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Jun told OP that lately a lot of Carats have been asking about them working out, and one night, a slightly upset The8 pulled Jun aside to talk about it; but then the next day The8 came along with Mingyu and asked him if he wanted to work out with them, he refused though.

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wait but aren't people of euro descent also europeans?? bcs if they're not then what abt asian americans who lived in us their entire lives? would u consider then not Asians but only if Asian descent?

r we actually gonna have a debate about this, like is that what we’re gonna spend our time doing today jfc… white people in America consider urselves American or “European American”, bc ur only fuckin there bc Europeans went over and colonised it and murdered the natives
We sent prisoners to Australia in like 1750, nearly 300 years ago, and they colonised and killed out aboriginal people, but 300 years on they don’t call themselves “European Australians” bc their ancestors 3 centuries ago were from Europe, they’re just Australian

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things in 2017 | shows [rewatch] → torchwood (bbc; 2006-2011)

‘What are we doing, having Chinese while a girl fights for her life? We should be helping her.’

‘Actually, while we’ve been eating, the computers have been running a full bio-scan on Carys, profiling her blood, metabolism, organs, the works. So we can see what effect the alien is having on her. They’ve also been taking samples of the air in the cell, so we can analyse any change in the environment around her. Now, is that enough? Do you want more? ‘Cause… gets kind of boring.’

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Hello there. Is it alright for you all that impatient scans translating akagami no shirayuki hime? They just released the latest chapter btw.

There isn’t anything we can do about it since they haven’t come to us personally and told us about it until a little bit before they put out chapter 88. We didn’t know until their typesetter was kind enough to speak to me and tell me that they were going to release chapter 88. 

But we discussed some things and won’t be working together, and will go and do our own thing with this manga.

Some answers to questions you guys may have:

  1. We’ll be continuing to release Akagami. 
  2. No, we aren’t affiliated with Impatient Scans nor will be. 
  3. No, me and Niji aren’t busy enough to not release Akagami. The main thing is that we wait on Chinese scans.
  4. There isn’t anything we can do about this besides that we’ll be releasing the chapters as usual on our own time.

We hope that you guys will still continue to read what we put out.

Best Birthday (Sidney Crosby imagine)

“Siiiiiiiiiiid.” You wined out as you tugged at strands of his messy hair. He rolled over so his back was facing yours as he shoved your hands away with a weak grumble.

“Sid! It’s nearly noon! You have to get up some time!”

“Hmm… gimme five minutes…” He said groggily as he pulled the cream-colored duvet up and around his shoulders. You chuckled and scooted over close to him wrapping your arms around his toned abs. You heard him grumble in pleasure as you got closer to him, your body-heat radiating onto his skin. You leaned your forehead on the top of his back, where his neck met his spine before your lips found his warm skin, kissing shapes down the top of his back. You heard him grumble again before squirming under the sheets and turned to face you. His eyes were still half closed as he gave you that beautiful smile.

“Hmm waking up like this is always nice…”

“Well it’s the least I could do for the birthday boy!” You said as you combed your fingers through his hair.

“Ah right… one year older.”

“Oh shut up, you’re only like what? 19?”

“Ha! I wish…” He said still smiling. He traced a fingertip down the side of your face before kissing your lips.

“So… what are we doing for Sid the Kid’s birthday? Private jet to the Bahamas or a huge dinner at a rented out restaurant?” You asked chuckling. Sid just laughed as he took your hand in his and kissed your knuckles.

“Actually, I was thinking of something more along the lines of: Lie in bed with my girlfriend as long as I want to, then we could get up and watch some movies which will most likely end up in us finding more interesting things to do on the couch as we wait for the Chinese food delivery to come in, then to top off the ice-cream cake sitting ever so deliciously in the freezer, I could make sweet love to my beautiful girlfriend to top off the best birthday ever…” He said quietly, his eyes never leaving yours. You couldn’t help but smile as you kissed his lips once more.

“Yeah… I guess I like the sound of that.” You said as you stared deep into his eyes.

