things to never tell a shrink

Please Do(n't)

Please don’t fall in love with me
I don’t know how to explain
There is no way we’re getting free
Once my heart finds affection to claim
I’ll memorise the way you sleep
The way you wear your hair
I’ll always hold you in my mind
I’ll never have a thought spare
I’ll want to make a perfect cup
Of your favourite thing to drink
And if you fall I’ll hold you up
Until you can find your feet
Please do not fall in love with me
Because while I seem so good
I’ll freeze up when you are sad
I’ll shake like storm-hit wood
I’ll forget how to breathe, heartbeats
Will echo like war drums
And in turn you’ll never really want
To tell me all your qualms
I’ll have my own problems too
I’ll shrink up like warm washed socks
I’ll shrivel till you do not know
Which breath will be my last
So please don’t fall in love with me
Cause even if you do
I am so small
I’ve lost so much
I might just float from you
Please don’t fall in love with me
I already love you too
And just the possibility
Is too good to be true

hypnictwitch  asked:

What was your vampire diaries otp?

*16-year-old me comes bursting into the clearing*



These fuckers!

Oh, I was happy and dandy, completely fine watching The Vampire Diaries as a sort of guilty pleasure. It wasn’t the best show around, I didn’t really follow the storylines, found Stefan a bit boring, Elena dull, Damon your average ‘vampire bad boy’, but I really stayed watching it for the minor characters, like Bonnie, Jeremy, Matt, Tyler and Caroline because I felt like they were really kind of the flesh of the show. Their dynamics were the meat of it, and that’s what kept me tuning in.

Then Caroline Forbes got turned into a vampire. This bright, peppy character suddenly had a power she never expected to have. A strength I never expected the stereotypical cheerleader in this sort of show to have. It changed everything.

The Vampire Diaries basically became the Caroline Forbes Show, for me. I wanted more of this sunshine with this unlimited life and power.

And then Klaus Mikaelson rolled up. Your standard vampire villain, with a tragic backstory of shitty dad being shitty, and a bloodthirsty need to take over the world via the conversion of numerous mortals into vampire/werewolf hybrids.

So, those are the two pieces on the chessboard. The white queen, Caroline Forbes, socialite vampire grappling with the organisation of prom and her own immortality. The black king, Klaus Mikaelson, British-accented vampire villain with a penchant for witty one-liners and slowly making his way up the list of favourite characters. Destined, pretty much, never to meet until the end of the game.

Then the show kicked things up a notch, some hybrid stuff happened in badly lit scenes, and Caroline ended up, on her birthday, slowly dying in her bed from a bite given to her by her boyfriend. Klaus shows up. Laying out the red carpet of faux concern: “oh my gosh Caroline got bit by Tyler, a hybrid??? Sired to me??? What an amazing coincidence!!! Now invite me in, there’s a good girl, toodle pip”. Obviously part of some bigger plan that’ll come into play. Sherriff lets him in.

So here’s the black king standing in the doorway of the white queen’s bedroom. There lies the white queen pale and sickly, dying, with ironic ‘Happy Birthday!’ cards arranged artfully on a bedside table. The king is in a position of power; this is acknowledged as soon as he walks in the door, as it always tends to be when Klaus Mikaelson walks into a room but hey, let’s focus here. 

Some standard 'you’re the Big Bad, I’m the friend of the Holy Good why the fuck are you here’ dialogue is exchanged. Klaus Mikaelson, the sage old king, mentions that he likes birthdays; that Caroline, the newly appointed queen, as a vampire, is duty-bound to celebrate the now non-existent commitment she has to human conventions.

“You’re free,” the old king breathes.

“No…” replies the new queen. She flicks her eyes up and meets the old king with a stare as deep as his. “I’m dying.”

A-ha! The playing field is equal. The moves have shrunk. They shrink further still as the king admits he still holds the ace – her life. He could indeed, let her die. At this moment, I expected some corny claptrap about how her death wouldn’t affect the grand scheme of things, how she was never to be a part of his plan—

“I thought about it myself.” Hello? What’s going on here? “Once or twice.”

The old king leans closer to the new queen, young and green in her reign, and tells her that there is a whole world out there, and suddenly, immortality pales in comparison to the promises of music, and art, “genuine beauty”. Immortality ain’t beautiful. The world is.

She can have it all, “a thousand more birthdays”. If the new queen just asks. She can reign everywhere, anywhere she wishes for as long as she wants. Human conventions be damned.

Textually, it’s obviously a power play. Klaus is gaining an alliance from Sherriff Forbes, and a debt from Caroline Forbes, which he will no doubt call on. Caroline surrenders, admits that she doesn’t want to die after all.

But what’s she saying yes to? She’s saying yes to all those birthdays, the art, the music, the promise of genuine beauty.

So drink up, whispers the king. The queen drinks, she sleeps, and she wakes to find a bracelet of astonishing, genuine, beauty contained in a black velvet box with a neat white bow and a scrawled note. “From Klaus”.

Then, nine episodes later, at a 1920s themed dance, the old king makes his intentions very clear to the new queen. It’s clear she knows the debt that hangs over her head, the connection that haunts Tyler, so she acquiesces to his request for one dance. “I don’t bite,” he says silkily. There’s the old 'Big Bad/loyal to Holy Good friend’ dialogue exchange, as before. Then, a reiteration of his promise of the whole world, worded differently, but still there. The old king speaks of waiting for 100 years for her to accept his offer, his promises, as if to do so is easier than breathing. Oh, the new queen side-eyes him, but the pieces shift, the game changes and she’s looking at him in a whole new way. He looks at her with a depth not found in the eyes of a small town boy. She breaks it with a scoff, and there’s your standard 'Big Bad is pissed off’ dialogue from Klaus before he storms off. And, quite crucially, she looks back.

Anyone who has watched any period drama ever knows the importance of looking back.

And just one single episode later, Caroline Forbes is running down a corridor, your standard horror film shot. She is alone, scared, frightened. She is caught by Klaus Mikaelson, her saviour not ten episodes ago, who has twice offered her the world and all its beauty. Not its glories, not its triumphs. Its beauty. 

He promises to save her friend and brushes his fingers over her hair as if it’s already second nature to him to treat her this kindly, this intimately. (Do not get me started on how he cradles her when she drinks his blood, do not.) He tells her, fiercely, to get home and stay safe.

“Do you understand me?” barks he.

“Thank you,” she says. She looks at him like she still cannot work him out, and is afraid because of it. But the thanks is as easy as breathing.

