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Finland and Sweden: Finland gets really excited and starts running around the place while rambling cheerfully. When, to iceland’s horror, he starts planning their wedding, sweden has to step in

Denmark and Norway: they’re cheerful and kind to hong kong, but as soon as they get him alone, they flip into their DEADLY viking personas, promising that if HK hurts iceland even a little bit, they’ll dismember him and feed him to the wolves

China and Japan: they immediately sit iceland down at the table, and china runs around throwing weird foods at iceland and saying “OH THANK GOD HONG KONG IS FINALLY DATING SOMEONE, WE THOUGHT HE WAS HOPELESS” while japan smiles at him silently from across the table but in a really intimidating way

Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam etc: as soon as they see iceland they drag him off to god knows where and all start talking at once and trying to do his hair and telling iceland that he’s “ONE OF THE ASIANS NOW” and iceland basically gets really flustered

Seeing their S/O after a long time - Monsta X

~Requested Scenario~

An anon requested a scenario where they’re seeing their S/O after a long time and they miss them. Hope you guys enjoy this fluffy scenario and thank you to the anon that requested it sorry i haven’t posed in a while i just wanted to focus on this lmao i’ll probsbly post more shorter scenarios before i start a long one like this again.

Love you all and stay safe <3



Shownu isn’t that vocal so when you leave for a while to go on tour with your group i don’t think he’d be that vocal about missing you even though he missed you like crazy. He would sort of try to trick himself into thinking that he’s super busy to think about anything else and that he needs to be responsible for his group since he’s the level headed leader but it’s secretly killing him. After a couple of weeks go by he would probably be dying inside and finally whine to the members about how lonley it is without you.

Fastforwards to a couple of weeks later you’re finishing your tour and he couldn’t be happier. He doesn’t know exactly when you’ll be back home but he’s anticipating your arrival, driving the members crazy about him talking about how excited he was to finally see you. When he picks you up from the airport honestly he just runs at you and you run at him. Do yall know that hug that jackson and lydia shared from teen wold? yeah that’s what it will be like and you guys would just hold eachother for ages up until your manger is like sorry to inturupt but like we hotta go and you’re like oh shit. After that he can’t stop touching, hugging and kissing you and lets just say that you guys defo had some sexy time ngl. He makes sure to tell you all the time that he misses you and that he doesn’t want you guys to be apart that long again.


“i just can’t keep my eyes off of you, you don’t feel real”


You were leaving the country for your sisters wedding that was to be held abroad, you would have to leave for about 3 weeks to catch up with family and to enjoy the celebration however your boyfriend was not ablt to accompany you due to his comeback and his packed schedule. Wonho put up a front in front of you, acting like he was completley okay since he’s a big boy and can take care of himself and for about 2 week he was completley okay, being kept busy by his schedule and keeping his mind of performing. You guys tried to text and call often but because of the time difference and how busy you bothwere you only talked for about 15 mins every few days.

However, when his activities began to die down and he had more free time to himself he began to miss you. He missed you, he missed how he could just go find you in your shared apartment and cuddle with you, he missed how he could drag you out with him whenever you were both bored.He just missed you. Which is why he would try to facetime you and call you as much as possible and text you all the time which sometimes would’t work because of the timezones. He would literally count down the days until you come home and then continue to ask you every day when you’ll come home just to be extra sure. Once that day comes he would deadass be kake extra early like an hour before your flight lands to make sure to greet you at the airport and take you home back into his arms. Won’t let you go for days on end and will literally back hug you everywhere you go. He might as well be your shadow cuz he ain’t letting you go.

“never leave me for that long again, got it?”


Oh jeez if you thought wonho was bad then you can’t even imagine how minhyuk will be. Or maybe you can. Your group was filming a new show in a foreign country (kinda like nct life) and you were one of the members taht had to leave. You knew you had to be away for at least about 2 weeks to pre-record the 10 episodes and to do some fan stuff in that country. Unline shownu and Minhyuk he wouldn’t even try to pretend all will be dandy when you’re gone and he wouldn’t even try to kid himself, tricking himself into thinking he would be super busy to not even worry about you. The truth is… the kid is a wreck. He would mope around the dorms like a kicked puppy which would get on the guys nerves so much. As soon as cameras turn off he’s back to being sad and mopey. Will try to text you and call you even though he knows your manager has taken your phones away so you can focus on your activites. His own manager would end up taking his phoe away so that he stops waiting around for a phonecall taht ill never come.

