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i think cole is lonely (and maybe intoxicated) in london and that's why he went full 😍😍

Don’t you dare make me imagine Cole all sleepy, tipsy and lonely af in a hotel bed (drunk)chatting Lili about how much he misses her and stalking her on instagram with a grumpy little pout.😲😲 But seriously there must have been some alcohol involved and him being extra clingy yesterday night for him to actually leave A HEART EYES EMOJI  in her comment section. This is so not Cole and I love how all of us just know that he would never do such thing under normal circumstances. Poor boy regrets leaving NYC! 😍

What I want to happen on season 18 of SVU:

In season 1, a psychiatrist came in to evaluate the squad, to see if any of them were close to having a mental breakdown (Det. Jefferies). They do that this season, since the squad recently lost one of their own (Dodds), they’re short-staffed, and there’s two single (new) mothers.  

We get to see each squad members’ session. Amanda is struggling with her sister and being a new mom. Carisi is struggling with his near-death experience, and with his sexuality (him being Catholic). Fin is struggling with being the only detective without a ‘life’, since his son’s surrogate had a miscarriage. Liv’s we don’t see. 

The psychiatrist says that there is someone that needs to take time off until a psychiatrist says they are ready to go back. Amanda and Sonny panic. Fin doesn’t show his panic. The three of them sit in the break room, and try to figure out who’s getting kicked out. They end up telling each other what they talked about in their sessions. They support and validate each other.  

Which squad member is the one getting forced time off? Benson. Because she has developed an alcohol dependency and still has PTSD, and can’t seem to form a boundary between work and home life. The squad is shocked. Declan Murphy takes Benson’s place. There’s a showdown being Murphy and Carisi, Carisi is pissed at Declan for pistol-whipping him. Murphy is pissed because he knows more about Jesse. Barba gets his spine back and doesn’t take every single case to court. He goes back to teasing Carisi. 

Mike Dodds comes back from the dead. The guy they thought was Mike Dodds was a UC, because Dodds was doing some secret anti-terrorism thing. Nick Amaro moves back to NYC because California ran out of water. 

NBC should just hire me. (Should I write the fanfic???)

Dromund Kaas Street Food

Every planet has its own unique roster of local food and Dromund Kaas is no different. Even though the Empire’s capital world gets a lot of imported food from numerous other planets, the local cuisine of Dromund Kaas is still primarily dominated by seafood.

And the street food of the planet certainly reflect on this.

By far the most popular and common street food found on Dromund Kaas (and especially in Kaas City) are roasted fish on sticks.
Fish sticks. Simple and delicious.

An entire fish is skewered onto a stick, mildly seasoned with whatever spice(s) the customer requests, then roasted and cooked to perfection in a fire. There’s also an array of sauces one can drizzle on the fish as well.
The species used for these are soft-boned, so the entire fish can be eaten with no concerns for stray fish bones getting stuck.

There is a variety of this “dish” that consists of multiple smaller fish on a stick.

Sometimes these smaller fish are marinated or glazed before roasting, giving all the flavor it needs in one go.

Another common sight are the many different kinds of Fish loaves or Sea-loafs.

These are made from a mixture of ground up organs, connective tissue, fat, and anything that’s not bone or pure muscle (aka meat) from the aquacultural harvesters (aka fish slaughterhouses) with some starch or flour. They can be shaped, seasoned, colored, and cooked in many different ways.

Many are boiled in broth, steamed, or fried while skewered on sticks.

There are also non-fish critters on sticks as well.

Some of the native cephalopod species have also found a way to become delicious street food.

Usually skewered, stuffed, and grilled, these squid snacks are also a local favorite.

There’s also the array of smaller crustaceans and shellfish, all battered and deep fried before being shoved into a cup.

And you get sticks with these sea fritters.

The shelled creatures used for street food like this are all soft-shelled, and like their fish stick counterparts, the whole thing can be eaten.
Dromund Kaas maintains itself to be a very clean planet and minimizes waste, including food waste, which led to the use of animals that can be eaten whole.

And like any planet with a sizable Sith population, there are a number of soup stands that are found throughout Kaas City.

