things to blow your mind

Things that will blow your mind:

1. “One Shot” did not win a music show, in fact, B.A.P never won a music show until 1004, when they were finally payed by their company for over 3 years of work, a measly $16 000.

2. Despite being nominated for Best New Male Artist and Artist of the Year in 2012 and receiving Mnet PD’s Choice Award that year, B.A.P have never been invited to MAMA.

I was utterly disinterested in those two after seeing TFA. Then @hollyhark​ came along, grabbed my ankle, and pulled me into the rabbit hole that is kylux by giving her Hux such a fascinating personality + character development. Especially the third installment of her brillant CWU series delivers on that front like WHOA and inspired me to paint The Thing. THANK YOU, HOLLY, your writing skills blow my mind.

have you ever wanted to use a certain screenshot in an edit, but the lighting was just Not Working For You™? ever wondered how to fix it? i know i did :/

so lemme just blow your minds.

things you need:

  • any version photoshop (anything cs or above, pretty much)
  • your transparent image you want to change the lighting of
  • various different images of the SAME person in the previous image with the right lighting
  • patience

instructions under the cut!

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5 New Characters You Should Get to Know Before Outlander Returns in 2017
We still have a while to go until Outlander finally returns for its third season in 2017, but thankfully we have a few big things to look forward to. In
By Quinn Keaney

We still have a while to go until Outlander finally returns for its third season in 2017, but thankfully we have a few big things to look forward to. In addition to shocking surprises that will blow your mind and more hot scenes between Claire and Jamie, the upcoming season is bringing in a handful of new and important characters. Remember that whole time jump business? Well, it means a few of our faves won’t be returning (Fergus can’t stay little forever, unfortunately). Luckily for all of us, the new additions to the storyline seem plenty interesting.

John Bell as Young Ian Murray
You might remember John Bell from his roles in Wrath of the Titans and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, which helped him get cast as Young Ian Murray. Ian is Jamie’s gangly, stubborn Scottish nephew (the son of Jamie’s sister, Jenny) who can’t seem to keep out of trouble. With charm and a taste for adventure, Ian takes after Jamie, and we’ll likely see him grow up to be just like his uncle as the series evolves.

Cesar Domboy as a Grown-Up Fergus
Although we’re sad to know that we’ll no longer be seeing the adorable Romann Berrux on screen, at least he has a pretty hunky successor. French actor Cesar Domboy, who appeared in Robert Zemeckis’s The Walk, is taking over as the grown-up version of Fergus due to season three’s time jump. Hopefully he’ll be just as mischievous as ever.

Hannah James as Geneva Dunsany
Hollywood newcomer Hannah James has been tapped to play the eldest Dunsany sister, Geneva. The daughter of Lord and Lady Dunsany, Geneva had a spoiled upbringing marred by tragedy thanks to the death of her older brother, Gordon, who perished in the Jacobite Rising of 1745. She’s further described as being as “beautiful as she is headstrong,” which sounds a lot like Claire, doesn’t it? Her personality will contrast sharply with that of her little sister, Isobel (Tanya Reynolds), who is “warm, friendly, and genuine” and “inherently more likable.”

Wil Johnson as Joe Abernathy
The Walking Dead alum Wil Johnson has been cast as Joe Abernathy, a doctor-in-training who Claire hits it off with while attending medical school in 20th century Boston. Although he faces the hardships of being black in Civil Rights-era America, he’s smart, charming, and funny, and quickly becomes one of her closest confidantes.

Lauren Lyle as Marsali
Remember Laoghaire? The one who turned Claire into the authorities for being a witch so she could have Jamie all to herself? Well, it turns out she’ll have an 18-year-old daughter in season three, played by Lauren Lyle. The English actress’s character has a “rebellious and romantic mind,” just like her mom, and in the books, she has a romantic connection with Fergus. Keep your eyes peeled for any sparks between them!

anonymous asked:

Hi, so here's the thing. I adore your work, but you know what also blows my mind? Your organizing skills. I've only discovered you two weeks ago but I'm blown away how neat you handle everything surrounding this fic, including the posting schedule, the asks, this blog. It's amazing really, and you are so relaxed and heartfelt happy about every response from your readers. Please feel praised, you are a tripple chocolate cookie kind of author.

Omg thank you so much! I’m just still in awe because there’s so much amazing positivity around my fic and everyone is so interactive with it which is every fic writers dream!

What a Night

Author: assbutt-the-fallen-angel (Me)

Original Imagine Link: x

Warnings: Cussing, Spiders

Word Count: 1,243

Link to Fic: x


Okay this is the first Supernatural imagine I have written and I think it came out cute! Let me know what you think.(: Thanks for reading and feel free to request one of your own!

You sluggishly slump through the front entrance of the motel, walking behind Sam and Dean. The three of you have been cooped up in the impala for hours listening to Deans music blasting over the speakers.

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😴 But I love working.

Did you see that? No, but Bard’s wife will be introduced soon (with more elves). No, she did not die. I know this because I read the book. You know, working on TKWR Trilogy, I’ve learned a lot. Let’s just say there’s enough to keep real Middle-Earth going forever (done properly). Lots of things that would blow your mind and want to read a crate of books. Unless you get bored easily. I can’t wait. Back to rest. My fever went back up. 😏 I can’t rest when it comes to work. It’s an addiction, writing.

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My ex was everything I loved, everything I’d wished for, everything I’d prayed to God for when I was younger and was all, “Dear God, if you are preparing a husband for me, can I make a few requests? May he be:

Funny” Was he? Oh yes. He had me snorting food out of my nose so many times.

“Creative” He could do things with scrap fabric and post-its and PVC pipe that could blow your mind. Maybe not the most artistic or pretty in presentation, but I didn’t ask God for that… I didn’t care, but others did, and that always made me feel bad that others didn’t care for what he’d worked hard on, considered it “Trashy” instead of creative and clever.

“Hard-working” He worked til dawn more often than not.

“Smart” He knew a lot of things, and liked that he knew what he knew. 

“And most of all, let him love You more than he loves me.” I believed that would make sure he loved me the right way, you know? 

I should have clarified what I meant by “love”.

I should have said “open-minded and willing to learn” instead of “smart”.

I should have said “have a healthy attitude towards work/a good work ethic, without sacrificing important time at home.”

Creative… there we were okay, I think.If we weren’t broke, he could have made better looking things, I think. But then, I didn’t put “rich” on the list…

Funny… maybe more kindly-funny instead of sarcastic and passive-aggressive funny. 

Be careful what you wish for, I guess.