then how much you want for us to get you to come over because I won’t live through any more Hansol ramen.”
  • you guys are just like, to be lazy or to not be lazy
  • Mingyu still as sweet as always so he caves sometimes
  • and you guys go over and the first thing that happens in Chan shoving bags of ramen in front of you guys like
  • “hyung if you don’t do this you’ll have to pay your part in the fire fees okay”
  • pretty much you guys are just dancing in the kitchen together
  • unwrapping ramyun packages
  • he tells you to sit down and just wait until he’s done
  • so you sit at the counter and watch him cook with your head resting on your hand
  • which he knows because you’re pretty much staring blatantly
  • so he does little things to try to ‘impress you’ 
  • even though he obviously doesn’t need too because you guys are married
  • but whatever gotta keep it interesting ;)
  • and when Mingyu’s serving the ramyun he’ll give you the most
  • which gets all the boys triggered lol
  • and Mingyu just shrugs like, “I gotta keep my baby healthy” 
  • everyone’s just like …
  • you’re like ‘wait’
  • “YOU’RE HAVING A KID?” Seokmin screams
  • and then it’s chaos from there
  • Mingyu’s just like ????
  • “HEY STOP NO WE ARE NOT HAVING A KID” you yell over them, shaking your head
  • “you gotta be careful with what you say Ming,” you laugh 
  • he scratches his head sheepishly, “whoops”
  • yup just as clumsy as always
  • ooh and he always makes sure there’s date nights
  • they’re not spontaneous or anything because Mingyu likes too plan
  • except he also doesn’t really like to tell you anything either
  • but you read him really well so when you get some texts at work, even more than normal,
  • ‘how’s your day going bb?’ and ‘i love you have a nice day <3′
  • you know something’s up
  • as soon as you walk through the door he’s there, ready and grinning
  • “get ready we’re going on a date!!” 
  • you break out into a smile and laugh, “dress attire?”
  • “hmm fancy” he says wiggling his eyebrows
  • he’ll walk you out and open the door like the gentleman he is, setting the vibe
  • and you’ll giggle at this Mingyu, date MIngyu that you haven’t seen in a minute
  • Mingyu’s a romantic so he’ll take you guys out to your favorite restaurant, maybe watch a film or musical, whatever you’re into
  • and then drive out to a park or river maybe, and just enjoy some fresh air and have talks
  • unlike the fun and exciting dates you guys had while dating, married dates are more relaxed and comfortable
  • but of course there’s still the fun and exciting moments too ;)

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Happy May 17th <3

Just need to wash away the negativity before I go to sleep <3 so here we go

Even has changed his mind.

A couple weeks ago hosting a big May the 17th celebration in his and Isak’s home seemed like the most perfect way to truly share how happy he is. How much he loves Isak, their lives together and their many beautiful, silly, endearing friends. 

for days he has been planning the event. Working out a menu he was going to cook himself, making little invites out of craft paper and the fancy pencil set Isak gave him for his birthday, and planning his and Isak’s outrageous outfits for the day. 

It was all Even could talk about. He was so passionate, so excited, and seeing his eyes light up when he discussed the secret ingredient in his pancake recipe, watching him draw individual cartoon characters on the invitations for each person and hearing him talk about what this day meant to him, made Isak fall in love with him all over again. 

but now? 

Now all Even wants to do is hold Isak in his arms and sleep. 

he doesn’t want to see anyone, he doesn’t want to eat anything, or set up the table or talk. 

he just wants to lie in bed with his warm boyfriend pressed against his chest. 

He wants to feel Isak breathe against him and trace the ocean on his skin. He wants to pretend that they are the only people in the world and nothing and no one can touch them. 

They are safe.

Isak is safe.

this is all he needs right now. he closes his eyes and breathes isak in some more before sleeping. 

