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some elitist asshole: well if you plebs read the BOOK, you would know that Pennywise is ACTUALLY a giant spider haha not so attractive now huh?

Me: Joke’s on you, fucko, I have read the book and it changes NOTHING. Also, he’s not actually a giant spider, that’s just the closest thing the human mind can comprehend, which you would know if you cared about literature as anything other than a cheap excuse to kinkshame me and my dancing murder boyfriend.

The clever references from the start of last night’s Rick and Morty

The first thing you may have noticed is a certain skinny, tall, dark haired figure chasing Rick and Morty through a staircase room… 

That character was based on Morpheus AKA Dream of The Endless, otherwise known as The Sandman.  He is the protagonist from Neil Gaiman’s multi-award winning comic book series The Sandman.

Originally published by DC, Sandman started in late 1988 and was later published by Vertigo (which is owned by DC) Sandman tells the life story of Morpheus, the ruler of the dimension of both Dreams and Nightmares.     

The most recent installment of this cult classic comic book series was a prequel that was compiled just last year into the graphic novel called Sandman: Overture.  Sandman: Overture won a 2016 Hugo Award and had imagery very similar to what was in the opening of last night’s Rick and Morty.

Morpheus has certain distinct physical characteristics.  He has thick, wild dark hair and chalk white (or grey) skin.  He is extremely skinny and tall.  He usually wears a black cloak or long black jacket.  At his neck he often used to wear a  “Dreamstone” amulet (originally a ruby though Dream’s newest incarnation wears an emerald).  His eyes are entirely black except for tiny star-like pupils that can flare when he’s emotional. 

All of these distinctive traits can be found in the very character who made his brief appearance last night in the opening of Rick and Morty.  

The second thing to note is the room Rick and Morty were in.  It probably looked familiar to you. 

That staircase room has appeared in TV and movies for decades, from Jim Henson’s Labyrinth (1986) to Syfy’s Warehouse 13.   That room is called The Escher Room and it is based on a famous optical illusion by M. C. Escher.

 I strongly suspect the choosing of The Escher Room and it’s crumbling at the start of last night’s Rick and Morty was a deliberate nod to the 1986 fantasy film, Jim Henson’s Labyrinth.

You will notice that The Goblin King, Jareth (Davie Bowie’s character in that picture above) bears a certain physical similarity to Morpheus.  Many fans noticed this.  I have been told that Neil Gaiman is big fan of both Labyrinth and David Bowie.  He even originally modeled his Lucifer Morningstar (who now has a TV series on Fox and first appeared in the Sandman comics) after David Bowie.

Many fans have noted that Morpheus looks like a photo negative of Jareth from Labyrinth.  Observe.

Like Morpheus, Jareth also rules his own fantastical dimension where reality bends to his will.  

The fact that Morpheus is essentially “Emo Jareth “ (to quote a friend of mine) makes it easy to understand why the familiar visual of the Escher Room was chosen as it was destroyed at the end of the Rick and Morty scene, much like the version shown in the film Labyrinth crumbled around Sarah (the film’s protagonist). 

Combining Morpheus with Jareth is an excellent and easy to understand idea much like when the Rick and Morty writers noticed the similarities between Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes and Stephen King’s Needful Things and they merged Mr. Dark (From Something Wicked This way Comes) with the antagonist of Needful Things to create “Mr. Needful” for the episode Something Ricked This Way Comes for season one. 

And for anyone wondering, Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This way Comes was published before Stephen King’s Needful Things and even had a film adaptation before Needful Things did as well, though the plots were very similar. 

The biggest difference was Something Wicked This way Comes dealt with a sinister carnival that offered you your heart’s desires at a terrible price and Needful Things had the antique shop like in the Rick and Morty episode.  Mr. Dark was the ringmaster of the carnival in Something Wicked This Way Comes.

(A physical comparison of Mr. Dark and Rick and Morty’s Mr. Needful below in images).

As the new “Sandman-esque” cameo character was not named and has none of Jareth’s physical traits but does have all of Morpheus’ physical traits he is named Morpheus in my head unless the show decides to have him appear again later and properly names the spoof character.

