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“I still don’t understand how famous people go on the internet.”

Clarke glances over at Bellamy, sees he’s on tumblr and his dashboard has presented him with a photoset of pictures of the two of them together, taken from Clarke’s instagram.

“The same way regular people do, but our computers are better and our connections are faster.”

He snorts. “You know that’s not what I meant.”

“Yeah, but I wanted to be a dick.” She leans in to check the tags on the post: #clarke griffin #clarke griffin’s incredibly hot boyfriend #seriously are we sure he’s not a model? #or some kind of perfect human specimen she had custom made for her in a hot guy lab? #does anyone know where this hot guy lab is? #asking for a friend. “Who is this person? Are you following them? Which account are you on?”

It’s not like he doesn’t use bb-hate anymore, but he has had to cut back. It’s not, exactly, that he has an internet presence he’s embarrassed of, it’s just that he has an internet presence he didn’t think anyone would ever care about. He curates hollywood-histories carefully, but his personal blog was just that. With his own name in use, it didn’t take long for the followers he had there to figure it out, and once one person started spreading the word among her fans, it caught on.

Apparently he’s not used to getting anons asking for threesomes.

So he’s largely abandoned that tumblr, only passed the new one along to mutuals he actually trusted, and he’s rebuilding a new kind of internet footprint.

“This is the one I made to stan for you,” he says, and she snorts.

“I forgot about that one.”

“I was just checking the Clarke Griffin tag, but I decided I wanted to start actually keeping up with some of the fansites and BNFs. See if there was anything–bad, I guess.”

“You know Raven does that, right?”

“We can both do it. You have plenty of weird fans to go around.”

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Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S7, Vol. 4

Slightly delayed, greatly enjoyed.

7x15 ‘Badda-Bing Badda-Bang’
- holy heck did I black out or something is that why I had not remembered reading “HEIST EPISODE” in @rainbowritesprimer?? AKA MY DREAM. not even this taking place in the Vic-world can bring me down!
- Vic: “I don’t look good in buckskin.”
  Miles: [chuckles way more than anticipated]

well 100% is there an inside joke here

- damn Vic’s just got a whole lot more interesting
- aww, Nog’s loyalty has been ACTIVATED. always one of his strongest traits.
- Frankie Eyes is what’s called a jack-in-the-box. Felix designed it. well I’ll be.
- Julian: “Vic Fontaine’s hotel has just been bought by…gangsters.”
  Sisko: “I see. When do you plan on going back to work?”


- omg, now Kasidy’s fretting about Vic’s too! Ben cannot believe these dweebs he lives with

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Prompt:  Can I request Kirk’s twin sister and with Chekov you’re badass like K. C is besotted with you. K keeps giving C pep talks because your birthday’s coming up and K always makes a big deal out of it. Set on the 5y miss you and C have always been a thing
Word Count: 619
NaNoWriMo Word Count: 16,709/50,000
Author’s Note: Yay birthday parties!!

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- he was the one who suggested the idea of matching!
- you two have like 30 ideas and can’t decide
- you finally decide on being a puppy and a kitty (zens going to hate u)
- you jump up behind him with a bloody scream mask and he yelps, loudly
- there are children staring at him and he’s bright red
- sees you holding a skeleton hanging decoration and decides to joke with you
- with fake tears- “mc tell me the truth… have you been cheating on me with him?”
- you glance down and look at him, keeping the joke going
- he’s been boning me for a while now… i thought you knew oppa
- you both burst out laughing
- he never expects dirty jokes from you but when you make them he thinks they’re gold
- also, you guys STOCK UP on candy
- at least four bags because you are not fuckin around, though at least one of those are going to be eaten as soon as you get home
- you two decide to do each other’s makeup and it’s a mess
- he can’t stop laughing when you’re trying to paint on the little puppy nose because it tickles
- when you mess up you just lick your thumb and wipe it off like a mom
- he’s very surprisingly GREAT at eyeliner
- but… awful at everything else, makeup wise
- doesn’t know how to use these tools (literally uses a beauty blender to apply your eyeshadow)
- when you two show up to the rfa’s Halloween party you are slaying the game
- throughout the night you two make cat-and-dog themed puns
- he also licks your face a lot when you’re not expecting it
- yoosung you stop that right MEOW
- “mc today’s been RUFF let me give you my love!!~”
- zen is watching from the corner with death in his eyes

- really wants to do some type of pop culture costumes
- matching Disney prince and princess??? YES
- you decide to be rapunzel and he’s Eugene
- as an actor, he REALLY gets into his character so for the next weeks he’s just going to Be Him
- it’s the night before and you decide to try on your dress
- you two end up dancing in the kitchen and your dress does that spinny pretty skirt thing and you love it?
- then you two are cuddling and drinking together while watching old Halloween movies and OH NO
- he spills wine all over your dress
- tries everything to get it out, but he can’t and now there’s a bright red stain on your pretty princess dress
- you promise him it’s fine and he apologizes a million times
- instead of moping though you two have an even better idea
- so, he goes out and buys a bunch of fake blood for you two
- the next day you two go outside with it all and have a fake blood fight
- he’s squirting it all over you and you can’t stop laughing trying to spray him back
- by the end you two are COVERED in blood stains
- well now seems like a good time for pumpkin carving right
- he carves his pumpkin to look like his face
- and you two cook the pumpkin seeds to bring them to the party later
- finally the party’s one hour away and you’re adding the finishing touches
- adding fake scars and bruises on each other
- you guys are now ZOMBIE rapunzel and eugene
- everyone likes your costumes, and think it’s very creative and unique
- great things really do come from mistakes !!
- near the end of the night you can bet he’s going to be playing seven minutes in heaven with you
- leaves a LOT of love bites and hickeys, but they go well with your costume
- also, he gets wasted on spooky cocktails


