things to do other than play video games

what do the signs do when they’re sick

Aries: can’t wait to be healthy again, usually just binge watching a TV show or listening to music

Taurus: watching their favorite show and annoying their friends with random texts

Gemini: chatting with their friends telling them how much they’re suffering. other than that just doing random stuff online

Cancer: watching videos on Youtube and generally just spending time on social media 

Leo: eating ice cream if they can, walking around the house in fluffy socks and calling with their friends

Virgo: don’t even look sick (?), usually just complaining about how bored they are and watching telly

Libra: playing video games, eating snacks and sending random picutres to their friends

Scorpio: either lifelessly lying on the floor or pretending they’re totally okay

Sagittarius: planning things they’ll do once they’re healthy again, reading about something weird on the internet

Capricorn: complaining a lot, fall asleep and don’t remember it, sometimes just watching TV

Aquarius: sleeping a lot, and when they’re not sleeping then watching movies and eating snacks

Pisces: lying under 10 blankets and peacefully drinking tea, sometimes they play video games

Send me in Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ and I'll fill this out for our two characters (Can be Shippy or Platonic)
  • Takes the most photos:
  • Talks in their sleep:
  • Takes Petty Revenge on their partner over minor offenses:
  • Talks the other into doing things out of their comfort zone:
  • Watches the most TV:
  • Lives off of microwave meals and takeout if no one cooks for them:
  • Watches reality TV shows seriously:
  • Watches Reality TV shows as a joke:
  • Kicks ASS at video games:
  • Only plays games on their phone:
  • Has the plan for a Zombie Apocolypse:
  • Does the crafty things:
  • Reads kids/YA books rather than age appropriate literature:
  • Quotes stupid things in day to day life:
  • Insists that they HAVE to take the top bunk in bunkbeds:
  • Still sleeps with a stuffed animal:
  • Has the biggest nostalgia:
Just a Game- JSE imagine

<i>Another request, this time by @fandomsandsadness! I did slightly change Jack’s Halloween video for the “AntiSepticEye” thing that he did to match what I wanted, but other than that everything’s about the same in how it played out.

“It’s…time…” You croaked to the camera before bursting into a giggle fit. “Y/N? What the fuck are ya doin’?” Your fiancé, Jack, popped his head in the door, spotting you with your ruffled hair and messy makeup, donning a toy knife and a Cheshire Cat grin. “Do I wanna know?” “Yes, but you won’t know until everybody else.” He rolled his eyes and smiled, watching as you stopped the camera, cut the footage down, and sent it to Alex, your editor.

You were the second most-subscribed YouTuber on the planet, and you had waged a Halloween war with Jack. He had decided to don his famous “dark side,” AntiSepticEye, and you had opted for the same thing, putting a spin on the fan-made character, Y/D/S (Your Dark Side). The metaphorical blows had spanned the whole of October, and had even spread to videos done with Markiplier and PewDiePie. The fans were loving it, but nobody was prepared for your Halloween video.

You had made a tradition out of doing a pumpkin-carving challenge with Jack every year, and this year was no exception. You adjusted the blood bag under your old, thick, light gray sweatshirt, making sure that the bag wouldn’t rupture with your movements, covering it back up as Jack walked in, the two plastic bags of pumpkin-carving tools in his hands. The pumpkins were already on the plastic-covered table, a black garbage bag on the floor, and your kitchen knife was taped securely under the table, out of Jack’s sight and reach, but right where you could reach it.

The video went as normal, Jack attempting to carve a Septic Eye Sam and you carving a complex phoenix. You had a legitimate nosebleed, which helped to add to the spooky vibe, and you faked an eye twitch, even ruining your carving with a “muscle spasm” in Jack’s general direction. “Watch yourself, babe. I thought you were coming after me for a second there!” Finally, it was time for the big reveal, of both the pumpkins and your messy Halloween finale.

As you turned the pumpkin to Jack, you swayed precariously before slamming your head onto the desk. “Babe?” You hid your smirk as you quietly peeled the knife from the table, dropping your voice to a gravelly pitch as you spoke. “You thought it was a joke, eh, Sean?” He watched in horror as you lifted your head, eyes staring at nothing as you quickly and gently stabbed the blood bag at a sharp horizontal angle, the red liquid flowing freely from the bag as you pulled out the stained knife, standing with a crazed expression as you faced Jack, wielding the knife as if you were going to stab him. “What-what are ya doin’?”

