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There’s really no easy way to lose fat in a few weeks. You could lose body weight in a few weeks, you could lose water or maybe burn through some muscle. But if you wanna lose fat it will take you about four or five months. And that’s just cutting out the crap. No alcohol, no sugar, no salt. (x)

10 “Spinoffs of Tomorrow” You Can License for Your Business

The job of the our Technology Transfer Program is pretty straight-forward – bring NASA technology down to Earth. But, what does that actually mean? We’re glad you asked! We transfer the cool inventions NASA scientists develop for missions and license them to American businesses and entrepreneurs. And that is where the magic happens: those business-savvy licensees then create goods and products using our NASA tech. Once it hits the market, it becomes a “NASA Spinoff.”

If you’re imagining that sounds like a nightmare of paperwork and bureaucracy, think again. Our new automated “ATLAS” system helps you license your tech in no time — online and without any confusing forms or jargon.

So, sit back and browse this list of NASA tech ripe for the picking (well, licensing.) When you find something you like, follow the links below to apply for a license today! You can also browse the rest of our patent portfolio - full of hundreds of available technologies – by visiting

1. Soil Remediation with Plant-Fungal Combinations

Ahh, fungus. It’s fun to say and fun to eat—if you are a mushroom fan. But, did you know it can play a crucial role in helping trees grow in contaminated soil? Scientists at our Ames Research Center discovered that a special type of the fungus among us called “Ectomycorrhizal” (or EM for short) can help enhance the growth of trees in areas that have been damaged, such as those from oil spills.

2. Preliminary Research Aerodynamic Design to Lower Drag

When it comes to aircraft, drag can be, well…a drag. Luckily, innovators at our Armstrong Flight Research Center are experimenting with a new wing design that removes adverse yaw (or unwanted twisting) and dramatically increases aircraft efficiency by reducing drag. Known as the “Preliminary Research Aerodynamic Design to Lower Drag (PRANDTL-D)” wing, this design addresses integrated bending moments and lift to achieve drag reduction.

3. Advancements in Nanomaterials

What do aircraft, batteries, and furniture have in common? They can ALL be improved with our nanomaterials.  Nanomaterials are very tiny materials that often have unique optical, electrical and mechanical properties. Innovators at NASA’s Glenn Research Center have developed a suite of materials and methods to optimize the performance of nanomaterials by making them tougher and easier to process. This useful stuff can also help electronics, fuel cells and textiles.

4. Green Precision Cleaning

Industrial cleaning is hard work. It can also be expensive when you have to bring in chemicals to get things squeaky. Enter “Green Precision Cleaning,” which uses the nitrogen bubbles in water instead. The bubbles act as a scrubbing agent to clean equipment. Goddard Space Flight Center scientists developed this system for cleaning tubing and piping that significantly reduces cost and carbon consumption. Deionized water (or water that has been treated to remove most of its mineral ions) takes the place of costlier isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and also leaves no waste, which cuts out the pricey process of disposal. The cleaning system quickly and precisely removes all foreign matter from tubing and piping.

5. Self-Contained Device to Isolate Biological Samples

When it comes to working in space, smaller is always better. Innovators at our Johnson Space Center have developed a self-contained device for isolating microscopic materials like DNA, RNA, proteins, and cells without using pipettes or centrifuges. Think of this technology like a small briefcase full of what you need to isolate genetic material from organisms and microorganisms for analysis away from the lab. The device is also leak-proof, so users are protected from chemical hazards—which is good news for astronauts and Earth-bound scientists alike.

6. Portable, Rapid, Quiet Drill

When it comes to “bringing the boom,” NASA does it better than anyone. But sometimes, we know it’s better to keep the decibels low.
That’s why innovators at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have developed a new handheld drilling device, suitable for a variety of operations, that is portable, rapid and quiet. Noise from drilling operations often becomes problematic because of the location or time of operations. Nighttime drilling can be particularly bothersome and the use of hearing protection in the high-noise areas may be difficult in some instances due to space restrictions or local hazards. This drill also weighs less than five pounds – talk about portable power.  

7. Damage Detection System for Flat Surfaces

The ability to detect damage to surfaces can be crucial, especially on a sealed environment that sustains human life or critical equipment. Enter Kennedy Space Center’s damage detection system for flat composite surfaces.
The system is made up of layered composite material, with some of those layers containing the detection system imbedded right in.
Besides one day potentially keeping humans safe on Mars, this tech can also be used on aircrafts, military shelters, inflatable structures and more.

8. Sucrose-Treated Carbon Nanotube and Graphene Yarns and Sheets

We all know what a spoonful of sugar is capable of. But, who knew it could help make some materials stronger? Innovators at NASA’s Langley Research Center did! They use dehydrated sucrose to create yarns and woven sheets of carbon nanotubes and graphene.

The resulting materials are lightweight and strong. Sucrose is inexpensive and readily available, making the process cost-effective. Makes you look at the sweet substance a little differently, doesn’t it?

9. Ultrasonic Stir Welding

NASA scientists needed to find a way to friction weld that would be gentler on their welding equipment. Meet our next tech, ultrasonic stir welding.

NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center engineers developed ultrasonic stir welding to join large pieces of very high-strength, high-melting-temperature metals such as titanium and Inconel. The addition of ultrasonic energy reduces damaging forces to the stir rod (or the piece of the unit that vibrates so fast, it joins the welding material together), extending its life. The technology also leaves behind a smoother, higher-quality weld.

10. A Field Deployable PiezoElectric Gravimeter (PEG)

It’s important to know that the fuel pumping into rockets has remained fully liquid or if a harmful chemical is leaking out of its container. But each of those things, and the many other places sensors are routinely used, tends to require a specially designed, one-use device.

That can result in time-consuming and costly cycles of design, test and build, since there is no real standardized sensor that can be adapted and used more widely.

To meet this need, the PiezoElectric Gravimeter (PEG) was developed to provide a sensing system and method that can serve as the foundation for a wide variety of sensing applications.

See anything your business could use? Did anything inspire you to start your own company? If so, head to our website at to check them out.

When you’ve found what you need, click, “Apply Now!” Our licensing system, ATLAS, will guide you through the rest.

If the items on this round-up didn’t grab you, that’s ok, too. We have hundreds of other technologies available and ready to license on our website.

And if you want to learn more about the technologies already being used all around you, visit

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Landscape practice

Where the hell can you get tutorials for sunsets and sunrises????

