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(1) This chapter opens with a shot of an agehamodoki/butterfly moth (this again, which also happens to represent Touka as well as ghouls, particularly because Touka again is like the ghoul represent in TG) on the floor, seemingly part of all the debris in the abandoned building they have converted to a makeshift love hotel. A butterfly moth is like a fake/imitation, while actual butterflies are associated with illusion/dreams. awkward virgin sex.

(2) The mole on Touka’s breast, actually quite a few characters in TG have conspicuous moles which reminded me that “mole reading” is a thing. According to some Chinese and Indian fortune-telling beliefs, where a person has a mole can indicate something about their life be it their personality or prospects with various things like luck, wealth, love, etc. I have no idea from a preliminary search what a mole on the right breast means as you get widely varying results that can’t be considered 

conclusive. Note that at some point sheets appear under the pair. It’s like magic, because sex on a dirty floor is not too sexy is it? At one point Kaneki references last chapter’s hookline with “ah am I really doing this with Touka-chan?”. The OEK can’t unhook a girl’s bra lol Personally I find this panel kind of off-putting and unnecessary, but before Kaneki uh, gets going, Touka is posed like an angel with the sheets spread out like her wings.

(4) This is to denote her innocence which is about to be lost. You could also see those as her butterflymoth wings, which gives a different connotation of Touka not being what she seems…Of course the most unsettling part of this chapter is at the end, at which Kaneki unconsciously starts to cry right during the thick of things, but this is not the worst part. 

(5) The last page is a spread of Kaneki curled up in fetal position head resting on Touka’s lap as she understandingly and gently strokes his head, and interestingly enough the sheets(that came from nowhere) are creased to resemble an outline of the butterfly moth. So, wtf does all this even mean?

(5) First off the fetal position represents child-like vulnerability. Having sex with Touka, a girl he claims is quite attractive to him meant to be his lover, somehow unconsciously triggers something within Kaneki that upsets him to the degree that it leaves him feeling vulnerable as a child again.But why would this be? A few weeks prior Ishida posted a poem on his tumblr accompanied by artwork of Kaneki curled up in fetal position, which to me seems to have been about childbirth or

(6) mother-child relationship. Touka also appeared in a recent colour cover in which a blood splatter appears over the area where her womb could be, implying some connection to motherhood. If you put two and two together, Kaneki’s breakdown this chapter is related to his mother issues which seem to have been overlapped with Touka. Not good.

(7) The sex was actually “too good to be true”. Instead of Kaneki feeling whole and loved he broke down after being reminded of his troubled relationship with his mother. This spells trouble for the two as lovers, as it seems to indicate that Kaneki won’t be able to love and be loved until he can get over the issues of abandonment by his mother which has left him deeply scarred. That even when Touka was willing to both emotionally and physically give herself to Kaneki,

(8) it wasn’t enough to heal his heart like she had hoped. This I would guess is the “dream” part of the whole thing. Ishida’s way of dangling a carrot only to bring down the stick. (entire chapter of happy sex, you wish). It’s actually kind of a downer for TouKen shippers even though Ishida played it straight. For me, I didn’t care about the sex or the ship so I was able to dedicate my attentions to locating the origins of the mysterious sheets lol

Uhm, really can’t say I agree with this interpretation. The moth represents metamorphosis. Several moths have also appeared throughout the series during key events of change, like when Eto reveals to the world that she’s a Ghoul, for example. Its focus is to suggest a huge change in Kaneki’s emotional state, and as the Tarot of the Sun indicates, it’s a positive one which leads to greater wholeness in Kaneki. And before you might argue that the Tarot is reversed, a reversed Sun indicates “unrecognised hope” which fits Touka to a tee - in avoiding Touka, Kaneki didn’t realise she was his hope. Even if you don’t agree with that interpretation, it’s definite that the Sun is never a negative card, even when reversed.

Touka has had wing imagery for ages, long before she had anything to do with moths. She’s an ukaku and carries the image of a caged bird: “Your wing can’t fly anywhere”, “This world is like a twisted birdcage”, and also feeling explicitly sorry for an actual bird in an actual cage. Even if imagery here is meant to represent moth wings, which I contest, that wouldn’t be a bad thing either because the moth represents change and as the Tarot indicates, change here is positive.

Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar and a mole is just a mole. Likely just for the sake of showing a realistic but still beautiful body.

Blankets are symbolic of warmth. Even if they’re actually doing it on a hard, dirty floor, the moment is so wonderful to them it feels no different than being on silk blankets. They give each other warmth in the cold, they give each other happiness in a world of pain.

