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My cat is on medication that costs $70 from the vet and $10 from the chemist (sans $20 script, exact same meds at non-PBS price). I know vet meds aren't subsidised but would it be a better idea for vets to not stock meds that can be obtained at normal chemists/pharmacists? Do we hurt vet businesses when we choose not to buy meds at the clinic and instead ask for scripts? :(

From a business point of view not having any medication on site makes great sense, there’s no inventory to maintain, nothing that will expire, nothing worth robbing the place for, less stock to insure and you can continue to make your profits on professional fees. This is how most human GP practices work, only maintaining a minimum stock of medication and most of those are injections.

In reality, no, we need to keep a certain amount of medication on hand.

There’s nothing wrong with you requesting a script to get identical medication from a pharmacy, and I suspect that it where the future of medication will go.

However, members of the general public are not always competent, often forgetful, and may not understand a sense of urgency.

For example, writing a script for medication that the owner doesn’t fill for a few days, because they weren’t planning on going that way until then, and in the meantime the animal gets worse. Or filling the script and then going “But I can’t give mitzi tablets!”. Or wanting to know know how to administer the medication but the pharmacist doesn’t know how to explain giving ear drops to a dog and the owner didn’t bring the dog into the pharmacy anyway.

Having the medication on hand means that we can demonstrate how to administer it or address concerns with giving the medication before the owner pays for it. It also reduced the delay between diagnosis and starting treatment because the owner doesn’t need to make a separate trip, but it does make ‘vet costs’ look more expensive because you’re paying for both the consultation and the medication at the same place.

As veterinarians we are also hamstrung because legally we’re supposed to use registered veterinary products (drugs that have been therapeutically tested on animals) over human products (potentially the exact same thing but not therapeutically tested on animals) if such a product exists. Manufacturers know this and will position their price point at high as they think they can get away with. This is why the cost of maropitant tablets dropped to 25% of the original after two years, because nobody was willing to buy them. Chewable beef prozac tablets came onto, and then left the market because they were 8x more expensive than human ones.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers try to push the prices of their medications up as high as they think they can get away with. They spend a lot of time and money on surveys to figure this out. Vet clinics would love to make money off our drug inventory, but we also want it to be affordable enough so that our patients get treated, especially for their chronic conditions. It’s a difficult balance to strike, and impossible to please everyone.

A vet clinic is also, generally, a hospital with admitted patients. We need to maintain a certain amount of pharmacy stock to treat those patients.

But no, if the clinic is charging a script fee then you are not hurting that business by requesting a script instead.

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Omg this blog is literally my fav! I was wondering if you could do a RFA (and minor trio if that's ok) with MC who still has to sleep with a stuffed animal or they don't sleep?? Thank you so much!

Sorry, I know you requested this a billion years ago. I’m just an awful person, I’m so sorry!!!! But I really like this concept and thus!!! Let us begin writing it!!!


You absolutely loved Zen, and trusted him with everything, well, almost everything

Which was why when he suggested hanging out at your apartment you hesitated

He noticed of course, and immediately took back his suggestion, but you knew the time had come and sooner or later you would have to show him anyway

So, you hesitantly agreed to it, even though you wanted to throw yourself against a wall for the whole situation

But of course, you weren’t going to change it, there was nothing you could do, so you steeled yourself for the inevitable judgement that was to pass

He arrived at your house at 17:00 (5pm), and you were just about ready to throw yourself out the window

“Hey Zen, how are you?”

“I’m doing well MC! I missed you!”

You giggled at that despite yourself, and felt a little better about the whole situation, but the pit in your stomach still refused to unknot itself, staying put in making you feel slightly nauseous as you gave a tour of your, no, Rika’s apartment. You had to admit it looked very different now; the traces of the blonde woman were replaced with your personality, seeping through the documents, now filled in the margins with scribbles and other doodles

You had to admit you were happy with most of it, most…

“And here…. is my bedroom.” You were more than a bit less excited to show off this part of the apartment. But you nevertheless opened the door and stepped to the side so Zen could see.