Isak kisses the skin between Even’s eyebrows before slipping out of his clutch and out of the bed. 

he gazes down at his beautiful boyfriend and vows to make this day special. There is no way anything can take this away from him

fuck it 

Isak Valtersen may be a grinch but he is going to save Christmas Constitution day.

first thing he does is call Eva 

he doesn’t even bother to say hello when she answers 

“do you still know how to make those fancy things wrapped in bacon?” 

“you fucking know I do!” 

“great come over as soon as you can and bring all the food and decorations and shit you have.” 

“got it..and alcohol?” 

Isak smiled “of course Eva”

next thing he does is message the boys “you guys coming?” 

Jonas: Even said it was not happening

Magnus: How is he doing?

Mahdi: how is your face doing? 

Isak: he seems a little down but we’re gonna try to make it better

Jonas: whatever you need you got it

Isak smiled before sending them all a list of supplies and what they each need to do. 

He goes into the bedroom to wrap extra blankets around Even and cuddle him for a bit before calling Eskild. 

“Guru I need you” 

“words every guru loves to hear, what can my wisdom do for you today?” 

“You were helping Even with the constitution outfits right?” 

“absolutely and they are brilliant” 

“great where are they?” 

“with me of course. Even didn’t want you peeking” 

Isak smiled fondly “of course he didn’t. How fast can you get here” 

there was a knock at the door. 

Isak opened it confused

“oh please i’m your guru, of course I knew you’d need me” Eskild said, handing over two bags. 

Isak looked inside to see a flash of a fancy black suit jacket with brass buttons and a red vest. He smiled “I can’t believe he did this” 

“it meant a lot to him” Eskild said melancholy as his eyes searched the ground for answers that Isak could never find himself. 

“Which is why we need to give it to him” Isak said as he ran into the bathroom to get change right when there was a knock on the door. 

“That should be everyone!” Isak shouted at Eskild 

he heard Eskild open the door and the sounds of the girls entering the apartment filled the quietness Isak had been alone with most of the morning. 

when he came out of the bathroom dressed in the suit Even planned for him, everyone stared in shock. Even Eskild was left speechless 

“Isak..” Noora breathed

Sana smiled, but timidly, as though she still couldn’t look at Isak without blaming herself for what happened. He winked at her which made a a wave of calm wash over her and he watched her visibly relax

“Damn Isak you clean up good” Eva said as she placed some food on the table the girls must have set up while he was changing. 

there was another knock and soon enough the boys were in the kitchen doing god knows what. They were cooking up a storm. Mahdi only cared about his waffles. 

“okay listen the trick is, No magnus you don’t fucking stir the mixture you fold it” 

Even Linn was helping Vilde place the napkins on the table. Isak thanked her and she shrugged but he caught a smile when she thought he wasn’t looking. 

Eventually the table was full of food and the kitchen was a mess, but it didn’t matter. 

Isak grabbed a little norwegian flag and went into the bedroom

he curled in beside Even and kissed him softly until his eyelashes fluttered open. His arm instinctively wrapped around Isak before he noticed what he was wearing. 

The brightest smile Isak had seen since friday painted on his face as he took in Isak’s appearance. “Baby you-” 

Isak waved the flag “happy constitution day!” he sung goofily which gained the most beautiful laugh from Even. 

his eyes grew sad for a moment “i’m sorry I ruined it.” 

Isak raised his eyebrows “ruined it? RUINED IT? oh baby you have no idea”

Even gazed at him confused “what?” 

Isak kissed his knuckles before pulling him up “come with me…if you feel up to it.” 

Even smiled, and wove his fingers through Isak’s hair “dear god you are beautiful” he whispered in awe as he let his boyfriend lead him into their living room that was bursting with people and food. 

Everyone was already digging in and talking about everything they were grateful for. the playlist Even spent hours planning was playing in the background and Mahdi was counting how many waffles there were so no one ate his fair share. 

Even smiled brightly at the magical world he just walked into. it was exactly like the image he had been dreaming about. “I can’t believe you did this” 

Isak looked at him in worry, he suddenly realised that this could be a bad idea “is this okay?” he asked “I can send them all home if you would like it to just be us.” 

