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It All Starts & Ends With a Bite





(Was going to be too long, needed to be two parts)

Summary: British Girl who ends up being part of Ricks group since the beginning, now at the prison after everybody joined from Woodberry.

The prison was working. It was safe now the Governor had left with his tail between his legs, he hasn’t been seen since. Not like that stopped Michonne from searching for him, after everything he did she didn’t want him to get away that easily, he didn’t deserve to keep living. Things were different now, our little family had now grown, all those who survived Woodberry joined us. Our small group was now a community, the prison was now a safe haven for those who we could trust that would fit in. We have a council that was made of members for our group and some from Woodberry: Hershel, Carol, Daryl, Glenn and Sasha. Rick needed a break, all the responsibility got to be too much for him. 

Everybody had a job to do, you all was given shifts, managing and maintaining the fences, cooking, cleaning, going out on runs, patrolling, on watch and farming. Your job was mainly taking it in shifts looking after baby Judith with Beth, being on watch, managing and maintaining the fences and once in a while, when he notices you’re going stir-crazy, Daryl will take you out on runs.

Your friendship with Daryl was still strong, since the day you met to now. You was the first person who saw the real him, you believe in him even when he didn’t believe in himself. You also always had his back, never fake or two-faced like so many had been in his past. That’s why Daryl didn’t really let many people in, he was afraid people would end up hurting him, even when he made out  he wasn’t afraid of anything and he didn’t care about people. However he let you in, your friendship was something he actually cared about and you stood by him. 

Recently Glenn and Daryl found a group of people walking through the town. The group consisted of the left overs of three small families that survived their hometown together, they was moving from place to place looking for a secure place to stay. Having plenty of room at the prison, Glenn and Daryl asked them the three questions, passing inspection they was brought back to the prison. You’ll never forget that day, it was another typical summer day in Georgia, you was out  near the farm looking after Judith. Holding and comforting her while Rick and Carl work on the crops. Out in your high waist ripped denim short shorts and black lace camisole, black converse, hair up in a messy bun, your throwing knives strapped to your right thigh and your survival knife holstered to your side.

You heard the roaring engine of Daryl’s bike, he was nearly home. Getting excited you walk with Judith towards the front of the prison, wanting to welcome him back home, he left before breakfast. Stopping at the end of the prison road, you see Daryl on his bike and Glenn in the pick up truck not far behind, Maggie was already at the gate, ready to let them in. She opened the gates, Daryl speeds through and Glenn followed shortly after. Closing the gate she runs after Glenn, they stop up the road close to where you were, Glenn jumps out the car and runs down to meet Maggie. You realize something was different, there was new people in the truck and in the back. Hesitant, your hold on Judith tightens. Daryl dismounts his bike and repositions himself, looking at you he sees your apprehension as the group disembarking the truck. He calmly walks over to you, you was distracted inspecting the newbies, Daryl steps before you blocking your scrutinizing stare. “We found them on the road….. They're gonna stay here with us, for now.” You look into his eyes still tense, not saying a word back. He reaches out for Judith, carefully getting a good grip and tears her from your stiffen body. Lifting her in the air and in a sweet voice says “How’s ma little Asskicker? She’s getting big…” Admiring him taking an interest in Judith helped you to snap out of your nervous state. “She’s good… Aren’t you my little junebug? Growing up so fast…. Uncle Daryl should be thankful he doesn’t have to carry you everywhere, oh yes he should.” You say in you’re gentle voice as you stroke Judith’s back. He then places Judith on his hip and stands shoulder to shoulder with you looking out at the new members.

There was eight all together. The first family was the Jones: The father William, his wife Ava and their 23 year old son Brandon. He was an only child. The second Family was the Andersons: The mother Abigail, her husband Owen was killed a few months ago protecting his wife and two sons, 22 year old Mark and 19 year old Kris. The third family was the Millers: The mother Charlotte was a single mother of three, 22 year old daughter Avery, 20 year old son Connor and a 12 year old daughter Skylar, Skylar is the only living child Charlotte has left. Avery went for a walk with Brandon, looking for food, a few weeks ago and never came back. Brandon told everyone that they got separated and she got surround by walkers. Connor was accidently killed by friendly fire last week.

Watching the new comers, your instincts was telling you something was off. “Do you trust them Daryl?“ You ask innocently. “Yah, they seem nice, don’t really know them.. yet… why?” Daryl was questioning the motive to your query, knowing there was a hidden agenda to your question. “No reason, I was just wondering.. if you picked up on anything is all.” Daryl looked at you suspiciously, knowing damn well that there was more to it. “You picked up on somethin’?” Staring them down, you take a deep breath. “Yeah my intuition is tell me not to trust them. There is something wrong, I’m not sure what it is.. yet, I just can’t put my finger on it.” You answer searching yourself for the reason you felt this way. Daryl starts to tease you "Like the time you had a bad feelin’ about Shane?“ You face him looking unimpressed and acting offended you say "If I remember clearly… I was right, I said it from day one, the man was unstable!! Only cause it took you and Dale till Hershel’s farm to notice, I was the ‘paranoid’ one!!” Snatching Judith off Daryl you comment with your eyebrows raised “I was right then and I’m right now. So keep an eye out!” Nodding to him, you storm off.

On your march with the baby you hear your name being called from behind you, you halt and glance behind you. You make out in the distance Glenn running up the dirt road, waving to make sure he had your attention. finally catching up to you, panting, trying to catch his breath, looking like he needed something from you. “Y/N can you take the group for a tour of the prison? I would, but Maggie needs help on her shift, there are a few men down.” He enquires looking back at Maggie who is introducing herself to the group. “Well.. I would Glenn, but I need to find Beth, it’s her shift with Judith.” Truthfully you really couldn’t be Arsed, you had Judith since six this morning, you was finally off the clock. However Glenn saw straight through your skimpy excuse. “Can’t you take them around on the way to find Beth?” Check and mate, he had you, you couldn’t really get out of that logic, not that you didn’t try to think of another excuse but your mind went blank. “Yeah, fine Glenn, I’ll do it because it’s you.” It may not be what you wanted to do on your time off, yet on the other hand it gave you an opportunity to figure out why they gave you such a creepy vibe.

During the beginning of the tour you learn that these three families have been neighbours since their children were toddlers, they grew up together and the families did everything together. The longer you was with them, the more you picked up on something which was quite disturbing, the parents where in fear of their sons. It wasn’t blatantly obvious, but if you took note you could see the signs. The biggest one being they was always trying to keep the boys happy, they acted like they was walking on eggshells, afraid to do or say anything that may upset them.

Showing the families around, searching for Beth to pass on the duty of looking after little Junebug, you couldn't keep up with all the things that was going on around you. The three lads was always close behind you, you could feel their eyes scanning your body. They was always whispering to one another while staring you down with harshly lustful eyes, everything they did made you feel uncomfortable, definitely since Judith was in the middle of it. The one who freaked you out the most was Brandon, he seemed to be the Alpha of the lads.  

After half way through the prison you bump into Beth, all their eyes shot to her, they swarmed around her asking her questions. On viewing the scene you became extremely protective, Beth looked like a lamb surrounded by bloodthirsty wolves. You had to get her out of this situation. “Hey Beth I need to talk to you about Judith.” You hinted as you pull on sleeve, actually having to pull her out from among them. 