“It was always just a game, your silly little fiancé against me, and I’ve finally won. So, say goodbye, Jack. Forever.” He screamed, running out of the room as you shut off the camera. You sat your knife down, pulling the sweatshirt off to reveal the white undershirt and the ripped bag stuck to your chest. “Sweetheart, come back! It was a prank!” You found him downstairs, huddled up behind the couch. You approached him slowly, peeling the bag off your chest and showing it to him. “It was a prank, babe. For the Halloween thing.” He shot up in a flash, hugging you close to his chest. “Don’t ever do that again, babe. Ya scared me so fucking bad, I thought that ya’d actually stabbed yourself.” You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, hugging him with all the force he had grabbed you with. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think it would scare you so bad.” He chuckled lightly before kissing you on the forehead.

“At the very least, ya definitely won!”

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Do you, being a daddy, ever get tired of always being a caregiver? Do you ever need time for yourself? And when you do, how do you tell your lil miss that you need time to yourself? Thanks :)

When me and my little spend time together we aren’t always in daddy little space which is what makes our relationship so fun. So even though I am her caregiver I won’t always be doing the roles of one when we are together. As for needing time apart from each other I find that if I spend more than a day without talking to her I really start to miss her but we give each other time to do things that we want to do even if it doesn’t involve the other person. I am a PC gamer so I spend a lot of my time playing video games when I’m not talking to my little, she understands sometimes I can’t be there right away for her which I am really thankful for. As for telling her I will just say are you going to be okay if daddy goes and does *blank* for a little bit? Then I will make sure she is not being a lazy booty before I go.


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Could I have a match up, please? I’m an aries and an INTJ, I’m 171 cm tall. I’m usually a quiet person, but if you get to know me I’m a lot more open, but still not so comfortable with socialisation. I play the piano and do archery and horse riding. Other than that my hobbies are reading, playing video games, learning new languages and watching anime. I love to travel and meet new cultures. I drift off into my own world a lot, often fantasising about dragons and great adventures. (Lu anon 1/2)

I forgot to mention, could it be all 3 fandoms? Sorry about that ^^;;don’t really like wearing skirts and dresses and I feel most comfortable in baggy clothes. Personality wise, I am a tomboy and I love learning new things. I’m also secretly a hopeless romantic. I have the hugest sweet tooth, and other than that I love eating spicy food. I’m easily scared and I’m afraid of the tiniest things like the dark, or rollercoasters. I’m also quite forgetful and love cuddling. Thank you! (Lu anon 2/2)

Hello to you, Lu! Nice to see a fellow INTJ! (◡‿◡✿) Here go your match-ups. Also, you practice archery? SO COOL! And aaaaargh roller coasters are scary indeed! ( ; ﹏ ; )

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Haikyuu!!: I match you with Akaashi Keiji!

An INTJ and INFJ are quite a good match, aren’t they? Akaashi is a quiet and reserved person as well, but since he knows the ropes of social interaction on a fairly decent level, he is always there to help you out when you are uncomfortable. He got totally pulled into your love of travel and meeting new cultures, so you can count on exploring the world together and making lots of good memories. Akaashi is adept at recognising moods (we all know why) and he easily notices whenever you drift off into your daydreams. Sometimes he asks what you are thinking about - your stories are plenty interesting and he likes listening to them, after all. He doesn’t mind that you are forgetful; he’s been used to that sort of thing for a long time and it comes to him naturally to remind you about appointments and such. He may also not look like it, but he sure enjoys cuddling sessions, so sign yourself up for those.

Others: Fukunaga Shōhei, Azumane Asahi, Sugawara Kōshi

Valentines Message:

For Lu.

I might have not realised it back then, but the day we met was the day that changed my life for better. You are my serenity and happiness, and I’ll do everything and anything I can to be the same for you.

Always yours A.K.

Akaashi made several drafts of the note, unable to decide what honorific to add to your name. Eventually he decided that “san” would be too formal (since at the stage of your relationship you don’t even use it any more), “chan” sounds too infantile, and even though you are close to a divine being in his heart, he would feel too weird to use “sama”.