Minhyuk would be too busy feeling sorry for himself that he wouldn’t even notice that you’re supposed to come home that day. He was filming for monsta x ray and anybody could tell that all his hyperness is fake and he’s just putting on a persona for the camera. You saw the recent episodes on your way back to Korea so you decided to pay him a visit where he films. Once he say you waving at him net to oe of the camera men he beamed with joy. On one of the breaks he ran towards you and hugged you until he break was over. After that he was so much brighter and happier and this time it was genuine. You just agve him fighting spirit and he realised from there on that you were the only person besides his famliy that could instantly lift his spirits up.

Wonho: “what’s up with you why are you suddenly so happy?”

“i’ve finally got my baby back”


I feel like he’d be one of the most chill about it like the both of you are idols and this stuff is bound to happen. He had to leave to Thailand for a concert which would last about a week, having two shows in two cities plus fanmeets. While he was gone of course you missed him a lot but you were just glad he was doing what he wanted to do becaus he’d always talk about performing in foreign countries. He would miss you too but being with his loyal fans made it better, being apart for 2 weeks made it bearable since the boys kept him company and you guys would text and call eachother whenever you could.

When he came back from Thailand he went to your apartment and spent the night, telling you everything that happned and you caught him up on what happened whilst he was gone as well. The two of you just spent the night in eachothers arms, catching up and talking about everything and nothing. Hemust admit, it did feel good having you this close to him once again.

“So what have you been up to whilst you were away?”

“missing you”


He’d act just like kihyun. Like he knows that you’re both idols so theres nothing he can do when it comes to going away for weeks at a time and not being able to contact eachother. You had decided to leave to a spontanious trip to busan with a few of your friends and stay there for a coupe of nights. Hyungwon didn’t want to go with yiu because he thought you should have a girls trip and enjoy some time off with your friends. All was well until he had to go to sleep. As we all kno Hyungwon loves to sleep and he loves his alone time when he sleeps, which means that ha hates to be bothered. But that all changed when you slept in his bed for the first time and since then he can’t sleep without you. Ever since you left he just can’t sleep as well as he does when you’re with him, he just always wakes up he just feels unsatisfied and even more upset since he wakes up alone. After this realisation he beings to text you and bug you to hurry home quick so he can have his lovley jagi in his arms again.

You finally notify him that you’ll be home in a couple of hours, way after the sun sets ad he couldn’t be happier. He would literally get like fresh sheets and drink some camomile tea or some shit to prepare for an amazing nights rest. When you arrive home he wouldn’t even wase time with the formalities whilst standing up, he’d defo make you strip into your underwear and put on one of his shirts since he knows you love to sleep in them and then he would talk to you whilst cuddling in your bed, asking about your trip and the sleeping problems he’s had ever since you left. Lets just say yoy guys seep for basically the whole day and just spend time in eachothers embrace.

“you’ve finally showed up! let’s go, i’m ready to get my cuddle on”


This guy would be a mess since he absolutley adores you. You had to leave to go to japan for some cosmetice photoshoot since you were the face of a brand that was based in Japan. You had warned Jooheon like a month in advance so that he could take some time to make some plans and keep himself busy so he won’t miss you as much, it was even more important that he did this since he was inbetween comebacks so he’ll have a lot of free time. However yur boyfriend continued to shrug you off and practically freaked the fuck out when it came to the day that you had to leave. Honestly speaking he was being a bit extra sice you won’t even be gone for a full week like you’re only taking photoes but what do you expect he’s extra and he loves you. Would defo call you or facetime you imultiple times a day kinda like how Henry does it to Amber. If your busy he defo expects you to call him baclk and spend at least an hour talking to him. Basically just chaing after your love and affection until the day you come back.

A few days later you arrive back in Korea and the first thing you do is visit your boyfriend since you know he’s going crazy without you and lol yu get tackled on sight. Good luck getting this clingy puppy off of you. But honestly he’s so pure and sweet like give him a break he loves you let him cling to ou jeez. would expect you to tell him that you love him like every hour btw.

