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I know some people are going to be upset about the Monty thing, and we do still have a few episodes of the season left for more things to happen/things to change, but Monty deciding to stay behind with the people he loves is one of the most Monty things he could do. After all this is the same guy who back in season 1 did not leave Jasper’s side the entire time he was in the dropship dying 

@isadorabeauxdraps​ you just don’t get it, do you? I don’t care, I repeat I DON’T CARE about what you say, what you think, discussing with you, I don’t care, is that so hard to get? Your obsession with us IR, always harassing us, always reading our posts, always looking for DISCOURSE, always offending us, always going to our blogs, always going around trying to conivince people that you are right and they are wrong, I will never understand it and I will never care about it, for me you talking = blah, blah, blah. I just The real question is why do you care so much about us? Wait I don’t even care why you are so obsessed with us.

Also you said I didn’t do anything to prove you wrong? Do we always have to prove the same things over and over again? Didn’t I say “He was always so busy thinking, missing, quoting, dreaming, saying mushy things about Rukia, you know the person he shares destiny with.” did I have to post the manga panels too? And What for? To convince you? I don’t fucking care for the 100 time. Many, many Ichiruki’s blogs showed you, burned your argumenst, proved your fanfictions and very biased thoughts to be that, just fanfiction, you will never change your mind and I am not here to waste my time trying to convince you.

You said “you and I go way back” yes, yes, unluckly for me I joined tumblr for Ichiruki and to be part of the IR fandom and the first persons I came into contact with were IH harassers, you included, and it’s been almost a year and I never once crosstagged and always stayed in my lane but look, you are still here on my posts, like let people live? No? Okay. Who are you again? Why do you keep going to a party when no one invited you? Maybe you must feel lonely on your side. I don’t know, I don’t care. I will not even answer about the pathological thing you said because really I have no words. It seems you are just a rude, disrespectful with no basic human manners person.

Keep believing whatever you want, keep believing in Kubo’s lies (how come you are fine with the fact that he refused to draw a confession scene for you ship, no wait I don’t care), keep going around looking for fights with IR shippers, keep going around saying how bad we are, keep going on IR blogs, keep believing you are right and eveyone else is wrong, keep being basically an ass, i don’t care. I still didn’t block you simply because I can ignore you just fine, like I said you talking = blah, blah, blah and for the reason that I don’t want to turn a blind eye to some IR shipper that could be harassed by you.

Are we done? Do I have to waste time again with this stupid shit? I hope not, I just answered again to clear the fact that I don’t care. Bye.

Growing - Josh Zerker Imagine

so i have finally popped something out of the oven !! and here’s another !! i hope this is what you wanted xx

requested; yes

pairing; josh x reader

word count; 701 words

warnings; none

age 5

“but mum i don’t want to go to big school!” i screamed at the top of my lungs as she dragged me out of the car and handed me my sparkly unicorn bag.

“listen (y/n), there’s a lot of things we don’t want to do, but we have to live with it.” my mother replied as she softly took my small hand in her’s leading me down into the quad where all the other 5 and 6 year olds were waiting.

i huffed, tapping my black leather school shoe against the ground impatiently as my mother straightened out my school skirt. i looked around at all the other kids playing, a small boy with brown hair catching my eye.

he waved at me, and i shyly waved back.

the start of a growing friendship.

age 12

“josh, what if bryson doesn’t like me?” 

josh and i sat up in my tree house, munching away on some small finger sandwiches i had made a few minutes prior and playing some dumb game i downloaded on my xbox. 

“ya know because i haven’t kissed anyone before?” i whispered shyly.

my face flushed bright red as i took another bite out of my ham and cucumber sandwich, trying to hide as much of my face as possible.

“if he doesn’t like you than he is an idiot.” he simply responded with a small shrug of the shoulders before pausing his game and looking over at me.

“i mean you’re pretty and you make good sandwiches, who wouldn’t like you?” he stated causing me to giggle.

“josh, promise me that if i don’t have my first kiss by the time i’m 16, we’ll share our first kisses.” i said, looking at the boy i had grown very fond of.


needless to say, bryson didn’t like me

age 16

i flattened out my navy blue dress as i stood from my seat before i fixed up the corsage tied around my wrist. i held my hand out to josh to take ahold of, looking down at him. “dance?”

year 10 homecoming.

josh took my hand, pulling himself up and walking us both to the dance floor. the both of moved awkwardly to the music the dj had selected, our heads swaying along with the music. our feet awkwardly jump or moved side to side, neither of us actually knowing how to dance.

“hey did you wanna use the photo booth?” josh asked over the loud music. 

i simply nodded before making my way over to the small booth.

i picked up a few props, wrapping a feathery scarf around josh’s neck.

