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Nath/Nino + 'the fire alarm went off at 3 am and now the cute guy from the flat next door is standing next to me in his underwear’ AU ?

i’m…..suddenly so into this that i got carried away lol

words: 1409

Nino didn’t know what kind of an idiot could manage to trip off the fire alarm at three in the goddamn morning, but he was going to assume it was a special brand of idiot that he was thirty seconds away from chewing out. He needed to wake up in four hours to get to work on time. He didn’t deserve this. 

He was about to grab his noise canceling headphones and listen to music until he fell asleep, but then Nino heard frantic knocking on his front door and cursed loudly in his empty room. God, that was probably the landlord trying to figure out which apartment the alarm was coming from. Nino grabbed a tank top and put on his glasses, hoping that this was just some moron leaving their gas burners on by accident so that Nino could just crawl back into bed. 

So when he opened the door, the last thing he expected to see was a cute guy standing in the hallway in his underwear, bouncing on his toes and looking like he was two seconds away from having a panic attack. 

“Hey!” he piped up a little too loudly. “Horrible hour. I know. Quick question. Are you good at putting out fires?”

Nino blinked. “Putting out fires? Is there a fire in your apartment?”

“Um, maybe?” his neighbor winced, speaking almost too quickly for Nino to understand him. “Kitchen, technically, but uh, yeah. I kinda panicked and knocked on the first door I saw.”

“Oh my God, you left your apartment burning!?” Nino exclaimed, propping his door open with a shoe. “Where do you live?”

The two of them jogged down the hallway to the next apartment over and Nino almost slipped on this stranger’s welcome mat as he booked it inside, following the grey smoke that was billowing out of the kitchen and making the fire alarm screech. Nino covered his mouth with the crook of his elbow and was able to see a small saucepan on the stovetop that was currently holding a small fire and burning whatever contents were inside. Nino put the cold water in the sink on full blast, snatched up a kitchen towel, and threw the pot into the sink to extinguish the fire. 

Luckily, a fire extinguisher wasn’t necessary and the charred food – Jesus, what the hell was this dude trying to cook? – was immediately put out leaving nothing but an apartment full of smoke. 

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PrivateInvestigator!Taehyung (Dope!AU)

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Pairing: Reader x PrivateInvestigator!Taehyung

Warnings: Smut, some violence towards reader(black eye)

Words: 4.3k

Summary: After your neighbours apartment is broken into, a certain investigator has some questions to ask you about what occurred that night. 

It was around one am when you started to hear strange sounds from the apartment next door. You had sworn your neighbour had gone away for the weekend so you had no idea why it sounded like he was trashing the place. 

Maybe he got back early. You didn’t really care. What you did care about however was sleep and he was currently preventing that.

You pulled on your nightgown, and slipped your shoes on before walking towards the front door, grabbing your keys. It wouldn’t be the first time you had managed to lock yourself out so you made sure you had them with you.

You walk to his door, lifting your fist to knock. Your eyes squint in confusion as you notice the door is slightly ajar. That was odd. You gently pushed the door open so that you could peer inside. 

The place was a complete mess, drawers were pulled out and scattered over the floor, their contents everywhere. Furniture was overturned and all the kitchen cupboards were wide open.

You noticed a man stood in the corner by the TV, he was dressed all in black, his head covered by a large hood. By the looks of it he was unplugging the TV from the socket. Maybe it was because you were still half asleep, but you finally figured out what was happening. 

The man in front of you was too tall and muscly to be your neighbour and he was definitely robbing his apartment. Part of you wanted to be a good neighbour and confront him, but it was one am and quite frankly you didn’t fancy your chances against the large man.

You were about to turn and go back to bed when the man span around. He had a mask covering his whole face, you couldn’t even make out his eyes beneath the darkness of his hood. It’s obvious that he sees you; he freezes. You just stand there. You begin to back away. As you turn to go back home he walks towards you. He throws a bag over his shoulder and carries the TV under his arm.

You were frantically trying to get your key in the lock of the door. He grabs you roughly spinning you around and slamming your back into the wall. You groan in pain.

“Didn’t want to have to do this darlin’ but you gave me no choice” 

You look at him with a mix of confusion and fear. Before you knew it you felt something hard collide with your face. You hand flies up to hold your eye. It was tearing up in reaction to the blow.

“Tell anything to the police and you’ll have more problems than a black eye” he laughs wickedly.

He lets you go before walking down the hallway towards the stairs.You couldn’t believe he had hit you. Well you could, your eye wouldn’t stop watering and by the pain you were in you knew you were going to have a pretty spectacular bruise to prove it.

You entered your apartment, going straight to the freezer to get a bag of frozen peas. You place it on your eye, wincing a little at how cold it was.

You contemplated calling the police anonymously, but you didn’t really fancy a visit from that man again, so you figured you would wait until someone else did it. You would just pretend you slept through the whole thing and maybe report it in the morning if no one else had.

You crawled back to bed, trying to balance the frozen bag on your face as you drifted off to sleep.

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Life in Color (Part 3)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Modern AU. An artist in every sense of the word, Bucky sees color in everything, vibrant as they fill his world with magic. What happens when the colors fade?

Word Count: 1154

Originally posted by bovaria

Wanda had warned you that James probably wouldn’t be awake at a normal hour, but knowing Tony Stark, he’ll be calling to ask about the painting by noon. Not wanting to tell your boss that you hadn’t even tried yet when his inevitable phone call happens, you decide to take your chances showing up at 10:30. You pass an attractive man with blonde hair and blue eyes in the hall. He gives you a small smile and you can’t help but wish that you were here to see him - whoever he is - instead of James.

When you reach his apartment, you knock on the door only to be met with no response. You knock once more, harder this time, causing the door to fall open a little. It feels a little intrusive, but the door was unlocked and opened on its own. There’s nothing stopping you from pushing it open just enough to step inside, so you do. Besides, with the way his lifestyle is often reported, you wouldn’t be surprised if you discovered him overdosed in the bathroom or murdered by a vengeful lover in the bedroom. You’re doing a civil service by walking into the apartment.

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Imagine Peter

Imagine Peter Parker from spider man. Requests are open.

Prompt list


Request Here!

Being the sweetest guy when you first meet him in school

He offers to be your lab partner because you don’t know anyone in the class

He does the dissections and you do the questions  

You make the perfect team

Which is why when he asks you out you say yes instantly

Study dates at both of your houses are common

May knows you so well, sometimes you come over just to chat

Which is how you discovered Peter is Spider man.

You went to his room to steal a sweatshirt and he crawled through the window

He scared the shit out of you.

But after some explanation, it just strengthened the bond between you two

Peter welcoming you into his apartment with a kiss on the cheek

Every single time

Sitting together at his desk while you work

Him being so proud of you for the littlest things

“Peter you don’t have to give me a kiss every time I get a math problem right.”

“No babe, I get to give you a kiss.”

Sometimes studying doesn’t get done when you hang out

You’re much more interested in each other then the school work

May learned to knock first before coming in to check on you two

Hand holding when your at school or around the city

Cuddling when on the weekends or when he comes back from a mission

Sometimes he’ll forget that no one knows he’s spiderman

and he’ll throw notes across the classroom about his mission

They don’t always make their way to you

There have been some close calls

Smiling like idiots when you hang out together

Grossing your friends out with your love 

Loving him endlessly

Reminding him that he’s got his entire life to be great

And to enjoy being a kid while he still can

This is what the lonely gets you:
nights spent trying to look anywhere
but at yourself, because then
you’ll have to admit that it isn’t
the mirror
that’s broken.
All this crying alone in an empty apartment
won’t teach you how to say the word “love”
when you feel it, just like it won’t
help you let go of the ones
who make your skin crawl just to talk to
except you don’t want to hurt them.
(You can never bring yourself to hurt anybody.
It is your best and worst quality.
You keep on hurting yourself.)
This is what the lonely gives you:
shaky hands and a shakier heart,
second guessing every good thing
you ever got.
Do You Believe?

Original Imagine: hi! I love your writing! it’s absolutely amazing! I was wondering if I could have a one shot request where the reader gets critically injured bc Barry wasn’t fast enough to save her. super angsty and sad? thank you! @zbvbble (Sorry it took so long Sweetie! hope you enjoy, cuz it almost killed me!)

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 2,000


Author: Contrygal7

Originally posted by angelwings4barryallen

                                                     * * * * *

If I didn’t believe in you.

The words cut deep into your head, the first thought of the day and recalling fights hurt. This isn’t the first time you’ve heard those words, though. Of course the first time wasn’t nearly as depressing.


The first time it was warm. A fuzzy kinda warm that slowly seeps its way into your bones almost as if its igniting your entire body in a tantalizingly slow burn. The early morning sunshine, the whole world cascaded in a pink tint, as it fell lazily over the small bedroom in your even smaller studio apartment that you currently shared with your full time boyfriend part time superhero, Barry Allen.

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Torn apart (Steve x Reader & Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

Part 1

A/N: Text written in cursive, it’s what happened before. This is a new series, tell me what you think.

Summary: AU

Reader was dating Steve when she started falling for Bucky. After her heart was broken, she decided to leave from both man and now after two years she is coming back.

Warning: swearing

People say that: ˝ If you love two people at the same time, choose the second because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second. ˝ But is that really true, you heard that saying a few times, but you never thought about it. You always thought that if you start falling for someone while you are already in love that it’s cheating. Things changed in your heart and you thought about it more than you should have. It wasn’t something simple, it was complicated as it always is. You had the man you loved, but the other man crawled in your heart as well.

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Are You Jealous?

