things we sell

do not write the bulletpoints on your resumé like this

instead do this

your employer doesn’t care about what you actually did as much as they care about how you contributed to the workplace / “their bottom line” - saying you answered phone calls doesn’t tell them what you actually did to help their bottom line, but explaining “how” you did your job (in layman’s terms, in this case, “I helped customers fix their problems and learn more about the things we sell”) helps them figure out how they can use you

best of luck on your jobbing!


‘bad calories’ is no longer going to refer to food groups and perpetuate toxic diet culture of the symbolic guilt vs purity dichotomy we unnecessarily attach to our energy sources

It’s gonna be pictures of bread in leather jackets.

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Coffee shop au or fake marriage thing??

Ahahaha ok ok I’m gonna go with coffee shop au because it is… so classic but also versatile.

Alright so I’m feeling this as a klance AND shallura thing, because brothers who suffer together, stick together.

So poor stressed out Keith is a university student, trying his best to study, meet assignment deadlines, and manage to take care of himself. He’s faring… ok. There’s a coffee shop he frequents on campus that has a lot to with how he copes. He goes in one day hoping to get his usual long black and say hi to his friend Hunk that works there, when he’s served by someone he’s never seen before.

And oh no. OH no…. he’s really hot. Killer smile. Tan skin. Broad shoulders. Narrow hips that Keith wouldn’t mind grabbing onto…. wait, what was he doing here again? He blurts out his order and robotically moves to the pick up counter. The baristas name tag says “Lance”. Lance serves him his drink with a cheery smile and Keith scuttles out the door.

Keith comes back later that day. And the day after that. 3 times on Tuesday. 4 times on Wednesday. Each time he thinks about asking Lance out. He repeats pick up lines to himself while he stands in the queue, but when he gets to the front, all he manages is a “fell from… hurts!….. I’d likealongblackpleasethankyou”

Shiro is noticing a huge difference. Keith is jittery and has huge bags under his eyes. He notices the coffee cup always in his hands and how Keith starts shivering if he goes for a few hours without caffeine. Shiro starts to reprimand him, but Keith brushes him off.

One day Shiro actually catches Keith entering the coffee shop. Shiro jogs after him, ready to drag his ass out of there. He bursts through the glass door and halts…..

Oh… oh sweet, gay, Keith. Shiro watches how Keith blushed when Lance remembers his order. Shiro knows exactly what’s been going on. He gets in line with a smirk. He conversed easily with Lance, and tells him that Keith always raves about the coffee here.
“Oh, Keith? That’s his name. I’ve just been calling him handsome.” Lance laughs and winks Keith’s way. He ACSENDS.

Lance gets called into the back room and another coworker comes up to serve. She’s tall, startling blues eyes, and an impossible amount of light hair.

Shiro and Keith both have a caffeine addiction for the next fortnight.

Keith goes in one day looking particularly bad. He hasn’t slept at all, and that’s partially due to caffeine, but also due to a killer assignment he had to complete. Shiro looks slightly better next to him. Lance rushes out from behind the counter.

“Dude you look awful.” Lance grabs Keith’s forearm. Keith talks in slurred words and seems to be only half present. He tries to order a coffee, but Lance says he won’t give him one. That he needs to go home and rest. Keith talks about quadratic equations and mumbles something about really needing coffee right now.
“I think you need to stop”
“Can’t stop. Have to ask out lance. Gotta keep…”
It takes Keith 30 seconds to realise what he’s said. He blushes up to his ears and apologises profusely. Lance takes his hand.
“I would make fun of you, except I could never get up the courage to ask you out either.”
Lance promises to go out on s date with him BUT ONLY after he’s gone home, slept and drunken a lot of water. Keith is about to head off when lance laughs:
“You know, we sell things other than coffee. Why didn’t you just order a juice all those times you came to see me?”

Shiro and Keith look at each other in shock, before hissing out “juuuiiiiiice”.

