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The mark of a good workshop is the ability to turn a worn-out older bike into a thing of beauty. And that’s what designer @hugoeccles has done with ‘Kalifornia,’ the latest build from @untitledmotorcycles. Based on a 1983 BMW R100, it’s a fabulous mix of Californian bravado and German cool.
See it at @the1moto show today in Portland, Oregon. Or hit the link in our bio for all the details (and terrific images by @speedydonahue.) #bmwmotorrad #r100 #custommotorcycle #caferacer #MakeLifeARide @bmwmotorrad @bmwmotorradusa #bikeexif

bikeexifThe mark of a good workshop is the ability to turn a worn-out older bike into a thing of beauty. And that’s what designer @hugoeccles has done with ‘Kalifornia,’ the latest build from @untitledmotorcycles. Based on a 1983 BMW R100, it’s a fabulous mix of Californian bravado and German cool.
See it at @the1moto show today in Portland, Oregon. Or hit the link in our bio for all the details (and terrific images by @speedydonahue.) #bmwmotorrad #r100#custommotorcycle #caferacer #MakeLifeARide @bmwmotorrad@bmwmotorradusa

Almost Summer Vacation

I totally wanted to go to Shasta, California lavender farm
It’s replanting year they are closed until 2018

Who lives between the directions of
Texas - Los Angeles - Portland, Oregon
I am considering a long drive Westward

What non-commercial sightseeing things are there for crazy tourists to see?

I am safe and sound in Portland! regular posting should resume soon.

from a personal standpoint: I’m so happy I decided to take this trip. I’m so glad I decided to drive. I learned a few things about myself, I found some new inspiration, I visited places I’ve always wanted to see and did things I always said I would do someday. I got to spend time with friends who I love very dearly, I feel ready to start my new life in Oregon, and I got some much-needed time to myself. I also feel more motivated to pursue grad school and I feel more passionate about and connected to the (hopefully) focus of my future MA thesis, which I’m more excited than ever to work on.

I’m glad I did this big thing!

PDX Gothic

- You take a right on Burnside. You take a left on 10th. You take a left on Stark. You take a left on 8th. Burnside has disappeared. You are back on the east side somehow. The one ways lead you nowhere. You catch a glimpse of the minotaur’s tail as you take another left. 

- The NE 7th Ave MAX stop has always been closed. Sometimes, the train doors open when it stops at the platform for that brief second. Nobody looks at the doors. Nobody ever looks at the doors. The NE 7th Ave MAX stop has always been closed.

- You decide that this year, you’re going to be brave and jump off the rocks at High Rocks. You leap, and you are falling towards the water. You continue falling. The rocks really were very high. For you, summer is eternal, just like you’ve always wished in the back of your head.

- “The rain keeps it warm in the valley!” You own coats made of rain. Blankets made of rain. The rain is good. The rain is warm. The rain is getting warmer, or you are getting colder. You stopped asking years ago.

- You are looking out over the Hawthorne Bridge. Or are you on the Burnside Bridge? Or the Steel Bridge? You look around you to find nothing but bridges connecting to one another. You live in the city of bridges, after all.

- The fog this morning smells like skunk. You begin to feel very sleepy. Suddenly, the line of tourists at Voodoo doesn’t seem like such a steep price to pay for a maple bacon bar. You want to wake up from this hell.

- You thought that the woman at Saturday Market with the cataract eyes and tattered clothes was just another member of the homeless population when you dropped change in her jar. Now you’re left with a chicken foot and all of this blood.

- The gardens at The Grotto are beautiful. The statues at The Grotto are beautiful. You cannot take your eyes off of them. You are seeing from their perspective now.

- You can see anything from Rocky Butte. You can see Washington from there. You have looked for too long. You have seen too much. You make the walk back to your car sullen at the knowledge of the bridge between this plane and the next. It was much more exciting when you hadn’t seen it.

- Everybody likes to talk about who and what lives in Forest Park, but nobody likes to talk about who and what comes out of the park. Too many things come out of the park.

the thing about portland oregon is that it is a very livable city, fiscally and physically. there are a lot of resources like- good food, stores, job opps etc and it is flat so u can walk/bike anywhere essentially.. but at the end of the day it sucks the soul out of any ambitious person. i feel like my nine months here have led me to extreme and new lows of depression and for that! i am getting the hell out. deuces hell town see u never.