*you’re changkyun*

“See this is way better than being like 12294 miles away”


Honestly idk with this kid like he’s the most complex member of this group. He’s like super chill about it i think. Like  you’re like babe i’m leaving for like two weeks ebcause we have a scheduel in Thailand and he’s like thats cool have fun. Like he’s just chill over all of it, making sure to text you and call you for uupdates and to make sure that you’re safe and having fun, rambling about his day and updating you on his life. He basically wouldn’t show any hints that he missed you a lot. You’d be like hm thats weird cuz he’s usually clingy and all but you don’t question it cuz like hey no stress for you. This goes on until the day you go back to korea.

Now prepare for the hurricane that is your boyfriend. You don’t go see him straight away, you just go back to your apartment and wash up and try get some sleep but not before texting changkyun to tell him you’re now in Korea. But you’re awoken like a couple of hours later to some punding on the door. To be honest you were a little scared cuz it’s like 4 am but after looking through the eyehole to see your boyfriend you’re more annoyed. You open the door only to be tackled and whisked away to your bedroom and pulled into your blankets. Like the kid seriously left his dorm in his PJ’s just to come see you. He didn’t say anything other than i missed you cuddle me and smilar to Jooheon he doent let you go until way later in the evening the next day. Following you everywhere and back hugging you whenever he could, he just missed you and tried to play it off whilst you were away but in reality he was lost without you and of course it sounds way more extra and dramatic coming from his mouth.

*Looking at you up close*

“You were even more beautiful than i remember,….. ew that was so cheesy i sound like wonho hyung”

A/N : why did this deadass take me 2 weeks to write lmao but i hope you guys enjoy this more detailed scenario <3

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Hey, that guy asking for concert tickets? That's your boyfriend!

… W-wait that can’t be right…(・□・;)He didn’t say anything about that when he was here… (2/7)

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do you think that this whole china-korea thing could affect jackson and got7? like yixing and exo that cant be together?

I don’t know if we can compare GOT7 x Jackson to EXO x Lay situation. I won’t comment on Lay because I’m not from their fandom (even though I know he’s not taking part in some EXO events).

In GOT7′s case this is what we have so far:

- Jackson is not introduced as a GOT7 member in China anymore.

- One of the most popular pages about Korean culture and stars on Weibo is closed now. Kpop is not a trend anymore.

- I don’t think GOT7 can hold concerts in China in the future, not sure about fanmeetings.

- It will be extremely hard for GOT7 members except Jackson to appear on Chinese shows.

- GOT7 fanbases on Weibo don’t use #GOT7 hashtag anymore because they don’t want GOT7 to trend because of it. If they trend, they might get hate. Other kpop groups’ fans also stopped using groups’ hashtags.

- It’s bad for Jackson’s image in China to be associated with KPOP and with JYPE / JYP too. Their company is still hated after what happened with Tzuyu. What means that JYP filming an audition show with Jackson and Fei was a very bad move. That show still hasn’t aired and it would be better for Jackson and Fei’s image if it never aired.

As we can see Jackson is still working with GOT7. Lay has a studio in China so he’s more “free” than Jackson is. I’m not sure if Jackson could stop promoting with GOT7 even if he was pressured by the Chinese side to do so.

“The Korean word that I loved the most since I started learning Korean after coming to South Korea in 2009 was ‘Woori’ (meaning 'We’). But I wonder if 'woori’ applies to someone like me of color. When I tell people that I’m from Africa, I get a lot of startling questions like, 'Do you grow a lion at your house?’ I get it so often that now I just respond by saying that my father has two lions. That’s how much Koreans are unknowledgeable about Black people and Africa. I tried to sit in an empty seat and an ahjumma (middle-aged woman) took the seat, outrightly discriminating against me by saying, 'What is a black thing doing here in Korea? Go back to your country’. What hurt more was that the other Korean people just sat there and watched. It made me wonder if Koreans just watch foreigners without helping them in difficult situations. Often, people in Korea call me 'Black Hyung’. I want people to call me Okyere hyung comfortably, or Okyere dongsaeng, or just Okyere without referring to my skin color.” - Sam Okyere

[TRANS] 20170529 BTS @ BBMAs Press Conference

1.)Yoongi: right before we debut, SNS is the only way I can communicate directly with fans.

