things to do instead of hiking

things to consider:

▪express gratitude and don’t take things for granted

▪include more fruits and veggies in your diet. you’ll feel much lighter and not so gross

▪appreciate nature! take photos, hike and go on picnics. feel the breeze, smell the flowers and pay attention to the beautiful sounds

▪spend less money and save up for the future, you’ll thank yourself later

▪don’t treat people like air. greet the ones who greet you, hold the door open for others instead of rushing inside, offer your help when needed and just be nice in general

▪hug people, hold hands and show affection but only if you and the other part are both comfortable with it

▪try new things! if someone asks you to participate in a competition then do it! if someone asks you to hang out then do it! you know you’ll regret it if you don’t go!

▪express your sexuality! want to have a lot of sex? have a lot of sex! want to try different types of sex? do it! want to wait till marriage? do it! a person who likes to have a lot sex is valid and person who decides to wait or never have sex is valid too!!

▪take care of your skin!! body!! hair!! teeth!!

▪explore your town! you’ll notice how different things are and look early in the mornings, in the middle of the day, late in the evenings and in the middle of the night!!

▪laugh at small stupid things!! learn to laugh at yourself!!

▪learn to appreciate yourself!! accept your flaws and move on! you don’t have to love yourself and honestly i don’t think anyone ever has fully loved themselves

▪read, read, read. reading makes you understand things better, you’ll write and communicate better and you will live more than only your own life!

▪learn something! whether it’s a language, math, another subject, a sport or another interest! attend classes or learn yourself or together with someone!

▪study the subject you actually want to study. work in the field you actually want to work in

▪stay informed. read the news and at least know the big picture of what’s happening around the world

▪cut out the assholes from your life. is someone draining or just simply a bad person? say goodbye and move on!

the nerdy guide to fitness

It’s definitely going to suck at first, but you will accidentally have fun, I promise. Okay folks, this whole sedentary lifestyle thing isn’t working anymore. It’s definitely going to suck at first, but you will accidentally have fun, I promise. Get moving! 

  • Exercise is anything that elevates your heart rate or takes your body outside of its normal comfort zone- you don’t have to go to a gym to do either one
  • Don’t use exercise as an excuse to eat junk! Bad food decisions don’t cancel out. 
  • Yoga/stretching is the easiest way to get your blood flowing with minimal effort
  • Running or biking is a close second 
  • Consistency is way more important than cramming in 3 miles in one day
  • if you’re doing cardio, follow up with a cool down stretch or light jog. Take care of yourself!!
  • Exercise after your school/workday is over (instead of taking a nap). You’ll have more energy to tackle homework, and you’ll get a better night’s sleep. 
  • Make a playlist filled with super bright and obnoxious songs. Works every time.
  • If you use the Pomodoro method to study, try to fit yoga/stretching into the breaks. 
  • If “regular” exersize isn’t your thing:
  • Take 5-10 minutes to dance enthusiastically in your room, that’s so much better than nothing. 
  • Get creative with your friends. Instead of meeting for coffee, go on a hike, frisbee in the park, etc. 
  • Small things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator do add up. 
  • If you drive, park a little farther away.
  • Keep track of your steps. My phone’s health app has a pedometer but they’re really cheap on amazon- please don’t splurge on a Fitbit. 

xoxo, Niya


Where They Wander: Anne Carolien Kohler
Destination: New Zealand

“I was quite an adventurer already and my parents called me a mountain goat. I would climb on the highest rocks, terrifying my dad time after time. Sorry dad.”

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through one of those travel Instagram accounts with envy wishing that were you? If so, chances are you’ve stumbled upon Anne Carolien Kohler before. This photographer with a background in lifestyle & design is originally from the Netherlands, but she’s currently living on the Gold Coast of Australia. Her passion for travel and never ending wanderlust reflects in every photo she shoots, and she’ll never say no to an opportunity to travel, explore, and capture new adventures. Today, we’re chatting with Anne about her dreamy trip to New Zealand with her friend Melissa (ummm, can we join next time?!).

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[headcanon] batboys

Hi, thank you for sending in this request. The main reason why I never include Duke at all is because I am very unfamiliar with Duke. Like super-duper unfamiliar with Duke and I am not really up to date with the comics as much either! (The amount of comics I have yet to read their updates are piling up and I haven’t got much time to read most of them!) And like I have mentioned in my FAQ, if it’s a character that I am unfamiliar with, I most likely will not write him/her and might take a while to get to know him/her well enough to write. Sorry! Also since it was rather vague, in my opinion, I just wrote it as I see it and it came out like this. Hope this is still alright with you and hope you enjoy this.