PS, I would kill for a Scary Terry vs. Morpheus event of some kind.  There’s fan art of Freddy Krueger vs. Morpheus, which I won’t post here because I don’t have permission from the artists who made them but it can be easily googled.

the homophobes are quaking tonight, y’all.

so if you don’t know already, finn wolfhard (who plays richie tozier), while doing a livestream, said this: 

“[…] well let me give you an opinion on it. there’s richie and eddie, which is jack grazer’s character, and i think they have a gay relationship basically. and i’ll clear that up, they do not in the book, eddie is more like richie’s younger brother. there’s that whole thing about how richie kissed eddie on the cheek, but i think that’s just because they’re more like family. […] but we’ll definitely leave it up to the imagination.”

don’t believe me?

but wait, there’s more! if you click here, you’ll see jack dylan grazer (who plays eddie kaspbrak), doing his own livestream where a fan asks him “is reddie real?” to which his response is simply “hehehe.. yeah.” iconic.

now i won’t sit here and force you to ship these two together, and that’s not at all what im trying to do, but i’m sick and tired of all of the homoph*bes on this day. people who are bashing the ship are nothing less than that, because more likely than not, the same people are defending mike x eleven from stranger things. this all in good fun, but let me say this - please don’t write or draw anything that would make the actors uncomfortable seeing or that would be considered p*dophilia. they are under the legal age of consent. 

that’s my take on the subject.

MY noobie review of Stephen King’s IT (2017)


First thing’s first. The cgi wasn’t terrible. In fact, it was brilliant. Though, there was this one scene where Pennywise is dancing in front of Beverly and it’s the silliest, creepiest looking shit ever. But yeah, the cgi for that scene was a little off in my opinion.

They kept a lot of aspects from the book in. Which I thank the script writers for. Here are a few of my pro’s and con’s if anyone cares.

Pros: -The loser club. They were brilliant. And child actors get a bad rep, but these guys killed it. They were all great in their roles and they felt just like they did when I read the book.

-The family lives of the losers’ that we got to see. It was really nice to see Beverly’s relationship with her father come to fruition on screen once again. Along with Eddie’s mother.

-Richie Tozier and Eddie Kaspbrak’s humor. They definitely lightened this movie up. Which was very nice. Also, small nod to Bev and Ben’s “New kids on the block” thing going on, that was hilarious.

-Pennywise. Holy shit. Bill was great as Pennywise. His facial expressions. Voice and just over all demeanor about him. He was terrifying. I could definitely see him as the Joker if he went for the role.

-Georgie’s death. It was done so well. Sure they changed it up a little. But I felt so bad for him after his arm was torn off and he was just crawling away as best as he could.

-Henry Bowers. Henry Bowers was a psychopath, but a great psycho path.

-The humor. The humor was pretty good. Obviously, Richie being the start of most of it. Pretty funny.

-Scares. For the only jumpscares that were in the movie, they were actually built up quite nicely. Not overdone at all.

-The cgi. I already mentioned it. But the cgi was great. Usually I don’t really like CGI, but when the monster of a horror movie is a shape-shifting entity, you need cgi.

Cons: -The rest of the Bowers gang. They had little to do. And honestly felt like cliche bullies. Also, near the end. We don’t find out what happened to Belch and Victor. Sure, I'v read that a scene was cut. This scene showed Belch and Victor with their throats slashed(courtesy of Henry Bowers). But still. For those that don’t know that. They’d be leaving the movie confused.

-The Loser Club’s stories. I get that the producers had a certain amount of time to work with. But still. A few of the background stories of the kids, felt either rushed or leaped over.

-Mike Hanlon as a character. One of the biggest problems I had with the movie, was the way they treated the character Mike. To me. He was just, there. You know? Mike is supposed to be the brains of the losers’ club. But in the movie, he was just that guy with the sheep gun.

I honestly can’t think of anymore cons, the movie was just really good.

Is IT scary? Totally. If you’re a fan of horror, I highly recommend it.

Favorite lines(I’ll try to be as accurate as possible): 

-“It’s easier for me to go inside this house, than to go into my own everyday” 

-”Nothing makes a paper man crumble like fear”

-”And most of all, I’m angry at you because now I have to kill this fucking clown!”

