things to remember about writing

Things I Try to Remember When I’m Nervous About Writing

1. Write what you want to read. 

2. There is no problem with a story so great that it cannot be fixed in revision. Keep going.

3. If your story is as uncreative as you think it is, you wouldn’t want to write it so badly. You want to write it because there’s a unique spin on it you have never seen, and want to express. Many people may write similar stories, but it’s the details that make it personal. You may not know it now, but there is someone who is looking for exactly what you’re writing. If you don’t finish it, they’ll never see it. 

4. You can write something amazing and still be met with silence. There are myriad reasons for this that have nothing to do with the quality of what you produce. 

4.1 It’s okay to repeat post your work if no one has seen it. 

4.2 It’s okay to post your work in multiple places.

5. You don’t have to agree with every criticism (but take it gracefully anyway). 

6. Most writers are scared of the same things you are.

7. Don’t judge your works in progress against the archives of finished, polished stories other writers have put together. Archives are Internet portfolios and generally don’t show all the multitude of failures, incomplete, and draft-form works those writers are also struggling with. They aren’t perfect and you don’t have to be, either. Keep working and you will have a portfolio of your own. 

8. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas with other writers. It’s not annoying as long as you’re not self-important about it. Be humble and gracious, and others will reciprocate.

8.1 You can’t write as well in a vacuum; the more people know that you are working on something, and what, the more support you will get for that work. Starting a dialogue before you post something will make it more likely people will read it when you do post it. 

9. It’s okay to take breaks. If the ideas just aren’t coming, go do something else for a while. 

10. Be kind to yourself. Don’t call yourself names. You are not a failure, or uncreative, or boring. You wouldn’t call other people those things, so don’t do it to yourself. 

I don’t know if these are helpful to other people, but they are helpful to me, so just in case, here they are!

10 things for those writing about people who are blind/have low vision...

So…finishing up my portfolio and I just thought I’d share a few things:

1. Person first language: people who are blind/ people who have low vision/ people who are visually impaired. However, keep in mind not everyone likes first person language or identifies as such. It’s a lot of politics and where you’re located, and tends to be tied to professions.

2. It’s a cane… not a stick

Side note: Please have your characters be safe travelers and use canes or guides some of the time, not just super powers all of the time. It’s hard enough for some young kids to use their canes without comparing themselves to Kanan Jarrus or Daredevil…

3.You don’t get super senses… but maybe you become more aware of what you’re sensing and differentiating what you’re sensing

4. As far as I’m aware and according to people I’ve talked to…touching faces is awkward and not effective

5. People who are congenitally blind may not turn to look at who’s talking because it is a learned skill that may need to be explicitly taught to them. However, people who become blind/lose their vision later in life may still turn to face who’s talking or face things that they are focusing on regardless of whether they can see it

6. Some people turn their heads at angles or appear to be looking away from you because they only have vision in that part of their eye that’s currently facing you. They can’t see you if they look straight on.

7. When you can see, you learn things whole-to-part. You, who are sighted, see a house, you think house. Then you learn door, window, roof, chimney, shutters etc. If you can’t see, you learn part-to-whole, and you need to rely on touch/hearing/smell/taste (when appropriate) to form a concept of something you might learn like this: door, smell of home, window glass, window frame, brick of a chimney, panels on side of the house etc. But then putting in all together as a house is difficult to conceptualize if you’re going off random pieces of the puzzle. You may need a tactile model or something to fill in the gaps if it’s something you’ve never seen and can’t touch in its entirety.

8. Cane stuff: Not everyone taps their cane when they use it. Most that I’ve been with don’t or if they do, they do not use it all the time. Think about it. You miss a lot of tactile feedback and there’s a greater risk of missing things to trip on. There are three types of formal cane techniques: two-point touch (the classic tapping side to side), constant contact, and verification technique. The first two the cane is held at the center of the body and the person moves it from side to side wide enough just so that it goes past their hips. As they move it to one side, their opposite foot steps forward. This gives someone the most protection when moving. Verification technique is when the person holds the cane low in their non-dominant hand and uses constant contact as they see possible obstacles/terrain changes in their path.

9. Counting steps is a myth. People don’t take even steps generally. Sometimes it’s easy to count doors if it’s a small number. But if you’re at school and you have to travel across the building, are you really going to count 20 doors? What if you bump into something and lose count? You’d have to start all over. Most people create landmarks for locations. It could be something like the door with the only bulletin board in the hallway. Or the door with the water fountain next to it. Or the door that is one door to the left directly across  from the water fountain. Another thing here, is that you can kind of feel when you’re getting close to somewhere you’ve traveled to before. Like when you’re driving home and you feel like it’s been a while and your turn should be here, when suddenly the turn is here! That’s called time-distance estimation.

10. Most people are not totally blind. Only 2% of the population is visually impaired and only 2% of the population that is visually impaired is totally blind no light perception. This means that most people who are blind/visually impaired/have low vision can see something, and everyone is different and reacts different to their visual impairment and how they use the vision they have. 

This got long and slightly ranty, which was an accident… but I hope someone finds it useful. And now that I have this off my chest, remember creative liberty is a thing :)

reset theory 2.0;

every time you finish a route and do another one you change realities / universes, and all evidence of you having been there disappears. 