  • Dick seems like a very fun, caring and loving boyfriend. Spontaneous dates are his forte. Dick will just randomly show up at your door with a bouquet of your favourite flowers in hand. 
  • If you happen to be swamped with work, Dick is never deterred and because you can’t go out, he will simply bring it to you instead. Dick likes to spend some time with you by cuddling and spoiling you. He knows you have a lot to worry about on top of worrying about his life choices but Dick is very fortunate that you support him unconditionally. 
  • On a lazy morning, Dick likes to stare at you, counting your lashes as you sleep in his arms and on an even lazier day, the both of you just stay in the bed, enjoying each other’s presence until one of you gets hungry. 
  • Whenever Dick stays over at your place, he really likes to cook breakfast for you – that’s the only thing he knows how to cook without burning them. 
  • Dick trusts you utterly and completely! He does have a jealous side to him but this rarely ever comes out because he loves you very much and he also knows that you love him a lot too.
  • Jason loves teasing you. There is never a day where he would go without teasing you! His sense of humour is at times dry but despite that, you still laugh at his jokes. 
  • Jason likes bringing you out on a motorcycle ride through town or even to the neighbourign state. Jason loves spoiling you; if he sees you eyeing a piece of jewelry or clothes, rest assured, those things will be on your bed the very next day. Or if you are ever craving for any food, Jason is there to bring you to the restaurants. 
  • If by chance, Jason happens to be out of the city on a solo mission, he tells Roy to keep an eye on you and to keep you company and because of this, you definitely have regarded Roy as one of your closest friends. 
  • When he comes back from a mission – or if his mission had been really hard and taxing – Jason likes to pull you to the bed or the sofa (whichever is the closest to you) and make you lay on the sofa/bed before he lays on top of you, head snuggling against your chest.
  • Tim probably enjoys seeing you in his clothes. His sweat shirt, his sweat pants, etcetera – any and everything that belongs to him, Tim likes seeing you wear them. 
  • Tim whenever bored loves to play with your fingers and likes to hold your hand quite a lot too. He is very alright with PDA so definitely expect him to be kissing you on the cheek, holding your hand, pulling you in to a hug here and there – just very big on PDA. 
  • Dates with Tim are always fun because Tim always make sure that you will have a great time and throughout the time the both of you spend together, Tim will definitely not stop complimenting you. Sometimes you could just be enjoying the view and Tim will tell you how beautiful you are.
  • Damian doesn’t seem the type that will be comfortable with PDA. He is very protective of his privacy and he is also very well aware of the dangers of being his s/o. 
  • So what Damian likes to do with you is take you to picnics at places that he knows people rarely frequent, go hiking to watch the sunrise or sunset and occasionally he would even bring you out to eat at a restaurant. 
  • But most of the time, Damian prefers to spend time with you alone and more often than not, this results in the two of you staying in your apartment or the manor instead. 
  • Stay-in dates are his go-to; quiet, quality time together and watching you do your work or reading books together. One of the things Damian likes doing with you is subtly being close to you at all times – this is probably the most PDA he will ever do outside. In the manor or at your apartment, Damian likes wrapping his arms around you or just have an arm around you.

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Oh so that's the list you've been taking prompts from!! Could you maybe write number 36 for andreil, only if you feel like it, thanks for all the amazing prompts!!

36: “I really need a hug.” (thank youuu, sorry this took so long !)

The parking lot is overly busy when they get there, cars and pedestrians following each other around corners, false starts and almost collisions and flaring reverse lights streaking together. Neil watches Andrew drive, one self-assured hand draped over the wheel.

He passes him the cigarette they’re sharing and Andrew closes his eyes as he inhales, ignoring the shriek of a horn when he cuts someone off blind.

“I’ve never trusted airports,” Neil muses, watching Andrew negotiate the Maserati into the middle of two parking spots.

Andrew hums. “You don’t trust anywhere that has security guards.”

“They didn’t trust me,” Neil corrects. He can feel a smile winding his face up. Andrew cuts the engine and opens the door.

“Were your passports government issued?”

“Not at the time.”

Andrew shoots him a look as he hops down onto the asphalt.

“Wait up,” Neil calls, listening to the slick beep of the lock before he’s even shut the passenger door.

He falls into step with Andrew halfway across the stretch of road to the airport’s automatic doors, and he takes lazy pleasure in the way their steps match up. People glance to and away from them, and the doors open like they’re hurrying out of their way.

“They on time?” Neil asks, scanning the arrivals column on the nearest screen. The airport has the strangest smell: floor cleaner and a thousand people’s lingering perfume. It reminds him of heading off to the nest for Christmas, and of his mothers nails slicing the skin of his neck to keep him close and hunched in the bustle.

“Early,” Andrew says, and Neil sees them — just beyond the arrivals gate with their arms flailing. Neil waves back while Andrew surveys the reuniting families with practiced detachment.

“You actually came!” Nicky says in loud German. Erik holds the waist-high gate open for Nicky but he doesn’t seem to notice. “I almost bet against you!”

“He did,” Erik confirms, smiling broadly, leonine. “But I try not to bet.”

“Nice to see you,” Neil says politely, and they’re close enough now that he has a slipping moment of doubt, like grabbing a glass you didn’t know was wet.

Nicky gathers Neil in his arms without hesitation, and Neil goes board-stiff for a second. Or maybe longer, because Andrew tugs him physically out of Nicky’s embrace.

Nicky looks a little stricken, but he makes a heroic effort to overcome it. “Sorry to pounce.”

“It’s fine,” Neil says quickly. “I wasn’t expecting it.”

