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“The Korean word that I loved the most since I started learning Korean after coming to South Korea in 2009 was ‘Woori’ (meaning 'We’). But I wonder if 'woori’ applies to someone like me of color. When I tell people that I’m from Africa, I get a lot of startling questions like, 'Do you grow a lion at your house?’ I get it so often that now I just respond by saying that my father has two lions. That’s how much Koreans are unknowledgeable about Black people and Africa. I tried to sit in an empty seat and an ahjumma (middle-aged woman) took the seat, outrightly discriminating against me by saying, 'What is a black thing doing here in Korea? Go back to your country’. What hurt more was that the other Korean people just sat there and watched. It made me wonder if Koreans just watch foreigners without helping them in difficult situations. Often, people in Korea call me 'Black Hyung’. I want people to call me Okyere hyung comfortably, or Okyere dongsaeng, or just Okyere without referring to my skin color.” - Sam Okyere

angelfairy24 said: Hello. I would like to ask do you think that kook/min are in a relationship or close to being in one? What does k-army think about all their sketchy behavior? I think they like each other in a romantic way but don’t know how to deal with it.

oreocookie308 said: A) I love love love LOVE your blog. Ji/kook/kook/min trash here and I literally first joined tumblr just to follow you!
B) Obviously none of us will have the truth behind their relationship but are there any times you think they couldn’t possibly be “fo realz”? I imagine, int'l ARMY style, that their relationship has become super deep and more than just work friends or forced kpop bonding, but if hypothetically they were dating irl I figure they themselves would go out of their way to hide it right? I mean the new years eve butt rub/spank/giggle is AMAZEBALLS but from what (very) little I know of hetero coupledom in Korea that would be a crazy thing to do in public so I can’t imagine a gay couple getting away with it. Then again the so translated by Mnet V/Jin “bromance” at MAMA makes me think maybe the societal denial is so big maybe they just… get away with it?
3) I’m sorry this is like a fanfic length question! Educate me! Educate us all! Also, this ship will sail even if you tell me you met them in person and they spent 30 minutes punching each other in the face so be honest hahahahaha!

First of all, I get so overwhelmed whenever somebody tells me they’ve joined tumblr because of me. Thank you so much for liking this blog. I had no idea that there would be people out there who’d come to like it.. It’s always humbling ;__;

Now, Kook/min tho..

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august cant get here fast enough

I really love this gfriend comeback. The song, the choreography, the outfits, the mv, the visuals, the stage, everything! If it was up to me I’d give them all the awards is music shows next week!! And Sinb snatch me hard this time, she’s an amazing dancer.

Things I Kind of Do on Purpose To Drive My Korean Friends Crazy:

1) Eat lunch at my desk at work (”Aren’t you lonely?”)

2) Walk in the rain without an umbrella (”Fukushima!  The rain will kill you!”)

3) Go to movies by myself (”Aren’t you lonely?”)

4) Still own a 2G phone stupid-phone (”Why are you so poor?)

5) Take a taxi more than once a week (”Why are you so rich?”)

6) Catch a small cold and don’t go to the hospital immediately, or ever (”Do you want to die?”)

chalk-challenges-and-butterflies  asked:

Sorry to bother you, but I learned a thing today that had to do with calendars again. In Korea, they have the Korean age and International age and basically, Korean age is about one or two years older than your international age, because you are considered 1yo on the day you are born, then you turn 2 on New Year's Day, meaning if you're born on Dec 31, you would turn 2yo the very next day. Sorry if I'm annoying you, I just thought of your post when I saw that ☺️

Now that you mention it I remember hearing about the being 1 when you are born. That is so fascinating, especially the new years thing. Thanks! You are not bothering me at all! 