Rating. 8 balloons out of 10

rhaella  asked:

what's ur fave thing about stannis

thing?  as in singular?  wrong

  • “Stannis, however, ordered Shireen’s instructors to focus on matters relating to good governance: geography, history, religion, and classical literature … Shireen got a more thorough education than Catelyn or Cersei did.”
  • Stannis: The boy (Edric) is innocent.
    Mels: The boy defiled your marriage bed, else you would surely have sons of your own. He shamed you.
    Stannis: Robert did that. Not the boy. My daughter has grown fond of him. And he is mine own blood.
  • ” — you will avenge my death, and seat my daughter on the Iron Throne. Or die in the attempt.”
  • When Davos brought the onions to Storm’s End during Robert’s Rebellion he made sure everyone had enough to eat before he ate even though they were all starved.
  • H E  A D O P T E D  A  H A W K
  • H E  N A M E D  I T
  • *grinds teeth*
  • The only King to actually listen to the Night’s Watch and aide them at the Wall.

true-slytherin  asked:

Do you have a list of words that one can use instead of said? I always get stuck on that aspect of writing.

Hey there!  

First and foremost, my advice on this one is not to be afraid of using “said” as your primary adjective.  One thing I noticed recently with some of my favorite contemporary authors, such as Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, and Stephen King, is that they use “said” a lot more than they use synonyms for said, and their writing is a lot tighter and smoother to read because of it.  

Whereas if you’re afraid of using “said,” you’ll probably end up with stuff like this:

Yeah, not pretty.  But then, using “said” exclusively is just boring, and ignores the way in which some adjectives can convey tone and context.  

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite substitutes:  








Responded to: 






Just sayin’:




Pointed out

Loving authoritarian:





Asshole authoritarian: 




Sassy/smart ass:















Very upset/drama queen: 








Happy ray of sunshine:  




Anyway, here are just a few of the many options to choose from, and obviously, the context of the adjective can really change its meaning and tone.  But for the time being, I hope this helps!  

The Steven Multiverse

I was re-watching Say Uncle recently since the show is coming back in two weeks and I really don’t have a lot going on while I’m looking for a job. Now, as I was watching through it something caught my eye that made my theory senses tingle.

Obviously, Say Uncle isn’t canon, but the fact of the matter is that it exists, so if it’s not explicitly canon it is at the very least a part of it’s own canon: an alternate universe where the events of SU still take place up until that point, but in which Say Uncle is canon as well

Now back to what I saw that piqued my interest. The frames were brief but there was enough time to pick out a list of individuals who Uncle Grandpa had helped out prior to the episode

For the sake of brevity I’m not going to include all of the, but among those listed are characters from Dexters Lab, the Powerpuff Girls, Ed Edd ‘n Eddy, and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Basically, Uncle Grandpa has met with pretty much every Cartoon Network character since the mid 90′s. From this we can conclude that this episode’s universe overlaps in some way or another with the multiverses of each of these shows, and this is huge news, because it means the things those shows overlap with are are also in the same multiverse.

For the first branch, let’s go with Billy and Mandy, because that’s the smaller one and when I say this is huge I’m not exaggerating. If anything i’m endaggerating, this shit is goddamn brobdingnagian.

Now, this should go without saying for those of you who watched this growing up, but for those of you who didn’t or just don’t remember very well, but Billy and Mandy takes place the the Lovecraft Mythos, with Billy having summoned both Cthulhu and Yog’Sothoth at different points in the show. The Lovecraft mythos, which has been added to by horror writers for almost a century is nothing short of enormous. Even non-horror series have had Cthulhu appear before, including South Park, Rick and Morty, and Gravity Falls (the last two of those also intersect with each other directly, as Grunkle Stan’s mug entered a portal in the latter, only to emerge from one of rick’s portals in the former)

At this point ladies, gentlemen and assorted third parties, we are no longer in the mere scope of Steven Universe, but if you thought we were done here, you’ve got a whole other thing coming. I’ll leave Gravity Falls for later, because what it connects to is kind of the cherry on top of everything for me.