Even shook his head and pulled Isak towards him “I love you so much Isak” he said before kissing him deeply and slowly, letting the world catch on fire around them. Everyone cheered at the sight and Isak rolled his eyes and giggled before him and Even joined everyone at the table. 

they spent the day talking, eating and sharing stories about their favourite may 17th experiences and every single thing they appreciate about their lives right now. 

As Even looked at all of his friends and then gazed upon the beautiful golden angel sitting beside him, it was impossible for him not to thank the entire universe for everything he has here, right now in this moment. 

Three is the Magic Number

A little early birthday present for @schmerzerling. Dean and Cas needed to have this threesome, and the world needed to read about it. I honestly had no choice but to write it.

Rated: E. 6.6k. Castiel/Dean. Threesome M/M/F.


He takes Cas to dinner. Raul’s again. Cas doesn’t question it. Cas really hasn’t talked much since…since the night before. Probably better that way.

They settle into the vinyl seats and sure enough Mandy’s there in the blink of an eye.

“Back again, handsome?” she asks Cas, barely looking at Dean as she fills their water glasses.

Cas looks up, just as confused as the day before only this time more tired. “Dean insisted.”

“Cas here just wouldn’t shut up about the sunrise special,” Dean lies before Mandy’s face has a chance to fall.

“Well, we’ve got all sort of good stuff on the menu. Anything you want, I can make sure you get it.” The girl knows what she wants, Dean will give her that. It still throws Cas; most people that flirt with him aren’t quite as direct. Most idiots that want to get with him are pretty damn shitty at communicating how much they want him. Some of them even waste years of time beating themselves up until it’s almost too late and even then they’re still chickenshit.

“Cas doesn’t eat out…much,” Dean says and Mandy finally acknowledges his existence with a quirked eyebrow. “But he liked it so much here, I insisted he make an exception.”

“That so, handsome?” Mandy asks. Cas doesn’t look flirty, rather he’s some combination of confused and livid but Dean knows he won’t make a scene. “You look a bit rougher than when you were in here with your friends yesterday.”

“We had a long night,” Cas mutters. “Your concern is appreciated though.”

“I’ll give you guys a few minutes,” Mandy says and retreats. She’s in a cute blouse today and another pair of dark slacks.

Dean stares after her too pointedly then looks back at Cas. “Can’t fault the service here.”

“Dean…” Cas starts and he has that tone. The “we need to talk about what happened last night tone” that people get with Dean. It’s a tone Dean happens to fucking hate.

“You don’t need to say anything, Cas,” Dean mutters, pretending to look at the menu. It’s a blur of red and black. Reminds him too much of blood and ooze and… “You’re fine. We’re celebrating.”

“Are you fine?” Cas shoots back, face hard.

“I’m always fine.”

Dean gets a glare for that. He deserves it. But Cas doesn’t ask any more stupid questions, so it’s worth it. Cas turns his attention to the menu and pretends not to notice Dean keeping his attention on Cas. He looks fine now. Healthy. He’s fine. He could have died last night and never known all the things Dean’s never going to say, but he fine.

They eat. Cheeseburgers with bacon. No tomato for Cas. They make small talk as best they can in public. There’s only so much you can say about the devil’s love child before you start getting looks. Mandy is attentive, smiling at Cas each time she stops by the table. Dean notices that one of the buttons at the top of her blouse got undone.

“You know she’s into you,” Dean says, looking across the café to where Mandy is glancing over her shoulder back at Cas.

“I gathered that, thank you.” Cas sounds less than impressed. “I’m not particularly…”

“Come on, you should give it a shot,” Dean hears himself say, barely able to keep the tremor out of his voice. “Teachable moment, remember.”

“Dean, you know I would rather-” Cas stops himself before Dean does. “I’d need much more than a moment, anyway.”