many times when i read or hear discussions of issues in asia by westerners it has this weird condescension and one-sided perspective. like things are naturally going to be different in other countries. what seems irregular in the west can be like an ordinary thing in asia. but these discussions don’t rlly bother to go into the perspective of asian people themselves. it’s more about lecturing as to how asia is uncivilized and strange. like consider how when you engage in these discussions, you’re coming in with your own opinions and viewpoints as a westerner. and for westerners who come from western countries with imperialist and colonialist backgrounds, you’re also going to have that affect your perspective too, no matter how conscious you might be. you don’t know a culture and a country as well as a person who is from it and has experienced it. so before you go into a discussion concerning asian feminism or racism or such and such, familiarize yourself with the issue and the particular country! if you, as a westerner, made the decision to voice your opinion about a foreign issue, you should qualify that with research. don’t go spouting judgements you don’t understand from a viewpoint that won’t make sense on the part of asian people. additionally, don’t generalize the cultures. it’s an incredibly vast continent and each country is different from one another. Idk like just don’t be annoying and think before you write about shit ok

I like Pristin!
Debut thoughts:
The song could’ve been a little more solid, like less on the out of place aegyo and out of place rap and more focus on one sound. Its very catchy tho, the kinda thing I’d expect to do well in Korea, very Rookie.

So far it’s looking very Twice, it feels like a Twice side track tbh. The MV looks like LOA x TT, what with the outfits and settings and even the slight paranormal theme.
It also seems like they downgraded the choreo difficulty to Twice level, which kinda sucks cause they showed what good dancers they are with all those videos.

But overall, its fun and the girls are so charismatic and talented. I think the song will grow on me more too. Pristin fighting! ♡


“As soon as I saw you, I thought you were the one. To be more detailed, I looked at your eyes while we were talking. Your eyes were so pretty. I thought there was no need to look further.”  - Jonghyun 

Some Seventeen fans act like Seventeen is saving the whole company and the other artists are doing nothing, waiting for Seventeen to bring the money for them. Some members of After School are still active in acting and such things. NU’EST is still doing their activities but not in Korea. Just because the other Pledis artists are not doing very well doesn’t mean they are not doing anything for their company.

You’ve been away for six months because of your studies and you’re finally back to South Korea. The first thing you do is surprise your boyfriend that you’ve missed so much. You go to BTS’ dorm one night..

Seokjin – To say that Seokjin is surprised to see you is an understatement. He wasn’t expecting you to come home so soon especially after your Skype session two nights ago when you had told him you were sad you still had a month to wait before you’d be back to Seoul. He can be very sensitive and the moment he sees you, the biggest smile forms on his lips and he feels overwhelmed with love, tears frightening to roll down his cheeks.

Yoongi – He’s not usually the one that shows the most emotions but it’s a different story when it comes to you. When Seokjin opens the door and lets you in after hugging you so tight, Yoongi just changes entirely and runs to you with a giant grin on his face. He’s missed you just as much as you’ve missed him and he lets you know in a really sweet embrace.

Hoseok – Hobi is always cheerful and hyper but he’s also the most sensitive out of all the members. He loves you so much it was hard to be away from you for so long and he realises it the moment he sees you standing in the living room, tears in your eyes. He cannot hold back tears and it feels great. He stands up quickly and can’t even hug you. He only puts his head on your shoulder and cries. You hold tightly whispering sweet nothings in his ear. The other members are moved by it and decide to leave you two alone a little bit.

Namjoon Knowing you so well, Namjoon had suspected you’d do something like that as soon as you returned. He had found you quite strange the last time you called him and he can read you like an open book. Still, seeing you right in front of him, the other members cheering loudly, he cannot help but look at you, smiling so big his cheeks hurt. He stands up and kisses you just like you deserve to be kissed by the person you love and that loves you back.

Jimin Namjoon hides you until you enter the living room and Jimin finally sees you. He would usually be super excited but the other members are here and he’s a bit more reserved but his smile when he sees your beautiful face means everything. You know he’s happier than he’s been for the past six months and you run into his warm embrace.