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Things I Picture the Trolls Doing:

Aradia: goes on a museum tour and correcting/interrupting the tour guide

Tavros: Beats Vriska in pokemon fiduspawn because she always chooses spiders (bug types) which are weak to fire

Sollux: makes very subtle bee puns which nobody but Karkat notices

Karkat: discovers hermit crabs and now retreats into a box or other small space when he feels threatened

Nepeta: has a phase where she likes horses more than cats, this freaks Equius out

Kanaya: still a little miffed about the “hot mom” jokes Rose made about Porrim, Kanaya makes the same jokes about Roxy when they first meet on the lilypad

Terezi: Wanting to play video games with the others but not wanting to constantly lick a television she gets Sollux to make the Wii U’s gamepad compatible with all consoles

Vriska: wants to get a new pet but can’t choose between a scorpion and a spider

Equius: goes to a a gym and has to spend the majority of his time there wiping down equipment that he has sweated on

Gamzee: Leaves to join circus, returns when he’s fired for teaching the word “motherfucker” to 5 & 6 year olds

Eridan: becomes a secret fan of One Direction, Sollux finds out but agrees to keep his secret

Feferi: Vriska keeps trying to make her upset by pointing out seafood restaurants, it doesn’t work because Fef actually loves seafood (what do you think she ate for her whole life underwater?)

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I really want you to talk to me about Snake' line "I'm not like you. I love life!" It makes me so emotional and I love your insight of things.

i think it serves in great part to 1) characterize snake as something other than the stoic action hero and 2) show the distinction between big boss and snake.

i’m glad this line exists because in retrospect it works very well against snake’s characterization in mgs1, which is a gradual breakdown of a cliche. people who play the game without stopping to analyze snake ( which is whatever i’m not judging tbh i don’t do a psych eval of every protagonist of every video game i play ) tend to peg him as a typical soldier stereotype: he’s a jerk, he’s war torn, he’s tired, he’s gruff, he’s sexual, etc. but while all of these are true, kojima has gone on record more than once as stating that he wanted snake to deconstruct that stereotype, especially with regards to an accurate portrayal of what effects ptsd can have on a person’s personality. so that line really highlights who snake was before the end of mg2, and also supports the idea that he coped well with what happened in outer heaven – it was not his first response to trauma to isolate himself and submit to depression; he remained active in his field and was still relatively social despite the nightmares that plagued him. he was clearly very upset, but he was also working hard to continue living a relatively ‘normal’ life by his own standards. and that makes mgs1′s ending and snake’s continued characterization more poignant: he’s so much closer to what he had before zanzibar, but he’s still irreparably damaged. the number of friendships he can maintain is limited, as is his happiness, but he’s recovered a little bit of who he was, and that’s a victory that should be celebrated.

it succinctly establishes snake’s values, in part because it can be read in multiple ways. snake loves being alive ( mgs1 expands upon this and makes it so much sadder because by that point the only thing that makes him feel alive is being in combat ), but he also loves the world and humanity in general, and despite being a soldier he still places value in other people’s right to life. this raises a lot of contradictions and arguments, which, contrary to popular belief… isn’t actually a bad thing. none of his appearances in future games retcon this core foundation of who snake is. things change a little, and he weighs their importance differently as time goes on, but that’s just an example of characterization marching forward, and, since most people don’t exist stagnantly, it makes him more human. he’s allowed to change his mind or develop a more universal, informed point of view, but the fundamentals of what he believes in remain the same. i mean, it’s also not a mistake that this statement is so naive. snake is speaking to someone much older and much more experienced than him, and his rebuttal is basic. it’s childish, even. but when he grows up, he doesn’t discover that any of this is false. on the contrary, he just learns how true it is, while also realizing that it’s much more complicated than he originally thought. this goes so far in supporting the central theme of metal gear: that, so long as people with good values are willing to fight for what they believe in, the world can become a better place. and, more often than not, people exhibit both positive and negative traits, but they ultimately decide how they are going to behave and what beliefs they are going to act on. this idea of loving life isn’t broken down and trashed over the course of the series, which would have been so easy to do for a gritty or silly series. instead, it’s built up and fleshed out and as things get darker and the cast gets older, it only becomes truer.