Sith themselves hardly ever go to these seeing them as “lowbrow cuisine”. However, the Sith-inspired soup dishes served at these stands draw in the local Imperial crowds with their delicious, quick meals.

i have 12 episodes of atla left (day of black sun to the end) so luckily i’ll be able to finish the atla portion of my rewatch by tomorrow night, because on saturday i’m flying to new york and then i’ll be super busy. for the first week there i’m temporarily staying at a hotel, so during that time i’ll make my way through the atla comics (some of them will be a reread, some will be for the first time), then i’m moving into my apartment on the 20th which means i’ll be ready to start the lok portion of the rewatch T0T

i’m so excited, i’ve watched and rewatched atla multiple times but i’ve NEVER rewatched korra since the series originally aired, this is a legendary event


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i would like to know your story of how was study abroad, and what you love and dislike the most, and how do you learn a new language

Most would consider moving from Puerto Rico to New York not studying abroad. Yes, English was an obstacle because I was not fluent but not an impossible thing to overcome. 

The best part was living in a diverse, culture rich city like NYC. Some will take it for granted but the access to all the museums and art world, to people from different backgrounds, to some of the greatest architecture in North America, was something that changed how I saw the world. Worst part, probably being broke most of the time in NYC, there are many things you can do with a small budget in the city but many others you can’t.

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good luck with the moving! i know how stressful that can be. Can i ask whether you are moving to a different city or just a different place?

i’m not sure actually!!! my gig w the nyc mayor ended last week so i’m still figuring out next steps. i could stay on or i could do something different!!! i’m mostly looking at things in nyc tho (and a couple things in DC). in the meantime i’m traveling for a bit then spending a few weeks back at home in ohio with my family :))) so kind of taking a break but also just doing lots of future planning/deciding and all of the uncertainty is stressful af lmao :////


I was feeling terrible because I forgot to commemorate my cat’s eighth adoption anniversary, but I just learned that tumblr will make gifs from videos! So here are some pics of my imperious kitty while he’s trying to go to sleep despite my interferences.

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hey, this is the anon asking about wearing the band shirt to kb. i honestly would love to dress up but i really cant since im going to be doing a lot of other things in nyc that day so i gotta dress comfy i mean obvs i wont be in sweats but i cant wear heels or anything and id sweat my makeup off if i go for a full face, i wanted to dress the shirt up with a blazer over it but ahhh idk i dont wanna look like an obnoxious fan

well according to multiple sources youd be fine in just the shirt but the blazer would look nice too if you still wanna do that

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Fun things to do on a trip to NYC?

Response from Maybach Renntech:

Jeez lol there’s a billion things you could do. I can never get tired of the city lol. But off the top of my head here are just a few suggestions in JUST MANHATTAN pretty much.

1. Food: Manhattan’s Chinatown, Little Italy, Greenwich Village, Joe’s Pizza, Hot Dogs like Papaya Dog, Pastrami from Katz’s, Steakhouses like Keen’s, Porterhouse, and Benjamin’s, the list goes on forever

2. Sights: Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty boat tour, Ellis Island, Empire State Building, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Rockefeller Center (skating during the winter) Washington Square,  and I always go to the New World Trade Center and visit my friend’s dad’s spot at the memorial. The freedom tower is also the coolest when if you go on the right day, you can get so high that you are literally standing above the clouds. So cool!

3. Concerts all the time:  in Times Square, Madison Square Garden, etc. My personal favorite is the Gov Ball festival on Randall’s island every year. MAN THAT WAS great last year. with the Strokes. Too bad I can’t go this year. If you like more classical music there is always Carnegie Hall as well

4. Broadway shows: self explanatory

5. Shopping on 5th Avenue: clothes, electronics, basically everything you could ever want. I usually just window shop though because of the prices.

6. Visit friends at other universities and go to their parties and stuff like at NYU or Columbia.

7. Take a breather and just casually stroll through Central park (during the daytime).

8. Art: The Met, Whitney, NYU, and Manhattan School of Design

9. Too Many Museums of just about everything. Personal favorite is the Natural History Museum.

10. Zoo

11. Idk, but there’s definitely a lot more. But the point is that you can’t go wrong when you go to NYC.