I did search up a ref tho and tried to recreate it minus a few things, eh, I tried :/

Kinda like how it came out tho <3

They weren't perfect

Lily Evans didn’t like how pale her skin was. Every pimple, rash, dark circle or bruise looked hundred times worse on her skin and she couldn’t stand the sun. Instead of having a beautiful tan like Mary she turned red as a lobster as soon as she stayed in the sun a few minutes. She once got a sunburn… In January. She regularly used a lot of foundation to cover every redness on her face. Blush was her best friend.

Mary Macdonald didn’t like how thin she was. When she looked in a mirror she couldn’t help but stare at her bones. She could easily count her ribs without even tucking her belly. She looked fragile and delicate like if someone could crash her into pieces without problem. She once tried to double her food portions in hope to win some fat, but it only gave her a few pimples.

Alice Longbottom didn’t like her body. She took weight too easily. When she went to the restaurant and ate too much or when she was stressed her clothes wouldn’t fit her anymore. Her stomach wasn’t flat and she had more curves than the average girl. She once tried a diet which allowed her to only eat green things, but it never worked so she tried that one instead who said to only eat raw things. It didn’t work either.

Dorcas Meadows didn’t like her muscled arms. Sure she was proud of them, she had earn them by working hard and it was a must being a beater. However, girls talked. Some said it looked ugly. Some said it made her look like a man. Her crush once turned her off and told his friends he’d never go out with a girl who had more muscles than him. She was proud of them, but no matter how much she said she didn’t care about those comments she couldn’t help letting them under her skin.

Marlene Mckinnon didn’t like her face. Her lashes were non-existent. Her nose was too large for her face. Her mouth wasn’t big enough. She had acne on her forehead. She thought she looked ugly without makeup so every morning she took an hour only to apply some. No matter what, she never went out without makeup. Even her dorm friends had rarely seen her without it.

Remus Lupin didn’t like his scars. They were all across his body and no matter what anyone said, disgusting. Some were bright red, some had pus. He never took out his shirt in public. He couldn’t stand people’s face when they saw how ugly his skin was. Every time he saw his scars it reminded him of who he was and he hated that.

Sirius Black didn’t mind his appearance. He knew he was good looking and that wasn’t being arrogant it was simply a fact. He used his looks multiple times to get what he wanted or to get away with something. However, that didn’t mean he liked everything about himself. His family made him feel like if he’d never be worth or loved by anyone.

Peter Pettigrew didn’t like being average. That’s how he thought of himself. He wasn’t as handsome as Sirius or as charismatic as James. He wasn’t really ugly neither. He was just average. The kind of boy girls don’t pay attention to because there’s nothing interesting to see. He was just plain, normal, boring average and he hated it.

James Potter didn’t give a fuck about any of those things. At least that’s what he said, but actually he didn’t take criticism well. When someone made him a reproach or insulted him he couldn’t help but take it personal. He thought about it over and over again, trying to convince himself that person was wrong, but a little voice inside his head would never shut up. It kept telling him it was all true.

They were all insecure about something. They weren’t perfect.

- Summer Evenings -

Summer evenings who doesn’t love them? The warm air feels heavy and moist against our skins, the big ball of sun setting in bunch of shades of orange is seen over the horizon. Since I was a kid I Ioved spending my time outside - reading books or playing grass hockey - especially in summer when everything smells like charcoal burning in a neighbor’s grill - everyone always though it’s a weird habit of mine to like smells like this one, but it’s the real smell of summer.

Nowadays, when I’m not a kid anymore, now that I’m an adult - my 19th year of life will arrive here momentarily - I still adore just sitting outside, but not because of books or hockey, but because of a girl. My girl.

If you’d tell a 13 year old Shawn that in just 5 years he’d find a girl that he wants to spend yhe rest of his life with, he would do nothing else, but laugh straight on your face, because “girls are gross”. Isn’t it funny how fast, and how much things can change?

You might ask who is the mysterious girl, it’s Y/N. Everyone would say that she’s one of the calmest people they never known, but trust me they’re in huge mistake.

Her small arms above her head, hips moving in a rhythm as she’s jamming to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Galway Girl’. She dips and sways, she rocks and jumps. She’s going crazy in a frenzy of summer. She’s in her own, imagined world. She yells. She yells so loudly that even the pigeons flew away in fear and astonishment, in that moment her careless actions stopped, she looked high up to see the birds flying over the cotton clouds.

All of a sudden the girl turns around to me. The bright smile of hers on longer seen on her face, it’s been replaced with rather big pout. The actual same thing is happening with her eyes, which always are so huge and green - please imagine the redhead cat from Shrek - now only her black pupil is seen on the whole surface of her eye. Pout and puppy eyes, please not that face again!

“Look, Shawn, they flew away! I didn’t mean to scare them, I just thought that sharing my happiness with them would be a good idea, but apparently I thought wrong.” She shrugged, her voice light, and somehow sassy.

A lot of people thinks that she’s really mature for a seventeen year old. Partially it’s a truth, but she has two sides, one where she’s a complete kid - the side is solely for me - and the other adult side which the world owns.

“So? I can’t do anything about them flying away from you!” - Her pout grew ever bigger, but it didn’t stop her from her little dance. Keeping my chin in my hand I just laughed.

Laughter. Laughter is something that she made me experience a lot lately, not that I haven’t been laughing before I met her, because I definitely was, just laughing with feeling her preference next to me comes out so much more natural and easier.

Not only laughter is easier and more natural, everything I’m doing is just better.

Summer evenings, especially these ones on Friday, when you know you can relax after long week in work. When the only thing you have to worry about is if there will be enough milk for Saturday’s breakfast. Evening when you can rest and watch over the ones you adore.

I have caught myself plenty of times looking at Y/N. Okay, that definitely wasn’t just looking her. Mostly likely it was eating her with my eyes. Usually after these staring sessions my cheeks hurt considerably.

I heard the sound of keys, which meant that either Aaliyah is back from her friend’s place or my parents finished their work for today.

The second guess was correct, because a loud, man voice was heard, “hey, Shawn! We’re back. Is Y/N here or does she have her classes longer tonight? No! Wait, on Fridays she’s ending early, Mondays are terrible for her, right?”

The fact that my parents treats Y/N as a part of the Mendes family makes me unbelievable happy. I have had a few girlfriends before Y/N, but precisely Y/N’s and my relationship is a serious one, it’s not serious only for me and her, but also for my parents, they just know we’re thinking honestly about each other’s.

My parents acknowledge of Y/N’s school schedule made me realize that they’re not letting her slip from my hands anytime soon, and either way letting her go wasn’t even crossing my mind.