then it serves as the dividing line between snake and big boss. i talked a little with @raisondetrc about how snake and big boss are foils in the full narrative. they’re both soldiers with exceptional skill, a little rough around the edges and deeply damaged by what they’ve experienced in war. big boss outwardly comes across as more naive, though the audience knows that eventually he will act on his childish beliefs and will do great harm to others, resulting in a rolling crisis that lasts for the next fifteen years of game canon. snake, contrastingly, is extremely reserved and focused on the surface, which lends to him being read as mature, while in truth he’s actually very gullible and has plenty of soft spots. big boss apparently cares for his comrades and subordinates and calls them his ‘family’, but the truth is that he would sacrifice any of them to further his own goals and is profoundly selfish, never stopping to think of the toll he’s taking on his ‘friends’ and believing up until his death that the world revolves around him. snake tries to convince everyone he comes across that he doesn’t need nor want friends and that he’s much happier alone, but obviously cares deeply for the people he’s grown close to and would sacrifice everything for them, including his own life. big boss does not actually enjoy being alive and believes that he is trapped in a never-ending cycle of killing and dodging death, but greedily clings to life and sucks the happiness out of others to keep himself afloat ( re: big boss is a vampire; for example, all of the children of zanzibar are orphans he made by building an illegal military nation in africa and throwing all of their parents into labor camps or pressing them into service and then not intervening before the nato bombing and instead swooping in afterwards to act as a savior ). snake does enjoy life and loves the world but is suicidal and self-destructive. big boss thinks the world of himself. snake has horrible self-esteem.

so snake’s ‘i love life’ tells you everything you need to know about these characters and there isn’t even any voice acting to help it along ( and imo it’s better that way because there’s no way to ruin it with a poor delivery ). big boss is preaching about how awful the united states is and how good he’s been to his soldiers and how ready he is to accept them, but in the end, his genial attitude towards snake and everything he claims is true about zanzibar is a sham. snake has been running around murdering people, going so far as to kill his former best friend, but he still believes that the world is good and that he can make something more of himself than this.

it’s… one of my favorite lines in the series because it gently blankets and contextualizes everything else, and if you get to the end of mgs4 and you remember it the entire experience just becomes so much more emotional. i love snake so much he just tries so hard.

I love being with someone who doesn’t like to go out much, other than for food or going to see an occasional movie. I love being able to just sit around doing nothing but listening to him talk about things, playing video games, watching movies or shows that I wouldn’t normally watch.
I’m so in love, I never want this feeling to end.

Plan of Action (yamahina)

Title: Plan of Action (AO3)

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Yamaguchi/Hinata

HQ!! Rarepair Week Day 1: Beginnings

Status: Complete

Everyone knows that actions speak louder than words. On the other hand, most things are easier said than done. It’s a dilemma Tadashi has never quite been able to escape, and it makes itself especially apparent starting from the day Hinata confesses his affections for him.

On the evening of the day Kageyama and Hinata become official members of the Karasuno volleyball team, Tsukishima goes over to Tadashi’s house to play video games.

“What did you think of them?” says Tadashi as he watches Tsukishima channel his not-so-subtle frustration into a jab at the power button on Tadashi’s PlayStation.

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The two character meme icon thing. ( idec it can be shippy if u want bc yolo )

Send me in Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ and I’ll fill this out for our two characters (Can be Shippy or Platonic)

Takes the most photos: Jason

Talks in their sleep: Jason

Takes Petty Revenge on their partner over minor offenses: Both. Obviously both.

Talks the other into doing things out of their comfort zone: Oliver

Watches the most TV: Oliver

Lives off of microwave meals and takeout if no one cooks for them: Oliver

Watches reality TV shows seriously: Oliver. (He watches the first as a joke but then takes them seriously later. Jason joins to watch him to make fun of him but than gets into it too)

Watches Reality TV shows as a joke: neither

Kicks ASS at video games: Oliver

Only plays games on their phone: Jason

Has the plan for a Zombie Apocolypse: Neither. Jason is a ‘zombie’ and Ollie knows Batman already has a plan.

Does the crafty things: Both

Reads kids/YA books rather than age appropriate literature: Oliver

Quotes stupid things in day to day life: Jason

Insists that they HAVE to take the top bunk in bunkbeds: Jason

Still sleeps with a stuffed animal: Jason

Has the biggest nostalgia: Oliver

//Lmao it can be both, shoot or Platonic.

So I recently came into a bit of an opportunity to built an exceptionally high end computer, however there area  few things I’m not sure about going in. I’ve done a little bit of research, but all in all, I don’t know all that much. I hope that some people here will be able to help me.