Okay, Powerpuff Girls. Where is this going to go you may be wondering? Well fucking watch this


Okay, wait, please come back!

I know, I know, the nu!PPG and TTG are probably the most hated cartoons on the planet right now but let’s be real here. This isn’t the first time the Powerpuff Girls and DC comics have overlapped. The girls met the Justice League in the original series (along with Major Glory from Dexter’s Lab), and DC has been producing the PPG comics for years now. This is just the only image I could find that has both on screen together, and this is where things get interesting

The DC comics multiverse, home of Superman, Wonder Woman, and every iconic super hero or heroine who’s had a god awful movie in the past few years, is massive, and has crossed over with almost every huge universe in some way or another. Hell, even Marvel is in there. Deadpool and Deathstroke are canonically different versions of the same guy.

You realize what this means don’t you? Your LarsXTony Stark slash fic is canonically viable! Also this thing is only still growing. As of late, DC has added the Watchmen to the total canon 

And the silver age batman has met Scooby Doo.

As of Mystery Incorporated, all Hanna Barberra cartoons such as the Flintstones, the Jetsons, Johnny Quest and even The Venture Bros are part of the same multiverse, which means that what we were calling the “Steven Multiverse” now includes all of DC, Marvel, Cartoon Network, the Lovecraft Mythos (including the works of Stephen King). And can you believe we still have more?

Duck Dodgers is an honorary Green Lantern, which at this point may not even phase you, but once Warner Brothers gets added to the mix, things star getting weird, and mind you, this is weirdness in a multiverse where Steven Universe exists somewhere alongside Rorshach.

See, with the introduction of the Warner Brothers and all they entail, we now have to contend with the world of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, where Daffy Duck appears alongside Donald as an actor portraying his cartoon self, which just raises more questions about this megaverse’s own ontology. Who the fuck expected to be gaslighted by Jessica Rabbit?

 If it’s any consolation, the megaverse doesn’t give a fuck, since now that Disney is in there, we can add in Final Fantasy by way of Kingdom Hearts

At this point this has just gotten ridiculous. Between Steven Universe, Kingdom Hearts, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty the Powerpuff Girls, and lord knows what else, half the fucking fandoms on this shitty website now take place in the same universe. For fuck’s sake, Space Jam and Steven King’s IT now take place in the same multiverse! At this point, the only thing left to do is give you that cherry on top I promised in the beginning.

Remember how I mentioned I was saving Gravity Falls for last? Well, here’s the fucking roots of the iceberg. See, this show isn’t the only place where Gravity Falls appears. It’s a minor detail snuck in by a background artist and found by a redditor, but there is one last map on which gravity falls is marked, and it’s found on the wall of noted conspiracy theorist…

wait for it…

Jude Harley, from Hiveswap, the long-awaited Homestuck game due to come out next January. Yes, you heard me, Homestuck’s in there too!

Reblog and Tag yourself, IT edition

  • What would trick you into reaching towards Pennywise in the sewer?
  • What Pennywise would turn into if you met It?
  • Which Loser member you would want backing you up when fighting It?
  • And which Loser you’d probably be friends with IRL?


Don’t make ‘IT’ Gay

So, its seems that Pennywise the Dancing Clown aka “It” is now dating the Babadook and they are now gay icons. Awesome! The only thing I’m not too happy about is that people decided this after only seeing the new movie, NOT having read the book. *SPOILERS* There’s a time jump in the novel (which is what the sequel will be based on) and one of the first things that happens is that a young gay couple is attacked by three homophobic teens and after one of the men (Adrian is his name) is thrown over a bridge (this is based off a real life attack that happened in the 80s in Maine), It appears and strAIGHT UP MURDERS HIM in front of his boyfriend Don and the three attackers. Don then sees Pennywise’s Red Balloons and and has a break down. The three are tried for his murder, though they claim it was the clown (IT). Even Don agrees that it was the clown who did, but his lawyers tell him not to mention that in court. 