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Requested: Yes! A few anons asked for jealous Barry including 

Pairings: Barry Allen/THe Flash x Reader

Summary: Barry is late to the precinct Christmas Party, leaving you alone in some uncomfortable company.

Warnings: Jealous!Barry (does that count as a warning??? oh well)

Word Count: 1,067

A/N: I missed Barry, so I hope that you guys like this one! It kind of has an ambiguous ending, so make of that what you will. Message me any requests/feedback, as either is always greatly appreciated…

Barry was late. It wasn’t as if he could literally be anywhere that he needed to be in Central City within a few minutes. That would be crazy.

Your boyfriend may have been the fastest man alive, but you couldn’t remember a time that he was less than ten minutes late for anything. Your last date, a doctor’s appointment, work every single day. He was late for all of it.

But this time he was really, really late. Like you had shown up at the party two hours ago, and had seen neither hide nor hair of your boyfriend. At first, you made small talk with a few of the girls that you knew from the precinct. But, they quickly had too many fruity cocktails to be tolerable, and you had chosen to sit at the bar alone.

You had ordered a drink and glanced around the room, hoping that by some miracle, your boyfriend would waltz in, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

“So what brings you here.” A voice said from behind you. You turned around to see a man that somehow looked vaguely familiar, but you couldn’t place him. You had probably seen him one of the times that you took Barry his lunch at the police station, but you couldn’t exactly remember.

“Oh, I’m just waiting for-”

“Now who would be silly enough to stand you up darling.” He said, giving you what he must of thought to be a charming smile. It seemed more like he was ravenous and you were a goose being served to him on a silver platter.

You tried to keep your face in more of a neutral state, rather than the disgusting feeling that was rising in your gut. “I guess that the answer to that would be my boyfriend.”

“Well, he doesn’t seem to be here.” The man said, glancing around the room. It occurred to you that he wouldn’t know who your boyfriend was, even if Barry had been standing right in front of him. And to make it worse, he was leaning farther off of the stool, leering at you.

“He should be here any moment.” You said, allowing yourself another desperate glance around the room. You felt your heart fall when you didn’t see Barry anywhere.

“I think that we could have a party of our own.” the man said, laying a hand on yours that was resting on the bar. You were so shocked that you couldn’t move. Did this man not hear you when you said that you have a boyfriend.

“Did you miss the part where is said that I have a boyfriend?” you stuttered, shocked that someone let this sleaze ball into the party, much less let him be involved in any part of the police force.

“Y/N!” You froze, never so relieved to hear Barry’s voice.

“Barry!” you exclaimed, ripping your hand away and throwing your arms around Barry. “Get me out of here.” You whispered in his ear. You felt him tense underneath you. He gave you a small nod, enough to make sure that you understood, but not enough to be obvious to the douchebag that was standing behind you, clearing his throat impatiently. As if you owed him something.

“If you’ll excuse us.” Barry sneered, wrapping a hand around your wait and leading you away from the bar.

“You were late.” You murmured.

“You looked like you were two seconds away from a new boyfriend.” Barry muttered under his breath. You knew that he wasn’t trying to make you feel bad, but sometimes he said things that cut you.

“Barry you know that that is not what was happening.” You said, trying to keep up with Barry. Even when he wasn’t using super speed, he walked faster than you, especially when he was angry. He grunted, not saying anything, but at least he was acknowledging what you were saying. “That man was the personification of a leech. He was ready to suck my blood.”

He chuckled. You had barely noticed how quickly that you were moving, but you were outside of the hotel that the party was being held at, and Barry was hailing a cab.

“I’m sorry.” You said quietly, hoping to settle the matter before you were home without causing a scene in the cab. “You know that I would never go out with someone like that. Why would I when I have someone like you?”

A smile was starting to turn up the corners of his mouth. You knew that he wasn’t angry with you. he was angry that someone would treat you that way. Even though Barry was one of the most caring people that you had even met, he got jealous.

And once he got jealous, it was sometimes hard to remind him that he has nothing to be jealous of. you would never do anything that would intentionally hurt him. You loved him so much that hurting him would hurt you just as much too.

You felt him take a deep breath and you knew that he was starting to calm down.

“I know that you get nervous sometimes,” you said as you felt him rest his head on your shoulder. Even though the two of you had been together for quite a while, you still felt a bit of a rush when he showed you how comfortable he was around you. “But I love you so much, Barry.”

“I love you too.” He said softly against your knuckles, before pressing a delicate kiss to each of them. Although he wasn’t big on PDA, he couldn’t resist kissing the back of your hand. It was cheesy, and cliché, and one of your favorite things that he did.

The cab ride was mercifully short, and after Barry paid him with a sizeable tip, the two of you rushed up into your apartment, seeking some shelter from the cold air. You quickly scrubbed off your makeup and pulled on pajamas crawling into bed.

You rolled over to snuggle into Barry’s side. “I have to say Bar, I feel like I wasted a great outfit to sit alone at a party for a few hours.”

You received no warning as a pillow collided with the side of your head. You sat up, pushing Barry off of the bed, and you knew that it was going to be a long night.

A Little Too Much | c.h

this song hurts my heart 

I M A G I N E 

Sun poured itself into the newly renovated kitchen. Ornate on the white tiled ground were shattered pieces of glass, sources that include cups, plates, and a vase. Sink was wooshing with running water, hearing as the pipes swallowed it and sent it to the scariness that was the sewers. The only other sound beside it was the whistling kettle that was searing behind you. 

“A-Andrew, please–!” You whimper, your hands trembling from pure fear. Inches before you was your boyfriend, his cherry face blurred by the tears coating your eyes. You wanted nothing more than to hug that boy, but knew that the idea was far too audacious now. 

“Why the fuck were you at your mothers this weekend?” Andrew growled, his voice hoarse and stern. He slammed his hand on the counter when you remained mute, having you flinch from the sound of the impact. “Answer me, Y/N!” 

“I-I…” You stuttered, too scared to utter any sort of words. The entire situation was comprehensible, and you could barely say a thing. “Sh-she wanted to s-see me, s-s-so I visited the h-house for a bit…” 

“So why did you fucking tell me?” Andrew roared, having you desperate to run from the house as soon as possible. 

“B-because you work so much and hard, I d-didn’t want to di-disturb you…” You cried out, your words barely coming out as a whisper as you hugged yourself. Goosebumps full of fear crawled up and down your arms, feeling your hands tremble in your armpits as you did. 

“You’re such an idiot, Y/N…” Andrew said lowly. “…You deserve to be punished.” Those words jabbed straight to your heart. You blinked a few times, allowing your tears to stream down your cheeks in exchange for clear vision. But your pupils dilated, seeing as your boyfriend’s arm was raised in the air. Slowly, he clenched his hand into a fist, revealing those strong brass knuckles of his. Shutting your eyes once more, you waited for the impact to just–


“Miss? Miss!” Voices surged into your head as you quickly refocused yourself. You looked up dizzily, your hands touching the concrete as you felt a sudden throb on your bottom. Your sight was now full of worried stares from strangers. “Are you alright, Miss?” 

“Mm, I am,” you hummed, taking the offered hand from said voice as you were lifted back onto your feet. A woman beside you had offered your phone and items you held, having you take it graciously as you looked around. 

“D’you want me to call anyone?” The man asked, a few bystanders walking away to see the few that remained handle the situation. You nodded your head no, touching your forehead with your hand. You moved a few strands of hair from your face, having the worried faces enlarge their pupils from the motion. 

“Hey, you’re the girl from the news!” A woman exclaimed, pointing at the bandaged wound on your upper cheek. You brought up a trembling hand and touched the bandage, having your heart race from recalling the sudden memory. “What are you doing outside on your own? You should be getting some therapy for that scary experience!” 

“I’m okay,” you said simply, giving them a soft, painful smile as you dusting yourself off. You thanked the worried bystanders before turning around and making you way to home. The people called out softly, offering assistance that you easily ignored. 

It’s been one whole month since the assault. The wound remained damaged, the cut deep into the skull. A bruise purple and blue, like space, had danced around the cut painfully. But there was no more pain emitting from the very thing. Just fear. 

Help was continuously shot to you, having you turn them down with ease. You parents, relatives, friends of all sorts were yearning to give you a hand. But you were far too stubborn, subconsciously flaunting the toughness that resided in your. You hadn’t needed help, but you couldn’t avoid the sadness that dispersed with your sudden loneliness. 

Half of that month was spent weaving your life back together. You went back to work right after your release from the hospital. You were quick to sell the home that once homed two connected hearts. Crawling into a small apartment, you worked long hours to keep yourself distracted. But flashbacks like the ones that occurred can’t help but break your focus. 

Not even you knew if you were ever going to get better. You were on your two feet, but you weren’t standing up perfectly. You were breathing, but you weren’t alive. You were living without actually living. 

‘She’s so strong, isn’t she?’ Voices of many would replay in your mind. Your stubbornness was seen as some sort of strength, which you have kept with for too many days on your own. As much as you wanted to cut it out, you couldn’t. This was your problem, and you believed you hand to deal with it on your own. 

Until Calum Hood showed up into your life. 

Arriving to your apartment, you jingled your keys from your pocket and opened the door, revealing yourself to the gentle scent of coconut oil and vanilla candles. But, you were also suddenly introduced to your patient boyfriend. 

“Y/N!” Calum’s voice rang, having you softly smile at the tall bassist. His torso was hugged in a black baseball shirt, with cotton black pajamas to cover his legs. His raven locks were a mess, likely the case that he just woke up. Or, like he usually does, refuses to fix himself up as he wandered around the small house. His feet were swallowed up by two different socks, one with stripes and the other with polka dots. 