“Good… because so do I” You couldn’t help but pull yourself close to him, his shirtless chest and nothing but boxer-covered-hockey-player thighs molded perfectly with your oversized Pittsburgh penguins shirt and pink underwear clad body. This was nearly perfect, his familiar cologne sent mixed with the freshness of the cool august morning made for a perfect awakening. His strong arms wrapped around your small waist as he pulled you as close to him as possible, your legs tangling together as small shapes were traced along your shoulder blades with a rough fingertip.

“I love you, you know that right?” You asked Sidney as he began to drift asleep. His eyes opened again slowly as his lips tugged up in a smile.

“Yeah… I’m pretty sure I’m just as in love with you, you know that right?” He asked you. Instead of replying with the words you didn’t have, your lips came into contact with his for the fiftieth time that morning. After you two had fallen asleep next to each other until 3 in the afternoon, you sat around and did nothing all day, just watching some stupid shows, ate as much junk food as you wanted with the occasional kiss or two here and there. You watched as Sid’s smile became larger and larger and you could see how much he enjoyed just being Sidney, and not the NHL star for just a day. You saw how bright his smile was and how much he loved spending time with you. Later on that evening, after he decided to start throwing some of his Chinese noodles at you, you realized what a kid he truly was, un-like his strict captain demeanor on the ice. As you were watching some romance classics on the TV in the late night hours, you realized how gentle he was with you, making sure everything was okay as you both ignored the kissing couple on the screen in order to focus on your own, and you also realized how much he cared about you as he asked for your approval before letting him remove his own t-shirt from your body as he laid you down softly on the bed that you shared.

“Was this a good birthday?” You asked your boyfriend as his sweaty fingers combed up your arm, your sweaty and tired bodies molded together to form something perfect.

“The best ever…”

So, I got this request a few hours ago to do a Sidney birthday imagine, and i thought it was a really good idea, now i know it’s not technically his birthday anymore (where i live) but whatever, so, i hope you enjoy, and i promise i will get back to the regular ‘to-do’ list order for my next stories! 


Masters & Servants The Basildon Activists Depeche Mode article magazine 1984:


Melody Maker, 22|9|84 (By M.Jenkins)

With a major tour coming up and a new album, ‘Some Great Reward’, wrapped and ready to go, DEPECHE MODE are back in the limelight. Mark Jenkins plays quizmaster while Tom Sheehan takes pictures.

DEPECHE Mode have a problem. It’s not enough to be big in Britain any more - they have to think about being big everywhere at once. That makes considerations like having a single banned by the BBC fade into insignificance, although there’s a good chance that will happen if the choose to follow up “Master and Servant” with the closing track of “Some Great Reward”, their new album.

“ ‘Blasphemous Rumours’ is really not an anti-religious song,” insists Dave Gahan. “Of course it’s a personal statement on Martin’s part” (Martin Gore’s writing again dominates the album) “but at the same time it’s a statement of how everybody must feel at one time or another. We all had a bit of a religious upbringing, Andy particularly, and I went to church regularly for a year or so when I was about 18, so there’s obviously a bit of a rebellion against that. It’s just that – some of the things we noticed, like there’d always be a prayer list for certain people and the one at the top always died. Things like that…

“My mother’s side of the family were always religious, involved with the Salvation Army and so on, but she lived through so much tragedy… I don’t know how I’d feel by now, but then I’ve never been religious although she stuck to her beliefs. I used to go down to Sunday School with my sister on our bikes and instead of going in we’d just ride around for a couple of hours, and when we got back we’d say it was great.”

The others agree that it’s not religion itself but having religion (or politics or any other belief) forced onto you that they dislike.

“People get too much preaching – even around the town in Basildon, you know? People cling to religion through fear of death,” offers Martin. “It’s not a bad thing to be religious, in fact I think I’d be happier if I did believe.”

“I turned away from religion because I found I was leading a really boring life,” says Andy. “I wanted to live life to the full but I was trapped, and I thought ‘if I die tomorrow that’ll be it’… it’s a shame that Christianity is perverted and hyped so much, because it does have something to offer.”