For reasons that are known as ‘I cannot put up with this shit writing for a moment longer’, I give up on the show come season 3 finale. I watch clips of their scenes on YouTube, scrabble for any desperate hope that the potential I saw and shipped and loved is still there. It falls down, down the drain and I personally like to pretend anything past season 3 doesn’t exist.

So now, here I am. 22 years old with 16 years old me screeching the dying screech of a frustrated fangirl whenever she sees a gifset of Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes together on her Tumblr dashboard because you had a queen with power yet to be unlocked and a king willing to give her that power in exchange for being allowed to worship her as he always wanted to, and because of some shit to do with hybrids, it all went tits up.

But those fuckers called Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes? They have a portion of my heart (the right ventricle, to be specific) that continues to beat for the queen and king that almost ruled together. #foreverbitter

Tony rushes in. FRIDAY, good girl that she is, already has the lights on and is babbling away, but she lets Tony take over. “I’m here, Sugarplum,” he says, moving towards the bed. “How you doing?”

Rhodey sighs so deeply Tony’s a little concerned. “Fine. It’s all in my head. You don’t have to come running every time I scream a bit.”

“That is the saddest sentence I have ever heard, and I have heard some of the shit that comes out of my own mouth,” Tony says. “Scooch over?”

Rhodey painstakingly and laboriously moves himself so he’s firmly on one side of the bed, and Tony wishes he kept his mouth shut and hadn’t asked. The bed’s big enough, he still could have gotten in even if Rhodey was in the dead center, there’s no need to make the guy move when moving is a momentous act now.

“Wanna talk about it?”



“I said no, Tony,” Rhodey snaps, then takes another deep breath, this one more reasonable. “Shit. Sorry, I…sorry. I know, I’m being an ass, and…”

“And that’s what happens. You see me complaining? You’re okay, Rhodey. Feel free to tell me to piss off. My skin’s thick enough to take this.”

“Is it?” Rhodey asks.

Tony sighs now. “For you. Always.”

“I don’t wanna test that. I don’t want to snap at you. I don’t want to…”

“You should sleep,” Tony says, interrupting, but keeping his voice soft, so Rhodey can talk over him if he wishes. “I’m here now. Try to get some more sleep. And then…maybe we can talk about the shrink thing again?”

“Never thought I’d hear Tony Stark…” Rhodey mutters.

“Yeah, well, have to grow up sometime,” Tony says as lightly as he can. “I hear emotionally healthy coping is a part of that.”

“Bullshit,” Rhodey murmurs. He sounds tired, and not in a good way. In an exhausted, broken-down way, like he’s barely able to play along with Tony’s rambling anymore. “Plenty of adults don’t manage.” He pauses a moment. “We’ll talk about it tomorrow. Again.”

“Okay, Sugarplum,” Tony says, adding it to his list of things to talk about. “How about sleeping now?”

“Yeah.” Rhodey’s eyes close. “Hey, Tony?”


“If you…slept in here…you wouldn’t have to come running in the middle of the night.”

A pause, the room feeling suddenly like the air is made of glass, like one word will shatter it.

“Nevermind. Stupid idea. Forget I said anything.”

Tony shakes his head, even though he knows Rhodey’s eyes are closed. “Not stupid,” he says. “Never stupid. You’re a genius after all, Colonel Rhodes.” He wants to lean down, kisses Rhodey’s head, but restrains himself. Not yet. He adds it to the list of things they should talk about. “I want to stay.”


“Yeah, Sugarplum,” Tony says, but he knows Rhodey is already mostly gone, wonders how much of the conversation they’ll have to repeat tomorrow.

“FRIDAY?” Tony asks, voice barely a whisper. “Lights.”

They dim, and Tony settles beside Rhodey. he allows himself to touch Rhodey’s arm, one hand gently landing there, keeping contact as his eyes close and he too falls into sleep.

Bonjour Mon Amour

Barry X Reader

Word Count: 1,826

Warnings: none

You loved your job. It had always been your dream to become a fashion designer and you knew you would be able to work up to it. But being the assistant to an ungrateful boss left you more than a little stressed. Well, lucky for you Barry was always willing to cheer you up.

“You can’t let her get under your skin.” Barry sighed, taking another sip of his drink.

“I know.” You nodded “She’s just such a bitch to me all the time.”

“Maybe its cause you’re prettier than her.” He joked, happy to see the smile on your face.

“You’re sweet.” You stated,  resting your hand atop his own.

“Well I’ve got to go,” He said with a glance at his watch “but I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“If I make it through yet another day of the torture.” You exclaimed, putting a hand to your head for dramatics.

“Night.” He chuckled, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

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I know.

Pairing: Blaine Debeers x Reader 
Fandom: Izombie
Warnings: ——
Summary: Christmas with Blaine 
Author’s note: My sister is in love with Blaine and wanted me to write something. Again I must apologize if there’s some grammar mistakes I’m spanish. Anyway, enjoy. 

It was Christmas Eve.
Ravi’s house was filled with Christmas atmosphere, there were socks hanging upon the fireplace, beautiful lights everywhere, a bunch of presents under the tree and “Rudolph the red nose Reindeer” was playing on the radio. But even if everything looked so peaceful from the outside from the inside was very different. Everyone was stressed.
Ravi was running around the kitchen trying to have everything under control, controlling the turkey in the oven, cutting vegetables for the salad, washing some dishes… you meanwhile were trying to prepare the pudding as fast as you could and at the same time Major was setting up the table.  
Tonight, Liv was coming to dinner and she was going to bring her new boyfriend, Lowell. That’s why you (with Major’s help) prepared really spicy pasta so they could taste at least something.
Ravi approached to you with a worried look in his eyes.

“(Y/N), tell me you bought the champagne, I can’t find it anywhere.”

“What? No. That was Major’s job.” You said giving him a confusion look. Ravi put his hand on his forehead and started to panic- “Ok, calm down Ravi you’re making me more nervous than I already am. Major!”

Major appeared in the kitchen with a candle and a lighter in his hands. When he saw Ravi he gave you a very confusing look as if he was wondering why his friend was so … nervous.

“You forgot the champagne.” You said, shrugging-

“Oh, crap!” Major left the candle and the lighter in the kitchen table and started to check his pockets- Don’t worry, I’ll get in a near shop or something.

“Run! Run or I will kill you Major Lilywhite!” Ravi shouted, but Major was already closing the door-

Ravi always panicked when something was wrong in any celebration he was preparing and that made you laugh.  
You met him three years ago when you arrived from New York to Seattle looking for a house and a job after your father died. You found the job in the morgue and that’s where you and Ravi became good friends, you two were always together, drinking in a bar, playing video games, watching a movie in the cinema…so after two months Ravi told you he needed a roommate and you accepted the offer without hesitations. Eighteen months later you met Liv and Major and after knowing that he was looking for a flat you and Ravi agreed to let him move to your house.
You loved your friends; they were the most perfect human (and zombie) beings in the world, but although you had the most wonderful friends of all time you missed someone.