Legit, not a fan of this shipping! Do your research first please

anonymous asked:

Hi! I saw your post talking about dans branding and I thought it was amazing and I was just wondering if you could do a Phil one plase:) your opinions are amazing I love then thank you!!

sorry for taking a couple of days to respond to this!!!! if i found the dan one difficult, i think the phil one is doubly so, because phil lester the person as opposed to AmazingPhil the youtuber has always been more enigmatic than dan. it’s sort of become a cliche in the phandom but with good reason–dan is loud, he lets his emotions shine through, he says a lot, and, despite his insistence otherwise, expresses his personal opinions frequently on a whole range of topics. phil on the other hand is a lot more guarded and reserved, and it’s likely that that isn’t even for the purpose of privacy but just because as a person he is more shy, he is quieter, his personality is softer and more nuanced. phil is muted colors where dan is bright metallics and bold primaries. as a result his “brand” or persona are a lot harder to define than the danisnotonfire character that dan has created over the years, and his real life personality is a bit harder to guess at, making this question more difficult on both ends. i’ve written a little bit about phil’s branding here (and it’s much shorter than this) so you can def take a look at that post as well. but i think on the whole (on the most general level) i’d define AmazingPhil as a brand as:

  1. “innocent” or “pure” or whatever other word you want to use to that effect, and
  2. quirky or nerdy

i could guess that both of these items are true to an extent to phil lester’s actual personality but i’ll talk more in depth about each. 

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Key Midwestern Gothic tropes: endless fields stretching out to the horizon, location-based alienation, strange sounds and lights coming from the woods outside of town, harsh winters, tiny towns where everyone knows everyone else’s business, churches with blazing light in the dark and signs proclaiming the end of the world, bodies buried in backyards where they will never be found, and the neverending feeling that something is very wrong.

Sources for midwestern gothic (movies, tv shows, music, books) can be found under the cut. Feel free to message us with any questions, additions, or reactions after you’ve read/watched/listened to some of these:

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anonymous asked:

Is there any way to make a plot twist in a way where it doesn't seem like it came out of nowhere? That's my biggest problem, people always tell me that my plot twists feel weird and unnatural.


There definitely is – foreshadow. Drop subtle but clear hints about what’s coming all throughout the novel, so that when your readers look back it will be clear that those hints indicated your plot twist.

As an example, I’ll use The Shining by Stephen King (one of my favorite books ever). *SPOILER ALERT!*

Danny Torrance, the protagonist, is a five-year-old with telepathic powers. He has a visitor (his parents call it his imaginary friend, but it’s not) named Tony who sometimes shows him things: Tony once showed him where to find a trunk containing his father’s manuscripts; Tony also shows him horrible things happening in the hotel in which his family will be spending the winter (up in the mountains of Colorado, so they’ll be snowed in). After Danny has a semi-catatonic episode, his parents take him for a medical checkup, just to be sure of his health before they’re snowed in for three months.

The pediatrician, of course, speaks to Danny during/after his checkup, and acts somewhat as a psychiatrist; he then speaks to his parents about his diagnosis (which is nothing serious – only stress). His opinion on Tony is that he was created to deal with hard times (moving, and Danny’s parents considering divorce), and Danny no longer needs Tony, because the family is rebounding; however, Tony isn’t leaving easily, hence the nightmares Danny complains of, and the fainting spell he had. Then the pediatrician says to Mr. and Mrs. Torrance something along the lines of “And of course, you know why he’s named Tony and not Michael or Greg”, and during my first time reading, I didn’t understand what he meant. After the plot twist, it clicked.

Also, it is mentioned that Danny was born with a caul over his face, which superstition says signifies a child gifted with the second sight (in other words, the child will be able to see the future). At the time, this – and what it implies – seems like a secondary detail. Again, at the plot twist it is clear that it actually means more.

The plot twist occurs during Tony’s last visit, which takes place during the novel’s climax. During his last powow with Danny, he comes closer, into Danny’s field of vision – Danny has never seen Tony’s face before, so this is a significant event. Tony looks just like Danny, but older – still young, but maybe 11 instead of 5. Then, in the prose, Stephen King writes Danny’s full name, middle name included, which doesn’t happen at any other place in the novel: his full name is Daniel Anthony Torrance, or in other terms, Danny “Tony” Torrance. The conclusion drawn from this is that Tony is actually Danny from the future, and that Danny has both telepathy and second sight.

