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ACoWaR Cover Theory

okay guys the cover is green. Green mostly symbolizes stability and endurance. In this book we know there’s going to be a war and the characters will have to endure the pressures of this war and feyre and rhys have to endure the pressures of being apart. Green can also symbolize hope and a key theme in this series is hope. Another thing green can symbolize is emotional healing which we know several of the characters will be going through like nesta or Lucien. Nesta healing and finding a new purpose as Fae and Lucien healing from his past and the abuse he’s suffered for years by tamlin and his family. Green also symbolizes peace and hopefully that’s what the ending of the book will entail:)))

feel free to add on !!

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I hate the cover art for the adventure zone so much I pray to God when they get a new campaign going they get anyone else to give it a go like,, please.

yeah no ffences to the artist or whatever but.. its not very my favourite

hey gang? hey? wheres taakos pupils? is the thing? like where are they how does my boy see


So I have a theory. Bubble colours depend on the loyalty of the creator. The crystal gems have light pink bubbles due to rose which makes sense. Peridot bubbles things green as she is a neutral party. Id imagine her bubbles would be yellow before the kindergarden kid. You’d think the diamonds would bubble in their colour yet blue diamond bubbled the quartz gems pink. It really shows how much she cares about pink

since surgery i’ve been barely feeling human and totally out of sync with things, now I’m almost 3 weeks post op i feel ready to kind of get back into life again, and even though I can’t workout yet, I can do a couple things to make myself feel better which are;

  • start drinking green tea again
  • drink more water
  • maybe do some lighter exercise?
  • cook some heartier meals with veggies
  • also start having nicer breakfasts instead of rushin it out of impatience
  • sleep a little bit earlier
  • clean the flat
  • look after my self in all the ways <3

Foraging in the Bahamas: Sea Grapes

So I took me Mum out for a short trip to the Bahamas this January. I’m prone to seasonal depression so seeing this lush and tropical greenery was a lovely change of scenery from the drabness of Northeast United States.

Of course, my wandering eyes constantly scanned the landscape to learn more about flora. I noticed these shrubs with thick roundish leaves were planted everywhere along the beaches, and some had oodles of grape like berries.

When I later visited a souvenir shop, I came to realize the berries were that of the edible sea grape tree/shrub (not to be confused with the seaweed, which is totally a different thing.) When ripe, the green berries will turn purple. It can be turned into a jam spread, like the one I purchased here, wines, vinegars, dyes,etc.! The taste is almost…sweet potato like IMO.

Dressed to Party

In Frozen Fever, we see Elsa create new dresses for herself and Anna. I have a hunch that some fans and viewers are confused about the flowers on the dresses and how they got there, since Elsa cannot make flowers from her ice powers. But I have managed to figure it out.

If you look closely in this scene, you can see two vases of two different flowers on the dresser behind the girls. When Elsa waves her hand to create her new dress, watch carefully, and you will see sparkles of magic moving some of the pink flowers from the vase and onto her dress, which turns green. She does the same thing when she replaces the large and small snowflakes in her hair with flowers.

And then she enhances Anna’s new dress by freezing some of the sunflowers on to it, along with one to her hair ribbon.

So contrary to possible belief, Elsa does not use her magic to create the flowers on the dresses. Rather, she releases some magic from her hand, moves the flowers around, and uses ice to freeze the flowers on to her and Anna’s dresses.

Now when it comes to Elsa’s dress turning green, that’s a bit harder to explain. It seems that blue is the only color she could make, since blue is often illustrated as the color of water, and ice is frozen water. During the movie, it seemed that the ice color was completely involuntary and based strictly on how she felt. Although I thought it was possible that by the events of the short, Elsa has gained so much better control over her emotions (and therefore her powers), so maybe she can change colors at will.

And maybe Elsa can do a lot of other things with her magic that she never did or knew she could do before. 😄

i love that through the “i’m waiting for it, that green light, i want it” parts of “green light” the stage is drenched with red, it’s a pretty clear image: i’m in the red light, i am deep within it, it’s all-encompassing, but i know the green will come and this is just for now.

but i also can’t not think of Bowie when i see Lorde performing in a red-lit stage – because that’s how the stage was lit throughout her entire tribute performance with Bowie’s original band at the Brits last year – which, in turn, was in reference (i’m pretty sure) to Bowie’s final Ziggy Stardust performance, in which the last song also had the stage lit in red. just a little thing, probably meaningless, but nice to look at

but then i’m also thinking about Taylor Swift and her self-aware heartbreak album Red, and its title track, which discusses maybe the same thing “Green Light” does but with focus on the red light, the feelings of now, the love that was (and was cut short) not the freedom/release/something that will come after the red, with the green. it’s like the songs complete each other, both in the exact same place and drenched in the same light, both so aware of their position, but one looking back and one looking ahead. 

One of the features I thought about in the haven was the check feature! It contains the Chara’s nickname, their current arc, danger status and a general description. ( ᐛ )و

There are three types of arcs: Pacifist, Neutral and Genocidal. If the Chara is stuck in the void or something, it’s neutral. There are also three types of danger status: not dangerous, mildly dangerous and dangerous. Charas that have the “dangerous” status are rare to find since in most cases, they’re kicked out of the haven. (゜▽゜;)

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I went dinking around through your tags and I found an old ass post where you talked about buying a green sleeveless turtleneck sweater simply just because one of your OCs wore one all the time and you went "omg it's the thing, gotta buy it." Which OC always wears the green sweater?

oh man, a really old OC i made when i was 14. 


so today was productive


Happy Mi⭐︎Do⭐︎Ta⭐︎Ka Day! (*ロ-ロ)♡ (`ω´*)  

I will be shamelessly posting and reblogging nothing but midotaka today, so feel free to enjoy or ignore, as you like. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

ok but before i go to mobile

did y ou kno………. i actually have set differences for them eyes…………


*has half a dozen costumes to finish for Fanime*

*works on unnecessary Ozpin props instead*

Ozpin’s aesthetic is “make it green and add gears”, which is a thing I am all about. Decided that between Qrow and I, we’ll need a second flask at con. 

Ozpin’s flask was ordered/engraved from, gears painted/added myself.

Qrow’s flask (of this post’s pseudo-fame) was a gift from a friend. (Apologies to many, many asks, but I do not know where it was ordered, only that it was custom made.)


I was unsure of whether or not I wanted to do this but *shrug* she’s eventually gonna taste a sour thing.
She kept putting it back in her mouth even though it was sour and she complained when I took it away. She did the same thing with green grapes the other day which obviously weren’t as bad as a lemon but are a little tart. I guess she likes it even though she makes this face

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page 150 of the author's preferred edition isn't a v good indicator... it's the scene w sam and it's even before we meet media? so idk

Yeah, they’ve definitely moved a lot of things around. 

Now I need to remember which interview it was with Michael Green (I think it was one of the SXSW interviews) where he mentioned page numbers to verify I even remembered the right one and no doubt it was “about page such and such” and still no idea which printing. 

There’s been a few. I’m trying to resist the urge to get the newest illustrated edition b/c I really really really don’t need another copy.