He strode right in, and looked around the room.

“MC this place is awesome! It definitely fits your style more now!” He beamed at it, and you were left a little confused on how to handle the situation.

“Really, you really like it?” You asked, nervously, but who could blame you?

“YES!” He beamed, sitting on your queen-size bed, filled to the brim with all sorts of plushies. “Especially the stuffed animals, they sort of emulate your caring nature, I bet you take care of them wonderfully!” He picked up one, a beige bear holding a heart, and smiled fondly at it. But you didn’t feel any better.

“It’s not that, it’s, well, I can’t sleep without them.” You hung your head, thinking of all the times you had to leave Zen’s house early, assuring him you were fine, not wanting to tell him what was really going on. Zen’s face looked at you in quiet thought and you could feel your cheeks begin to burn in embarrassment and unhappiness

“Oh MC, I wish you had told me! I thought you didn’t like my house, or didn’t like the idea of staying the night with me. You should’ve told me! I wouldn’t’ve cared!” This made your face flush even more and you buried your hands in your head.

“I was embarrassed, I thought you wouldn’t’ve liked it, or thought it stupid, or me stupid and childish.” You groaned, more to your hands then to the albino sitting in front of you.

But Zen just stood up and hugged you

“I’m sorry you thought that way MC, I love you and would never think that way.”

“I’m sorry.” You whispered, but he just shook his head and kissed your forehead.

“It is by no fault of your own, know that. Okay?” You looked up at his face, and smiled a small smile, he beamed in return



He found out in what you thought was the stupidest way possible

You had agreed to go to Yoosung’s house for the night, it was supposed to be fun, a good experience, but you forgot about one thing…

Once you found out you of course wanted to not go through this

But the idea of leaving Yoosung on a confusing note seemed just too cruel

So, you took just one stuffed animal, a small little tiger, thinking that everything would be fine

Unfortunately, you didn’t pay enough attention to it, and you ended up leaving the tiger on the counter

You didn’t realize until it was around 22:00 (10pm), that you forgot it, and then it was too late to go all the way back to your apartment

You had gotten settled in your pajamas and you went over to get your stuffed animal out of your bag, when you realized you left it at home

Panic welled up inside you and you nearly went home right then and there

“Um, Yoosung…” you ran up to him in half panic

“What’s wrong MC!” Yoosung asked, surprised and worried by your sudden outburst of nervousness

“Well, um, well, I left my stuffed animal at home! I can’t sleep without it!” You decided telling him was nothing compared to getting zero hours of sleep

“Oh MC! I have a few stuffed animals in my closet! Will that work?” he asked nervously and you nodded, your mind still racing at the idea of staring at the wall without being able to slip off to sleep

Yoosung raced off to his closet and came back with a little pink owl and placed it in your hands

You thanked him and gave him a huge hug. “You aren’t embarrassed at me, are you? You don’t think I’m weird?” You looked at him anxiously, but he just hugged you tighter

“I would do anything to make you happier MC, this is the least I could do!” He whispered. And you smiled into his sweatshirt.

That night you snuggled against the owl, while Yoosung hugged you tightly from the back

You were happy and thought no one else could be as kind as him…


You were sure of many things about Jaehee

Her loathing of cats, her love of coffee and Zen, the way she cleaned her glasses in the morning

And the fact she wouldn’t like you stuffed animal, well, problem, was something you were definitely sure of

Which was why every night after she had fallen asleep you had snuck a stuffed animal into bed, too scared to tell her about it

Some nights she took ages to fall asleep and you were staring at the ceiling until one o’clock in the morning

So, when Jaehee said she had to go over to her mother’s house you were guiltily happy

This time at least you’d be able to sleep a few extra hours

So, after you hugged her goodbye, you went straight to bed with five fluff-balls

You slept wonderfully, a little too well in fact

You woke up to Jaehee smiling at you from afar, and you nearly threw the plushie at her

“Um, Jaehee…”

“MC, you’re so cute!” She smiled and gave you a big hug

“You, you don’t think it’s weird?” You asked, really, really surprised

“No! Why would I? You’ve been doing it since forever.” She said, staring at you

“What.” You were beyond surprised

“Oh, come on MC, you should’ve told me ages ago! I was just waiting for you to bring it up.”