“Calum, did you just wake up?” You asked softly, still outside the doorway as he nodded happily. 

“Like 20 minutes ago,” Calum said with a grin. “I checked the time and knew you were coming soon, so I waited to see you, love.” You smiled, your heart warming to see the gentle being before you. His eyes proved how much he missed you, those pupils enlarging to show how happy he was. 

“You didn’t have to…” You whispered. 

“But I wanted to,” Calum insisted, his eyes gleaming at you. Just watching Calum and hearing his words made you feel warm. He was always so content to see you and handled you with such care. With him, everything was slow and nice, easing emotions into you with no rush. 

When you first met Calum, he was the dolt who managed to drop coffee on your thigh. You watched as the nervous boy fret about it, grabbing several Dunkin Donuts napkins and dabbing your burning thigh. But the pain hadn’t occurred to you once you listened to his worried accent and large almond eyes. 

“Stop standing outside already,” Calum began, offering his large hand out to you. You felt your heart bounce with emotion, seeing his offer as one of the biggest things. He was welcoming you, wanting your existence around without forcing you or pulling you in. It was just a simple hand gesture and it slowly began to mean the world. “Come home.” 

Instantly, you rushed into the doorway and grabbed the boy into your arms. Your fingers grabbed the back of his shirt tightly, feeling the fabric bend between your fingers. You felt your body relax itself from his simple touch, feeling warmth disperse all over you. And, without question, he wrapped his arms around you, knowing why you did what you did. 

“It’s okay now,” Calum cooed, his hand patting your head as he held you. “I’m here now. I’m here, and everything with clear up. I promise.” 

His words felt true. Everything he has ever uttered to you has never gone back. Even with two weeks knowing this boy, you felt so safe around him. It only took him a week to get a kiss from you, and another just to stay in your house. All the scary stuff clears away like fog once he was in the picture. 

“I like you,” you mumbled into his chest, feeling bad that ‘like’ has yet to upgrade to ‘love.’ But you knew he was so incredibly close. With such little time, he has saved you from yourself, and you couldn’t have been any more gracious. From writing you songs to taking you out for dinner on a yacht. He introduced you to Vegemite and bands like All Time Low. Both their music and the actual band. He became the light of your life, saving you from the dark oblivion that was near close to consume you whole. 

“I like you, more,” Calum mumbled, pulling you away to plant a gentle kiss on your wound. “Now, let me make you something to eat, yeah? Our package of Vegemite finally came in.” 

“You’re going to get sick of that stuff someday,” you humored, keeping your tears in as he closed the front door and led you into the kitchen. 

“Sick of that delicious black spread?” Calum began with a smirk. “Someone would have to take my life before that happens.” You giggled, playfully shoving him as he held your hand and led you to eat. 

White Noise (M)

(image cred)

Requested by anon ♥

→ Reader x Cyborg!Baekhyun

→ Futuristic AU; in which you reunite with your fiance after he had deported for war.

Pt 2 - Pt 3 - Pt 4

→ Warnings: Smut. Angst.

Word count: 1,7K

Those familiar, dark, hooded eyes had met yours in the midst of a crowd of thousands of war-free men and women. Yours glistened in pure excitement, disbelief and recognition upon the contact- but his had shown indifference.


Why? Why? Why? The words felt bitter on your tongue as you breathed them while fighting your way through the drunk crowd to finally have Baekhyun in your arms yet again. The words felt bitter in your mind as you thought them the second your hands came in contact with Baekhyun’s hard- metal arm underneath his tux. He frowned weirdly at you.


You choked back your sobs. “Baekhyun?”

He looked back down at you, his eyebrows rising just a tad in confusion. “Yes, that’s me. Who are you, beautiful?”

Tears were streaming down your face, the realization of what had happened to your fiance streaking your whole being like lighting. And just, just this second you actually wanted lighting to strike you. Baekhyun, your lover, did not remember you. Your hand found his chest, and you pressed harder down on it as you came over a massive operated bump over where his heart should’ve been.

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blood, bones & smoke

genre: angst, thriller, smut

theme: demon!au

character(s): y/n, taehyung

summary: do you remember the story of how you sinned every night just to let him live?

Originally posted by jimin-bts-trashs

Chapter 2

Chapter 1

“What are you?” This had to be exactly the forth time since you’ve asked and yet, you received no answer from him.

“Patience, love.” He breathed in heavily as he closed his eyes. “Time, rewards the ones who own the will power to wait.” His eyelids drifted open slowly and he fixated a hard gaze on you. “While at the same time, It tortures the ones who seek for the future, ever so fervently.”

You snickered at his witty words and chose to stand your ground instead, not letting him sway you easily. “Look, I’m only asking for you to explain what you are. Nothing more. Nothing less.” You huffed indignantly.

“Ah. See, that’s when Time decides to torture you.” He closed the distance between the two of you and with dainty fingers, caressed your chin gingerly. “Time will speak for itself. For now, you shall call me by my name.” His lips curled into a menacing smirk and you almost felt like retching.

“You’re an awful person. Get the hell away from me.” You spat bitterly and he released a low chuckle.

“This is just only the beginning, y/n. Once you really get to know me, there’s no turning back.” He walked away from you to sit himself on the edge of your bed.

“Say, can I just believe it’s a coincidence that you actually know my name?” Your voice turned meek towards the end as you prayed it was the truth but of course, you knew that’d be impossible. “If believing in something that isn’t true will make you feel a bit calmer around me, then please do.” The man replied and gave you a warm smile.

“On the contrary, it wouldn’t be fair for only the beautiful maiden to have revealed her name, right? My name’s Kim Taehyung.”

“Kim Taehyung….”


You watched as he laid flat on your bed, his head tilted up but his eyes narrowed to you. You approached him hesitantly and plopped down beside him. He simply stared as you grabbed a fistful of his hair and tugged harshly on it. “Ow! What the fuck?!” He screeched and immediately snapped upright. “Just checking whether you’re human, that’s all.” You shrugged. It was hard for you to hold back your laughter as you saw his face morph into an expression of irritation.

“That’s what you want to think.” He hissed and sat across from you. You weren’t expecting for him to pull any tricks on you but as soon as the moment came, you fledged away as fast. He had placed his hands on yours and you came to realize they were searingly warm. “Why do your hands burn?!”

“Because I’m not human.”

“Oh my god. Why won’t you just tell me what are y-”

“I’m a demon.”

Your eyes widened as you tried to fathom the situation. “A d-demon?” He nodded once and you grew stiff. “Why would a demon be in my room?” You practically shoved yourself away from him and stood on the other side of your room, your body cowering against the dark wall, as though seeking for refuge. His eyes bore into yours and he clicked his tongue in dismay.

“Tsk. Why do humans easily get scared?” His tone, condescending and your hands molded into fists.

“Well, maybe it’s because it’s not an everyday occurrence for a demon to suddenly be showing up in their room and excuse you, but who said I was ever afraid of you?” You barked, your arms now folded across your chest.

You observed intently as Taehyung got up from the mattress, his back turned towards you. He glanced over his shoulder once and the corner of his lips formed into a wicked grin. You shuddered when you heard the snapping of bones- his neck bent to each side as he rolled his shoulders. He stood there in place as you saw the veins of his neck protruding against his taut, golden skin. It was meandering, all the way up to the back of his ears. They started to beat violently and an unpropitious feeling settled in the pit of your stomach. Finally, he swirled around to face you.

Tension filled the room as your mind screamed aloud. You could only listen to the sounds of his heavy breathing, the same rhythm to when you first discovered him across your room. Your gaze was locked onto his chest, watching it heave aggressively. You had only one line of vision and you planned to keep it that way until the end. However, Taehyung didn’t seem to appreciate the fact.

“Look at me, y/n.” He drawled out slowly and you eventually gave in. A breathy gasp left your mouth as you held sight on his face. His lips were still pulled up into a wicked grin while his cheeks were painted in crimson red.

Wait. Crimson red?!

You adverted your gaze towards his eyes anxiously and you realize he had turned on the waterworks. He was crying, crying out bloody tears. You took a step back as your hand flew to cover your mouth. You would have thought that was scary enough but no- his orbs.

They were split into two colors, a fiery red and a majestic yellow while both his pupils were blown out profusely. “T-Taehyung?” There was no answer as he continued to stare at you with hooded eyes. The last thing you heard before you could feel your whole body tearing apart were his words.

“I need to feed.”

You woke up with a sense of fear crawling up your spine. It was already morning as the sun shone brightly outside, mellow rays of sunlight trespassing the glass barriers of your room. You sighed heavily as you rubbed your temples in agony. What happened last night? You had asked yourself, attempting to reel in the answer from the deep recesses of your mind. “I can’t seem to remember anything- except for that nightmare though.” You shook your head, brushing your incredulous thoughts aside. You gently laid your feet onto the floor and just like every other day, proceeded to the bathroom.

You took your time as your mind traveled back to the past. There was a man in my room. He was tall, handsome and……. a demon? You slapped yourself lightly as you thought how absurd that must have sounded. There’s no way there was a demon in your room! Even if there was, he’s gone now. Thank God!

The morning passed by swiftly as you had several calls to pick up, work related nonetheless. It was the usual as you’d be seen seated at your desk, checking off dates of previous meetings and circling new ones for upcoming events. The clock struck 3.30 p.m. when your stomach growled and you hung up the last call for today. Who knew this would be so exhausting. You shuffled your way towards the kitchen and decided to fix something light within the hour. As you pulled out the ingredients from your fridge, you heard a deep groan. “What the-”

“You have very little food in your fridge, y/n. Do you not eat much?” You hastily turned around in your spot, the door of the fridge pushed wide open as your body fell back onto it. “You!”