Keith shifts his coffee addiction to a mango smoothie one. Shiro drinks green tea by the litre.
After a week Allura leaves her phone number on his cup. Shiro has never been so happy and hydrated.

no, he just likes sleeping with his eyes open while sitting up

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STOP ASKING FOR PUPPUCCINO'S. That has not ever been and never will be a thing! We don't sell products for pets! Dairy and sugar ISN'T GOOD FOR YOUR DOG. I don't care how cute he is or how excited he gets when you go through a drive thru, stop feeding your dog's whipped cream! Dogs are lactose intolerant! You're giving your dog a stomach ache and diarrhea just because you think it's cute how much he loves whipped cream! You don't even know what's in it! YOU'RE SO DUMB.

Honestly have to agree. I’m so sick of companies trying to market shit like this that just basically feeds into the “oh that’s so cute” culture we have instead of the well being of pets. People can learn and understand nutrition and why something is bad for then. If they choose to eat/drink that shit then that is their choice after being informed. Animals cannot be informed. They eat because that is their instinct and, like with most creatures, they will form a taste for certain foods. They don’t know it’s bad for them. -Abby


there they goooo

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Not paying for their deaths is a crazy fast way to improve animals' lives fast

it’s cute that you think a small handful of people not buying a product has any sort of affect. In fact, despite the number of people choosing not to eat meat products increasing, meat production is actually increasing. 

So do you actually do anything to help with animal welfare? Like actively? Or do you just not buy animal products, pretend you’re at all affecting the industry by willfully doing nothing while you circle jerk off about what a good person you are, before getting up on your soap box to bother people like me that are actually contributing to animal welfare and conservation?

I work in a bakery within a grocery store and for the most part i’ve enjoyed it, but ever since our small-ish company was bought out by a larger company it’s been HELL.

undercutting hours, one week upper management saying OT is BEYOND fireable offense for, the next saying OT is a-ok; introducing 500 new items that we dont have table space for; ignoring that the new display tables havent come in (over 6 months later) and never getting the right tags/tag formats; letting our one cake decorator move up to manager in training and never giving us a new one (and then claiming the merchandiser claiming “she’s not worried about our store”); etc.

but this isnt about that. this is about the fact that we’ve lost TWO store directors in 4 months time due to the absolute black-and-white, two faced way the area of operations manager has been acting. the latest store director is fresh off the cutting block and he’s the usual “teamwork solves everything!” sort, except for the fact that he has one particular employee that is his favorite, and he legitimately ignores EVERYONE ELSE’s complaints!

pet employee, to describe him simply, is an overachiever who cant seem to really learn any one department or work on his own, but works swimmingly if he’s got a set of eyes on him AT EVERY SECOND. if he’s left to his own devices, he does 21435 things at once, never completing one, and always doing it wrong. he cant seem to ever remember how to even do things he knows how to do correctly either??? even when he’s left a list of things with a step-by-step set of instructions! he’s also begun lying, coming in late or just making up his own schedule, stealing on-the-clock hours, ordering things HE wants that we dont carry because they dont sell well at our location and thus we’re left with a whole box of things we cant sell, and constantly leaves a mess in his wake of broken things and half-assed tasks. but because he’s the new store director’s pet, he’s never been in trouble for ANYTHING we have solid proof of! on top of all of it, he believes he’s the best thing since sliced bread (which, he never fucking does, btw; always just packages unsliced bread!) and decided he’s the best candidate for Team Lead and will come in on his off time just to yell at our employees he doesnt see because he’s on the wrong shift for it.

unfortunately pet employee is technically in the bakery department, and everyone is 10000% done with him. trying to go over the store director’s power has been unfruitful because of the apathy of the area of operations manager. i’ve gotten extremely lucky to find a job elsewhere and i’m more than ready to say good riddance!