- jaehee in the cafe alone, serving and greeting customers thinking that something’s wrong, something feels missing, why is she doing this alone? but she can’t put her finger on it so she goes on like this until she realizes she can’t do this any more. yoosung and zen come to the cafe one day to see her cleaning the tables for one last time. she can’t run this business feeling like there’s a huge hole in her, can’t do it without knowing what it is. they watch her pack up her things and flip the sign to closed for the last time. 

- yoosung’s confused. he’s not sure why he’s blind, or why he doesn’t feel like playing as much lolol as he used to. could it be that seven played a prank on him that he forgot about? that has to be it- that night, he dreams of being a vet like he’d always wanted to be. but more than that, he dreams of being with someone - someone who kisses him sweetly and someone he knows he’ll forget when he wakes up. the dream never goes away.

- zen is congratulated by the rest of the rfa after he dismisses echo girl. he’s happy, but the drive home is silent (jumin’d offered to drive him back to his apartment, probably the only nice thing that he’ll ever do for zen). of course, jumin being jumin, he nearly crashes the car into a pole, and for a moment zen is driven to leap into the back seat, because for that split second or two there is someone in the back seat. a shadow, someone who he must protect with his life. but the moment passes. jumin laughs at zen for behaving so strangely and asks what’s wrong with him. zen doesn’t know. 

- jumin clicks off a phone call from his father, who’d been yapping on and on about glam and sarah choi and how jumin shouldn’t have publicly embarrassed them. he’s frustrated, and ignores the concern his chauffeur expresses, opting to glare at his phone instead. a part of him knows that he shouldn’t have done that - why had he? no one was at stake. the swarm of the reporters must have made him dizzy, confused him- he takes this out on jaehee the next day, piling on as much work as he can on her. zen gets angry (don’t you know how stressed jaehee has been? how could you do this?) and brings jaehee back home. jumin’s slumped in his office, alone, the cursing of his father that he’d been subject to bouncing around in his head. jaehee, slumped over and unconscious from the sheer amount of exhaustion that had stacked. zen’s white face, features trembling- jumin is a broken man, and as he closes his eyes and takes a long drink from the bottle he can almost hear a feminine voice telling him that he’s better than this. 

- 707 works on autopilot. saeran is back - check. yoosung is playing lolol - check. jaehee and jumin are having their usual daily fight - check. zen is admiring himself in the mirror - check. but there’s only so long you can hold out before you realize that something’s wrong. he sees a picture of himself in the nun outfit and laughs out loud, but he’s confused. he didn’t send this to anyone - none of them would have been entertained by it. sinking into his computer chair, he notices another strange indicator of odd happenings having taken place - there’s a cctv feed, or rather, there was. it’s just a black screen now. what could it have led to? he switches off his computers and pops a dr pepper can open. and maybe, just maybe - that’s more tragic than any reset theory where he remembers that you chose someone else. maybe him never knowing that you existed, that you were in love, is the real tragedy. 

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I wish I had a thigh gap 😔 I'm too fat for the boys

No. No. I will not listen to this. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FAT!!!!! Fat isn’t determined by a thigh gap. Most girls don’t have a thigh gap. Beautiful gorgeous women like Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande DO NOT have a thigh gap, but does that make them fat? I remember back in my 1D days Harry made a comment about fat women not existing. Think about it though, your definition of fat is probably completely different from my sedition of fat. And same with being skinny. Someone who is 100 could be viewed as “fat” while someone who is 200 views them as skinny. Do you understand what I’m getting at? There is no such thing as fat. There is no such thing as skinny. You can’t work out to gain a thigh gap. You can’t hurt yourself to love yourself. That’s not how this works. Fat and skinny was something society created for “beauty” to sell products. Fat woman are sexy af. Skinny women are sexy af. ALL WOMEN AND MEN ARE SEXY AF BECAUSE WE ARE ALL PEOPLE!!!!!! WE ARE ALL CREATED DIFFERENTLY AND THATS WHY WE ARE OH SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Now I want you to go to a mirror and find 5 things you hate about yourself and then find 5 things you like about yourself. Write them down. Remember these things the next time you’re feeling down. And DONT YOU EVER talk down on yourself like this again. Message me if needed 💜

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Where would i begin to amass as much knowledge about fae as you have lol?? There are so many crosses between cultures and eras that it's really hard to pin down a Solid Source haha.

The thing is, the ‘Solid Source’ is kind of a myth when it comes to folklore and fairytale, in that the vast majority of these tales were a) oral, and some of the best retellings we have are b) written and secondary or tertiary. We’ve already lost a lot of the best versions of the tales if the cultures are gone or Christianised or heavily damaged.

So it’s good to turf the ‘I need solid sources’ mindframe when researching this stuff? I mean, it’s - I believe - way better to read like 100 versions of say…the Ugly Duckling or Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Brave, than it is to look for the ‘one true story.’ (Which doesn’t exist anyway, because in an oral tradition, they are meant to be changed and adapted to become relevant for whatever geographical group or class is hearing the story). Also fairytales and folklore are generally pretty short? You end up with huge huge variation.

However, I’ve written some stuff in the past that might be useful for you as well re: sources: 

Some book references.

Here’s another post with links / thoughts on the subject.

General thoughts and some info.

And there’s this aggregate post which is great:

Mythology aggregate. All the links!

It’s worth also looking into anthropological studies on different cultures that practice animism; fair warning though, they can be very problematic. (Especially earlier studies, which are often racist and/or xenophobic). 

