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what a bonkers year. none of this could have happened without you - so thank you for always watching & supporting! what was your favorite part??

so, i want to star watching critical role, however, in the first episode on youtube, he kind of  made it sound like they were starting in the middle of an adventure i think he said something along the lines of “hey we were doing this thing, and now were going to continue it on youtube” 

so is the first episode of critical role, the first episode?


Summary: Dan has an existential crisis during Playlist Live, and Phil saves the day. Featuring OY such as Louise!

“Life is pointless….one day we’re all going to die and everything we’ve accomplished on Earth will be for nothing. What’s the purpose of even living? What am I even doing here?”

Louise grabbed the tall boy by the shoulders. “Dan, snap out of it love!”

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NEW VIDEO: “MY HUGE NEWS- reblog if you’re down to help this community change the world. Let’s do this. Get involved here.

Hi! So it’s been 3 months since I started the phandom group chat on kik and it’s almost at 50 members!

I’ve decided to make two more group chats for fans of Dan and Phil to join.

  1. A Phandom Group Chat where we talk about anything, including our lives, asking for advice and basically when we want someone to chat to!
  2. A strictly Dan, Phil and YouTube Group Chat where we talk about only things to do with Dan, Phil and YouTube!

Generally there are no rules for these group chats except:

  • You must like Dan and Phil
  • Be respectful to others in the chat
  • Give warnings before posting explicit content (e.g. pictures with gore or nsfw)
  • Be active! This doesn’t mean you need to be in the chat 24/7 but at least be there a few times a week.

If you would like to join reblog this post and send me an ask with your kik username!


NEW VIDEO: “YouTube Fangirl Buzzfeed Quizzes” ft. Jim Chapman

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Me on a date
  • me: so what did you think of the suicide squad trailer?
  • them: i thought it was good but the joker was so dumb! Nobody will beat heath ledger they should just stop trying he'll never be as good as him THE TATOOS??? WHAT ARE-
  • me, hitting them with breadsticks: LET. JARED. LIVE.
At home with SallyGreen (episode 5): Cover for Half Lost

Nathan is showing Sally the design he’s made for the cover of her next book.

SallyGreen: I like it.

Nathan: Thanks.

SallyGreen: Appropriate. To the story, I mean.

Nathan: *nods*

SallyGreen: I think we should to go public with it. Thursday this week. The publishers always like Thursdays. 4pm. We can maybe ask Benjaminoftomes to do a youtube thing about it.

Nathan: *smooths hand across picture* Yeah.


Do we have any Disney fans here?

How about a cappella fans?

Well do i have good news for you! Peter Hollens ‘I see the light’ cover with his wife is here! (and have been here for a while..)

I love Peter Hollens, and this song is just as great as his previous covers, watch it, you wont regret it! 


C- It annoys me so much that in the new youtube rewind video (Now Watch Me 2015) when they did the whip and nae nae to “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” by Silento that there were only, like, three black people there out of so many white and/or non black people. And they were mostly in the back. Like how y’all gonna put US In the back when y’all dancing dances we made and songs we came up with?! Why?! Why was there not at least one black person in the center or front where the camera was focused most of the time? Like why?! Why are white people so obsessed with taking things we made and redoing them?!?? I thought youtube wouldn’t do something so….this.

And there were so many white youtubers there. Is there just a huge lack of black youtubers or did they just out right not include more? Like dafuq youtube?

Group Projects

ENFP friend: “Oh my gosh, we could totally do this thing that I saw one time on youtube, and we could get a bunch of people from the theatre department to have like this giant musical number! And we could add this other thing that this one person I know did, and we could have like confetti–OH we could also add this and do something cool like this with a fog machine!

INFJ: Um….Well first, how are we going to get a fog machine? Also, we only have 3 days to do this, so I don’t see how we’d be able to do all of that in time…

ENFP friend: “I don’t know, but we can make it work! We can worry about those things later. Actually, that reminds me of this other thing we could do that involves sushi–!”


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Dear Starlights...

Do you want to see the drama version of Fantasy? Do you want to see the dance practice? Do you want to see the boys win? Do you want to repay the boys because of those amazings performances and music?

Then go and stream that MV and song like there’s no tomorrow, may be we don’t have a lot of ways to support them but we need to do what we can. And yes, may be EXO came back but we need to try.

Things we can do:

*Stream the MV on Youtube/Tudou

*Stream the songs on Naver or Genie

*Vote in Mnet, Mango, Show Champion App

*Tweet using the hashtags  #빅스 #더쇼 to @SBS_MTV  

Those things are for FREE.

I remember one group once won over EXO, if we work together we could make that happen for VIXX too…

A lot of people didn’t support Dynamite because it wasn’t dark, then we got Fantasy, what’s the excuse now? 

If you have doubts VIXXSUPPORT has tutorials and even guides… Even I can help with the little that I know Don’t let that MV and dance practice be another lost reward.