Taehyung You find him in his bedroom, scrolling through his phone and he’s so surprised he can’t help but grin and hide his face before hugging you so tight. He knew you were coming back soon but he hadn’t thought of you surprising him instead of him surprising you. He’s so excited he already has plans for the two of you!  

Jungkook – Even after dating you for a few months, he’s still pretty shy and his reaction when you enter his bedroom and surprise him is the cutest. He cannot believe you’re actually here while you were supposed to come home in two weeks and he’s so happy he has to hide his face a little bit. You look even more beautiful than he remembered. He’s over the moon to see you there and he makes sure you know it with a sweet kiss on your lips that the other members witness.

Visting Home

request: “Aaaah your scenarios give me life<3 can i pretty please have a Suga one shot where you take him back to America with you (you’re visiting family) and do a ton of fun stuff there thats not back in Korea? And along the way to teach him English? Thank you soooo much!<3 ^___^/ ” ~Anon

genre: fluffy

pairing: yoogni x you

word count: 1,522

AFF link

A/N: So I was thinking about making this a two parter, with the second part being some smut and the wedding. Let me know if you’d like me to write that for you guys! I couldn't find a lot of big things that you can do here that you can’t in Korea besides the difference in weddings. So I went with the little things. Hope you like it anonnie! ~Admin B

P.S. It’s three parts now! (links below)

[Part Two] [Part Three] [Part Four]

You squeezed Yoongi’s hand. Long flights were not your favorite thing to do but you didn’t exactly have a choice when you were flying from Korea to America. You felt his thumb rub small circles on the back of your hand. You hoped he didn’t plan on sleeping so you could have something to entertain you.

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[FULL TRANS] EXO’s interviews in Ivy Club Magazine Issue 19


Q. The place you wanna visit most during summer?
A. I definitely want to go to Hawaii once.

Q. What questionnaire would you create where you would be number 1?
A. The coolest man in Korea is?

Q. The thing you wanna do for EXO if you were the CEO of the company for a week?
A. A holiday in Hawaii.

Q. If there was a black history you want to hide, it would be?
A. The incident of my pants tearing while filming for that teaser where I danced on water.. It’s a black history I cannot forget.

Q. Kai thinks the scariest member is?
A. There’s no member who is scary. Everyone is nice.


Q. If there was a concept and style you want to try out for the next album it would be?
A. I want to do a carefree concept!

Q. The thing you’ll buy with the money you earned and saved?
A. Smartphone app.

Q. The movie you recently enjoyed watching?
A. I enjoyed watching ‘Time Paradox’!

Q. Summer sport that you want to try?
A. I want to learn how to skateboard properly

Q. Baekhyun thinks the member who is most like a celebrity is?
A. The freest soul, Tao.


Q. Your favourite health food in summer is?
A. I like Samgyetang (Ginseng chicken soup).

Q. Are you the type to search your name frequently on SNS or the internet?
A. Um… Don’t all celebrities do that…

Q. If you were to go to a deserted island, why do you want to go with this member?
A. I want to go with everyone.

Q. What questionnaire would you create where you would be number 1?
A. If there was a question for an impassive celebrity, I think I would be number 1.

Q. Sehun thinks the scariest member is?
A. No one. They are good-natured like ‘sheeps’ (A/N: because this year is the year of the sheep). So they’re really nice and I simply just love them…


Q. The thing you’ll buy with the money you earned and saved?
A. I bought a desk.

Q. What questionnaire would you create where you would be number 1?
A. The tallest member.

Q. When does the dorm become the noisiest?
A. Whatever it is, I think we definitely get the loudest when it is a member’s birthday. Celebrating a birthday is definitely best when it’s boisterous.

Q. What was the most difficult when you were filming the movie?
A. Everything seemed difficult since it was the first time acting legitimately. But still, I was able to film it while learning gratefully from the many tips I received from the sunbaenims I worked together with.

