100 Things To Do In Your Study Break:
  1. Go for a walk.
  2. Do some cleaning.
  3. Play with your pet.
  4. Call your Mum/Dad
  5. Text a friend.
  6. Get some tea/coffee
  7. Read the headlines
  8. Do a crossword
  9. Have a dance
  10. Do yoga
  11. Catch up on your favourite blogs
  12. Organise your workspace
  13. Write a short story
  14. Sketch a picture
  15. Paint your nails
  16. Read a chapter of a book.
  17. Make origami
  18. Look at some art
  19. Meditate
  20. Journal
  21. Do a good deed.
  22. Eat some fruit
  23. Watch the clouds
  24. Do a full body stretch
  25. Try juggling
  26. Read a comic book.
  27. Start a scrapbook
  28. Sit outside for a bit
  29. Do some breathing exercises.
  30. Do some Sudoku.
  31. Watch some TV.
  32. Have a singalong.
  33. Play an instrument
  34. Start a Pinterest account
  35. Watch a TED talk
  36. Write a to-do list
  37. Play brain games
  38. Listen to really old pop music
  39. Do the dishes
  40. Read
  41. Make paper snowflakes/paper chains
  42. Clean out your bag and wallet
  43. Play hangman or naughts and crosses (tic-tac-toe) with someone
  44. Watch videos of puppies or kitties playing
  45. Do jumping jacks
  46. Do your laundry
  47. Start using Evernote
  48. Have a snack
  49. Read a magazine
  50. Discover some new music
  51. Daydream
  52. Watch funny videos on Youtube.
  53. Create a plan for studying
  54. Have a Facebook chat with some friends.
  55. Do a household chore.
  56. Read some poetry.
  57. Try writing some poetry.
  58. Do some colouring.
  59. Go on google maps and see the world.
  60. Play a video game.
  61. Do some gardening/water your plants.
  62. Take an online quiz
  63. Listen to a podcast
  64. Lift some weights
  65. Take out the trash
  66. Schedule any doctor and dentist appointments that are due
  67. Make a new playlist
  68. Answer some emails
  69. Sort through your junk mail
  70. Write a blog post
  71. Make a meal plan
  72. Get a glass of water
  73. Give yourself a hand or neck massage
  74. Check your social media
  75. Make your bed
  76. Plan a trip
  77. Sew something
  78. Pick some flowers
  79. Write down your goals
  80. Sort through the documents and files on your computer
  81. Learn some new words.
  82. Make a smoothie
  83. Do a puzzle
  84. Rearrange your books
  85. Reflect on your day so far
  86. Play catch
  87. Create a bucket list.
  88. Sort your stationery; get rid of old pens.
  89. Play a game on your phone
  90. Try to replicate a famous painting
  91. Read some fanfiction
  92. Fold the laundry
  93. Make a friendship bracelet
  94. Write a haiku
  95. Try to find the ten gnomes
  96. Update your calendar
  97. Update your CV/resume
  98. Do an online search for jobs
  99. Check the fridge and throw out anything that’s gone off
  100. Make bubbles.

 This is my most favorite season. I am feeling giddy as I type this. There’s so much to enjoy during this time of year! 


🌰 this is the season for acorns! As you might have noticed the ground around some oak trees are already sprinkled with them. You can collect acorns for runes or make acorn bell charms or make floating tea lights with the caps. I love collecting acorns for spells, especially wealth spells. I hold one and bless it, then visualize my spell as if it is already happening, then kiss or blow a kiss at it to seal it (it’s been on the ground so sometimes it safer to blow a kiss to it lol) then tuck it in the earth.  

🍁 Collecting leaves! Fall leaves are great for banishing spells especially since they are something that was shed away. You can write on them what things you want to come to an end and burn or bury them. You can also use them to make leaf lanterns or decorate fairy lights with.  

🍎 It’s also Apple season! You can go apple picking and use their deliciousness in cooking or dry them in an oven or fruit dehydrator for snacks or teas! Making apple tea is perfect for autumn and also makes a nice gift. Apples are also highly used in spells often for gratitude, offerings or fertility. You can leave out sliced apples as an offering to spirits if you work with them or bury them for spells. If you celebrate the equinox they can make great tea lights and decorations.  