“I thought you were gone?!”

“Pfft. Why would I be gone when you’re supposed to be my vessel?”

Your breathing stopped for a moment as you stared at him, a bewildered look plastered over your face. “Your vessel?

“Did you not hear me last night? Ah- wait.” You watched as he tapped his chin in acknowledgement and lets out a faint chortle. “You passed out before I could feed on you last night.”

“Feed on me?!” You shrieked and Taehyung rolled his eyes. “Yeah you did.” He moved away slightly, permitting you enough space for you to breathe. “Allow me to explain.” He relaxes his body onto your countertop and darts his gaze towards you.

“Every demon is assigned to have their own vessel.” He began. “A vessel is supposed to fulfill our necessary needs, just like humans do. Despite that, we are only accustomed to 3 major groups. Firstly, our physiological needs. Demons need to consume food in order to stay alive and our food comes from the vessel.” He pauses for a moment and you could make out the mischief glint in his eyes. “In other words, his/her blood.”

You choked on your saliva as you heard the words fly out from his mouth. “What?!” He flashed you a smirk and continued on, deliberately ignoring your current distressed state. “Secondly, our self-esteem needs. Demons need to be assured of themselves every single minute of the day. It is crucial that we don’t experience depression or fall short on our potential. Therefore, a vessel’s job is to make sure none of that occurs. She/He is to make us feel the best, a born leader- a conqueror. And the only, not to mention the most effective way to do so is for the vessel to be….. our submissive.”

In a blink of an eye, Taehyung suddenly appears in front of you once again and snakes his arm around your waist, pulling you in close to him. You couldn’t decipher the look he had on his face as he discloses the distance between the both of you, his lips brushing against yours softly.

“Now, this is my favorite part.” He whispers sensually. “Thirdly, our sexual needs.” He releases a hiss at the last part and you could feel your body set ablaze.

“Demons are notorious for their sexual needs and in case you didn’t know, most of the time, our vessels wouldn’t be able to handle the heat.” You whimpered faintly as your mind grew hazy. Your hands traveled up to clutch onto his shirt and his chest rumbled lightly. “Seeing you weak increases my self-esteem but seeing you under me gives me so much power, you won’t even understand.” His tongue peeked out from his dark haven and licked your lips tenderly. “It is your job to give me relief and I can promise you, you will enjoy it.”

You felt the warmth dissipate from your body as Taehyung finally lets go of you and flashes you a smile. “That is all you need to know for now, y/n. I shall see you soon.” And with his final words, Taehyung vanishes into thin air.

This was going to be one hell of a ride, you thought.

A/N: this whole story is written off of my own imagination. thus, no intent of plagiarism here.

oh my god. i actually planned to have this up on my blog earlier this month but I HAVE FREAKING TRIALS RN AND I AM DROWNING IN TEST PAPERS HERE ASDAGSHAGHSJSJ anyways, i hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! it took me awhile to write it especially when taehyung was crying out blood……. shivers

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Hi hi! Can I request fluffy wonwoo on a rainy day w kisses and cuddles?? Thank you!!

of course!! <3

Outside the rain had stayed all morning, an endless downpour casting the world in a wash of grey. You stood by the window watching the drops hit the ground and bounce back again, mingling with the air before fading. Today the cityscape looked cold and uninviting and winter still gripped the world, fierce and unwelcoming.

Blanket forts: that was what the world needed right now.

After you had collected all the comfort you could find you stood for a moment, alone in your apartment, staring down at the pile of blankets. Now the process of creation began. The graft was long and hard (approximately 30 mins, with a snack break in the middle) but eventually it was done and you sat back, sweaty but proud of your fortress.

Being an adult is hard, you contemplated as you crawled hands and knees into your new home. These things have to be way bigger for me to fit.

Once inside, you snuggled down into the floor of cushions and duvet, glancing beside you at the crack of window you had left visible. Predictably the rain was still doing its best to flood the world, and you rolled your eyes and pulled your phone from your pocket.

3 text notifications from Wonwoo? Was it your birthday?

‘Hey, are you in?’

‘I’m gonna drop off your housewarming gift. You better be home.’

‘I’m nearly there. Why do you have a phone if you never bother answering?’

Oh, god. Here you were, in your pyjamas, blanket fortress encompassing your entire living room, and your boyfriend (whom you had been on approximately 5 dates with, and who had never seen you in your fully-pyjamad glory)  was on his way here. Scrambling back out the entrance, commando style, you flailed on the floor for a few moments, trying to work out a course of action. Okay, go get dressed, and then-

Ding! Diiing! DIIIING!

The buzzer for your apartment sounded three times, becoming progressively louder with each. Defeatedly, you heaved yourself to your feet and went to press the button to let your guest up, slouching against the wall until the inevitable knock at the door came. You flattened down the frizz of your hair best you could, before opening the door a crack, peering out.

Oh god.  

Standing in the corridor, sleepy eyes watching you curiously, was Wonwoo. He was dressed in all dark clothing, slouching a little, hair slick from the rain. He offered you a smile, holding out a potted cactus. A potted cactus… Your potted cactus, gifted by him. Had anyone, in the universe, ever given a greater gift? It was so beautiful, you-

“Are you going to open the door?” He questioned, interrupting your delusions as he peered at you through the small gap you were staring out of. Gathering strength, you mustered your best smile and opened the door wider, exposing your polar bear pyjamas and the blanket kingdom behind you.

“Ah, yeah- um. Please come in.” You offered, desperately trying to read his facial expressions as his eyes danced around the room. His footsteps continued until he was standing at the entrance of the fort, cactus nestled into the crook of his arm. He placed it down on the side cabinet, and you admired it from where you were standing behind him.

“Thank you for the cactus,” you put in robotically, and he turned to you with a bemused smile.

“It’s fine.” He paused for a long while, studying your face as you squirmed under his gaze. The two of you had never been completely alone like this whilst dating, always preferring to go to cafes or restaurants. Now here you were, in all of your childlike glory, feeling like a tiny speck under the spotlight of his intense stare.

“Can I go in?” Was what he finally uttered.

“Aaaahhum… sure.” You replied, surprised by this sudden request. You had expected him to tease you for this situation at the very least, but instead he had coolly assessed your work and was now crawling inside the fort, and without warning you were continuing after him.

Finding yourself at the other side of the entrance, you sat down in the enclosed space, noticing that Wonwoo was now sitting cross legged only a few feet away from you. Still his eyes followed you, and you were unsure of what to say, prolonging the awkward silence that hung in the air. Then, without warning, he broke out into a smile.

“It’s great,” he enthused, looking around with twinkling brown eyes. “I used to build ones just like this, when I lived at home.”

When I was a tiny child, and not a fully grown adult, You added the words in your head you believed he was too polite to say.

Whilst you scrambled to think of a reply, Wonwoo was already nestling down into the blankets, clearly content with the silence. He now lay back fully on a pile of cushions, watching the rain outside with drooping eyelids. Was this man always tired?

“You should try laying back,” he murmured thoughtfully. “It’s peaceful.”

As if moving in slow motion, you inched towards his figure, letting gravity slowly pull you down into the welcoming cocoon of cushions that Wonwoo was hogging. Now you were mere inches away from one another, your legs touching slightly as you made yourself comfortable. This situation seemed natural to your boyfriend, whose slender fingers reached to twiddle with a strand of your hair. Before long his own actions had made him sleepier than ever, and he had come to rest his head on your shoulder.

“Wonwoo,” you muttered, beginning to feel drowsy yourself. “You’re.. going to.. fall asleep.”

The soft touch of his lips upon your neck was his response as he left a series of sleepy kisses, his eyelids fluttering closed once again.

“Just five more minutes,” he whispered, his arm now draped across you as he had tried to make himself comfortable.

“Five more minutes,” you echoed, tracing the back of his hand with your fingers as you struggled to ward off sleep. “Five more minutes.”

Outside of your perfect blanket Kingdom, pounding rain and fierce howling winds continued to batter against those who braved them. But, inside the walls of your castle, it was warm and safe. As the real world faded around you you slipped into a dream, about a sleepy-eyed prince and the many adventures the two of you would come to share.

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Delusions and Delusional Disorder - Demystifying the DSM-V

First off, what exactly is a delusion?

Basically, it’s a belief your character holds that is untrue, and could even be bizarre or completely impossible.  This belief is not one that is culturally accepted, and CANNOT be shaken even if presented with proof to the contrary.  Note - it’s not a delusion if it’s actually true.

So what kind of delusional beliefs could your character hold?  

The DSM-V lists the following examples:

  • Erotomanic - the character believes someone (typically but not always someone famous) is in love with them.
  • Grandiose - also known as ‘delusions of grandeur’, this particular delusion can be expressed in a number of different ways:
    • The character believes that they have some incredible, unrecognized talent, special knowledge, or have made an amazing discovery.
    • The character believes that they are famous, powerful, rich, or even omnipotent.
    • The character believes that they have a special relationship to divinity, or even are divine themselves.
  • Jealous - the character believes that their spouse or loved one is being unfaithful.
  • Persecutory - the character believes that they’re being stalked, followed, drugged, harassed, or otherwise being targed by another.  These are the most common kinds of delusions when we’re talking about schizophrenia.
  • Somatic - the character believes there is some abnormality in their own body

These are the only ones mentioned directly in the DSM-V for Delusional disorder, but there are a couple of other kinds of delusions you could write your character as having.  Note - some of these are much more commonly seen with brain damage or mania, but I’ve included them because I find them interesting / they make for a good writing inspiration.

