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What are some non verbal indications that someone is good with guns (any and all)? Like, how someone holds a gun, their stance, where their holster is, etc.

In most cases it’s easier to know when someone doesn’t know what they’re doing. With that, there are enough that I wouldn’t pretend to be able to create an exhaustive list. The big ones that will send anyone with firearms training up the wall are trigger discipline and barrel control.

Trigger discipline is about keeping your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. It’s a really simple thing, and something everyone handling a gun should practice. Hollywood hates it. Or at least, some directors in Hollywood (apparently) think their actors should have their fingers on the trigger at all times, “because it looks more dangerous.” Which, you know, it actually is. Stupidly dangerous.

Most people who know what they’re doing will rest their index finger along the frame over the trigger. This isn’t the only way, some will simply have their finger sticking out at an awkward angle (and a lot of people will do that during reloads).

Barrel control is keeping the firearm pointed in a safe direction at all times. “Safe,” is a bit of a loaded term here, since, if your goal is to use the gun on someone, you’re going to be pointing it at them. Again, this is basic safety. This is a little more involved, because no matter what you do, the gun will be pointed somewhere. The important part is remembering that, and not pointing the gun at someone’s thigh when you’re not using it.

As with trigger discipline, this is an incredibly basic element of gun safety, that a lot of people who don’t know what they’re doing will easily miss.

There are a lot of other potential tells, someone who drops their magazines rather than retaining them, probably doesn’t know what they’re doing. (This is the practice of discarding a partial or empty magazine when reloading, instead of keeping it.) TV and film love presenting people dropping mags, probably because it looks more dramatic, but it is a pretty good sign that someone’s only education came from mass media.

Concealment isn’t cover. This is one of the few that does tend to separate trained shooters from untrained ones. In a shock to no one, bullets pass through objects in their environment. Taking cover means far more than hiding behind a car door or couch.

So, concealment means you cannot see your opponent. Cover means they’re hiding behind something that will take a bullet. Most of the time, just because you can’t see someone, doesn’t mean you can’t shoot them. Someone hides behind a wall in a home or office? Yeah, you can shoot straight through that. Drywall, almost all furniture, most parts of a vehicle, most garage doors… none of that will stop a pistol round. When you start dealing with rifle rounds, even things like exterior walls start getting iffy. Trained shooters will fire through concealment. Amateurs who learned how to shoot from Call of Duty and reruns of old Arnold movies will try to take cover behind a couch.

Firing until you run dry. This is a little trickier because trained shooters will do this on the range. No one’s shooting back, and you’re going to immediately repack the mag anyway. In the field though, emptying your magazine is a seriously dangerous situation. Reload partials when you have the opportunity to, don’t wait for it to run empty, and have a non-functional gun when you need it.

The problem with all of this information is; it doesn’t really answer your question. It tells you things to look for with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Not how to identify someone who really does. This is because it’s far easier to identify things that an incompetent shooter will do, rather than tells that are exclusive to someone who really knows what they’re doing in contrast to someone who has a basic understanding of gun use.

Some of these also aren’t easy to operationalize. For example, with stance, There’s Weaver, Chapman, Center Axis Relock,  Modern Isosceles, and many more. There isn’t a, “correct,” or, “elite,” way to do choose one of these, and many experienced shooters will tailor their stance to match the situation they’re in on the fly. The exact way they do that, or if they choose something that isn’t a functional stance, like Gangster Style (holding a handgun horizontally at arm’s length), can tell you about their training and how comfortable they are with a gun, but it’s not something you can easily explain in abstract. (At least not without going into all of the pros and cons of the various stances, and spending a lot of time going through all of the debate on the subject.) There’s also a lot of blending between some of these stances, and “adapted,” “reverse,” or “modern” variants of them.

It’s easy to distinguish someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing from someone who’s had some basic training, but distinguishing between someone who knows what they’re doing, and someone who is actually good with the weapons can be tricky.

I am sorry if that doesn’t really answer your question.