Dean gulps. He knew Cas would say that. He knows what’s on Cas’s mind and it’s not banging the cute waitress. But he deserves that sort of…fun, pleasure? It would be so much easier. That Dean could help him with, even though the idea turns Dean’s guts to lead. Then again, maybe he could make it work.

“Don’t worry, I got you,” Dean says with sly grin. He’s not going to think about this. There’s been too much thinking going on lately, not enough doing. “Like I said, celebration time.”


“You boys need anything else?” Mandy ask when she reappears beside the table, eyes bright and hopeful. “Coffee? Tea?” Her eyes rake over Cas and she bites her lip, sending every signal in the book. “Some dessert?”

Dean grins as Mandy looks between them, mostly at Cas. Cas gives Dean the ‘is that an innuendo?’ squint and Dean nods. “You know in fact we would like some dessert. My buddy here’s kind of shy about it so we were hoping for…something to take back to our room.”

“Really?” Mandy purrs, finally looking at Dean with some interest.

“Yeah, but we were hoping for something we could split.” Mandy’s eyebrows go high just as Cas’s eyes get even narrower. “Anything like that on the menu?”

Mandy looks between the two of them, licking at her lips. “I think I can get something like that for you. You over at the Lakeside?”

“Room 108,” Dean tells her.

“Delivery takes about an hour. That okay?”

“Only if it comes with some drinks.”

Read the rest on AO3.

anonymous asked:

so... I can't be the only one thinking about Bitty making PBJs for Jack leading to him cooking for Jack leading to him becoming some kind of private chef for pro sports players, right? Because really, having done some research... those poor things could use the help.

  • ok i was going to write a ficlet for this but it was just taking forever and i didn’t want to leave u hanging so i’m going to just bullet point it :)
  • so it starts with that one text from tater re: sandwiches
  • bitty is like ‘ok sure w/e’ and makes an extra pb&j and puts it in a bag that says ‘for tater!’ on it and tells jack to make sure tater gets it before the game
  • and then during the game tater scores in like a RIDICULOUS manner like honestly according to the laws of physics the puck should NOT have gone into the goal and yet?? it did???
  • basically rip bitty b/c hockey superstition
  • so tater wants to try making the sandwich himself to see if it has the same effect so he makes bitty teach him EXACTLY how he does it, so bitty just buys some extra of the ingredients he uses and both shows tater how to make the sandwich and provides written instructions
  • when he’s about to leave tater gives him a bunch of money and is like ‘you must take this, you bought ingredients so i’m paying you back’ except it’s like twice the amount that the ingredients cost? and bitty is like wtf and says ‘this is too much’ and tater is like ‘yeah so if later i want help making the sandwich i can say ‘bitty i gave you extra money last time, help me’ and bitty’s like fine w/e
  • and so he does do this sometimes, but he also asks bitty for help re: food all the time, it’s just not always sandwiches— sometimes it’s ‘b what can you make with kidney beans and corn and a little bit of turkey bacon’ and sometimes it’s ‘b this whole week we are traveling how do i make food that will be ok when i come back’
  • (to which bitty both introduces him to the wonder of using the freezer for things other than ice cream and fills up some single-meal-sized tupperwares with pasta, roasted broccoli, and mashed potatoes)

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Mommy’s Day

Title: Mommy’s Day

Author: @jensen-jarpad

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 756

Summary: Dean and his daughter prepare a special Mother’s day for the reader!

Warnings: None… just pure fluff!

