things to find in the pocket of your winter coat

Frozen Water From The Sky

Pairing: Buck x Reader

A/N: A series of Winter Related Fluffy, Snow filled Fics. Short little drabbles, each with different pairs, and plots.

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Your laugh echoes around the two of you, the street covered in a thick layer of snow as it continues to fall from the sky, mainly deserted not many wanting to brave the cold, unlike you.

“It’s frozen water falling from the sky doll.” Buck shakes his head, his hands in his coat pockets he was less willing to go with you for a walk in the snow, it took some batting your eyes and pleading before he finally grabbed his coat and agreed to go.

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Of Lattes and Espressos

A/N: AT LONG LAST, I FINALLY GET TO POST A SCENARIO! I think I got K.O’d multiple times while writing this, writing about your own bias is really a tough thing to do.. Anyways, hope you enjoy! 


Inhaling a handful of brisk morning air, you stepped out of the apartment and entered the fresh morning atmosphere. The morning streets of Seoul looked very familiar now; the bustling streets were occupied with people hustling to get into their routine. Winter sure was making its entrance; the chilly wind somehow managed to find its way around the enormous buildings, leaving remnants of a whisper around your ears as it continued to travel through the city. Shoving your hands into the pockets of your coat, you hurried your footsteps to work.

Working at the coffee shop sure had its difficulties for the first few weeks, but the priorities that came with it seemed to put the cons in the shadows. Checking out breathtaking boys while standing at the register, taking home the desserts that were never sold, sneaking in sips of latte now and then; all of these factors seemed to contribute to your positivity at work. Reminding yourself with the small advantages, gravity seemed to loosen up its grip on your feet.

The bittersweet fragrance of coffee manipulated your nostrils as you unlocked the glass door and pushed it open. Flicking on the light switch, you noticed how empty and blank the shop was without your coworkers and customers.

                ‘Not for long,’ you thought. As soon as the shop opens, the place was going to be bombarded with people standing in line for their morning caffeine. You took off your coat and reached for the apron; you had to start setting up for morning rush hour.

                “Next in line, please!” You spoke to the enormous line as you fiddled with the register. It’s only been about fifteen minutes since rush hour hit in, and your hands were cramping already from moving so much.

                “Uh..” A shy voice suddenly called out while you were stuffing in the extra change the previous customer paid. You quickly lifted your head up, and for a moment you had to pause and admire the alluring structure of his face; his magnificent round eyes seemed to manipulate your gaze as he sheepishly smiled, peeking his slightly shifted teeth.

                “Oh my gosh, sorry for the delay, sir!” You blurted out hurriedly after recollecting your senses. A flush of heat visited your face as you felt the embarrassment deeply.

                ‘Just breathe, ____. This isn’t the first time you’ve encountered a super hot guy.’  You thought to yourself.

                “Hey, don’t worry about it; I’m not one of those nasty customers, you know.” His casual chuckle almost had your heart melting.

                “So, uh.. Can I get a latte, please?” The boy asked cautiously, examining your blank face.

                “Ah, yes!” You hurriedly grabbed a paper cup and held up your sharpie.

                “May I get your name, sir?” You looked up with the marker in your hand, ready to scribble down the letters.

                “Minseok.” You quickly scribbled the letters down and passed it onto your coworker by the side, giving you that look when something smelled fishy. Giving her the ‘don’t say a word’ look, you turned back to Minseok.

                “Here you go… ____!” He squinted at your nametag on your apron as he handed you a few folded bills. Pulling out your hand, you received the cash from him as his hand brushed against yours. For a moment you thought he had a shy look on his face; but the sparks of lightning in your head didn’t help your vision get any better.

                “Thank you, sir; have a wonderful day!” You flashed him a smile as you gave him the receipt. He gave a slight nod, and walked off to the pick-up station. Your coworker came trotting towards you, babbling a million questions that you didn’t care to answer.

                “Did you see that guy’s eyes? Dude, he’s totally into you.” She grabbed your arm and started to shake it, emphasizing how shocked she is.

                “He’s probably just one of those friendly people, relax.” You coldly said to her, still fixing your gaze at him. He looked really cute, sliding one foot on the floor back and forth with his hands shoved into his pockets.

                “Besides, why would anyone be interested in someone like me?” You smiled reluctantly as you called for the next customer in line.

                “UGH!” you exhaled a breath of fatigue as you fell onto your bed, exhausted from your day. Going straight to classes after work was such a tedious thing to do; it took up so much of your time. When was the life of an exchange student going to be uncomplicated? Anyhow, there was no time to waste; you had to get your assignments done and hurry off to bed.

Tired and irritated, you pulled out the stack of papers onto your desk.

Your coworkers stared at you in amazement as you rushed into the building, gasping for breath.

                “Im.. Here..” You barely whispered the words as beads of sweat rolled down your face. You felt the patting of your coworker’s hand on your shoulder as you continued to breathe harshly.

                “We can tell. You overslept again, right?” She directed you towards the storage and handed you the apron.

                “You’re in charge of supplies today. If the hottie from yesterday comes by, I’ll let him know that you’re busy.” She trotted off after notifying you. You bitterly smiled at the back of her head and gently held up the middle finger.

Turning back to the bigger problem, you hopelessly looked up at the stack of boxes that overpowered your height.