Green Lanterns of Earth + Name Meanings

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Hi, do you know if I'm allowed to post AKF or You Are Not Alone stuff on RedBubble if I very clearly write in the description that I'm not associated with the original campaign?


i’m putting this in loud big bold all caps letters not necessarily for you, but for others as well. if you see these designs anywhere else other than their original campaign site, you need to report them.

the difference between AKF and YANA merch is that these things were done for charity. no one kept the proceeds. these were made for important causes, not personal gain. putting these designs up not only puts you at risk, but completely destroys the original idea of the campaigns.

anon, you’re a clever person, and i’m sure you can come up with new designs. please respect what these original campaigns’ messages stood for. don’t pull a hot topic and think, “people like these words on spn things. we should sell it!”

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Planing anything for Easter holidays all? (Be cute to see everyone wear bunny ears and tails, here in Australia it means the Sydney easter show is back in town and it a Easter event here where farmers get to take over the Olympic park here and show off what's great about the country to those of us in the city, I always love seeing the farm animals and all the arts and crafts and the awesome foodstuffs it's pretty fun event to go with friends)

Lance: I wish. Easter here is just kinda a commercial thing we do. Stores will sell easter stuff and shops like ours will celebrate the occasion with costumed events. but that’s about it. I heard from one of the American teachers at school way back, that they do egg hunts!

Allura: We try to plan something every year, but it tends to go wrong. So we played it safe with rabbit costumes.

A.N. I forgot to answer this on the day >~<!

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This man took all the flowerpots one of our shelves, pulled the shelf out of its wall bracket and bought it to the till and got annoyed that I wouldn't sell it to him. "It says it's £3! Legally you have to sell it to me!" "No the *flowerpots* were £3." "But its against the law not to sell an item with a price sticker on it!" This went on for a long time, security was called in the end. The worst thing - we SELL shelves in the store. Ones you don't have to break an entire wall fixture to buy.

The flower pots should have fell on his head when he ripped that thing apart. -Abby


Urban Spell Components: Take Two

So, after a bit a writer’s block, we’re back at it again with more weird shit Auntie Mara uses for magic. Enjoy!

1. Batteries:

It’s…pretty obvious what you use batteries for, right? Like…you use them…as batteries…


So, a AA battery, for me, will power a house ward for a month, just by enchanting the battery. A bigger battery would presumably last longer.

Add batteries to jar spells and mojo bags to supercharge them.

Want a jinx that lasts past the next sunrise? Anchor it on a new battery.

Wrap a battery in paper the color of your deity or chosen path and keep it on your altar as a literal gift of power.

Got an annoying spirit that you need to relocate? Tune a battery to its frequency and use it as bait.

Spoonie witch? Charge batteries when you have the energy, then spool it off when you need to cast a spell.

But yeah, when i need to store or pull energy, or when i’m low and need a spell to go on without me constantly feeding it, i reach for a battery.

Alternately, you can use a battery for it’s symbolism.

Want a glamour that’s electrifying? Battery.

Want to level a curse that “shocks” the target? Battery.

Or take a spent battery and use it to ground into. Use a spent battery in a draining curse, or use it to represent death, defeat, emptiness, void. Slap a spent battery into a ward to soak up negative energy.

Even deeper, batteries are highly toxic and acidic. Add a battery to a banishing to dissolve bonds. Add a battery to a sickening curse as your poison element.

(Please dispose of batteries safely. Do not bury batteries, as stared, they are toxic.)

2. Urban Rocks:

I’m talking concrete, bricks, gravel, landscaping rocks. We focus a lot on the shiny rocks and semiprecious stones and crystals and shit, but honestly, some of the best rocks i my life have just been rocks.

One of those white sparkly landscaping rocks from my grandmother’s driveway? Worry stone, stimstone, and served me as a stealth wand for almost two years until my mom threw it out.

A chunk of concrete is a great tool. It soaks up energy like nobody’s business, it’s readily available, and depending on where you get it, it may have all sorts of uses.

A chunk of concrete from downtown is soaked with life and energy and movement and makes a great addition to travel spells and communication spells, and is a great way to get in touch with the spirit of your city.

A chunk of it from one of those half wild places that’s overgrown with grass and scrub breaking up through the paving gives you access to nature energy that an urban spellcaster can recognize and work with. It’s great for healing, naturally (hah!)