2.)Namjoon: I’m always thankful for armys who work hard to translate our songs into various languages, that makes other armys can understand the story or messages we want to convey, and the reason why we always have english subs for our MVs and other videos, it is because we thought that this is the best way to get close to the fans and for them to understand us better, language barrier should not come in the way between BTS and armys.

3.)Namjoon : Actually, we never really dream of winning the BBMAs, it still feels like a dream even until now.
Winning the award makes us reflects on what the meaning behind all these, the award itself, the international fame and recognition that comes along, and it definitely brought back memories when we first debuted in 2013, we built this path with bang pd, our manager hyungs, staffs and of course fans who have been supporting us since day 1, and I’m forever grateful for what they have done for us. BTS will continue to work hard and stay humble, we will continue to produce more music to communicate with the fans because we believe that music connects everyone, not even language barrier can come in between BTS and Armys.

4.)Namjoon : thank you to media and fans all around the world for all the love and attention you gave us, but for now, BTS would like to concentrate more on music, no plans to enter the U.S market for now, we still believe singing and rapping in Korean is what we do the best.

5.)Yoongi : There are times when I spend many sleepless nights thinking about BTS and my future, ie “what if I fail?”, “what if I don’t live up to the expectation?”, “what if I disappoints my family, my members and fans?”, thoughts like these always bring me to tears.

6.)Yoongi: BTS started off from a small company and with only 1000 followers on twitter, we all went thru so many hardships together, and there are days when we just want to give up or have doubts, but thanks to the support of the members,friends and family, it looks more bearable now. And when bangtan first debuted, many people say bangtan gonna fail and we won’t last, but what breaks us only makes us stronger. I believe in Namjoon’s leadership, Jin’s brotherly advice, Hobi’s positive mindset, Jimin’s caring nature, Tae’s determination and JK’s confidence.

7.)Yoongi: I am that kind of person who worries a lot, i.e when BTS decides concept for their upcoming album, I’m worried if the story / messages we want to tell will be conveyed thru the album itself.

8.)Jungkook: I’m always on SNS to read tweets / comments by fans, I read fan letters too.

9.)Hoseok: armys constantly on my mind, the first thing I want to do when I’m back in Korea is to see the fans that I miss so much.

10.) Jimin: all the members share one twitter account, there are times when we don’t even know who tweeted what, it can get very confusing tho.

11.) Jin: I’m known as “the third guy from the left” @ BBMAs, my worldwide handsomeness is world class.

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I really really loved the bts reaction when you call them Oppa for the first time so I would like to request the same but for got7 c: I hope it's okay ^^


It’s the first time you and Jinyoung are on the same variety show, you have to promote the new drama you’re working on, Jinyoung is there with Jaebum to promote JJ Project and the two of you has to act as if you don’t know each other, luckily, the recording progresses nicely, but you’ve been told before by a friend that whenever you look at him, it shows that you’re in love, same goes for him, so, because of that, you don’t address each other much, for precautions.

The MC calls yours and Jiyoung names and you both look at him.

- I know you two don’t know each other, but… - He makes a pause, pointing between the two of you. - The two of you keep treating each other with too much politeness. - The other MC agrees.

You laugh trying not to sound half-heartily.

- I didn’t realize. - You comment.

- I guess it’s because we know everyone else except for each other. - He reasons, you glance at him and nod, looking back at the MC shortly after.

- Oh! You can’t even look at each other! - The man notices and you lower your head to hide a blush.

He bites back commenting that you look cute, that you’re blushing, tries not to smile, Jiyoung really has to hold back from being himself with you there. He wants to hug you and let you hide your face in his chest because that’s what you’d normally do.

- Come here.

Next thing he knows, the both of you are standing just a few centimeters from each other, you try to look at him, but averts to your shoes instead, he looks at the MC, asking ‘why?’, trying to sound playful, glancing behind him you can see Jaebum’s really laid back and amused. The MCs point out that the two of you are blushing, Jiyoung denies.