Nicky smiles warmly at that, and reaches out to squeeze his wrist. His eyes bounce and stick on Andrew, who’s still watching Neil.

“And my favourite cousin,” Nicky says. “Thanks for coming.”

Andrew doesn’t try to appease Nicky, and Nicky doesn’t try to touch Andrew. He looks back at Erik with eye-rolling fondness instead.

“This is like a reenactment of my entire senior year at Palmetto, Erik. Skittish Neil and unresponsive Andrew.”

“It’s like I’m there,” Erik says drily, plucking Nicky’s bags from his waving arms before he can hit someone.

They’re wearing matching jackets, Neil notes. One orange and grey and one blue and grey, the sort of spandex monstrosity you’d wear to go jogging or hiking. They’re always texting the group pictures of themselves doing both of those things and alternately kissing at waterfalls.

“Are you guys coming to Dan and Matt’s tonight?” Neil asks, blocking the way when Andrew tries to physically leave the conversation.

“Okay, obviously, Neil,” Nicky says. “Do you know what a rehearsal dinner is?”

“No,” Andrew answers for him.

“Yes,” Neil says narrowly.

“God help us.” Nicky hoists his carryon back out of Erik’s hand and walks backwards towards baggage claim. “The first fox wedding, though. Bound to be a shitshow.”

“Don’t say that,” Erik chides, following him.

Andrew walks in the opposite direction and Neil stalls, unsure who to follow.

Nicky huffs. “Follow your boy. But I’m still waiting for you to hug me like you mean it.”

“Maybe when you leave again,” Neil says, prickling with affection at Nicky’s overdramatic expression. “See you at the car.”

“I don’t know where you’re parked!” Nicky protests.

“Outside,” Neil calls back.

“Useless! Both of you!”

He catches up with Andrew again and feels fingers come up to his wrist as soon as he falls in beside him. “Do I need to have a conversation with him?”

“Who, Nicky?” Neil says, confused.

Andrew looks pointedly down at Neil’s chest and away.

“The hug? He just caught me off guard. You know he’s not a problem, Andrew, come on.”

“Do I know that,” Andrew asks flatly.

“Yes,” Neil says, firm. “It’s just— sudden contact. Contact is difficult. Nicky isn’t.”

“No,” Andrew agrees.

“And t’s a weekend of partying,” Neil continues. “It won’t be the last time I get hugged.”

Andrew gives him a longer, more focused look that says he wishes it was.

“You don’t hesitate when you’re underneath me,” Andrew says, and even though it’s utterly emotionless, Neil’s ears go hot. “But you can’t hug Nicky.”

“That’s different,” Neil hisses.

“How? For some unfathomable reason, you trust Nicky,” Andrew says.

“Trust only carries me so far,” Neil argues. “You—“ he stalls when they come through the doors of the airport and the air gets quiet. “It’s different. With you.”

Andrew shrugs, crossing the street without looking to see if cars are coming or Neil is following.

Neil huffs and jogs after him again.

It bothers him for the rest of the day, that little piece of confusion. Why is it so easy with Andrew? Why does it feel so much like my skin’s coming away when my own friends hug me?

He’s still getting used to actually wanting affection, even after years sharing the same space and trading truths.

It’s different, he tells himself. And Andrew’s voice, cool and grey as morning air, asks how?

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2p!face + 2p!russia and how they relax their stressed out s/o? Thank you!

((Sorry i’m answering mostly smut thing, but it’s me ya know ))

2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy- Sex?…No? Okay fine, if you say no to that then he’ll suggest maybe a nice dinner somewhere so neither of you have to cook, his treat of course. Maybe a massage later, just a massage, promise. 

2p!America/Allen Jones- If you admit to being stressed (becasue he may not have noticed) then he will go all out with the stress relief efforts. Massages, cooks for you, plays games with you, everything he can think of. 

2p!Canada/Matthew Williams- Well…just do what he does. Have a stiff drink, then another and a other, pass out, worry about it tomorrow. If that‘s not your thing he insists on a nature hike, where you get a nice serene view instead. Perhaps the better suggestion since that won’t give you a hangover. 

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland- Oh no! You’re stressed! Why didn’t you say something earlier?! It’s amazing actually that you could be stressed with how he pampers you, but clearly he hasn’t been doing enough! He’s gonna spoil you even worse get ready for some next level doting. 

2p!Russia/Viktor Braginsky- He would have noticed you were wearing yourself thin and had a talk with you about pushing yourself, to much. Helps organize and adjust your life for more relaxation time. He is the best here becasue he doesn’t make it a quick patch, he helps you prevent it.  

It's a's a plane... it's a dumbass!!

I have been debating this post for the past few days, but just decided to do it and get it over with. If for no other reason, it will make me feel better, and may help some of you too!

Aside from the current mood that is surrounding Shippers ( and some quite understandably and with good reason…they know who they are and have my unwavering support!), I am trying to figure out why any of us want to continue fanning at all based on all of the horse poop I have been reading lately. The fear and intimidation some have felt is very real, so I am not diminishing that one bit. If anything, I am royally pissed that trolls and scumbots have the ability to do this to anyone, and especially to anyone here. But, that is not what this post is about.