This plot twist grows roots throughout the book: how Danny never sees Tony’s face, how Danny was born with something said to promise the second sight, the psychiatrist’s comment on Tony’s name. Basically, Stephen King lays everything on the table without giving us the one detail everything stems from – if it was drawn as a chart, all these small details would surround one big box in the middle, and until the plot twist, that big box would be blank. After the plot twist, that box would be filled in with TONY IS AN OLDER VERSION OF DANNY AND DANNY HAS PRECOGNITIVE VISIONS. That’s what you need to do: lay everything out for the reader except the actual plot twist itself.

I hope this was helpful! If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask! - @authors-haven

It x Stranger Things

I was in a dreamless sleep, darkness surrounding me. Becoming self realized I woke up, looking up at a popcorn ceiling. Weird, that’s not mine.

I sat up, a quilt falling off my naked chest. I couldn’t see anything yet my eyes were open. I have perfect vision, so why am I practically blind.

Through my vision I noticed a small nightstand next to me which had coke bottle glasses. I put them on and my vision cleared up to perfection. Well okay then.

I stifled through clothes drawers, finding everything to make a decent outfit. This kid had a lot of Hawaiian shirts. Weird.

I slipped everything on, the big glasses still contact on my face. I looked at the dresser out of curiosity and my brain short-circuited. It was a Polaroid of me and a boy with slick hair. He was kissing my cheek while I smiled up at the camera. It was simply labeled ‘Richie and Eddie’.

I put it back down anxiously, feeling like I was intruding on privacy. I hurried to the boys, Richie’s, private bathroom connected to his room. I washed my face and brushed and styled my haid.

I sighed once I was finished and I flinched suddenly when a rock was thrown at the bedroom window. I walked over to it and opened it, to see a gang of kids. They all looked the same, all on their bikes besides a pretty girl with red hair. Eddie from the photo was there too, looking up at me with a smile. He was pretty, I have to admit, but I did like Will, from my life, very much.

“C-come on R-Richie!” A boy stuttered to me. I nodded and walked quickly from the bedroom, and down the stairs to see a man there. He must be Richie’s dad.

“Goodbye,” I said and he looked at me and went back to reading a newspaper in his hands. Well then.

I got outside to see the gang. “You don’t seem to happy to start the first day of summer Trash,” Eddie said to me. “Just tired,” was all I said as I mounted Richie’s bike.

“Barrens?”, the redhead girl said and the boys nodded. I don’t know what the barrens are but I nodded too to fit in.

We went off, some of them looking weirdly at me. I thought Richie and I looked alike, we were identical, do I not look like him?

We got to the barrens; trees and plants covered the land, but there was a clearing where they sat down the bikes. They all looked at me. The boy who stuttered frowned at me. Redhead glared. A big boy and a small, built boy were sizing me up, and a curly haired boy looked scared.

“Who are you?”, the stutterer said, without a hitch in his voice.

“Um-Richie!” I exclaimed feeling awkward. I stood by myself, feeling more and more distanced from the group.

“I doubt that,” The curly haired boy said, looking weary.

“What does Richie like to do in his spare time?”, Eddie questioned in a rushed tone. I didn’t look at any of Richie’s belongings before I left besides that photo.

“Read books?” I said and they all shared a look and came rushing to me, fists balled up tightly. I ducked and dodged until I was backed up into a tree by the stutterer and Eddie.

“Are you really Richie? Or should we call you Pennywise?”, stutterer spat at me. I couldn’t lie anymore, I was too scared.

“Mike, Mike Wheeler!” I said, pushing him off of me as much as I can. I adjusted the big glasses on my face.

“I’m not from here,” I said, “I’m from Hawkins, Indiana. I have two sisters and two parents who I love very much. I never asked to be here. I don’t know who or where your precious Richie is, but I’m here now!” I lectured. The gang sighed looking at each other. It was like they could all talk with just their eyes, it was kinda creepy.

“We believe you,” the built boy said a long moment later.