Miscellaneous Delusions:

  • Control - the character believes some external person, group, or force, is controlling their thoughts, feelings or behavior.
  • Cotard - the character believes they don’t exist, or are dead.
  • Immortality - the character believes they can’t be hurt, and will live forever.
  • Reference - insignificant events hold a special, unique, personal meaning to the character.  For example, the character could believe that they will have a good day because a television anchor they saw on TV was wearing yellow.
  • Thought Broadcasting - the character believes that other people can hear their thoughts
    Thought Insertion - the character believes their thoughts are not their own, but have been placed there by another

Delusions of Misidentification:

  • Capgras - the character believes that people have been replaced by identical-looking duplicates or impostors.
  • Fregoli - the character believes that different people they encounter are actually the same person in disguise.
  • Intermetamorphosis - the character believes that people swap identities with each other while keeping the same appearance.
  • Mirrored-self misidentification - the character doesn’t believe their reflection in a mirror belongs to them.
  • Reduplicative paramnesia - a familiar place or object has been duplicated
  • Somatoparaphrenia - the character believes that one of their body parts don’t belong to them.  The body part most frequently identified in this delusion is the left arm.
  • Subjective Doubles - the character believes that they have a doppelganger who is acting independently of them.

There’s something important you have to note when writing a character with delusions.  Is the delusion bizarre?  Meaning, is what they believe is not just untrue, but completely and utterly impossible?

For instance, a character who believes they are being followed by the FBI is having a non-bizarre delusion - while unlikely, it is something that could possibly happen.  If they believed that someone has taken out and replaced all of their internal organs without leaving a scar, that’s a bizarre delusion.

Delusions can also combine - for instance, a character may believe that they’ve made an important discovery (grandiose), and that they’re being stalked by someone trying to steal their invention (persecutory).

Delusional Disorder

For a diagnosis of delusional disorder, a character has to have experienced at least one delusion for at least one month.

But apart from holding this delusion, your character…functions fine.  They appear relatively normal, and don’t necessarily behave oddly or out of the norm.

There are a couple of things that disqualify your character from being diagnosed with Delusional Disorder.

First, the character can’t also be hallucinating.  If they are, you have to start looking at the other psychotic disorders / schizophrenia spectrum.  There is a slight exception to this if the hallucinations are not very noticible, and related to the delusion (like the character feeling their skin crawling when they believe there are insects under their skin).

Second, the character can’t have had a manic or depressive episode (or they’ve been really, really brief compared with the delusions).

Third, it can’t be better explained by another mental disorder, like body dysmorphic or OCD.

House of Memories

Summary- 2016 is finally over and Dan remembers a few of the good and bad times he’s had with Phil over the years. 

Genre- Fluff/Angst

Warnings- None

Word Count- 2,393

A/N- Again I listened to a song and thought hey why not turn this into something. I kinda want to create a part two to this but eh. 

Send Me Prompts!

“It’s finally here, the end of 2016.” I whisper to myself as I look over at Phil. The smile on his face is somehow brighter than the fireworks exploding in the sky, but not surprising either.

“Dan!” Phil screams out of nowhere, causing me to jump.

“Wha-” He cuts me off by placing a warm kiss to my lips. His arms snake around my neck, my arms make their way around his waist pulling him closer to me. It’s nothing heated or desperate either. Just calm and loving, us enjoying the other being here.

Phil pulls away looking at me smiling, that cheeky smile when he knows he got what he wanted. “You could have just asked you damn spork.”

“I like my way better, Danny.” He teases, laying his head on my chest. “Besides, don’t you remember our first kiss?”

“How could I ever forget? You tackled me in your room.”

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Okay I have never in recent years felt as comfortable in my own skin as I did today.  I have a garden plot provided by the developmental disability agency.  I’m growing food plants there, to make soups out of for my J-tube, everything goes well.  Today I went there with a staff person – the only one not allowed to do medical stuff, with the express purpose of getting me involved in activities that aren’t medical in nature, since so much of my life is taken up by medical issues.  So we can do anything from organizing the apartment to gardening.  I don’t get a lot of time with this guy but the time I do get is amazing.  So anyway…

We weeded about a quarter of the plot (which is one of the smallest plots in the whole garden yet is actually quite huge, and was covered in weeds the whole way over).  Then we planted hot peppers (jalapeño and hot portugal), squash (zucchini and yellow), and eggplant, and left some seed potatoes out to sit for awhile before they get planted.  We also discovered, and weeded around, what we think is delicata squash left there by a staff person who had too many of them.

All of the vegetables were looking kind of sad and droopy, so we watered them and we’re hoping the water and sun will both perk them up again.  At least some of them.  We’re not expecting everything to survive or turn out great, but you can’t grow any food without risking that.

What does survive, will be far less expensive than the grocery store, that’s for sure. Even the farmer’s markets around here don’t have good prices.  In fact they’re more expensive than usual.  

(Are farmer’s markets a thing that can gentrify?  Because in California, I went to farmer’s markets that were basically roadside stands filled with great vegetables and fruits, and sometimes a few other foods, at an extremely low cost.  Many people who worked on the farms – meaning poor and working-class people – shopped there.  Not a lot of middle-class or rich people did, even though I think the food was great by anyone’s taste.  I swear the local farmer’s market around here is basically an upscale food fair.  And the food selection and quantity isn’t even all that wonderful.)

Anyway, this seriously felt amazing to do this.  Understand that I’m very prone, from a combination of physiology, circumstance, and medication side-effects, to heat exhaustion, sunburn, dehydration, and other problems related to being out there in that place.  There was also grass everywhere – we weren’t on it, but that didn’t matter to my allergies, where grass and cats are the most severe airborne allergies I have – so my nose was constantly running despite loading up on Benadryl.  And I had to crawl around on the ground because I’m too weak to get up off the ground on my own.(1)  I also had balance problems so had to sit in some weird positions.  So none of this was physically easy, and I basically worked to the limits of what is safe for me, and possibly a little beyond those limits.

But the main point is that despite all of those things put together, I felt amazing. I felt at home.  I felt like I was connecting to something I hadn’t even realized I’d lost connection with.  I felt like I was interacting on a very deep way with the dirt and the plants and all the things living in the dirt.  I ended up, of course, covered in dirt.  That’s what happens when you have to crawl around on your hands and knees or scoot around on your butt to weed a large area as efficiently as possible.  But that really didn’t matte to me.  This was like when I used to sit around in the redwoods outside my apartment stacking rocks on myself and feeling like the rocks told me I had a place in the world.  Everything around me as we did this, told me I had a very precise place in the world and right now that place was right here doing exactly what I was doing – weeding and digging holes for new plants, and watering the plants.

I also got watered myself. Something not always understood by people who get their water by drinking it by mouth:  It doesn’t matter how water gets into your body, as long as your body absorbs the water properly.  I hydrate by putting water straight into my intestines through a J-tube with a big syringe.  I have in the past hydrated by having water (or rather, a rehydrating mixture of things designed for use in veins) put into an IV line or a chest port, straight into my bloodstream.  Regardless of how you put it in, the sensation of getting a nice large drink of cool water feels exactly the same kind of satisfying.  Just like putting blenderized vegetables into my J-tube and digesting them feels pleasant and satisfying even without tasting them.  Anyway, right then, water completely hit the spot.

Someone who saw the pictures was amazed – he said I looked completely natural in this setting, in a way I don’t in most.  I probably looked very similar to I look in the redwoods.  And I don’t know how that is, but it’s a very similar feeling of being exactly where I’m supposed to be, and exactly where home is.  And being comfortable in my own skin in a way that isn’t usually achievable.  I felt like I could have grown straight out of the ground like the plants, and sat there and photosynthesized my food or something.  Except I have skin, not leave, so 70 SPF sunblock was a necessity.  I hope maybe these very brief exposures to the sun will result in my skin going back to a normal level of tan – not tanned, just not “I’ve been indoors for over 10 years to the point I can’t handle sunlight even though I used to have practically burn-proof skin” pasty.

But he said one thing that bothered me on a certain level.  He said “Wow, you look totally natural,” and then, after pausing to think, he said, “Well except for that feeding tube hanging off you all the time.”

Feeding tubes are natural in the exact same way that agriculture is natural.  Both are examples of things that don’t just happen on their own, but humans have created them in order to improve our ability to interact with our environments and survive despite the limitations of a human body.  Tube feeding has been around in one form or another since at least Ancient Egypt (that’s what’s documented, anyway), but the kind of tube feeding I do only has existed since the twentieth century with surgery becoming safer through anesthesia and antibiotics.  But all of these things are humans adapting to our environment using the skills nature has given us.  Tube feeding is as natural as beaver dams.

All of which gets me into a problem I encounter a lot:  I really like to talk to and read things by people who greatly value a lot of things I value.  Including growing your own food, and stuff that’s traditionally considered “nature” and “outdoorsy” stuff.  But such people are more likely than average to have extreme biases against feeding tubes, to the point of describing people like me (who depend on medical implants of many kinds in order to survive) as unnatural and creepy, the product of medical science gone too far, in a world that doesn’t want to deal with or acknowledge the natural world, where people like me would die and that would be okay.  There’s little more natural about humans than our instinct to survive, and to use our best skills as a species to do just that.  Our best skills include communication, collaboration, technology, inventing and designing and making new things, passing on our knowledge and skills to future generations, and a strong desire to survive even in extreme circumstances.  These skills are not unique to humans, but the precise way they play out in humans is.  And they are very, very natural.  And they result in things like feeding tubes.  