I am truly baffled why people in our part of the community cannot seem to enjoy SC and the reason we came together any longer. Maybe I am a little delusional, but since I am one of the perceived few people who see pictures and tweets and think positive thoughts instead of automatically descending into “Spot the Swiffer mop”, or “I Spy bad roots” ….I truly don’t get it!! SA has been a gold mine as far as I am concerned, but for whatever reason, people are turning it into the worst game of Clue ever invented. As far as I am concerned, the goodies we have seen from them have been quite fun, and it is one of the prime reasons the other side is ramping up the doubt through anon’s and asks. My hat’s off to the folks that answer these ridiculous people, and I won’t do it because I have neither the time, nor the patience for such idiocy. I love those who take them down with the witty responses, and wish more would do just that!

So, if I might offer any suggestions….think about this….next time we get a pic of them hiking, how about enjoying it instead of questioning every thing about it. This last round was crazy…“ is Sam with them, is he planking somewhere else, is he on another peak, did Cait not hike with Sam” is Sam’s dick on the peak?? see where I am going with this. Based on Cesar’s IG, and the fact that a group went hiking, and Sam’s own post said he was at Table Mountain answered the question for us….so, WHO THE HELL CARED about those other questions??? They went hiking together….WHEEEE!!!

My point is sometimes we need to take our collective heads out of our own asses and enjoy the fanning experience. Instead, we are becoming our own anti’s, and as I have said a zillion times….I will NOT do their work for them. At the end of the day, this is a TV show, and these are two actors, and two people that will probably never be my BFF’S, nor will I exchange Christmas cards with. But, I will be damned before I let anyone decide or prevent me from enjoying what I came here for, and that includes ourselves. I am not a rainbows and unicorns type of person, and compared to the real issues of the world (London, bullying, doxxing..the list is long), this is escapism entertainment at best, and we should treat it as such.

So, find your joy where you can, snark where you need to, and stop waiting for the sky to fall. I for one am sitting on the Lido Deck in the sunshine, lamenting the plight of some of my virtual friends, yet toasting and bragging about how great our ship really is. And ,watching my SA duo work, hang out personally and continue to contribute to the narrative that has been written for three fucking years, and continues to be written to this day. We just need to pay attention. Fake blondes, wannabe BFF’S and wankers need not apply!

SAIL ON SWEET SHIPSTERS!! Love to you all!❤❤❤

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The head cannon for Sirius meeting your family was perfect, what about him proposing or telling him you were pregnant?

i already wrote a drabble where the reader told sirius she was pregnant, so i’ll just do the headcanon of him proposing! :) 

  • okay, we all know sirius is a dramatic little shit, but he would rather the proposal to mean something to the two of you than it be incredibly extravagant
  • you’re not a super outdoorsy person, but you do love hiking
  • especially when the hike involves a waterfall
  • you and sirius absolutely love the adrenaline rush you get from jumping into the icy rapids and hiking had become a frequent thing for you guys to do
  • so, of course, sirius planned out a hike to a secluded waterfall and there, he would propose
  • but things don’t always go as planned

  • there’s a huge storm the next day and the conditions are way too dangerous to hike to a waterfall
  • so instead, you guys are both stuck in the cabin you rented for a day
  • and sirius mopes around at first, but he decides a rainstorm isn’t going to deter him from proposing to his girl
  • the whole day is filled with him doing things for you
  • bringing you breakfast in bed, giving you a massage, setting up a nice bubble bath…
  • and at the end of the day, for some strange reason, sirius decides he’s going to propose with a cake
  • … when he’s never baked in his fucking life

  • you come out of the bath, clad in nothing but a robe, and walk into the kitchen
  • it looks like a disaster struck
  • “did the storm make it’s way into the cabin?”
  • you spot sirius in the midst of it all, covered in flour, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly
  • “i…i tried to make you a cake, but…”
  • you laugh, wiping the flour off his face with your thumb
  • “i appreciate the effort…now let’s get this cleaned up”
  • after using scourgify to clean up the mess, you go to put the bowls and flour away when you spot a little black box…
  • “sirius? what’s this?”
  • he clears his throat, wetting his bottom lip
  • “this isn’t exactly how i planned for it to happen but…”
  • sirius grabs the box and gets down on one knee as you smother a gasp with both your hands
  • he looks up at you, his face and hair still covered in flour and icing, but you thought he has never looked more perfect
  • “today is not at all what i had in mind, but life’s an unpredictable mess” he shakes his head slightly, flour falling out as you both laugh “and i’d be honored to be by your side, and have you by mine, to go through this mess together”
  • by now the tears are freely falling down your cheeks as you look at the man you love most in complete happiness
  • “y/n…will you marry me?”
  • you nod, speechless
  • when he puts the ring on you, both yours and his hands are trembling slightly, in shock and joy as your futures together were sealed
  • standing up, sirius envelopes you in a warm hug, kissing you despite the flour all over his clothing and face
  • sirius never thought it would happen this way, but he’s glad it did
  • because life is messy, but you’re going to get through it. together. 