“How’d you get here?” The redhead asked and I shrugged. “If I knew, I probably wouldn’t be here.” I said and she nodded, understanding.

“You can stay with us until we find out what’s wrong,” Eddie said, and I smiled softly. I wish I wasn’t here but at least they were being nicer.

“Yeah it’s gonna be okay,” curly haired boy said.

“Lets intro ourselves, he most likely doesn’t know our names,” the big boy said and the others nodded, “I’m Ben,” he said and the others followed suit.



“Mike,” we had the same name, that’s cool.


“Eddie.” I smiled at him a bit. I could tell he missed his boyfriend. I missed mine too. I can’t wait until I get back.

Here’s the book meme thingy I was tagged in by the exquisite @batmanisagatewaydrug.

1. Which book has been on your shelves the longest? I’ve owned my copy of The Eyes of the Dragon since I was in second grade, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. I’ve also owned my Harry Potter books for fuck-all ever, to the point where they’re literally falling apart. Like, to the point where Chamber of Secrets has been held together by packing tape since like, middle school.

2. What is your current read, your last read and the book you’ll read next? I’m bouncing between The Graveyard Book, The Wizard and the Glass, and The Collected Short Stories of H.G. Wells. I just finished Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs and reread Coraline. Next is… oh gods, I have so much sitting in my Audible library. On the physical book front, it’ll be Wolves of the Calla, since I want to finish The Dark Tower before the movie comes out. On the listening front… probably between Wuthering Heights and Four Past Midnight. But that could easily change on a whim.

3. Which book does everyone like and you hated? I have never and will never understand The Hunger Games hype. They basically put me off YA for like four years. Also, I know this isn’t exactly novel (HAH), but FUCK Ernest Hemmingway. Fuck your old man and his shitty boat and his shitty fish. I love To Kill a Mockingbird, but absolutely detest the way it’s taught in schools. As a social commentary, it’s worthless. As a coming-of-age novel, it’s practically perfect.

4. Which book do you keep telling yourself you’ll read, but you probably won’t? So many. Soooo many. Anything by Isaac Asimov, a whole lot of Dickens (I really like Dickens, but that “paid by the word” thing did the man no favors), uuuuuum. I keep telling myself I’m going to return to Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, which I started and never finished and SWEAR I’M GOING TO GO BACK TO SOMEDAY BUT OH GOD IT’S BEEN FIVE YEARS I’MMMMMM SOOOOOORRY TONI. A whole lot of poetry (here’s looking at you, Dickinson). A bunch I’m forgetting. Oh, and The Vampire Chronicles. Still, now that I’m working overnights and can listen to audiobooks eight hours per night, my rate of reading has practically quadrupled and there’s a good chance that I’ll use that as an excuse to finally get around to all of these.

5. Which book are you saving for “retirement?” I’m dying by twenty-six, so I gotta shove all those words in now.

6. Last page: read it first or wait till the end? 

Not since I was a little kid reading Goosebumps and had to know what bullshit twist R.L. Stine’s ghostwriter of the week would come up with this time.

7. Acknowledgements: waste of ink and paper or interesting aside? It’s a popular misconception that writing a book is a solo endeavor, and it’s self-indulgent bullshit. No book is an island, and the people that surround it deserve credit.

8. Which book character would you switch places with? Oh frick. Maybe not switching place with a specific character, but I want to be friends with the Hempstocks from The Ocean at the End of the Lane.  

9. Do you have a book that reminds you of something specific in your life (a person, a place, a time)? Matilda reminds me of when I was a little kid and books were the most magical thing in the world. Like, they still are, but there’s something about it that just recalls the innocence with which I could view literature as a kid. Hard same for A Series of Unfortunate Events. Jurassic Park was the first “adult” novel I ever read, and introduced me to a whole new idea of what books could be. IT reminds me of middle school summertime, devouring books on the beach while I wiggled my toes in the sand. The Eyes of the Dragon made me love fairytales, and years later Stardust reminded me why I love them.

10. Name a book you acquired in some interesting way. Um… I have a bunch of classics (Lord of the Flies, Brave New World, 1984, a few others) that I nicked from a storage room in my high school of books that used to be part of the literary curriculum but hadn’t been touched in about twelve years.