“seriously (y/n)?” he asked, a small chuckle leaving his lips.

boy those lips.

i nodded up at him, a small blush rising to my cheeks. we both hopped into the photobooth, putting on the silly props before deciding how we were going to pose for the first picture.

“ya know, i still haven’t had my first kiss.” i admitted, posing for our second photo as i gave josh a hug.

“i guess i’ll be fixing that now then.” he whispered before his hands cupped my face. he leant down, pressing a sweet and soft kiss to my lips. 

i flushed a dark shade of red as i realised that the photobooth camera had gone off again.

age 24

“babe i can’t find her dummy!” i heard josh call out to me.

i sighed as i rolled slowly off the couch, making my way my soon-to-be husband and our newborn baby girl, charlotte. 

“it should be where i left it, in her mouth.”i said as i entered the room, leaning against the wall as i watched josh search for it.

i watched as two heads popped up from behind the cot, causing me to giggle.

“stop looking so pretty and help me find the damn thing.” he whined, putting on his best pout and puppy dog eyes. 

i rolled my eyes, walking over to charlotte’s cot, looking inside and picking up her blanket. i raised my eyebrows, picking up the small dummy and handing it to him.

“maybe if you moved a few things you would find things easier.”

“i love you.”

I have now left my mark on the training program at work.

While I’ve been orienting for my new job, I’ve been using a training version of the software that I’ll be using once I’m actually talking to members over the phone. Using a training version makes complete sense, of course, because then it’s impossible for us to break anything in the process of learning.

One of the things we might have to do is change the name of a member’s doctor. There’s a whole database of doctors’ names, some of them real, some of them created by previous orientees.

Today I had a sudden impulse that I couldn’t ignore.

Yes, there is now a listing in the training provider database for a neurosurgeon by the name of Stephen V. Strange.

anonymous asked:

Your post on harlots not being "sex positive" reminds me of a lot of the reaction to Maison Close, which is a french tv show set in a 19th century brothel. And how so many people kept comparing it to 50 shades of gray even while acknowledging that the sex scenes weren't sexy and more about the reality of their work and how these women had a lot of dangers. One of the main characters was a girl forced into prostitution. Yet they still talked about how it was "edgy/racy 50 shades."

I watched Maison Close and loved it! Harlots reminds me a little of it actually, particularly the style and direction. I completely agree with you, though.

Really, sex positivity, or just less repressive prudery if we want to call it what it is, was a good idea at first. But now, it’s been used in the wrong context so much that it’s lost its power, I feel. We have to be critical sometimes, especially of things to do with sex and especially stuff to do with exploitation. It doesn’t make one a prude to say “Actually, men exploiting you through sex is not an empowering feeling” especially if we’re speaking from personal experience. I think being critical is the first step to becoming more open-minded, actually.

teihasarts  asked:

Do you guys have the ability to capture footage for GameCube/Wii games? I have a copy of that Megaman X RPG lying around here somewhere (I think, I've been unpacking from a move for literal months and I haven't unearthed everything) and since y'all seem to be making Megaman X a thing...

We can and do have the ability to capture GameCube and Wii games (we’ve done a few of them before, and have plans to do a few others down the road)!

I don’t think I’ve ever PLAYED the Mega Man X RPG, and honestly, I think I’d like to give it a shot.

Masculinity can be soft. Masculinity can be gentle. Masculinity can be whispers and shyness and pastel colours and flowers and all those things can be masculine if someone wants them to call them that. Masculinity and femininity are constructs - you don’t have to describe yourself or anything you like as either if you don’t want to. 

Imagine living in a city where there are no monuments, no buildings from before 1970, no proof that you had grandparents or parents, no history at all. Wouldn’t that make you feel like you were just a passing fad, that you could be blown away like leaves?… for any community to feel substantial and able to change without losing themselves, a history is absolutely crucial.
—  Emma Donoghue, talking about LGBT history and LGBT historical fiction

My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)

So how about an Otayuri mafia AU where Yurio is the rebellious troublemaker grandson of the mob boss and Otabek is hired to protect him (from himself, and others). Because I can’t stop thinking about it :’)

  • Me: *sees that fob is doing something shady*
  • Also me:
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Mostly-vegetarian Sero meets carnivorous Kirishima, loss of trust ensues 


“I know there’s a light, the only shining in our hearts. Standing here, in this place where freedom lives. I know there’s a light, don’t let it fade out, it’s our heart. Let it go. We are not defeated, we’re not losing, in these flames of war. We’re rising up!”  

If only it was that easy, Susan…