things to do in williamsburg

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I'm in ny for the week and was wondering where i should go? I don't what to do many touristy things so i thought you could give me some places i should go

Well I love the parks even if they’re touristy– central park and prospect park, also the high line is really cool. If you can go to the beach and have a way to get to a beach that isn’t Coney Island (cause it’s hella crowded) I would recommend going out to fire island but it’s a ways away and a ferry ride. If you don’t mind the crowd and you go during the week rather than a weekend I really do like Coney Island (sorry that’s touristy too but I love the sun and outdoors) and the boardwalk is fun. On the weekends there’s smorgasburg in Williamsburg– tons of food booths and totally an awesome thing to do if you’re willing to go to brooklyn. Williamsburg in general is so cool, hipsters and young people, lots of bars to check out, I was at black bear bar the other night and it was big and cool and the beer was pretty cheap. Other cool neighborhoods in brooklyn are Dumbo and park slope, lots of bars and restaurants to check out. If you like museums the MoMa is free on Fridays. Free is always a good thing. Haha. There’s also tons of cute small coffee shops to check out in the city, avoid Starbucks if you can, there’s tons of places worth wandering into.

Questions for Colonial Williamsburg people

I have never been before, advice is welcome from staff/fans…

1. Are the interpreters 100% first person? Like if I have a question about the interpretation or anything are they not allowed to break character? I know the people at Plimoth Plantation get in trouble for slipping and I don’t want to put anyone in an awkward situation.

2. Are they portraying a specific year? I’m gonna feel really stupid if I get in a conversation with someone about something that hasn’t happened yet.

3. Is there a recommended and tactful way to interact with the slavery interpreters?

4. What are your favorite things to do there?