A/N: Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there! Hope you enjoy this fic

Feedback is always appreciated! ❤

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Howl’s Moving Castle Sentence Meme
  • “I feel terrible, like there’s a weight on my chest.”
  • “A heart’s a heavy burden.”
  • “Lets run! Don’t fight them!”
  • “Sorry, I’ve had enough of running away. Now I’ve got something I want to protect. It’s you.”
  • “You, you sabotaged me! Look! Look at what you’ve done to my hair! Look!”
  • “What a pretty color.”
  • “It’s hideous! You completely ruined my magic potions in the bathroom!”
  • “I just organized things. Nothing’s ruined.”
  • “Wrong! Wrong! I specifically ordered you not to get carried away!”
  • “Now I’m repulsive.”
  • “I can’t live like this.”
  • “Come on, it’s not that bad.”
  • “You should look at it now, its shade is even better.”
  • “I give up. I see not point in living if I can’t be beautiful.”
  • ”I’ve never been beautiful a single day in my life!”
  • “So you are going away.”
  • “Please, I know I can be of help to you, even though I’m not pretty and all I’m good at is cleaning.”
  • “You’re beautiful!”
  • “Well, the nice thing about being old is you’ve got nothing much to lose.”
  • “They say that the best blaze burns brightest, when circumstances are at their worst.”
  • “Yeah, but no-one really believes that. Come on, let’s be honest.”
  • “Wow,  your hair looks just like starlight. It’s beautiful.”
  • “All right, let’s get cooking.”
  • “I don’t cook! I’m a scary and powerful fire demon!”
  • “There you are sweetheart, sorry I’m late. I was looking everywhere for you.”
  • “Hey, hey! We’re busy here!”
  • “To me, it looked like the two of you were just leaving.”
  • “I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t torment my friend.”
  • “This war is terrible, they bomb from the southern coast to the northern border. It’s all in flames now.”

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Stuck with Me


Originally posted by bridget-malfoy-stilinski-hale

Sam x Reader (eventually)

Words: hair under 1,700

A/N: Once upon a time I had this little idea, next thing I know it turned into a multi-part monstrosity. It’s been in the works for a while now, and is pretty much done so I’ll be updating it on a pretty regular basis (probably twice a week). Thanks as per usual go out to my darling wifey Beka ( @impala-dreamer ) who has listened to me bang my head against the wall more than once and assured me I wasn’t bat shit crazy for putting this out there.  

P.S. this will shift POV’s periodically, hopefully it isn’t confusing (but please let me know if it is).

“Hey sweetheart. What’re you doing in here so late?”

“Hungry. AGAIN. And I swear I’m going to turn orange soon because carrots are the only thing I want to eat.”

“Well I’ll leave you to it, just came for some water. Don’t stay in here too late – that’s my niece you’re growing in there – you need your rest.”

“Goodnight. Dean.”

Dean shot up in bed, so confused by the dream he wasn’t really confident where he was.

What. In. The. Hell.

Dreaming about pretty girls wasn’t exactly out of the ordinary. Dreaming about pretty girls, pretty very-pregnant-carrot-eating-in-my-kitchen girls sure as shit was. Niece? Seriously. Did he drink last night? Wrong question. How much did he drink last night?

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Kyungsoo || As your Boyfriend...

Hey all! I decided to start this series of sorts. Let me know what you think of this one and perhaps I’ll do one for the other members! 


- Sleepy talks in the morning about the universe and just the weird and wonderful. WITH CUDDLES OF COURSE.
- Kyungsoo wouldn’t usually say ‘I love you’ right then and there, but he doesn’t have to. You know he does anyway. Usually comes out like 'You should sleep, I don’t want you to overwork yourself’ or 'Have you eaten?’. Even just a simple 'Good morning, honey’ text when you wake up.
- Sitting in silence together, reading. Even just being in the same room as him, relaxing. He isn’t exactly shy but you have to approach him differently compared to Bacon (bc you can legit start screaming at him and he’d 95% scream back
- Definitely a big spoon but enjoys being the little spoon, especially when being comforted.
- Messing around with the filters on Snapchat/Snow/etc. Your guys have probably taken at least three photos for all of the filters for more than one person.
- I’m sorry for yelling but I’m telling you he has a thing for pictures of the two of you.
- Dates would be pretty low-key with him. Like a movie theatre (movie night at home even) or to a restaurant. Nothing ridiculous.
- Your parents love him like they’d practically adopt him.
- Fights rarely happen because neither of you are petty. With him being an idol, the lines of communication are either really good depending on where he is, or he mightn’t message you for a whole week (if not more.) So fights are a no-go usually and you two normally solve it out really quickly if one happens.
- You always wake up to cuddles if he is back late and he wishes he could be there for you more.