                “What a great day we have here..” You complained sarcastically as you rolled up your sleeves. You lifted up the enormous stack of boxes and turned around carefully. You hated your genes very much this moment; why did you have to be so short? You took a delicate step forward with your vision completely blocked by the boxes, praying to the gods that you won’t slip and possibly get a concussion.

                “Almost there, ____; you can do this.” You spoke to yourself as you came out of the storage. The trip from the storage to the kitchen wasn’t very far, but it felt like a million miles to you with the boxes blocking your view.

Just before you took another step forward, a pair of muscular arms popped up and took several boxes away from you.

                “Hey! What do you think you’re doing—” You forgot to finish your sentence as you recognized the familiar face in front of you.

              “Hey.” Minseok casually greeted you with the boxes in his arms. Did this guy have a thing with sudden appearances?

                “Sorry if I startled you, it looked like you were about to fall over any moment..” Minseok politely apologized. He was so cute; too cute. You avoided his eye contact, trying to hide your raging heartbeat.

                “It’s fine. Do you think you can help me get those to the kitchen?” You turned towards the kitchen and looked back at him. He nodded slightly and walked towards where you pointed at.

                “So.. How long are you going to be here today?” Minseok asked you as he placed the boxes down on the floor. Why did he want to know such a thing?

                “My shift is over by the evening today. Why?” You replied anyways, hoping that you didn’t sound too excited or high-pitched.

                “It’s nothing. I mean, you looked pretty tired, and yeah..” He blurred the last few words of his sentence. He took out his phone to look at the time, and turned back to you with that comforting smile of his.

                “Well, I’ve got to get going. You owe me a free latte from that just now, okay?” He ruffled your hair and walked off coolly; for a moment you felt like an idiot. Minseok somehow had the ability to get your heart on a rollercoaster ride, and you weren’t sure if it was a good thing or not.

Surprised by the night air, you shivered and huddled deeper into your coat. You couldn’t wait to go home and throw yourself on the couch, watching your all-time favorite shows on TV. Admiring the city lights glimmering like stars in the dark, you started walking home.

But just before you were about to turn the corner, an annoying voice traveled through your ears.

                “____!” You turned to see that it was no one but your ex. You rolled your eyes and sighed drastically; of all the outcomes, it had to be like this.

Looking back, you don’t even remember why you dated your ex. He was pure annoyance; the so-called “relationship” felt like “ownership” with that guy.

                “Can we not?” You yelled at him, trying to stop him from walking any closer towards you.

                “____, just listen, I swear I can be better-“

Suddenly, you felt the familiar pair of arms wrapping around your waist from behind. A comical expression was painted on your ex’s face as you leaned back to see Minseok’s eyes glaring into him.

                “As you can see, she’s already moved on.” Minseok confronted your ex, speaking ever so calmly. He tightened his arms around you from behind, notifying your ex once again that things won’t go back the way it used to be.

                “____…” Your ex called out as you glared into his eyes, wanting him out of sight. You wrapped a hand around Minseok’s arms and made countless efforts to maintain your cool.

                “Come on, let’s go.” Minseok pulled you towards the other direction as he smiled gently. You let his firm grip lead you towards him, walking away from the dreaded situation.

A few moments passed by in silence as you and Minseok walked through the cold streets. Although your ex was nowhere in sight by now, you and Minseok continued to hold hands as if it was a promise. Not that you minded it, anyway; his hands delivered warmth and assurance as his fingers interlocked with yours.

Minseok suddenly stopped under the streetlight and faced you with a worried expression.

                “So.. Uh.. Are you okay?” He scratched the back of his head as if he was embarrassed by something.

                “Yeah, I think so.. It’s all thanks to you.” You smiled at him in gratitude.

                “That’s good! Sorry if it felt awkward, I mean, it was the only option in mind when I saw the look on his face. You know, I didn’t want him to do anything bad to you or something like that.” You giggled at his stuttering. Why was this guy so insanely cute?

                “So what were you doing outside the café? Didn’t you get your coffee in the morning?” You asked Minseok, curious about his unexpected appearance. Minseok stopped for a moment and hesitated; was he hiding something?

                “The truth is, uh..” He avoided your gaze as he stared at his feet.

                “Let’s just say that.. I haven’t exactly been coming for the latte?” The blush on his face was fairly noticeable under the bright streetlight.

                “What do you mean?” You squeezed out a fake confusion to see more of this guy’s cuteness.

                “I mean, I’ve been watching you even before you met me; but you look really cute in the café uniform, and the way you scribble on a cup is just adorable, not to mention your sleepy face in the morning, and..” Minseok went down a list of things before looking up to share brief eye contact.

                “I like you, ____.”  A parade of emotions bounced in your mind as you processed his distinct words. You really couldn’t hide your blush this time around; it was challenging enough to hold in a squeal that could break one’s eardrums.

                ‘I can’t take this anymore.’  You thought to yourself, giving up on being calm like a Buddhist.

You jumped up and wrapped your arms around Minseok’s neck, clinging onto him tightly. Lively giggles escaped from both you and Minseok as he embraced you in a firm grasp. The streetlight was putting you and him under a spotlight, making your heart flutter as you felt Minseok bury his face on your shoulder.

                “I’m glad you weren’t exactly coming for the latte.” You smiled at Minseok.