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Hey... are you guys okay? You haven't posted anything in a while, so I just wanted to make sure you're not dead, haha... Seriously though. Please post something, even if it's just text, just so we know you're okay!

Yes, no, maybe so.

We’re not dead! Just… really tired. Dorito Mod (me) is pretty caught up with work and money stress along with some worsening mental health issues. Mod Sparky is busy with school and other things. 

We love ya’ll! We really do! I’d love to be active on this blog again, swear, it’s just not something either of us can prioritize right now. 

If you want to keep tabs on the mods, you can find me at @dorito-nerd and Sparky at @sparky-pines

- Dorito Mod

  • television shows: i mean, who needs lighting?? let's just not use any lighting. forget the lighting. oh, but add a whole ton of contrast!! yeah, do that. can't forget about those blurry flashbacks!! oh, and let's make things really grainy!! love that, too. and why don't we put the credits over really awesome scenes?? yeah, that's great.


When I first met you I thought “Oh, this girl seems really cool. I wonder if we’re gonna become friends.”

When I first saw your eyes light up when we talked about things we both loved I thought “I really enjoy being around her.”

When I first hung out with you, just you and me, I thought “I never want this night to end. I want her to keep telling me her secrets, her regrets, her life stories.”

When I first held your hand, I felt a million jolts of electricity fill my veins. I thought “Don’t let go- not now, not ever.”

When I first held you in my arms, your breath feeling warm in contrast to the chill night air, I thought “This can’t be real. Is this a dream? Is this really happening?”

When I first kissed you, I felt such a rush of excitement, nervousness, and complete utter adornment towards you. I thought “I want to feel this girl’s lips on mine for the rest of my life, hers and no one else’s.”

When I first told you I loved you, I could see you smile because you knew I really meant it, and I thought “I want to make this girl smile every single day until the day I die.”

Now whenever I look you, I think “I’m in love with her and everything that she is.”

—  To my darling @colourlesskiss

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50 sasusaku! Yayy for hopefully reading something by you again!

50 - going through a divorce au



“You’re making a mistake.”

His pen paused on the ink-printed page. Lips mulling slightly, Sasuke exhaled a slow breath before looking up to his father’s figure, finding him standing calmly by the frame of his office door. He looked at him steadily.

“Maybe in your eyes, father,” he finally replied, returning his attention to the finalizing papers at hand.

“This will change things for the company, Sasuke. If you end this marriage with the Hyuuga girl, you’re not just going to risk its future, you’re going to be throwing all your responsibilities away.”

His fingers tightened around the pen, mouth thinning. Taking care not to let too much anger seep into his tone, Sasuke shot back, “The responsibilities you put onto me as a child. I never wanted any of this. The only reason I went along with all this was so that one day you would see me for who I am and you would stop projecting the hopes you had for Itachi onto me.”

His father’s brows furrowed at that, but he kept his silence. Sasuke fought the urge to grit his teeth.

“I am not Itachi, father. I will never be able to do the things he wanted to do—the things you spent so much time training him for. I can’t—I can’t become the son that you lost.”

He swallowed tightly afterwards, eyes trained so diligently on his father’s ever-collected figure. He never liked to bring up Itachi’s death to him, not when he still remembered with acutely painful detail how his father had sobbed in the privacy of his study the night the news came to them. To this day, Sasuke had still never told him what he’d seen.

Then, his father’s hand curled, and his heart quickened. With vigilant eyes, Sasuke watched the man advance, glancing composedly around the office. His grip tightened again when his father’s gaze landed deliberately on a picture of a pretty pink-haired doctor sitting on his desk.

“Is this because of her?” he asked, tone smooth and bland—and tinged with something he didn’t like.

“Sakura is part of it, but she isn’t the one you need to blame. I’m the one who came to this decision. Sakura only helped me see the truth in what I truly wanted from my life. And she isn’t the only one.”

“Uzumaki—who the Hyuugas blame for seducing your wife.”

Ex-wife, whom I never loved, Sasuke corrects in his mind, but neglects to say. “Yes.”

“And that professor you’re so often seen with. Hatake, I believe.”

“Him, too.”

His father fixed him for a while, before leting out a long breath, so languid and quiet. It almost made him sound resigned, Sasuke realized, brows furrowing warily.

Then: “If that is truly what you want, Sasuke, then I will not stop you.”

Sasuke’s jaw slackened, shock rippling through him with enough force to leave him speechless, breathless. Mind spinning, he looked at his father with dazed, slightly widened eyes, noting the compliant acceptance in his features, faint traces of paternal fondness in his eyes and… an apology.

(for what he’d done, for never realizing the wishes of his remaining son’s heart. for trying to make him into someone he never could be.)

Sasuke’s throat grew tight. He took a moment to steady his thoughts.

Then, in one swift move, he straightened his figure and bowed to his father, lingering with great regard. “Thank you, father.”

He only stood up again when the sound of the door shutting echoed through his office, signaling his father’s exit. A faint smile growing to his lips, Sasuke took his seat once more, and finalized his divorce with one swift stroke of his pen.

Finally free, he thought, gaze settling fondly on the smiling picture of the only woman who ever had his heart. Feeling it rush with warmth, he reached for his phone and tapped swiftly on the screen until he found the right number, pressing on it.

He only had to wait two rings before she finally picked up.


“Hey,” he said. “It’s done. Can I see you tonight?”

Sakura giggled in reply. “Of course, Sasuke-kun. Pick me up at eight?”

Sasuke’s lips twitched wider. “It’s a date.”