Marching up the long corridor, Beth in one hand, Judith in the other. Stopping at a safe distance, you stand with your back to Brandon, Mark and Kris, blocking the arseholes view of Beth and you had Judith on your chest, shielding her too. “What do you need to tell me about Judith?” You frown at her dismayed. “Nothing really, I just don’t trust them guys, I don’t want Judith or you near them!” You stressed, your voice taut, trying your hardest not to sound demanding. Beth didn’t take it well, “I will decide for myself Y/N!!” she barks back, scowling at you. “Beth! Don’t tell me you enjoyed being swarmed by those dickheads? Beth, that is NOT the type of attention you want!! They are dangerous!!” You argue, looking disgusted by the notion of her liking these tossers all over her. “F/N you are not my mother, you’re not much older than me, I am old enough to look after myself.” You take a deep breath and bite your tongue, frustrated, having her best interests at heart, all she heard was you saying that she doesn’t have the right to make her own choices. You could understand, living in a strict household and in this world, her freedom got shorter and shorter. “Fine Beth. But please don’t spend time with them alone, at least till you know them PROPERLY!!” You state, hoping that would give you a long enough time to unveil to everyone their true colours. On that note, you pass Judith to her and walk back down the corridor to carry on with the tour.


It had been over a week, you was now living with eyes in the back of your head. Regularly felt like you was being stalked, wherever you looked at least one of them was there, constantly feeling like you were being watched. To make matters worse, you was having to watch Beth’s back also, without her knowledge. The lads were good at charming people, however you saw straight through that act. You wasn’t going let your guard down, you needed to be ready to catch them up to no good. However you didn’t go around warning people, you kept it to yourself, you knew eventual people will see their true colours, you just needed to be patient.

You spent most of your time around people, it was safer that way. When you was being followed by Brandon, Mark and Kris you would locate Daryl and if Daryl was on a run then you find Rick. One night after going to the toilet in the dark, quiet empty halls, they was up and about the prison, spotting you they slowly followed you. Scared you hurried to Daryl’s cell waking him up, you actually begged to stay the night with him, he wasn’t impressed, yet on sensing your fear he agreed. He asked you what got you this worked up, in a croaky voice you told him you didn’t want to talk about. That night you fell asleep hugging Daryl's arm that was draped over your body, guarding you.


It has been three weeks now, it had been a living nightmare, they have for the most part left you alone but their eyes had moved to Beth. You determined to protect her, you gave her extra shifts that she reluctantly except. Yes you wasn’t her favourite person right now, you didn’t care what she thought, felt or said about you, her friendship wasn’t as important as her safety. She will forgive you and may even thank you in the long run. The logic behind your plan was the more attention she uses on Judith, the less attention will be on the new lads. Giving you the free time to keep an eye on the guys, to make sure they don’t go anywhere near them.


On a cooler day, Daryl and Tyreese shipped out on a small run in the morning. It was your shift with the baby, Beth was helping Hershel with some work, everything was going well, no reason to worry about anyone. Daryl was due back the same time as your shift finishes, he wanted to take you hunting when he got back after tea, you was so eager to get away and let loose.

The morning flew by, you whisked Judith over to Hershel and Beth. Leaving Judith in their capable hands. Hungry you head for the cafeteria for tea, knowing most people will be there. You take a fire exit, which is your secret short cut, which brings you to the edge of the prison and takes you for a  short walk around the building to the next cell block. Coming to the exit, you was confused by the door, it wasn’t shut properly. You push the door open feeling uneasy, hand on the ready to draw your knife, you quietly creep in to examine the area. There was nothing there, still weary, you walk down the wide path.

Approaching the end of the block, following the path to go around the corner. You turn left to see Brandon, Mark and Kris leaning on the wall. You stand still startled, they all turn their attention to you, all having a depraved look on their faces, smiling at you wickedly. That’s when it hit you, they was waiting for you, your face went from startled to terrified in a minute flat. They slowly advanced towards you, aware of what was happening you gasp and take three strides backwards, you turn around and run back the way you came. Like a pack of wolves, enticed by their prey running, they hunt you down. They catch up to you in seconds, not giving up, you keep running. Kris passes you and cuts you off, not allowing you to leave the guys encircle you, there was no way of escape. 

You stare at each of them, giving them daggers, showing them the most intimidating scowl you could.Trying to prove to them that this prey, will not be going down with a fight, your hand comes down to your side and withdrawers the knife. Holding the knife in a reverse grip, bringing that arm across your face, prepared for the battle to come. The lads all look at each over, waiting for the signal from Brandon. Brandon nods his head, in an instant Mark charges willing towards you, his hand grabs your arm stopping you from stabbing him, causing you to grunt and you work on pushing your knife down. Not able to over power his hold on your arm, you punch him in the stomach with your free hand with all the power you could muster. He crouches down, to cradle his tender stomach, feeling the grip on your arm go weak, you use your free hand to push your other hand down, pushing the knife into Marks shoulder and kick him away. While you was distracted with Mark, Kris crept behind you. Once you was free from Mark, Kris snaked his arms through yours holding you back, making you inhale in fear. Brandon walked towards you with his hands out, you kicked him away giving you enough momentum to head butt Kris’ nose, pushing him into the wall behind. Brandon gets back up with his hand aiming for your neck, with Kris’ nose most likely broken and bleeding, Kris lets go to assess the damage you’ve caused. Giving you back your freedom to fight back, you stab through Brandon’s hand as he lunges towards you, screaming in disbelief he drops to his knees. Seizing the opportunity, you pull the blade out, ready to make a break for it, you didn’t see that Mark was back up. He punches you in the head, forcing you to fall to the ground. All of them not wiling to give up, having you right where they wanted you, putting aside their pain as they surrounded you.

All this just fuelled them, causing them to be fiercer and more determined to make you pay. Screaming you try to get up and fight again, they wouldn't let you, they kept kicking you down. You swing your knife at their legs in defence, you managed to slash Mark’s leg. Witnessing this, Kris kicked the knife out of your hand. The knife landed at Brandon’s feet, he picked it up, with that Mark and Kris at either side of you pinned you down your shoulders and arms. You screamed, struggled and squirmed, desperately wanting to break free from their grip. Brandon stands above of you, looking down on your body with your knife in his hand, he licks his lips and shakes his head “Y/N, Y/N, Y/N…. There’s no point fighting this, its gonna happen….” He tries to kick your legs apart, determined with all your might you clench them closed. Urgently needing to be inside, he places a foot on top of your thighs and pushes it down, enabling him to get in-between to make enough of a gap to get his hands in to yank your legs open. Against your will he keeps them open long enough to kneel between them and carries on “…So you can spend all your time and strength fighting it or you can lie back and enjoy it!!” On hearing that you look at him disgusted, though on the inside you was sick with fear and could feel tears start to well up, but you didn’t want to give him the satisfaction, so you spit in his face. Unimpressed Brandon wipes the spit from his face and brags “Oh hold her down good guys, I’m gonna enjoy this!” You shudder the tears start to stream down your face.