“I, I just thought you’d find it embarrassing, I mean, I hate the fact that I have to worry about it all the time.”

“But why, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about?” Jaehee hugged you and you felt a bit better it. “Trust me MC.”

“Okay, Jaehee, I trust you.”


Jumin was a classy sort of guy, you liked that about him, but what you didn’t like was how you needed to worry about it

When you guys went to party you had to worry about your dress, or what you said to someone

It was crazy, and it was also starting to seep into your normal life, despite Jumin’s constant assurances he didn’t care about that stuff and it was just for show

You tried to not let it get to you, but there was one thing that wasn’t going to pass the test of not caring

Your stuffed animals. You didn’t let anyone know about it save your closest friend, and Jumin was one of the ones out of the loop

Which was why you never slept over at his house and vice versa, you just didn’t know how to explain it

Whenever he came over to your house you made sure to hide all your plushies in the closet, to make sure that he wouldn’t see it

He never suspected, which was alright with you, it wasn’t exactly a typical trait and you had plenty of other excuses to use for why you didn’t want to stay over

But you eventually got too careless

He was over at your house one day, it was a casual day to kick back and relax.

“Hey MC?” Jumin looked up from the book you two were reading.

“Yeah Jumin?”

“I forgot my jacket in your room can I go get it?”

“Sure, I didn’t realize you left it there.” You replied, which made him laugh

“I’m very good at leaving things haha.”

You smiled and kissed him on the cheek, causing him to blush slightly, and get up off the couch

You waited for about five minutes, then also got off the couch to see what Jumin was up to

You walked over to your room and opened the door, before doing a double-take. You saw him playing with one of your stuffed animals of a cat

“MC, this is so cute!!! How come you never told me?”

You were dumfounded, and more than a little embarrassed; “Um, well, I’ve been collecting stuffed animals since I was young, it was the only way I could sleep, since my neighbors were always fighting and someone was blasting music. It became habit and now, well, I can’t sleep without them.” You hung your head, extremely embarrassed to be admitting this to a refined member of society

Jumin put down the cat and went over to you, patting your head and giving you a forehead kiss. “I’m sorry to hear that MC.” He said, and you just shook your head

“It’s stupid, I should be able to sleep without being surrounded by plushies!” You massaged your forehead in frustration, you wanted this to be a secret, but now there was no escaping the fact, because you had opened your mouth and told. You also didn’t like the idea that you hadn’t been able to tell him until the situation was literally forced on you.

“I’m sorry for not telling you Jumin, I, I should’ve trusted you more.” You admitted, but he also shook his head

“It’s not your fault, it’s no one’s fault because there’s no fault to assign, I understand you wanted to keep it private, we all have things we feel that way about, I wish I had been able to prove my trust, but there’s nothing to be done about that now, all that we can do is look forward.”

That made you feel much better

Now, you always bring your “cats” with you when you go over to his house


Let’s face it he prolly already knows, I mean he’s a hacker you argue to yourself

Yeah, but come on how is he going to see it? You don’t post pictures of it every day on Snapchat or some such thing!

Argh just tell him! You were about six seconds away from pulling your hair out.

Luciel was coming over and you were deciding what was the best plan of action, because there was a problem, okay no, two problems

The first one was that you liked him, and not just a little, you really liked him, he as funny and clever, the only one who could keep a fast-paced witty conversation, except maybe Jaehee, but she thought it all extremely childish.

The second, and right now the more serious problem, was the fact that your apartment was currently overrun with stuffed animals

Yes, in the time you’d been forced to sit in the apartment you had made more than a few trips to the toy section of Amazon

What it unsafe? Yes probably

Did you care that much? No, you weren’t even using your own credit card, you were using your ex’s, (hey don’t judge you’d pay him back someday, besides he was probably getting rich of his money laundering schemes).