I hear the patio doors swing open, and light footsteps are heard. “Hey, honey.” I feel my mom wrap her around my neck from behind, messing my hair. “Hey Y/N, come here let me hug you!”

A second later my girlfriends preference got closer to us, “hi, Karen, how are you? Work’s good?”

“Hi honey, yeah everything is perfectly fine, tell me about school, stressful, right? Aaliyah is freaking out, I’m glad that the summer vacation is that close, she deserves some rest.” My mom’s arms were still wrapped around Y/N, and the view of the two women I love the most is truly amazing.

“It’s good, yeah some stress is felt in the air, but I guess that some little stress never killed anyone, right? I mean life would be so boring without feeling any negative feelings.” Their arms were cressing each other’s back. Suddenly my dad approached us, “hi, kids! Y/N are you staying over for dinner?” he asked as he put plates and cutlery on the wooden table.

“I’d love to, but I promised my mom, that I’m gonna get something from my grandma’s place, so I’m gonna head there up now.” The arms around my neck were no longer my mom’s, but Y/N. Her smooth and warm hand is stroking my neck and her chin was laying in the chaotic mess of my brown curls.

“So you’re going?” I asked, looking up at her, she just nodded, “do you want a ride?” She shook her head a no. “So, maybe I’ll walk you over, hm?” Again, her head was shaken as a no.

“You’re sure?”

Again, I didn’t get a proper answer, just a huge smile and a nodd. Y/N moved her head towards me, so her freckled forehead would lay on mine. Both of our breaths are shaky. I gently lean in and kiss her burning lips.

We pull apart and take shallow breaths. Unable to contain ourselves anymore, I hold Y/N’s head in my sweaty hands - even after a few years of being together I still managed to get nervous around her - and pull her into a fiery and passionate kiss.

Hearing my parents steps we eventually pulled apart while opening our eyes. I stare deeply into her sparkling ones which were full of wonder and love, but also curiosity and passion. No words are spoken but a story worthy of them is communicated.

“We interpreted something serious, didn’t we?” Mom asks as she pours orange juice into cups. “Actually no, I’m going, I’m going, so bye bye everyone.” Y/N lightly laughs as she gives me a fast, playful peck on my lips. As she unconnected our lips I gave her a pout and asked once again, “You really don’t want to me drive you there?”

“Yeah, c'mon I’m a big girl.” Her comment made me chuckle, now it was my turn to give her a kiss, so not caring about my parents preference, I brought her down and gave her plump lips a kiss.

“Okay, bye!”

The warm, summer wind blew her wavy hair and her yellow summer dress in every direction, but she didn’t care, letting nature doing whatever it wanted. I couldn’t stop staring at her, I can stare, stare and stare and never get bored, it’s actually frightening, but I guess this is how love works, right?

I always knew that somewhere on this world there is this one girl for me, but I would never except that she will be found at the age of only eighteen.

I continued staring at her until she disappeared from my point of view, I could hear my parents’ chuckling, looking at them I laid my head on my shoulder, that action made me look like a lost dog, but answer was nowhere seen, “What?”

“God, you’re so in love with her. Aren’t you?”

Their question made me think of all the kisses and hugs we shared, about all the memories we created, about all the ‘I love you’s’, about all the times she managed to successfully made me laugh, when everyone else failed, and about that she is able to do any and everything without any hesitations to keep me feeling cheerful and blessed.

And then, my lips lifted upward. The way my one dimple crinkled. The way my teeth were perfectly aligned. The warm glow of my happiness gives in. If my smile would a ray of sunshine, my parents would sunburn.

They didn’t need an answer, my goofy face answered their every question. I was in love, fully and deeply in love. In love that felt like a long corridor without an end, without any exit doors. I never wanted to leave the corridor behind me, though. This is where I belong.

anonymous asked:

Love your gifs! I´m just starting out - any general tipps for giffing Hannibal? Thank you!

Thank you so much!!! One big tip I’d give you is learn how to color balance. 

The thing with hannibal is that there’s this green/yellow tint which is more or less the bane of every hannibal editor. If you’re familiar with giffing then you might already know that there’s an adjustment layer called color balance, but that doesn’t always work, especially in hannibal gifs. There’s two different ways I like to do this:

First method: using curves. Honestly when I learned how to do this it was life changing and I use it to color other shows too. You can either use curves or levels, it’s almost the same thing (I like using levels). Sometimes I can’t get this to work so I use the second way…

Second method: brightening gifs with a divide adjustment layer. That’s the title of the video but it also works as a color corrector. This one takes some practice but it gets you good results.

**remember that I use these methods with other adjustment layers (eg. levels/vibrance/exposure) in these gifs. You don’t have to limit yourself to one adjustment layer to edit**

When you’ve got the basic coloring down you can do colorings like this. These are just gifs from an edit I did yesterday so you can see the progression from no coloring to basic coloring to this kind of coloring. Slightly more editing to do compare to the first step, but it’s possible: 

So experiment with your coloring!! If you already know how to do this, great!! Sometimes I still see hannibal gifs with green tints so I thought this might be helpful. I also see a lot of people go for darker edits, probably because thats easier to work with and it goes with the aesthetic of the show, but I’m just here to say you don’t have to stick to one kind of edit. Hope this somewhat helps and I look forward to seeing your edits :D

Venice: DeanCas strangers at a masquerade

“D’you wanna get out of here?”

Castiel shivers at the words pressed into his neck, biting his lip. He’s pressed against the cold marble of one of the alcoves in a corner of the room, his lips swollen from kisses and hands buried in the fine clothing of his partner. His hat is so askew it’s at risk of falling off, though his mask still seems to be in place by some form of divine intervention.

Unfortunately, so is his partner’s. The other man is wearing a delicate thing of green and gold, the former of which brings out his eyes and the latter of which highlights the freckles on his nose and the apples of his cheeks. His light brown hair has been haphazardly messed from kissing, his clothes are rumpled, and he is totally and completely gorgeous.

…And to think, he never would be here, kissing some handsome stranger in Venice, if Gabriel had not tricked him onto the plane.

Castiel hums into their next kiss, nodding enthusiastically against his partner. The other pulls away only to grab his hand with a blinding grin and pull him in the direction of the door. As they stumble onto the street, Cas has the brief thought that Gabriel will never let him live this down.

Then again, he’s never been so happy to be proven wrong.

Water Fast FAQ

What is a water fast? A water fast is where you abstain from eating food and consume only water for a specific amount of time.

Is there a particular water that I should drink? No. Any water will do, as long as it is just water with noting added.