“(Y/N) where is the salt?”  Ravi was by your side moving his hand in front of your face, but you were lost in your thoughts to realize that “Heeeey, earth to (Y/N).”

You blinked a few times and went to the dining room to pick the salt for Ravi.


He gave you a worried look and then put a hand in your shoulder; he knew that something was wrong.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing Ravi” You smiled at him but he was not going to let you go until you told him what was worrying you, he was very persistent sometimes. You sighed “I’m thinking about him… It’s Christmas and maybe he is alone. It makes me sad.”

Ravi disliked Blaine but he knew how you felt about him despite knowing all the things he has done. He was always nice to you; he visited you while you were working and invited you to fancy restaurants and cocktail bars. He was a really charming and funny guy and you loved to spend time with him, unfortunately you never found the courage to tell him how you felt. You were afraid about being rejected.

“Do you want to be with him?” Ravi asked, smiling sadly. You knew the answer and that made you feel sorry for your friends, you didn’t want to leave them but the thought of Blaine been alone in his apartment made your heart shrink “You can leave if you want (Y/N)… no one here is going to judge you.”

“I can’t leave… Lowell is going to bring his guitar; I promised I was going to sing something with him after the dinner…”

“Hey, Lowell will understand the situation… you can sing with him other day.”

“Damn it Ravi, why you have to be such a good friend?” That wasn’t a question. He was the best friend you ever had, even if Christmas was his favorite holiday he put your happiness over his.

“Go” He laughed

You gave him a soft smile and ran upstairs to your room to pick the present you bought for Blaine. You stopped in front of the mirror a few seconds to check your hair and makeup and then ran downstairs to get to your car.

You’ve been in Blaine’s apartment once, when he was going to have lunch with you but he forgot to pick one of his “deliveries” so the two of you had to return and grab the yellow bag and give it to Julien. It was a bit disturbing but you forgot it when you started to talk with Blaine.
Before arriving to his apartment you stopped in a Chinese restaurant and bought food, you didn’t know if Blaine liked noodles considering that he was a zombie a few months ago, but you had no idea what to bring to him.

You had to knock three times before he opened the door.  Blaine looked as good as always even if his hair was a mess and he was holding a bottle of wine.

“Are you drunk?” You asked raising your eyebrow-

“No.”  He smiled. You crossed your arms “A bit. C’mon in” Blaine closed the door behind you and you noticed few empty wine bottles in the kitchen table “I thought you were going to spend the night with the good doctor and company.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t want you to be alone. It’s Christmas.” You placed the food on the table and started unpacking everything

“Are you worried about me?” Blaine chuckled

That gesture made you feel sad because no one in his life worried about him. The only person who loved Blaine was his grandfather and now he was in a residence in a vegetative state.
No matter who he was you could never push him away. That was the problem, everyone did the same to him. Obviously you wanted him to stop murdering people to sell their brains to zombies, but even though he didn’t you never once thought about leaving him alone.

“I bought Chinese food, I hope you like it” You said, avoiding the question. He approached you and started to check what you bought but he stopped when he saw a paper bag with a ribbon.

“What’s that?”

“Your Christmas present, duh.” You rolled your eyes; it was obvious you got him a Christmas present, I mean, you LOVED Blaine although he didn’t know.

“I haven’t celebrated Christmas since I was eight” He confessed, you looked at him sadly, but he was wearing a smile “Wait here”

And that’s what you did. Sitting on a chair you poured yourself a glass of wine and started to drink. Two minutes later Blaine appeared with a tiny box in his hands and gave it to you.

“What’s this?”

“Your Christmas present, duh.” He answered in the same tone you did a moment ago

You couldn’t do anything but laugh, he really was a funny guy. You opened the box and let out a little surprise scream when you saw the golden necklace with a small heart and a tiny diamond in the middle. He bought you a freaking gold necklace. You looked at him directly to his blue eyes and hold back the tears that wanted to escape from your eyes.

“I’m not good with feelings and I’ll stop if you want me to but…” he murmured, gently cupping the back of your neck “I hope you don’t.”

You gave him a smile and pressed your lips to his. The sparks that raced along your skin at the contact made heat blossom on your cheeks.  He is gentle, he kisses you with love. Nobody knows this side of Blaine, but you are more than glad to be the only one.

“I…” You started to say with a smile, but he stopped you.

“I know.”

And you two kissed again.

That Chair

Yes this chair. 

Hey everybody! So this is a new one I had a lot of fun with. As I was writing I got a little carried away and it went a little differently than I originally wanted it, but I ended up really liking it and I hope you do too! This is the long way of telling you the chair will return in a dirty smutty part 2. I hope you guys enjoy! Happy Monday!

Pair: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Smut, fluff, language

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You had been wrapping presents all day, but the pile of gifts on the table never seemed to shrink. They were little things, candles for your coworkers, ornaments for your neighbors, baby clothes for your cousins. You hadn’t concentrated on your immediate family yet. That was for later today.

You were loosing a battle to the tape dispenser when your phone went off. A text from Seb.

Sorry, babe. We’re running a little late at the store. Do you wanna meet me down here? Then we’ll continue xmas shopping and I’ll help you wrap that pile of presents.

You smiled. It didn’t bother you too much that he was running late. You knew getting into this that he was a busy man. But he was your busy man. 

That’s fine! Be down in a few.

Okay. We’re in the back, come on in when you’re here. 

You left the war zone you created with the tape on the table, you really didn’t feel like tackling it now. Instead, you dressed yourself in layers upon layers and topped it off with a warm hat, thick gloves, and a long scarf. 

Ready to brave the cold, you descended the stairs and headed for the subway. A short ride and a chilly walk later, you came upon the new store. 

You walked in the door, taking off your hat and gloves and loosening your scarf as you walked passed the crisp suits on display. You followed the sound of clicking cameras. 

You smiled and returned the seasons greetings you received from the workers and cameramen gathered around. You stood over to the side, not wanting to be in the way and smiled at Seb who was already grinning at you.

When he spun back to the camera and returned to the alluring man he always was at shoots, you took in the scene. He was wearing the new coat he was so excited about. Before this store opened in the city, he ordered it for the coming cold weather. His tight black jeans were clinging to the thighs that drove you wild and his thick hair was perfectly placed on top of his head. As always. 