Because it is our nature as humans to help each other survive, to want to survive, and we have been helping severely disabled people(2) survive since prehistoric times, the times when many modern-day “nature people” assume we’d all have just died.  But it has always been in our nature to help each other, and if that meant carrying people around and pre-chewing their food all the way into what at that time would have been not only adulthood but old age, that’s what it meant.  It’s some of our current societies’ trends towards total selfishness that has caused some of us to assume that every prehistoric society would always leave such people to fend for themselves and die.  

I wouldn’t be alive in such prehistoric societies.  I would have died a long time ago.  They simply did not have the technology to keep someone with my medical issues alive.  But – depending upon the society of course, they weren’t all the same – it wouldn’t necessarily be through lack of trying.  There’s quite a chance that I would have been valued in life and mourned in death in a way that I might not be in modern-day America (or not likely for the same reasons, even if I am).

I’m also reminded that the only job I ever had in my life was on a ranch, doing work of a different sort but similarly physical and outdoors and dealing with the raw materials of life.  I got paid minimum wage to do things ranging from animal care to shoveling manure and moving it in wheelbarrows to painting fences and barns to cleaning up the property.  This was in a residential facility and the job was a work training program that taught us how to fill out time cards and the like.  I was very proud of my work.  I wish that I was able to do this kind of work now.  It’s one thing to spend a short amount of time doing something like this, but my body would crap out in five different ways long before I spent enough time doing something like this to get paid anything for it.(3)

But even though today I pushed myself to my limits and slightly beyond them, what I’m trying to get at is, this type of thing is what has always come the most easily to me, severe physical limitations(4) notwithstanding.  And although I had a huge amount of help with every part of the process, including just standing up again off the ground, it was still an amazing experience and brought back a lot of very primal, early memories of things I used to do all the time and felt actually competent at.

So overall this is a wonderful experience.  Pardon the fact that I had to stop and talk about ableism, but that’s part of my life’s reality as well.

(1) Yes, too weak, not too fat.  I could get off the ground while fatter than this, before congenital myasthenia and complications thereof got worse and made it impossible for me to stand up from the ground without bracing on something, and sometimes even then.

(2) By any time’s measure of such things – theirs or ours.

(3) Please don’t respond by telling me ways I could work.  I have so many disabilities piled on top of each other, that options that were just barely open to me as a teen became firmly closed by adulthood and have only gotten worse since there.  I don’t think less of myself because I can’t work, so please don’t assume that I’m just putting myself down or selling myself short.  I just know better than to put myself in a situation where I would end up in the emergency room long before I worked long or hard enough to get a paycheck that wouldn’t even support me.

(4) Congenital myasthenic syndrome, hypermobility syndrome, gastroparesis, osteoporosis, and secondary (pituitary) adrenal insufficiency make quite a potent cocktail of “I can’t handle hard physical labor for more than a ridiculously short period of time without turning into a quivering puddle”, without even getting into the specifics of autonomic problems and heat regulation and all kinds of other things.  Today I cam very close to turning into a puddle, I stopped myself just in time to barely get back to the car – with help – and get water into my tube andrlst for awhile.  I’m still feeling the effects hours later.  I got lucky.


You shook your head as you placed the phone down. Not in a million years did you think that that conversation would end with Yoongi asking you out for drinks, but then again you never thought you would have dated Yoongi in the first place. Putting your phone down on your bed, you took another sip of your lukewarm tea. The feeling of bubbling excitement rose in your stomach, but you tried to ignore it and focus on the week you had ahead with your parents.

Yoongi leaned against his headboard as Jin walked into his room. The group still lived together, but BigHit had moved them into a house so they all could have their own bedrooms. Yoongi and Jin had the top floor of the 3-story house, and although they both had their own bedrooms, Jin still spent most of his time sitting in Yoongi’s room, criticizing how messy his former roommate kept his place. Yoongi’s room was full of composition notebooks, recording gear, and cameras, he didn’t have to go to the studio to get work done and he liked it that way. The amount of electronics that he surrounded himself with was probably not healthy, but he didn’t care. Jin looked at Yoongi with skepticism in his eyes.

You’re not working. He said to Yoongi, who nodded nonchalantly.

We just got back from tour, I thought I could take a couple days off. Yoongi responded and Jin’s eyes narrowed even further.

You hate taking time off. You were just telling me on the plane about how you couldn’t wait to get back here and start working on the next album! Jin exclaimed. The commotion was enough that Hobi and Namjoon, who lived on the 2nd floor, climbed the stairs.

What’s going on? Namjoon asked and Jin turned around.

He’s being weird! Jin exclaimed and pointed at Yoongi, Hobi quirked his eyebrow at Jin.

How so, hyung? Hobi asked and Jin huffed.

He wants to take a break after tour! Jin responded and Hobi looked suddenly at Yoongi.

Who are you, and what have you done with Yoongi hyung?! Hobi asked in jest as Namjoon smiled and chuckled.

It has to be Y/N. Namjoon replied and Hobi looked at him.

Y/N? God, she was hot. Hobi said and Yoongi spoke up.

Hey, not yours. Yoongi said and Hobi rolled his eyes.

Not yours either. Hobi quipped and stuck his tongue out at Yoongi. Yoongi sat back on his bed.

Thanks for reminding me. But, it might not be for long. He said vaguely and Hobi rose an eyebrow.

Oh really? You know, you’ve always been amazing with the ladies. Hobi said sarcastically and Yoongi narrowed his eyes on him.

If you must know, we are having drinks this Friday. Yoongi responded without thinking and Hobi looked at Namjoon, then at Jin.

Are you going to try to get her back? Jin asked, there was concern, but also hope in his tone. They had watched Yoongi fall apart when he first broke up with you, although Yoongi was the one who ended it, he still had a really difficult time getting over you. Throughout the entirety of tour, they watched him draft a text, only to delete it and throw his phone down. Jin didn’t want to see Yoongi go through that pain again, but he also remembered how happy Yoongi was when the two of you were dating. It was the only time in the time Jin knew Yoongi that he saw Yoongi really just enjoy himself. When you two dated, Yoongi would take time off to hang out with you, he would smile more, and he genuinely seemed happy. Jin missed that, but there was fear in his stomach.

Yoongi shrugged at Jin’s question.

I would like to at least be friends with her. Yoongi said and the guys nodded. All of them prayed that it could work out for you two this time.

Much to Yoongi’s dismay, the week seemed to go by at a snail’s pace. He didn’t want to bug you by constantly texting, so he tried to find things to keep himself preoccupied, but his usual routine couldn’t stop the butterflies from fluttering around in his stomach. On Wednesday, he spent his night trying to figure out what to wear. This usually wasn’t something he worried about, but he wanted to make a good impression. Sifting through his clothes, he laid out a black button down shirt, a pair of ripped jeans, and a baseball cap. Not far from him, you were doing the same thing. You held a dress up to your pajama clad body and shook your head. It’s just drinks with an ex. You thought to yourself and sighed. An ex that happens to be an international idol. You looked at your room, clothes seemed to cover the floor. Picking up a sweater, pair of skinny jeans, and a simple powder pink beanie, you smiled at the combo. It was simple, casual, and still made you look good. As you began putting things into your closet, you looked into one of the boxes that laid in your closet.

Picking it up gingerly, you took a deep inhale. Opening it, you saw everything from your relationship with Yoongi. Photo booth pictures from dates, ticket stubs from movies and concerts, and then, laying in the middle, in a beautiful wooden jewelry box was a necklace. You could remember it like it was yesterday.

Yoongi had been incredibly busy with his comeback that the two of you had postponed your one year anniversary dinner 4 or 5 times. You sighed when you read another text from him saying that he wouldn’t be able to make it to your apartment for your anniversary, yet again, as you blew out the candles and began packing up the dinner that you had made. There was a part of you that felt underappreciated and used, but a voice in your head that reminded you, this is what you signed up for. The relationship with Yoongi had brought many different things into your life. You had experienced a whole new world of idol life, which brought amazing opportunities, but also a lot of missing Yoongi. It was moments like this, as you put the last of the dinner into your fridge, that you missed having your boyfriend be a normal guy. Yoongi was so busy that he was constantly cancelling and you definitely had shed a few tears on your own.

Crawling into bed and letting yourself cry, you fell asleep strewn about the sheets in a depressed state. Yoongi was mad at himself when he walked into your apartment well after midnight, you had left a note on the counter saying that dinner was in the fridge and he peaked in to see that it was his favorite foods. He thought about how you had probably slaved over the kitchen to make him some of his favorite dishes and smacked himself in the forehead with his palm in frustration. Walking into the bedroom, he saw your mascara stained pillow and felt his heart sink even more. Going back to the kitchen, he found his duffel bag and took the wooden jewelry box out of the bag. Going back to the bedroom, he sat on your bed, stroking the hair out of your face and wiping your stained cheeks with his thumb. You opened your eyes, blurrily seeing your boyfriend in a moonlight glow. Sitting up, you wiped your face and Yoongi calmly took your hands.

What are you — You croaked sleepily and Yoongi shushed you.  

I’m so sorry I’ve been so busy. But I wanted you to have this as a way to always remember I’m thinking about you. He said as he handed you the wooden box. Opening it, you saw a gold necklace, with a circular pendant. The pendant was intricate, little diamonds embroidered little points and the weaving metallic lines formed a beautiful pattern that caught you in a trance. It was a gorgeous necklace and probably worth a ton, but Yoongi didn’t care about the price tag, he just wanted to see the sparkle in your eyes. You smiled at him and reached to tangle a hand in his hair. Your lips met his and he could taste the saltiness of your tears from earlier, but the eagerness of your lips on his made him push the frustration away.