How long should I go for my first fast? I suggest 3 days for your first fast to get an idea as to what you will be facing.

What was your longest fast? 30 days.

Why do you water fast? Health reasons and weight loss.

What are the benefits of water fasting? Water fasting is a great way to jump start your new healthy life style, because generally speaking it reboots your system and rids all of the poor things you have been putting into your body. People use water fasting to cleanse their system for things such as becoming vegetarian or vegan or simply making a drastic change in dietary plans. I’ve also encountered tons of people who have used water fasting to help/cure eye sight issues, eczema, other skin issues such as acne, bowel issues, stomach issues, and more. There have even been some cases and personal accounts of people water fasting and then having their cancer cells lowered or disappear. However the most common use of water fasting is for weight loss.

What is the difference between restricting/eating disorder and fasting? Generally speaking restricting is about control and stems from a mental illness or other psychological problems. Restricting is not about being healthy and strong and doesn’t have an end date. Where an eating disorder is a mental illness water fasting is about health and strength and is not a long term plan but instead a journey with an intended end date.

How do I start a fast? You want to start a fast by easing into it. Doing so prepares your body for the decrease in food which is to come. Thus I suggest 2-3 days of eating just fruits and veggies and then transitioning into another   2-3 day period where you juice. After doing so you may move into your water fast.

How do I end a fast? You want to end a fast the same way you started it, by EASING out of it. Doing so prepares your body for the reintroduction of food and prevents your body from assuming that food will disappear again. Thus I suggest 2-3 days of just consuming juice/juicing. After these 2-3 days, . you should move on to another 2-3 days of consuming just fruits and veggies. After this period of time you can add back in lean proteins and other non fruit and veggie items.

How do I juice? You have to buy a juicer to make your own juice. Sense these can be expensive you can also buy fresh juice instead.

What juice can I buy if I don’t have a juicer? I generally juice my own fruits and veggies, so I don’t remember the exact brands I bought. So I would go to a farmers market, juice bar, organic market, or whole foods store and look for organic fruit juices there.

When should I drink the juice? I honestly just drank when i would naturally consume food. SO maybe 1-2 cups of juice for breakfast. A cup for a snack. 1-2 cups for lunch. A cup for another snack. 1-2 cups for dinner. And maybe another cup for another snack.

When should I consume the veggies? Once again, I consumed it when I would normally eat. So breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack.

Is there any particular fruit or veggie i should consume while easing in or out of fasting? No anything will really do but leafy greens and things like watermelon (Which has a high water content) are especially good for you.

How much water should i drink drink on a fast? I suggest anywhere between 1-2 gallons a day. You should be drinking constantly the whole day. And peeing frequently. It doesn’t matter when your drinking the water just that it’s constant throughout the day. Sense there about 8 water bottles in a gallon, and I aim for 2 gallons (8 x 2= 16 water bottles)…I either carry around a water bottle and try to fill it/consume 16 bottles before the day ends. Or I carry around a gallon water bottle and try to drink 2 of those before the day ends.

Does it matter if the water is cold? I have been told by experienced people that drinking cold water is better because your body supposedly works harder to convert it to the temperature of your body, but I’m not sure.

How does water fasting work? Basically after about 3 days your body goes into something called ketosis where your body starts to metabolize/consume fat. This is why people use water fasting to lose weight.

Do you gain weight back after a water fast? Yes. Everyone will gain some weight back and it differs for everyone because water weight/water retention is different for everyone.When you start your water fast generally you will see an initial and quick 2-5 pound weight loss. This is because when you eat food you consume sodium (salt) which holds on to any water you consume. When you water fast you are not consuming food, which means no salt, SO there is no sodium in your body to hold on to the water you are drinking. Thus you lose what is called initial water weight.


When you end your fast and start consuming food again you consume salt and will thus start retaining water again, which will cause generally a few pounds of water weight.

When I finish a water fast how long before I can start another? I have read and been told to wait at least 4 weeks, but I have broken that rule numerous time. Just saying.

Before and after pictures? Are they you? Were they from fasting? Yes they are me. Yes they were from doing a collection of 2 long fasts. You can find them by going to

Have you gained any weight back? Yes about 20lbs due to two traumatic deaths in my family which resulted in poor eating. 

Do you plan on doing more fasts in the future? Yes. One I’m actually starting tomorrow. 

Can you give a detailed example of what you ate after a water fast.

Should I exercise durring a water fast? No.

Sure but keep in mind this is only an example/ I experiment a lot with food and recipes and it’s impossible for me to remember what I ate because I constantly switch it up and am pulling from different online/book recipes.

Breakfast: Organic oatmeal with cinnamon and cut up bananas on top with a cup of almond milk. 

Snack: Apple and berries

Lunch: Salad with lemon juice and almonds, bits of lean chicken, carrots, cherry tomatoes and water.

Snack: fruit smoothie or maybe a carrots and dip.

Dinner: Stir fry in a kale wrap

Desert: Strawberries and light whip creme. 

What are some foods that are good for you? Nuts, almond milk, coconut, coconut water, coconut milk, fruits, veggies, leafy greens. The closer to the ground the better for your body. 

Do you smell on a water fast? No Can you brush your teeth on a water fast? Some people say no I do because it doesn’t effect weight. I know that a lot of people want to know exactly what i ate and juiced but i just cant tell you that because i didn’t keep track of it when i was fasting and i wing meals and experiment so much with it that i lose track. If you have any other questions feel free to ask and ill add it to the FAQ. Thanks!

green eyed leorio in ‘99?     h e l l   y  e  a  h

The Flirty Drunk (Paramedic AU Mingyu) Pt2

Originally posted by fuckyeahmingyu

Part 1

Type: Fluff 

Request: Can you please please please write a part 2 to that mingyu paramedic au?? It’s so so cute i die for fluff omg

Can you please write a sequel for a flirty drunk where they’re in the hospital and she’s sobered up and he stays back to check on her and give her his number and maybe cherry lollipops where it’s like a year or two into the future and he finally calls or something like that. I love your writing and thank you if you do this request.

You woke up the next morning with a harsh headache as you looked around. You could smell the overly strong smell of the sanitized room around you as you went to stand up, you hissed as a tingle came through your body as you looked down at your ankle. “Hey drunky” you hear as you looked up to see a man there “you might not remember me. But you called me sexy many times last night” he spoke as you felt your body warm. “Mingyu” he says as you nod. “Your friend is on the way then. So you’ll be able to head home then” he continues. 