Leaning over you he takes your knife in one hand and with the other he holds the bottom of your top, using the blade he runs it through your vest, you shrill at the top of your lungs as he catches your skin with the knife. Brandon pushes his free hand over your mouth, you shake your head gasping for air, cry out in agony into his hand as he slices through your delicate skin, using the knife to hook under your bra, between your breasts, with the blade he pulls the bra away from your chest then saws through the fabric, causing the bra to fly open exposing your breasts. You look down to see blood trickling from your chest and stomach. Brandon takes his hand off your mouth and kneels back between your legs. You became distraught watching them all ogle your body and fight over your bare breasts and skin.

Brandon was ready for more, not wanting to waste anymore time, he went for the button to your shorts, undoing the button, he works on pulling them down. “NO!!!! STOP!!!! STOP!!!!” You cry out pleading, striving to break free, aware what was going to happen next. Without loosing the battle against your legs, Brandon was not able to pull the shorts down enough to achieve his goal. Sticking to what’s easy and works, he brings the blade to the opening to your shorts and drags it through the middle of the fabric and through your most sensitive parts, which generated an unearthly outcry to pass your lips. The Denim now in half and your knickers torn in two, giving him easy access, Brandon secures you in place by pressing you down by your core as he opens his jeans with his wounded hand and pulls out his excited cock. Excepting was about happen you turn your head to your side, eyes tightly closed, silently crying.

Your whole body tenses up, as you feel Brandon climb over you, hastily aligns himself with your centre. Hysterical you use the heels of your feet you push into the ground, hoping to escape from him, which didn’t work, Kris and Mark weighed you down making you immovable. Screaming and wailing, praying that someone will hear you, for that was the only way you was going to get out of this now.

You screech in pain as he slams his hips into you, brutally pushing his full member through your tight tense walls, Mercilessly and relentlessly pounds in to you, tearing his way through your walls. Your body reacts by going into spasm while gasping in agony with every thrust. You could hear them all laugh at your bodies natural reactions, claiming that you were loving it “She’s so wet!!”  "Look she’s loving it!!“  “I told you that you’ll enjoy it, you dirty little whore!!” “I think she wants more!!” Outward you wasn’t able to utter a word but on the inside you was internally yelling ‘Please!…. Just Kill Me!… Oh God, Please, Kill Me!… I Beg Of You!… Please!… God Please Kill Me!…. PLEASE SOMEBODY KILL ME!!!!‘ 

You could sense that Brandon was close, he wasn’t going to last any longer, the thought of him cuming in you made you nauseous. Sadly there was something worse about to happen if he didn’t stop, something you would never be able to live with, nor forgive yourself for, you was going to involuntarily orgasm. Though you didn’t want him to but on the other hand if he did cum first he may finish before you do. However that may not be a guarantee, what if they all want a go? Passed among them to be used and thrown away like a toy. Then a orgasm seems to be the likely outcome. Yet you would rather die than give them the gratification of knowing that they made you climax. To have them witness something so special, so beautiful, so personal it would be torture to live with.

All hope is lost, you could feel yourself build, disgusted with the situation and your body, you scream out loud in objection. Loosing the energy, no longer able to protest, you let go. Feeling yourself die inside, just an empty shell, the consciousness switching off. You close your eyes waiting for it to be over. You become confused as you felt lighter and cold as you look down to see what’s changed…….



When the sorcerer found the dragon, it was attacking a grape.

This was only possible because the dragon was not much larger than a grape itself, but she still had to do a double take to be sure the object it was fighting with such animosity was in fact inanimate.

She crouched so that her eyes were level with the top of the table and squinted at it. The dragon sank its tiny fangs into the grape’s skin and gave a great tug, succeeding only in throwing it and the grape into a backwards tumble. The tiny green reptile rolled to a stop with its whole body wrapped around the grape and shook its head ferociously, managing to pull its teeth out but also launching the grape across the table. It gave a mighty roar of anger (about as loud as a human clearing their throat) and stalked after it, tail swishing dangerously.

“Do you need help?” she offered.

The dragon froze mid-prowl and whipped its head around to look at her, looking so offended she almost apologized for asking.

“I mean, I could peel it for you, if that’s the problem.” She wasn’t sure it was getting the message. One could never tell how much human language these little creatures picked up by hanging around the magic labs. Some understood only such essentials as “scat!” or “oh fuck, that sure did just explode”, while others could hold entire conversations — if they deigned to interact.

This one looked like it was deciding whether she was worthy. Finally, it sniffed daintily and flicked its tail, scales clacking together. “Little monster is my prey, and you can’t have it. Found it first. Will devour it!”

“Oh, sure,” she agreed. “But you know it’s a grape, right?”

This was the wrong thing to say. It glared at her and then bounded away to the other end of the table, where it slithered up to the grape and pounced on it.

Grape and dragon promptly rolled off the edge of the table.

The sorcerer quickly went around to that side, alarmed that it would be stepped on. The labs were bustling with shoppers stopping by to watch demonstrations this time of day, and a small dragon wouldn’t be easily visible on the blue and green tiled floor.

“Horrible! Dirty!” The tiny dragon was screeching at the top of its lungs, holding onto its prey for dear life. It would have been hard to hear anyway, with all the noise of the labs, but with the sorcerer’s diminished hearing it took several seconds to locate the screaming creature.

She scanned the pattern of the tiles for it and sighed. “Oh, hold on, we mopped this morning.” She cupped her hands around it and deposited it into her skirt pocket, an indignity the dragon endured only with more screaming.

“An outrage! Put me down!”

“Shh,” she advised. Lab workers were strongly discouraged from bringing creatures into the back rooms, which was where she was heading, picking her way through the crowded front lab.

“Fuck pockets!” her pocket responded.

“Oh, you can curse. Wonderful.”

The dragon seemed to take this as an actual compliment. “Am multitalented. Can also compose poetry.”

“Really? Can I hear some?”

“No. For dragon ears only.” It sounded viciously pleased to hold this over her head. The bulge in her pocket rearranged itself, and she thought it might be trying to gnaw on the grape.

She felt herself smiling even as she tried to squash her mouth into a straight line. She liked this little bad-tempered thing, even though its spiky feet were digging into her thigh.

In the much quieter kitchen of the back rooms behind the lab, she transferred the wriggling, scaly handful from her pocket to the table. The dragon hissed out a few more insults as it got up and straightened itself out, but its jaw fell open when it finally took in its surroundings. She’d set it down next to the fruit bowl.

“There you go. Food mountain.”

The dragon’s shock didn’t last long. Abandoning the grape, it scraped and scrabbled its way up the side of the bowl and from there onto an apple, its claws leaving tiny puncture marks as it hiked to the top of the arrangement. “Food mountain!” It repeated, its gleeful crowing much clearer and almost sing-song without having to compete with the noise of the crowd.

She watched it turn in a circle, surveying the feast. “But… cannot eat it all,” it observed after a while, crestfallen. “Human-sized. Big shame.”

“Don’t you have nest-mates who can help you with it?” she asked. She had assumed not, from the way it had apparently been foraging for food on its own, but she needed to be sure she’d found a loner.

“No nest. No mates. No nest-mates. You’re rude.” It flopped down ungracefully, wings spread out flat on the apple like it was trying to hug the entire much-larger fruit.

She gave it a moment to be dramatic, and then offered it the grape, minus the peel. “You seem to have a good grasp on human-speak.”

It grabbed the grape without so much as a thank you. “Yes. Have composed poetry in both Dragonese and Humanese. Not for humans to hear, though.” Bragging cheered it up a little.

