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If Jungkook was a hyung, I wonder how Bangtan would’ve fare. Thank lamb skewers things are the way they are now.

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so I’ve been watching my brother play uncharted 4 (finished it today!!!) and I just wanted to make a little log of all the things he says while playing bc they’re so funny:

  • (while going through a tight squeeze) “shimee shimee shimee shimee SCOOT SCOOT”
  • (walking in wet areas) *singing* my socks are wet and soggyyyyy
  • (sliding down) *straight up starts chanting the lord’s prayer in urdu*
  • “mish, I have 3 bullets and am full of fear”
  • “I. AM. ROCKET. MAN”
  • StarTwits

“StarTwits” written, drawn, and performed by Stephanie

i just scanned + colored it enjoy

MHA episode 2 dub commentary

  • once again, little Izuku is the cutest thing ever and i love him
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaand here comes the record scratch
  • Izuku’s speech here is so nice and then he sounds like a terrified pterodactyl as the smoke clears and All Might deflates
  • also as a texan i feel honored that All Might’s first attack is “Texas Smash”
  • Bakugou this is why you don’t angrily kick random bottles filled with questionable green liquid with floating eyeballs in the middle of dark spooky alleyways
  • because the questionable liquid may in fact be a very dangerous villain who is going to use your body as a puppet in order to cause havoc and chaos and you may end up dying a very painful and shitty death
  • Bakugou don’t litter
  • Bakugou’s friends suggest sneaking into a bar to pick up ladies but i think Bakugou is more concerned about the “being seen in a bar” part and doesn’t really give a shit about the “picking up ladies” part
  • “You deflated!!”
  • i always enjoyed Toshi’s sorta introverted body language here after he transforms into his true form for the first time. he kinda looks cornered (which…. i guess he is)
  • “I assure you that I am All Mi–rrghhhghh….” *fountain of blood pools out of his mouth*
  • i enjoy the lack of bombasic haminess in Toshi’s voice here
  • his voice is kinda just… deadpan. it’s perfect
  • Izuku i don’t think you’re making All Might feel better about himself here by listing all the great things All Might is and how they clearly don’t apply to Toshi
  • part of me wonders if it was hard for Chris Sabat to match mouth flaps for Toshi since his mouth has such a weird shape to it compared to a lot of other characters. tho i’m betting it wasn’t that difficult
  • Toshi you crushed Izuku’s hopes and dreams
  • like damn that was some dame blunt, dramatic voice acting right there. “So no, I honestly don’t think you could become a hero without a quirk.”
  • i mean at least he offers another option, like being a police officer, but damn Toshi
  • ok question. what if that villain (had he not been flung away and stayed in Toshi’s pocket) woke up in the middle of Toshi’s explanation to Izuku about how he’s actually not all powerful and how he was injured 5 years ago and all that jazz. now thaaaaaaaaat would’ve been bad
  • Toshi please think these things through more that villain would’ve been incapacitated not deaf, and would’ve heard everything you told Izuku about your body and true form and all that
  • thankfully he wasn’t there but jfc that would’ve been a situation
  • god i love how dorky Toshi is as he freaks out and tries to find the sludge dude
  • Toshi runs like that one gif of Spider-Man where it looks like he’s not actually moving at all
  • “HOW DARE YOU PRAY ON A CHILD!!!” one of the heroes screams and yes good please acknowledge that Bakugou is, in fact, a child
  • (my child)
  • really enjoying Bakugou’s voice acting during the sludge scene. it’s properly angry and desperate
  • also i never realized that Bakugou’s attempts to escape were what blew the heroes back in that one scene, huh
  • ok is that one guy next to Death Arms a fucking baseball themed hero, because
  • no no Toshi you’re not pathetic you’re not pathetic at all
  • i really like the background music for the scene where Izuku and All Might are berating themselves
  • god this series has good bg music, i really love the music that plays when Izuku rushes in to save Bakugou
  • “Kacchan… I just couldn’t stand there and watch you die.” ok i really, really like this translation of that line
  • fuck i love this background music this whole fucking scene just has fantastic music from beginning to end
  • idk the scene where Mt. Lady is protecting the bystanders from the pressure from All Might’s punch is really sweet to me
  • still kinda getting used to her voice tho
  • the little high-pitched piccolo or whatever sound in All Might’s theme is so dorky and endearing, just like him
  • i wonder how long Bakugou simmered over the situation before he ran over to where Izuku was to throw a tantrum at him, since it’s already sundown here, when earlier it was still pretty bright out
  • laughs at Bakugou silently sulking away after raging in denial for like two minutes at poor Izuku
  • i love my son so much
  • “Guess I should get back to giving up on my dreams….” ouch
  • “BECAUSE I, AM ALL MIGH–ghhhccuurrrhhchh…” *spits blood*
  • god this music. the angel chorus starts and god what good music this series just has fucking A+++ music i’m getting emotional here
  • i fucking love how Toshi’s eyes are just this blue glow against this faded gold background
  • that’s some great sobbing voice acting from Izuku
  • i kinda wish the “You can become a hero.” line had a bit more punch to it, but that’s more the director’s fault, not the actor’s
  • “Midoriya’s gonna be SUPER BUFF by the time i’m through with him!!” idk why but the way this line is said makes me laugh
  • all in all i really like the difference between All Might’s voice and his true form’s voice. you can tell that he’s definitely putting up an act and it’s just a nice detail to see

and that’s episode 2 down, time for episode 3

Red Cheeks (Daveed Diggs x Reader)

Author’s Note: Literally just fluff. Cute Daveed. Fluff. Not my best work but eh. It’s a short little drabble while I work on other things.