AWWWWWWWW :) i :) want :) sirius :) black :) to :) propose :) to :) me :)

join sirius wednesday! (send in headcanons, opinions, songs that remind you of him, etc.)

Headcanon: Dates with Henry

•doing something active instead of sitting around as Henry would worry about saying the wrong thing
•going to the Durrell Wildlife Park and Henry pointing out his favourite animals
•meeting Ben the Bat at the Wildlife Park and Henry having a megawatt smile when you get excited about it
•Going a hike with Henry and him carrying you some of the way up when you get too tired
•taking Kal a long walk in the park and just talking the entire time
•playfully calling him chubby when he can’t fit into the swings.
•"it’s not fat, it’s muscle!“
•"yeah, yeah Henry. That’s what they all say.”

Falling For You (read on ao3)

It was a chilly Friday afternoon when Gansey announced that they would be going on a quest this  weekend.

Ronan, Adam and Noah were squished together on the old battered sofa at Monmouth while Gansey blabbered on about the magical artifacts he expected to find in a forest, just south of Henrietta. Gansey looked like a crazy professor with his leather bound journal, glasses and elaborate hand gestures. His eyes were shining with excitement but it wasn’t reflected back at him from his three students.

Ronan had long stopped listening to Gansey’s rambling, instead he focused on Parrish who was sitting next to him, so close that Ronan could feel his body pressing against his from head to toe.

Adam wasn’t clad in his usual coca cola shirt, instead he was wearing a washed-out light green one. It complimented his tanned skin and made the freckles on the bride of his nose and his cheeks stand out even more.

He looked nice. Friends can say that about each other, right? No big deal. Ronan can admit that Parrish has nice eyes or beautiful hands with long elegant fingers without it having to mean anything.

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Day 6 - Still in Dingboche. 

Dingboche is a recommended spot for acclimatisation. Not everyone stops for a second day but there was no way I was taking any risks. And waking up on a rest day when I felt like absolute dog poo felt like it was christmas morning. It’s the simplest things that make us happy when we’re hiking at altitude.

I discovered Ollie and the americans had left that day. Their guide didn’t want extra hikers, especially hikers he might be forced to help due to their illness’s and slow decline of the ability to breathe.

Part of acclimatising is usually doing a day hike where you head up a few hundred meters and return to your current altitude. It get’s your body ready to go higher, teaching it it’s going to have to sort itself out with less oxygen soon.
I’d skipped the one in naamche, choosing to sleep the day away instead. I was tempted to do it again, but i’d eaten a massive slice of black forrest cake (there are bakeries all the way up the mountain. I recommend the cafe in Dingboche, eat some cake while watching a terrible copy of the 2016 version of Everest, where the subtitles are 15 minutes ahead of the action and try as you might to avoid looking at them, you look at the exact wrong moment to discover which character’s will be dying soon) and I knew some fresh air and a short walk would help me sleep that night.
So away we went, slowly trudging up the hill with Spencer, he also had a cold, so luckily I had someone to stop and cough with.
The weather was the best it had been since I’d left Naamche, the clouds were moving fast giving us a fairly constant view of the amazing peaks surrounding us. Black, foreboding craggy peaks to the left and picturesque snowy peaks behind us.
I needed this.
A beautiful reminder of why I was attempting this hike. My camera up and snapping away for the first time in days.
It’s amazing how quickly nature takes away my pain.
My cough was not so much forgotten, but it became unimportant. A background issue. Too much of my energy was spent in admiration of the sites in front of me.
Once again I have to thank nature for saving me from my own brain.

Fun fact: I was listening to a podcast while I was hiking about ‘forrest bathing’ a practice in Japan where they have discovered walking in nature lowers your risk of cancer. A 30 minute walk will lower your risk for 2 weeks!
Not to mention all the other amazing physical and mental health benefits.

Adventures with Yongguk

Group/Member: Bang Yongguk / B.A.P.

Genre: Fluff w/ a hint of Angst

Word Count: 1.1k

Summary: You go on, what’s supposed to be, a nice day trip with Yongguk, but it soon turns disastrous.

Author’s Note: Hi, I’m Sonsee and I’m one of the new admins! You can check out some of my other stuff or talk to me on my other blog, imaginesfeaturingkmusic! Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

- Admin Sonsee

Originally posted by myunqdae

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It was hard not to question the history of this cliff. Look at it! All I could think of was the tectonic movements that caused this.

At Sintra, we went to Praia Grande de Rodizio with the Swiss couple also staying at Casa Azul.

We just wanted to go watch the sunset. Instead we were in for a bigger treat.

Turns out the cliff has Dinosaur footprints! OMG OMG. I felt like a child. I still do. This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

I even got a fossil for Gareth.

We hiked up the hill and met a breathtaking view.

Nevada Ramirez & Niñita; When The Tables Turned

Canon Character: Nevada Ramirez (Trouble In The Heights), 
OCs: his sister Natalia, & her since-childhood bff; his ‘Niñita’/Reader from ‘Don’t Call Me That’. Also, there’s Daniella, his girlfriend.

Originally posted by justraulesparza

Flashback: to when Nevada had a stable girlfriend; & you and Natalia decided to go out for some fun at the club. 
Warnings: Fighting, Cursing.