For the minutes left in the little photo shoot he played around with a few different positions trying to get the perfect shot. Leaning forward, leaning back, legs crossed, legs relaxed. He even spun around in the chair a bit. 

That chair gave you some ideas. 

“Alright, thanks a lot, guys.” Seb said with a wave once the photographers were finished and packing up their things. 

He started to get up from the swivel chair to follow them out when your stuck your hand out to stop him. 

After everyone left except for you and Sebastian, one on the men in a store uniform poked his head in the door. “There are some interviewers out here who would like a minute with you, Mr. Stan.” 

You spoke before Seb could. “He’ll be out in a minute. We just have some things to go over. You know, client to manager.” You didn’t dare look at Seb, you knew he would make you laugh and blow your cover.

The man nodded and stepped out. You sauntered over and locked the door.

“So you’re my manager now?” He joked. 

“Somebody needs to boss you around,” you said, your voice low as you floated back to him in the chair. You placed your hands on each of his thighs and kissed him softly, despite your ache for more. 

He moaned in surprise and kissed you back quickly before saying, “Baby, they’re opening the store right outside.”

“Baby, I’m opening my legs right here,” you taunted him before climbing the chair to straddle his legs. You ignored the arms of it digging into your knees and kissed him again, this time letting your passion loose. 

You knew he gave in to your idea when he tilted his head and his tongue snuck past your lips. His opened mouthed kisses traveled from your lips, down your jaw to your neck until he was stopped by a turtle neck sweater. 

He ripped off your cardigan and threw it to the floor, and the sweater covering your neck wasn’t far behind. But when you were still hidden by a long sleeved shirt, he threw his head back in frustration. 

“How many layers are you wearing!” He laughed loudly, causing you to place a finger over his lips to shush him. 

“Its cold outside!” You whisper shouted. “And you’re almost there,” you giggled. 

He shot you a mischievous grin and peeled off the long sleeved shirt and the tank underneath. He wasted no time with your bra.  

As his lips climbed the valley of your chest you laughed at the pile of clothes on the floor.

He chuckled softly and looked up at you, his lips still attached to your chest. “They’re going to hear us, (Y/N).”

“Let ‘em,” you declared as you pulled his jacket off his strong shoulders. As the materiel hit his elbows, he got stuck. Trapped by the confinement of the back of the chair, he couldn’t pull his arms out of the sleeves. 

He leaned forward and freed his hands just in time to catch you. You had leaned to the side to give him some elbow room and your knee had slipped between the seat of the chair and the arm rest. You almost landed on the floor, resulting in a squeal from you. 

You missed Seb’s worried expression because your head was thrown back and giggles were erupting from you. “This was supposed to be easier!” You laughed. 

Suddenly the world swirled around you as Sebastian picked you up and placed you in the chair. “There we go,” he said with a low chuckle. 

He leaned forward to kiss you with so much passion, you would have thought your plan had worked perfectly instead of being the train wreck it was. 

His hands slid down your body and pulled your jeans and panties down and off your legs with ease. After you ripped his shirt off he placed each of your legs over the arms of the chair. 

He stepped back and took off his pants, his length throbbing and ready for you. He froze when his gaze returned to you. He took you in, all spread out for him. “I like this chair idea,” he growled, a wicked grin covering his lips, his eyes dark with lust. 

You shook your head and laughed and pulled him in to you. You felt your bodies align and he filled you completely. He paused to allow your body to adjust to him. He filled the time with slow and all consuming kisses. 

His pause felt like an eternity. “Please, Seb, baby, take what’s yours.”

And with that he pounded into you over and over at a deliberate pace. Both of you were careful not to be too loud. Your mouths never parted, so you gladly swallowed each other’s moans. Your whimpers were soft, his groans low, but you did nothing to quiet the sound of skin slapping against skin. 

He rested his forehead on yours as his fingers gripped at the cushions of the chair. “Shit, (Y/N), I-yes.” His voice was strained and broken.

You wrapped your hand around the nape of his neck as you felt his hips stutter. Every one of his hard thrusts pulled a whisper from your lips, “Yes, yes, yes.”

He hid his moans in the crook of your neck as his hips slowed and his body shook. You held him against you and kissed every piece of skin you could reach.

After emerging from your side and planting a kiss on your lips he chuckled, “Well now we can say we’ve had sex in a chair.”

You let loose the laughter you’ve been holding in throughout the ordeal. “This was a lot sexier in my head!” you cackled and threw your head back. 

Seb watched you laugh, your chest and cheeks red with a blush, your hair falling over the chair, your smile wide and pushing into your eyes and he cupped your face with his hand. “You’ve never looked sexier than you do right now.”

You rolled your eyes with a head shake and a grin and gripped his chin, pulling him to you for one last kiss. “Now, as your manager, you need to go do some interviews.”

“About that, I don’t think it’s very professional to be in love with my manager so… you’re fired.”

Your jaw dropped in surprise and you smacked his chest before he gathered the clothes on the floor.

After the two of you had cleaned up and layered up, you followed him to the door. He was about to the turn the knob when you shouted, “Wait!”

He turned around, a worried expression on his face. You jogged over to him with a face that said eeeeeek and you smoothed his thick hair from sticking up straight. “That may have been my fault.”

“Ya know, I work on my hair a long time, and you hit it,” he mocked. 

“Okay, John Travolta. Get out there and do your interviews,” you said as you shoved him out the door. 

With the cameras flashing he turned to you and pecked your lips. “And then we’re going Christmas shopping until the stores kick us out.”



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Morning Check In and Reunion

“Hey Xavier!”

Leona peered into the room, and puffed out her cheeks, he was still sleeping, but at least Mama’s dream catcher seemed to work, and she walked in, “I was doing my morning jog, and I figured I’d bring you a present,” she took out a small diamond lion and put it with a few other animals she had shaped for him, “Anyways, when you wake up, we’ve got a lot of practice to make up for. In that battle, I didn’t anticipate some of your moves, and if we’re going to do that again, we need to be perfectly on sync. It’s more effective that way.”

She chewed the inside of her cheek, resisting the urge to peek and see how his wounds were healing, “Papa says it’s gonna be a nasty scar, but he has lots, so it won’t make any difference. Besides, he said something about chicks digging scars. Though why you want to attract chickens makes no sense to me. Eggs maybe?” she grinned, “He also practically promised me that he’ll give you some lessons too! So maybe you can help me with Uncle Vonic in telling him that Papa’s way is the best Oathblood style!”