Mostly with this stuff, it is actually often a matter of ‘quantity over quality’ which sounds weird but, there is so much and you can only really start by getting started and say…picking a favourite fairytale (or ‘species’ of fae) and researching them. You can hunt down more primary written sources (some of them are actually freely available on places like sacred-texts, due to copyright no longer holding on those sorts of texts) to distinguish between heavily Christianised tales and earlier versions; but you can also distinguish between those by researching animism tales/stories in different cultures etc.

Be prepared to give it a lot of your time, too. Like, I’m really only at the tip of the iceberg myself, and a lot of my studies have been going on since I was young and are very personal in that I research what has felt relevant to me over the years and I haven’t been doing this for say a course, or for a university or something (I’ve done some electives at university on this subject but ultimately, my research into these subjects is partly spiritually motivated, and partly about my fascination with ‘simple’ narratives told in complex or poignant ways to make them relevant).

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How do I keep myself motivated when writing? I am the type of person who gets really into writing a story and suddenly gets a new idea, so I cease the previous one. What do I do about that? So far I just either watch the exact same think that inspired me or just force myself to write. It becomes sloppy after that though.

There are a few ways to try and combat this. Just figure out which one works best for you. Also, keep in mind that like with anything else in writing, there is no magical cure-all remedy. A lot of it is really going to come down to discipline and learning to follow through. Never an easy task, of course, but often necessary.

1. Deadlines/word counts: Set yourself goals. This can be anything from “write 200 words a day” to “finish three chapters by this date.” The good thing about this method is that it gets words onto the page and altogether, keeps you writing. The worst thing that can happen when you’re already having trouble writing is stagnating and not doing anything at all, because the longer you go without, the harder it is to get back into it.

As you noticed, however, forcing yourself to write comes out kinda sloppy sometimes. That’s okay, because there are a few things to remember about that:

- You can’t edit what doesn’t exist. Words that you write but don’t like is still a better place to be than nothing at all. Even if you end up with sloppy content that you cut most of later, it’s important to keep the project going until you can “get back into it”.

- Even when you are writing aimlessly or just to reach a word goal, you can still accidentally stumble upon a great idea or inspiration that gets the story moving on its own again just by messing around for a while. 

2. Warm-ups: You don’t have to focus on the one story for all of your designated writing time, however. It’s good to have a WIP that you make priority, but sometimes you actually need a little break before you can get back into it. One such way to get that lil break is to do warm ups. Warm ups can be writing from prompts or AUs, writing poetry, doing exercises, writing a different scene out of context, writing from a different perspective just for funsies, etc. Anything to get the creativity flowing again before jumping right back in- sometimes, we get caught up in the monotonous mindset of endlessly making progress, and doing warm ups and drabbles can bring a little more excitement back into your writing life.

3. Do something related: Another way you can still get something done but also take that little break at the same time is to work on a different part of the story, something that isn’t just word count or scenes. Do some character development, do some worldbuilding, whatever tickles your fancy. Make a chart depicting the eye colors of every character. Make aesthetic boards. Any fun or creative activity that keeps your mind on the story, but breaks that task-minded monotony again. 

4. Have an alternating system: When you come up with new ideas, don’t push them to the side entirely, but don’t jump ship right onto the new idea, either. Wait until you have hit writer’s block on the first story, and then go write on the second idea for a bit. As you may have heard in a more psychological context, we often solve problems when we are not even consciously thinking about them, and it can work the same way for writing. Dwelling on your stuck-ness isn’t going to help anything, so move on for a while until you are ready to come back with a fresh perspective.

Again, this takes a certain amount of discipline. You can’t distract yourself forever. At some point you do have to go back to your original story. You can generally start to get a sense for knowing when it’s time to go back as you practice it. 

5. Get re-inspired- remix: As you mentioned in your original ask, you already tried going back to your original inspirations, which is normally something I’d recommend. 

( Re-Connecting With Your Story

Therefore, I would in this case I would watch something other than the thing that inspired you to watch in the first place. Watch a really good scene or episode or show or read a really good or well written scene or chapter from something that is completely unrelated to your story. No ties at all, maybe not even the same genre. The reason for this is that changing up your influences can bring in entirely new inspirations and ideas that you never would have gotten otherwise.

A couple of final tips before I wrap up:

-When you get a new idea, definitely write it down, in full detail. You never want to lose that stroke of inspiration when you have it. Some writers will tell you that if it’s truly important, you’ll remember it for good, but let’s be real here, not everyone’s memories just work like that. I can barely remember my own age sometimes, and that’s kind of an important thing, too.

- Think of your attachment to your primary WIP as a long term relationship. After a while, the shine may seem to rub off a little. Then, new ideas become very seductive and pretty. When you hit that point, it’s important to reconnect, and bring a little excitement back into your original idea to revitalize the relationship. Also, keep in mind that the seductive new idea isn’t necessarily better than your old one- it’s just shinier and newer. Eventually, you’ll hit the same point with that one, too, and then get caught in an endless cycle.

And lastly, remember once again that sometimes it just takes some real self-discipline! Commit yourself! Stick to it! You’ve got this!


Sometimes I get requests like “hc for this character please” and sometimes I get requests like “I want this character!manga (not the anime version cause they are ooc) and I want a scenario where they are confessing to their s/o while riding a unicorn over the pacific coast at 7:54pm in the late 1850s but the s/o is in love with someone else who is actually dead but they don’t know that yet. Also please write it in the first person. Hope it’s not too confusing thanks” and I’m like … :’D ???