11. Have you ever given away a book for a special reason to a special person? I gave a really nice gold-leaf fancy-pantsy edition of Huck Finn I got from my Nana and Papa to one of my old friends because I forgot to buy him a birthday present. I also stole like, a dozen Discworld books from him, so it more than evens out.

12. Which book has been with you to the most places? The Eyes of the Dragon has been with me on at least five or six trips as a kid (I used to travel a lot with my dad for business), and has been with me everywhere I’ve lived.

13. Any “required reading” you hated in high school that wasn’t so bad ten years later? The opposite, actually. I read Gatsby for the first time on my own, absolutely loathed it, reread it my Senior year for AP Lit and loved it.

14. What is the strangest item you’ve ever found in a book? I found an old bus ticket from the early Nineties in my copy of A Confederacy of Dunces

15. Used or brand new? Both. Books. Just… books. Both have their own unique smell and feel that I love for different reasons.

16. Stephen King: Literary genius or opiate of the masses? Don’t know, don’t care. All I know is that he’s my book dad and always will be. He was the writer that made me believe that I could actually be a writer through On Writing. The Eyes of the Dragon is my favorite book and the one that’s influenced me more than any other. A lot of his books kind of blow, but when you’ve put out the sheer amount of words that he has, you’re bound to have a few stinkers. When the man hits the vein of a story, he hits it hard. I can’t imagine my middle school years without The Talisman or Firestarter or my high school years without Misery or IT. Speaking of, I’ve been waiting for the new IT movie since it was stuck in development hell however many years ago, and I’m absolutely going to cry in the theatre if it sucks. I don’t even need it to be good, I just need the relationships between the kids to be done well. They’re my children, dammit, and I love them so much.

17. Have you ever seen a movie you liked better than the book? American Psycho is unequivocally better than the book and nothing will ever convince me otherwise. Ditto for Fight Club. I don’t know if I’d say that Stand by Me is technically better than the book, but it’s also tied for my favorite movie of all time. A Clockwork Orange is in a similar boat. And Holes. OH. I can’t believe I almost forgot The Silence of the Lambs. I adore the movie, but the book runs almost entirely on the “male author wants to fuck his lady protagonist” trope, and eeeeeeew.

18. Conversely, which book should NEVER have been introduced to celluloid? Um… now seems like as good of a time to shit on the majority of Stephen King adaptations as ever. Like, I get that this is by no means a new observation, but fuck. Speaking of, I am so confused by the “dOnT rEmAkE iT tHe OrIgInAl WaS a CLASSIC” crowd. The miniseries is ass and the only redeeming factor is Tim Curry because, well… Tim Curry.

19. Have you ever read a book that’s made you hungry, cookbooks being excluded from this question? See my previous comment about wanting to be friends with the Hempstocks. I want that blackberry jam, dammit.  

20. Who is the person whose book advice you’ll always take? Um, I’ll basically read anything that @batmanisagatewaydrug throws my way. She’s like my only book friend (and my best friend) so I sort of figure out what I want to read on my own. Oh, I have been working on some of Neil’s recommendations from The View from the Cheap Seats, which has been rewarding so far (@Diana Wynn Jones, where were you all my life?).

I tag no one because I don’t have book friends (ahem ahem, HINT HINT IF YOU HAPPEN TO SEE THIS AND LOVE BOOKS FOR THE LOVE OF GODS HIT ME UP), but I will tag back @batmanisagatewaydrug just to prove I actually did it.


When I was young this movie terrified me (Which I loved) the “IT” remake looks really good to me, how about you?

Such a simple thing as a Red balloon.  Creepy.

tbh one of the most poignant images in the film is the writing on eddie’s cast which he changes from saying “loser” to “lover”.

like it’s just so intense to see a horror film portray kid characters who genuinely care about each other so much & who aren’t afraid to show it? and it works so well to get the audience to care about them as well. it’s like you’re facing the evil with them.

seeing them embrace each other after the big confrontation, as well as holding hands in the pact scene, is just the sweetest most heartfelt thing.