Still no answer, and she sighed, “Trade-Lord likes you I think! So you gotta come visit Sunspire sometimes. I’m going to try and get in one of the Pit nights, maybe you can fight against me!” she chewed the inside of her cheek, “Well… I’ll come check on you tomorrow!”

Still sleeping, but his color did look a bit better… though he was sweating, and Leona frowned as she walked back outside from the halls.


She looked in surprise at the voice, then her eye widened as the familiar scent of rain and apple blossoms hit her and she stared at the red-haired girl, “Kit?!?”

“Man! This is great!” Kit grinned, "Hey! Wanna help Ilyea and me glitter bomb the place? I’ve got buckets of the stuff, and then I figured we’d head over to that port.“

"Please don’t,” Leona said quietly, just knowing that it’d be her job to clean it up, “Where’s um… where’s Evie..?”

“He’s napping right here,” Kit opened her bag to show the girl, “I was able to get some shrinking pots… hey, how come you’re never on the comms anymore?”

“I’m not allowed to have that or the Atlas communicators. Mama said that there was a lot of inappropriate things on there.”

Or I could tell her the truth, that I lost it when I had that fit a month or so ago.

Leona frowned, was it really a month? That seemed so long ago.

“You met Ilyea at Tavern Night?” Leona guessed, “How’d it go?”

“Pretty good. Hey! You should host one for me again! Vel seems much happier when you or Serene do, and I can’t find her like at all… when’d you guys move anyways?”

“Um, right before Broken Shore.”

Papa and Mama were behind enemy lines, and then the valajar made me stay in Skyhold, and then we had to go rescue Papa from Helheim…Oh and then I went camping in Highmountain and joined a crew of pirates… 

Leona chewed the inside of her cheek, only half listening to Kit as the older girl cheerfully prattled on about her adventures.

She’s… actually matured a bit. Not much. But a bit. The General made the right decision, but… if this Kit was the Kit that had been given my egg… he may not have made it.

Kit paused, then tilted her head at Leona, “You alright? Hey, where are Varotin and Mira anyways?”

“We’re all working,” Leona said placing her hands behind her back, “I’ve got a job as an apprentice to the best rig-master that ever lived. If you had him instead of that flighty bird, you might still have the Dragonfox.”

“Don’t remind me,” Kit sighed, “Noooooooo faiiiiiiiiiiiiiir. Even you’ve got a ship!”

Then again… maybe she hasn’t matured that much at all.

“Well, one day when I’m captain of my own, I’ll give you a job,” Leona scrunched her nose in thought, “Scratch that, I’ll give Evie the job. You can be in charge of the galley. I don’t mind everything being apples,” she grinned, “Course I don’t think I want to be Captain ever, I’ll just be the second best rig-master to ever live! And go on adventures with my crew!”

Kit puffed out her cheeks, “DAMNIT! No fair! That means you’ll get the wedding like the one at the end of that pirate trilogy we read together once!”

Leona turned bright red, “I’m not gonna get married! That’s sissy stuff!”

Though… she did have a point, getting married in the middle of an epic ship battle, killing enemies as you struggled to say your vows…

NO! Absolutely NOT, no way! Even if that was totally awesome… I am NOT going to fall in love with a stupid girl or a idiot boy!

“I’m gonna to be blood brothers with the Crew! You said yourself, you don’t marry blood brothers!”

The older girl laughed, “We’ll seeeee…” she teased and winked, then waved, “Welp! I’m off to find Ilyea! This place won’t paint happy rainbows on itself!”

Leona waved as Kit walked away, and breathed a sigh of relief, “It… was really nice to talk with her again…” she smiled sadly, then giggled, “I should have told her about the noodle stand!”

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Let’s Go Crazy

Music by Prince
Lyrics & performance by Yuzuru Hanyu

Dearly beloved
We are gathered here today
To get through this thing called “quadz”

Electric thing, quad
It means four revolutions and that’s a mighty long time
But I’m here to tell you
There’s something else
The quadruple loop

A world of never ending quadz
You can always see the stars in your head, day and night

So when you call up that shrink at the Cricket Club
You know the one, Dr. Chill-Dem-Quadz
Instead of asking him how much of your time is left
Ask him how much of your mind, baby

Cause in this sport
Things are much harder than in the real life
In this sport
You’re on your own
And if da sQuad tries to bring your quadz down

You see I called my old choreographer
For a friendly word
He picked up the phone
Dropped it on the floor
“What the fuck” is all I heard

Let’s go crazy
Let’s get nuts
Let’s look for the purple butt
‘Til they shoo us off the ice

Rest In Peace, Prince

June 7, 1958 to April 21, 2016

“Dearly beloved,
We are gathered here today
To get through this thing called life,

Electric word life.
It means forever and that’s a mighty long time.
But I’m here to tell you
There’s something else:
The after world.

A world of never ending happiness;
You can always see the sun, day or night.

So when you call up that shrink in Beverly Hills,
You know the one, Dr. Everything’ll Be Alright,
Instead of asking him how much of your time is left,
Ask him how much of your mind, baby.

‘Cause in this life,
Things are much harder than in the after world,
In this life,
You’re on your own.”

Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.
Electric word, life. It means forever and that’s a mighty long time.
But I’m here to tell you that there’s something else….
The afterworld.
A world of never ending happiness.
You can always see the sun, day or night.
So when you call up that shrink in Beverly Hills, you know the one, Dr. Everything-will-be-alright.
Instead of asking how much of your time is left, ask him how much of your mind is.
Cuz in this life, things are much harder than in the afterworld.
In this life, you’re on your own.
So go crazy.
—  Prince- Let’s Go Crazy
six shots