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Aaron Draplin Shows How to Conceptualize and Create a Logo in 15 Minutes

While many assume good design is a result of hard contemplation and systematic renderings, Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co., and most notably the founder of Field Notes, approaches things a bit differently. A fanatic of vintage logos and simplicity, the Portland, Oregon-based entrepreneur takes on a challenge from online educational company, in which he must create a logo for a fictional construction company. In the video above, see how Draplin goes from rummaging through bookshelves and bins full of garage sale items for inspiration, to taking his sketches to the computer and working them out into a slew of logos. If his work process doesn’t inspire you, Draplin’s feel-good approach to not only design and collaboration, but to life in general will surely leave you wishing more designer’s carried themselves in the same manner.

Achilles. (Part 2 of 2)

“I was a boxer from the age of 5 to 37. Unfortunately, I was forced to retire.” 

“What happened?”

“I was run over by a car making a blind left turn.” He listed off the injuries to his back, neck, shoulders and knees. “They told me if I wasn’t so strong it would’ve killed me. But I had a good career. I trained under one of the best trainers in the world, and up against some great fighters.”

“Do you work now?” 

“No. Well, I sell Street Roots, and, well… it’s a job and I’m glad to have it. I’d love to work other jobs, but with my disabilities, no employer wants to take on the risk of me injuring myself on the job and then having to pay workers comp. But I’m getting ready to leave Portland soon. I’ve got house in Wyoming that I bought when I was 17, and I’ll never go back to live there so I might as well sell it, and… “

“Wait, you bought a house when you were 17?”

“Yeah, my girlfriend at the time was pregnant with triplets and my dad helped us out and bought the land and we bought a mobile home on the property.”

“You have triplets?” 

“We were going to have triplets. My girlfriend and I broke up for about the thousandth time while she was pregnant, and she was dating this other guy, and then things went badly. He pushed her out of a car going 40 miles an hour when she was seven months pregnant. Two of the babies died.”


“But my son, he’s 36 now and he’s great. He was such an easy baby…I was the one to get up with him in the middle of the night. His mom and I had this great system worked out. I got her go back to school because she was waitressing and I knew at least one of us needed an education. So I’d watch him in the morning while she took classes and then she’d have him all afternoon while I worked. And then I’d take him on the weekends. I would tell his mom, ‘You go. This is boy time for watching football and boxing.’ So she had a lot of free time and that was great for her. She was so protective of him though. One time he threw a stick at a tree and it bounced back and cut his eye and of course she got upset and I was like, ‘It’s fine! He’s a boy, he’s going to get bruises and cuts and broken bones. If you shelter him from doing those things he’s going to grow up to be the most boring person in the world.’ She thought my ideas about parenting were screwball.”

I interrupted him for a moment to point out a pigeon walking nearby with an obvious limp. “Weren’t you just telling me about a bird with a broken foot?”

“Oh, yeah. I feed that bird on a regular basis, so he comes around when he sees me. I brought him a bagel today.”


    Archie took this when we were out picking a Christmas tree. I didn’t see that he posted it on FB until now.. I’m currently at work and it’s surprisingly.. slow. It’s nice to sit and chill but, I’m really running out of things to do. If anyone wants to swing by, please do! (and bring me some food, I beg you!!) The shop is called Twig&Willow and it’s at the 2nd street promenade! ;)
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Sorry, Portland, but you brought Californians and gentrification and everything else you hate on yourself. You practically demanded that things be this way. See, there’s a detail about the Portland gentrification problem that lifetime residents consistently leave out when demonizing California for all of their city’s woes. In 1999, home builders in Portland pressured the Oregon Home Builders Association to lobby the state senate to impose a ban on something called inclusionary zoning. What’s that? Oh, just a type of zoning regulation that requires developers to dedicate a certain percentage of any new construction project to building affordable housing for residents. … The only other state in the nation that bans inclusionary zoning is Texas, if that gives you any idea what realm of progressiveness residents entered into when they decided to “keep Portland weird” by preventing poor people from moving to the hipper areas of their eventual Utopia.

5 Narrow-Minded Facts About The Most Liberal Places On Earth


Portraits of the Joyful Side of Life with @r_you_me

For more of Ayumi’s portraits, follow @r_you_me on Instagram.

Born in China, raised in Japan and educated in Thailand, London and the US, Ayumi Takahashi (@r_you_me) calls her work “borderless.” Her portraits are inspired by women she sees in fashion blogs and on the streets of Portland, Oregon, where she lives. Their style is suggestive of Alex Katz’s paintings or Matisse’s collages, but she also thinks of her brightly colored creations as having a mission:

“There are a lot of horrible things happening in the world, but I’d rather focus on the joyful way of looking at life — because there’s the same amount of suffering as happiness. Which do you want to scale up?”

That same playful aesthetic translates to the textiles and jewelry she started making in college and plans to start selling next year under her brand, Are You Me. Ayumi says the name grew organically out of having to solve the first problem she encountered when she moved to the US: “I don’t have an English name. It’s how I tell people to pronounce my name: Ayumi, R-U-Me.”