You snapped out of your memory and looked at the necklace. You had worn it every day, until the day he broke up with you. Tracing your hand on the small pendant, you put it away in this box of memories as a way to forget about him, but now you smiled at the piece of jewelry. Taking it out of its box, you clasped the necklace around your neck and looked in the mirror, gently touching it as it hit your chest. Smiling at your reflection, you hoped that one day the necklace would relocate to its old home around your neck.

Cry Three - Just Give Me A Reason

The night of the FBI Ball had been emotional. Physically and mentally. You and Spencer hadn’t slept at all, staying together until five am in the morning. There hadn’t been much talking, only love making if you dared to call it that. It definitely wasn’t just sex but it seemed strange to refer to it as making love because you were no longer a couple.

Over and over you’d devoured each other, tears from both of you sometimes mixing with the sweat your bodies were producing from the activity. You tasted every part of each other that night, barely having a moment where you weren’t physically connected in one way or another.

When it had gotten to five am Spencer had glanced at the clock and announced he should get getting back to his own room. The team were meeting for breakfast in a few hours and he wanted to try and get some rest. He thanked you for the time you’d spent together, apologising for it as well, as you both knew it would complicate things even further.

Rather than joining the team for breakfast you showered, packed up your things, and drove home. You texted Penny to say that you still didn’t feel well and just wanted your own bed. It was partially true at least. Your head was now a mess and you did feel slightly sick. If Spencer had been doing things with JJ and then had come to you last night, well….. It all seemed a massive contradiction.

When you got home you changed into your pajamas and crawled into bed, sleeping for the next ten hours. It sounded like a lot but over the past few months, you’d had tons of sleepless nights. Yet today it finally felt like you could sleep. Maybe because you’d had the perfect goodbye? The goodbye to Spencer you should have had?

When you did wake up it was to a pounding on your apartment door.

You checked your phone seeing that it was close to eight pm.

Dragging yourself out of bed and to the door, you quickly checked the peep hole to see that it was Reid. Twice in the space of twenty four hours he’d now shown up at your door.

You opened it, stepping back without words so that he could come in.

Not even greeting you, he turned to you and blurted out, “If you could erase these last six months, would you?”

Without having to think, you nodded. Because you would, without a doubt. Spencer had held your heart from almost the moment you met him.

Right from the start
You were a thief
You stole my heart
And I your willing victim

“We can’t erase them though Spencer. Too much has happened.”

You watched him take a seat in his old spot on your couch, the leather material remembering his shape and moulding to fit his body.

“So if we can’t erase them, then can we…. paint over them?”

“What are you saying Spencer?” you stayed stood, not trusting yourself to be close enough so that he could touch you. One touch and you’d be a goner just like last night.

You wished he’d given you warning that he was coming over. You were a mess, eyes still red from the tears you’d shed last night and this morning in the shower, and your hair was a tangled hive of knots.

But then again… he’d seen you at much worse. This was the man that had held your hair back whilst you vomited, had cleared up your soiled tissues when you had the flu. This was the man who had simply laughed and carried you into the shower the night you’d been having sex and your period had made an unexpected appearance. The man who stayed awake with you all night when your Nana passed away. He’d seen every part of you. Maybe he didn’t even see red eyes or the messy hair, maybe he just looked past them now.

I let you see the parts of me
That weren’t all that pretty
And with every touch you fixed them

“I’m saying that….. Oh god….I had the perfect speech planned out and it’s just gone. I’m saying that, I don’t want to be in a world where I’m not with you.”


“Spencer…. What about… Everything? What I did, JJ? We can’t just forget they happened.”

You couldn’t… They happened, you’d always know that they happened.

But…. Here was the man who you’d hurt so badly, but still telling you that he didn’t want to be without you.

“I know we can’t forget it. But could we paint over it, like I said?”

You wanted to say yes. But you couldn’t just white wash over the last few months.

“It’ll still be there Spencer. If we try to forget it and pretend it never happened, then the paint will start to flake off. It’ll still be there underneath. That was part of the problem. Both of us were feeling things that we didn’t talk about.”

Now you’ve been talking in your sleep, oh, oh
Things you never say to me, oh, oh
Tell me that you’ve had enough
Of our love, our love

“So you don’t want us to get back together?” He went to stand, the evening obviously not going how he’d expected it to.

“I’m not saying that, not at all. I just….. How can you forgive what I did?”

He settled back into his seat and looked up at you.

“Because I can understand why you did it”

Just give me a reason
Just a little bit’s enough

“Because…. of JJ?” you whispered.

“That’s part of it yes. I know she’s felt her relationship with Will has become stagnant, and it was easier to reach out to someone else for comfort than to talk to him.”

“I didn’t think we’d become stagnant Spencer. We just…. ” You couldn’t think of how to word it.

“I was keeping things from you, because I didn’t want to worry you when you were injured. And that put up a barrier. What happened was my fault too, Y/N.”

Just a second we’re not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again

Hearing the admittance that he felt this was somehow his fault too, made you sit down next to him. Because whilst you didn’t want to proportion blame here, you knew it was true. Had he not shut himself off and had talked to you about his own issues, then you maybe wouldn’t have felt so closed off.

“I’m still the one who did it, Spencer,” you said softly.

“True. But people make mistakes. I have a little more perspective on this now. Y/N, I love you. I didn’t want us to break up remember, that was you. I thought we could move past it. I never stopped loving you.”

“I never stopped loving you either. I just didn’t think we’d be able to get past it.”

“I think we can. In fact, I know we can. But we have to both really want it.”

It’s in the stars
It’s been written in the scars on our hearts
We’re not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again

You did want it. But….

“But what about JJ? I know you’ve not told me what happened between you two but I know something did.”

“You’re right, something did. We turned to each other in a time of sadness for both of us, for our own different reasons. You may have slept with someone else, but I did something almost just as bad. It’s different because I wasn’t in a relationship but it was still morally wrong.”

He paused to readjust his position, and then continued.

“JJ will never leave Will though. No matter how bad it gets, she won’t leave because of Henry. And their problems aren’t terrible, they just need to communicate.”


“So are you only here because she’s told you she won’t leave him? You can’t have her so you come back here?”

“That’s not it at all. I haven’t even asked her to leave him.”

“Really? Because everyone knows that you used to have a crush on her?” you were starting to get emotional again.

“Y/N, did you not listen to me last night? I said that yes I loved JJ, but not like I loved you. Not like I LOVE you.”

The emphasis on the love, without the d on the end.

“What happened between JJ and I was a mistake. It shouldn’t have happened and me and her have talked long and hard about it. We’re not going to bring it up again. And she’s going to talk to Will about their problems and try to work through them. Which is what I want to do with you. People make mistakes Y/N. We’re only human. I love you so much, yes you hurt me but you hurt yourself too. I know you well enough to see that you’ve spent the last six months beating yourself up about this. If I’m mistaken though…”

Oh, tear ducts and rust
I’ll fix it for us
We’re collecting dust
But our love’s enough

You were quiet for a moment, thinking.

“Y/N… Do you still love me? Answer me that.”

“Yes. I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving you Spencer. I just hate myself for what I did.”

You’re holding it in
You’re pouring a drink
No nothing is as bad as it seems
We’ll come clean

“Then stop. Forgive yourself. You did what you did and I understand why. I’ve made my own mistakes and I forgive myself for them. Because I have to, to be able to move on. I want to move on with you, no one else. You’re everything to me. The sun, the stars…the world.”

“How do we go back though?”

Just give me a reason
Just a little bit’s enough
Just a second we’re not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again

“We don’t go back. We go forward. If we can’t erase it, and we can’t paint over it, we’ll set it aside. A piece of artwork from a bad time in our lives. Maybe we’ll have to take it out occasionally and reflect on it and what it meant to us or for us, but we can start with a new canvas. We’ll take pieces of past works, all the good parts, the things that worked, and we’ll make a masterpiece out of them. The things that didn’t work, and let’s be honest Y/N, there wasn’t a lot was there? We’ll learn from those few things. We can do this. If you want to. Because I want to.”

So did you, more than anything. Could you forgive yourself?

Maybe with Spencer’s help, you could.

“I want to. So much. I love you Spencer, my life has been hell without you.”

“Mine too. I couldn’t stay away from you last night when I saw you leaving the room. And as soon as you were in my arms again, I knew that I never wanted to let you go again. We belong together.”

It’s in the stars
It’s been written in the scars on our hearts
That we’re not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again

In Secret 

(requested by anon)

word count : 1 977
summary : AU / Reader is a heretic and the Mikaelson’s little sister. Reader and Kai are dating in secret.
* not my gif

Y/N’s life has never been easy. Her siblings were the oldest vampires in history , the Originals. Klaus , her youngest brother was a hybrid like her , though not quite like her. Back before their mother Esther had called upon the spirits turning her entire family into vampires , Y/N had been the only one among her siblings born without her own magic. However she could draw it from others and later on when they had turned she had found out there is a way for her to siphon herself and do magic turning her into the first heretic. After their mother had died , Y/N had fled with her brother and best friend Kol running for centuries while their father hunted them down.
Going back to Mystic Falls that Fall had been the best decision she had ever made. She had gone to see how Jeremy was doing. Even though her family had caused him and his family and friends a lot of pain , they had become friends. During her visit she met her boyfriend - Malachai Parker. He was also a heretic but due to her over protective brothers (specially Klaus) their relationship had to be kept secret and she had introduced Kai to them as her friend.
Sneaking around in a house full with vampires was a tricky thing , luckily she knew her mother’s privacy spell and whenever they wanted to be alone she’d always cast it making sure no one found out.