this one’s a bit longer, got a little bored….hope someone likes it

The door slammed shut for the 8th night in a row at 3 a.m. Expensive boots were scuffed off, banging on the floor carelessly. Lennon rolled her eyes from the couch, standing up. Any other night she would’ve just laid in bed, pretending to be asleep and deal with him in the morning. But she had snapped. He was moving lethargically forward, no doubt searching for the stairs. She walked over to the lights, and flicked them on abruptly, receiving a groan from Harry.
“Bloody Hell Lennon, what the fuck are you doing” he said, voice slightly raised. Lennon only squinted her eyes.
“You reek of whiskey” she stated, crossing her arms.
“Okay?” he said, rubbing his forehead from what she presumed to be the start of an awful headache. Anger rose within her body.
“This is the eighth night in a row you’ve come home trashed from God knows where. Every time I ask you where you went you roll your eyes at me, and get all pissy. But I’ve had it. Where the fuck were you Harry, where the fuck have you been going?” she seethed, eyes blazing at his.
“Oh my god” he groaned, tilting his head back in annoyance, “here we go again. You can’t fucking trust me for one single second, can you?”
“I fucking trust you, Harry. I just don’t need a boyfriend who comes home from somewhere he won’t tell me about with people he fails to ever mention drunk every single night”.
“What, you think I cheated on you? Is that it? Give me a break and stop being so fucking clingy” he shouted. His voice was loud, and Lennon winced a bit.
“Clingy? You think this is clingy? You think me worried about where you’ve been when you refuse to tell me anything is clingy? You’re out of your damn mind. People tell eachother things in relationships, unless they have something to hide”.
“THEN MAYBE I HAVE SOMETHING IM HIDING FOR FUCKS SAKE” he yelled, stepping towards her. She flinched back, closing her eyes. Never had he ever raised his voice that loud. Tears welled her eyes, and when she turned her head back to him he look mortified. His eyes widened at what he had said, his stance shrinking within him.
“L-Lennon” he stammered, stepping forward again only to have her step back, “Baby, you….did you….did you think I was going to hit you?”
Lennon stood there silently looking down. The tears were now staining her face. Truthfully, she didn’t know why she had cowered away. She knew he’d never dare lay a hand on her, but then again his voice was loud, and he’d been so distant the past 2 weeks, what was she to think.
“Baby, look at me” he pleaded, moving his hands to her cheeks. Her eyes met his. She took his hands off her face, and brushed past him.
“Lennon” he called as she walked up the stairs, reaching out to grab her arm.
“Don’t touch me” she snapped swiveling around, “if you have something to hide than keep it hidden. I don’t want anything to do with you anyways”.
She ran the rest of the way up the stairs, slamming the bedroom door shut, locking it afterwards. Sobs racked through her chest, knees pulled up to her chin as she sat on the plush mattress. She was lying. She would never truly be done with Harry. But she was certainly done with him right now. A few hours had passed, Lennon now tucked beneath the covers with a tear streaked face, when Harry’s soft knocks were heard. Her eyes were closed, but she wasn’t asleep. He didn’t need to know that though. After a few minutes the door knob fiddled, and alas the door itself opened, Harry tossing a paper clip to the floor as he made his way over. He crouched down in front of Lennon’s face, taking his hand to brush her hair back softly.
“Lennon” he cooed, “Baby please wake up”.
Against her better judgement, she fluttered her eyes open slowly, meeting a puffy faced Harry staring at her sadly.
“There she is” he whispered. His breath smelt like mint, and she knew he had just brushed his teeth, most likely desperate to rid himself of the alcoholic taste and smell. Or the burning he felt when he had shouted at her. His thumb continued its strokes across her face, mouth searching for the right words.
“I am so sorry” he began, bringing his other arm up to grasp her hand, “I’ve been so shitty lately. Proper shitty. I’ve been the worst boyfriend ever, and I wish I could tell you why but I can’t. I hate myself for it. I’m not hiding anything from you, nor have I ever, and nor do I ever want to. I think I was just in a rut, and thought drinking would clear away all my issues. But I know I was wrong, so wrong, and I made a huge mistake, one in which hurt you terribly. Something I swore I’d never do. And believe me, baby, when I say I will spend the rest of my life hating myself for it. I would never even think of cheating on you, the thought itself makes me sick. Truthfully sick. I am so sorry I shouted so loud, as soon as it happened I regretted it. I felt like I had just downed sick shots, my throat burned so bad. I love you Lennon, I really really do. And I don’t want to lose you, and I know if I do it’s my own fault, but baby please, I can be better. I will be better. Please, don’t leave me. I love you so God damn much, and I know you deserve so much better than me, but I’m a selfish prick and I’ll beg forever and ever for you to just stay here with me. Please”.
Harry was now in full tears, his hand squeezing hers. She moved her own up to his face, taking his cheek in her palm. He leaned in, closing his eyes at the touch.
“Harry, you scared me” she whispered, tears pricking her eyes again.
“I would never hurt you. I would never touch you. When you flinched back I felt like someone had stabbed me. Please Lennon, I swear that wasn’t ever my intention and never will be. Even in my drunkest state I would never”
“Shhhh” she hushed, pressing her thumb to his lips, “I know baby, I know. Your voice was just really loud and it startled me. I know you’re sorry, and I know you hate yourself. I see that. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t really hurt, because I was. You were so distant from me, it nearly killed me inside. But I’m not leaving you. I won’t ever leave you Harry Styles. I love you too much to do so.”
An erratic sob shoved out of Harry, as he stood up, snuggling himself into the bed with her. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, careful not to let her go. He pressed a light kiss a top her head, resting his chin after.
“You’re too good for me, Lennon” he said, rubbing the back of her head.
“I don’t think so” she replied, kissing his collarbone. He sighed softly, pulling back to see her face. Their foreheads pressed together, eyes locked in intensity.
“I won’t ever lose you” he whispered lowly, right before smacking his dry lips to her soft ones in a rhythm she knew and loved so much.

Girl’s Day #squad (Part 2) - (Reader x Claudia Auditore + Evie Frye + Élise de le Serre + ??????)

What is this? Reader Insert series about living in an apartment building full of the characters from Assassin’s Creed in a modern setting. A guilty pleasure series tbh. Not gonna lie.

A/N: You get caught buying some things by tall dark and handsome. Whoops! Your girls are the best~ <3


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“It’s so good so finally meet you!”

You weren’t sure what to say in response as the vibrant redhead hugged you in greeting. At first glance she didn’t seem like the type to affectionate. As you had approached her with Evie and Claudia leading the way, she stood tall, with shoulders back and squared. She seemed the kind of woman to take charge and wait for no one. However as soon as Claudia called out, her hard edges dissolved with a brilliant smile.

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Could you write some more daisuga with a protective Daichi?

“If you will excuse us, but the prince is needed elsewhere. Let go of him.”

Koushi feels the warm hand slide over his lower back before he even hears the dark voice by his side. The nobleman in front of him jolts when he sees the young guard appear by Koushi’s side, and his filthy hand jerks away from where it dared to touch the hem of Koushi’s sleeve. As always, the timing is perfect.

“My prince. Your father has asked for you.” The hand spreading on Koushi’s back is a low flare, fire trickling down his spine and curling around his heart, as if Daichi can light sparks on his skin and a smile on his lips with a mere touch. He can do much more than that, Koushi thinks and tilts his head at the nobleman who is still standing there, staring at both of them. 

“I should take my leave, then,” Koushi says. His voice is silk, soft and dangerous. “I must go see my father. Though I believe my faithful guard has a piece of advice for you. I would suggest you take it and never forget it.”