“I didn’t do anything too dumb last night did I?” you asked him as he chuckles “you fell out of your heels and flirted” he told you as he sat your bag down onto the table beside the bag. “Do you really think I’m sexy?” he asks as your eyes went wide “I mean you’re not ugly by any means” you say as he smiles “here” he passed you a piece of paper “it’s my number and I would like you to call me at some point” he told you as you nodded. “And also” he says holding up two different things. A green and red lollipop “which one do you want?” he asked you as you laughed lightly “the red” you tell him as he made a sound “it’s my favorite” he says as he opens it. “But since you’re cute, you can have it” he told you with a wink as he offers it to your mouth and you opened and took the sweet treat into your mouth. 


“It was probably the weirdest run I have ever been on” Mingyu said as he leaned on his hand. You had been invtied to his place for dinner, you had brought out a bottle of wine and 30 minutes later you and Mingyu had been deep in conversation about you lives. “I had never understood frat houses would do some of these dumb things. Why would someone willingly get branded with a frat label that they might not join?” he asks as you shrug laughing. “What did you do? You’re in a sorority” he asks. You took a big sip from your glass as you sighed “you’re gonna think I’m a slut or something” you say as he raises a brow.

“Alright so I had to take pictures of one of the boys in the brother house’s well-” you gesture to his pants as his jaw dropped. “I picked the most willing guy. Seungcheol but like the rule was he had to be…standing at attention. If you know what I mean” you finish as he started laughing. “That’s great” he says as you smiled “he’s kind of my friend now” you say as he nodded. “I haven’t talk to many of them though. That night was the first night I went to a party in like a year” you say as he smiles. 


Withing the night you found yourself in a heavy kiss with the paramedic who made sure you weren’t drunk this time and you promised him that you weren’t which then led to the two of you spending the night in his bed. He was truly gentleman it wasn’t something you were exactly used to and the best part was he didn’t make a lame joke or anything about the sex. 

When you woke up in the morning his arm was wrapped tightly around your body as he slept. You simply smiled as you cuddled into him more and he just seemed to pull you even closer in his sleep. You hoped this one would last and you wouldn’t have to go back to the drunk college boys you spent your nights partying with. 

cyanidepoisoning-deactivated201  asked:

My species have dark green blood, which comes from biliverdin. They have developed a resistance against it, but that only makes it green. The atmosphere is only 7% oxygen, which is why it's dark. I want to have fire in this world, though. Could they have a specific way of getting oxygen? Air is combustible in our atmosphere, could their air be more combustible, to the point where fuel could be replaced by air? Would they develop ways to resource oxygen like we did with fuel (wood, paper, etc) ?

Hi. I’m honestly very confused by your question, but I’ll do my best. 

Fire needs an atmosphere of at least 16% oxygen to burn (ours is just under 21%). So in order to have fire, yes. You would need to figure out ways of producing more oxygen. Plants, of course, produce oxygen naturally, but if those were readily available in the supply you’d need to create that O2 for a fire, then it wouldn’t follow that the atmosphere would be so depleted of oxygen. Our oxygen comes from plants through photosynthesis (both from land plants and phytoplankton). But photosynthesis…and thus oxygen…comes from the sun, which you said it’s dark in this world, so I don’t know how you plan on having plants survive anyway. 

Our air is not combustible. It supports combustion. Something is combustible when it can catch fire and burn easily. Oxygen (the only flammable element in the air) is a component of the chemical reaction that produces fire. It is the reaction of a combustible liquid/item with oxygen that creates the fire aka the combustion. And creating an atmosphere which is combustible (something that oxidizes rapidly, releasing heat), could be really difficult to pull of without making it overly complicated or too inconsistent to maintain suspension of disbelief (how can a fire light without expanding through the atmosphere and burning everything up?). 

Here’s some “special situations” in which nitrogen (our air’s primary element) acts differently than normal. 

The last question I specifically don’t understand exactly what you mean…but it also seems like a question only you could answer. Would they develop other means of achieving goals we did? Probably. But I can’t answer that for you.

But aside from all of that…these answers are based in the science of our world. If you’re creating a new world with new laws and a totally new make up of elements, then you could likely find a way to achieve anything you want. A different atmosphere might have less oxygen, but what does it have more of? Nitrogen? Carbon dioxide? Something else? You control your world, so you have a lot of freedom, even if you have to invent fictional elements in order to pull of what you want. 

Happy building!

All the little lines

Ok so: 1668 words 

Prompt: Ok so hear me out. A drarry fic idea I had. Everyone is in DADA and their learning about boggarts and everyone has had their turn except Draco, and he politely asks Lupin to not have to participate, and Lupin tells him there is nothing to worry about and makes him participate. But when the boggart pops out it turns into Harry telling Draco that he will never love him, and calls him all kinds of names, and Draco kinda breaks down and runs out of class. I would love to see this story!! Thanks XXX 

 This was really fun to write, ah the angst. 

 Warnings; MAJOR references to depression, self harm (cutting), self hate 

 And as usual hella gay 

 Sophie xx 

As soon as Draco heard the word ‘boggart,’ he knew something would go wrong. He didn’t have the most conventional fears after all, most people didn’t fear that their father would constantly ignore them, or that he would be carted off to Azkaban, yet they were still his fears, and fears should be private, not something the world would know, especially since he was sure that at least 8 people in that class wanted him dead. 

He was sure that at least 5 of them would use this moment in future, or in some vain attempt to stop his from doing whatever he wasn’t supposed to be doing that certain day. 

 Approaching professor lupin before class, Draco knocked on the defence against the dark arts office door, and when he heard an 'enter,’ from the other side, he quickly slipped through the wood and stone and shut it behind him. 

“Draco! To what do I owe the pleasure?” Lupin inquired, he hadn’t been expecting Draco to come to him with an inquiry, more like him to ask where on earth he had taken one creature or another to plague another student. 

 Draco let out a breath and began to fiddle with his hair which was no longer fixed in place due to how much he had been fiddling with it through the day. 

“Professor lupin, I-” Draco hesitated, before huffing quickly and continuing with his original plan. 

“Professor lupin, I’m not entirely comfortable with today’s lesson,” lupin looked up, surprised, “not that I don’t like your lessons professor, it’s just that, well, I’m not entirely comfortable with the fact that people will see what I fear most.”

Lupin gave him a empathetic look, almost as if he could completely understand what Draco meant. 

"Draco, sometimes we must face our greatest fears, and sometimes people will see, but that won’t make you any less brave for facing them. If they see, then what good will it do to them,” he finished, walking towards the boy. 

