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[PRE-ORDER] Yuri!!! on Ice (Fan-made Goods)

Hi, guys!

Me and my friends - @junjoupurelove and @ance-art​ - are opening a Pre-Order for our “Yuri!!! on Ice” goods from 31 December 2016 until 13 January 2017. This is open for both Indonesian and International buyers.

Below are the details of the things we’re selling. Sharing with your followers will be very much appreciated. :)

Please note that the price does not include shipping fee to your address.

“Journey” Fanbook (5 Chapters Fanfic):

  • Price – IDR 55,000 / USD 8
  • Pairing – Viktor x Yuuri
  • Rating – R18, 60+ pages
  • Preview – Here
  • Bonus – Victuuri Pin 5.8 cm

“Victuuri” Standee Keychain:

  • Price – IDR 60,000 / USD 6
  • Size – approx. 8 cm

[SET] Fanbook + Victuuri Stande: IDR 100,000 / USD 12

Mini Standee Keychain:

  • Price (single) – IDR 50,000 / USD 5
  • Price (all 3) – IDR 130,000 / USD 12
  • Size – approx. 6cm
  • Characters – Yuuri, Viktor, Yurio

A3 Poster:

  • Price – IDR 25,000 / USD 5
  • Characters – Eros & Agape

Please fill out this form to place your order:

1.       Indonesia
2.       International

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anonymous asked:

Shoutout to the customer who came in 5 minutes before the deli closed, watched me finish cleaning my last slicer while his kids chose what they wanted, then ordered one of the messiest things we sell...did i mention i get in trouble if i stay past closing? And that i wasn't even supposed to be working today? This is why i hate closing but I'm ALWAYS the closer

anonymous asked:

Man comes through my line and pays with cash. Not usually a problem, except the skin on his fingers was all torn up and I'm pretty sure he was bleeding as he was counting out his cash, and I have to accept these already dirty bills and wish him a good day, and he just leaves and that's that. Sir. Band-aids are a thing. Bandages are a thing. We sell them here. Don't force me to touch these nasty possibly bloody bills and have to bathe my hands in hand sanitizer after you leave.


Save Shinpachi

Shinpachi is like the ‘Armin’ of Gintama, he doesn’t get that much official goods and he’s frequently undermined. I’d even say he’s practically being ignored by the companies making Gintama merchandise. Why? is it because his glasses? Is it because he’s not sadistic?? Is it because he’s a straight man?? Is it because he’s an otaku??? Save Shinpachi.

There has never been a time that I went into the Asian owned beauty shops in my old neighborhood (southside chicago) that I didn’t feel like I was being watched for stealing, so. They were never nice. I lived there up until we moved last year. So my whole fucking life lmao, and all my friends had the same experience.

It has always astounded me how they’d come and set up shop in the middle of the hood, selling things we couldn’t until recently get anywhere else (and in some cases still can’t unless you go online) and actively hate Black people. But like, it was just a part of life we all dealt with because we needed shit for our hair  and cheap clothes/jewelry lol.

 If that’s not some Grade A predatory shit, I don’t know what is.