It turns out that Dave Gahan’s first public appearances were singing carols with the Salvation Army around the age of eight, something he couldn’t think of going back to because “so many unhappy things have happened that I just feel it can’t all be true.” But “Blasphemous Rumours” is a strong (as well as catchy) song and needs a strong place on the album, BBC or no BBC.

“You have to take risks… you can’t be safe all the time, even if the kind of people you might offend are just the sort to kick up a fuss and start petitions and that sort of thing. They’re still a minority; we even had problems with ‘Master And Servant’ when the BBC called for a copy of the lyrics to check them out, but only one guy thought they were obscene, and he was away on holiday when the final decision was taken! The girl who took the decision agreed with us that it’s about love and life, which of course it is.”

Pressured into making some comparison with Frankie, Dave goes thus far and no further. “ ‘Master And Servant’ is a bit more subtle than ‘Relax’ but then it’s got a very different point to make. Frankie’s records sound good – but we don’t like to make a lot of comments about other bands…”

WRITERS like to sum up albums at a stroke, whether the artists want to make it that easy or not. Suggesting that “Some Great Reward” is dominated by “anti-love” songs brings a considered but emphatic “No” from Martin.

“ ‘Lie To Me’ isn’t an anti-love song… it’s about a situation of paranoia which anybody could find themselves in. ‘Somebody’ is pretty much a straightforward ‘I love you’ song if you like, certainly not an anti-love song. The album’s about all sorts of things apart from love through… power, religion, life.”

“Some Great Reward” has once again been produced by the band, engineer Gareth Jones and Daniel Miller, the man behind Mute, The Silicon Teens and The Normal. But Miller’s been quoted as saying that he doesn’t see himself as a producer…

“It’s a co-production. Daniel takes ideas from the band as well as giving them, but it’s difficult to explain what goes on over a period of four months. It’s all quite diplomatic, and he won’t make us use anything we don’t like, but every team works in a particular way that’s very hard to explain. We need an outside view or we wouldn’t take so much care over the songs and the sounds – if it wasn’t for Daniel we’d have a lot more arguments too!”

The band feel that their standards have gone up on this album, and swear that the backing tapes from the “Speak And Spell” tour now sound horribly sloppy to their newly-trained ears.

“We spent days doing just one or two sounds or rhythms this time – we went over the top really and it cost us a few bob, but it’s paid off because this is the first album we’re all really proud of. Not that we don’t like the others, it’s just that this one is so much better in terms of sound quality.”

On the subject of backing tapes, was there any desire to try to play a completely live set on the forthcoming tour?

“We’re aware of the limitations of using a backing tape, it takes away a lot of the spontaneity, but we can’t see ourselves playing with a live drummer at this stage. Nobody could play precisely enough or give us all the sounds we’ve used in the studio, but we’ve found other ways to make things a bit more visual.

"We’ve got a moving set with lots of scaffolding, slide screens and so on to match the album sleeve – Jane who worked with us last time wanted to take some of the ideas a bit further – but we don’t think there’s any danger of being compared to industrial bands like Einsturzende Neubaten.

"Granted, we use a lot of metallic sounds, but so do a lot of people from Bowie onwards, and in any case we’re using those ideas in the context of pop songs. Hitting bits of metal is very visual, and you can’t get away from the fact that some of our old TV appearances with three pairs of hands playing keyboards were just boring!

"You need something else, and when we’ve got something more visual we look more confident – that’s why we do things like playing the shawm (a Chinese oboe) on the ‘Everything Counts’ video, even though it was just another keyboard sound. Some people wrote to us to say they felt cheated that we hadn’t spent three months learning to play a shawm, but I don’t see that at all…”

Dave’s main pleasure in the band is still live work, despite the feeling that they’ve taken on a lot in the new gig schedule.

“The fewer gigs you do on a tour the more you enjoy yourself. I love the audience contact, it gives me a big kick that you can’t get in the studio or on TV – I always feel a great deal of power when I can make 6,000 people do what I want. We’re about to embark on a huge tour, though – more dates than we wanted to do really, ending towards Christmas and taking in Germany, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland.

"There are a few days off, but the gigs are mostly back to back – when we get a day off it’s always a Sunday in Hanley. Have you ever been in Hanley on a Sunday? You look at a couple of antique shops, you wander about thinking ‘what the hell can I do?’, you go back to the hotel and watch a couple of videos. It’s awful.