Shall we take it downstairs?

- In bed, again, nothing crazy.
- Not into much. Sex is normally very passionate and slow. Very gentle, regardless of how many times you have done it with him. Like you know how in movies where two people wait YEARS after seeing each other and it’s really slow and just so perfect? Yeah it’s like that with Kyungsoo. He cherishes every moment, touch and every sigh you make.
- L I V E S  to hear your voice
- Not very vocal.
- I see him as being a sub, especially when you ride him.
- Kisses you from start to finish.

Reincarnation (Mummy AU Jungkook) Pt6

Originally posted by nnochu

Type: Angst Fluff

~remember new chapter comes out every 2 days or so~

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Jeongguk awoke to an empty bed the night morning. He frowned as he got up from his spot and a wonderful smell filled his nose as he began walking down the hall. He was greeted by Yoongi who was sitting down at the island in the kitchen area. “Y/N is making eggs at the moment. I made bacon so you’ll be experiencing even more new things" he told Jeongguk who’s mouth watered.

You smiled as you watched him dig into his meal, he was overly excited “so like I said Jeongguk I work today. I have to figure out a way to explain the trip that we had” you tell him as he looked confused “magoc isn’t a thing now, it isn’t practiced, it isn’t anything more than things created by the entertainment industry” Yoongi tells him receiving a nod from you. “So you can hang out with Yoongi today” you tell him as he shook his head no “I’m staying with you” he told you sternly.


Jeongguk was amazed by the train you had decided to take. He finally snapped out when he saw a man looking at you. You gave him a shy smile as Jeongguk stopped in front of you blocking the man’s view of you, his eyes had fire as he felt threatened for your affections. He sized up the man rather quickly. He had jealousy clear on his face “Jeongguk” you groan as he turns towards you “are you trying to hurt me?” he asked sadly, his tough demeanor changed from the tough one to his overly loving puppy he was towards you. “You have my heart isn’t that enough? He looks like he would break yours” he asked as you sigh, he was definitely a love struck man. “I’m sorry” you tell him as he opened his arms as you walked forwards going into them as he smiled. “My love is geniune” he told you as you nodded, you now knew that Jeongguk was very serious about having you. You were kind of worried what he would do if someone actually attempted anything.

“How do I make you mine?” he asks as he held a tight grip of your hand. Walking into the museum where your group had set up and had been working in for a long time. Going into the elevator you hit the down arrow remaining silent. Yelling became clear as a hand stopped the elevator as Seokjin came in clear. “How do I make her mine?” he asked Seokjin who seemed confused by his sudden question. “I married my wife. She’s mine forever” he told Jeongguk.

You saw Jeongguk give you a large smile “marriage? Marriage will make you mine forever still?” he asked as you sighed. “You know what I said Jeongguk. I do not know you enough to consider dating you” you tell him as he looks confused. “Dating?” he sdone. “dating is what you do before marriage now a days” Seokjin explained. “Why don’t you teach him all about this stuff while I work. You can even tell him how you met your wife and all” you say to Seokjin who smiles “I could! Yes I will teach you modern day romanticism” Seokjin spoke excited. You sighed knowing you were going to be able to get work done.


Prompt: (Request from Anon) hii! can i request a chill/fluffy charles x reader (ft the rest of the team) where theyre all talking about zodiac signs over breakfast and arguing about whos sign is the best and everything, and raven being totally obsessed with which signs are the most compatible (+reader is an aries and id imagine charles is an aquarius or taurus? but idk if theres any canon info on that or not) this might be a corny request but itd be cute i think! if you do it thanks in advance!!❤♈️            

Word Count: 1326

Notes: Beta’d by the amazing, flawless @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

Anon, I hope I did this justice for you. I LOVED this idea because I love astrology and X-Men. I found all the signs (save for Reader and Charles) online, so idk if it’s super accurate but I went with it! I hope you all enjoy it!