🍂 This is also a great time to start preserving. Start to pickle things for winter when a lot less stuff grows. Make extracts from fresh herbs. Gather a clean jar, hard white liquor like vodka and cheese cloth for straining and top your harvested fruit or herbs with vodka and let it sit for a week or two. Shake it daily if you want. You can even keep the ingredients in there for all of winter if you wish. I know you can buy most extracts of anything but I always find it far more powerful when I craft my own. Also infused liquor with fruits and sugar can make fantastic Christmas gifts!  


🍳 This is definitely the season for kitchen witches! So much is in season and there are so many gatherings that will happen! Perfect your pie making skills and eat the gifts of the harvest. A lot of spices makes its way into my food in this season to combat colds and also for hotter spices to warm the body up. One spice I associate with warmth as it has actual warming qualities is cinnamon and we know this is cinnamon season. Use it in teas, cooking, baking; you can put the oil in lotions and body creams but be careful to not put it on any sensitive areas or it will BURN. For a more savory version you can cook with black pepper. Black pepper paired with allspice makes a good autumn savory combo. I also love adding maple syrup to some dishes but very discreet amounts. For autumn equinox gatherings I bake BBQ chicken with a BBQ sauce that tastes smokey from a bit of bourbon I sneak in that goes well with its spiciness and the maple syrup goes well with the sweetness of the sauce. Maple syrup in savory-sweet dishes might sound weird at first but if you pair it right with sauces like Japanese eel sauce (and make baked glazed eggplants with that) or BBQ sauce, it will come out great. The trick is to add very little by little and taste as you go.  

🍭 Also as Halloween is coming up its the time for candy! There’s so many cool ways to make your own treats from Halloween bark, to fudge (2), to caramel, pretzels, gummies and it will be even more magical if you make it for your friends! (Better to make these for private parties cause it can get suspicious handing it out to trick or treaters). It’s also the season for candy coated apples. For the fall equinox each year I make caramel coated apples. I feel like candy coated is better suited for Halloween cause it’s glazed and more dramatic appearing. Making a chocolate covered apple can be a great substitute for candy since many people complain that candy covering is hard to bite through. Also chocolate is easy to color and flavor. I love to decorate with colorful fall sprinkles and crushed nuts (if no one is allergic of course) like peanuts and almonds if it’s a caramel apple.  

🍺 Along with preserving, this is also brewing season!! Making cider might be a challenge for some but it’s incredibly rewarding if you go through with it. Look at your local breweries for equipment and advice. If you’re uninterested in doing all the work, supporting their fall brews is just as good! Plus breweries produce some DELICIOUS stuff during the fall. My friends and I have a favorite craft beer store we especially harass during fall. You can also make liquors and liqueurs from harvested fruits. You can either put chopped up fruits and berries with a stick of cinnamon or spices in a jar and top with dark rum, whiskey or vodka depending on how you want to influence the flavor and make an infusion. If you want something sweeter (and quicker to make), get a pan to make simple syrup (1/2cup water to 1cup sugar) and instead of water replace with something like apple cider and as it simmers add cinnamon. You can add the apple spiced syrup to a clean bottle and top with dark rum. The next morning shake it and you will have an apple spice liqueur! I like to make simple syrup with things in season this time of year such as juiced apples or crushed harvested berries and make a berry liqueur with it. It’s delicious and can make wonderful hot toddy drinks that taste like pie!!

 ☕️ Its also spiced tea season! Brewing spiced teas to help cold, plus I was told my spiced teas taste like seasonal candles lol. I love making an orange spice tea and an apple tea with dried apple slices. The orange spice is simple. In a pot of simmering water combine orange slices or peeks, cinnamon sticks and star anise and let simmer for a while. You can add brown sugar to the pot of sweeten it in your cup after. For the apple tea I like to put roobois in a pot and let steep or simmer with apple slices and cinnamon. Another popular tea I drink especially the closer to winter we get is ginger spice. In a simmering pot add slices of ginger, cloves and honey. My dad spikes this with Haitian rum if we feel under the weather. It helps sweat out the cold.  

🍂  Crockpot recipes!! Get familiar with the modern cauldron lol!! There’s this wonderful post for crockpot recipes for the colder seasons. Stew season is upon us and there’s nothing better than coming home on a cold autumn evening to a rich stew of squash and pumpkins and oxtail.  

Spirit Activity 

👻 if you want you could contact spirits easily since spirit activity will heighten. Maybe talk to ancestors since they could be less scary if you want a place to start. If you do NOT want or like spirit activity this would be a great time to set up wards!  