"After this lot most of us will be wanting a holiday. The last German tour finished right before Christmas and by that time it had got very difficult to do something different every night. My mind used to drift sometimes and I’d forget the words – it’s even worse for the others because they’re going to be stuck behind two Emulators, and there’s no way you can move them around, but a lot of the audiences don’t seem to notice that we don’t move much. I like moving about the stage now – at one time I used to keep still and just clutch the mike stand – but now I go to different parts of the audience and play up to them.”

One song on the album which shows a complete departure from the electro-dance style is “Somebody”, which features a rare performance on piano from Alan. Martin takes the vocal, and says the song’s simplicity “is based on a sort of Jonathan Richman back-to-basics theory. It’s performed all together – it just needed three takes, mainly to get the sound okay – and really uses the bare essentials.

"In fact I sang it completely naked in the cellar of the studio which we use for ambience, and the others sent the female tape op downstairs while I was doing it to ‘check the connections’.”

Dave recounts how they stood with baited breath until a small Germanic scream tipped them off – he mimics Martin’s (possible) reaction, and goes on to say that if every song on the album had been done as quickly they’d stand a better chance of making some money out of it.

COST is an increasing preoccupation in the band’s considerations while recording, but working in the German Hansa studio rather than London’s Music Works at least means fewer interruptions, although it still demanded a month of recording time. The first album cost around £8,000, which was cheap for the time, but now the band are much more satisfied with the results even if they’ve had to pay the price.

Dave comments: “I’m very pleased with the vocal sound on this one – it’s a lot to do with having confidence and a lot to do with being comfortable with the engineer. Also, I took a couple of lessons with Tona deBrett, scales and things, and I didn’t see much application to singing pop songs but I wanted to do more for the breathing control.

"Sometimes when I’m running across the stage and singing I get very out of breath. On this album we took more care on the vocals – if you like, it’s our ‘together’ album which is why a line from one of the songs is quoted on the sleeve, ‘the world we live in and life in general’.”

“Some Great Reward” seems a more personal album than “Construction Time Again”, which the band agree could be called a “political” album “but only for want of a better word”.

“It’s not as if we’ve suddenly returned to playing pop,” says Martin, “it’s just a more mature album. We feel 100 per cent confident about it, and a good few of our friends have been pleasantly shocked when we played it to them – they couldn’t believe that we could record something like this. A lot’s changed since Vince left three years ago, and the people who gave us less positive reactions in the past when we deserved them aren’t afraid to tell us now that they like what we’re doing.

"That’s really good – through being with Mute we were given a chance to develop in our own time without being manipulated into giving away posters or free singles or anything like that. When we do a remix of a single we make sure it is something really different that gives value for money – Daniel’s against a lot of fancy packaging anyway – but we’ve been lucky in that the real fans have always bought the singles. In four albums and 10 or 11 singles we’ve never really had a low period, the fans have been very loyal, and if we did put out ‘Blasphemous Rumours’ and it got banned they’d still be buying it.”

The band are totally involved with sleeve design and set design and pity others who don’t share this enviable position (“after a while you realise how much some other bands are manipulated…”). They’re doubly lucky in that Mute owns all the computer equipment they need to record, since it’s also used by other acts on the label.

The gear lets them exploit ideas from all the different types of music with which they come into contact (“Systems music – Steve Reich – Philip Glass – Gamelan orchestras – all sorts of things!”) and have infinite flexibility as to who plays what and how each sound is created.

Some of the sounds on “Master And Servant” – such as the whip effect – are based on Daniel Miller standing in the studio hissing and spitting (“we tried to sample a real whip but it was hopeless”). Anything that’s impossible to play live ends up on the backing tape for stage purposes, although Dave, Martin and Andy have a healthy respect for the potential of Alan’s more developed keyboard skills.

Since so many “real” sounds are creeping into the music, are we likely to see Depeche Mode assuming rockist guitar poses again in the near future? Martin thinks not – “I played an acoustic guitar on stage last time, and we mime to some of the drum parts on ‘Master And Servant’, but I don’t feel too happy about it. We use samples of guitar sounds if we like them but we don’t think about whether they come from guitars or not, we just want a new sound.