Primarily, I want the PC to be able to do lots of good regular PC things, as well as play games. A lot of really expensive PC’s tend to be about getting the best gaming experience as possible, however I wonder if that could lead others things in the dust. I’m not going to do stuff like video processing, or anything right now, but I’m curious if by getting a high end gaming PC, that stuff will still be exceptionally better than my current computer.

The other issue is that I don’t know what a lot of this stuff means. I don’t know the specifics of how a CPU works. I only just learnt what a GPU meant and even those tend to be defined by names and not easily quantifiable metrics. So if anyone knows a really clear break down of the various aspects of building a PC, that would be a huge help. I’ve watched a lot of Linus Tech Tips, but they tend to appeal to a more enfranchised audience. Which is an issue for me because I know very little. 

Finally, how do I break my budget down when it comes to also getting accessories like a monitor, keyboard, mouse etc. I want the kind of stuff that complements the rig, but doesn’t take away from the budget 

Based on my own experience with abusive relationships over the course of my life, I personally feel really kind of meh about hearing that Chloe Price is ‘abusive’ and ‘manipulative’. Of course, the fact that this is based on my experience does not necessarily mean that this should be in any way championed as the be-all and end-all interpretation of her character because there are other people who will have had vastly different experiences to me and will have something of a different view of her character.

I do feel that there’s really something of an inherent hypocrisy in singling out Chloe as being ‘manipulative’, unless you’re playing the game without ever rewinding time because the very central mechanic of the game is literally you, as Max, manipulating other people to like you or have them do things your way. Geek Remix made an amazing video on the subject which all of you should watch, The Morality of Time.

One of the very first things you do in the game upon awakening in Jefferson’s class is steal an answer from Victoria by rewinding time in order to get to get to the bathroom. Victoria did the homework, the reading, the research - she earned that knowledge, and Max stole that from her. This isn’t the only instance of such a thing, it’s the principle on which the game’s mechanics are built. Interactions with people like Juliet regarding the whole pregnancy test stuff where you go snooping around her bin have negative consequences, and Max has the power to utterly negate the impact of that - it’s brought up by a lot of characters in an off-handed fashion that they wish they could rewind time, but they can’t. They have to live with who they are, what they’ve done, and they develop naturally because of that - I don’t believe the same can be said for Max. Be it something trivial like the identification of a drone, or trying to not appear to be a ‘poser’, or choosing to cause a great rift in the Price family.

As players, I really feel that we should rather be more concerned with our own actions and the consequences thereof - as the tornado coming to destroy Arcadia Bay may very well end up being caused by Max, by you, in the first place.

As a final note on manipulation, I might add that everybody in this game is manipulative, and you take on the role of the most manipulative person of all…

But anyway, onto Chloe.

Her history rather speaks for itself, right? Her father died. Her best friend leaves for five years and never gets in contact with her - not even when she returns to Arcadia Bay, which leads one to wonder exactly when Max was going to get back in contact with Chloe, if at all. Joyce marries David, the relationship between him and Chloe is made quite clear so I don’t think I really need to touch on that. Rachel goes missing, her fate is uncertain, and we learn some rather unsettling things about her that causes an even greater rift with Chloe as it seems that she was being lied to.

Somebody who goes through all that shit in their formative teenage years IS GOING TO HAVE SOME SERIOUS INSECURITY AND TRUST ISSUES. There’s no consistency in Chloe’s life, the only consistency she experiences is inconsistency in the people who love her and leave her - be it of their own volition or not. Consider the timeline of the game as well, we’ve quite literally been back with Chloe for… what, three days now? Suddenly they’re back to being best friends forever, but it’s consistently brought up just how different they’ve grown to be.

From Chloe’s point of view, in these few short days she’s probably thinking that if Max could just drop out of her life before, what exactly could stop her from doing it again? Of course she wants to hang onto Max. Of course she’s wary of her spending time with others, because she’s scared of being replaced by somebody else - just like Rachel appeared to have done.

Now, exactly how in-the-right Chloe is is something that’s certainly up for debate. She’s impulsive and irrational almost to the point of paranoia, she has that much in-common with David at least, and that is where she’s flawed - but, to me, that flaw comes with understanding and reason. This, to me, is what makes her an interesting character, and I do personally relate to a lot of the abandonment issues that are deeply rooted in her characterisation.