For @yourtropegirl​ ‘s Raúl Esparza Appreciation Week! (am I doing this right?)

They’d been seeing each other, and had been shockingly exclusive, for at least a few months now. Surprisingly enough; you and Natalia kinda liked her. Daniella was fun, mostly sweet, better than the mouthy girls he usually found at clubs- she’d calm Nevada down when you two got him all worked up and she’d beg him to ’be soft with the niñas’.

“Yea, Nevada,” Natalia kicked at the back of his seat while Daniella giggled girlishly beside him. “Be soft with us niñas.”

Your eyes rolled; you’d fought hard enough to lose the title of ‘Niñita’, being one of the 'niñas’ almost felt like an improvement. “You should listen to this one more often,” you pulled Natalia from her side of the car, so she’d stop knocking her heels against the leather, “she sounds like she knows what’s important 'round here.”

“You two aren’t shiiit,” Nevada scoffed, picking up Daniella’s hand in his own and laying lips against her soft knuckles. “Nothin’ but trouble.”

That was fine, you figured, while watching him smile sweetly over at his lady. Something about it warmed you, set a bit of you at ease that you had never noticed was pulling at your heart strings. If she made him smirk like that, then he could call you trouble, and you’d do your best to play along with the games. As long as he was happy was what mattered, right?

Why, then, did your stomach curl when Daniella pursed her lips his way?

Ew. What were these… feelings? You made a crude gagging noise after the gesture, Natalia laughed and stuck a finger in her mouth to feign retching as well. “You two are so cute it’s gross, take us to my place,” she accused, but smartly looked up to grab onto your face. Shifting your attention, back to her, so you wouldn’t have to watch their sentiments.

“Let’s go out,” she suggested brightly, in a whisper just for your ear, “we’ll find us some good boys.”

You merely bobbed your shoulders, there weren’t any good boys around here. But, of course, if Natalia wanted to go out- you would obviously be joining her.

“Baby,” she was probably the only one who could get away with calling Nevada Ramirez something like that, “can you drop me off at the bus station?”

“Si,” of course he would, he’d do anything she asked him to. “After I get rid of these two.”

Daniella was there, at the club. She was supposed to be out of town.

Not only had you known Nevada took her to the bus station-
But you also knew he would not be happy to see some strange dude whispering in her ear…

“(Your name), no-” Apparently you weren’t the only one who noticed.

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hi! i really need some easy co being awesome squad in modern times headcanon. do you have some? pretty please.

alright modern times awesome squad includes

  • Lipton basically is the mom friend this is canon forever and always and nothing can change this fact ever and the boys are always up to some shenanigans that always resulted in them being locked up.
  • I mean, Lip doesn’t know how it happened and honestly the less he knows the better but Webster being arrested alongside Hoobler and Christenson are really something surprising because they are the good boys but apparently good boys help each other out by vandalising the aquarium’s billboard about sharks show.
  • and apart from that, Lip also has to make sure that George and Perco don’t end up having alcohol poisoning after a night out drinking their weight so he always ends up spending his Saturday making sure these drunkards are properly taken care of by making them chicken soup and sometime Ron would come help him by eyebrowing the boys to drink 2L of water.
  • Buck totally organizes weekend activities for them; sometimes it’s friendly baseball game that turns into fistyfight between Lieb and Bill, sometimes Buck drags them to go hiking which resulted in Muck, Malark, and Penk getting lost because they went off the trail so there’s that one memorable search and rescue mission that everyone politely doesn’t discuss about.
  • Nix and Dick hosting dinner night every month so the boys chip in money to buy stuff to do proper cook-out and Ron is always the grill master with Chuck and Tab as his assistants.
  • Toye and Babe hosting poker night which instead of betting money, they bet for the loser to do the most ridiculous things ever for example that one time when Babe lost and George dared him to tell Roe that he has a crush on the Doc which Babe did so now he and Gene are happily dating so thanks George.
  • whenever there is Trouble, the boys always discuss on which parental unit they will go to ask help from and unanimously they appointed Tab to go talk to Dick and Nix while Chuck is always the go to man when they want Ron and Lip to know about something.
  • if they are too scared to tell the two primary parental unit, the boys will always end up going to Bull and Johnny because yes, while Johnny will glare them to death, Bull will always help them
    out because Bull is their mountain dad.
  • also Gene specifically has different bandaids for the guys for example Web gets sharks bandaid, while Lieb gets Superman bandaid, and Babe gets Ariel bandaid and Bill and Perco receive Garfield bandaid because the cat loves lasagna.
  • the guys make it their mission to woo Kitty much to Harry’s annoyance lmao like if they go out club hopping, they always end up stealing Kitty away to dance while Harry is fuming and pouting by the bar with Ron laughing at him.
  • every Wednesday is movie night at one of the boys’ place and you can see them cramming inside Lieb and Web’s small living room with George throwing popcorn at Muck who has his mouth open to catch it and Toye snuggling George closer and Babe and Gene and Bill cuddling Web’s huge shark plushie and Ron and Lip are at the patio, just necking and keeping their eyes at the boys and when the opening of Jaws is played every one groans and throws popcorns at Webster.
You are my fairytale

for day 10 of eijiroctober: fantasy outfit

“Ah, it’s my knight in shining armor, here to whisk me away from my oppressive castle walls!” Kirishima teases every time Bakugou sneaks into his room to see him. It’s been this way since they were kids - since Bakugou tried to “fight” Kirishima for the title of prince, only to end up his best friend instead. Kirishima used to actually leave the castle, before he got so absorbed in not disappointing his family that he practically locked himself in. But Bakugou won’t give up until he convinces Kirishima to do what he wants for once - as well as addresses some other emotions.