“You mentioned. I can’t hear very well, anyway.” She pulled up a stool and sat down. “Actually, I’ve been looking for a helper.”

“An assistant,” it said, apparently showing off its Humanese. “An attendant. An aid.”

She watched it bury its snout in the grape, juice dribbling down onto the apple it sat on. “Yes. A hearing aid. How would you feel about having a job?”

It smiled craftily. “Would feel positively, if job comes with chocolate chips.”

“It could,” she said, grinning. She had some friends who employed bird-sized dragons as messengers, but this was the first time she’d heard of one negotiating its salary for itself. “It certainly could. What’s your name?”

“Peep,” said Peep. “It is self-explanatory.”

“Don’t worry, I got it.”

Peep expressed its doubt that humans ever got anything, but she thought the tiny, prickly creature might be warming up to her.

fandoms doing their thing
  • naruto fandom: yelling about which female character is the worstest
  • bleach fandom: angrily hissing at themselves and each other and being super salty over really little things
  • one piece fandom: sobbing into a pillow about whatever the hell's going on with sanji
  • fairy tail fandom: alternating between which ship they feel like fighting about and getting angry at cleavage
  • attack on titan fandom: explodes once a month in a burst of glory before immediately forgetting it ever existed
  • steven universe fandom: everything is problematic except what i like
  • jojo's bizarre adventure fandom: spent the last 29 years trying to figure out the plot; still hasn't gotten anywhere
  • yuri!!! on ice fandom: so gay very homosexual much wow
  • gravity falls fandom: slowly sinking into an existential crisis (possibly five existential crises)
  • my hero academia fandom: anxiously quadruple-checking saisai-chan's blog to see if there's anything new
  • yu-gi-oh! fandom: probably still confused about pot of greed??? idk lots of memes about hair
  • puella magi madoka magica fandom: crying about gays
  • ouran high chool host club fandom: pressed up against the window like creepers but no one notices
  • fullmetal alchemist fandom: but is it legal in japan????? no??? how about germany????? how about germany in 1912?????
  • pokémon fandom: still trying to catch 'em all
  • danganronpa fandom: all your faves are dead
  • game of thrones fandom: all your faves are dead or suffering
  • lord of the rings fandom: may or may not have ceased to exist altogether
  • doctor who fandom: hiding from the supernatural and sherlock fandoms
  • supernatural fandom: hiding from the sherlock and doctor who fandoms
  • sherlock fandom: hiding from the doctor who and supernatural fandoms
  • superwholock fandoms: sitting in a dark room, rubbing their hands together, and giggling maniacally
  • harry potter fandom: desperately awaiting the sweet release of death (or the next fantastic beasts movie)
  • hayao miyazaki fandom: anime was a mistake
  • voltron fandom: obsessing over keith, lance, klance, pidge's gender identity, shiro's ptsd, and allura's allura
  • rwby fandom: watching the bumbleby and black sun fans viciously circling each other like angry coyotes
  • dragon ball fandom: very tired at this point
  • abridged fandom: y u no update
  • star vs. the forces of evil fandom: the most passive aggressive ship warring i've ever seen tbh
  • avatar fandom: still bitching about zutara and makkora i guess idk
  • buffy the vampire slayer fandom: peering out from behind trees, probably waiting for the sun to sink
  • avengers fandom: either bickering about tony stark, screaming at sharon carter's existence, or dead inside
  • durarara!! fandom: fuck fascinating characters, development, and story; i want unhealthy gays
  • baccano! fandom: softly sobbing in the distance
  • warrior cats fandom: trying to pretend they never existed to begin with
  • rick riordan fandom: has either read every single thing he's ever written or gave up years ago
  • rave master fandom: sniggering as the fairy tail fandom loses its shit again
  • twilight fandom: rewriting the series so it doesn't suck as much and/or making cactus jokes
  • over the garden wall fandom: listening to "into the unknown" and sobbing
  • discworld fandom: secure in their superior sense of humor but sad because a great man has left us
  • a series of unfortunate events fandom: aggressively glowering at anything related to the movie
  • seven deadly sins fandom: confused af right now
  • vamp! fandom: has the best vampires ever created and fucking knows it
  • seraph of the end fandom: thinks they have the best vampires ever created (and are incorrect bc vamp! exists)
  • his dark materials fandom: making dæmons for themselves, their ocs, and literally anybody
  • star trek fandom: speaking in kling-on or whatever
  • star wars fandom: kylo ren discourse
  • miraculous ladybug fandom: arguing over which of four ships is the best even though they're all the same two people
  • thomas sanders fandom: deeply in love with thomas sanders bc it's really hard not to be
  • So the patronus isn’t straight up taught in Hogwarts, as a wise professor once said, it’s a ‘highly advanced spell, well beyond O.W.L level’
  • But you know, this is the marauders, the rebellious little nerds that we all know and love.
  • So James got hold of a book from  the library one day about how to do the patronus and it seemed very cool. Not the whole fighting dementors part, but the distant and simple communication? priceless for a marauder.
  • And so they all stayed up one night trying to learn how to do it.
  • Sirius was actually the first to successfully do the spell. He had spent the last hour lavishly flinging his wand in the air shouting ‘Expecto Patronum!’ to no avail. Them Remus told him he should try to think of a happier memory.
  • He thought of the first time he had called Euphemia Potter ‘mum’. It had been an accident and had really just slipped out. He had been so embarrassed. But none of the Potter’s seemed to have noticed. A few moments later James had turned over to Sirius and said.’Could you pass your brother the salt then?’
  • And Sirius had never felt more part of a family in his life.
  • He was so engrossed in the memory he didn’t even notice the frantic black dog shoot out to his wand and knock Peter onto his backside.
  • Peter was next, he was thinking of the moment when some of the Slytherins had been bullying him earlier one day in first year and he had been crying down by the lake all afternoon, only to have Remus come up and sit behind him, rubbing his back and comforting him. Then Sirius and James had pushed the Slytherins into the Black lake right in front of him. How they had laughed. Real friends.
  • The small rat that scurried out of Peter’s wand that night was the first and last one Peter could ever produce. This was 6th year and soon the war became to much for the young boy.
  • Standing next to a struggling James, Remus was viciously whispering and flicking his wrists over and over again. ‘Expecto Patronum. Expecto Patronum. Expecto f’fucks sake. This is hopeless.’
  • ‘You can do it Moony.’ Sirius smiled.
  • Remus thought about the first time he had kissed the stupid black haired Gryffindor in front of him. Sirius had been stealing something out of one of the cupboards along the school corridors when Remus had caught him on prefect rounds.
  • Looking back on it Remus couldn’t help but laugh at how unsubtle Sirius had been about the whole thing. ‘Oh, we seem to have bumped into each other Moons’ ‘What a coincidence.’ Remus of course had just assumed Sirius was trying to tease him into giving him detention, something Remus would never do, and had ended up getting pretty annoyed and flustered about being this close to Sirius in a small space and omg he could feel the heat of his skin and ah this was too much and he couldn’t stop talking.
  • Until Sirius closed that little gap between them to shut him up.
  • And Remus had never been happier. And he had never looked back.
  • And then a large animal came running out of the end of his wand, and Remus thought to himself.
  • ‘It’s a dog! Sirius and I have the same Patronus!’
  • Only Remus’ was much bigger than Sirius’ dog… and it’s tail was bushier.. and did it just howl?
  • No. This wasn’t fair. Not this. That wasn’t how this was supposed t be. It was meant to be a happy memory. This wasn’t fair, after all this time, the one thing he thought he could share with his boyfriend.. and this was what he gets… another reminder about how imperfect and unworthy and unwanted…
  • And then there was Sirius standing next to him, sliding his arm around his back and kissing him gently on the cheek.
  • ‘I love it.’ He whispered.
  • ‘ ‘s not fair.’ Remus mumbled.
  • ‘Remus look.’ Sirius replied. ‘it’s not that. It’s a wolf. A normal wolf. A loyal and pack having, friendly wolf.’
  • And Sirius was grinning.
  • But Remus just shrugged.
  • James was having the most trouble of them all.
  • Something was wrong, he just couldn’t seem to do it. He kept thinking of happy memories, first time he rode a broom, first time Sirius came to stay, first time he transformed into a stag.
  • And still nothing.
  • Tiny wisps of silver.
  • And then nothing.
  • ‘It’s fine James, we already know what it’s going to be.’
  • ‘I know,’ James replied through gritted teeth. ‘I just want to see it.’
  • And he was so fustrated.
  • And making a crap load of noise about it too.
  • So much noise in fact, that he started to wake the other residents of the Gryffindor tower up from their slumber.
  • And so a very grumpy and tired Lily Evans came storming down the staircase.
  • ‘What in Merlin’s name are you twats doing now!’
  • ‘Ah Evans.’ Sirius grinned. ‘care to join us?’
  • ‘It’s three in the fucking morning Black! I’m supposed to be sleeping, except someone has been screaming for the past half hour about how hard this is and he trying but it’s not working, and I can’t tell if James is finally losing his virginity or doing his homework for once, but what I do know is that it’s stopping me from being able to enjoy the few hours of the day that I don’t have to be around you lot.’
  • A rather deeply embarrassed James pushed past a bent-over-with-laughter Sirius.
  • ‘Actually Lily,’ he said, trying to act suave and like he hand’t just heard the last bit. ‘We are trying to do the patronus charm.’
  • This had peaked Lily’s interest, and although she knew better, she asked. ‘Really? The patronus charm? Wow. A proper one?’
  • ‘Yepp.’ peter chimed in. ‘And we’ve all been able to do it, except for James.’
  • Lily cocked her eyebrow.
  • ‘Oh.’ She smiled. ‘Let me try then.’
  • James, not wanting to be shown up any more by the fiery red head who was hopelessly in love with, quickly butted in. ‘No no. I mean, you can try.. but its really hard and took everyone ages to master and you’ll be up all night trying and-’
  • ‘Potter.’ She replied sternly.
  • It only took her three attempts.
  • And there it was.
  • A beautiful silver shimmering doe burst through the tip of her wand and gracefully ran across the common room, galloping past it occupants before turning and vanishing as Lily dropped her arm. She grinned.
  • ‘See? Not so hard then.’
  • James just stared. Open mouthed. Like the rest of the marauders. Dumb-founded in total and complete shock, until Lily just gave up on them and went back off to bed.
  • James didn’t have any trouble producing a Patronus after that.

