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Random things that made me happy about Moana:

-The story wasn’t about her relationships, romantic or otherwise. But it also didn’t belittle those relationships and the people she cares for were a motivation along with her need to discover herself

-stubborn angry muscle girl who does not know how to do a thing but fuck you she will do the thing

-the fucking chicken

-this is a weird one but when Moana sings her mouth opens super big when she belts out the words and just it made me so happy??? She wasnt made to sing pretty and delicate she will fucking BELT out her victory song

-Dwayne The Rock Johnson can sing. Bless this man.

-you can see all the research that went into the movie and the credits are full of Pacific Islander names and it pays off so well god bless

-Hero allowed to have moment where they nearly give up. Isn’t shamed for it. Is told “if that’s what you need then you are supported.”

-hero decides on her own to continue journey

-showing Moana actually learning how to be a leader before she even goes. She already is going to be a great chief before she goes….she doesnt have to prove anything. It’s just….so good

-listen I know chickens. That is a very….accurate chicken

- H A I R

-the music makes me cry it’s so good and Lin worked so hard to respect the cultures he worked with and brought in Samoan and Fiji'an singers and it’s so good

-the animation just shit son

-after the plastic ice and tinyface dolls of Frozen, disney animation is redeemed in my eyes

-every scene was beautiful and I spent over half the movie with fucking chills because. It was just so breathtaking


Sorry this post is late, I… I watched a ‘60s TV Christmas special about a terrifying clown named Whizzo, and… and the last thing I remember is the phrase “do you want to see a chicken, kids,” and… and now it’s hours later, and I’m here, posting a gif that appears to be a bunch of kids cosplaying as crosswalk guards rubbing themselves with pea soup.

…did I go crazy at some point, and just start imagining things, or is my life really this ridiculous?


Stranger Things Appreciation Month~Day 9: Stranger Things + Food

I hope you’re enjoying your chicken Ted. 

@shesavedus I know why you do it. I’m never gonna stop now.

ot3 on harry’s bday: harry! we’re gonna cook for you! don’t worry about a thing, we’ll make everything. louis’ gonna do pancakes. niall’s gonna make some chicken later–

harry: i just remembered every single appliance in my kitchen is broken


So I need to look into chicken care more, especially concerning whether they’re social animals that need another chicken around (and if I can actually eat the eggs), but I’m looking at three different types of chickens and they are amazing.

The Frizzle Chicken

I’m not even making up this name. It is legitimately called a frizzle chicken. DO YOU SEE THIS THING. I WANT TO PET ONE SO BAD. I would probably either name it Ms. Frizzle (it’s a gimme, come on) or Madame de la Hérisser or something.

The Silkie Chicken

WHAT KIND OF MUPPET MAYHEM IS THIS IT’S WONDERFUL. I don’t even know what I’d name it, probably Spike or something. Maybe Rex.

The Polish Chicken

It’s! A! Disco! Chicken! A disco chicken!!!!!! Definitely gonna be named DJ something-or-other. Any suggestions for good disco names that I can then translate into Polish?


I always hear the cow meme in her voice lol

ooc. very small personal note that i feel like i should mention?
                                                          i have um,,, a high amount of anxiety.

inspired by the post about turtles

the chicken and the egg, combinined into a single emoji. the symbolism here is indescribable. there’s even a yolk. i am honored to be in its presence.

p cute, v fluffy. this little chicken looks like it has places to go. would cross the road with.

bold and powerful. this chicken knows what it’s about. microsoft’s distinct style works well here.

i think mozilla has made a mistake here. this is clearly not a chicken, but a ghost dressed up as one for halloween. nevertheless, this faux-chicken is excellent. rock on, ghost.

this chicken opens its beak slightly. perhaps, one imagines, it might someday say something. i wonder what thoughts lie behind those black beady eyes. suddenly, i crave chick-fil-a.

this is just the mozilla one but a  little worse-proportioned. keep trying, little ghostie. you’re doing fine.

at first glance, this chicken looks appealing, but the lack of feet and overall flatness of the design make me suspect this may be a lawn ornament. would put in my yard, but would not permit in my house. 6/10

this chicken is oddly shaped, and threatens to blend into the background. i would keep a suspicious eye on this one.

another chicken-ghost. it was cute at first, but now i tire of it.

this chicken looks broken inside. i hope it is okay. i do not like it, but i do not have the heart to put it any lower than this.

a miserable attempt to emulate htc. this is a Bad Egg and i do not want it

the eyelashes, blush, and prolonged eye contact raise too many questions. using this in conversation would send the wrong message. 0/10

Sticky Chicken and Waffles from Fantasy Fare Food Truck located in Downtown Disney.