🍁 Fall is also a time of gratitude and reflection. As you go harvesting make sure to leave offerings or give thanks to the trees and plants you harvest from! Even a moment of sending a boost of positive thoughts their way can work. Apparently plants can read and communicate through vibrations and are very sensitive so you saying thanks or sending love and gratefulness can make some plants happy lol.  


🍂 While you change your wardrobe from warm weather to cold weather bless your sweaters and socks to keep you warm. If you have more time and need a boost put your stored away sweaters in the dryer for a few minutes with a very sealed cloth sack of herbs like cinnamon sticks (not powder) or anything you associate with warmth and comfort before exchanging them with your summer clothes in the drawers. 

💄 Also the witchiest season is upon us and if you are into make up and glamours you know this means darker richer lipsticks and richer colors. Enchant your dark lipsticks and make up to make you feel witchier and more powerful! It’s the one time of the year you can wear dark burgundy, chocolate Browns and blacks and no one will ask you about it. (Unless if you’re an all year round goth 👍🏽) 

🎃 Pumpkin season is here! A wonderful charm for your home is this pumpkin incense lantern. It’s beautifully festive and will make your space smell like pie!

 🎃 Also for pumpkin carving you can use magic to make them into wards. Jack-o-lanterns were created to ward away bad spirits. You can take the ancient tradition and make your Jack-o-lanterns ward away negativity, unwanted visitors and unwanted spirits. Some people like black candles for protection so filling them with black tea lights might look extra halloweeny and help with your ward!  

🌑 Also charcoal is good for absorbing negative energy. If these holiday family seasons make you uncomfortable you can make sigils of protection inside of your Jack o lantern or carved incense pumpkin to help with negative tension in the household once family is over or use charcoal and sea salt to make black salt and hide it somewhere in the living room where people congregate or make it into a pretty centerpiece like a candle votive. You can add black glitter or stick in fake plants to make it look like some interesting modern art furniture piece when really it’s black salt to help your uncles, aunts and extended cousins to simmer the fuck down. 


🍂  Along with gratitude fall is a time of reflection. Reflect on past issues you faced in the year and how to improve them. Reflect on your craft and how you can improve it and what’s not working. Whatever is not good not working in your life right now it’s a good time for banishing magic. Once again you can use fall leaves because those leaves are something that’s been shed and you can imagine yourself shedding away those things too. Remember to be grateful of those things that are working. You can show gratitude to yourself by blessing acorns and planting them in the earth to grow as a gift back to the earth but also symbolic of those good things to grow. 

Longer post than usual but this is my favorite season and I do a lot during it! Of course feel free to add if you have any other ideas or recipes!

50 Things To Do Between Your Study Sessions

1. Go for a walk
2. Get some snacks
3. Do some cleaning
4. Text someone you haven’t talked to in a long time
5. Call your parents/siblings
6. Get a coffee/tea
7. Read/watch news
8. Short dancing session
9. Draw random sketches
10. Work in your bullet journal
11. Plan out the next meal
12. Do yoga
13. Go to the bathroom
14. Watch one episode of your favorite TV show
15. Take a 20 minutes nap
16. Plan out the next day
17. Call a friend
18. Stretch a little
19. Go on tumblr
20. Watch YouTube videos
21. Make some funny snapchat pics and send it to your friends
22. Read some quotes
23. Write a blog post
24. Go grocary shopping
25. Water your plants
26. Write down 10 positive facts about you
27. Reflect on your week
28. “I’m grateful for…”
29. Post an instagram picture
30. Clean up your desk
31. Write a letter to a friend/family
32. Listen to audiobooks
33. Cook something delicious
34. Play a game
35. Make a new profile picture
36. Set the alarm for the next day
37. Fill out your habit tracker
38. Make a smoothy
39. Write a short story
40. Go jogging
41. Catch uo with your favorite blogs
42. Fine an outfit for the next day
43. Take a shower
44. Read
45. Look over old letters or photos
46. Reorganize you supplies
47. Make some new room decoration
48. Listen to music
49. Sing
50. Lay on your bed and daydream

Witchy Activities!

A list I comprised of things to do when you’re feeling passionate about your witchiness, but are not looking to do spells or rituals etc! I get this all the time, so I thought perhaps others do to! Some will be more basic then others, but I hope to inspire! Feel free to send in suggestions to my ask box for me to add to the list! I’ll update this whenever I can!