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one of my favorite comedies of all time is a 1966 film called “The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming” in which a russian sub gets grounded on the beach of a tiny Massachusetts island and the submarine crew has to run around trying to find a way to get it off the sandbar before someone realizes that the Red Scare Is Here and it starts an international incident, and the townsfolk end up helping them

it’s both heartwarming and full of some truly inspired comic acting, because all the russians speak in russian to each other and there are no subtitles, but they do such a fantastic job that you don’t really NEED subtitles

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You're sucked into Lavellan's body pre-Conclave. You can only take one thing with you from Earth...what is it?

This sleeping bag. It’s the only way I’d survive the Hinterlands  

And then have the craftspeople learn how to reverse engineer the zipper and bring in the new zipper revolution of Thedas

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Inktober 2017, Day 4: Invertaur (Paradigm Chimera)

This gross amalgamation is an Invertaur, part of a vanguard of biomechanical brutes meant to seek and detain escaped test subjects. It hails from Paradigm Chimera, my fledgling sci-fi story. I haven’t written much at all for it, but any excuse to design monsters is a good one!

Its lower “head” is actually a telescoping canon. Gun. Thing. Something I need more practice drawing, haha! :U


Close-In Weapons System Overview

Close-In Weapons Systems, abbreviated CIWS and commonly pronounced “See-Whiz”, are a class of point-defense weapons used primarily to destroy incoming missiles. There are three types, gun systems, missile systems and laser systems. CIWS can also be used for offensive purposes and while these systems are most commonly mounted on ships, they can also be used to defend bases, airfields or even cities. 

Gun Systems

The guns system is the most common type of CIWS. Gun type CIWS use a rapid firing rotary weapon and a radar system to track, shoot at and destroy enemy targets. CIWS guns usually range from 20mm to 40mm guns. The operation is relatively simple in theory, the radar picks up an incoming missile, lays the gun on the missile and then, when the missile comes within range, the gun fires and shoots the missile out of the sky. While simple in theory, in practice, things get a little tougher. First off, while CIWS guns typically have a very high rate of fire, 5,000 rounds per minute for the Russian AK-630 30mm gun, the guns have a relativity short range, only 4,000 metres for the AK-630.

Because most Anit-Ship Missiles are supersonic during their final sprint to the target, CIWS only have a few seconds between when the target comes into range and when it impacts the ship. Most CIWS systems expect to destroy a missile at 500 metres, which is still close enough to damage a ship or kill personnel. Another disadvantage is that while hitting a target with a straight trajectory might prove relatively easy, some AShMs, such as the Russian 3M-54 Klub Nato reporting name “Sizzler”, are designed to jink about right above the surface of the water as they approach their target.

This type of erratic movement can be all but impossible for a gun based CIWS system to successfully target.  A third problem is that, even if a hit is scored, the missile may not be completely destroyed as some CIWS systems, like the American Phalanx CIWS use kinetic energy projectiles. Lastly, the CIWS can only engage one target at a time, with re-training taking as much as one second, a lot of time in a supersonic battle against the clock. This problem is solved by equipping each ship with multiple CIWS systems and having multiple ships with overlapping fields of fire. CIWS systems can also be used for defending land based installations. The American C-RAM is a modification of the Phalanx CIWS that has been used to defend bases in Iraq from rockets and mortars. 

Missile Systems

Missile systems are utilized throughout the world in conjunction with gun based CIWS. Missiles use a combination of ship based radar and other detection systems, and detection systems mounted on the missiles to target, close with and destroy incoming AShMs.

Missiles have several advantages over gun systems including their longer range and their ability to be course-corrected after they have been launched. Additionally, because missiles carry a large explosive load, a direct hit is not necessary to destroy a target. Missile systems are not without their flaws however. Systems such as the RIM-7 Sea Sparrow and the RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) are far more limited in terms of ammunition than guns, and cannot engage targets at extreme close range.

Additionally, missiles can be jammed or confused by counter-measures while bullets are dumb enough to do exactly as they’re told. As a result of these various strengths and weaknesses, most ships have a combination of these systems. Ground based missile systems include the famous Israeli Iron Dome.

Laser systems

Because laser systems are such a new and developing technology, details are largely C L A S S I F I E D. However, what we do know is that the a single weapons system has been deployed to the Mediterranean aboard the USS Ponce and has been used against drone targets in a public demonstration. 