But it’s also great for curses. Think “go wild” or “the world overwhelms you” or “problems spring up like weeds, breaking your life apart.”

Basically, if you need some kind of energy, find a place that has it and grab a rock. Healing? Harm?  Hospitals. Dreaming? Intelligence? Communication? Library. Death? Peace? Spirit work? Cemetery.

And so on. You get the idea.

Hell, if someplace has pissed you off. Take a lil bit of that place, a rock, a piece of tile, something that’s part of the physical structure, and use it as a taglock.

But how about uses for new urban rocks?

Get a brick or chunk of brick. Paint the brick pretty colors, add sigils, names, and so on. Instant hearthstone. Fun for the whole family, great to build wards on and as an anchor for spells to make your house more homey.

Paint and bless your own stones for spirit point work.

Use a paver as a literal stone to build your altar on if you work with earth energy.

Break a cinder block or brick into pieces, and then use the pieces as waveguides for sympathetic work.

Get pea gravel and use it for small, portable enchantments.

They’re rocks. Just cause they’re not shiny, or have special crystal powers doesn’t mean we can’t use ‘em.

3. Spam paper:

Ok, we all get that shit in the mail. There’s little periodicals blanketing the city. Why not put ‘em to work?

Got coupons? Write a prosperity spell on ‘em, maybe origami it into a shape that has symbolic meaning. A crane is traditional for wishes, i think.

Need some good news? Sketch that sigil on a positive article from a newspaper. Need to send bad juju? Find an article about hate, loss, death, crime.

Need a luck spell? Hit the corner store and pick up a lotto form. Write your spell or wishes on that.

Love spell? Jewelry ad, or florists, or if u save them, stuff from Valentines.

Need healing? Use an ad or coupon for medicine. Bonus points if the product matches your needs!

Apartments give you notice the exterminator’s coming by? Save that shit and use it for banishings.

Working up a glamour? Find an ad with the right tone and add it in. Wanna be sexy, feminine, alluring? Get a magazine ad for perfume or lingerie. The same can be true for cologne ads or razor ads, or any one of dozens of things we sell using patriarchal bullshit gender roles.

Use ads for bug bombs as curses or banishings. Use cleaning supplies for cleansing or again, for poison curses. A baby ad for fertility or innocence. A food ad for prosperity, or energy. A take out menu to call benefits to you. A page from a phone book or the want ads to bring people into your life. The funny pages for humor and happiness. The obits to call spirits, commune with ancestors, or deal in death.

Why use special magical paper when we’re drowning in paper that comes pretargeted? Save that shit and use it for spells.

Final notes:

So, hopefully this is helpful. If you use any of it or have ideas that spring from it, lemme know!

This one’s a little more open ended, so hopefully a lack of specificity doesn’t hurt.

Anywho, that’s it from me for now, get out there and go wild!

I work at an office supply store and one of the things we sell is printers. We do extended warranties on things like that so when people come up to pay, I do my little spiel on what it is and how much and how long it goes for and all that, as well as ask if they need anything to go along with the printer like ink, cables, paper, etc. Sometimes people cut me off, which is rude and annoying bc I’m just doing my job, you can be quiet for the twenty seconds it takes for me to say it, but that’s not the point of this post. The point is, I am sick to death of the amount of people who say ‘oh I don’t need a warranty/extra ink, the printer’s only $30, I always just buy a new one every time the ink runs out’. I’m honestly seething whenever I hear it. What a stupid waste of materials (and time and labour) that’s just probably gonna end up in landfill bc you can’t be assed buying new inks. I know they can be expensive but it’s a hell of a lot better than just chucking out a printer every so often, and I know you can buy cheap inks online. Or just pay us to do your printing for you; it’s really not that expensive depending on how much you need. You don’t have to buy the extended warranty or whatever, but there is no need to throw out a perfectly usable printer because you can’t be fucked being a decent person to the Earth you literally need to survive. (I know you can recycle printers to a degree but honestly, how likely is it that everyone who does this is recycling them?)

tl;dr people like to throw out printers rather than just buying ink for them and I am annoyed