  • Collect some interesting sticks (from the ground, preferably) and wrap them in colourful string or wire, perhaps add feathers or crystals! Make into a wand? An altar decoration?
  •  Write witch-inspired poetry or stories, or create art based on your craft.
  • Take a walk in nature and listen and look out for your native birds and other wildlife! Keep an ongoing record of what you see, perhaps in your BOS/grimoire? Or make a chart of wildlife you expect to see in your area, with identification methods and pictures which you’ve drawn yourself or taken from books/internet?
  • You can always add more to your BOS/Grimoire! (We’re all good at putting it off, through fear of “messing it up”) This video, was a great help for me!
  • Create a witchy wardrobe by going through your clothes and making mysterious outfits! Or visit charity shops and find inexpensive pieces?
  • Moderately and ethically, collect flowers and leaves to press and stick in your BOS! Pressing flowers instructions
  • There’s always more research to do and books to read! Check out your local libraries’ collection of books on the occult, witchcraft, paganism etc or even broader subjects like herbs and crystals?
  • Help your local community look after nature! Collect rubbish, volunteer at animal shelters etc?
  • Make sigils! Add them to your BOS? Draw them on yourself (with correct ink) or on paper? Store them to charge later?
  • Write spiritual chants or songs for your craft! Use an instrument, if you play one?
  • General crafting with nature’s bounty! This could be helpful
  • Create mystical or natural jewellery! Or maybe a pendant? Here’s an idea
  • Terrariums are a beautiful way to keep a bit of nature inside your bedroom! Here’s some instructions
  • Create ornamental or potent crystal arrangements! Perhaps on your altar?
  • Decorate or redecorate your altar space to match the season!
  • Gardening or planting! Water your indoor/outdoor plants? Have they got enough sunlight?
  • Make leaf art! Press them, draw on them, cut them into shapes, arrange them in patterns?
  • Join a club or class for anything new that interests you! Eg, glass blowing? Pottery? Cooking? Cards? Skills which you could easily incorporate into your craft!
  • If you work with deities, why not give them an offering? Something physical like a food offering or perhaps something less physical like a poem?
  • Decorate a notebook cover, plant pot, vase, plate etc or even your body (with suitable ink) with symbols and sigils which promote an emotion or action! Luck? To grow well? To prosper?
  • They’ll always be a baby witch online you can offer advice to! Or perhaps in real life at a local spiritual event?
  • Make a chart on the identification of clouds! Because why not? Impress your friends with your wealth of information on clouds!
  • Plan out your altar space or ritual for the next sabbat!
  • Dry and bottle useful herbs, plants and flowers you might need for a spell or ritual coming up! Or perhaps as a gift, charged with helpful energies? Perhaps make ordained labels?
  • Create a dream diary! Bonus points for trying to work out their meaning!
  • Create a witchy music playlist! For meditation? Or magickal workings?
  • Collect rainwater, because they’ll always be a use! In spells? Watering your indoor plants without using a tap? Some ideas
  • Learn a new skill within the craft, eg divination methods, herbalism etc
  • Visit charity shops to find inexpensive hidden gems! Interesting old books? Jewellery? Possible athames/bolines and chalices! You’ll be supporting a charity too!
  • Make a wild flower section in your garden to encourage bees and insects to thrive, depending on the time of year! Or even a herb garden!
  • Find some witch shops near you! They’ll be thankful for the business and you never know who you’ll meet!
  • Find a tree close to you and use it to observe the Wheel Of The Year! Try to not pick an evergreen for the changes will be harder to note. If it’s in your garden or a public place, perhaps meditate by it? Sketch it’s changes? Research its magickal attributes, folklore or medicinal properties? What Deity is associated with it? It might even provide you wand! (Concept borrowed from Kate West’s The Real Witches’ Handbook)

I want to be a hoe. I want to go out and have fun with my friends. Dance on a few guys. Kiss whomever, whenever, wherever. Get take out for date night. Have squad gatherings in a modern art museum. Dye my hair a funky color. Get a few piercings. Reinvent my image. Let my ass get fatter and my skin clearer. Buy cute well fitting bras and panties. Invest in nice sheets. Build sand castles. Go on a ghost tour. Wave at tourist. Collect men’s athletic wear from my lovers. Read one book a week. Sing in the shower. And most importantly love myself.