The weapon works like a gun CIWS but, obviously, it uses lasers. The laser can be targeted with extreme accuracy and the output can be changed so that the weapon can used to do everything from temporarily blinding a human to frying a drone (or missile or jet fighter) from the inside out. The system, in my opinion, looks quite promising. Initial tests have been very successful and the weapon has, theoretically, unlimited ammunition. While the US Laser Weapons System (LaWS) has already been deployed, the Israeli Iron Beam is currently in development over at Rafael, with an unknown time frame for deployment. 

Prediction for the Future

I had a conversation about CIWS and the future of naval warfare about a year ago with my Naval Sci Professor who, at the time, was a Commander in the USN. Basically what he said was that the navy was not very confident in the ability of its CIWS systems to protect against the type of mass AShM attack that would be deployed by a country like Russia or China. CIWS has proven to be effective against a small number of targets but when you have literally hundreds of AShMs coming in from different angles, and even hypersonic projectiles from Anti-Ship Ballistic Missiles under development in China, these systems can quickly become overwhelmed. Additionally, with the ongoing development of rail guns, whose projectiles would have extremely high inertia, not be vulnerable to lasers and be far more stealthy than a missile, current CIWS may be largely ineffective against the Anti-Ship weapons of the future. [X MAJOR SPECULATION AHEAD X] MAYBE, in the future, we could POTENTIALLY see a return of the battleship, mounting batteries of rail guns, the battleships COULD MAYBE rely on heavy belts of armour to defend themselves rather than electronic systems. In this case, aircraft carriers COULD no longer be the flagships of the fleet, replaced MAYBE by large battleships. I sincerely think that modern naval vessels are simply too vulnerable to modern and near-future anti-ship weaponry, and while CIWS is fine for killing Silkworms launched by third world countries, any future high-intensity conflict will be fought in a way which the navy is not used to fighting. IDK honestly, I am very interested in hearing any opinions on this topic, so feel free to message me about it. 


Ask me questions, tell me why my theories are stupid, tell me what you liked/didn’t like, suggest future topics. Pulse Jets and Modern Tank Rounds currently on deck for publishing. Thinking about doing parasite fighters as well. Gonna talk to some Aerospace Profs at Uni about Radial vs Inline engines. I might be touring the Lockheed production line this semester so I will probably write something about that. 

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🛌- Does your muse prefer to sleep under many layers of blankets or only under a few?
🎀- Does your muse like to accessorize? What are their favorite pieces of accessories?
🎐- Does your muse like to collect/hoard anything?

🛌- Only a couple, and she usually ends up kicking those off eventually.

🎀 - Not really. She does wear a few tail rings and her ears are pierced, but she tends to keep things simple.

🎐- Guns, crossbows, and daggers. Aside from their practical uses, she appreciates the artistry involved in making them. She also has a collection of shells and stones from the various places she’s been, stored in jars she has displayed in her bedroom, where she can look at them whenever she likes and remember her travels. There are a lot of them.

( @the-news-nerd )

I Have To Share A Tent With WHO?

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Pietro x Reader

Request by Anonymous: 29 with pietroxreader pleeease :3 love your writing btw^^ <3

Word Count: 583

A/N: I hope you like it!

Tony decided in a very Tony like fashion that the Avengers were going to all take a camping trip together to hone their battle skills in the forest and of course ‘team building.’ You were pretty sure Tony just wanted to see how long it would take to drive all of you to your breaking points. Pitching your tent, you scoped out the camp sight, taking in all the other Avengers getting set up so they could just come back and crash after a day of training.

After you had set all your things in your tent, you left with Natasha to practice your gun skills on a course Tony had programmed his robots to set up. The two of you came back after hours of practice, laughing and joking the entire way back to camp. Steve built a fire and you looked around, taken aback by these superheroes just hanging out and being normal people.