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Random I know but I read milk and honey and I feel like perhaps she had a few good poems but I think what happens a lot with Instagram writers is when they want to write a collection they have to fill it with, well, filler and it kind of shows

yeah, no, to be fair i think my opinion is a bit more nuanced like. she writes about her personal experiences of rape and sexuality and womanhood, and no matter what format she writes in, those experiences are important and should not be mocked or reduced to that. also, my issue w/ her was more in regards to how similar her style is to other writers than her actual writing. 

Hello, people that follow this blog. You might’ve seen a post recently where the Baudelaires mentioned Christmas, even though they’re Jewish. This was because I had copied down the original quote whilst watching the episode of the show it was taken from, and in it they were talking about Christmas. I had intended to change the wording to make it about Hanukkah, but it must’ve slipped my mind, and I forgot about the quote entirely. As I was queuing some other drafts, I accidentally queued the quote in its unedited (except for character names) version. The original post has been deleted, thanks to some followers commenting on the mix up. Sorry for the confusion, but the correct version is in the queue!

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I still think about heartmouth. Like I'll be going through my day and not really even think about yoi but then I remember yuuri calls him heartmouth and I want to die because are you serious? Like, are you really for real? It's actually the sweetest thing and I need a drabble or something where yuuri teases victor by drawing hearts over his mouth over and over and victor's face is in his hands and he's so red because yuuri has the sly smile and I just die everytime okay ajshfjak

oh my god thank youuuu <333

“Say I’m meeting someone new who uses sign language,” says Viktor. “Do I introduce myself with fingerspelling, or can I just use the sign name you gave me?”

Yuuri shrugs. ‘The name I gave you is yours to use,’ he replies. Viktor thoughtfully traces a heart on his chest and then points to his mouth, and Yuuri has to resist the urge to swoon a little at the sight. 

“What does it mean?” he wonders.

Yuuri purses his lips, before grabbing his notebook and writing heart + mouth. He shows it to Viktor and adds, ‘because the way your mouth makes that heart shape when you smile is really cute’. 

Viktor’s mouth forms that exact beloved shape when he sees the signs. “Yuuri! That’s – that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard!” And then suddenly Yuuri finds himself smushed into the cushions of the couch, Viktor pressing kisses all over to his face. “I love it, I love it so much!”

Yuuri can feel his face burning. He barely manages to make the sign for ‘thank you’ before Viktor is on him with more kisses, each one sweeter than the last. Finally, Yuuri pushes Viktor back a little to catch his breath, and adds, ‘you know, there’s a shorter way to sign it.’

“Really?” asks Viktor. 

Yuuri nods, and reaches up to trace a heart around VIktor’s mouth, watching in growing delight as his partner turns red at the feeling. 

“Yuuri,” whines Viktor. “That’s too adorable.”

Yuuri only responds by repaying Viktor’s favour, pressing him into the couch cushions and tracing hearts around Viktor’s mouth until they’re both laughing and blushing and content only to hold each other close.

(what’s the one thing about my writing you remember the most?)

“Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers.”

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Jonah and the Whale (Fallout 4, Gen)

My entry for the 2016 Fallout Big Bang, exploring the idea of Deacon’s story about Barbara being an allegory for some bigger and deeper fuck-ups he took part in. The longest piece I’ve ever written and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I enjoyed taking this slowly simmering idea and turning it into fiction.

Burnt Toast (Fallout 4, Charlotte x Deacon shipfic)

A simple little fic about my sole survivor Charlotte and Deacon sitting down and having the “so… do you want to date?” talk. It’s awkward, it’s heavy, but it’s happy. It was fun to sit down and make this happen exactly how I wanted it to based on their specific dynamic.

Dockside (Dragon Age 2, Gen)

A short fic that explores the time between Raleigh Samson’s expulsion from the Templar order and an unsigned letter dated six months later, refusing to help him find lyrium. I thought there was opportunity to explore the catastrophic shift in Samson’s environment and relationships, and flesh out his situation.

Thank you, Samson. (Dragon Age: Inquisition, Gen)

What if, by some twist of fate, a few of the mages that the Inquisitor rescued from Redcliffe had been the same mages Samson helped onto ships out of Kirkwall a decade before? I wanted to explore a time where Samson’s compassion paid off and didn’t get someone hurt or killed. I made myself cry with this one.

How Does Your Garden Grow (Dragon Age: Inquisition, Gen)

I saw a great prompt in the Samson tag one day, and had previously thought about how boring it was that the Inquisition never had an opportunity to confront templar atrocities. Why not use General Samson as a means to mete out justice against rapists and sexual predators like Ser Alrik? An antagonist to punish an antagonist.

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Sorry if this has been asked before, but is writers block ever a problem for you? I have admired how prolific you are, and appreciate how you've discussed the negative aspects of writing too much. But what about when you've been staring at a blank document for what feels like years? Tell me there's a magical cure!

It is a problem for me, though I often don’t call it writer’s block (though sometimes I do, I’m fickle).

I’ve written about it in the past. This is probably the best post I’ve written about it. :D

Okay, but also yes, YES writer’s block is a problem for me. See:

- Taking two years to get started on The Ice Plague. Definitely insecurity related writer’s block.

- Taking a billion years to publish a book. See an absolute fear of failure.

- Me using the old technique of ‘I’m writing therefore you can’t see what I have writer’s block with’ (i.e. trading original works for fanfiction because it’s less pressure).