- Okay, just for three minutes. - The man proposes. - Look into each other’s eyes for three minutes.

You try to pull yourself together when the MC places a paper between you and him, you can hear Jiyoung taking a deep breath.

- One…

You wonder if anyone can hear your heart racing. You wonder why your heart is racing!

- Two… Three… - The man pulls the paper.

Jiyoung’s eyes meet yours and you bite back a smile.

- Oh! It’s not hard, right? Talk comfortably to each other.

Your eyes almost widen, Jiyoung barely holds back a chuckle seeing you pressing your lips together.

- Uhm… - You hold back a laugh, he does the same, though his eyes are already forming crescents. - Op–pa?!

This is it! You want the ground to swallow you right there, Jiyoung can’t hold his laughter, nor your manager behind the cameras. He steps back, laughing loudly, you go back to your seat again.
The MC seems lost.

- What? What is it? - He asks everyone around him when you hide your face in your hands.

It surprises you when you hear Jiyoung saying.

- Actually, she’s two months older than me. - The MC looks between the two of you.

- How do you know? - He asks.

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It was after he walked in when you were talking with your friend that evening, you’re sure of it, Jackson was himself before that, but you’re not sure of what happened then that made him all sulky and pouty and moody. Jackson’s not one to just sulk, he’d complain and whine, making his point on what’s bothering him, so seeing him giving you a silent treatment pretty much worries you.

Crawling up on the bed, you pull the covers, finding a comfortable position, watching him doing the same, however, this time, he lays on his back instead of placing his arm around you to cuddle, you frown and push yourself up to look at him, supporting yourself with your elbow.

- Alright… - You sigh. - What’s wrong? - You’re getting annoyed.

- How come you never called me ‘oppa’? - He’s staring at the ceiling.

- What? - It’s not that you didn’t hear him, it’s just that you don’t believe this is what this whole thing might be about.

Jackson pushes himself up as well, looking at you.

- That’s how you called your friend today.

- Jackson?! Are you jealous?

- No! - He laces his free arm around you, causing you to fall on the bed, he pulls you under him and steals a kiss from you, you frown.

- Then, please… Enlighten me. - he sighs.

- When you meet the members you also called Jaebum, Jiyoung and even Mark ‘oppa’.

- Isn’t it the right thing to do in Korea?

- You never called me ‘oppa’! - You blink at him.

- Are you serious right now?

- Yes, very much! - He pushes himself back, sitting on the bed, you do the same.

- Baobei! You know very well, we don’t speak Korean when we’re alone. I’m not even that good in Korean. - He takes your hand in his.

- Just this once, call me ‘oppa’? - He smiles and nods. - huh?

- Are you really– - He interrupts you.

- I might reward you! - He says winking at you.

He lets go of your hand and starts crawling towards you, hovering his body over yours, making you lay on your back, your breath gets caught in your throat when one of his hand traces loose patterns your thigh.

- So? - You gulp down seeing his eyes darken, you lick your lips eyeing his caught between his teeth.

- Oppa?!

- Good girl. - He breathes in your ear.

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You’re reorganizing your bookshelf while Jaebum is laying on the couch, the TV is on, but he’s not paying attention to it, instead, he has his eyes on you. He sighs, placing one of his arms under his head and shifting to get more comfortable, his other hand is holding the remote loosely; this kind of domestic moments only assures him of his decision, he grins to himself when he thinks about it, but hides it and shifts his eyes to the TV, faking obliviousness and boredom while looking at the episode playing when you turn around to select the books you’d place next.

Jaebum steals a glance or two at you, trying to be subtle, the moment you turn your back at him again, his eyes travel back to you.

The sound of the TV being turned off makes you turn around and look at him, he fakes a yawn.

- Are you bored?

He hums in reply and stretches out, pushing himself up to a sitting position.

- Can you help me here?

He throws himself back at the couch and you chuckle, knowing how much he dislikes anything that has to do with house chores.

- What are you doing?

You giggle when you feel him wrap his arms around you in a backhug, placing kisses on the back of your neck, you whine in annoyance much to his amusement. and you whine, he chuckles in amusement.

- If you ask me nicely, I might help.

- How?

- Uhmm… Call me oppa!

