things to do in tucson

CS + shooting stars

Summary: Emma and Killian have their moment beneath the stars.

Word Count: 2,556

Rating: M

The last thing Emma Swan expected to do in Tucson, Arizona was attend an astronomy camp and meet Killian Jones, the counselor who managed to sweep her off her feet with his gorgeous looks, lilting British accent, and innuendos about the constellations and the both of them.

But at the moment, Emma finds herself lying on a blanket laid out on the desert sand in a secret spot of her own - with Killian - somewhere where nobody else will be able to find them, and looking up at the sky dotted with thousands of tiny stars twinkling down on them.

Emma rolls on her side to throw an arm around Killian’s neck and pillow her golden head on his chest. She closes her eyes and smiles before turning her head to bury her face into his shoulder.

“Don’t fall asleep just yet, love,” Killian admonishes with a chuckle. “You have yet to see the Cygnus.”

“You’ve been my counselor for two weeks now and you still haven’t shown me your favorite constellation.” She shakes her head and laughs. “That’s bad form, mate,” she adds, poorly imitating Killian’s accent.

Killian chuckles again, his chest shaking beneath her head. “Hold on, Swan.” He shifts and she rises to lean forward on her elbow as she looks down at him. He opens his arms in open invitation and she immediately submits, wrapping her arms around him as well. She feels his hand ghost over hers, linking their fingers together as he lifts their joined hands so he can kiss her knuckles tenderly before stretching out towards the sky, outlining the shape of a swan in the sky. “Do you see it now?”

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the ideological consistency of michael “fucking” ramirez
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ok, so “these three things are responsible for the murder in san francisco by a convicted felon who’d been deported five times. they may as well have all held the gun together.”

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“none of THESE things had anything to do with jared loughner’s tucson shooting. no outside forces shaped his views or contributed to his attack whatsoever”

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“nooo don’t think about racism or police brutality – blame the guy who died for his own death”

an inconsistent ideology. a real fucker.

- thanks to pwn and dn nation