just some sketches i did but never finished/posted bc….. i’m not actually sure?? confidence issues i guess

i’ll probably redraw and refine these later c:

whispers thank you for all the notes, comments, and follows btw. y’all give me random bursts of courage and i end up posting things and i have not regretted any yet—- (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

Day 6: Mantis Shrimp

Ahh this one was really difficult for me.
I made an item on gaia when I still worked for there called Chromatic Killer based off the mantis shrimp so I wanted to create an actual mermaid version of it. In the end I had to change quite a few things to accommodate the super colorful tail to try to make the design work. Hope you guys like it!

(100 years later I finally got to your prompt, mac-noa ! I wasn’t explicitly lovey dovey bc I didn’t want to be ooc and it’s only actually from Matt’s POV, but I hope it works for you!!!)

Matt and Dan walk in late, strung together by the hands, still flushed from kissing in the car pre-practice. They go sheepish when they see the unimpressed look on Wymack’s face. Renee smiles brightly at them and Allison gives them a brisk nod, but the monsters are in more disarray than usual. Bits and pieces of their group are missing, and it leaves Matt with the peculiar feeling of looking at a familiar photograph that suddenly has the faces scratched out.

Their ringleader is absent, for starters, couch conspicuously empty beside Kevin — who looks unmoved and stoic and nauseated as usual.

It’s not unusual for Andrew to do things just because it’s inconvenient for others, but it’s a little weird for Neil to skip out as well. It’s a lot weird that he’s late at the same time as Andrew when Exy hangs in the balance. 

Any association between them feels like something Matt has to fix, like he set something bad in motion by meeting Neil later than Andrew did in the fall. They’re probably off having one of their weird, close, angry looking conversations that always end in agreements Matt doesn’t understand.

Wymack waits thirty seconds past Matt and Dan’s arrival, and then he looks at the couch like it’s causing him pain, and starts delegating tasks for the day. He only asks once where the missing links are and there’s a lot of shrugging and staring straight ahead before he gives up.

They’re less rowdy than usual, and Matt thinks they’re all individually trying to solve Neil and Andrew’s absence in their heads. (As soon as they get up to move to the court, Allison starts whispering numbers for their betting pool until Dan bats her away.)

Matt squeezes Dan’s hand until she looks at him, and they have a brief conversation in smothered smiles.

They split up to change, and Matt straps into his gear feeling vaguely ill at ease. He keeps glancing at the door between straps and tugs of his uniform, and he notices Nicky doing the same thing. He smiles awkwardly when Matt catches him, and Matt feels a rare pulse of kinship for him. Both Andrew’s lot and the upperclassmen seem equally confused, so they have something in common for once.

The strange feeling follows Matt all the way to the court and through the first set of drills before Neil finally shows up, looking harried and flushed and all sorts of things Matt doesn’t usually associate with Neil.

He pushes into the court straight past Wymack’s blustering reprimand, and Matt catches the tail end of a flippant apology before Neil’s sprinting to centre court.

Matt stares at him. Neil waits, twisting his racquet in his hand, shoulders tense like he expects someone to toss him into the gameplay by force.

“What?” Neil asks, annoyed.

“You’re late,” Matt says stupidly.

“Twenty minutes late,” Kevin interrupts. “Almost like you’re trying to get worse.”

“He was with me,” Andrew says suddenly, breezing past them towards goal looking impossible to have spent twenty straight minutes with. Neil sort of jolts at the sound of his voice, and Matt eyes him narrowly.

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Juvia isn’t a stalker

This is an old, very frustrating argument for Gruvia fans that shouldn’t even exist anymore. This post also shouldn’t exist because I am refuting something Juvia didn’t actually do, but this is what it’s come down to, sadly. The bottom line is that Juvia can not redeem herself for an issue that Mashima-sensei, the author, doesn’t believe exists (aka the non-existent stalking).

I. The amount of times Juvia watched Gray and why

Juvia did not stalk Gray EVER, but she did hang in the background. He and the guild had been the enemy. If she had walked right up to Gray and his friends, there would have been a backlash. It’s natural that she was afraid because of the damage she helped inflict. Despite this, she formed an affinity to Gray and Fairy Tail which she carefully approached to the best of her ability.