Ok kids buckle up since a bunch of towns are already losing power from the storm and freaking tornadoes are hitting the oregon coast with more to come, here are a couple of things you need to remember:

- If you still have power and are drawing on the comp during the storm, please save your work frequently!
- Wash all your clothes while there’s still power especially if you still gotta go to work, cause you never know when you’ll get another chance
- Take a shower while there’s still power and/or heat, or you’re gonna have a bad time sonny jim
- Tiny dollar store candles are your best friends ok u can find bags of ‘em for dirt cheap
- Make sure there’s enough gas in your car to go places if needed
- Drive carefully, even slow if you have to, please do not speed!
- Do not forget to treat dead-light intersections as 4-way stops
- Stock up on canned goods that do not need a can opener
- Chips and cookies are nice to have
- If you have a fondue kit then now’s the perfect time to use it, all you need is a candle!
- Might as well start eating any food in the fridge that might go bad soon
- Charge up everything you own
- Replace any flashlight batteries
- Boardgames. (may I suggest Betrayal at House on the Hill?)
- Make sure blankets and supplies are easily accessible, leave in an area that you can walk towards without obstacles in the way if the lights suddenly go out
- Some phone services offer personal hotspots for general wifi access, this can be helpful if you want to use the internet on your computer or if a friend/family member needs to contact someone, check your settings and see if you have it!
- If you rely on heated hair tools to style your ‘do then texture sprays or sporting messy buns for a while might not be such a bad idea in this situation
- Keep your phone with you at all times for the obvious reasons, plus it’s also good in case the lights go out and you need an immediate flashlight!

I know I probably haven’t covered everything but these are the first things that come to mind so please feel free to add more tips!  I hope everyone stays safe this weekend!!


Well, im bummed to say the least. Fanart is a gray area for people when it comes to art theft especially manip art, but I designed these badges based on some of my favorite episodes of Supernatural and a vendor bought one of each design at Rose city comic con 15′, photocopied them, and was selling them at Wizard World PDX 16′ this weekend. :( 

When I called the booth runner out he pulled the “oh and you have the Warner bros copyrights?” and then didn’t have a quick answer when I asked if he did for making the 50 plus different badges they sold for different fandoms. Then when i returned with another artist who heard about everything and was angry, the table runner changed his story from ‘stealing fanart is fine cuz i’m not the WB’ and said that the owner must have bought a bunch of them to resell (even though i don’t do wholesale and they sell them for the same amount I sell them for? and even though we know he bought exactly one of each at RCCC in September and there are multiples here? I called him out on that as well and he wouldn’t answer.) 

Wizard told me what i need to do to get them pulled from future cons and was super helpful. Thank you Wizard! I wonder how many of the dozens of designs they were selling were stolen designs from other manip artists. yeah, I get it, we’re not like traditional artists, but with the hours we put into our digital work it’s messed up when someone steals the exact designs. Like, I TOTALLY get that we end up with similar designs doing staff badges and FBI badges for fandoms but this isn’t a similar design, this is an exact photocopy.

So, If you are a badge designer, or manip artist please keep a watch out for this booth. They have a big double sided rack COVERED with different fandom badges but he was on my ass so I couldn’t get pics of the other badges. They told one person they are “Zane Collectibles” but Wizard World gave me the REAL name they registered under which was “Elmo’s Collectibles”, I’m not sure how many different names they use, but this is the info that they had on the public vendors list and they don’t appear to have an online presence.

If you see them at a convention selling Supernatural STAFF badges of this style  please snap a picture and let me know. They do about 30 cons a year all over from what the guy said, and I’m only able to do ones in the Portland Oregon area. :/ I emailed the Chris guy and asked that he not sell my designs anymore, and to destroy the copies he made, so we’ll see what happens. I’ll update how things go. If anyone has advice that has dealt with manip fanart theft, I’m all ears. 