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Kirishima used to meet Bakugou outside of the castle. They’d hike through the neighboring woods, sleep amidst the canopies of trees. Bakugou was always teaching Kirishima new things, such as how to swim in the rapids and how to punch a bear in the face (a bit of encouragement was all Kirishima really needed: that bear broke its teeth trying to take a bite out of his stone skin). In winter, the valley became one tremendous slide, and they’d compete to see who could pour snow down the other’s spine first and trick him into sticking his tongue to an icicle. Bakugou’s explosive magic could turn snowballs into fireworks, a sight that captivated Kirishima into losing most of their matches. Kirishima always appeared with extra clothes for Bakugou: a scarf his mother taught him how to knit, a coat that was too big for both of them so they decided to spend the day just wearing it together, special mittens that wouldn’t detonate with Bakugou’s magic. In the absence of a playground, they composed their own: rode the water mills like they were Ferris wheels, invented constellations, tied swings to branches, climbed to the top of buildings. Naturally, they got into plenty of trouble, usually orchestrated by Bakugou, but Kirishima had a talent for making things worse, even when he didn’t mean to (his worst stunt being messing up all the flowerbeds in the royal courtyard). Bakugou was caught redhanded so often that he was threatened with house arrest, but Kirishima’s princely status made excuses for him. Having come from a blacksmith family, Bakugou gathered trinkets to impress Kirishima with: a butterfly clip to hold up his bangs, a small dagger to play fight together, bright fragments of metal that he’d triturate between his hardened choppers. They were planning an escape, from the kingdom and all of Kirishima’s responsibilities. For that they needed new outfits, alternate identities. So they exchanged bits of cloth, armor, jewelry. Bakugou pulverized flower pigment to dye Kirishima’s hair red. They drew fake tattoos with each other’s initials on their arms. Kirishima pinched holes through Bakugou’s ears with a needle so he could wear jade swirls that Kirishima took from his parents’ bedroom. Bakugou ripped apart a pillow to drape the cotton around his neck – a sight that Kirishima found hilarious every time, but still he cuddled up to Bakugou while lying in the meadow grass, the shape and scent of his best friend lulling him into the state between wakefulness and sleep that is pleasant beyond comparison.

“We’ll go wherever we want, do whatever we want!” Bakugou would proclaim, ardor and pride blazing in the crimson embers of his eyes. “People will call us the Unbreakable Red Riot Duo!”

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Colleges Have Increased Women Computer Science Majors: What Can Google Learn?
About half of Harvey Mudd College computer science graduates are women, up sharply in the past decade. It and other schools found success by adjusting their curriculums and making other changes.

A Google engineer who got fired over a controversial memo that criticized the company’s diversity policies said that there might be biological reasons there are fewer women engineers.  But top computer science schools have proven that a few cultural changes can increase the number of women in the field.

In 2006, only about 10 percent of computer science majors at Harvey Mudd College were women.  That’s pretty low since Harvey Mudd is a school for students who are interested in science, math and technology.  Then, Maria Klawe began her tenure as president of the college.

Klawe — a computer scientist herself — had always been told that girls weren’t good at these things.  "This whole idea that women lean to liking doing one thing and men to doing another, it turns out I think if you do the curriculum and pedagogy well that’s just false,“ she says.

In fact, as soon as she arrived Klawe joined in an effort to change the curriculum.  First the school changed the name of the intro course, which had been called Intro to Java — a programming language.

Faculty came up with a new name: Creative Problem Solving in Science and Engineering Using Computational Approaches.

And then, Klawe says, the college also had to address the fact that a lot of women were intimidated by male students who showed off in class.  Many had done some programming in high school and they would dominate discussion.

So, they created a second intro course for students who had no previous experience.  Klawe says that it took away the "intimidation that comes of being a class where you’ve had no prior experience and somebody else has been programming since they were eight.”

Klawe says they also countered the stereotype that computer geeks were guys who spent all their time alone in a basement.  "They had very deliberately made it collaborative and involving teamwork instead of being lonely,“ she says.

Harvey Mudd’s intro computer class became among the school’s most popular.  And now, instead of 10 percent in any given year, the number of women computer science majors ranges between 40 percent and 50 percent.

Harvey Mudd isn’t the only school seeing success in this effort.  Carnegie Mellon has also significantly raised the number of women who major in computer science.  Jane Margolis, an education researcher at UCLA began a four-year study of Carnegie Mellon in 1994.  At the time, only 7 percent of computer science majors were women.