- What? Why? - He pokes your side and you try to squirm away from him without much success.

- Forget it! - He laughs and steps back.

- Okay, call me when you try to reach the top shelf…

He walks back to the couch and you look at the top shelf, out of your reach, you’d need a stair and you hate using them.
When you sigh and look back at him, he’s smiling at you.

- Jae– - He raises an eyebrow with an amused smirk playing on his lips, you close your eyes. - Oppa! Can you help me with this?

- That didn’t hurt, right?

- Yes, in fact, it did. You lucky I love you too much to care.

He laughs, standing up from the couch to hug you and whispers an ‘I know’ that earns him a playful hit on his arm.

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- Seung

Burnt Coffee Beans

Request: omg Jackson with #2 please bb 😭😭

2) “How long have you known?”

Member: Got7′s Jackson x Y/N

Type: fluff

You readjusted on the couch, too sleepy to pull yourself up and accomplish any of the tasks you had assigned yourself to do upon arriving home. It had been a rough day, full of classes and working at your part time job at a local cafe. You tripped through the door around ten p.m., smelling like wet dumpster coffee and stale muffins. 

You groaned, reaching up to tug off the nearby lamp and plunge yourself into darkness. You let out a satisfied hiss as you shimmied into the throw blanket you were covered with. A shower could wait until the morning. 

Closing your eyes, it wasn’t long before sleep slowly and steadily began to pull you under. Just when you had reached the weird in between of not quite being asleep, but not being completely conscious, a heavy knock hit your door. You grumbled to yourself, shifting again as you put forth a small amount of effort towards ignoring the sound. 

You opened an eye as your cell phone screen lit up beside you. A text. Followed by another. Then a phone call. 

Jackson’s smiling face filled your screen, casting light on anything in the surrounding area. You groaned as you hit ignore, only for him to call again. 

“Look, I know you guys keep weird hours, but-” you began, lifting the phone to your face. 

“I’m on your doorstep, and not to sound dramatic, but it’s really dark. When are you going to replace your porch light? What if I get kidnapped?” Jackson gasped. 

“Why?” you muttered, sitting up and rubbing a tired hand through your hair. 

“Because I’m charming and adorable. Why do you think people get kidnapped?” Jackson whined. 

“No Jackson,” you sighed, stumbling across your living room and pulling open the door. You hung up the phone and looked at the man before you. “Why are you on my doorstep?”

“Because we need to talk,” he said firmly, shouldering past you. “It’s even darker in here! Are you a vampire? Jees, Y/N.”

Jackson’s hands quickly found a light switch and immersed you both in the too bright overhead lighting. You winced as your eyes began to adjust and focus on him. He was in a simple hoodie and pair of sweatpants. His hair stuck out in odd directions and he had abandoned his sandals at the door. He paced back and forth before your couches, anxious to speak, but not knowing where to begin. 

You and Jackson had become friends shortly after you had arrived in Korea. He and his other members had frequented the cafe you had managed to get a job at only two weeks into your residency. You were still a bumbling mess, spilling coffee on yourself and others while tripping over your own feet. Jackson was the first patron to take pity on you, from one foreigner to another. He felt it his duty to take you under his wing and teach you all things Korea. Which, admittedly, was a bit skewed. 

“What do we need to talk about Jackson?” you sighed, plopping onto the couch and pulling your knees to sit under your chin. 

“Us, me, us…but mostly me,” he nodded. 

“And how is this any different from what you normally talk about?” you chuckled. 

Jackson shot you a dirty look before continuing his pacing. 

“I’ve wanted to talk to you about this for awhile, but haven’t known how to approach it,” he sighed, halting his back and forth to sit on the couch beside you. 

You suddenly became worried as he spoke. Jackson? Having a problem with saying something to someone? The thought had never crossed your mind. 

“Jackson…” you hummed, unsure of how to continue. 

“Just hear me out,” Jackson sighed. “I know you don’t believe me. I know everyone sees me as outgoing, like I have no worries in the world…but I’ve been hiding something.”

You nodded your head, nearly certain of what Jackson was talking about. Your heart began to warm with his words. 

“I like you…

I more than like you. I’m over the sun, moon, and stars thinking about you. Since the day we met and you spilled hot coffee on my crotch, the scarring memory isn’t the only thing I can’t get out of my head.”