“Professor, it’s just that, I don’t exactly know what I fear most,” Draco confessed, with his head hung in what Remus could only describe as shame. 

“Draco, I’m sorry, but unless you have a note from your head of house, then I can do absolutely nothing,” Lupin confessed apologetically, he now mimicking the the position that Draco was in now. Draco inhaled sharply and nodded. 

“I, I understand,” he replied, before slowly standing up and moving towards the door. 

“Mr Malfoy,” Draco froze, keen to hear what lupin had to say. 

“If it gets too much, I will step in, i promise.” With that, Draco opened the door and left.


To say that he was dreading this lesson was an understatement. He had never felt such anticipation in his life, yet as lupin opened the door and ushered the students in, the small smile that he gave him was enough to dispel at least some of the butterflies. 

 The line seemed to be long, yet everyone seemed to get their fear out of the way quickly, with Longbottom going first and ridding professor Snape of his usually threatening composure, then, the line progressed on from there.

By the time it came to Malfoy’s turn, he felt as if he were about to throw up, yet the presence of Lupin just out of reach came as a welcome comfort to him. The mystery of what could possibly come to him was eating him alive. Could it be his father, disapproving as always? The dark mark which he knew he must inherit? The death of his mother? Lord Voldemort himself? 

He stepped towards the giant Jack in a Box which seemed to be swinging threateningly towards him, yet as it swung forwards for a first time, it did nothing, simply remaining as it was. The second time, it seemed to slow slightly, analysing him where he stood, and as it swung back a third time, it dissolved, shrinking down into a figure.

As it solidified, the first thing that Draco noticed was the bright green eyes, which were filled with scorn and distaste at the sight in front of him. His face was filled with disgust and mockery towards the malfoy which had been presented to him, and his arms were crossed and his legs were tense, almost as if he were getting ready to pounce at any moment.

“Dear merlin you look pathetic,” Harry spat, at least, it looked like Harry, but it couldn’t be, right?

“I mean really, asking your professor to save you from a little fear, how useless can you be?” Draco turned to look at lupin only to find him just as stunned as he was.

“I don’t even know why I’m bothering with a faggot ass snob like you,” Draco flinched as the class erupted into whispers, and felt his cheeks start to burn with anger and embarrassment, hanging his head. 

“How the hell do you think anyone could love you, you’re a disgusting excuse for a human being and you know it," 

Draco tried raising his wand to banish the fear, but he couldn’t, it had taken over him. It was gripping his throat making it hard to breath, and twisting his stomach, making him want to vomit, every word he said was a knife to the gut he couldn’t get rid of. 

"That’s right,” he hissed, “show your peers your arm, it is that one you slice, isn’t it?” Draco’s arm fell quickly, as did a wet sensation of his cheek, as a hot tear began to roll to meet his trembling lip.

“Cry why don’t you, it won’t change the fact that you can’t even love yourself, and if you can’t love you, then how the hell could i?" 

A dagger sliced through Draco’s heart, piercing the thick wall which he kept so impenetrably thick, as it protected him from things like this. He was vaguely aware of professor lupin standing in front of him to distract the boggart, yet the damage was already done, and as he shouted ridiculous, Draco sprinted from behind him into the empty corridor, ignoring someone who seemed to be shouting his name. 

It took Harry two hours until he finally found what he was looking for, searching in every boy’s bathroom in all of hogwarts in order to locate one person, yeah it didn’t seem like a good idea at the time either. He would have used a locating spell, but it was one that Seamus Finnigan had give him and Harry wasn’t in the mood to be blown up today. 

When he finally found Draco, it wasn’t even in a boy’s bathroom. Moaning myrtle had been passing through a corridor which Harry happened to be passing through at the time, and that itself seemed a bit strange, yet when she began to complain about being kicked out of her own bathroom by a boy no less, especially one whom seemed to blame Harry for the whole ordeal, well, she had to moan to someone. 

Harry found Draco leaning against the one of the sinks with a broken shard which he assumed came from the smashed mirror, which would also explain his bloody fist. His arm was bleeding as several small cuts across it leaked out small trickles of the red liquid, causing Harry to gasp out in horror.

Draco turned to meet his green eyes, the same green eyes which had taunted him just hours ago. He smirked coldly.

"Here to taunt me again?” His words were spat towards Harry with such a hatred that he had never seen Draco have for anyone. Sure he poked fun but never did his words hold so much venom until now.

“Draco, I would never,” Harry began, before he was cut off by a harsh laugh from Draco, who had begun to squeeze the shard of glass placed between his fingers and his palm, making him bleed only more.

“But you did. It was you, I saw,” he said, his voice hushing down to a whisper. 

Harry slowly moved towards Draco, avoiding to touch the small cuts on his arm in fear that it would hurt him. When he got to Draco’s hand, he lifted it by the wrist before turning it to examine the glass in his hands, then gently coaxing his fingers open and removing the object from between them.

Quickly, he threw the glass away before it could hurt Draco any further. Draco looked up to Harry, meeting his eyes, both of them reflecting an equal amount of fear for the other, Draco of what Harry might say, and Harry of what Draco might do.

Harry drew in a shaky breath and shook his head at the cuts on Draco’s wrist. He began to rip at the bottom of his white school shirt, making quick work of the seams, before finally getting a good chunk of material, before carefully wrapping it around the injured wrist.

“Listen Draco, I will never hurt you like that,” Harry nodded his head outside, still focusing on bandaging, "or like this,“ he nodded to the small scars which had littered Draco’s wrist. Draco smiled down at the boy making quick work of his small injuries.

"Promise Potter?”

“I promise you prat.” Draco gave out a short laugh before both of them fell back into a comfortable silence.

“So you love me and all that jazz?”

“Oh shut it Potter.”

Magic in the air

AN: The reader is a warlock training under Magnus Bane and, one day Magnus’ boyfriend brings in a broken Shadowhunter and begs you to heal him.
Characters: Alec Lightwood, Jace Wayland
Pairings: Jace x reader, Magnus x Alec
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Prompt: “Can you do a Jace x reader where y/n is a warlock who saves his life and they fall in love?”


You hummed a senseless tune to yourself as you scanned Magnus Bane’s bookshelf, running your fingers over the rough spines. You were looking for something, a book that you’d spied earlier in the day during one of your many lessons.

“Got ya.” You called triumphantly, pulling the navy blue book into your hands with a flick of your wrist, “Demon marks: A history and amalgamation.”

You blew gently on the cover, levitating the book at eye level and watching the pages flick by, searching for anything that might explain your own, unique marking; a black tattoo, just to the side of your left eye.