Y/N’s day had been exhausting , the circle of drama and horrors in the Mikaelson’s family never ended. Her family had enemies , lots of them and as one of the few of her siblings who could do magic , there was a lot for her to do. She walked into her bedroom closing the door with a loud bang , tossing herself onto the empty bed.
“Ouch.” Kai’s voice sounded from under her. He quickly uncloaked himself , rubbing his forehead where she had hit him accidentally.
“OH my God…” she got off the bed , covering her mouth with her hands , an apologetic look on her face. “I’m so sorry … I didn’t mean to - wait. What are you doing here ?”
Kai got to the edge of the bed , his hands on her waist as he pulled her towards him. He was looking at her with longing loving eyes as she rested her hands on his shoulders.
“I wanted to surprise you.” he said smiling. “Also I couldn’t stay away from you another day. I know you said things with your family are spinning out of control right now , but I want to be here for you ….and I can’t do that from my apartment two blocks away now , can I?”
Y/N pushed him onto the bed in vamp speed crawling on top of him , her hand on his chest. Leaning over him , her lips barely touching his. The past few days have been torture without him and she wanted nothing more than to be with him then and there.
“Tomorrow… Kol will be out of town with Davina. Klaus and Elijah will be out of the house. Freya will be busy with Vincent at the bell tower…” she whispered smiling. “We will -”
“ - have the house all to ourselves?” Kai finished with a grin on his face. It had been ages since they had gotten the chance to spend time alone in the house and Y/N had already started planning their day alone together. Usually they’d go out somewhere to be alone and enjoy each others company to the fullest , or they’d go to Kai’s place but it felt completely different when they were at her house.
“Yes.” she whispered , her lips smashing against his. Kai vamp speed rolled over her , pinning her hands over her head kissing her fiercely. Y/N pushed him off her and onto the bed next to her. “Hold up.” she said , getting up quickly to get the sage for the privacy spell burning. Kai flicked his wrist , locking her bedroom door.
Y/N turned around with a smile on her face. “Now… where were we ?” she pretended to think for a moment before Kai grabbed her by the waist tossing her onto the bed with him picking up where they left off.

* * *

Kai went to his apartment early the next morning to change and take a quick shower before heading back to the Mikaelson’s to spend the entire day with Y/N.
“Hey.” he said with a smile , hands in his pockets , just as Klaus and Elijah were walking past him. Elijah nodded at him while Klaus stopped for a moment , patting him on the back.
“What are you doing here so early in the day ?” he asked curious.
“Oh I was just down by that coffee place down the street , thought I’d swing by and say ‘Hi.’ Busy day ?”
Klaus laughed under his breath. “Always is.”
In that moment Y/N showed up with an apple in her hands. “OH HEY.”
“Niklaus.” Elijah said , his voice filled with impatience.
“Right ..Well have fun you two.” said Klaus and quickly left after Elijah.
Both Kai and Y/N stood frozen in their spots for a few moments listening in to mak sure they are alone , then wide smiles spread on both their faces. Y/N ran into Kai’s arms , jumping up and wounding her legs around his waist their lips meeting in a passionate kiss.
“Oh today is going to be so much fun.” Kai said , lightly brushing his nose against Y/N’s , before his lips found hers again kissing her gently. He let her feet on the ground , snaking his hands around her waist from behind.
“Do you want to help me make breakfast?” she asked smiling.
“Pancakes ?” he said , kissing her neck gently.
“And bacon.”
Kai spun her around in vamp speed smashing his lips against hers. “So in sync.” he smiled. “OH and this weekend , we are going to the movies. Guess which movie premiered a few days ago …”
“Baywatch.” she smiled at his wide grin.
“Yes ! Aren’t you excited ? Its going to be so much fun !” he said excitedly.
They headed into the kitchen and started on breakfast , except it was more like Y/N was making the pancake dough while Kai was too busy distracting her. He had wrapped his hands around her , his head resting on her shoulder whispering all the things he wanted to do today while occasionally every few minutes he’d place a gentle kiss on her neck then up her chin until she had stopped whisking and started to getting lost in him , his touch and kisses.
“MMmm Kai … s-stop. We have to make the pancakes or the dough will go to waste.” she murmured turning her head around to kiss him. “I promise afterwords its all you whispered to me.”
Kai pulled her closer for a moment before letting go of her and starting on the pancakes. He had a natural talent for making the perfect pancakes (and perfect everything really , lets face it) They made a mix of chocolate chip / blueberry pancakes - Kai was flipping the pancakes in the air while Y/N was catching them directly in the plate.
They sat together having breakfast , Y/N tapping his nose with whipped cream making him pout for a second before he broke up into laughter.
“You are going to pay for this.” he threatened.
Y/N laughed , winking at him. “Oh really?” she teased.
“Yes! Really!”
Kai got up suddenly pulling her off her chair and seating her onto the empty kitchen counter , tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. Everything still seemed like a dream to him - her smile when she sees him , the spark in her eyes every time they are together. He was afraid it would end and was prepared to do whatever it takes to keep her. Even going against her brothers if necessary. Kai gazed into her eyes for a long moment before his lips crashed against hers , hungrily wanting more and more. Y/N snacked her hands around his neck , pulling him closer to her , wounding her legs around him.
“I’d gladly pay every time if this is the price.” she muttered before pulling him in for another kiss. Kai’s hands tugged at her shirt for a moment before lightly sliding under it , unclasping her bra. He gave her a devilish smirk , a second later ripping it off her. His lips crashed against hers , then traced their way down her jawline to her neck. Y/N threw her head back , a soft moan tumbling off her lips. “Every time.” she whispered. Her hands sliding down his back ,pulling his shirt up.
“What … what is going on here ?” Kol’s voice interrupted them.
Y/N and Kai pulled away from each other , just noticing that Klaus and Elijah were a step behind Kol with unreadable expressions on their faces. Y/N got off the kitchen counter , quickly grabbing her bra from the floor tugging it in the back of her jeans.
“Um … we um … We were making b-breakfast.” Y/N said running her fingers through her hair , slightly taking a step in front of Kai who stretched out his arm protectively , pushing her behind him .
“Sure you were.” said Kol winking at them. Kai glanced at Y/N who looked even more startled than he felt. He cleared his throat and took a step towards her brothers.
“We .. we are in love with each other.” he said , his tone calm and serious. “There is nothing in the world that’s going to change the way I feel about her … I want to be with her , always. And …. I don’t care if you disagree. I’ll do and endure anything just to be with her forever. ”
Y/N stared at him as if seeing him for the first time. He knew her brothers would fight him on this and he didn’t care about the fact he might end up dead.
Klaus started laughing and clapping while Elijah fixed his suit , his lips pressed in a thin line. Kol raised his eyebrows looking at his sister.
“A family gathering and no one called for me ? Shame.” Rebekah showed up from nowhere, Freya and Hayley at her tail. “Oh come on , little sis. You didn’t really think we didn’t know did you ?”
Y/N blinked a few times looking around her siblings. Elijah was smiling at her , they all were. Rebekah looked at Klaus who seemed to be the only one who hadn’t figured it out before that moment.
“You all KNEW ?” asked Kai and Y/N in unison.
“I didn’t.” interjected Klaus.
“Well of course. Kai’s longing loving looks are hard to miss. You move , he moves … like magnets. And then there are those midnight visits to your bedroom. It’s kind of cute and I have to be honest - I am a little jealous.” said Rebekah smiling. Klaus glanced shocked at Rebekah and then at Y/N and Kai who were still frozen on the spot.
“Midnight visits huh ?” wondered Klaus.
“S-so you are not m-mad ?” Y/N asked her siblings.
“Of course we are mad. You made pancakes and didn’t save any for us ?! How dare you?!” said Freya , winking at them.
Kai seemed to relax at last , wrapping his strong arms around Y/N , a smile on his face. Klaus took a step towards them with a serious look on his face - his lips pressed in a thin line , his eyes on Kai. Y/N tensed sensing something bad might happen.
“Tell me , Malachai… What makes you suitable for my sister ? She is pure vampire you are nothing but -”
“Relax brother.” said Kol putting a hand on Klaus’ shoulder. “He is perfect for her.”
Klaus smiled and patted Kai on his back.
“I’m only joking.” he said laughing under his breath. “Welcome to the family.”


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


A Man Worth Fighting For- 19

Summary: Seventy years has passed and the world has changed. You thought you were moving on until Steve Rogers asks you for a favor which leads to a discovery that will change everything. So much for retirement. Sequel to “A Girl Worth Fighting For.” Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1392
Warnings: Language, super sadness exrraordinairre. 
Tags at the end

AN: ONE CHAPTER LEFT OH MAN. Also, don’t hate me. Or do? I probably would.

Part 18  Masterlist

Originally posted by nicelilmoment

You were under water. That much you were certain of, the way the images beneath you shifted with the light from above piercing the surface. You tried to swim upward, your lungs constricting, but it was so far away and no matter how hard you kick, you can’t reach the top. Shapes move above the water, flickers of orange that you think are fire. A sudden, sharp pain shoots through your side and you look down, trying to see the wound. Blood flows from it like smoke, tainting the water as you try to yank the metal out of you. A scream tears from your throat and you kick again, desperate as it becomes harder and harder to breathe.

A figure appears above you in the water, and you’re both relieved and afraid when you see the black vest and the glint of a metal arm as it wraps around your waist. Bucky pulls you up toward the surface, and the pain in your side goes away. Air enters your lungs as you break through the other side, finally dry heaving the water.

Keep reading