You winced as he spoke, remembering your first embarrassing meeting as if it were yesterday. Jackson had ordered a latte while JInyoung had ordered an iced americano. You successfully managed to get Jinyoung’s drink on the table, when the lack of the liquid on your tray sent it off balance, ejecting Jackson’s latte toward his jeans. While Jackson immediately sprung up and shouted, you had fallen to your knees, taking a towel and dabbing at the affected area. Jinyoung had shouted, tugging you up by your forearms and out of the even more embarrassing situation of you being face to face with Jackson’s pelvis. Both men immediately erupted into a fit of giggles and your friendship was sealed. 

“I know you may not reciprocate my feelings, but if I didn’t tell you, I would have gone insane. More insane than you probably think I am already…I just really like you. Please like me? I mean…if you want.”

“Jackson,” you whispered, mildly amused. “This isn’t news to me.”

“What…what do you mean?” he asked, tilting his head. 

“I mean, this isn’t a surprise. I had an idea,” you grinned. You immediately stopped as you watched the anxious grin on his face fall into a frown. 

“How long have you known?” Jackson asked, clearing his throat and shaking his head. “I thought I hid it so well…”

“It really became obvious the past few weeks,” you sighed, becoming serious as Jackson’s face continued to fall. “You’re not very good at masking your feelings…”

“Am too!” he pouted, crossing his arms. “Maybe I really just wanted you to know. Secretly. So I sabotaged myself.” 

“Right,” you nodded, pursing your lips. You supposed the least you could do was humor him. 

“So…um…” Jackson trailed slowly, looking away from you. “I’m guessing you don’t feel the same? I mean…that’s cool. I’m okay. I don’t get heartbroken easily.” 

You listened, your heart feeling as if it were being put in a vice grip as his voice broke on the last few words. You did feel the same. You may have even felt more than just the same. You had for weeks, if not months, but your own uncertainties kept you from addressing it. You didn’t want to be building an idea in your head, only for it to get foolishly denied. You didn’t think anyone as spectacular as Jackson had any business having feelings for you. 

“Jax,” you sighed, shaking your head quickly. “Why would that mean I don’t feel the same?”

He looked towards you slowly, his facial expression full of confusion as his eyes searched yours. “Because…because you knew…and you haven’t said anything.”

You sighed, looking away from him. You tried to gather your confidence as you reached toward him, taking his hands into yours. “Just because I didn’t say anything…doesn’t mean I don’t feel the same.”

“Really?” Jackson gasped, the smile appearing on his face again. He quickly caught ahold of himself and settled down, murmuring a quiet sorry before he continued to speak.  “I mean…that’s cool. No big deal. I like you…you lIKE ME?!”

Jackson squealed as he bounced up and down on the couch before springing toward you and tackling you. He hovered above you, his face only inches from yours. “You do like me…don’t you? If not, this is going to be really awkward.”

“Of course I like you!” you gasped, not able to hide your smile any longer. 

“You like me!” Jackson cried. “You like me…you kind of smell like burnt coffee beans? But that doesn’t matter because you like me!” 

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(Fan-cam) 10429 NCT 127 Mark Focus ‘Good Thing’ @ Korea Time Music Festival 2017
— © 마크 트레저 | do not re-upload or modify.

BTS dating someone one who is Half Korean and Half American

Because you didn’t specify if they are certain type of part American (such as African American, Latina, Native American etc…) I tried to keep this as broad as possible. If I did mention something that is normally done in one culture and not another I apologize. 


Seokjin is not going to really care about your genealogy. He is dating you because he loves you and the only time this would matter would be if you still had relatives in America. Seokjin is very much a family man and he wants very much to be involved with your family. He wants to know them and learn all about theirs and your customs you may have. And he is also lowkey going to be excited to learn about the food your family makes too…

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“Does that mean I get to watch your grandmother make the famous caramel apple pie you love so much?!”


He doesn’t really think about the fact that you are only half Korean. Unless you were raised in America and didn’t learn about Korean customs then he will take the time to patiently explain it to you. Especially if it is something you are embarrassed about. He knows how hard it is to be in a place that he doesn’t know what things meant so he will definitely take the measures to put you at ease. 