"We don’t think about being ‘anti-guitar’, but a lot of the old electronic bands are going back to guitars, and if we did that just for the visual effect or so that we could move around a bit, we’d end up being blander instead – looking just like anybody else. We’re prepared to do things for TV to make it look a bit more exciting though!”

DESPITE their willingness to play up to the cameras, the band are convincing in their insistence that “the new album is 100 per cent sincere. We’d like people to see in it passion, intensity and sincerity. The last one got good reviews so we expect a few iffy ones this time – usually your enemies slag it off and your friends are so positive that they don’t tell you anything really. A lot of people still tend to write us off, but we think ‘Construction Time Again’ was a turning point and a lot of new people now know what we can do.”

And as for the image (or lack of one)?

“It’s really as unified as it’ll ever get now. We’re misfits – we don’t fit into an area, although other companies might have pushed us into one. In the long run it’s a benefit, but we do find people can’t put faces to our music even now.”

Dave adds, “… and that’s a good thing – we’re on the edge now, between commercial and non-commercial music, and I think that’s a good place to be.”

Questioned on the expected reception of “Some Great Reward”, Dave offers: “I took a lot of time getting to know all the songs on this one and I think we deserve a lot. ‘People Are People’ was a German Number One and ‘Master And Servant’ is at 15 in Germany, so it ought to do well, but some of the reviews can be very negative.

"One guy who slagged us last time told us he only listened to half the album at four in the morning and that he’d got to like it since, but by then the damage had been done – when you’ve spent three months recording an album that sort of thing is really disgusting.

"A lot of people are going to be expecting ‘Construction Time Again Part Two’, because they liked the ‘political’ content of the last one, but that’s not what ‘Some Great Reward’ is all about and we might get slagged for that.

"We hope that everybody will see it as our best yet, but journalists can be unpredictable. Then again, so can we…”

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I’ve noticed some Americans tagging my last post as saying things like “wow, I never came across this” “or I never thought about it this way before”. And actually, that is to be expected. We live in an era where to be an empire is…well more politically incorrect.  

Also, I’d say the most successful empires are those that succeed in making the people living there forget they’re empires. Empire implies conquest and violence…and one likes to think they’re living in a society built on glorious ideals or that their culture was one that produced only good things yeah? I’m a diasporic Chinese, but we frequently do talk about our ancestral country, and I can’t tell you how many conversations I have had with relatives who say things like “China never went conquering and stirring up shit like those Western countries.” People who are otherwise well-educated think nothing of the fact that modern China is 92% Han Chinese despite occupying a massive area. And the fact is that thousands of years ago many different non-Han people were living there. People think nothing of how for thousands of years the idea of “foreigner” was conflated with “barbarian” and “savage”. I’ve seen many pundits cast China’s rise to a global power as this new, unprecedented thing. When, if you really think about it, it’s just more like the old order of things reasserting itself. 

Historical amnesia- whether deliberately inflicted by the individual or by one’s teachers and politicians- can be understood as a component of facilitating imperialism. After all, just like with the Han Chinese, there is nothing to reflect upon, nothing to apologise for if “we’ve always been here” and “have never went conquering like the West”. So it’s nothing when one makes non-Han speak Mandarin or puts down rebellions in Tibet and Xinjiang. This is just an issue of national unity, what have those people got to be upset about? There is no instinct to reflect on “why are these people part of our country today?” It’s nothing when Chinese corporations start doing questionable things in the African continent- “we didn’t colonise this place, we are both developing regions helping one another”. There is no need for self-reflection, for how China’s imperialist history does translate into imperialist instincts today. 

Therefore, we conveniently see it this way: the villains can always be the Mongols, the Manchu, then the British and the Japanese, but never ourselves. The Chinese government will make comments about how imperialist and interfering the US is, all the while trying to keep its own empire together. 

I don’t think Americans have as severe a problem compared to the Chinese in not being conscious of your country’s imperialist instincts, but I guess it works similarly, on a more subtle level- one thinks they are fighting the empire, while actually being the empire.