As it also shows in her memories, Juvia had a well-established history of being shunned because of her rain which further led to her tentative approach. Additionally, given the rejection and shunning of the past, Juvia lacked the developmental opportunity to refine social engagement. There was no malicious intent in her actions. She was afraid of being rejected again, so she kept her distance. 

And in fact, Juvia and Gajeel’s presence in Fairy Tail DID cause a backlash. Laxus and the Raijinshuu did get angry when they found out two former Phantom Lord members who had attacked the guild were allowed to join.

Yet, both Juvia and Gajeel made up for their former transgressions already against the specific members they had targeted by protecting them. Juvia protected Gray from Simon, and Gajeel protected Levy from Laxus. That was supposed to be their redemption…IT WAS THEIR REDEMPTION. As stated in the first paragraph, in bold this time: Juvia can not redeem herself for an issue that Mashima-sensei, the author, doesn’t believe exists (aka the non-existent stalking). 

Ultimately, Juvia did approach Gray when he was by himself to ask what he thought about her joining Fairy Tail.  This was their first direct meeting after they met in Chapter 56. Indirect encounters include chapter 67 where she observed from afar and delivered a bento and chapter 75 where we see her watching Gray and the rest of team Natsu at the resort.

It was at this point that Juvia approached Gray properly when she finally caught him alone, and they went to get drinks together. It’s supported by the manga that Juvia joining Fairy Tail would have caused a backlash, as even Gray was wary of her joining because of the things that they did, but he personally did not mind her joining.  Juvia then spent the rest of the arc openly helping Gray and his friends in the Tower Of Heaven. 

At the end of the arc, when Erza asked after Juvia, Gray was the one who knew her name, and where she had gone. Once team Natsu returned to FT, Juvia became a member, and Gray was quite happy about it. After chapter 75 Juvia has never in the manga followed Gray without his knowledge again until chapter 416, where she came to apologize for what happened to Gray’s father. 

When Gray seemed dismayed that Juvia had followed him to his parents grave, she immediately apologized

In fact, Juvia has apologized a few times within the series when she thought she upset Gray, including in 413 Days when she apologized for fearing that she ruined Gray’s day of mourning. But, in fact, Gray ended up also apologizing to her, because he thought it was his fault. He profusely apologized to her in chapter 416 as well while sobbing in her arms.

II. Gray’s feelings

If Gray was so uncomfortable and disliked Juvia’s presence, the above scene would not have happened. He appreciates and is grateful for Juvia always being next to him, which by default completely annihilates the claim that he is disgusted by her. This is obvious because we see the change in their relationship throughout the course of the manga, on panel. I repeat, Gray likes the fact that Juvia is always by his side and wants her there.

Furthermore, Juvia’s comedic advances and Gray’s reactions (which have actually become softer/changed) are exaggerated on purpose. Japanese love this type of humor use in their mangas. It’s meant to be lighthearted, not give off an awful message regarding a pairing. As with many shounen, panel space is often limited for character interactions, so “dramatic” presentations are necessary for conveying points. Mashima-sensei has only ever portrayed Juvia’s love as a positive thing for both characters. Her love for Gray has saved not just Gray’s life, but also the lives of others on multiple occasions. 

While it’s true Mashima-sensei loves using Juvia for comic relief from time to time, it’s important to not let the jokes outweigh the serious moments. In reality, we are not supposed to put so much stock into comedy. Adding to the fact that Juvia’s fight with Meredy proved her love for Gray to be genuine, there’s another factor some people seem to miss.  

In the final chapter of the Tartarus arc, Juvia was about to give up on her love for Gray because she believed she did not have the right to love him anymore. She truly thought it was for his sake, and was prepared to be hated by Gray forever. An obsessive person or crazy stalker would never do this. But Juvia did, expecting this would ruin any chance she had with Gray, and was positive she would be loathed. However she knew confessing what she did was the right thing to do and came clean. Here, Mashima-sensei is showing the difference between an unhealthy obsessed individual and someone who’s love is selfless as they put the other person’s feelings above their own. Above all, Gray didn’t let Juvia give up on him. He embraced her, thanked her, and cried in her arms.

Chapter 499 speaks for itself, so I really don’t see the need to touch upon it other than the fact that the Japanese raw text confirms that Gray does see Juvia as more than a friend, aka, a love interest. As if his actions in the chapter and prior to weren’t enough. Double suicide in Japan is one of the most romantic acts of love based on samurai history.

III. The definition of a stalker

  • a person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention.
  • a person who harasses another person, as a former lover, a famous person, etc., in an aggressive, often threatening and illegal manner.

Neither of the above definitions describes Juvia’s character. Juvia would be the last person in the world to harass or threaten Gray in any way. The two times she watched him were harmless and there were justified reasons behind them. Back to the definition; Juvia doesn’t need to do any of these things, because she is Gray’s friend, and at this point, so much more than that. She’s a partner, they go on missions together, socialize together, and have even lived together. 

Real cases for stalking often involve the stalker having control over their victim, sometimes employing fear in a desperate attempt to maintain control, which Juvia has NEVER done. Admiring someone from afar is not the same as stalking them, especially when you don’t have the courage to talk to them. That’s why Juvia quickly threw the bento in Gray’s hands without trying to be noticed. She wanted to do nice things for him, but couldn’t do them directly out of nervousness. That’s not what stalkers do. And of course, as stated above, Juvia was about to give up on Gray. Stalkers aren’t willing to give up their ties with the person.

Juvia does not need to “stalk” Gray. She stands proudly by his side with no reluctance from him.

And even more importantly Gray has never expressed any adversity to Juvia’s presence. If anything, he has expressed the opposite. Gray of his own accord hangs around her. And Gray had mentioned once in 338 that he would say no to the things he dislikes from then on. Yet he had never said no before, nor after that statement. In fact, he contradicted his own statement later on by eating the bread Juvia offered him, and holding her hand in comfort during the Tartarus arc.  

We also have to keep in mind Gray falls under the tsundere character trope, which means his actions often contradict his words, and as stated above, his adverse reactions are often played off comedically, because he is not being honest about his actual feelings. Juvia’s earnest feelings towards Gray usually cause the cool and collected character to lose his composure. That’s the joke. 

IV. Conclusion

Juvia is often labeled a stalker while we look past Gajeel crucifying Levy or Jellal trying to murder Erza. All of these things occurred at the beginning, but have ceased to be current habits. That’s character development. It’s one thing to not like a ship because of the dynamic. But it’s a double standard to hail the development of one ship and ignore another. People simply cannot move passed Juvia’s first impression, and that is sad.

Every pairing has its shtick, such as Natsu touching Lucy inappropriately and breaking into her house, and Levy hitting Gajeel often. Humor is completely subjective, that’s true, however it’s obvious what Mashima-sensei intends to fall under the umbrella of humor, and that absolutely includes Juvia’s antics and Gray’s reactions to them. Saying they aren’t meant to be funny is just being purposely oblivious and contrary. You don’t have to think it’s funny to know it’s meant as a joke. Gruvia gets condemned by the fandom the most when it comes to their particular aspect of humor, and that is unfair. 

This is a fictional world, they are fictional characters, and they do not have to meet real life standards. Many of the characters within Fairy Tail have quirks or perform actions that are not acceptable in reality. Fairy Tail itself is a fantasy manga. The world and the characters are exaggerated for the purpose of drama and comedy. This fantasy world is also based on Japanese humor and storytelling conventions, and ignoring this fact can lead to misunderstanding characters. 