Q. Chanyeol thinks the member who is most similar to himself is?
A. Um..D.O.. Baekhyun are most similar, it seems!


The most memorable episode during an overseas concert was?
A. We have an event where we throw our signed balls to the fans. The ball I threw hit a fan on the head.. I really want to tell that person that I was really sorry…ㅎㅎㅎ

Q. The happiest thing that happened recently?
A. I really had fun going to Lotte World with my friends recently. I really played enthusiastically.

Q. The member you felt was the coolest when you first saw him before debut?
A. Xiumin hyung and Suho hyung. When I first saw the two hyungs I had the thought that they were going to be younger than me. I was shocked that they looked young and had the looks of a comic character.

Q. Are you the type to search your name frequently on SNS or the internet?
A. It’s going to be a lie if I said I don’t do it, right…? ㅎㅎ Although I’m not the kind to search a lot. After doing a performance, I look for the videos.

Q. Chen thinks the cutest member is?
A. Sehunie. As expected, a maknae is a maknae! If you see Sehunie when he fools around or when he’s sulking, he has a lot of cute expressions.ㅎㅎ


Q. If there was a concept and style you want to try out for the next album it would be?
A. A concept that fits the next songs rather than something unique.

Q. If you were to pick a recent incident where it is worth the while?
A. When I meet and greet the fans, it is always proud and worth the while.

Q. A holiday overseas you want to recommend?
A. I recommend my hometown, China, Qingdao.

Q. The member you felt was the coolest when you first saw him before debut?
A. Suho. Sehun.

Q. Tao thinks the most 4D member is?
A. Tao, myself. 


Q. Where do you gain inspiration normally while you’re composing?
A. I get it from my usual daily life.

Q. The thing you wanna do for EXO if you were the CEO of the company for a week?
A. I want to have schedules, not just in Korea but the entire world and especially in China, where we can meet a lot more fans and I want to make it possible for EXO to grow more by working together with other capable people from China.

Q. If there is something about the Korean language that still confuses you?
A. Oh (오). Eo (어). Ga (가). Gga (까). Ka (카) are confusing.

Q. If you were to go to a deserted island, why do you want to go with this member?
A. Xiumin, Chen (naturally good at these things), Tao (because he went to a jungle).

Q. If you were to imagine the EXO members in 10 years’ time in the future?
A. I think our members will be living well^^


Q. If there was a black history you want to hide, it would be?
A. The ‘Ddu-shi-ddu-shi’ during the first time getting first on public TV.. Hoo… Why did I do that…

Q. Suho who is the known for your award speech, do you have a separate practice for that?
A. I practiced it at the beginning of our debut. Perhaps if we were to receive an award now as compared to then, I would have thought ‘I need to say this’ and I wouldn’t have felt and portrayed as much gratefulness as it should be important.

Q. The greatest trouble you have recently is?
A. How can I make the best ever album and the best ever concert.

Q. Suho is addicted to ____ lately!
A. Suho is addicted to health & wellbeing lately!

Q. The member who is a worry like he’s being hung over a water’s edge?
A. Sehun. Tao. I contact them everyday. If they don’t contact me often I get worried…


Q. Do you have a unique habit or jinx?
A. I have a habit of biting my nails..

Q. If you were to go to a deserted island, why do you want to go with this member?
A. I want to go with Baekhyun who has wise sense of judgment.

Q. Recommendation on a holiday to go within the country!
A. Daejeon Gyeryongsan mountain.

Q. What do you normally do when you can’t sleep?
A. I would usually watch a movie.

Q. D.O. thinks the member who is the most fun is?
A. Byun Baek Hyun. Our team’s mood maker.


Q. The proudest incident lately?  
A. Successfully wrapping up the first concert.

Q. The thing you’ll buy with the money you earned and saved?
A. Notebook [as in a laptop].

Q. The member you felt was the coolest when you first saw him before debut?
A. Sehun. (he was more of pretty rather than cool)

Q. What do you normally do when you can’t sleep?
A. I watch anime. (One Piece)

Q. The member who is a worry like he’s being hung over a water’s edge?
A. I’m a little worried for the team’s maknae Tao..