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“Jagiya, before we go out drinking tonight with the guys I want to explain the reason we drink soju a certain way…”


Hoseok was honestly a little surprised when you told him you were half American. He had no idea! He confessed that you really didn’t resemble your non-Korean parent so he didn’t  even think twice about it. You felt a bit bad though because he found out when you had introduced him to your parents. He didn’t say anything right then of course but he did awkwardly ask you why one of your parents was not Korean when you two were alone. Did your Korean parent remarry? His jaw hit the floor when you explained that, No my parents did not remarry and they are my birth parents. 

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“Oh my god Jagiya…. Your parents probably hate me because I was staring so much!”


He is going to take this opportunity to learn more about the different cultures in America. If you were raised in Korea is going to ask about there is anything different in your household that your family does that other Korean families. Do you practice traditional Korean customs? What are some of the things your non-Korean parent does that they don’t do in Korea? Some of his questions may come across as rude but if you are ever offended by something he asks he will be quick to apologize because he would NEVER mean to upset you, he was just be genuinely curious. He has an inquisitive mind and that is something you fell in love with so you really should of been prepared for all of these questions. 

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“So wait a second it is actually your non-Korean parent that is the most strict about keeping your floors clean and not wearing shoes in the house? Why? That is not something you do in America… right?”


Jimin is such a caring bean. But don’t ever cross him because he will not hesitate to turn scary on someone. He knows that there are people in the world who think badly of someone who is only half of a nationality. And he will not hesitate to put someone in their place. If you happen to take after your non-Korean parent there might be someone who will make snide remarks or give you dirty looks. He spent hours working with Namjoon to come up with the PERFECT shut-your-shit-down response and will uses it liberally. He will turn from soft sweet Jimin to serious scary Jimin in under .05 seconds.

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“Allow me to point out how ridiculous your prejudice is. Here in this restaurant there absolutely NO ONE who cares who my girlfriend is. No one but you. So that means you are 1 in what 40 people? You are meaningless at this very second. So please take your meaningless opinions somewhere out of our vicinity. Now.”


This is another one who is all about the family so if you have family back in America be prepared for those horribly long flights back and forth. And if those flights are not feasible then there will be many many video calls and messages being sent back forth to inquire about the welfare of each and every person in your family. Birthday presents will be carefully prepared and you if you two are unable to make it then it will sent in the most secure packaging possible and will somehow ALWAYS arrive on their birthday. 

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“Jagi look at these birthday cards I found online! They are perfect for your Grandfather and I even found those gloves he said he would like!”
“Taehyung-ah… his birthday is not for another six months.”
“It is always important to be prepared Y/N!”


Be prepared for focused student Jungkook. You know how he is learning English? Well that is all he is doing in his spare time. He will randomly ask you to quiz him and tell you not give go easy on him. He wants to be able to communicate with you family easily. If your first language is different than English? Then be prepared to spend at least 2 hours every day for the next several months teaching him. He will also ask Namjoon to only speak to him in English because he knows that even if your first language is not English it will still be best for him to speak it because you will be traveling to America to visit family. He will be absolutely prepared because he does not want inconvenient your family at all. 

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“Baby, can you help with this pronunciation? I don’t think I quite have it down.”

Here you go, I hope you enjoyed it!

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25 best things to do in Seoul,South Korea

1. Gyeongbukgung Palace
2. Bukchon Hanok Village
3. Jogyesa Buddhist Temple
4. Suwon’s Hwaseong Fortress
5. War Memorial and Museum
6. N Seoul Tower
7. Myeongdong Shopping
8. Insadong
9. Namdaemun Market
10. Dongdaemun
11. International Itaewon
12. Hongdae (Hongik University)
13. Lotte Mart
14. Lotte World
15. Seoul Children’s Park
16. Han River Walking / Riding
17. Walk along the Cheonggyecheon Stream
18. Hike in Seoul
19. Gwangjang Market
20. Noryangjin Fish Market
21. Garak Wholesale Food Market
22. Korean Street Food
23. Ice Cream Selections
24. Coffee at a Coffee Shop
25. Korean Barbecue

Source: Mark Wiens