If you want to tell me that you’ve never said something manipulative (regardless of whether you intended it to be or not) in a heated argument with somebody, be they friend, significant other, or whatever, then fine…

But you’re fucking lying.

People say shit they don’t mean when they’re angry, and a consistent pattern that you’ll notice with Chloe’s behaviour is that she pretty much totally goes back to talking to Max quite normally once things have cooled down. Additionally, there are multiple occasions where Max calls her out on this, in fact Episode 3 is full of moments where you can do this - especially towards the end. Anger breeds irrational behaviour, and Chloe is a very angry person.

Of course, that’s not to excuse her behaviour at all - in fact, I do not think the game means to present them in any kind of positive context at all. This is really where the difference of experience and perspective in the player takes hold because the things Chloe says and does may well have been said to other people in their own relationships which, quite understandably, will not endear them to the character. At all. That’s for them to decide, and it’s totally valid for them to not like Chloe - hell, it’s totally valid for anybody to not like Chloe for whatever reason they like. I am simply not among those people.

People have flaws, and Chloe, as a product of her experiences in being let down by the most important people in her life, is quite understandably abrasive when things aren’t going her way - something that you might say Max barely actually experiences in Life is Strange because she has the power to change almost anything to match her favour.

Again, how people feel about Chloe is totally up to them and their views of her should be respected because you don’t necessarily know what that dislike is based off. For a game that so strongly covers real life issues, it’s worth considering that some people may just find some of her words and actions hit a bit too close to home for them. So there’s no desire on my part to invalidate or vilify the fact that other people have that interpretation of Chloe, I simply wish to articulate the reasons for why I do not fall into that particular camp.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Some people have been asking if I’ll be making videos, or a series on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The answer is yes, but not yet.

There’s a couple of reasons for this, one being the video schedule is pretty full right now, another being that it’s a very long game and I don’t want to commit for a 75+ episode series. It’s also the fact that chasing the AAA audience hasn’t really been my thing, or where I feel I’m the strongest as a video creator. I feel that I should work on my strengths rather than try to do what other people do.

But a huge part of it is the way I love to play these games. In both Deus Ex and Deus Ex: HR (hell even Invisible War) I experienced it on my own terms. I want to take my time, explore things, quicksave/quickload, “waste time”, sink really into the world and let myself become immersed. I can’t do that if I’m constantly feeling hurried and pressured about making an entertaining video for an audience. A blind playthrough of Deus Ex where I miss a lot of things and feel like I have to hurry and keep the story flowing isn’t how I want to discover this game, something I’ve been looking forward to since the end of DX:HR.

However what I’d love to do is something more like the Hitman videos I’ve been doing lately. More planned out videos of certain areas, done in certain ways. More prepared, post-production and post-commentary. Something I can do when I can take my time and not worrying about hitting a quick deadline.

That’s not going to come out very soon, that’s going to take some time to work on - I’ll probably finish the game on my own first before working on that.

If you want a Day-0 blind playthrough of Mankind Divinded, I can recommend Hannah’s series over here:

Thanks. I’m off to play the game now. :)

just wanna get to know someone, and do all the stupid irrelevant stuff. Like I wanna know what their second least favourite colour is and their favourite vegetable. Or how they act when they’re tired, sad and hungry. I wanna know where that random freckle is and why they have that scar. I wanna know their biggest fears and dreams and listen to them speak for hours on end with big eyes about their biggest passion, even if they think it’s nerdy and boring and irrelevant! I wanna go for long walks to wherever and spend a whole day In bed doing nothing but playing video games and eating pizza or watching old 80s & 90s films. I’m not high maintenance. I don’t need to be showered with expensive gifts and money. I don’t ask for much, other than someone who loves me just as much as I love them. Someone who doesn’t like me despite my flaws, but because of them. Pure simplicity is bliss. I want the little things and everything in between. And I don’t think that’s asking of much and it’s a shame because no one seems to feel this way anymore. Everyone takes the little things for granted.
—  ejr

Why don’t schools use video games as a method of teaching? They should make video games that teach things. Like history, which a lot of games already do. Historically accurate video games. You can play your way through the important moments of history. I’ve learned more about historical stuff from assassins creed than I ever did sitting in a lecture.