During this entire endeavor, you stayed as far away from Pietro as possible. Even though he had left Ultron and came to help the right side, you just couldn’t bring yourself to trust him. You knew from experience that trusting blindly never turned out well. Tony saw this and decided to do something about it. You left the fire about eleven, wanting to get some sleep before the next day of training. Your brow furrowed in confusion when you entered your tent, seeing another set of bags in your tent. You were snapped out of your trance when you heard the zipper of your tent opening. Flipping around, you attempted to hit the unknown person in your tent, but your wrist was grabbed before you could.

“Too slow,” you heard a laughing male voice and looking up you saw Pietro smirking at you. You didn’t respond to him, instead leaving your tent and storming into Tony’s.

“What. The. HELL.” You screamed at Tony, who just looked at you sleepily with a bemused look on his face. You composed yourself and tried again.

“I have to share a tent with who?” you wanted to make sure you were getting this right, and that Pietro hadn’t wandered into the wrong tent by mistake.

“Pietro.” Tony said it as if it was the most obvious response, and you were an idiot for not seeing it. You groaned and sank to the ground, glaring at him.


“Because, I can tell you don’t trust him and if we’re going to work together well as a team we need to trust each other.” You looked away, knowing he was right but not wanting to admit it. You trudged back to your tent and entered, seeing a sheepish Pietro twiddling his thumbs, unsure if he should unpack his stuff.

“You can stay.” He let out a sigh of relief and flashed you a brilliant smile, unpacking his bags and getting ready to go to sleep. You did the same, unrolling your sleeping bag and climbing in. As you were about to go to sleep, you heard Pietro’s voice. The two of you stayed up the entire night talking and laughing, just enjoying yourselves. You realized the two of you have more in common than you thought. You knew you could trust him and he would always be there to help.

The next morning, you went into the forest with Pietro and spent the whole day training together. When you came back for dinner joined at the hip, Tony smiled. His mission was successful.

Steter Superpowered AU

So I was talking to my friend about superhero movies and how awesome superpowers are and it occurred to me we have barely any decent steter superpower AUs. (I informed bdxcubes of this and it’s true, it’s horribly, horribly true. There are about two).

Now I have idea. So many ideas.

My favourite is a trashy Sky High AU. Except less with the superhero stuff, maybe it’s more normal. That yeah, it’s a given fact that 50% of the population are born with superpowers. It’s not strange - it’s completely normal. It used to be weird maybe two centuries ago but now there are laws and rules and everyone lives with it. Not to say you don’t get some crazy norms who want powers, nor some norms who fall into radioactive goo and come out of it changed, but mostly people just go about their lives as usual. There are some powered division of the military and government to tackle powered threats (because nobody wants pyrokinetic kids leaving a trail of burning buildings across the country) and training schools to teach people how not to accidentally shatter windows everytime you sing or cause lightning storms when you have sex (Kira always looks like she wants the ground to swallow her whole when that conversation comes up).

And so high school AU but with superpowers. Beacon Hills High is one of those elitist schools for people with superpowers. Everyone wants to go there, it’s like Xavier’s Scott For Gifted Youngsters except y’know, this is REAL.

Some people of the bat:

Danny’s a technopath. Because that’s obvious. He’s a genius with tech as it is in canon and even here; he can hack any computers or systems. He got caught out by the government when he was thirteen and in the middle of twenty state secrets and he swears he thought he was just playing a video game. His life wasn’t meant to be War Game, but it is and he got an easy ride into the school. His power isn’t the most varied (he can’t fix microwaves or get that thing Stilinski calls a car to run forever) but he can swim in code and computers for years.

Kate Argent totally controls fire. Because that’s her thing. The Argents are a family who notoriously have strong powers. It’s almost to the point where Chris and Victoria’s marriage was planned - two strongly powered families should have even stronger children, right? (It’s not, Allison is human, Allison is completely and totally a norm, but she doesn’t care; she’s got wicked aim and can kick the ass of men twice her size and walk off without a scratch. Everybody knows she doesn’t have powers and she only got into Beacon High because of her parents. But nobody really cares because Allison is as good as powered in their eyes and besides, nobody but the older Argents rally buy into that bigotry). Such as Kate - Kate doesn’t ‘look down’ on norms per say, but she knows she’s better than them.