“I’m serious, I’m a Cancer,” Raven insisted as she sat at the large round breakfast table in the breakfast nook of the kitchen.

“You know, I can see it,” Hank agreed as he eyed her sweetly.

“Thank you, Hank!” she said, thrusting her hand at him.

You weren’t sure how it got started, but as everyone was making waffles, pancakes, toast, sausage, bacon, potatoes, and pouring cereal, milk, orange juice, or coffee, a huge thing had erupted about astrology. Raven was trying to tell everyone she was a Cancer.

“But I’m a Cancer too,” Peter interjected. “And you and I are nothing alike.”

You scoffed. “As if. You two are the most smart assed, sneaky, overly clever bastards here. You’re almost like twins.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Raven said with a smile.

“Okay, Y/N, what about you, huh? What magical sign are you?” Peter asked, so far he’d made no bones about how silly it was to discuss zodiacs.

“I’m an Aries,” you informed sticking your tongue out.

“Figures,” Scott said. “What with the fire breath and all. Aries is a fire sign so…” he shrugged.

“Good morning, everyone,” Charles greeted as he entered and grabbed a cup of coffee, and made a plate of bacon and pancakes. Your stomach felt the full force of the butterflies erupting around inside. You’d had a bit of a crush on the Professor for a while but you were a student-teacher at the school so you weren’t sure how appropriate that would be to make a move. Yet, that didn’t stop Raven from constantly pushing you two together.

“Good mornings” rang out from each of the students and teachers around the table.

“What are you all so animatedly discussing? I could hear you well down the hall,” he informed as he sat down and sipped his coffee.

“Astrology,” Jean said simply.

“Ah yes. Let me guess, Raven brought this up,” he said with a teasing smirk at his friend.

“How did you know?” Jean asked.

“See when we used to go around pubs–”

Raven smacked his arm and he began laughing.

“Shut up,” she instructed. “No one needs to hear that.”

“Professor, what’s your sign?” Jubilee asked.

“I’m an Aquarius,” he informed simply.

“Makes sense,” she said. “They’re usually truthful, inquisitive, highly intelligent, and kind.”

“Oh please, you could apply that mumbo-jumbo to anyone,” Peter said. “Besides, Cancers are sympathetic, sensitive, and caring too, no different.”

“Yes, but Cancers are very emotionally driven while Aquarius are much more thought driven,” Jubilee added.

“So what’s yours then?” Peter encouraged.

“Pisces!” she announced with pride as she sat up a little bit.

“Why am I not surprised?” Logan said in a deep voice. He’d been rather quiet through the whole ordeal except a smirk here or there.

“And just what is that supposed to mean?” Jubilee demanded, turning to the hulking man on her left.

“Means you’re spunky and artistic. Of all the Pisces I’ve met, they’re all just like you,” he informed nonchalantly.

“So you mean they’re all great?” she said with a scrunch of her nose.

“Please, we all know no one can get anything done without a Capricorn,” Scott boasted before leaning back and tucking his hands behind his head.

“Let me guess, you’re a mer-goat?” Peter said. “Psht.”

“I’ll have you know, I’m ambitious, determined, and practical. All the things you aren’t, Mr. Cancer,” he shot back.

“I’m shaking in my boots, the goat is gonna get me.”

“Hank, what’s yours?” Raven asked before she quickly followed up with. “No! Let us guess.”

“I bet it’s Taurus,” Peter said.

“I’m thinking Virgo,” you offered.

“Wrong, both of you,” Hank informed.

“Is it Leo?” Raven tried as she had been staring at him as if he were a puzzle.