But now you had a space problem, and a don’t-let-the-hacker-know problem

It had to be some place not too obvious, closest were classic, and the first place to check. You had thought of burying it with you towels, but the lumps would be too obvious. Eventually you just gave up and played a crazy game of hide and seek, hiding them in small, ubiquitous places, like behind the dvd player and some such things.

But you still were full of nerves when the doorbell rang.

“Hello?” You asked cautiously, before the redhead replied and you opened the door, wanting to jump out the nearest window if you were sure you’d have the death painless…


He’d been ignoring you for a while now, and you were just about fed up with it

You’d tried nearly everything, conversation, joke, food

Even Honey Buddha chips you swore to God this kid was unbreakable!

At least he hadn’t found the booty yet omfgendmenow

But you were 110% done with this crap

You went to your room, looking for your mountain of plushies, but your heart sank when you remembered that they were scattered around your house

“Well fuck it!” You declared to yourself, and went to dig a few out of your underwear drawer, and the other places around your room

Your ran around the house as normally as possible, pulling out every last one, even the few behind the refrigerator

You were paying so little attention to everything around you, so much so that you didn’t see the person behind you as you pulled a bear out of the knife drawer

“MC?” You jumped up, hitting your head on the counter, at the voice behind you

“Um, hi, Luciel.” You muttered, trying to think of an excuse for your rustling around in the drawer where all the sharp objects were kept.

“What were you doing in the knife drawer? Are you okay?” He asked, you just stared, honestly a bit surprised that he was talking to you.

“Yeah, I’m fine, I was, um, I was just looking for a bread knife.”

“To do what with?”

“To cut bread!” You huffed, annoyed by the question for some reason. “Why?”

“I, I just want to know.” He hesitated, then, peering around you, asked; “Why are you holding a stuffed animal?” He looked more serious now, and you didn’t like his gaze.

“Well. I mean, I like this bear.” You cringed, that was a really stupid excuse, but there was nothing to be done now.

“Uh huh, tell me MC, how many do you have.”

“Do I have to tell you.” This wasn’t a question



“Because it concerns your safety.”

“Yeah, why? Will you tell me? Or will you freeze up like before?” You half shouted that one. Luciel froze for a second, but soon enough he was on with his own excuses

“Well maybe because if I told you you’d be worse off than you are now! It’s hard enough with them checking everything! Your credit card, your blah blah blah, they’re just waiting for a chance, a chance- “

“A chance to what.”


This changed things quite a bit, you were officially beyond pissed, and Seven, well, you weren’t sure what he was thinking, but it didn’t seem good. Time stretched, as if both you were floating away from what the other had said, and reality for that matter. Finally, though, Luciel opened his mouth and spoke. “So, now are you going to tell me the real reason you have this bear, and where the rest are.” That was also not a question.

“I have this bear because I can’t sleep without it, the others are, well they’re everywhere, had you time and want to actually observe the world around you then you would’ve known that.” Your voice was as flat as a bad violin string which no one wanted to replace or tune. Luciel seemed taken aback by the whole thing though, which wasn’t like him, whether in chat or, well or whatever the Hell this thing was.

“I. I’m sorry about your inability to sleep, you should’ve told me, I would’ve done something.” He finally said, in the tone of voice defeated generals use during negotiations, or a mourner talking about their dead loved one.

“It’ not your fault, nor your problem, I can deal with it, I’ve been dealing with it.” You replied, annoyed but also, melancholy? No that wasn’t the word, tired, that was it, you were tired of fighting of being on edge, of the bomb and the surveillance and the sneaking and everything. It was becoming too much for you. You wanted to tell the truth, because you were sick of pretending that everything was fine, whether it be sleep or otherwise.