The Hales aren’t even norms. They’re another family line with awesome powers. Talia Hale can turn into an actual wolf. And not a normal Canis Lupus, this massive thing that is practically indestructible to gun fire and it can’t be a wolf, wolves don’t heal that quickly but they don’t know what else to call it.

Derek inherits it from her. People used to think he just had this partial shift with claws and fangs but then one day when Kate Argent broke out of prison from her string of arson and murder attempts, he just turned around and shifted into this monster wolf.

It’s become kind of an initiation story for the school. “That’s Derek Hale, don’t piss him off or he will eat you.”

Cora’s powers are more subtle. She alters your perception of things. She once accidentally made everyone think she had died in a fire and was so upset she locked herself in her room for a week. It’s not quite mind control - she can’t make you do things. But one second you’re talking to her, the next you think there is a fire alarm ringing when there isn’t, you think you’ve hurt your hand and you haven’t, you think there is nobody standing there when she’s standing right in front of you.

It’s similar in a way to her uncle’s power. Because I want Peter to be a similar age to Stiles, Cora and Derek would totally be twins for the purpose of this, and Peter’s the uncle who is only a few years older. He’s either in his last year of school or he lurks around the place like he owns it. Stiles is pretty sure he’s actually a TA or maybe he helps ‘call me Cupcake’ Coach with basketball when the lacrosse season isn’t on. But mostly it just appears like he’s lurking.

Peter’s power I’m still not sure on. But manipulation suits him so he gets mind control. It only works when he’s touching someone’s skin, and half the time he likes talking people around in circles without even touching them. They think they’re safe from his powers, but by then he’s already planted the ideas in their head. They do the rest themselves and he doesn’t even have to try. (And the angst with Stiles later, the boy wondering if it’s real or if Peter’s just tricking him. Controlling him. And on the other end Peter’s wondering why he’s not using his powers (he could, it would be so easy) but for some reason he likes this kid and that… that terrifies him.

Because Stiles has a power. He MUST after all, he’s attending Beacon High and his dad might be Sheriff (with an ability to pick out lies) but that doesn’t get him free access. Not like the Argent girl (who might also have a power because some of her arrows fly a little too straight, but if she does she’s not saying). Stiles must have a power because otherwise he couldn’t have gotten in.

Peter thinks it’s probably something pointless. Like turning into a hamster. It shouldn’t have him so curious but it DOES. Because there’s a rumour flying about that he’s a norm in which case how did he even get in? He must have hacked the system which is practically impossible because as some people like to joke, the place is like Hogwarts. You can ONLY get in if you have a superpower (which is why he questions the idea that the Argent girl is a norm so much). It’s impossible to hack the system or forge the documents, but if anyone could have done it, it would be Stiles.

Peter’s not sure which option is more interesting. That Stiles has an unknown power or that he’s just that brilliant of a norm. (He thinks he’s enraptured either way. Not in love because he’s Peter Hale, he doesn’t do something as trivial as fall in love, but he’s fascinated and that’s almost as dangerous.)

(And I’m not decided on either Stiles or Allison. I’d love them to have powers, but I like them being squishy humans. But if they did have powers Allison would either have something subtle that makes her just that much better at fighting, or she’s have something completely lethal like energy manipulation that channels kinetic energy into explosions or something and she could blow up half of Beacon Hills if she wanted to. There’s a reason she pretends she’s normal after all.

And Stiles would have something that barely registers as a power but it’s goddamn dangerous. Like maybe he knows when people are going to die. Or he sees events and patterns before they happen. I don’t even know.)

Scott’s an asthmatic with seemingly no powers. His mother’s a healer and his dad he doesn’t talk about, but he works for the powered fbi so he must have something good. But Scott? Scott doesn’t. At least - not at first. But then something triggers (thankfully no radioactive goop is involved) and he comes into his own.

There’s no real name for it. It’s basically empathy. But it’s not just emotions. It’s on a physical level as well. Scott can help people to heal, he’s stronger now - not quite super strength but he draws on people around him. He doesn’t even drain them, his own state is just affected by them. It’s weird, he doesn’t really understand it, but it works for him. He’s better, faster, no asthma, he can help people, he can basically be Scott McCall - actual puppy. (Scott almost gets banned from the team when his powers first triggered and he broke three lacrosse sticks and dislocated five shoulders. No powers in sports, but he’s so happy he doesn’t care).