He turns around. Daichi’s hand is off his lower back as fast and quiet as a forbidden kiss. Koushi doesn’t hear what Daichi tells the man, but he can imagine the sharp gasp and widening eyes of a terrified nobleman shrinking into himself, stuttering and swearing to “n-never touch him again, yes, I understand, m-my apologies” because if Koushi’s personal guard is one thing, it is protective. There is more to Daichi, though, but if Koushi was to remember just how much this man means to him, what place in Koushi’s heart he has conquered with kindness and unbroken promises and his warm, rough hands, then Koushi would never find a way out of this unpleasant ball his father had invited half the kingdom to. 

The palace garden whispers wind and desert sand into Koushi’s skin when he sneaks out of the throne room. A world of quiet lies before him, and as Koushi passes through the blooming labyrinth of flowers and emerald-leaved trees, he sheds his golden slippers along the way. The grass snuggles against his feet as if it is welcoming him. His journey guides him towards the oldest tree, higher than any other plant his father brought from far-away countries to fill his only son’s heart with joy and laughter. 

Koushi knows the palace in blindness and dream, and his fingers find the indents along the bark with ease. He has just seated himself in the crown when soft footsteps approach. Koushi closes his eyes and leans back, smiling when the tree shivers below him as another weight climbs up its strong trunk. 

“My prince.” The kiss onto his mouth is tender, breath hotter than the desert’s wind stroking over his naked arms. Daichi’s scent is musk and sandelwood and the iron of the sword strapped against his hip, and Koushi reaches to touch his cheeks without opening his eyes. 

“I hope you did not scare the man too much. He barely touched me.” 

“But he tried to,” Daichi mumbles against his lips. His teeth touch Koushi’s mouth, and one sharp breath later, they close over his bottom lip and suck a dark, pulsing bruise into his skin. 

“Dai - oh. Mhm, ohh.” There is no chance for Koushi to speak because Daichi slowly lowers himself down onto him and presses a hard kiss against his neck, hand pulling down the collar of his golden-blue gown, teeth sinking into his skin. 

“Daichi.” The name is a wish, a plea on Koushi’s lips. 

“I will always protect you,” is the growled response into the vulnerable skin of his collarbone. And then, softer, a promise: “And if I have to be your secret forever, I will still be your shadow and shield and bring those down that wish you harm, my prince.”



“Come on Derek! It’s funny!” You giggled as your cousin Stiles continued to tease your boyfriend, “Don’t be such a sour wolf,” you cooed, wrapping an arm around him only for him to brush you off.
“No that’s exactly my point! Am I the only one that cares here?!” Derek had been stressed lately over the recent strings of deaths over Beacon Hills.
“Oh Derek, what’s life if you can’t have a little fun?” You stopped laughing.
“No, you two are always goofing off! You can’t take anything seriously, can you?!” His anger grew stronger as he got up and stormed out of the room.
“I’m gonna go,” Stiles whispered and slipped out.
You made your way to you and Derek’s shared bedroom, where he was sat hunched over on the edge of the bed.
“What was that down there?” You said light heartedly, trying to ease the tension.
“You know what? Go, go hang out with that goofy cousin of yours, you two obviously seem to have a better time together!”
“What are yo-”
You quickly gathered an overnight bag and left, hurrying outside to catch a ride back with Stiles, where you’d spend the rest of the night.


You were startled awake by incessant honking from outside your window. You got threw off the blankets reluctantly and got up from the pull out sofa and made your way to the window, brushing back the curtains and throwing a hand over your face to shield your eyes from the new mornings light.
It was Derek.
You sighed and stomped out the door, “What the hell are you doing?!”
“Hop in!”
“Hop in!”
“Derek I said no! I’m not even dressed!”
“And I said hop in!” You threw your crossed arms down and stomped over to the door he opened for you.
“Where are we going?” You slammed it in reluctance.
“You’ll see,” he winked pulling down his sunglasses.
You knew better than to argue back, it wouldn’t go anywhere.
It was a long drive through the country side, the hills rolled up and flattened out and soon enough you were at a road side diner.
“What are we doing here?” You asked awkwardly.
“Order anything you’d like babe, it’s on me,” he winked. You raced and ordered your favorite dish, the chocolate chip special: one huge chocolate chip pancake covered erratically in whip cream, syrup, sprinkles, cherries, and all sorts of berries so that it looked like a clown- and to your surprise Derek ordered the same.
“What about your oatmeal?”
“This is better. Why not eat the thing that haunts every child’s dreams….it’s cute?” He tried his best to seem jovial and you took his effort to heart.
After that he blind folded you, refusing to let you know where your next stop was.
It was a long time before he finally let you take it off and you found yourself at the gates of a laser tag.
“No way!” You laughed and he raised his eyebrows in response. He ran you inside and you guys put on the gear and got ready.
Surprisingly Derek was really passionate about this, dodging lasers from every turn, dashing lights were soon put out from his little weapon, and he was at the top of the leader board.
You crouched around, stalking your target. Pulling the little trigger you missed and they spotted you. Out of nowhere Derek jumped out and grabbed your hand to dart off. You didn’t make it very far until you tripped over a prop and went crashing down, causing a domino effect with Derek landing on top of you in a fit of laughter. He leaned down to give you a little peck on your nose.
“Aw you’re so cute when you’re vulnerable,” you winked and pointed your gun at his vest releasing the light as his faded out.
“I can’t believe you did that,” he peered seriously down.
“Hey you let your guard down babe, what can I say?”
“You know there’s gonna be payback later right?”
“Oh God….”