You looked up at Luciel. He was staring at you, and you weren’t sure what to think of the look he was giving you. Was it pitying in his eyes? No, he knew better then to pity you. That you were, but unlike the last time you had no idea what he was actually thinking nor what was actually behind the look in his eyes.

He walked up to and hugged you, there were no words on his lips.

You leaned into it, happy for human contact after all this solitude, after all this loneliness and confusion, you could use a hug, something which grounded you to the Earth on which you were standing.

“Will you let me help you?” Those were the first words that came out of his mouth. You wrapped your arms around him and nodded, small, perhaps imperceptible to some, but not to Seven.

He contracted a little, as to get his head closer to yours, and you stood up on the balls of your feet

“I’m sorry.”

“Enough with the sorry-s. I’m done with them.” You replied. “I’m ready for a new chapter. One with all my new friends, one with you.”

He looked at you and smiled, you smiled back. You could read what was in his eyes now. It was love…

The END! Oh my God I’m so happy to be back to writing! School has been killing me but I felt so bad for not writing! I promise to do the minor trio, it’s just I want to publish this first! I hope you are happy with it!! Thank you for waiting!!!<3 <3 <3

Requests are reopened, ask me for something!

oh wow looks like i did manage to get something done for glitch day

aoooo is best glitch wolf striped hyena puppy girl


Les bougies – The candles

Fox 1 : Turn off the light  ♫ ♪

Fox 2 : Turn on the light   ♪ ♫

Kiwi : Jump !

raccoon : must concentrate, must concentrate @___@”

I wanted to make the same characters playing (trolling) arround with two different animation gifs, the result is pretty funny ^^

it was test, always cool to try things to improve =)

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Do you think that it can ever be morally justified to test on an animal? And if not, since many scientists agree that as of now there are no alternatives, what should we do? Simply not try and find cures?

I do not believe that it is morally justified to exploit animals for human gain, regardless of the context. There are an awful lot of myths surrounding animal testing, so bare with me on this. Firstly, I think that you might be assuming that the only way treatments can be developed is through animal testing. The effective drugs on the market have been tested on animals, but it does not follow that these things have been effective because they have been tested on animals. Here in the UK for example, any new drug must be tested on at least two mammals to be considered fit for market. Now, that does not mean those drugs came about because they were tested on animals, they could be (and in many cases are) the result of much more advanced and less victorian methods of testing drugs.

It is not the case that we treat diseases by testing on animals or we don’t treat them at all. There are a wealth of alternatives like en vitro, test methods and models based on human cell and tissue cultures, computerised patient-drug databases and virtual drug trials, computer models and simulations, stem cell and genetic testing methods, non-invasive imaging techniques such as MRIs and CT Scans, and micro dosing, to name a few. There are many well respected figures in the bio-medical community who do not believe animal testing is in any way helpful anymore. We have undoubtedly gained a great deal from animal testing in the past, but people like Nobel-prize winning biologist Sir Peter Medawar pointed out that we will be at a point where we can dispense with animal research altogether in as few as ten years time, and that was in 1972.

Even ignoring ethical considerations, the animal model of research is deeply flawed, 9 out of 10 drugs that pass animal tests still go on to fail or cause harm in clinical trials on humans. UK based companies like Pharmagene use human tissue exclusively, not out of any ethical considerations, but because they believe that the animal testing model is scientifically redundant. Animals do not get many of the diseases that humans do, so these diseases must be artificially induced. This simply does not give us an accurate measure of how organically caught diseases will respond to treatment, human cell tissue gives us a much more accurate picture. To use cancer as an example, Fran Visco, founder of the National Breast Cancer Coalition said, “Animals don’t reflect the reality of cancer in humans. We cure cancer in animals all the time, but not in people.”  