Juvia has not watched Gray from a distance without his knowledge since before she joined Fairy Tail. That was at least 8-9 years ago in both our timeline and the manga time line (counting the 7 year time skip). No one in the Fairy Tail universe, nor Mashima-sensei, seem to think Juvia’s actions from her introduction need to be addressed or redeemed, because it is a non-issue that only certain parts of the fandom can’t let go of. She will not vocally apologize for a problem that doesn’t exist. 

Gray, especially, has gone so far passed his initial relationship and dynamic with Juvia. It’s sad that so many fans are concerned on Gray’s behalf, but never truly take Gray’s actual feelings or words into consideration. He cares for Juvia, he almost definitely loves Juvia romantically, and he is grateful she is by his side. He’s willing to go above and beyond, including sacrificing his life for her (twice) just to ensure her safety. Those are not the feelings of someone who is a victim of stalking. 

Translated by me, Hiro’s newest tweet: 

“I don’t think Fairy Tail has ‘ended’ yet, even with the original about to. There are some projects, so please, just wait.”

I seriously hope he is referring to games, merchandise, spin-offs…because a new generation thing would just ruin the current story, in my opinion. It’s also possible he is referring to the new anime.

Fairy Tail War Ends on 7/7/17?
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> So guys Ive been thinking.<p/><b></b> You know how everyone is saying how the war is going to end in 3 chapters but the last 2 or like the epilogue and what not?<p/><b></b> And how chapters come out by Fridays?<p/><b></b> So i asked myself what’s the date in 3 weeks..<p/><b></b> July 7, 2017: Which Falls on a Friday.<p/><b></b> [Here is me being extra] The things that happened on July 7th<p/><b></b> July 7, X777<p/><b></b> Layla opens the Eclipse Gate in order for the Dragons, and their respective Dragon Slayers, to arrive.<p/><b></b> Natsu is found by Makarov and invited to join Fairy Tail.<p/><b></b> Mystogan leaves Edolas through an Anima portal and enters Earth Land.<p/><b></b> Layla dies of Magic Deficiency Disease.<p/><b></b> Grammi dies at the hands of Zoldeo.<p/><b></b> July 7, X791<p/><b></b> The  Grand Magic Games occur.<p/><b></b> Fairy Tail wins the magic games<p/><b></b> Future Lucy Dies [still crying over the scene tbh]<p/><b></b> The Dragons Appear.<p/><b></b> The Eclipse Project is halted.<p/><b></b> And here we are in<p/><b></b> July ??, X792 currently in the<p/><b></b> Alvarez War<p/><b></b> Where<p/><b></b> Apparently<p/><b></b> My<p/><b></b> Emotions<p/><b></b> Arent<p/><b></b> Working<p/><b></b> Right<p/><b></b> You planned this so well Hiro, that it ends on THE ACTUAL JULY 7TH OF 2017 IN OUR WORLD.<p/><b></b> YOU slick bastard. I fucking love you. [Then again i could be wrong. But from what i know. Everything happens on July 7]<p/><b></b> okay im done ranting <3<p/></p>
Fairy Tail and Mashima

I’m gonna support Fairy Tail and Mashima till the end. Fairy Tail isn’t one of my favorite anime because of the fight scenes. Fairy Tail has become a favorite of mine because of the all the many different characters and their character development, the comedic scenes, the romance between the characters (our ships!), the sad and depressing scenes, the soundtrack (in the anime), the friendship aspect, the inspirational messages, the fights (which are still good), and overall its very entertaining. Fairy Tail is much more than just big extravagant fights, there’s so many more things that make Fairy Tail an amazing anime/manga.


**warning: this was supposed to a cute quick post about Nalu but I ended up getting too deep on Natsu’s side of things woops ¯\_(ツ)_/¯*

If you ever have doubts that Natsu and Lucy love eachother in the more than a friend type of way just remember drunk Lucy gets all blushy and excited & has hearts all around her because she thought there were 2 Natsus

call me crazy but I’m pretty sure you don’t react like this to people that are just your “friends”

you don’t just get heart eyes for anyone aight like she’s so in love 

also I’m not even going to began to talk about those bedroom eyes she gives natsu from time to time but here’s a post on that:

remember wayyy back when Levy and Juvia tease Lucy about liking Natsu and Lucy responds with:

then fast forward to now

like she’s not even denying that she’s head over heels for him  hello
I really feel like at this point for her she realizes that she does indeed love him 

As for Natsu, for someone that is super expressive and speaks his mind, he doesn’t really show the same signs Lucy does. He hardly gets embarrassed or flustered, has no problem getting super close to Lucy’s face, or even seeing her naked except in the chapter 438 when Lucy’s towel fell off lmao he was hella caught off guard
It’s obvious that he does have a soft spot for her but is it the “more than a friend” type of way? Of course I could dig up anytime he’s been super overprotective of her, when future Lucy died and he cried, when he tried to kiss her bc Asuka was wanted them too, or even the time that him and Lucy fought Kain which people like to think is when Natsu realized he “loved her.” 
but I’m only going to talk about 3 moments (realistically 1 which you’ll see but I thought the other 2 moments were kinda significant) in particular that make me believe that Natsu does see Lucy as much more than a friend:

When Natsu dug up a rainbow sakura tree for Lucy when she was sick

Ok so this moment isn’t necessarily me trying to prove Natsu was/is in love with Lucy especially since this was still in the early episodes and I’m one of the few that believes they barely even acknowledged their “feelings” once Natsu returns from his one year training mission after Tartaros 
but can we just talk about how ROMANTIC this was?? and they both didn’t even realize it? Natsu straight up dug up a huge ass tree, put it on a boat, and sent it Lucy’s way because she was too sick to see them herself. when will your otp that’s actually canon ever

Natsu letting Lucy wear his scarf

OkAYY also with this one I knowww it’s just a cover and not even in the actual story BUT I still think it’s important because Mashima put it there for a reason!!
Natus’s scarf, the thing his deceased father made him, the thing he treasures so much that he neverrr has it off even when he’s swimming, the thing both Lucy and Gray made sure to get back to him because they know how much it means to him, THE THING HAPPY CALLED LUCY A MEANIE FOR BECAUSE SHE ACCIDENTALLY TOOK IT OFF WHEN SHE WAS TRYING TO KICK HIM OUT OF HER BED and now she’s wearing it 
idk I feel like Mashima putting this is his way of showing us just how much their bond together has grown

When Natsu thought Lucy died

Alright so out of all the Nalu moments in the entire series I feel like this is the one where we truly see just how important Lucy is in Natsu’s life. Remember Zeref revealed that they were brothers and that if he were to die, then so would Natsu. Natsu was going to attack anyway until a crying Happy stopped him saying that he didn’t want him to die and Natsu basically agreed to temporarily retreat.
Fast forward to the moment Natsu thought Lucy was dead, he cries and then END is awakened. And the first thing he wants to do is finish off Zeref. 
Natsu KNOWS that if he kills Zeref, he will die as well but at this point he doesn’t care because he thinks Lucy is dead. But really think about this. Natsu, the person that is always telling people to not give up and more importantly to LIVE, too not DIE for your friends but to LIVE for them, was basically heading into a suicide mission. way to be a hypocrite natsu lol
“You can’t stop me anymore! No one can!” that line really got to me because I feel like it just shows how hurt he was. He really didn’t care about what would happen to him anymore, where not even Gray could reach him.
He didn’t want to live in a world where Lucy didn’t exist.