Can’t help falling in love (part 1)

This was inspired by the amazing @theysaidshewasawriter who made probably one of my favourite imagines! xx

I’m gonna write one every dayyyyyy x

Top 5 Dylan O'brien moments

(You’ve known each other since you were 5 years old)

1. It was already the ‘joyous’ time where people do extravagant promposals, you already knew you wanted to go with each other more than anybody else. It was just the asking part that was the most awkward. You wanted it to be a big typical promposal but even though you two were so comfortable around each other, you don’t really know when too much was too much.

You were at Dylan’s house, as usual and you were watching Supernatural in his room. “So, this prom thing is coming up?” Dylan began. “Yeah, I know. It’s pretty huge.” you reply. You moved closer to his chest as he held you tighter against him. “So, I was thinking-” he started while playing with your hair. You really wanted him to ask you, since you never really do things like this, it was really exciting. “Should we order Chinese and not go to Prom or?” you immediately sat up and stared at him. “I’m just kidding! Do you wanna- wait! Just give me a sec. Just hold on!” Dylan got up from the bed and went into his bedside drawers. He rummaged through the drawers trying to find something until he finally stops and holds a velvet box in his hands.

He gets on one knee and holds the box up in the air. “Y/F/N, you are my best friend and I can’t imagine myself doing this with anyone else. Will you please do me this honour and go to prom with me?” you smiled and nodded repeatedly. You were still kneeling on his bed and you jumped on him, he fell back on the floor holding you close, he put his head in your hair as you hugged each other while you were giggling hysterically. Dylan gave you the velvet box and you opened it, it was the most beautiful ring, it was rose gold and it had both your initials engraved on it, you quickly put it on and wouldn’t stop glancing back at it. “Thanks Dyl, I love it.” you hesitantly pecked him on his cheek and you couldn’t help but notice a light blush covering them.

You were still laying on the floor until his mum entered the room, she looked down to see you and Dylan lying on the ground, “What are you guys doing on the floor?” you and Dylan looked back at each other and started laughing uncontrollably, “Well, she attacked me and yeah…”. You stood up from the floor and ran to his mum, you took out your finger with the ring on it and she covered her mouth in awe. “He finally proposed!” she shouted and you started jumping up and down and she took you in her arms. “Wait, did you say proposed or promposed?” you asked. “Um, well,” Dylan got up from the ground and faced his mum behind you making silent actions telling her to stop. “I meant to say promposed…?” you smiled at her and looked down to look at the ring.

“Well, I should probably leave you to it I guess.” she said turning around to the door. “Yeah, that’s probably a good idea…” Dylan replied shooing her off towards the door. His mum started walking to the door and she quickly ran back to you, “Trust me, he will propose one day.” you smiled to yourself and put a piece of hair behind your ear. “Please, just go, please!” Dylan pushed her out of the door and closed it, he then made his way to his bed again and sat down, you followed him to his bed as well .”What did she say to you?” you chuckled and replied. “That’s for me to know and for you to find out.”

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Note : I’m not Korean so there’s a possibility that my translation is not 100% correct. I translated this article from Korean to Japanese then English. If there’s some mistake, please correct me nicely through Tumblr Ask. * = are the parts where I’m not really sure with my translation. Thank you! ♥ ps: please give credits~^o^
[Source / Translation]

Q. What made you interested in Korea?
WenHan: I was in America that time but I always liked 4MEN’s music and I started dreaming to be a singer someday.
Yibo: I’ve been learning to dance but Taeyang sunbaenim’s “Wedding dress” made me interested in Korea while practicing it.
Seungyoun: Yibo is my friend who dances street dance but he was also one of the contestants of a popular hiphop dance battle in china and he was in top 16. Out of a million people, he was in top 16!!
Yixuan: Because of Rain sunbaenim, I started liking Korea.

Q. How was your debut like?
Seungyoun: I was really nervous but instead of worrying about a mistake that I might make, I felt more excited to debut. I just wanted to stand on the stage soon.
Sungjoo: One by one, I was thinking and preparing for an expression that will catch a girl’s heart.