I don’t even know if I like all the power choices I just made; I like seeing different people’s interpretations. I want a world where instead of the supernatural you get the superhuman and it’s known. It’s oh so known (but capes and spandex are so last century, nobody does that shit anymore).

(I got distracted world-building here, but I swear there was steter somewhere in the middle of this).

10 fanfics that stayed with me

I was tagged by a-compass-for-his-ship and stylesinaflowercrown

haha i am very excited about doing this because i love fanfic so much. here are the first 10 i thought of: 

  1. TIF by mdasch and everydayslike - I know everyone always talks about it, but it’s really a great fic.  plus, when 100percentsassy and i first got into the fandom we had this weird idea that we only wanted to read canon fics (lol forever at us, it seems so absurd now)  anyway this was one of the first AUs I read and holy shit. i used to get overwhelmed at strange times just thinking of it.
  2. Thought The Song was Sung by 100percentsassy - haha speaking of Lexy! I love all of Lexy’s writing, but this story especially wonderful because it’s a super great fanfic premise, famous!harry and regular!louis meet on an online dating website, but it also has such an emotional pull to it.  The characters feel immediately real and you care about them a lot!! Lexy is very good at that. (ok also we came up with the idea of the fic at a shopko in green bay together AND she used excerpts from my embarrassing high school fanfics about me and orlando bloom in it, so haha really this is about me!!)
  3. you are my favorite place by soleilouis - i love the tone of this fic and the louis characterization. I’ve reread it a ton of times. the first phone call between harry and louis is fanfic GOLD!!!!!!!! 
  4. ain’t had none like you in a while by istajmaal - this is a lot of smut and it’s great smut. but what i really love about it is the way the author gives just the right amount of information about Harry and Louis’s relationship in the present and also about their future selves.  it’s the kind of thing where a single sentence will reveal a little info tidbit and in my mind i’m like “TELL ME EVERYTHING!!!! PLEASE! MORE!!!” but really i want to fill in the blanks myself as a reader. the author balances it so well and i’m so impressed by it. it makes me want read the story again and again.
  5. Pull Me Under by zarah5 - I read this as a wip and loved reading it as one.  Lexy and I would send each other tons of emails discussing what we thought was going to happen while waiting for the next installment.  I like it how zarah’s long fics like this tend to become fandom events of a sort in that way.  it makes me love the internet so much. it’s great when the dark period of a fanfic has a perfectly executed resolution and your brain and heart feel healed. ahaha that sounds pretty ridiculous but i’m being serious. 
  6. The Bachelor by mylifeslibrary - this fic was taken down from ao3 and it makes me so sad. this was another one of the first AUs i read, probably early 2013. and  i just remember reading lines in it about the state of harry’s heart and realizing like HARRY’S HEART IS SO IMPORTANT TO ME! ahaha and it still is. anyway, the author did an excellent job with the characterizations. harry’s heart felt real. 
  7. The Dreams That You Wish by Keep_Calm_And_Read_Fic - I like the romantic comedy tone of this and how the angst still hits really hard. but especially i loved how the character druscilla was developed in it. yay original lady characters!!
  8. But If You Close Your Eyes Does it Almost Feel by pukeandcry - this is a marcel fic. i love marcel SO MUCH and i love this fic. suddenly veronica is there too and it’s the greatest. having this fic exist is basically a fanfic dream come true for me. I reread it a lot. 
  9. We’re All Stars Now by galaxy_soup - there is just something about famous!harry and regular!louis that gets me!!!  Sometimes Lexy and I just start talking about how much Harry wanted Louis in this fic and then i have to go reread practically the whole thing.
  10. Butterfly Gun by Eravain -  this is still a wip. but god, it’s soooo emotional and so great and i think about it a lot. the setting and atmosphere are so well done. it’s the good kind of heartache!!!!!!!!!!!!

i’m tagging 100percentsassy and 1diamondinthesun


Babes of 2015 aka new/best/favs of 2015

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