I can generally get words down. Most of the time. I’ve also had a solid writer’s block of years in the past - like literally years - where I wrote nothing. Nothing at all. But…I trained myself as a visual artist to work even when I didn’t feel like working, and as a result, I can also write when I don’t feel like writing. It’s a work ethic thing, and it means my job isn’t always fun (like all jobs), though I do think inspiration likes a willing partner, and is more likely to come if I just start and try something, than if I wait for inspiration to lead the dance.

So I’m very fortunate, because I know writers who can’t write like this. Idk why I can function this way. But then there’s things like yeah, I really did kind of spend ages hanging on The Ice Plague and staring at documents or blank pages, and feeling like…awash with terror and no movement happening.

As for how I solved that. I made myself sit down and write a line. I knew my writer’s block with The Ice Plague was - and still is - in part that I feel like no one will want to read it, and that it will be bad. I feel this in my bones. It’s a horrible feeling. I also had it with Game Theory and The Court of Five Thrones, but to a much lesser extent (god if I’d known that feeling could get worse), but it’s very bad now because I’m working with characters I don’t know anyone will ever love. Gwyn and Augus light a pretty bright torch. People might not want to look at candles after that, even if they’ll become torches later.

And so… I just… I told myself that 2017 was the year I had to start, and I needed a chapter by the end of February, and that all I had to do for the first two months was like, try writing a line. Or a paragraph. Or a snippet of dialogue.

I sort of jettisoned the idea of ‘completing a chapter’ like I normally do, and just…gently forged on. As a result, I’m five chapters in, and I’ve made the most progress I’ve made since I came up with the idea years ago.

I wish there was a magical cure! There’s not. Writer’s block is so uniquely personal to each of us, and everything from health and fatigue, to mental illness, to grave insecurities, to the story not being ‘right’ or us not being ready to write it yet, etc. can be behind it. It can be all or none of those things!

I think there are some things to remember:

- You can be nice to yourself or you can be good to yourself. Sometimes if you’re lucky, these are the same thing. But sometimes they’re not. For example:

Nice: I will treat myself to a thousand burgers (dis me)
Good: I love burgers, but I want to be good to my body to be healthy so I’m going to eat some salad and lean meat.
Nice & Good: Man I love spinach I’m so glad it’s good for me too. OR;
Nice & Good: I’m going to have a burger today, I love them so much, but I’ll keep being disciplined in the day to day re: what I eat.

In writing, it can look like this:

Nice: I’m going to be gentle to myself and not work on this project until I’m feeling it more. (this can last a lifetime!)
Good: Provided it won’t harm me in any way to do so, I’m going to cultivate some writing discipline and try writing a sentence of this thing I’m blanking on today.
Nice & Good: Because this project intimidates me, I’m not going to look at it tomorrow or the next day, but today I have to write a line. And on X day, I will write a paragraph. And then I’ll rest some more with this idea.

- You need to learn how to write in a way that works for you, and sometimes overcoming writer’s block is a matter of turfing a lot of things you’ve learned - that you need to put down words regularly (you don’t), that you need to achieve a wordcount (you don’t), that you need to never rewrite (you don’t), that you can’t edit as you go (you can), that you need to write a lot at once (you don’t), that you need to ‘finish’ something when you start it (you don’t), that it has to be perfect (it doesn’t), that you need to be nice or good (you don’t, lol) etc. 

Like it was very freeing for me to be like ‘okay, even if everyone hates The Ice Plague, I need to write this for me. It ties up a lot of loose ends in the universe, and Mosk and Eran’s stories are important to me and need to be told. If I don’t tell them now, their stories won’t fade. So I’m going to tell them.’ But I also have to remind myself of this all the time, because I also want to give the people who read Fae Tales something they want to read, and I am terrified of not delivering. Emotional journeys, am I right??

But still, that moment of ‘I’m doing this because of X’ - clarifying your motivations - can help a lot. It can help you to realise or remember why you wanted to write on that blank page in the first place.

- Sometimes writer’s block just lingers. Be honest with yourself about your mental state, do you have the energy to be writing right now? Are you too mentally fatigued? Is it not the right time to be cultivating writing discipline? That kind of stuff matters a ton. I regularly blast past my own limits and then crash, and I don’t recommend that to anyone. Sometimes writer’s block protects you from yourself. And you know, that’s a thing too.

I have no idea what this is or what I was thinking when I wrote it, but here, have some aggresively flirty KaiShin or smth:

The feeling is the same, was the first thing Shinichi thought when Hakuba introduced him to his friend, Kuroba Kaito.  Does that mean that he is…?  Before Shinichi could even finish the thought, Kuroba was taking his hand, bowing over it.  He brushed his lips across the knuckles.  Shinichi’s face felt hot.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Kudou,” Kuroba said, still holding his hand.  “Hakuba has told me so much about you.  I feel like we’re friends already!”

Shinichi gingerly pulled his hand away, “I’m sorry to say the feeling’s not mutual.”  He shot Hakuba a look, frowning, before refocusing on Kuroba.  “Are you sure we haven’t met before?”  Shinichi thought that, for just a moment, an expression of shock must have crossed Kuroba’s face, but it was gone so quickly that Shinichi was halfway convinced he’d only imagined it.

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Sweet [Churchnut]

[i wrote some sloppy fluff before bed just Because. it is very short.] [EDIT: forgot to mention it’s loosely inspired by my reply to this cute ask someone sent me once]

Summary: Donut and Church are out for their morning drinks together. 