Magnus had always maintained that it was normal, every warlock had some abnormality, but you’d never seen any others sporting anything even vaguely similar to yours and you couldn’t help but worry.
Usually you would talk to Magnus about your concerns, but your mentor had left for a few days, stating only that he had ‘something important to take care of’ and warning you to be on your guard, Valentine was still out there. Just the thought made your blood run cold. You’d been growing still, when Valentine’s circle had first gained power, so your powers hadn’t developed even nearly enough to be of any use, you were a sitting duck. It was Magnus who had taken you in, training you in how to control your powers, how to use them to protect yourself and the world around you, as well as destroy your enemies.

The rain echoed on the lair’s roof and lightning crackled through the night air, making you shiver and hoping your mentor was safe, wherever he was.

“Magnus!” Someone called, slamming against the front door, “Magnus open up!”

You jumped, a scream slipping from your lips as your heart leapt into your throat. The voice was deep and desperate and not exactly what you’d call ‘friendly’. What if it was Valentine? What if he’d found you?

“Magnus,” the voice called again, breaking with what sounded to you like pain, “please.”

Suddenly, something clicked, you knew that voice!

“Alec?” you asked, opening the door with a figure of eight wave.

The dark haired Shadowhunter ran in, a blonde body cradled in his rune covered arms.

“Y/N, where’s-where’s Magnus?” he asked, breathless from running, “Where is he!?”

“He’s not here!” you replied frantically, “He went out on business!”

Alec cursed and you took a moment to inspect the boy in Alec’s arms. You gasped, his abdomen had been torn open and, although you could see several hastily drawn iratzes, they weren’t even nearly enough to contend with the amount of damage that had been done.

“What happened?” You asked Alec.

“We were called to take out a pack of ravener demons, but when we arrived, it was Marax who was waiting for us.” Alec explained, “Y/N, please heal him.”

Your eyes widened, “I-I’m not sure if I-“

“Please!” Alec insisted, “Please, just try.”

You looked at the ravaged boy and then into Alec’s pleading eyes, took a deep breath and nodded once.

“Lay him on the ground.” You commanded, rolling your sleeves up past your elbows and kneeling before the boy, “Do you know where Magnus keeps his tools?” Alec nodded, “Fetch me five Cardelia leaves, two navy candles, a hydra scale, a mortar and pestle, his ceremonial knife and three sticks of incense.” Alec looked at you, confused, “They have labels on them!” you snapped, “Go Alec, your friend is dying!”

The boy nodded and ran, while he fetched what you needed, you inspected the blonde before you. Your heart pounded in your chest like a jack hammer. You didn’t even know where to start! He’d lost so much blood, the skin on his stomach was torn and ragged, red muscle visible to the naked eye. It was too much, you couldn’t do it! You couldn’t, you couldn’t, you-

The boy gasped, his eyes fluttering open as his body contorted with pain. You squealed, fumbling back.

“Who’re-“ he started, stopping to cry out.

“Shh,” you said, trying to regain your composure, “don’t waste your strength.” You awkwardly patted his forehead in what was supposed to be a gesture of comfort, “I’m Y/N, I’m going to help you.”

The blonde nodded, tears slipping from his multi coloured eyes as he trusted his life to the oddly dressed girl with the confusing tattoo.

“I’m-“ he forced out, agony erupting from every part of his body, “Jace.”

“Shh.” You insisted, “You’re going to be okay Jace. I can do this.”


Alec lit the incense and the candles as you crushed the Cardelia leaves and scale together.

“Magnus doesn’t use this stuff.” Alec observed, far calmer at the prospect of having something to do.

You snorted, “Magnus wasn’t healing a wound from a greater demon, was he?”

Alec looked down sheepishly, “I guess not.”

“Almost done,” you muttered to yourself, lining up the knife’s blade with your palm, “just one more ingredient.”

“Woah, woah, woah!” Alec called, seeing the knife, “What’re you doing?”

Ignoring him, you gripped the blade with your left hand, letting the metal slice through your skin and biting down on your tongue to avoid crying out. Slowly, you let your blood drip into the pasty mixture of leaf and scale.

“Child of Lilith’s blood,” you explained, your voice shaking, “it-uh-it has healing properties sometimes.”


“It depends which demon fathered you.” You admitted, “Mine has healing properties, Magnus’ doesn’t.”

You stirred the potion together one last time, silently praying that you were doing the right thing. The final product was a green coloured liquid which you asked Alec to pour down Jace’s throat. You sipped some yourself, drawing on the energy of the incense and the universe around you to power your spell.

Rolling your wrists, you summoned, from deep within yourself, the magic that fuelled your existence. It sparked to life in the form of flickering gold smoke that you allowed to swirl around your hands.

“With fire and light, the spell has begun.” You heard yourself rasp in a voice very different to your own.

Without hesitation, you pressed your hands to Jace’s decimated torso, wincing as the magic drew upon your life force to give it power. The pain started as just a dull burn, but slowly increased to a raging inferno of agony which ripped screams from your throat the longer you held it. Tine ceased to exist. All that mattered was the task, and the awful pain that it brought with it. You were dying, you could feel it. You had exhausted the potion’s power, as well as that of the candles and you weren’t sure how much longer you could hold on.

Alec, sensing something was wrong, reached his hand to you, trust lighting up his deep blue eyes.

“Take my strength!” He shouted over the sound of the wind and the rain and the spell, “Take it!”

You hesitated, not wanting to cause any damage to your mentor’s lover, but gave in, knowing you couldn’t do this alone. Your blood-soaked hand gripped Alec’s tightly and you couldn’t help but sigh with relief as new strength flooded into your veins. You pushed as much as you could into your spell, hoping against hope that it was enough.

When you looked down, you shrieked with surprise. It was working! Jace’s wounds were almost closed. You looked to Alec, trying to pass on the good news with your eyes. It was going to be enough, Jace would live.

Soon after, you finally let the magic go, collapsing onto the wooden floor, sputtering and gasping for air, but relieved.

At the same time, Jace Wayland sat up, gasping as though he hadn’t breathed for days and looking around the apartment, confused.

“Jace!” Alec laughed, pulling the boy into a hug, “Welcome back buddy.”

“Thanks,” Jace replied nervously, “what uh-how am I back?”

Alec gestured to you as you forced yourself into a seated position, breathing as though you’d just run five marathons and feeling about as tired.

You gave the boy a weak smile, “Y/N Y/L/N, we met earlier.”