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Simple. Leo is lion. Lions are known for their heart, being optimistic, kind, and loyal,” she explained with a kind smile.

“Right you are,” Hank agreed with the raise of his coffee cup.

“Lion is a beast, after all,” Logan said with a nudge to Hank who gave a half-smile.

“Oh, Logan, what’s your sign?” you asked.

“Oh, no, I’m not getting involved in this BS.”

“Come on, it’s just for fun.”

“I don’t even know it,” he said. You weren’t sure if he was lying or legitimately didn’t care to remember.

“Well what’s your birthday?”

He told everyone with a roll of his eyes.

“Taurus,” Raven said. “He’s a Taurus. You know, I can see it now. Practical…ambitious, reliable.”

“Great, I sound like a new appliance or car,” Logan scoffed, still poring over the newspaper.

Everyone laughed as they went back to eating for a second before Raven broke the clatter of dishes and chewing.

“You know, none of the signs mean anything without knowing who they go best with,” she offered, her eyes flickered to you. Your stomach knotted as you realized where she was taking this.

“Oh, yes!” Jubilee agreed.

“So let’s see,” she started, eyeing the table. I’m Cancer and we’re best with….Taurus?” she informed, pulling her expansive astrology knowledge to the forefront of her mind. “So Logan, you and Peter should go on a date,” she joked as everyone laughed at the expression on Logan’s face.

Peter made a kissing face toward Logan before his middle claw came out. “You’re not my type,” he informed with a snort.

Laughter rumbled around the table.

“Wait, Jean what’s your sign?” you asked. “We have to know if you and Scott are compatible.”

“I’m a Virgo,” she said quietly, her gaze dancing to Scott next to her.

“Oh, yeah,” you said as if it was obvious. “Virgo and Capricorn are a match made in heaven. Both are practical, driven, loyal, and ambitious.”

“Virgos are also perfectionists, which rings true with Jean,” Peter said.

“I am not a perfectionist,” she argued. “I just like things to be their best!”

Another roll of laughter went around the table.

“Okay, fine, maybe I’m a bit of a perfectionist.”

Peter coughed, “Control freak.”

“Har-Har,” she sneered at him.

“So that leaves Jubilee. Pisces, right?” Raven confirmed as Jubilee nodded. “I think the only person you fit with at the table is Peter…”

“I’m fine with that,” she informed as she stared at him.

“We should put it to the test. Everyone here who matches the zodiac should go on date,” Peter offered.

“That’s dumb,” Scott said.

“You just think it’s dumb because you’re already dating your match. This Saturday, we all date our match. So that’d be me and Jubilee; Jean and Scott; Raven, you and Logan.”

“Do I have to?’ she pouted.

“You could do worse, sister,” Logan insisted.

“Hmm, so that leaves Hank, Charles, and Y/N. Y/N, you’re an Aries, right? I hear they go good with Aquarius.”

“I-uh-yeah….I wouldn’t know,” you said, suddenly flustered. Your face was red, you were aware, and being aware made it all the worse.

No one else had known about your crush on Charles except Raven, now it seemed everyone who was looking at your face was keenly aware of your embarrassment.

“What about it, Y/N? Care for a date?” Charles offered, flashing a grin that took your breath away.

“Uh…sure,” you whispered.

“Wait, so where does that leave me?” Hank asked. At that moment, Storm walked in.

“Storm, what’s your sign?” Raven asked as she turned around while Storm fixed a plate.

“My zodiac? It’s Libra, why?”

“Perfect! Libra and Leo go together.”

“Uh, Storm, would you want to go on a date this Saturday? We’re trying to prove something,” Hank informed, feeling silly.

“Would I ever! Yes! Let’s do it. I don’t know what we’re proving, but I’m down.”

“There, it’s settled! Everyone will have a date and we’ll go over who had the better time on Sunday.”

“I’m very much looking forward to this,” Charles informed as he stared at you.

“Me too,” you squeaked.