Summary: Daveed Diggs, the famous rapper, comes to visit a local record-label in New York. The Reader works at the label and just so happens to be a huge fan of Daveed’s.

Word Count: 549


(Y/N) sat in their desk, typing away at their computer. They were working at an fairly record label that mostly worked with local artists. As you were located in New York, there was a wide and large arrange of different genres and artists that were apart of the label-family, but a large part of the artists were rappers. The label had grown more and more popular over the last 5 years and working at the label had just become more and more fun to work at.

“(Y/N)!” Said Jake, (Y/N)’s coworker. He was walking up towards them with a big mischievous grin on his face and two cups of coffee in his hands.

“What’s up Jake?”

“Guess who’s coming to the office today.” He said as he handed (Y/N) their coffee.

“Hm… The Domino delivery guy?”


“A llama?”



“I wish, but no.”

“Okay, I don’t know Jake. Who’s coming today?”

“Your god, Daveed Diggs.”

(Y/N) almost spit out their coffee all over Jake at his words.


“Yup, he’s here on a visit.”

(Y/N) had admired Daveed Diggs for a while now. They had started to listen to Hamilton and fell for the beautiful man almost immediately. And who could blame them? He was handsome, funny, kind, smart and talented as hell. And now, they were full on trash. They listened to clippng. They watched his cover of Rubber Ducky whenever they got sad and had watched more videos of him than any other artist they listened to.

“Oh my god oh my god oh my god OH MY GOD!” (Y/N) exclaimed with a big smile on her face.

“Geez, calm down!”

“How am I supposed to be calm about this!? I mean, the Daveed Diggs is here! The hottest guy on Broadway is here and I might see his beauty up close! I mean, it’s one of the greatest rappers I’ve ever heard and he’s coming to my workplace! Oh my god, how do I look?” They ranted, running their hands through their hair.

“I think you look amazing.”

(Y/N) turned around in their chair at lightning speed. In front of her stood Daveed Diggs who wore a smirk on his face. (Y/N) wanted to fall into a hole right then. 

“H-Hi… Daveed.” They stuttered out. 

“Okay I’m out.” Said Jake and bolted. Thanks friend.

(Y/N) face was very red and they buried it in her hands. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude.”

“Wait, sorry! I didn’t mean to embarrass you! I thought it was cute!”

(Y/N) looked up at him again to see him looking a bit embarrassed himself even though he still wore a little smile on his face.


“I mean, you seemed like a nice person and I haven’t been able to find the person who was supposed to show me around here, so I was wondering if you could guide me?” He said, rubbing his neck. The heat in (Y/N)’s slowly disappeared.

“A-Alright, if you want me to.” (Y/N) stood up from their chair and calmed themselves down. “Now, where do you want to go?”

“Lead me the way, beautiful.”

“I thought celebrities didn’t flirt with fans.” They said as they started to walk next to Daveed.

“Can’t there be exceptions?”

(Y/N) blushed again. Stupid emotions. “Definitely.”


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Goner (Live)
  • Goner (Live)
  • Twenty One Pilots
  • Blurryface Tour 10.13.15


My phone ran out of video recording space while I was at my show, but I did possibly the smartest thing I’ve come up with in a while.

I started audio recording.

I recorded Goner live, and I listen to it whenever I’m having a bad day. To hear all the crowd singing along with Tyler brings a tear to my eye every time. We were all together in that moment, using music to overcome everything we’d been through.

Hopefully it helps you like it does me.

Basically I just keep changing. I like to keep contradicting myself, whether it’s in the style of music I’m playing or in writing lyrics. It’s games of contradiction that keep me interested in what I’m doing.
—  John Frusciante
protect & serve | sarley

The Commissioner had sent out a mass text, which meant something was super important. The only reason Sam was even bothering with his phone in all this chaos, with the people running around trying to leave as quickly as possible, was because he had recorded the entire thing. He hoped it would come in handy with the investigation that was undoubtedly going to ensue because of this incident, but at the moment there was something that needed to be addressed immediately: finding Marley.

Sam couldn’t blame her dad for worrying. With his job, it’s hard not to imagine some villain mastermind taking advantage of a high profile person’s family and knowing how to hit them where it hurts. But Marley was here, somewhere, and Sam was currently on the lookout for her - the same as a few of the other guys that were here somewhere. He definitely didn’t expect the night to turn into what it had. 

Through the crowd of people, he could’ve sworn he caught of glimpse of Marley, though he had to be quick and push his way through the crowd to get to her. He was constantly apologizing the entire way to her, trying not to get into anyone’s way too much. “Marley,” he called, waving his arm around to try and get her attention. “Hey, Marley! Over here,” he called again, hoping that she heard him over all the ruckus. 

Imagine Woozi’s mood immediately changing from frustrated and angry to calm and happy just by having you in his presence.

She’s very capable in the job she’s doing, and she’s also rather respected and yet she just crumbles in the face of this one guy who is a bit of an asshole about it.
—  Benedict Cumberbatch on Molly Hooper