As for the research methodology, it is widely accepted that animal experiments have serious limitations in that results in humans cannot be extrapolated from results in animals. A mixture of high dosage, artificial introduction of diseases and stress conditions of animals in confinement mean there are simply too many variables to gain reliable results. The cures that work on animals very often do not work in humans. Dr. Richard Klausner, former director of the US National Cancer Institute, points out that: “The history of cancer research has been the history of curing cancer in the mouse. We have cured mice of cancer for decades and it simply didn’t work in human beings.” So what do we actually gain from animal testing? Last year, globally, we killed 115 million animals in scientific experiments, yet the FDA approved only 35 new treatments. 115 million lives, for 35 new drugs? Does that sound like an efficient research model to you? 

Today’s drug companies do the actual research with computer based and stem cell models, and are simply obliged to test on animals once that process has been completed, in many cases slowing down the process rather than helping it. For every research organisation you can name me that is testing on animals, I can link you one that is having equal or superior results using non-animal models. As one researcher puts it, we don’t use animals because it is good science, we use them “because they are cheap, easy to handle and few people care what you do to them.”I think the many people are guilty of a rather obvious confirmation bias when it comes to animal testing, including scientists. They assume because animal research has been done, that animal research is the only way it could have possibly done, with very little possible evidence to back up that claim. Animal testing is inefficient, expensive, out of date and utterly unethical. 

On a personal level, I absolutely do not believe that animal lives have any less inherent value than human lives. People may believe it is perfectly okay for 115 million animals to suffer every year so long as it benefits humans, but we do not have to look very far into our own human history to see truly terrible examples of this cold, utilitarian idea in which it is acceptable for a minority to suffer for the good of the majority. The idea that some lives matter less than others has been responsible for some of the most horrific injustices in human history, and I do not believe this is an ethos that any serious thinker should entertain. I think that at this point, the only thing we still have to learn from animal testing is the depths of cruelty that humans are willing to inflict on sentient beings for our own gain.

Nine-banded armadillos used in leprosy testing

Unlike other small animals that are easy to breed and raise in laboratory settings, nine-banded armadillos have a body temperature that’s low enough to become infected with Mycobacterium leprae (the bacterium that causes leprosy/Hansen’s disease).

Armadillos always give birth to identical quintuplets - the young armadillos shown are probably from one littler, and about half the size of a small adult.

German immigrants to Texas used to call armadillos “Panzerschwein” - “armored pig”. Panzerschwein is the best pig-related moniker short of “Long Pig”. I just thought you should know this.



 if you buy cosmetics that have been tested on animals just know you’re directly supporting an industry that does this!!


It is 2015!! and it is easy as cake to find cosmetics that have NOT been tested on animals!

(what a time to be alive!!) 

Wet n Wild, Bonne Belle,  Pixi, E.l.f.  are just a few really awesome cruelty free makeup brands!!

KISS MY FACE makes  really good cruelty free  deodorant, body washes and sunscreens!!

Organix  and  Yes To make great great great hair products!! 

Yes To also makes awesome face washes/ scrubs, masks etc. 

Alba Botaica also make great body, hair and face products!! 

LUSH makes your favorite bath bombs which are cruelty free!! they also make a lot of awesome  makeup, soaps, perfumes, and lotion etc…

anyway the bottom line is its fairly easy to buy products which have not been tested on animasl!!

It only takes a small amount of effort!!

all you have to do is read the back before you buy!!! 

PRO TIP: If it doesn’t say anything on the back about animal testing…Put it back…It’s most likely been tested on animals!

here are some special things to look for!!

also watch out for companies who claim cruelty free but are owned by companies that aren’t cruelty free (YIKES….) 





Next Thursday is April 23rd. Aka the anniversary of “The Impossible Astronaut.” To celebrate we’re going to to a thing.

Thursday: draw tally marks everywhere. Hands. Arms. Faces. Homework. Tests. Yearbooks. Other animate or inanimate objects. Everywhere.

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Animating wavy things has always been somewhat baffling to me. Luckily I had the opportunity to clean a waving cape animation at work today, so I got to see how it’s done. …And then I wanted to test if I had learned anything I could apply to animating hair. Well, It’s a bit rough and doesn’t have the characteristics or detail I would want, but it’s flowing! And in color. That’s something.