"It was not a question of capacity or ability” Margolis says.  "It was a question of women feeling that they weren’t welcome or that their existence was suspect.“

For example, Margolis says there was a computer science club in which the men put the women down if they didn’t think about coding all day and night.

And yet, when Margolis interviewed the men, she found they had other interests too.  "Many of them would say I like to do other things besides computing.  I like to hike or I like to bike.  But they never felt like their presence was being scrutinized.”

Carnegie Mellon instituted a series of reforms.  The school created a women’s computer club.  The school made it harder to become a computer science major — as always applicants had to be good at math and science but now they also had to show they had leadership qualities.

Today, instead of 7 percent, over 40 percent of the computer science majors at Carnegie Mellon are women.

For companies like Google — where only 20 percent of women are in technical positions — the question is whether there is something to be learned from these educational programs.

Learn to live

Don’t depend on social media.
Take a break.
Maybe go outside and smell the rain once in a while, go hiking and enjoy the view of all the birds flying past you and all the trees shivering in the wind.
Maybe enjoy the way your food tastes instead of the way it looks posted on your Instagram.
Maybe try new things, see the world and live your life to the fullest instead of scrolling and seeing what others are doing with their time.
Find new meaning for your life, something that excites you more than seeing the notification that someone’s followed you. Live a little.

I was tagged by @beyondgrayskies ( Thanks dear! ^_^) Those are very cool and well-thought questions so let’s get to it!

1. Nature or nurture? Do you think people have a base nature they were born to be like or do you think they’re born as a blank slate and become the people they are solely based off environmental factors?

I think a little bit of both. Chemical in the brain do influence some of our thought processes so some personality changes or constants can be influenced by our brain/body’s state..but overall : I think everyone can adapt and change if they are inclined to. I was most definitely not the same person I was 10 years ago,while at the same time: I can pinpoint elements that remained constant no matter what.

2. What’s one of the most astounding moments of character development that you feel one of your favorite characters has gone through and why?



I got two:

- Cloud strife’s real persona change in FFVII, which ( back in the days) was such a surprise because it was a change from a persona I really couldn’t relate much to ( sure of himself, confident, a tad aggressive and cocky..)  to a persona I knew ALL TOO WELL… due to the REAL Cloud manifesting finally and showing an aspect I didn’t see much portrayed back then. ( Someone with big self-esteem issues, timid and was flawed in so many ways that could be so damn relatable.)

- Reigen Arataka’s change in MP100 when he goes from a Con artist who honestly cared about Mob but had the worse possible ways of demonstrating it ( and showing us unhealthy sides of caring…and how being lonely can make us do terrible things and somehow make us think it’s excused.) to someone who matured so much and is being way more honest with himself and others around him.( and allows others to have other people around them but him. A real healthy way of caring.) It was refreshing to see!

3. What’s one thing that you might not necessarily need but you’ve been burning to have?

>>>>>>>******A Sun-themed Yukata.*****<<<<<<<

4. Are you someone who enjoys going out a lot, someone more in the middle, or a homebody? However it is you like spending your time, what is it that you like to do the most whether you’re at home or out?

- Right in the middle. I enjoy going out , but not to overly crowded places, and most often than not enjoy nature sightseeing. Going Kayaking/fishing/hiking are among my fav things to do outside.

I enjoy my times insides when I can relax,draw and have me-moments. I spend them either drawing/crafting or making tea-tray.

5. Your favorite kind of ice cream? (or dessert if you don’t like ice cream)

Ice cream has to be eaten in very small amounts for me because of Crohn’s disease , I most often go for Gelatos insteadso Mint-chocolate for ice cream, and Lime/Lemon for Gelatos.

6. You have to write a persuasive paper. You can pick whatever topic you want for it. What do you write about and why?


7. What do you feel is your proudest moment at this point in your life? 

….oh boy.

My transition so far ,honestly. I am almost through with the transitioning process as far as operations and paperworks goes and it’s such a relief and something I know I am lucky to have the chance to undergo. I appreciate it each day.

8. What’s something embarrassing that’s happened to you?


….I once had to clean up a client’s mess when she decided that , since we told her there was no public toilet in the store(it’s true,the employee’s one is behind the laboratory and it’s off-limit to non-staff) ,…she just decided to shit right in the middle of an alley…..

9. Is there anything you’re looking forward to lately? What is it?

I am supposed to be going to France next year invited by one of my best friend for Christmas ( she wants me to have a real Christmas for once.) and I am REALLY excited for that. I haven’t travelled in AGES.

10. What do you call Pop? (The real name is Pop, clearly, but you know. ;D)

You mean like…Soda Pop?

Here we often name it by the brand.

Pepsi, Coca-cola, 7 up , Sprites, etc…

in general: ‘’ Liqueur’’ ( litterally it’s the french word for Liquor, but it’s used for Soda pop here…go figures.)

ex: ‘’ Vous avez de la liqueur? ‘’ ( Do you have Liquor?’’)

11. If you have a cat, would you put a picture up of it for me? =v If you have an animal, for that matter. Or if you don’t, would you link to an image of the kind of animal you’d like to own?

My Corn Snake Gaby and my Cat Erik! <3 <3 Both are darlings~