Jace nodded, his eyes clinging to yours, “I think I remember that.” He smiled genuinely at you, “Thank you Y/N Y/L/N, really, I know you didn’t have to do that.”

“That? Pssht,” you joked, “that was nothing, just a regular Wednesday night here at the Magnus Bane household.”

Jace laughed and you found that you liked the sound quite a bit.

“Alec, hun, can you please fetch me some more ingredients? I think your friend might need another dose, just to be safe.” You asked the boy, internally screaming at the idea of having to exert more energy on magic but nevertheless dedicated to seeing this through.

“No no no,” Jace insisted, scooting over to where you were still struggling to sit up, “You just saved my life and, by the looks of it, nearly killed yourself doing it. Let us look after you, please?”

You looked into Jace’s sincere and intriguing eyes, weighing up the options in your head. What would Magnus do?


And that’s how you ended up wrapped in a thick blanket, with a mug of hot chocolate in one hand and a piece of pizza in the other, snuggled up between Alec and Jace, insisting that you were fine and being continuously shushed.

“Shadowhunters are pushy.” You complained, pouting into your hot chocolate.

“Only when we meet stubborn, self-destructive warlocks.” Jace countered

Your mouth dropped open in protest, “I am not self-destructive! I’m just…helpful, that’s all.”

“Uh huh,” Jace agreed sarcastically, wrapping his arm around your shoulders, “sure sweetie, whatever you say.”

You giggled, relaxing into his embrace. You liked the boy, he seemed…well, not nice exactly, but caring and genuine and fiercely loyal to his parabatai Alec. You respected that, it was how you felt about Magnus.

“Seriously though,” Jace asked, turning to look you in the eye, “why don’t you want us taking care of you?”

You shrugged, uncomfortable with all the attention and the obvious affection he was showing you.

“When you’re a warlock, people don’t really look after you.” You tried to explain, “I mean, we’re freaks, half-breeds; we’re the universe’s big mistake. Shadowhunters don’t trust us, demons hate us, humans don’t think we exist, seelies are…seelies, and vampires aren’t known for their inclusive nature.” You shrugged again, “People use us for our magic, but other than that, we’re on our own.” You looked at the boy, “You know it’s true. Look me in the eye and tell me that, if I had bat wings or purple skin, you would still be here looking after me.” You looked forward again, breaking the connection, “I’m just lucky enough to look mostly human.”

Jace and Alec locked eyes, red hot shame seeping into their bones. You were right, they both realised; they had been treating you like a human because somehow they’d convinced themselves you were one. Or at least, that you were more human than other warlocks they’d met.

“I’m really sorry Y/N.” Jace said honestly.

“For what?” you asked sadly.

“Society I guess,” he started, “and I’m sorry that I never even bothered to think about that, about how we treat your people, before now.”

You smiled, “It’s okay, you’re thinking about it now.”

Jace looked down at you, smiling to himself with the certainty that he’d started something he wasn’t sure he’d be able to stop. You were going to change him, he could just feel it.

This is the draft of the third chapter of the Naruto time-travel fic.

I think there’s more happening next chapter. It might not be until Chapter 5 that we really reach the first split in the timeline, although maybe that’ll be the next one? We’ll see.

Featuring some more training, Kakashi hanging out with Gai, some horrible dreams, and a passionate speech. Maybe the “speech” thing is an exaggeration but Kakashi isn’t complaining.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


Usually, when one was faced with a ten-tailed monster that had rampaged across the earth centuries ago and destroyed almost everything before being sealed, the logical thing to do was run. If one didn’t, then one could be classified as insane.

He wasn’t sure if he was insane or not. He did know that he was doing something incredibly stupid. The terror surging through him was enough evidence of that.

The Kyuubi wasn’t enough. They had the Hachibi, but the Juubi had shrugged off the attacks like they were mere annoyances.

But they were so small. And nothing he had was enough against a monster of that size.

He’d dragged Naruto away before the other could throw himself at the Juubi and kill himself. They wouldn’t have anything if Naruto died.

Only Naruto wasn’t there any longer. He’d slipped away in the dust and smoke, but hadn’t Naruto just been there? He hadn’t let go, had he?

Where was he?

There was an ear-piercing scream that drowned everything else out. It shattered the air, cracked the ground, and the rush of chakra that followed was overwhelming.

He whipped around, gaze going up, up, and up, only to see exactly what he had feared: Naruto, blazing with the fire of the Kyuubi’s chakra, and surging headlong towards the Juubi, an enormous bijuudama ready to be fired.

But they’d tried that before. It hadn’t worked.

And…it hadn’t gone like this, had it? No, he’d pulled Naruto away, they’d run, Minato grabbing hold of them to use his Hiraishin and take them as far as possible from the monster.

So why was this happening? Why was Naruto going against the Juubi?

There was a breathless moment where even his terror seemed to be drowned out by the anticipation roiling through the air.

The bijuudama fired, only to be instantly swallowed by one dozens of times its size, and everything in its wake followed suit.

His arms were shielding his face, he was somehow still alive, but Naruto – Naruto

Kakashi jerked awake, nearly rolling right out of his bed as he struggled to get out of his blankets. He pulled his arms free, and then did actually fall out, hitting the floor with a painful thud. His legs were still wrapped up in the sheets and in the bed.

Breathing heavily, Kakashi pressed a hand to his left eye, bidding the burning behind it to disappear. His chakra roiled, begging to be used against an enemy that was no longer here.

It took several long moments, but the burning eventually subsided, and Kakashi could be sure that the Mangekyou wasn’t present any longer. Letting the hand drop to his side, Kakashi stared up at the ceiling, focusing on his breathing.

A nightmare. Only a nightmare.

Based off something that had actually happened, but it hadn’t happened like that. They’d gotten clear, but had lost more of their forces as a result. And after that…Naruto had asked for specific training from Minato.

It hadn’t been the first or last time they’d had such a close call against the Juubi, but it had definitely been one of the most memorable.

Not that they weren’t all memorable, but stare death in the face too many times and it started to get a little routine. He hadn’t told anyone else that, since the first time he’d tried cracking an inappropriate joke about sitting down with the Juubi for tea everyone had gone dead quiet and stared at him like he’d lost his head. Except Naruto. Naruto had laughed about it afterwards and then almost cried.


(Cut is here for mobile readers.)

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anonymous asked:

hi, i was just wondering how vaer is meant to be pronounced?

I can’t speak for everyone, but my partner @anorthernskyatdawn who i presume is the subject of this question pronounces it to rhyme with ‘their’! I hope that’s helpful.