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Interesting fact about Tiger and Panda that I learn today :

Tigers cannot purr. To show happiness, tigers squint or close their eyes. This is because losing vision lowers defense, so tigers (and many other cats) only purposefully do so when they feel comfortable and safe. (Recalled the boat scene?)

Tigers can leap distances of over 6m, and jump up to 5m vertically. Their muscular legs are so powerful that they can remain standing even when dead. (Many times we saw how high Tigress can leap!)

Tigers have antiseptic saliva. They lick their wounds to disinfect them.

Cats in general have been found to have a better memory than any other animal, including humans, being several hundred times better than dogs and dozens of times better than primates. Tigers’ short-term memory alone lasts about thirty times longer than humans’, and their memories are made with stronger brain synapses, meaning that they can remember more and do not forget things as easily as we do.

Many Chinese philosophers believe that the universe is made from two opposing forces, the Yin and Yang. The panda is one symbol of this philosophy with its contrasting black-and-white fur. The Chinese believe that the gentle nature of the panda demonstrates how the Yin and Yang bring peace and harmony when they are balanced.

Pandas have been a symbol of peace in China. For example, hundreds of years ago, warring tribes in China would raise a flag with a picture of a panda on it to stop a battle or call a truce

Pandas do not run fast—a slow trot is as fast as they can go. (That’s why Po seems to be always be struggling behind LOLs, but his training does make him fast) The fastest bear is the black bear, which can run 35 miles per hour. That’s about as a fast as a horse or deer.

Pandas rely less on visual memory than they do on spatial memory to locate a mate’s home range area and preferred patches of bamboo. Spatial memory is defined as the ability to remember a location.

Although a giant panda’s fur looks silky and soft, it is quite thick and wiry. The hair of an adult giant panda can grow up to 4 inches (10 cm) long.

A giant panda’s face is cute, but it is not chubby. It gets its shape from massive cheek muscles. In fact, a giant panda’s jaw and cheek muscles are so powerful that a panda can easily chew an aluminum dish into tiny pieces. They can also easily bite through a thick bamboo stalk. Humans have trouble cutting the same stalk with an ax

There is only one species of pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca or “black-and-white cat foot”). Wild pandas live only in small pockets of land in southwestern China. (Not sure why they think somehow Panda and Cat share same ancestor?)

The Chinese call giant pandas daxiongmao or “large bear cat.” Pandas have also been known as “beast of prey,” “white leopard,” “iron eating beast,” and “bamboo bear.

Adult pandas are so large that they do not have many natural enemies. Snow leopards, however, will prey on vulnerable panda cubs or old and sick adult pandas. (Sound like Tai Lung!)

In China, giant pandas are considered to be national treasures. (Name ‘Po’ means treasure!)

Pandas have sometimes been seen rolling down slopes. While they may be playing, they may also be trying to dislodge twigs from their fur. (Lolsss…. KFP3 spoiler!!!)

doesn’t some of them sounded familiar?

after a full day of flying from Fukuoka to Seoul to Shanghai, he stayed up to pen down that weibo post at midnight. he purposely posted it in Chinese (with interpreter’s and manager’s help of course) to allow fans to fully understand what he’s trying to say. it was an issue so serious that he had to tell fans what they were doing is not right. he is not a person to lightly speak of an issue if it was not serious. he just ended the Fukuoka 2-days Dome Concert the day before. he flew back from Fukuoka yesterday and he was back to the airport later that same day to catch a flight to Shanghai. fansite masters stopped taking pictures of him after awhile because they said he looked too tired and they wanted to give him space to rest. when he arrived in Shanghai’s airport, there were fan accounts of him being stuck in the airport for an hour or so because there were too many fans waiting for him outside. when he was finally on his way to the hotel, when he thought he could finally rest for the night, there were 20 or so cars tailing behind him, trying to block his path for god-knows-what reasons. could you imagine the mental exhaustion and stress this boy had gone through? don’t you see the way you express your love is tiresome for him? don’t you see that the love you proclaim to be so great and precious has already turned sour? don’t you see that your love is actually poison for him?