Touka’s angelic appearance has nothing to do with the outdated concept of ‘losing innocence’ (she’s killed people for crying out loud). The image is reminiscent of our old friend the Sun Tarot - Touka practically glows with light above our naked child Kaneki. 

See how the darkness at the bottom of the page is dispelled by the light that Touka is bathed in? The positioning of her hands and the blanket behind her evokes angel symbolism to reinforce her imagery as a celestial being that brings light to Kaneki. It’s only “off-putting” and “unnecessary” if it doesn’t lend itself to your theory - for Sun Theory, it’s a giant boost.

Kaneki cried tears of happiness upon seeing Touka again in :re, and his tears here are meant to reflect that occasion, even to the extent that he has to be told that he is crying, and then asked why. He doesn’t provide an explanation in either case, but in both, it’s clear it’s because he holds strong romantic feelings for Touka. Haise’s inner monologue in :re confirmed this then, and Kaneki moving in for the kiss immediately afterwards confirmed it now. He’s crying because he’s finally found what he’s been searching for.

Your analysis in the next section relies on incorrect information. The caption for that image was “Don’t hit me, father”. It never mentioned a mother. Additionally, Kaneki (if it is him) isn’t in the same position in that image as he is in this chapter - in the image, his hands are wrapped around his legs, an image indicating curling up from abuse rather than a foetal position. 

Also, if this was a mother-related breakdown, why would Ishida be so randomly obtuse? His mother isn’t mentioned at all this chapter and unlike every other time Kaneki’s realised something about her, she doesn’t appear in his mind’s eye. If that’s what Ishida intended, wouldn’t the obvious thing to do would be for after Kaneki starts crying to have a small panel with the words “…Mother?” or the outline of her face? As it is, I’m afraid you’re drawing something from nothing here. 

Kaneki is in a foetal position for three reasons: 1) To hearken back to the image of him in a solitary foetal position vs him now with Touka to indicate the end of his loneliness. 2) To indicate that he is being reborn once more, imagery that we’ve also seen when he battled his suicidal urges vs Arima. 3) To appear childlike and naked as Touka smiles on above to match the Sun Tarot Card.

You argue that Kaneki won’t be able to love or be loved after he started crying, but you ignore that extremely passionate image of love-making that immediately followed it. And you say she couldn’t heal his heart, despite looking utterly peaceful with the Sun Tarot right next to him. This supposed stick seems totally illusory. Is it so hard to believe that we’d be given a carrot after facing the stick for so long?

This is why I can’t agree with your theory, anon - that, and because it flies in the face of the entire feeling and emotional impact of the chapter, aspects which certainly should not be ignored. You might not be interested in the ship, but Ishida has always seemed quite invested.


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Hawk Moth theory(s) maybe?

OK, so there have been quite a few posts disproving Hawkmoth being Gabriel Agreste. So, I want to explore the options through the characters known so far. Below is all the named characters so far that have appeared. 

EDIT: I forgot the driver(but does he even have a name?? Its not him anyways)

So minus like two ladies who only appeared for like .005 seconds, this should be everyone (after episode 13). By eliminating everyone who has been akumatized or in an akuma attack, we can eliminate literally everyone except Gabriel Agreste, Nathalie Sancoeur, Ms. Mendeleiev, and Mr. Kubdel. Now, I wouldn’t want to eliminate Nathalie and Ms. Mendeleiev becuase they are woman(u never know) so lets just say it not them because of their chin shape.

Now, that makes the only possible known characters Adrien’s dad or Alix’s dad.

Now, what about the unknown characters? It is also highly possible that Hawkmoth has not been introduced. 

Lots of new characters are introduced in each episode, and lots of Akuma victims too. Now, the only thing all of the Akuma victims have in common is that they are somehow related to one of the recurring characters.  

Stormy weather- attendes the same school as Marinette and Adrien
Bubbler- Adrien’s best friend
Copycat- Fan of Ladybug, built Ladybug and Chat Noir’s statue
Chronogirl- Marinette and Adrien’s classmate
Mr. Pigeon- Ok hes not related but Mr. Pigeon was was one of the really important characters in the concepts (he is also in the PV) for this so I suppose hes an exception. If you want a stretch, he was Akumatized because of Sabrina’s dad.
Lady Wifi- Marinette’s best friend
the Pharaoh- Alix’s brother
Rogercop- Sabrina’s dad
Evillustrator- Marinette and Adrien’s classmate
Dark Cupid- Marinette and Adrien’s classmate
Horrificator-  Marinette and Adrien’s classmate 
Dark Blade- Adrien’s fencing teacher
Mime- Mylene’s dad

The relationships all the new characters have with the recurring characters very likely means that the identity of Hawk Moth will be associated with one of these already known characters. 