Hi Taylor! So i have never really posted anything about my life on here but I thought it was about time I told you how much you mean to me. Let’s back track all the way to 2008 when my grandma got me fearless for Christmas that year. I was obsessed, that album was all I listened to for the future 5 months. Some family friends were also huge fans of you and they got tickets to see you in Portland, Oregon for your fearless tour. Of course I was devastated that I couldn’t see you but I was really happy for them. And when they got back from the concert they got me a fearless concert shirt!!! Till this day it’s one of my most favorite things. And the shirt may not fit me as well as it did in 08 but hey I still make it work. And than speak now came out and instantly I knew “never grow up” was favorite song by you, and it still is today. When I heard you were coming to Portland again for your speak now tour I begged for weeks for my mom to let me go. And no was her final answer. And yes I was sad but I had your albums, and that’s all I needed. Those family friends got tickets to see you again that year. I tried so hard to be happy for them that eventually I actually was happy for them. It just hurt knowing that they got to see you two times and I haven’t seen you once. And than red came out and this was when I was in 7th grade going through crushes and feelings/emotions I never felt before. And what got me though seventh grade was you and red. I didn’t feel alone anymore. 8th grade wasn’t the best year for me up and downs more downs than ups. But all the ups in that year was you and your music. Than boom freshman year I listened to fifteen on repeat (even though I was still 14) before my first day of highschool. And it turned out that I loved highschool a lot. And than in October 1989 was released and I flipped and ran (literally) to the store and got the album and didn’t put it down for the next three days. I didn’t know it than but later on in the year I would be depending on this album for everything that was going on. Freshman year was full of heartbreak and regrets. But with 1989 it gave me some of the best advice I have ever needed in my life. Again * i didn’t feel alone * . And now I am soon to be a sophomore in highschool and I’m excited for what is to come. And what you have to come. So thank you Taylor for making me feel so loved and appreciated. And most of all not feeling alone. Thank you for caring about us and loving just as much as we love and care about you. You make me so happy, and I hope I can make you happy someday. Thank you Taylor swift, thank you for everything you have done for me. You mean the absolute world to me and I hope one day you will read this and know how much I love you and appreciate you. I haven’t seen you live yet but someday I hope to experience your music with you.
Love, Carson 💚💚💚

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“When I look back on all the sad things that have happened in my life, they don’t really feel sad because I see how beneficial they were.”

“Can you give me an example?”

“Well, my ex-fiancee and I aren’t together anymore. She left me for my best, well, our best friend. But now I’m so glad I’m not in that relationship because I think I would have found myself stuck in a situation I didn’t know how to get out of.”

gonzalotrueba  asked:

Thoughts about the racial discrimination in Portland? Good news on the horizon? The Atlantic ran a really interesting/sad article about the city and state. I'm from Oregon but now live in TX. Have been thinking of moving back. Just wondering.

we live in a place that had sundown laws on the books until the thirties. 80% of the state’s black population lives *in portland* and portland is so white it’s see-through. we’re super-gay (second in the nation!) but super-white (tenth in the nation!) and i wish things were different. i wish i was raising my children in a place that looks like the world we live in. kel and i are starting to work with the urban league in hopes of contributing positively towards that outcome. for now the town and state reaps what its sown and pays the price for it.

I want an erratic flood rock in my yard

Bit of Oregon history for you folks: At the end of the last ice age, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington were racked by catastrophic floods, which resulted when ice dams in Idaho and Canada melted and broke under the pressure of the glacial lakes they contained. 

More than 40 feet of water covered what is currently Portland, bringing debris and giant boulders - some the size of a three-story house - along with it. 

One of the weirdest/coolest things we see around here from time to time are giant boulders in the middle of fields, or stuck atop rolling hills. Many Oregonians have no idea where these special and beautiful rocks came from, nor do they understand the journey they endured to get here. 

Call me weird or whatever, but I want one of these “erratic giants” in my yard. People dig them up during construction and throw them away, and there is no law requiring the preservation of these natural wonders - though, ironically, there are state parks dedicated to them. I have no idea what I’d do with it (aside from maybe icorporate it into an outdoor altar or something), and I especially have no idea how we’d get it onto the property (I suppose we could rent a CAT), but I do know that I want to ‘rescue’ an erratic flood rock if the opportunity arises. 

Crane 500. 

October 26, 2014: Well, here it is everyone… the 500th Crane, in all it’s glory. I chose to make something a little splashier for the occasion, since so many people regarded this as a milestone in the journey.

And I have to say, thinking back on this project, I can’t tell you how much it’s now serving as a testament to how much life can change, how the universe can hear your desire for help, and even deliver an solution or a shoulder to lean on when you need it. I started this in Washington Heights, in New York and have continued it in Virginia, Arkansas, Los Angeles, Rhode Island, and in a few more places. I was working freelance as a designer in New York, now I’m settling into Portland, OR as a part of a regional theater. 

I was in such pain in New York; looking back, I can see that I wasn’t happy, and it seems so obvious from what I had been writing while doing this project. And, as unsettled and unanchored I feel here in Portland right now, I will be honest and say that I no longer feel like I’m in pain. Or that I lack control over what should be a fairly basic thing: life… or Life. 

I started this project 615 days ago, on February 18th, 2013. I have no idea when I’ll finish the remaining 500.

But let’s see when and where and what Life is then. 

Again, one day at a time.