[Read on Ao3]

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1) “Pull over.  Let me drive for awhile.” -- 100 Ways to Say I Love You

Characters: Jung Jaehyun & OC

Word Count: 1578 words

Summary: You and your co-worker are being brutally beaten by a case and when all the evidence that you’ve worked hard on for the past two weeks goes missing last minute, you need to come up with a backup plan to present to your boss.  So you decide to head back to the sight of the crime, but it’s two hours away by car…

“Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” Your co-worker looked at the now empty evidence room that you had both just walked into.  The once packed whiteboard had been completely cleaned, not a trace of black marker to be seen.  The overloaded and layered walls full of pictures, lists, notes, and documents had been stripped to reveal the foreign grey paint, no tape or pins anywhere.  "Are we even in the right room?“ He started frantically looking around the room, outside the room, down the hallway.  You just stood there, not wanting to take in the scene of the emptied room.  "This doesn’t make any sense.  Where did everything go?” You started to find your words again.  "SHIT!“ You heard him slam the wall in the hallway and you could almost feel the vibration going through your body.  

“Y-yah… Jaehyun… you’re going to hurt yourself.” You walked out of the room to where he was in the hallway.  There was a noticeable dent in the white wall, but you disregarded it and shook your head as he shook his hand and bit his lip, cringing from the pain.  You’d seen Jaehyun angry before, being a detective was a stressful and frustrating job.  But this was just unbelievable.  He had a bit of a short temper, and you were the calm one of the two.  But this was making you reach your limit.  And he could tell.  He looked at you and checked your blank expression as you thought of what to do.  "Call Yuta, ask him to check all the surveillance cameras here, I need to see what happened.“ You said to him as you pulled out your own phone and started looking through your contacts.  "I’m going to call Taeil and tell him to send all the medical docs he can find, and then I’ll see if we can get any of that photo evidence from Doyoung again.” You explained as you waited for the dial tone.  He nodded and pulled his phone out too, starting to dial Yuta’s line.  

The two of you spent the next hour and a half trying to recollect all of your evidence, writing down things you remembered, jotting down questions about things you were forgetting, and things you still needed answers to.  Your presentation in front of the precinct was the next morning, but at this rate nothing was working out.  Yuta had checked the videos but all of the surveillance videos were faulty and skipped, giving you nothing.  Taeil was busy with another case, but he said he’d get the documents to you ASAP.  Doyoung wouldn’t pick up his phone, and things were looking grim.  "I think I’m going to cry…” Jaehyun said dramatically, but you knew he really mean it.  You were frustrated too and everything was just not going your way.  "Let’s go back to the site.“ You said.  "Seriously?” He looked up at you from his desk separator across from you.  "Doyoung isn’t going to get back to us any time soon at this rate.  That’s the most important part, the photo evidence.“ You said, trying to prioritize.  

“I mean I guess, but you do remember the sight is like an hour away by train, it’d take us at least two hours to drive there.” He said.  You looked at the clock.  *9:48 PM….*  Your hands went straight to your head in frustration, trying to wager with yourself as to whether or not it was a good idea to go or to just wait for Doyoung.  "If we go we’ll get there around 12, then it’ll probably take around half an hour to get the pictures we need, and then another two hours to get back, and then the rest of the night to put together the presentation.“ You thought out loud, hands covering your face, slightly muffling your words.  "I’ll make some coffee, and then we’ll go.” He said.  You removed your hands from your face and looked at him, trying to read whether or not he was serious.  "Come on, get your stuff ready, we’re not sleeping tonight.“ He said, walking past you to go to the coffee machine.  You groaned at your own suggestion, but got up anyways and went to grab all the supplies you guys would need to get the evidence.  

It was all very confusing.  The situation you were in, not only in the context of the emptied evidence room.  You and Jaehyun had been friends and partners for years.  From attending and competing against each other in school, to the first few years at the precinct, you’d been through everything together.  And you guys made the perfect pair.  At the top of your class, you both graduated with the highest marks.  While you guys thought differently, you never failed to test each other and make each other better at what you did.  Solving case after case, bumps in the road never stopped you guys and that’s what made you different.  There were a few moments where you’d questioned if working with him was a good idea, and it wasn’t just because of a differing view on a case.  Both of you guys had felt a connection for a while, but neither wanted to admit anything because the stakes were too high to risk.  You needed 100% attention to the cases you worked on, nothing was to get in the way of your thinking.  But there were little things that he did, that showed that you weren’t the only one who noticed that connection.  Even if was simple things like making coffee, you appreciated it greatly.

After gathering all you needed it, was a little past 10 and you guys headed out in the van.  You drove while Jaehyun continuously tried to get Doyoung on the phone while writing up the presentation with the old notes he had on his laptop and yours.  The coffee really helped you stay awake, but Jaehyun started to doze off around one hour through the drive there and you let him nap since Doyoung wasn’t picking up and you could pick up the phone if Taeil called.  You couldn’t even think of sleeping anyways, the adrenaline from going back to the crime scene was scaring the shit out of you.  Of all the years and lessons you’d been through, this case was like no other.  You started to recognize the old and worn out street signs and the GPS was leading you through a small town in the mountains.  Your phone started to ring and you saw Taeil’s name pop up.  You picked up the phone and Jaehyun slowly reacted to the noise.  "I found what I could on the case, but there’s some stuff missing.  I don’t know what happened to it.” He sounded a little distressed.  "Thanks so much Taeil.  Which parts are missing?“ You asked.  "Just small pieces of formulas, it’s like someone handpicked small portions of the formulas and erased them.  This is so weird.” He said.  I heard clicking in the background and I could almost see him frowning at the computer with his glasses at the tip of his nose, trying to figure out what was missing.  