So, who has not been introduced yet? (Im looking at Adrien and Marinette’s classmates here.)
Im not including mothers, that just doesn’t really seem plausible(but i really like the Adriens mother is Hawkmoth theory. THE PIN LOOKS LIKE A MIRACULOUS)

Nathaniel- Dad/ sibilings
Alya- Dad
Chloe- Siblings(?)
Mylene- Siblings
Nino- Dad/ Siblings
Sabrina- Siblings
Aurore - Dad/ Siblings
Kim-Dad/ Siblings
Rose- Dad/ Siblings
Ivan- dad/ Siblings
Max- Dad/ Siblings
Juleka- Dad/ Siblings

Ok, so Hawkmoth has these murky blue/ grey eyes and pale white skin

So if we talk about genetics, we can eliminate Max(dark skin), Nino(dark skin), Sabrina(green eyes), Mylene (brown eyes) and Juleka(yellow/brown eyes). They are still possibilities, because genetics are weird. And we can keep Alya, because she could have gotten her eyes and Dark hair from her mother (who was introduced)

Everyone left has pale skin and blue eyes

if we eliminate the blue eyes that are to bright to be associated with Hawk Moth’s, WE GET

Kim and Ivan who both have grey eyes.

So, to wrap up-

Hawk Moth still probably has not been introduced. based on what I know for the character apperances it could be

Nathaniel- Dad/ sibilings
Alya- Dad
Chloe- Siblings(?)
Sabrina- Siblings
Aurore - Dad/ Siblings
Kim-Dad/ Siblings
Rose- Dad/ Siblings
Ivan- dad/ Siblings

I personally think it be kind funny if it was Alya’s dad or Adriens Mom. The two main candidates will still be Gabriel Agreste or Mr. Kubdel

EDIT::: So, I’m not a writer, and I think my point here was kind of unclear (sorry~~) Heres what i replied to someone-

Obviously Hawk moth doesn’t up and go, Well based on this Ladybug theory i have this persons probably Ladybugs friend, lets wait for her to get really upset so I can send a demon butterfly to feed on her negative emotions. I was actually looking at all this from a writers standpoint, like how the identity reveal of Hawk moths character would more likely be more dramatic if it was a character we knew rather than that guy who walked down that street at that one time during episode 5. I’m not a writer, so my point may have been unclear here, so i apologize. I’m trying to say that the creators are not picking all of these new characters at random, and based off that, hopefully it will mean that if Hawk moth is not already an introduced character, he will also be introduced as having one of these relationships (family) with one of the known characters.


While I was researching, i found this, which left me kind of dumbfounded

Mr. Kubdels hair color changes between episodes. I’m not very sure what I’m implying here, but one of the main things that disproves Mr. Kubdel being Hawk Moth is that mustache, which would be seen from Hawk moths little mouth slit if Mr.Kubdel was actually Hawkmoth.

Reblog with any theories regaurding any of this, i like to read them!

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A friend of mine is doing this thing on Snapchat that she calls "Moth Week" which is where she posts pictures & facts about various moths on her story all day for a week. Imagine Combeferre doing this.

Combeferre kept it up for three days with fun facts, pics, explanatory videos and the whole deal. But that was until Courfeyrac got hold of his phone and started to highjack Project Moth:

  • “As you can see on this picture, the capital of moths is Mothscow”
  • “The moth derives from an ancient spieces called the mammoth”
  • “How does Combeferre thank you? Mothrci beaucoup”
  • “How the most famous moth model? Kate Moth”
  • “I like the way you talk Mothieu ♪♫”
What made me smile this week:

Sunday: My brother texted me ironic comments throughout the Eagles game. They played abysmally, again, but Andrew’s texts made it somewhat easier to watch, and at the very least, they made me smile.

Monday: While coming up the back ramp of my house tonight, we saw a skunk investigating our garbage cans, causing Sarah to nearly leap out of her shoes. It made me smile.

Tuesday: A full-fledged anti-skunk crusade has begun. Mom is currently sprinkling the back yard with moth balls, which is apparently a thing you do to keep skunks away. This seems ridiculous and makes me smile.

Wednesday: While eating dinner at a diner with my friend Jessie, a very old man walked slowly past our table. He stopped, looked at my wheelchair, and said to me, “I really like the tumble-buggy you got there.” It made me smile.

Thursday: I found out Andrew is coming home next weekend! It made me smile.

Friday: I started watching The Blacklist on Netflix and I’m hooked after only one episode. Finding new shows always makes me smile.

Saturday: Anna came over after work tonight. We haven’t seen each other all week. Needless to say I am all smiles right now.

What made you smile this week?