- she wasn’t really planning on dressing up but you manage to convince her
- she wants to be simple so you two made little milk-and-cookie themed dresses
- the day before you two go to a pumpkin patch and have lots of fun together just choosing the prettiest ones and talking about life
- you two set up the party yourselves
- decorating the whole house and all that jazz
- diy everything
- got a lot of decoration ideas from Pinterest
- going shopping with her is so nice because she knows exactly what she needs
- buys a lot of candy to hand out to trick or treaters
- she also picks the best movies for y'all to watch
- lots of snuggling and kissing and you take so many selfies w her
- late at night you two watch the stars together and decide to watch at least one scary movie
- it was too scary for both of you now and neither of you want to get up to go pee
- it’s ok you two will just protect each other from scary ghosts all night


- you’re red riding hood and he’s the big bad wolf
- he doesn’t wanna go overboard so he’s just wearing wolf ears and draws a little circle for his nose
- zen thinks this is VERY FITTING (all men are wolves)
- he has a lot of pumpkin candles around the house but that’s as far as he goes decoration-wise
- doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth so he just buys you a bunch of candy
- loootttssss of wine
- he lowkey wants to scare you so he just stands directly behind you while you’re texting
- when you notice him you SCREAM and ask wtf he was doing and he just smiles
- what a CREEP am I right dudes
- you two don’t stay long at the party because he doesn’t want you to be around too many drunk guys
- so he takes you out and you two have a romantic night at home
- he never really cared much for this holiday but with you it was wonderful
- anyways at the end of the night y'all are going straight to the bedroom
- for more spooky fun :)


- you two are definitely going trick or treating before the party
- he wants to go as one of those gross innuendo costumes
- so now you’re an outlet and he’s a plug
- he’s definitely the type to go TP someone’s house (zen……watch out)
- endless pranks
- when you wake up on Halloween morning he rubs your back and you turn around
- he’s wearing a really scary mask and u scream and accidentally kick him off the bed
- he tries to steal ur candy but you don’t let him
- at the party he just fucks around with everyone and tells a lot of jokes
- he holds you close to his side all night though
- at the end of the day it’s 3 AM and you two are watching awful scary movies and trading candy
- also he’s going to get really tipsy and try to have sex with you but then he falls asleep halfway through
- and of course, you draw on his face wth sharpie when he’s asleep

pls i love for beach scenarios w my fave characters it is my favorite thing ever

like I imagine shepard being the best and quickest swimmer ever, always turning pool parties and relaxation swims into a competition, making everyone mad at them but still refusing to stop

tali, garrus, liara and mostly all the aliens being incredibly bad at swimming or even refusing to go near the water, not understanding why humans have this need to go inside a giant water tank

miranda bringing those blow up mattresses and huge bottles of sunscreen with her, laying underneath the sun for a few hours reading magazines only to occasionally stand up and go get herself some cocktails

jack always being way too active for everyone to keep up with her, offering to play games all the time and never getting out of the water

ashley and kaidan just sitting near the water and thinking about all their friends that are having so much fun, how they haven’t seen them like this in ages, and chatting with all the others


The longer they spent just the two of them, she surer Stella was that they made the right decision. Mrs. C wasn’t around a lot, so they could do so many things they wouldn’t be able to do at home. Just being together was enough for Stella. It was her and her sister against the world, and she indulged in kissing her at every chance she could get, even if they were out in public. It was like they were invisible–nameless girls who were twins only if someone looked hard enough, but no one ever did. It was freeing. Stella felt happier than she had in her entire life. 

The drama from her horrific night of partying had faded in their rearview. Stella was still sipping on wine and the occasional cocktail just to keep her from getting sick, but she was a highly functioning semi-alcoholic. She had been on her best behavior to make it up to her sister. Being sweet didn’t come naturally, but for Andy she would change. She found herself saying cheesy things and blushing, or picking flowers from someone’s yard to bring home to her. Love songs on the radio reminded her of Andy. Piano melodies wrote themselves in her head for Andy. She was in love with her sister; head over heels. 

Which is why she found herself on the beach, holding on to Andy’s hand for dear life. “I don’t know about this, An,” Stella said with a nervous shake of her head, “I’m not a good swimmer. I grew up in the city. I haven’t even been in a pool since I was a kid.” Their toes were right at the shore, and Stella wrapped herself around Andy, hugging her from behind and relishing in how much their skin touched in their bikinis, but still very wary of the water, looking over her sister’s shoulder at it. She was trying to pull her back, but it was like the other girl was drawn to the water. Stella knew Andy grew up with it, surfing and all that stuff, and she was more than happy to sit on the sand and watch. “Do I really have to go in?” she questioned with a little wine, squeezing Andy tighter and pulling her back a little. “What if seaweed touches me?” Yeah Stella was being a big baby about it, but her concerns were valid. “What if I get stuck in one of those cyclone things?”