“What in the world is going on…” You sighed.  "I’ll send you what I have.  I finished with the other case, so I’ll just rack my brain until I can remember what parts they took out.“ He said.  "You’re a life saver.” Jaehyun’s groggy voice mumbled in agreement and Taeil laughed.  "Drive safe!“ Taeil said.  "Will do!” You hung up and pulled up to the abandoned building.  Jaehyun put all the stuff back in his bag and carried it with him while you took the camera and your bag as well.  You left the car empty and headed through the security tape into the building.  After taking pictures of what you needed, you headed back out and checked the van thoroughly before heading back out on the road.  You were driving again since Jaehyun was working on the presentation, but you kept yawning, the caffeine slowly wearing off, exhaustion washing over.  You hadn’t even gotten ten minutes out of the mountains yet but you were starting to lose to the exhaustion.  Jaehyun glanced at you through his peripherals and closed his laptop as you covered your mouth as you yawned again.  "Hey.“ He said, turning to you.  "Hm?” You asked, not looking at him, keeping your eyes on the road.  "Pull over.  Let me drive a while.“ He said.  "You’re exhausted _____.  I can drive.” He said.  You looked at him.  "Are you sure?“ You asked, immediately looking back at the road.  "Yeah, pull over right there.” He said, pointing to a curb.  

You silently pulled over and got out of the driver’s seat.  Jaehyun waited for you to come over to the passenger’s side and you sat down in the seat, reaching for the seatbelt.  But he got to it first.  He buckled your seatbelt and pat your head.  "Take a nap.“ He said, closing the door after him.  He walked over to the other side and got in the driver’s seat.  "Thanks Jae.” You said, smiling sleepily at him.  "We’ll have to stay up the rest of the night, so get what sleep you can now.“ He said, laughing a little before starting the engine back up.  You sighed and closed your eyes, drifting quickly to sleep as Jaehyun headed back out on the road back to the precinct.  

OOOOOO this actually came out pretty decently, I was writing it as a drabble but might make it into something?? any thoughts? LOL we’ll see!! :) 
ALSO IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! I have changed my blog to MOCHII.NET!!! just a notice!!! & Thanks anon for checking my words!! haha

tbh, I’m kinda bummed with how StarClan has been handled. Like, in the earlier arcs, StarClan cats were powerful and mysterious, seeming to know all but lacking the ability to understand everything they knew (as shown with prophecies)

but, in the newer arcs, they’ve lost that charm, and now seem… idk, chaotic? they can suddenly appear besides the living to fight, yet when they find something that will affect the Clans, they decide to give unclear prophecies instead of being outright clear, even if a Clan is in danger of collapsing (see SkyClan in AVoS - Skystar knows what will happen to his Clan, but insists on a prophecy that leaves them puzzled)

at the same time, tho, this… more “mortal” side is really cool because it destroys the old idea that StarClan knew all, that they were powerful and above everyone else - it shows that they still act like the living, driven by confusion and fear, and lash out to the point it fractures their own paradise (see OoTS when StarClan fractures into four Clans due to the sudden mistrust thrown about)

however, again, I’m bummed about this, because it was cool having StarClan in a limited view that seemed almost… magical, I suppose, for a lack of a better word

idk, I’m not great at explaining things, ‘specially things that I’ve been thinkin’ about over a few days at different intervals before forgetting my train of thought, but the evolution of StarClan is… odd

kloirdevan  asked:

What is a mary sue? Cause honestly, I feel like I've lost track of what it means anymore.

TVTropes has an extensive list of Sue tropes. To quote them:

“TV Tropes doesn’t get to set what the term means; the best we can do is capture the way it is used. Since there’s no consensus on a precise definition, the best way to describe the phenomenon is by example of the kind of character pretty much everyone could agree to be a Mary Sue. These traits usually reference the character’s perceived importance in the story, their physical design and an irrelevantly over-skilled or over-idealized nature.”

…. In other words, the term “Mary Sue” is generally slapped on a character who is important in the story, possesses unusual physical traits, and has an irrelevantly over-skilled or over-idealized nature.

You did ask me, though, and I think there are a few things to remember about Mary Sues. They always have writing flaws, but not any simple writing flaw. If a character doesn’t make sense, that itself isn’t Sue-worthy. The relative importance or spotlight that the Mary Sue receives is what makes the Sue.