Eventually, after a long afternoon, Derek got you guys kicked out of laser tag as he “accidentally” pushed down a seven year old causing him to cry.
“I’m tired, maybe we head back and relax…watch some Netflix,” you tried to sell it.
“No, there’s one more stop.”
“Where?” You held at the word.
“Can’t you just enjoy the ride? God you wine for me to take you places and when I do you just want to go home….”
“You know I don’t mean it like that, Derek.”
“No, I know you’d rather spend time with your dorky cousin than me, that’s alright.”
There was a long pause until you finally tried to confirm your suspicion, “Are you seriously jealous of Stiles?”
He didn’t respond.
Derek finally pulled up to a display of lights and the sound of cheer.
“A carnival? Derek you hate these things.”
He got out silently and opened the door for you. He walked up to the booth and paid for your admittance and cooly walked to the Ferris Wheel expecting you to follow him.
“I can’t go on that, I’m sorry but no,” you stepped back.
“I told you there’d be payback,” he hopped into a seat and patted for you to do the same. Rolling your eyes, you took a deep breath and hopped in.
He still seemed upset as he let out a sigh as the ride began. You shut your eyes tight and your knuckles turned white as you clung on to the safety bar.
“Look, I know you’re all mad but can you please just cut it out as I have a heart attack right now?” A tear slipped from your face as you caught a panicked glimpse down at the shrinking world.
“You’re actually scared of this ride?”
“Derek you know I hate heights!”
“Actually no, you never tell me these kinds of things! Maybe cause you’re too busy gallivanting of with-”
“Derek I swear if you say Stiles-!!” You began, but you’re fear got the best of you and gasped as you reached the top. He put a warm hand on yours and you started to feel relieved. Reaching the bottom again you let out a breath and said, “I don’t know why you’re so jealous of Stiles. Derek he’s my cousin, I’m dating YOU.”
“You just seem more happy with him.”
“That’s not true.”
“Than how come it seems that way?”
“Because you’re so sure that that’s the truth you won’t see it any other way. Derek I love you, the time I’ve spent with you is the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life and you’re stupid to think other wise. Now serious if you don’t kiss me right now I’m gonna lose it,” the words flew out of you as you slowly neared the top again.
“I love you too,” he leaned in and crashed is soothing lips into yours, causing the bench to rock. You pulled away quickly and started to shake. You threw your hands to your head trying to gain some focus.
“Don’t worry, nothing is going to happen, I got you,” he wrapped an arm around you and squeezed you tight, your panic slowly melting away.
“You owe me.”
“Oh ho ho ho, no I don’t.”
“You better be that cliche boyfriend who wins me a big stuffed animal after this…"you buried your head in his shoulder as he soothingly played with your hair and rubbed your arm in slow circles.
“We’ll see what I can do,” he pecked your head.

You crashed on the drive home, the giant, pink giraffe Derek won you you serving as a pillow.
“Anything for my girl,” he whispered, eyes locked straight on the road as he placed a hand on your knee.
“You’re such a dork,” in a hushed tone you replied, meeting his hand with yours.

Ok I really hope you liked that and it wasn’t all long, confusing, and dry lol thank you so so so so incredibly much for waiting (this one gave me massive writers block) 💖

“Dearly beloved
We are gathered here today
to get through this thing called life

Electric word life
It means forever and that’s a mighty long time
But I’m here to tell you
There’s something else
The afterworld

A world of never ending happiness
You can always see the sun, day or night

So when you call up that shrink in Beverly Hills
You know the one - Dr Everything’ll Be Alright -
Instead of asking him how much of your time is left
Ask him how much of your mind, baby ’

Cause in this life
Things are much harder than in the afterworld
In this life
You’re on your own

And if the elevator tries to bring you down
Go crazy - punch a higher floor"

Energy never dies. Safe Travels, Beautiful One 🙏

An Unusual Engagement

Somehow Emma and Killian end up engaged, and Liam Jones is partially to blame.

Somehow she and Killian end up engaged.

“Somehow” really is the only way to describe the situation, because Killian most certainly never proposed to her. The only exchanging of any ring had been preceded by her somewhat freaking out, and him explicitly telling her that he wasn’t proposing. The ring had been on necklace, but now it rests on her left hand. She had to magically shrink it so it would fit, but you know, things were never normal for them, so a magically shrunk engagement ring that once belonged to his centuries dead brother given to her after a non-proposal really was just par for the course for them.

Emma has no one to blame but herself. She was the one who announced they were engaged. She mostly said it because it made the whole situation that much more understandable. She wasn’t marching into the Underworld to rescue her dead boyfriend. She was rescuing her dead fiancé. Much more respectable. Besides, they were going to share a heart. Marriage was the most logical next step, right? At least that’s what Emma told her herself after that fact that she said she and Killian were to be wed.

Actually, she didn’t even say that she and Killian were engaged. She just sort of agreed to it. That part was all Liam Jones’ fault, because he’s Killian’s dead brother, and she just so happened to stumble upon him in the Underworld. He introduced himself as  “Captain Liam Jones” and she said she was “Emma Swan,” and proceeded to explain her little plan to resurrect his little brother. He had deduced that she wasn’t his wife, because her last name was Swan, and the Enchanted Forest of centuries prior wasn’t up to speed on the whole “keeping the last name” bit. So he had asked if she was his fiancé. (Because why else would she stomp into the Underworld? Damn antiquated notions.) Unwilling and seemingly unable to deny a Jones boy anything, she had responded with, “You know what? Sure.”

Thus began her engagement to Killian Jones.

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She’s kinda hot

When you’ve got bigger plans that no one else understands, you’ve got a shot though

What was he doing in school if his dream was to be part of a band? Lukehated school and he would always dream big. He’d see himself singing and playing guitar in front of thousands of people. He had bigger plans than school. What was he going to do when he finished high school? Go to a good University and then have a boring job and live an average life? That was not what he wanted. He wanted to enjoy life and not be like everyone else. People didn’t understand his dreams but he didn’t mind. Those were his dreams and he knew he could make them true.

They say we’re losers and we’re alright with that

People would call Calum a loser just because he wanted to do something different with his life. Every time he looked at other people he’d feel sorry for them because of how simple they lives were. People would graduate, get a job, work hard, get married, have kids and die. Where was the fun in all that? Every time he played bass, he would feel like he was in another dimension and in that little word of his, he’d be playing in concerts just like his favourite bands did. Calum didn’t mind that people called him a loser because they would never understand how powerful his dream was. It was so powerful that he knew one day, it would become real.

My shrink is telling me I got crazy dreams

Every night Ashton would dream about the same thing. He’d be playing drums in front of a big crowd. He would have a huge smile on his face and he’d love to hear people screaming his name. But unfortunately everything ended when he opened his eyes and came back to the real world. He wanted to live the life in his dreams but he didn’t know what to do. When he was a kid people would always tell him to pursue his dreams but that was not easy when his dream was something so big. But he was going to try and if he wanted to live his dream, he needed to wake up and start living it.

We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene.

Michael wanted to change the world. He wanted to tell people that it was okay to be different. He wanted to tell people to fight for their dreams and he wanted to do that through music. He wanted to create songs that inspired people just like his favourite bands had inspired him. He thought that being a misfit or an outcast was completely fine and wanted people to start a revolution to show everyone how being an outsider was something incredible, just because outsiders are not the ones who fit into a society; they’re the ones who think for themselves and that was one of the best things in the world.

As you can see, I just imagined how they lived before they started the band. I hope you like this because I really liked writing this.

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