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Jack knew something wasn’t right when he woke up. The covers were too hot on him and his head was pounding like he’d been drinking too much the night before. He shifted, trying to get his bearings, but at some point during the night, he must have pulled the covers over his head. He struggled free, enjoying the fresh air, before noticing a pair of paws on the bed. When he moved his arms, the paws moved too. What followed next was a confusing jumble of panic and incoherent screaming that came out as yowls.

He must have passed out again, because when he came to, he was still disoriented and nauseous. He confirmed that, no, it had not been a bad dream. Somehow, he’d grown four legs and a tail overnight.

After the initial panic, he jumped on his bedside table where his phone was, but he was uncoordinated, and ended up knocking the phone to the ground. He batted at it on the floor, but found that the battery had drained itself overnight when he’d forgotten to charge it.

Cursing and swearing to himself, he wandered his apartment on shaky legs. Thankfully, he hadn’t quite turned off the tap in the bathroom and the dripping of the faucet helped to parch his thirst as he tried to think of what try next. He needed to get help soon. Otherwise, he was going to end up starving to death in his own apartment.

In the living room, Jack found a window that he’d left open because it had been too hot last night. He squeezed out onto the fire escape and tried not to look down. It was strange in this body. Jack never had an issue with heights before, but now, a glance downward to the street had his head spinning with vertigo.

Left with no choice, Jack began to climb upward with the dim hope that someone had also left a window open.

He didn’t get too far before the enticing smell of spices and baked dough reminded him how hungry he was. He followed the smell until he staring into a kitchen where someone was bent over, pulling pies from an oven. Jack called out for the guy’s attention, and when he finally glanced in Jack’s direction, he scrambled to open the window.

“Hey, kitty. What are you doing so high up?” he asked. Jack stiffened when the guy picked him up, but he let himself get rescued from the precarious ledge. “Where did you come from?”

Help me! I’m not really a cat! Jack tried to say, but as expected, it came out in a series of pitched meows.

“Hmmm, okay. You hungry?” He set Jack on the floor to rummage around in his fridge. He set out a plate of leftover meatballs which Jack, losing his composure, attacked immediately.

“I’ll take care of you. Don’t worry, little–uh– guy?” He attempted to lift Jack’s tail to check, but Jack had hissed and swiped his claws. “Okay, never mind. We’re not going there,” he said backing off. Satisfied, Jack continued to eat, though with a suspicious eye on the guy who’d now dropped onto his stomach to watch Jack with a bright smile.

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It’s not true what they say about the end of the world… Anyone who’s been through it knows there are no horsemen or fire raining down from the sky. Dead fish do not litter the waters and there are no plagues or deafening trumpets. No… the end of the world is quieter and far more devastating than that…
It is words coming from a Doctors mouth you do not fully comprehend but know instinctively they are the worst you will ever hear…
It is a police officer knocking at your door at 3am in the morning or a telephone call with a hollow sounding voice you do not recognize telling you things your mind says could not possibly be true…
It is the moment you learn the difference between the sound of a loved one crying and wailing…
It is the instant your heart sinks into your stomach as you realize you are trapped and cannot run or the weakening glow of a cars tail lights as it drives away from you forever.
It is watching everything fall away in a single moment that feels like forever, but happens so fast you’re unable to reach out and stop it. When the world ends, it is a moment you feel throughout time… you are in the past of what is lost, you are in the moment you are losing it and you are in the future of your shattered world, all at once. It is the moment you never see coming and cannot ever prepare for…
The end of the world is not what they say it is… it is terrifyingly simpler than that.
—  Ranata Suzuki | The end of the world

PIT STOP FLYERS!! - YOU BREAK IT, WE FIX IT! YOU BREAK IT AGAIN and we can’t guarantee your safety from our mechanic… 

Well… here’s another doodle that got away from me. =3= Honestly don’t start practice drawing perspective shots okay, because then you add another and then you end up drawing a weird racer pod thing… and before you know it you’ve got a background and a heck ton of stuff to color which is also super fun but also this wasn’t supposed to get that freaking complicated jfc

I can’t ever freaking draw anything anymore because it always freaking blows up like this istg.  side note: wouldn’t this make the coolest comic? ;)

Druid Sticks

You will need 4 sticks at roughly the same length, on one side of each stick there should be one mark, on the other side of each stick there should be two. 

hold the stick between your hands and think of your question while rolling the stick around between your hands, when you are ready place them on a flat surface keep them covered with you non-dominant hand, while using the other to straighten them. 

The chart below is the patterned displayed by the Druid Stick. Two dots represent the side with 2 marking, one dot represents the side with one marking. eg: the pattern above is  Acquisitio


  • Puer — Boy.  Aggressive, assertive, masculine action; risky behavior and cockiness.
  • Amissio — Loss.  A loss of heart or a loss of money; could be good or bad, depending on circumstances.
  • Albus — White. Open to intellectual and spiritual pursuits, but rather forgetful of the belly and sexuality.
  • Populus — People / Crowd. Lost in the great mass of people. Diffusion of effort and intention. Following the mob.
  • Fortuna Major — Greater Fortune. Success by your own effort.
  • Rubeus — Red. Body and Bodaciousness. Wine, Sex, Drugs and rock and roll.  Out on the town, but risk-taking and potential for mischief and bloodshed.
  • Puella — Girl. Beauty, compassion, feminine receptivity, open to many circumstances.
  • Acquisitio — Acquisition, Gain.  Increase of wealth in the purse but lacking compassion or generosity. End of love in some circumstances.
  • Conjunctio — Crossroads.  Choice, and choosing. The decision is in your hands, but indecision may make make things harder. Choose.
  • Tristitia — Sorrow. Sadness and trouble and difficulty. Sometimes literally downward movement.  illness, sickness and doom.
  • Laetitia — Happiness. Joy, ecstasy, happiness, sometimes literally upward movement.
  • Carcer — Prison. Limitation and boundaries. Edges. Acceptance of present circumstances. Locked in.
  • Cauda Draconis — Dragon’s Tail.  Watch out for endings! End of cycles, risk of getting whacked on the way out! The long route home.
  • Caput Draconis — Dragon’s Head. Blessings at the Beginning. Starting something new, a new cycle, set out on an adventure.
  • Fortuna Minor — Lesser Fortune. Lucky circumstances that have nothing to do with you.  Swiftly passing opportunity.
  • Via — Road.  Active effort, driving along the path, driven by great powers toward destiny — but not a lot of choices ahead; stick to the path you’re on.

kayne1357  asked:

New outro animation!? :O That you made?! Dude, awesome job! It looks so cool! :D

Yeah! Nothing against the old one of course! But it’s been around for a while and Sean wanted something new and that fit the new end-card thingy with the video-boxes and that circular sub-button, and asked me if I felt like doing something. So I made that with those things in mind, leaving the space on the sides and having Sam peaking out from behind the logo! 

Animating that “trailing tail” was real tricky though, hah, never done something like it before so I had to learn as I went, but I think it turned out pretty neat in the end :)