Examples in Fairy Tail that I would accuse are the following:

  • Mavis Vermillion: Fits the Purity Sue to a tee. She is innocent, inspirational, intelligent, pure-hearted, and wonderful, and can do no wrong. Should she actually screw up at any time, she will immediately be cleared of any responsibility for any perceived wrongdoing. She is held up as wise and pure, even when we are shown that she is extremely unintelligent and literally crafted magic for the purpose of murder.
  • Jellal Fernandes: Many types of Sue, but mostly the Creator’s Pet: it is the immense focus and importance he receives that weighs down the rest of the story. Other types he can fit into are the Sympathetic Sue (from the moment of his reintroduction, much of that focus on Jellal has revolved around trying to make the viewer feel sorry for him) and the Black Hole Sue (characters tend to talk about Jellal a lot and think about him even when he’s not relevant to a scene, particularly Erza, but also other characters–this includes forgiving him and fighting on his behalf despite knowing him only as a deranged, evil man previously); as said on the page, “This is fairly blatant author favoritism in effect, with the author using his or her effective position as God of the story to carry the character through by her hands.” Jellal also showcases many signs of being a power fantasy, which (as the TVTropes page describes a different phenomenon with that term), I will say is an Author Avatar move involving sheer character power–Jellal has it, and it is Superior To Yours.
  • Natsu Dragneel: Fits the Creator’s Pet alongside the Author Avatar (”If the Author Avatar is idealized to a fault, always gets the last word, is always shown to be right and starts correcting the world around them, then reader beware: the author has just created a Canon Sue.“) with some signs of the Black Hole Sue–Natsu’s issues are always at the front even if he’s not really the focus of the scene, and other characters are driven to comment on his paaaiiiiin about Igneel leaving him. He shows especially blatant signs of being a Jerk Sue with his being a gigantic asshole and bully and always being played as ideal throughout it: “Perhaps they are loathed so much not just because they are jerks, but because you are also expected to think they are awesome. They certainly come with most of the other traits of Mary Sueness - being completely untouchable in every way. And of course, despite being a jerk, everybody either completely ignores her appalling attitude, or lets her walk all over them, even the ones who would normally peel off her skin and wear it as a coat for that kind of behavior.” He especially reeks of the God-Mod Sue, what with his constantly winning battles through ass pulls and to the blatant exclusion of better and more competent characters.
  • Erza Scarlet: Fits the same elements of the Creator’s Pet and God-Mod Sue that Natsu does, but also has elements of the Purity Sue: think about it. Can you ever remember a time where Erza did wrong according to the narrative, or was treated as capable of doing wrong? Note also that she is the one who enacts or influences many of the villain redemptions (Jellal, Minerva, Irene), even if they don’t really seem remotely interested in being less than evil.
  • Zeref Dragneel: Zeref is a Villain Sue who, as described on that very page, also crosses over with the Sympathetic Sue. All of Zeref’s monumental wrongdoings are the result of his paaaaaiiinnn and all the crappy situations forced on him, and even as he’s portrayed as a genocidal madman, the story seems to intend us to feel sorry for him despite it.

To spin things up a bit, be reminded that the Mary Sue (as a term) originated in fanfiction, and fans have their own Sues that can’t be laid at the author’s feet:

  • Levy McGarden: Rather than being a Canon Sue (as the other characters on this list are), I would pivot and point towards the idea that Levy as perceived by the fandom is a Sue, rather than how she’s perceived by the author. And Levy McGarden is guilty of being the self-insert for many a Fairy Tail reader (which I suspect is why her relationship with Gajeel is not looked upon with more horror and disgust): she is short, smart, bookish, quiet, timid, introverted, and doesn’t necessarily have the most jaw-dropping figure, but lo and behold, she has attracted the attention of the big, muscley bad-boy punk villain-turned-protag who falls for her twerp charms. This makes Levy an extremely attractive character for fans to step into who want to experience that, and makes them more willing to overlook her failures as a character or device. Levy is pushed to the fore in canon in ways that really shouldn’t involve her, but it’s the fans who push monumental amounts of importance and praise on her that she hasn’t really earned. 

Hopefully you’ve left this post with a better idea of what qualifies as a Mary Sue, and why I label many of the Fairy Tail characters as Mary Sues. 

this is another headcanon sort of thing but i have OCD (im medicated rn tho) and silvers behaviors, especially when he’s worrying about moral stuff, remind me of OCD a lot so i like to imagine that he has it… i spend a LOT of time worrying about being “evil” or that im doing wrong or immoral things so i kinda project that. i remember i wanted to write fic about him being younger and struggling with his powers cause he’d get intrusive thoughts about hurting people whenever he uses them (another ocd thing)

Little Things to Remember When Writing about Cool Pets in Fantasy

Originally posted by irl-internetprincess

One thing that is kind of irresistible in fantasy are the totally awesome, sometimes mythical, exotic pets. I will never say don’t write them, because I love them (and I LOVE reading about them) but definitely keep a few things in mind while writing them. 

  1. They are animals. Let them act like animals. They may act as an extension of the hero’s hand, but that should only mean that they are well trained. They’re still separate (most of the time) from the character and like to do their own things. Think of a dog. It might fetch you your newspaper, but it also might chase the neighbor’s cat, chase its tail, and explore odd rooms of your house at random times of the day. It’s what dogs do. 
  2. Remember the owner-pet relationship. If you’ve ever owned a pet, you know this is a sacred thing. I’ve shared this bond with a pet fish, Bloop - and yeah, it’s sacred stuff. Think of this relationship as you would any relationship. It’s one that involves nurturing, bonding, dependency. Even a fairly self sufficient pet will require bonding. 
  3. When writing about fantasy creatures, know the mythology. As the writer, you have a large degree of freedom, but if you’re writing about a creature that has a somewhat ambiguous appearance (like most of them) make sure you keep their descriptions consistent and if you don’t plan on describing in super detail, make sure they are consistent with popular belief, especially with creatures like dragons, werewolves, goblins, and griffins - as these in particular can be depicted in a number of ways and are some of the most variable.