“It’s a date!” He could practically hear her smile. “I’ll see you later, Sasuke-kun.”

His eyes softened. “See you later, Sakura.”

i’m really sick of bisexual being erased constantly like!!! leaf us alone!!!

My sister’s thoughts while watching eyewitness:

• She loved Tyler (not that I was surprised, she’s got a type)
• every time Ryan appeared “no nOO NOT YOU AGAIN”
• Helen lost a lot of cookie points in the last few episodes but by the end she was loving her again
• Gabe as BestFatherOfTheYear™
• “Tony I love you but for fuck’s sake sTOP GIVING OUT CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION TO PEOPLE!”
• during the finale: “Anne no no no nOO”
• “Lukas’ hair was so fake honestly please let him have his natural hair colour next time”
• during the sex scene: “oh my god they’re..? They’re doing it??? Isn’t Lukas in pain??? Stop! Guys no, no, ahi, painful, stop trying to take his shirt off he jUST GOT SHOT!”
• “ok I love this tv show and I’m gonna scream if we don’t get season 2
• but
• everything
• is
• liteRaLLY
• who was in charge?? Why did they decide the show needed to be this grey blob???”

So all in all I can say she loved it and she is now a true eyewitness fan.
Mission accomplished.

one thing I did like about Fantastic Beasts: 

Graves asks Newt what Dumbledore sees in him and Newt can’t answer, but in the next couple of minutes he proceeds to do something which the entire MACUSA apparently can’t; he figures out that Graves is bad, and calls him on it. 

After being in his company for two minutes.

What makes Dumbledore so fond of Newt? There’s your answer. 

The things we’ve wanted from life have always been very different. I don’t want children. Partly because I struggle with taking care of myself most days. The other half of it being I like being selfish. Either way, you never stop saying I’d be a good mother. You point out all the ways in which even in my claimed selfishness I find room to put others before myself. I guess to some extent you’re right. I’m just scared of commitment. You of all people should know that. It’s the reason why we broke up. I didn’t want to commit my whole life to making you happy and taking care of you. That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it because you deserve it more than anyone else. You deserve the kind of love that nurtures you when you need it and until you don’t. I just could never be that for you. I wish I could. That’s why I’m choosing to let you go now before it’s too late and you’ve wasted more time than necessary on something that could never really work. I know you think otherwise. I’ve always been more of a realist than you. Either way, I hope you find what you’re looking for. I hope you’re loved far and beyond what you think you deserve because I know you think so little of yourself. Your awkward silences, your nervous habits- someone is going to love those things about you. You’ve got to stop worrying so much that you’re not good enough or that you aren’t where you’re supposed to be because although you are not yet the person you’re intended to be, you’re on your way and that’s farther than most people have gotten in life. You don’t give up easy, not where it counts but sometimes you should. This is one of those things. I am one of those things. It’s enough for me that we tried and that you taught me how to share more of myself with you and the world. I want to say thank you for that. Thank you for bringing me out into the sunlight and for teaching me that the world isn’t as scary as I’ve made it out to be. It’s much kinder than I thought and there’s more room for hope than despair. So this is to say thank you for sharing this small but important part of your life and my own. Thank you for believing in me on the days where I couldn’t. Thank you for loving me in my darkness and thank you for loving me until even I began to see the light in myself too.


“I am basically a potentially divine, wonderful human being,’ and all this rattiness and not feeling good is attaching itself to my mind, it plays tricks on us and can trip you over. I thought ‘I don’t have to feel all this! I do love everybody,’ and that is really all you’ve got to do, manifest your love. The only thing we really have to work at in this life is how to manifest love.”

I really love how we pretty much collectively all made a 180 somewhere along the way and went from

“Percival Graves is the personification of class, rocks any social gathering, is probably wizardkind’s trendsetter of 1926, has the most perfect pokerface, an unforgiving boss, going to be a vicious man on a warpath after he’s found and is allergic to feelings!”

straight to

“Percival Graves swears like a sailor, hates social gatherings, couldn’t care less about his looks when he has a ‘bad hair day’, his pokerface is either 100% oder nonexistant, calls his aurors ‘idiots’ out of affection and would die for them, will have left zero fucks to give about everything after he’s rescued and is allergic to feelings!”


If Carla was your boyfriend - pt.1(?)

↳ requested by anonymous  ❀


Spencer Hoenisberg + The Teddy Bear

Kindness costs nothing, keeping your thoughts to yourself even less so, in fact - it saves you the energy of opening your mouth, and voicing an opinion that nobody asked for. Your opinion is the lowest form of knowledge. It adds nothing but your entitlement to a conversation that could, frankly, be spared from it. So instead, I urge you to listen. Just listen.It will require you to have some patience and an imagination, because let’s face it - you’ve never walked in a pair of shoes that weren’t your own. You will need to have a drop of empathy. To realise that your feelings/entitlements/privledges aren’t the only ones that matter. The person your directing your negativity towards deserves and demands the same respect and dignity as you do. Perhaps the ugliest part of the human condition is how quick we are to dehumanise our fellow human beings. There’s something beyond whatever that’s fueling your desire to hurt than just the person at the recieving end of it. If kindness is too much to ask for then at least have some kind of awareness. Awareness of the fact that bruises, however small, hurt all the same. We’re all human - both behind and in front of our screens.


No more to you at this present, mine own darling, for lack of time, but that I would you were in mine arms, or I in yours, for I think it l o n g since I k i s s e d you.

happy birthday @boleynqueens!!!

Disarm you with a smile”  

(Smashing Pumpkins, Disarm)

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